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The open road was endless, desolate but peaceful as soon as they left the city behind. The landscape was covered in patches of hardened snow that had been left behind by the winter storms earlier that week. Above the powered covered shrubs and trees, a dark gray sky blanketed them for miles on end, no doubt signaling another threatening snow storm in the hours to come.

Maggie had her hands on the steering wheel, moving her head to the beat of the music coming through the car speakers. Harry smiled, leaning back on the seat and taking in the view—both the one outside and the spectacle happening right next to him.

The first half of the trip had gone by in a blur but both had been too afraid to talk about the obvious; the electric atmosphere that seemed to encompass them whenever they were together—especially when it was in a confined space. Even though the marks from Tartarus were fading day by day, the feelings that had arisen between them didn’t seem to be dissipating at the same rate.

Maggie shrieked with excitement, turning the volume up. “Classic road trip song!” She said, noticing his judging stares. She then began to sing along, quietly at first and then giving it her all. The lyrics familiar, about making up her mind and wasting no more time.

Harry couldn’t help smiling.

“Here I go again on my own! Going down the only road I’ve ever known!” She practically screamed the words, nudging his arm. “I know you know this song. Whitesnake’s from your side of the pond.”

Harry nodded, of course he knew it. He was certain everyone had heard that song at least once in their lifetime without even knowing the artist itself. He was more surprised that she’d known the name of the band, having been famous and seemingly forgotten before her time. He resisted her only for a short moment before joining in. Instantly forgetting about the troubles and the world they were leaving behind. Welcoming the gloominess of the open road and the radiant warmth she gave off from just a single smile.

Maggie had the type of wild spirit that reminded him of someone he once was very close to—and it scared him to some extent. She caught him in a moment of weakness, as his contemplating glances followed the movements of her body. She could almost feel them, lighting a blaze as they trailed over her.

Harry felt a bit of guilt for having let down his guard but Maggie didn’t have any kind of reproachable response. She held his gaze for a few seconds, smiling at him before looking back at the road.

Minutes later, just as they came over a hill she noticed the small stretch of static red lights in the distance. Cars were at a standstill, the road ahead of them past that point was completely empty.

“Are you kidding me?” She grumbled.

“Looks like they’re redirecting traffic.” Harry said, pointing to the flashing lights of the police cars that were blocking the way.

When they finally reached the officers in front of the barricade Maggie rolled down her window.

“Good afternoon, Ma’m.” One of them said, lowering his head so he could look into the passenger side.

Maggie was about to snap back at him, not quite liking the idea of being called ma’m when she wasn’t even twenty-one yet, but she digressed.

“I’m afraid the highway is closed for the next ten miles starting at the turnpike due to inclement weather.”

“How long is it closed for?” She asked.

“Can’t give you an exact time but it should reopen by tomorrow morning if the plower gets here on time.” He said, gesturing to another car to go around and continue moving past them.

“Tomorrow?” Maggie asked incredulous.

The officer looked apologetic, even though it was out of his control. “There’s a really nice bed and breakfast about three miles off this exit. If you get there soon you and your husband might still find a room.”

“No, I’m not—” Harry stuttered.

“He’s not my… husband.” Maggie’s eyes went wide just at the sound of the word. “Thank you, officer.” She said quickly, driving away carefully. Her heart was racing, her body a jittery mess at the thought.

The bed and breakfast had a typical country cottage feel to it. Nestled between the trees in front of a large lake, it was quaint and perfect for what they needed.

The man behind the counter smiled, his big round glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose as he typed away on the keyboard and clicked a few times with his mouse.

“Yeah, it’s the only room available.” He alternated glances between them. “It’s a king size bed but there is a couch in the room if that’s a problem.” Then he sized up Harry knowing there was no way he’d be sleeping comfortably in it.

“That’s fine. We’ll take it.” Maggie smiled, looking through her purse for a credit card. But before she found it, Harry had already slid his across the desk.

She was starving so they’d gone to eat at a small roadside diner before heading back to the room. By the time they arrived, the sun was already going down, the last glimpses of its golden rays shining over the still waters of the frozen lake. Soon enough, the snow covered trees were bathed in the encompassing darkness of the twilight, glowing blue underneath the glistening moonlight that had grown brighter in a matter of minutes.

They took in the view for a little while, just long enough to appreciate its beauty before it got too cold to continue standing outside.

When they got to the room, Maggie stood by the entrance, giving Harry an intrepid look before throwing her small luggage on the king size bed.

“Look at the bright side, I won’t have any trouble falling asleep tonight and neither will you.” Her voice chipper as she plopped herself on the side she was claiming.

Harry sighed, pulling his phone out of his pocket and reading a message that he’d just received.

“Something up?” Maggie was concerned her sisters might be in trouble.

“It’s just Macy letting me know her visit to Galvin’s family estate didn’t render much information but they did get a lead as to where his relatives might have settled when they arrived from Haiti.”

“Hm.” Maggie mused. “That doesn’t sound urgent.” She didn’t want to sound like she begrudged her sisters’ constant need for Harry’s attention but they had been given the heads up that his orbing was very limited due to his abilities still not being back to normal.

He shook his head. “They don’t need me. I’m sure she’s just trying to keep me up to date as to what’s happening back home.”

“Well, she didn’t bother to message me.” Her mouth twisted, absentmindedly scrolling through her social media feed without actually paying attention to the content.

“There’s no need to be jealous of me, your sisters would choose you in a second if it came down to it.” He said dryly, taking off his watch and setting it on the nightstand next to his side of the bed. He wasn’t even bothered by the idea.

Maggie looked up from her phone. She wasn’t jealous—was she?—No. Not of Harry. That was absurd. She kept her eyes on him as he removed his jacket. He seemed to be unaware that she was paying close attention to what he was doing. He took off his button-down long sleeve without thinking it twice, remaining in his undershirt as he undid his belt buckle.

For some odd reason he just let it hang there—not that she minded at all. It was nice to see him unkempt from time to time, it made him more human. She couldn’t help the thoughts that ran through her mind. Immediately wondering about him and what he had been like during the time he’d been alive. She completely lost track of everything else. Had he always been a protector? Had he always been chivalrous and proper? Or was there more to him than met the eye?

“Maggie?” He said loudly, shaking her from her daydream.

“Huh?” She looked at him in the eyes this time. Her cheeks feeling warm.

“I said, what time would you like to leave tomorrow?” He was repeating himself, and Maggie knew then that she’d allowed herself to get lost in thought a little too intensely.

She hadn’t even noticed when he had gone to brush his teeth.

“Early.” She replied, like it was an obvious and concrete answer.

He rinsed his mouth and dried it with a towel. “Early as in 8AM or early as in 5AM?”

“5AM? Harry, are you insane? I need to get my beauty sleep. 8AM is even pushing it but I will agree to that since we’re already a day behind schedule.” She said, hopping off of the bed and grabbing her pajamas out of her bag.

She walked past him on the way to the bathroom, brushing his arm as if the space in the room was minimal. Harry made his way to the bed, throwing the decorative pillows on the floor and pulling off the covers.

The corner of his mouth curled to form a half smile, watching her through the open bathroom door as she put her hair up in a bun and washed her face. She was spunky and unpredictable, something he thought he’d grown unfamiliar to with the passing of the years. But watching her flourish despite her young age only proved to him that she was stronger than any other charge he’d had before. Maybe even stronger than his previous one. She was a Charmed One after all.

He looked away for a moment when he noticed she had started peeling off her clothes. Wondering if she’d forgotten to shut the door or if she just didn’t care if he saw her or not. He cleared his throat as if to remind her that she wasn’t alone. When he looked back at her, Maggie was clearly aware of him, her big brown eyes making contact with his as she slipped off her jeans.

Harry sat frozen for a moment, losing his train of thought for just that split second before he looked away.

When she came out of the bathroom, he was already under the covers. He looked at her as she sat on the bed, her legs slipping underneath the sheets. Maggie’s chest began to flutter, a warmth stirring in her core as she took the liberty to snuggle up next to him. The bed was considerably big enough for there to be plenty of room between them but that’s not what she wanted.

Until only a few minutes ago, it had been unclear to her just how much of that pull and attraction was affecting Harry as well. But if his appreciative glances had been any indication, he too reveled in the same feelings—he just did a much better job at hiding it. That first kiss between them hadn’t occurred just on a whim.

He smiled, confirming their departure time. “8AM then?” An attempt by him to also break the tension that had been growing between them.

“Yup.” She said.

The room went pitch black for a few seconds after he turned off the lights, but her eyes slowly began adjusting to the darkness with the little bit of light that came in from outside. Maggie could tell he was still wide awake, his breathing for one was different, and if she focused long enough she could still see him blinking.

She had a hand on his chest, in tune to the rise and fall of his every breath. Maggie’s fingers began to move slowly over him, rousing his breathing and the rhythm of his heart. She trailed them over his neck, stopping for a bit on his pulse before caressing his jawline and turning his face to her.

Harry was quiet, his eyes admiring her, taking pleasure in her closeness and the time they had away from anything that reminded them of consequences. Her chin tilted upward, lips ghosting over his for a second before she pressed her mouth against his.

He returned the favor, kissing her slowly, familiarizing himself again with her sweet flavor and realizing it was an impossible task to give it up—he wasn’t sure why he’d even tried. Harry couldn’t imagine enjoying any other taste but hers. He loved it to the point of madness.

A little noise escaped her mouth, a rumbling in her chest that expressed her satisfaction. She felt the heat invade her body, her stomach twirling with excitement. Maggie couldn’t believe it was happening, she couldn’t believe Harry was letting himself be guided by blind desire again. She felt the grip of his hand on her hip, fingers moving underneath her shirt and along her side.

Her teeth grazed his lower lip before she sucked on it with more fervor. She pulled away for just a moment, a coy smile on her face as she climbed on top of him, straddling him on the bed. His green eyes trailed over her heavenly form, his hands settling on her waist as she bent over to kiss him once again. Her tongue invading his mouth this time, heavy breathing riling them both up.

She moaned, unabashed as she spoke. “Touch me, Har.” She placed both hands on his chest, looking down at him. “I know you want to, I can hear it in your thoughts.”

Taking one of his hands, she placed it on her chest, eager to feel his touch. Her hips began moving over him, pressing against his growing hardness. Reveling in the pleasure it brought to her core.

“Please.” She said, feeling the gentle movement of his fingers over her. A flirty laugh left her lips when she felt his other hand on her too.

Harry squeezed her breasts over her shirt, making her squirm with need. The padding was thin enough for her pebbled nipples to show through. After a few moments he focused his attention on her peaks, pinching them hard enough to produce moans in her and cause her hips to buck with more force.

You’re such a tease. She complained silently, even though she was thoroughly enjoying it.

“There’s so much more I want to do.” He admitted.

She kissed him again. “Show me.”

Harry pulled the straps of her tank top off her shoulders, gently stroking her soft skin. He looked at her, bad intentions written all over his face as he produced a tiny smile that made her body shiver with arousal. Slowly, he began to pull her shirt down over her beautiful breasts, revealing her perky dark nipples and allowing her mounds to succumb to gravity.

He was certain she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. “You’re ravishing.” He muttered.

She smiled. “And you’re a bad liar but thank you.” She whimpered as his fingers pulled on her little nubs, inflicting pleasure all through her body.

“I could never lie to you, Maggie.”

He hoisted himself up, taking a nipple in his mouth and pressing his tongue on it before flicking it. She couldn’t get enough, her body already felt like it was filled to the brim and he wasn’t even fucking her yet.

She dipped her hand between their bodies, reaching for his groin, trying to get a hold of his erection. Harry closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of her fingers rubbing up against him. He peeled off her shirt in one swift motion and let her get him out of his.

“I’m usually not this desperate. I swear.” She said shyly, taking off her shorts and underwear as he got undressed as well.

Harry smiled. “You have nothing to apologize for.” His hand dipped between her legs, teasing her throbbing, wet center and loving the way the expression on her face reflected the gratification he was providing.

“Come here.” He said, having already decided that he wanted her on top.

He had a grasp on his cock, gliding it over her slit gently, teasing her entrance as she lowered herself into him. Maggie let out a loud moan, moving up and down his length, as he penetrated her deeper each time. Two hands pressed on his chest, her hips engaged in an enthralling dance that had both of them echoing noises of unbelievable pleasure.

Harry’s hands clasped her hips, for a few seconds taking control as he drove into her.

“Oh my God!” Maggie felt him jolting her deep in her core, getting really close to that sweet spot that would without a doubt unravel her in seconds.

He knew she was enjoying it way too much to let it end. The longer he continued, the more vocal she became, begging him not to stop until the last words died in her lips and they were replaced by euphoric whimpers. Her release ran down her walls, enveloping him in wet heat as her body relaxed on top of him.

The deep kiss he placed on her lips as he rolled them over on the bed still had her seeing stars. There was something so revering about the way he touched her and kissed her that she felt it consume her even through the lustful actions their bodies were engaged in.

Harry slipped inside her again, bucking his hips into her over and over for as long as he could go. His lips brushed every inch of body, his tongue sliding over the suppleness of her skin, and hands entangled in her now-messy hair as they gained comfort and pleasure in each other for minutes on end.

They’d planned on sleeping that night to be rested for the next day’s journey into the final stretch of their trip, but there was no way either of them were going to waste time in the unconscious realm when they were finally free of the restraints they’d placed upon themselves.