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We need to talk, brother

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The family had made their way to Fraser’s Ridge and Marsali and Claire had began work on Brianna’s dress. Brianna, for her part, had been trying to help but the women shoo’d her away and gave her the task of finding flowers, or picking her favourite food for the wedding ceilidh. They’d gone to great lengths to keep the dress a secret until the big day arrived.


And today was that day.


 Brianna woke to a beautiful last breakfast as a single woman. After they had eaten the bridal party get her up and started to get Brianna ready. “He won’t know what hit him darling…” Claire started styling Bree’s hair while Marsali went to get the dress they’d been working so diligently on.


Brianna looked up and gasped as she saw the dress. “It’s beautiful, mama...How did you both…?” the rest of her question was lost in tears.


Claire smiled and rubbed her daughter’s shoulders. “It was mine when I married your father. Altered to fit your drawing.” Brianna stood up and hugged her mother and kissed her cheek.


“Mama, it’s perfect.” Brianna took the dress off of Marsali and twirled around with it pressed against her body with a huge smile on her face. The women laughed as they got ready to help Brianna with her special day.


Meanwhile in Marsali and Fergus’ cabin, which Jamie had begun to build as soon as they were done with the big cabin, Roger paced like a caged tiger. The door opened and Jamie walked in and he watched his future son-in-law pace for a while before coughing. “The lassies are getting ready. Ye ready for today lad?” 


Roger swallowed and put his hands behind his back, “Well, I’m eager to be wed to Bree but I suppose I didnae ever think this was something meant for me…” Jamie’s smirk stops him. “What?”


“The lassies seem to have this effect on us men. I felt the same way about marriage until Brianna’s mam showed up when I was three and twenty.” He smiled fondly, “I immediately decided then and there that I would either marry this woman or die alone.” He adjusted Roger’s cravat. “Ye’ll have a time o’ it wi the lass, but it’ll be worth it.”


Both men looked out of the cabin as hoofbeats approached. Smiling, Jamie moved to the door. “Aunt Jocasta! Welcome to Fraser’s Ridge.” 


Jocasta was holding Ulysses’ arm as was her way when she went anywhere but she let go and took her nephew’s hands. “Nephew. I am glad I could be here on this joyous day when yer daughter marries.” She cocks her head slightly as Roger’s foot breaks a small twig. “And this must be the young man she intends to wed.”

Roger smiles a little. “Aye, mistress. Roger MacKenzie…”


“A MacKenzie?!” Jocasta is so startled she steps back but composes herself before continuing. “I never thought yer daughter would be marrying back into the clan...even if it is distant. Come lad. I want to hear about how ye and the lass met.” Jocasta held out her hand and she and Roger walked and he told her about how he met Bree at his adoptive father’s funeral and how they had become friends before courting and going to a gathering to her leaving for Wilmington and him following, to the proposal and even to Jamie making him sweat while he questioned if he was good enough for Bree. Jocasta smiled at him and made a comment about Dougal to which Jamie flinched.


After several glasses of whiskey the priest finally arrived and Roger was standing at the altar, waiting for Brianna. Jamie waited at the door of the cabin when Marsali opened the door and Bree walked out. Claire and Marsali were behind her making sure her dress looked as good from the back as the front. “Ah dhia, lass. He’ll be speechless…” Jamie smirked.


Bree smiled at him and took a deep breath. “I know we never discussed this but...would you walk me to the altar, da?” Jamie’s eyes filled with tears and he merely nodded. “Seems only right you should give me away.” Bree took his arm and walked with him to the altar, he kissed her cheek and she turned to Roger who was indeed speechless.


The priest cleared his throat and began. “Who gives this woman to be bound in marriage to this man?”


“I do.” Jamie declared loudly and proudly. 


The rest of the ceremony went by without any hitches and the party could begin. 


Jamie had proposed a toast and toasted a long and happy marriage to them both. Then Jocasta announced a gift of some silverware that had once belonged to Jamie’s grandparents and were now being passed on as she had no living children to pass them to. 


Then Bree insisted Roger sing for the guests since his singing voice was so amazing. He mock-glared at Bree before singing a softer rendition of the Monkee’s 1967 hit I’m a Believer the words taking on new meaning after his discussion with Jamie that morning. A round of applause was his reward when he finished and he bowed a little.


After some dancing and eating the bride and groom retired to their honeymoon cabin and the Fraser/MacKenzie family are left to clean up.


“I’m very glad that I came from River Run for this wedding. True enough I almost didn’t but I’m glad I changed my mind.” Jocasta smiled “I think I’m so glad I did because I saw the possibility of Ellen’s bloodline continuing.” Of course she meant metaphorically as she lost her sight a number of years ago. But they smiled at her nonetheless and Marsali moved to give her a glass of whiskey.


“Oui, Auntie. I cannot imagine how long it would have taken us to get to here if I hadn’t bumped into her in Wilmington. It was a blessing.” He smiled at Marsali.


“Aye. And I’m so glad we met. I do miss my sister so but having her here is like a second sister.”


“They’ll have a blessed marriage. I’m sure of it.” Jocasta nodded her agreement before drinking her whiskey. 


“To the MacKenzies. May their marriage be a long and happy one, filled wi many bairns and much love.”