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Fluffy Seulrene Oneshots

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When she danced it was like she was a completely different person. She moved fluidly, with an otherworldly gracefulness. It came as naturally as breathing to her. 


Seulgi danced when she needed to relax, to exercise, to think, it almost seemed as if she needed to dance to live. She danced from when she was little, through her whole trainee years, even past her debut. It was something she purely enjoyed, it was lucky that she was an idol since she could dance all the time. 


One way she loved to dance was when she got to dance with Joohyun. They danced together almost flawlessly, the minute they got a choreography down or some sense of rhythm, it was like it was fate. They melded together, flowing smoothly from one person to the other. When onlookers watched it felt as if they were interrupting something, some otherworldly dance. 


The first time they danced, it shocked them how easy it was. The instructor pestered them, asking if it really was the first time that they had ever danced together. They were similarly startled, it was as if they had found a perfect other half. 


As they grew up, it became a stress reliever for the both of them. They’d find some empty room, a bedroom, or a practice room, and just dance. They’d grab each other’s hands and just begin dancing, flowing together into one. 


But as time went on, they got more and more busy, and they had less time to dance together and they both truth be told, missed it dearly. They missed that harmony, that peace, that perfection that they had when they danced together.


Seulgi sat silently in the middle of their practice room, knees drawn to her chest and head in her hands. She was so tired and stressed, she just wanted to relax. She tried to dance, but her movements felt wrong, to sharp, just wrong. She sighed, shifting, trying to tug on her crop top with one hand. 


She stood, taking a deep breath while adjusting her joggers and top. She made eye contact with herself in the mirror before easing into a very simple dance routine that she had been doing for ages. Simple and graceful movements, in time with her heartbeat and breath.


She made it about half way through the routine before scowling and throwing her hands in the air. She sat back down on the floor with a huff, her head falling back into her hands. It just felt wrong, her dancing felt rough, disjointed, and wrong. She sighed, leaning back and laying on the floor. She tucked her hands behind her head, staring up at the ceiling in despair. She thought back to when she and Joohyun used to dance, how easy and right it felt, nothing like now. 


She heard the door creak open slowly, before quietly hearing it close again along with the squeak of newer tennis shoes on the wooden floor. She sat up slowly, looking up into the eyes of the beautiful soul she had just been thinking about. 


Joohyun stood over her silently, a gentle smile on her face, before reaching out a hand to help Seulgi up. She stood, mumbling about trying to dance and she was just taking a break. The older girl just smiled again and pulled her closer as she stood. 


Joohyun quietly began leading her back and forth, falling into an easy rhythm of swaying, almost dancing. At first Seulgi was just pulled this way and that, trying to get into the groove but not fully locking in. She scowled again, aiming to stop, but Joohyun kept going, kept dancing on.


It took her a long while before she found Joohyun’s rhythm, something that was foreign to her. It never took her this long to find the older girls rhythm. Once she got into the groove however, she began to slowly regain that flow that she was known for. 


She slowly went from being led to leading. She danced Joohyun around the room, getting lost in their own internal rhythm and the sound of their feet on the wooden floor, her heartbeat pounding in her chest, and their breaths mixing together. They danced, the whole world disappearing from view.


It was as if they had been gifted perfection. They danced as one, back and forth, pushing and pulling without fully thinking about it. Their minds were lost in the dance and in each other. 


They danced as if they were goddesses down from the heavens, born only to dance together in their private harmony. It seemed that the world itself paused around them to watch this rhythm. Hands gripped together before flying back to their owners, then to hips and shoulders, never staying in one place for long.


They danced as one, energy flowing like silk from one to the other, never fully pausing simply ever rippling. If someone were to watch them they would marvel at the harmony of the two and remark that they must have known each other since birth to resonate together in such a way.


But no, what brought them together in this elegant display was passion and raw emotion. Tears dripped slowly down Seulgi’s face as they danced, a soft smile dancing on her lips. Joohyun was similar, a singular tear track making it down her cheek as she smiled, smiled like she had been gifted the the most valuable thing in the universe.


The smiles that graced their faces were in no way forced or even consciously applied. They were so lost in the dance and each other that something as simple as the fact that they had tears dripping from their eyes and smiles gracing their lips went completely unnoticed.


They were never still, twirling about the room before locking together, seamless, then bounding right back out. Their hands never straying far from the other, almost as if they had to be almost constantly in contact or whatever spell was around them would be broken. Their feet were a whirl of movement, never resting, much like the rest of their bodies.


They snapped together, face to face, chest to chest, hands clasped together, eyes peering into each other’s souls as they came to a slow halt. Their chests heaved, the exertion of dancing for that long and that intensely finally catching up to them.


They collapsed to the floor, sitting crosslegged now, foreheads pressed together as they heaved for breath. They had lost any sense of time while they danced, but the strain that it had put on their bodies told them that it had not been a short dance. They remained silent until their breaths returned, though their hands wandered to between them, fingers lacing together, silently expressing what words could not.


“How did you know?” Seulgi finally whispered. It startled her sometimes, how well Joohyun could read her. This time though, she had thought that she had hidden that something was bothering her, but clearly the older girl had seen straight through her.


“You’ve never been very good at hiding your facial expressions from me." Joohyun sighed with a soft smile. That made sense honestly, it was basically a talent that she could read faces so easily.


Seulgi pulled back, her forehead leaving Joohyun’s. She made eye contact with her, smiling softly. "You really know me well, guess that's what knowing you for ten years does."


Joohyun laughed and leaned in to gently kiss Seulgi. The younger woman smiled into the kiss briefly before returning the kiss. They sat there for a little longer, just quietly mixing sitting and talking about random things or kissing, something they didn't get a lot of time to do these days.


Eventually, Joohyun stood and reached for Seulgi's hand. The younger woman stood and stretched and smiled. "Let's dance a little more then head back to the dorm?" 


Seulgi nodded and stretched out her hand to Joohyun. The brunette took her hand and let herself be lead into the middle of the dance room before they eased into a soft sway. Seulgi rummaged in her own pocket and pulled out her phone and put on one of the duo's favorite songs. They slowly picked up speed, falling into the rhythm of their old song Be Natural, minus chairs however. They danced back and forth, spinning to the old familiar steps, breathing heavily as they moved.


They danced in perfect harmony, hands almost constantly connected or softly touching an arm, a shoulder, or a hip. They flowed together seamlessly, falling into their perfect rhythm that Seulgi had thought she had lost. It seemed that it took the familiarity of dancing with Joohyun to get her back into the groove of her dancing, the relaxing dancing, the freeing dancing. 


As the song ended they slowed to a stop, smiling and breathing heavily. Seulgi pressed a kiss to Joohyun's cheek before wandering over to grab her bag. They walked out of their building, pulling their caps down low and their masks high, hoping to come off as two random dancers and not two well-known members of a popular girl group.


They walk quickly, making good time to the dorm. They made it upstairs, pulling off their caps, masks and shoes and stumbling into the apartment. They flop onto the couch beside the other members after taking a shower and settle in to watch a movie, all previous worries forgotten, now only focused on hanging out with all the members and watching the movie.




"Where do you think Joohyun and Seulgi were?"  Yerim asks as she flops onto her bed across from Sooyoung.


Sooyoung shrugged. "Dancing probably, they looked sweaty when they got back." Yerim hummed and nodded as she opened her phone and put on a song.