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Flashwing churred and shifted as his processor started to come online once more.  Softness surrounded him and a familiar scent permeated that softness.  Two scents, to be accurate, both carrying a hint of needy musk from past lovemaking.  There was warmth as well, strongest at his front.  With another churr he snuggled closer to it.

There was a soft chuckle and something…someone stroked his head.  He sighed with contentment, not wanting to leave this comfort.  This safety.

“Come on, Flash,” Rustshift’s voice gently chided.  “You can’t stay in bed all day….”

“Watch me…,” Flashwing muttered defiantly, earning him another chuckle.

“It’s already mid-day,” Rustshift told him.


“Surely you must be getting hungry….”

“Surely you’ve heard of breakfast in bed.”

“We don’t allow refueling in our room, sorry.”

Flashwing’s optics snapped open at that.  Did he say ‘our’ room?  Did that mean?  A quick glance around confirmed it:  he was in his owner’s berthroom…in their berth.  “Uh…why am I…,” he started to ask, feeling a bit mortified.

“We carried you in here after you had your night terror last night,” the shifter explained.  “We figured it would be more comfortable for us to stay with you here, considering our berth is much bigger.  It was…interesting…having a third bot recharging in here.”

“Oh,” Flashwing stated simply as he sat up.  “I see…I’m…sorry for imposing upon you….”  That he had slept in the same berth with them both…he wasn’t quite sure how he felt about that.

“Oh, sweetie, you’re not imposing on us at all,” Rustshift countered, Flashwing then felt his hands slip around him and pulled him back against his chest.  “We are here for you, remember that.”

Sweetie…no one had ever called him that before.  It made his spark feel funny, in a good way.  He covered Rustshift’s hands with his own as he rested his head against the shifter’s shoulder, savoring this feeling.  Is this what real love felt like?

Flashwing was fixing on falling back into recharge just like this when the berthroom door opened and Berylstar came in.  The helo stood there for a moment with an amused smirk on his face.

“I thought you were going to wake him up, Rusty?”  Berylstar teased.

“Eh, what can I say,” Rustshift replied sheepishly, Flashwing feeling him shrug. “His laziness was contagious.”

Berylstar was chuckling with amusement, then climbed in with them.  Flashwing purred with delight at having two warm frames against him now.

“You’re right…it is…,” Berylstar admitted as they cuddled together.