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Flashwing’s frame tensed up slightly as he Ratchet read the results.  After a moment, the medic looked up at them.  “Were either of you in heat recently?” he asked, a hint of concern in his tone.

Rustshift flinched and nodded.  “Couple days ago…it hit early this time…,” the shifter muttered bashfully.  “Flash helped relieve some of it….”

Ratchet nodded in acceptance, looking relieved.  “That explains the trace amounts of the hormone in his system,” he explained.

Natural hormone,” Hook added.  “I had to run an additional test to confirm.”

“Which means, you should be in the clear,” Ratchet stated, folding his arms.  “Does this information help with your decision?”

“It eases my concerns for the physical aspect of it,” Flashwing confirmed, Berylstar releasing him.  “The psychological part though….”  A shudder passed through his frame.

“You already know neither of us will force you into anything you are not ready for, Flash,” Berylstar reminded him.  “And we will help you the best we can to work through it.”

Flashwing nodded in acknowledgement as he rubbed his arms, his wings trembling a bit as they lowered.  So easy to just say no…and not deal with it at all.  But that would mean every bot that had assaulted him, used him as their plaything, saw him nothing more than a living sex toy had won.

Not so long ago, he was willing to give up.  To die.  End his suffering in the most permanent way possible.  Thanks to these two though, he was finding…and found…the will to fight again.  He will not give up…he will face his demons.  Confident he can defeat them with Rustshfit and Berylstar’s help.

He took a deep intake to calm his nerves before looking at Ratchet straight in the optics.  “Please restore my valve.”