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He’s had plenty of good recharge’s as of late, but this one...he couldn’t think of a good word for it.  Fulfilling, perhaps?  Flashwing felt something akin of immense relief.  Something important had happened, but his still booting up processor couldn’t recall what.  Why did he feel disappointed when he realized he was alone in the berth? 

Oh.  OH! 

Flashwing sat up in a jolt as what happened last night came back to him in a rush.  He remembered now…what happened between him and Berystar.  Oh Primus…how embarrassing!  His cheeks started to heat up as he checked himself. 

No sign of any transfluid:  Berylstar must have wiped him off after he went into afterglow induced recharge.  The thought of the helo rubbing him down started to…. 

No no no…let’s not have a repeat of that!  Flashwing knocked himself in the head with a stump, banishing the perverted thoughts that had started to form.  That was…just a onetime thing…. 

Was it?  Some part of him deep inside he could feel a yearning for more.  Small right now, but he had a feeling it would grow.  He wasn’t sure if he should let it…despite knowing what his owners hoped for him.  Flashwing knew if he had another ‘situation’ like last night, they would be all too happy to help him again.  He wasn’t sure if he actually wanted that.  He hated being a burden, but neither of his owners seemed to mind. 

A rumble in his tank told him he needed to refuel.  With a sigh, he got out of his berth and headed for the kitchen.  He could hear his owner’s chatting within as he approached. 

“…really?”  Rustshift was saying, sounding rather curious. 

“First, unless this was a fluke, it appears he is healing rather well from his trauma,” Berylstar was explaining.  By this point, Flashwing at the threshold.  He quickly figured out that they were discussing what happened last night. 

“Second, and you may be a bit jealous of this one, Rust,” Berystar was continuing, but paused, as if trying to find the right words for it.  The light smirk on his face suggested he was pausing on purpose to rile his partner up. 

“Come on…don’t leave me in suspense!” Rustshift was whining, slumping his shoulders dramatically. 

Flashwing sighed faintly, having a feeling on what the helo was holding back on.  With those medic’s hands, he would of course notice that kind of detail!  “That my spike his lightly covered in micro-barbs?” he replied for him. 

Rustshift jumped, his plating rearranging into random shapes.  Berylstar was chuckling with amusement at his reaction.  Flashwing found that rather amusing himself:  perhaps he should try startling him again sometime?