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Bottom Marcus Smut Shots

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A muffled whine echoed around them. Long, thick thighs wrapped tight around the paler male's waist, the spiked belt digging into Marcus' flesh, unbuckled, hanging.

"Wrench- Please, I- Fuck!"

"Shh," Wrench surged forward, locking lips with the dark-skinned male.

He stayed curled over his body, his cock following the curve of Marcus' ass. He grunted in the kiss, teeth clashing as he pushed Marcus heavily against the bathroom wall.

Marcus moaned, trying desperately to bring the male even closer, closer, as close as he could get him.

Long legs pulled the male even closer, the tip of Wrench's erection brushing against the darker male's fluttering hole. Marcus let out a loud gasp, a plead falling from his lips.

They pulled away for a moment, Wrench planted a quick hickey to the male's adam's apple, pushing himself inside, slow and steady, hearing the gasp and tremble in the male's throat as he bit and sucked on the skin there.

Marcus clung to him, inhaling deep and releasing a faint moan as the male stretched him even more, "A-Ah! Don't stop- Wrench-"

Wrench paused, inhaling deep, nose tucked into Marcus' neck, lips pressing against the heated skin there so pleasant. Marcus keened as he pushed further in, bottoming out inside the male, hands gripping, bruising, the darker male's hips.

Marcus huffed, pulling a hand from Wrench's neck to brace himself against the bathroom wall. Once he was adjusted, Wrench pushed forward and pressed a few light kisses around his face.

"You good?"

"Move, please Daddy-"

Wrench's breath hitched, pulling out and pushing back inside quick, slamming his hips against the other's spread backside. He moves a hand to one of Marcus' thighs, pulling it over his shoulder and hearing the rewarding gasp and moan.

A knock echoed throughout the bathroom and the two men froze. Wrench paused his ministrations, the other whining high in his throat.

The doorknob jiggled, the door cracking open.