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Flashwing felt his collar, which was mostly a subconscious reaction to the revelation.  He didn’t even receive a warning shock for that, the minimal response to such a thing.  Did he have another defective collar?  Was it possibly damaged from his time in the sadism place?  Perhaps some hydrofluoric acid got on it from that one incident?

“Beryl, check the collar,” he requested, lowering his wings to give easier access.  “See if it’s damaged.”

He sat completely still as he felt Berylstar manipulate the collar, twisting and turning it.  The helo was clearly being very careful, both to avoid choking him and likely to ensure he didn’t accidently set off any anti-tampering measures.  It was a few moments before Flashwing felt him let it go.

“It’s still active and the only damage I see, aside from normal wear and tear, is a couple of minor scorch marks,” Berylstar announced.

“Oh!”  Flashwing snapped his fingers.  “That time I got zapped while helping Rusty with a project!” he stated excitedly.  “Something inside may have gotten fried from that!”

“To what extent though?”  Berylstar mentioned with caution in his tone.

“It does still somewhat work,” Flashwing recalled.  “It did zap me when I tried to scratch Ratchet during those tests.”

“But for some reason it didn’t recognize you throwing something as an ‘illegal action’.”

“Perhaps it recognized a pillow isn’t exactly a threatening object?”  Flashwing offered.

Berylstar was quiet a moment.  “No, I don’t think so.  It would require the device to know what you are throwing: from what I understand, it’s only loosely connected to your sensor net so it could read your body language and EM fields.”

“Point…it wouldn’t do for it to go off every time I toss something into the trash, after all,” Flashwing muttered.  “With that in mind, it may not be damaged, but instead we found a limitation of its capabilities.  Something that may be worth testing….”

“Are you sure?” Berylstar asked, his tone one of worry.  “You could be in for a lot of shocks….”

“With the situation as it is with Team Prime and the Wreckers…there’s a good chance I may need to have some way to defend myself…,” Flashwing replied grimly.

“If, Primus forbid, we find ourselves in that situation, they will find out their collars will need some tweaking,” Berylstar cautioned.

“Which would only be logical on their part, but with that in mind, I intend to only use this potential weakness as a last resort.”

Berylstar was nodding in agreement when there was a light knock on the door.  “What is it, Rust?” Berylstar called out.

“He’s here,” the muffled voice of the shifter replied.