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Bed Time Stories

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Her coffee count for the day was at least four and she was now on her fifth as she chimed the door at the Wildman’s quarters.

Kathryn’s coffee stimulated eyes were met by Samantha’s smile.

“Thank you so much for this Captain.”
“It’s fine Sam. Enjoy your shift.”

Kathryn peered into the dark quarters as Sam walked off.
“Captain?” a tiny voice called.

“Hi, Naomi.” She nealed down next to the young girl.
“Mom said you were looking after me tonight.”
“Yes, that’s right. And Friday nights too. Your dinner smells good, keep going at it.”

The crew often told Kathryn that they saw her as a mother figure. But when it came to small children, she was a little rusty.

“Here, sit next to me Captain. Would you like some?”
“That’s okay. I ate before I came here.”
“What are you drinking Captain?”

Kathryn sighed. She forgot how many questions kids asked.

“It’s coffee. You wouldn’t like it.”
“Hm, I think Mom drinks that stuff sometimes.”
“She probably does. But you should finish your dinner before it gets cold.”

Kathryn spotted a PADD on the table.

“Mom left that for you,” Naomi remarked with a mouth full of food.
“Hm did she? Well, let’s take a look then.”

Kathryn laughed to herself as she read; “Naomi gets distracted when eating and needs promoting.” The young girl rolled her eyes. “She’s allowed one hour of recreational activities before bed, which is at 2000hrs.”

Kathryn glanced at the clock. 1850hrs.

“You better hurry up young lady if you want to have some fun before bed.”

Kathryn looked at the young girl, who was rubbing her eyes.

“Come and sit with me on the couch Naomi.”

Naomi snuggled up to Kathryn as Kathryn ran her hands through her hair.

In no time, she was asleep. That wasn't exactly the plan Kathryn thought. Neelix must have worn her down today. Carefully picking her up, she brought Naomi to her room and laid her down.

“I’m going to have to come up with a better game plan for Friday,” she whispered as she ran her hands through the young girl’s hair and tucked her in.