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Two is Better Than One?

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“Give me a fucking minute,” Katsuki snarls into the telephone receiver, shuffling through the papers on his desk. “I swear I just saw those fucking transfer of custody papers.”

Except his desk is fucking filthy. And there's over twenty transfer of custodys on his desk. “Wait. Where did you say he transferred to?” Katsuki taps the end of the pencil in his hand against his desk. The phone vibrates with the response and Katsuki resists the urge to hang up. “That's not even my damn prefecture. I didn't arrest him.”

As soon as the phone is back in it's perch, via hard slam, Katsuki drops his forehead down onto the papers. Fuck, it's been a long day.

“Hey, ‘Suki!”

Katsuki peeks up from over his forearms, breathing a sigh of relief. His beautiful mate has come to save the day. Not that he'll fucking say that of course. Not out loud. In front of everyone.

“Hey, Shitty Hair.”

“You look like shit.” Kirishima notes, but his tone is warm as he sits his ass on the edge of Katsuki's desk. Right on top of all the papers.


“Thanks.” Katsuki says wryly. Count on the Alpha to tell him like it is after a 13 hour shift but be too nice to deliver it with anything less than a thousand watt smile. “You come here to give me some fucking good news?” Frowning, Katsuki sits up, his arms sticking against cheap leather thanks to his hero outfit and the overall temperature of the room. “Wait. Didn't you just get paged by Eraser? What did he want? Do you need me to kick somebody's ass?”

Kirishima spreads his thighs, almost inviting Katsuki to roll his chair between them. But he won't.

The sweet spice that rolls off of the Alpha into the air between them makes his head fuzz. It's too fucking close to his heat for this bullshit.

“It wasn't important. So. Here I am.” Kirishima says, his hand coming out to rub Katsuki's cheek.

Katsuki almost leans into the caress. Why the hell does his boyfriend have to be so… touchy? Especially in their public hero office where Katsuki couldn't do anything about it. Like begged to be fucked or roll over ass up on the desk.

“You probably need to go meet with Aizawa. I want to go home at some fucking point.” He shoves his hands against the redhead's chest. His hands tingle at the contact, and he has to stop himself from groping hard pecs. “Go!”

“Okay, okay,” Kirishima says with a laugh, jumping off the edge of the desk. He pushes a hand through his spiky hair. “But I'm not happy about it.” He leans in, hands on the arms of Katsuki’s chair. His arms bracket the Omega in, and he's leaning forward, his eyes on Katsuki's lips before darting down to his scent gland. His tongue swipes out over his sharp teeth.

“Katsuki,” Kirishima whispers, way too close and with way too much heat in his voice for their very public, place of employment.

Despite proof, everyone in the office already knows they’re together. It's hard not to, even with blockers. They always smell of each other, of the rich aroma that comes from scenting either all the time or really hard.

But yeah. To the media, they're just hero partners. Two dudes who work together at the same agency.

Sure, they are also roommates, but they've been living together in the dorms since freshman year of UA, so it's not really much different.

Plus, Pikachu and Soy sauce lived together and they weren't fucking. (Right?)

There are no tabloids of them kissing. Or holding hands. No pictures of them making out or of the one time Katsuki's heat had been triggered in a villain fight and Kirishima had had to fuck him in an alley just to ease the pain.

So this behavior, leaning in for a fucking kiss, is out of fucking character. They had talked about this shit.

Surely Kirishima won't…actually kiss him… not in front of everyone... 

Katsuki doesn't move. He wants to see if Eijirou is fucking stupid enough to do it. Also, a tiny tiny part of him, the Omega part, wants to submit.

Plus, the moment he gets too close, Katsuki will explode his fucking face.

Suddenly, Kirishima's lips are firm on his gland. His hot tongue swipes out. Katsuki's mouth opens in shock, and he blushes hard.

I was fucking distracted!

He doesn't even close his eyes, too astounded. He's scanning the room to see if anyone has noticed. They haven't yet and he can't use his quirk on the fucking redheaded idiot because then they would all look over here--

Kirishima groans against his skin, loving his mate's flavour, and he presses deeper, his tongue licking away the shock and arousal.

“Kirishima!” Katsuki hisses, pushing at rock hard muscles until the Alpha backs up. His blush has spread to his toes by now, even his ears are hot. He can't believe… that… that Kirishima would just… in front of….

Kirishima laughs, even as Katsuki growls lowly, his thumb pressing against the wetness on the Omega's plump bottom lip from where his own teeth sank in it. “You're so cute when you're flustered, ‘Suki. Makes me want to bend you over this desk and fuc--”

Katsuki's knees slam into the desk when he stands up abruptly. “FUCKIN’ GO!” He says, trying to hide his face from the people around them. He needs to get Kirishima off his desk so he can get in the drawer, rip out about 13 scent blocker patches, and stick them on his skin to dull the fucking caramel scented arousal he's pumping out into the general public like a fucking fountain. “Go!”

“I'm going.” Kirishima says with another grin, his hands lifted up in a placating gesture. “I'm going.”

Katsuki watches in stunned silence as Kirishima walks away. How the fuck could the idiot think that was a good idea?

Why had Katsuki let him get away with it?

Fucking HEAT.

Once he's gone, Katsuki returns to his previous position, forehead slammed down on his desk. He can smell the soft aroma of ink from the papers, but it's doing nothing to calm his body or the rush of slick sliding down his thighs. He tries his hardest to dull the scent coming off him.

Eyes closed, face down, as subtle as he can manage, Katsuki lifts his hand to feel his sensitive gland. It’s practically swollen from Kirishima’s rough kiss. The skin around it tingles, too. In a good way. Kind of like his skin does when Kirishima spends hours licking at his cock.

There's a thump on the edge of Katsuki's desk, a heavy weight settling into the exact same spot Ei abandoned. Katsuki groans into his arms, ready to fend off Racoon Eyes or Pikachu. No doubt they saw that fuckin’ kiss and are about to give Katsuki such shit for outting himself right here, right now.

“Why do you look like that? Our shift ends soon.”

He knows that voice. He doesn't even have to look. But he does, just so he can glare. “I thought you said you were going.” He says through gritted teeth.

Kirishima's eyebrow raises, a silent statement of, Is that what you thought?

“Why are you fucking harassing me?” It was said with love. Sort of.

Maybe 80% love and 20% annoyment.

Okay maybe 70/30.

Secretly, seeing Kirishima at work always made his day. He liked the comforting scent of him while he filed papers. He liked working the streets together. They were the perfect hero team.

He  didn't like the way Kirishima was acting today.

Yes, you do. His Omega chimes in. It's why you're so wet.

Katsuki glares daggers into Kirishima's chest. It's his fault.

“Harassing you? Baby, you haven't seen harassment yet.” There's mischief in his eyes and it makes Katsuki sweat.

Damn. When Kirishima wants to be he’s down right sinful.

“Kirishima. Go talk to Eraser.” Katsuki is practically begging. It's pathetic but the faster Ei talks to the pro, the faster they can go home and talk. Sure, talk.

“I already did, ‘Suki. And he didn't say anything--”

“Uh, Blasty?”

Katsuki almost groans. He can't deal with Kirishima and Mina after a long shift. Never taking his eyes off Kirishima, incase the fucker does something stupid like go for his scent gland again, he says, “Yes, Raccoon Eyes?” In his sternest, I don't have time for this tone.

“I think you lost something.” She says, barely hiding a laugh.

And wow. For a dream, this day has felt surprisingly real. Katsuki can remember filing papers, arresting villains, and drinking bad coffee all in clear detail.

But it must have been a dream.

Because there's no other excuse for what he's seeing, other than he's hallucinating. His heat is somehow to blame.

“Kirishima?!” He shouts. But he's not talking to his boyfriend. Well, actually he is. But he's talking to the person standing next to Mina. The carbon copy of his boyfriend, not the one sitting on his desk.

His head swivels like a cartoon character. Between the Kirishima on his desk, and the Kirishima standing. Back and forth. Back and forth.

Two. Kirishima's.

He pinches himself in the arm. It hurts. It actually hurts. “How.” It's the only thing he can manage right now.

“Who the fuck cares about how?! This is a literal dream come true! Two boyfriends Blasty! Think of the possibilities!” Mina squeals, actually squeals like she just received the best birthday present.

Katsuki can't even think a coherent thought. He definitely can't imagine indulging in crazy fantasies.

Two. Two of his Alpha boyfriend.

He rounds on the Kirishima, the one on his desk. “How did this happen?!”

The door to the bullpen- the room where the heroes work on their paperwork- opens and Aizawa walks in, his hero scarf flapping behind him. He's wearing his hero goggles around his neck and he's clearly pissed. “Kirishima. I told you to stay in the conference room.”

“Yeah. But… Katsuki's in here,” The Kirishima next to him says, swinging his legs over the side of his desk.

“Also, no offense sensei, but there was no point to stay in there.” The Kirishima next to Mina says, rubbing the tip of his nose.

And holy shit, when they smile at each other, Katsuki's gay little heart warps into overdrive. He's actually dizzy. He might pass out.

“I….” Katsuki clears his throat. “I…” Oh hey. It hadn't helped his brain any. He's never been speechless before.

“You already tried your quirk, sensei.” Kirishima reminds Aizawa.

“And it didn't work.” The other Kirishima says.

Oh hell. Katsuki slides down into his seat. He's going to have a fucking heart attack. A heart attack and die.




“I should have stayed at work,” Katsuki complains as he walks up the stairs to their apartment. He's dragging his feet. He loves his boyfriend-boyfriends- but he had been sort of tempted to drive their car off the road and he really doesn't want to be alone with two smiling, way too happy and perfect Eijirous until who the fuck knew when.

There's a comforting pat on his shoulder. Warm and hard. It smacks down with enough force to make Katsuki's steps falter. “Ow, Eijirou.” It hadn't really hurt. He just wants to bitch. “Fucking watch it!

“Don't look at me,” The redhead says with a smile. He jerks a thumb in his twin's direction. “He did it.”

He did it,” Katsuki mocks, fishing his keys out of his pocket. “Don't look at me,” He repeats, slamming the key into the door knob, his hands sparking.

“Oh shit,” He hears one of them whisper. “He's in a mood.”

“It's his heat,” the other one responds. And wow, they're both fucking shitty whisperers. “He's a little behind schedule and it's making him antsy.”

“I can tell. Hey! I got it. I can think of other things we can do with that mouth!”

Katsuki seethes, opening the door and kicking his shoes off. He slams the door closed in their faces and throws the lock. 

It won't delay them but a few seconds. Kirishima has a key. And honestly the sudden complete absence of the Alpha's scent makes him regret even doing it.

Katsuki ignores the sound of the door opening, ignores the sounds of playful shoving. He can't deal with them now. Kirishima’s scent is doubled, doubled, and if Katsuki is being honest it's driving him insane.

He's thankful for his hero pants. They're black and baggy. They don't cement to his legs despite the literal gallon of slick leaking from his hole.

Which is totally unfair. He's trying to be annoyed at the reckless pawing and cheeky comments made by his boyfriends. He's not trying to act like some horny Omega bitch.

“Hey, Katsuki,” One of the Kirishima's whisper in his ear. “Do you wanna maybe come into the bedroom with us?”

Katsuki feels four hands, rough with callouses, stroke over his torso. “I… oh fuck…” He trails off as he feels his nipples get pinched and the zipper of his pants get pulled down at the same time.

No! He's resisting here. “Kirishima stop--” A whine fills the air. It's his. He wants more. “Ah fuck. Okay.” He groans, his knees about to give in. “Fucking okay.”

At least Kirishima would be distracted with his body. The fucking annoyment Katsuki felt would ease somewhat.

Kirishima grins. He knows when he's won. He effortlessly picks Katsuki up. Katsuki, redfaced at how fucking easy he gave in, buries his face into Eijirou's neck and inhales the comforting scent of his mate. He wraps his legs tight around thick hips and whines.

He doesn't know where the other Kirishima is and he doesn't pay any attention to it.

Bakugou is strong, sure. But he's a wild fucking animal in the sack. It's another super power of his. All that unbridled need makes him shove, thrust, and buck against Kirishima but he's also clumsy. He's a tangle of limbs. Of panting breaths and sweating skin.

Kirishima loves it. Loves to force him under him and hold him still and make him take it.

It's worse today. His heat is approaching. It usually comes the 6th of every month and it's already the 8th and still nothing. Katsuki’s heats are unpredictable at best, chaotic at worst. His quirk affects the production of fluids in his body, including slick, and overworks the hormones.

It makes him insatiable and his heats difficult. Like Kirishima fucking him full of cum for six hours straight, while his own cock fills up a toy and still no relief difficult.

 Kirishima bends down and Katsuki feels his back press into the mattress. He's reluctant to unwrap his arms and legs from his mate, but it's clear that Kirishima isn't ready to follow him down yet.

“Let's get these off of you, yeah?” Eijirou purrs, his voice going husky. “You're so soaked, Katsu. I can see the slick pouring down your thighs.” His warm hands clutch at Katsuki's waistband and start to pull down. His underwear and all. “Do you need me? Need my cock filling your hole?”

Katsuki's mouth opens and he’s consumed by the urgency he only feels when his heat is in full swing. His hands clutch at red hair, forcing his mate to come closer. “I'm so wet, Eijirou. You won't even have to prep me. I can take your cock right now.”

Kirishima grins. “Oh yeah? Are you that desperate?” Katsuki's pants are pulled completely off and tossed to the floor. His finger slides down between the Omega's cheeks and presses against Katsuki's dripping entrance. “I wonder though…” He breathes, pushing the tip of his finger into to tight wet heat. “If you could take two cocks without prep.”

Katsuki whines, slamming his eyes shut. Two? He's never… His attraction to Alphas has only ever been extended to one person. His mate. So he's never entertained the idea of taking two cocks. Before Kirishima was hit with a replication quirk Katsuki would have said with absolute certainty that he never wanted to be double penetrated. At least not with anything other than a toy and his mate's cock.

But… this isn't some random person fucking his ass with Kirishima. This is Kirishima fucking his ass with two of the same perfect cocks.

Katsuki starts to pant. Okay. “Would…” He clears his throat pretending it's not some pathetic needy Omega thing that chokes him up. “Would you both knot me?”

He wants to be knotted. Needs it. But even Katsuki isn't sure he can take two knots. Not with a cock as large as Eijirou's. Sure he's wet, so fucking soaked that it would be embarrassing if it wasn't for heated look in his mate's eyes. (Kiri clearly enjoys Katsuki like this.) But is he wet enough to take two gigantic knots?

I'm not fucking scared! I'll fucking try!

Kirishima places a soothing kiss to the Omega's thigh, his finger sliding into Katsuki to the second knuckle. The blonde whines. The sound of wet squelching filling the air as Kirishima pulls his finger in and out slow. So slow. “No. Not while you have both inside you anyway. If we did that. I'm… not sure...” 

Katsuki clenches his teeth, trying to ignore the pleasure shooting down his spine at being filled. “I'm not afraid,” He spits.

“Shhhh. I know you're not.” Kirishima bites his thigh, licks away the sting. “My mate isn't afraid of anything. So fucking strong. And sexy.”

Katsuki goes limp, all the fight sagging out of him. Kirishima knows exactly how to play him, using praise to tune him up like an expensive instrument. Katsuki whines again, a kitten like sound as he offers up his throat.

More. I'll submit if you give me more.

There's a possessive growl in Kirishima's throat when he sees the Omega present for him. He never tires of the sight, no matter how many times they do this. Seeing Katsuki, strong, volatile, fucking give up control?

“Do you want me to knot you with another cock inside you? We could wait until it goes down. And then you could get knotted immediately. Two knots,” Kirishima says dreamily. “One right after the other.”

Katsuki nods, biting his lip to stop from begging for it. That sounds okay. Sounds like just what he fucking needs to breathe properly. There will be so much cum inside of him... 

Breed. Breed. BREED.

Katsuki shakes his head no. He always has to fight his Omega like this during his heat. Until all he can hear in his head is a cacophony of screams. Repeated shouts of Breed. Cum. Full.

Katsuki's cheeks heat when Kirishima looks at him. The way he stares so intently, his dark eyes gleaming with want, it's almost like he knows that Katsuki wants to be stuffed full of his cum. That he craves to have a litter of pups put inside him.

With a shaky hand Katsuki pushes Kirishima's face away.

“Oh wow!” Kirishima says from the doorway, completely fucking naked, except for a pair of boxers. Not the Kirishima on the bed. The other one. “You look so good Katsuki!”

Fuck, that's enough to make Katsuki's head spin. He's going to get them confused. Not that it matters, he supposes. Since they are the same person.

But they aren't, Katsuki suddenly notices. The Kirishima in the doorway--his scent. It's a cheap imitation of the real thing, diluted. Missing all the key undertones of wet rainforest and fresh bread.

His hair is less red too. Not enough for anyone in the world other than Katsuki to notice. But as often as Katsuki spends looking at the spiky mess, running his hands through it, and using it as a handle to push Kirishima’s mouth deeper on his cock, Katsuki notices.

He'll call that copy Shitty Hair. He calls his Alpha that during the day or when they lounge around the apartment. But he rarely uses the sentiment in bed. Instead he gasps out his lover's name, sometimes his first, if it's good enough. This way he wouldn't get confused and he can track where his Alpha's hands are and how they come from.

Katsuki looks to Kirishima. His finger is now completely in his ass. When his copy walks in, and Katsuki starts to scrutinize him, Kirishima pulls out his finger all the way and thrusts in deeper with two. Hard enough to send Katsuki's spine off the bed.

“FUCK!” Katsuki shouts. Fuck. His head swims from the sudden change of slow and gentle to hard and punishing. He likes it, of course he likes it, but he wonders why the sudden change.

And then he smells it.

Kirishima's bonding scent. Pouring off of him in waves. His usual fresh scent turns dark and heavy, cloying the air. It's dangerous.

Katsuki's Omega cries out in his head. Equal parts fearful and turned the fuck on. Katsuki is not scared. Never scared of his fucking mate. 

Not that his Omega is scared of his mate either. It's just the pure scent of aggression and possession is a lot. Overwhelming.

His Omega also takes it for what it is. Those scents coming off Kirishima means he's staking a claim. (Against himself, sure. But Katsuki never said his mate wasn't an idiot.) Kirishima sees a threat to his mate, and his Alpha is demanding he fight for the right to have the Omega.

It's so fucking hot that Katsuki squirts a wave of slick right around Kirishima's fingers, covering the male's hand.

Kirishima flashes sharp teeth at him, a warning. Stop smelling so good.

Katsuki grins.

When Shitty Hair takes a step toward the bed Kirishima growls, his lips peeling back from his teeth. He pins his copy in place with his stare. Daring him to move closer.

Katsuki whimpers, jerking his hips down on Kirishima's fingers to try to spur him into action. Come on, Alpha. Come on.

Shitty Hair raises his hands. He makes no sudden movements, trying not to get his face ripped off. ...By himself.

“Shhhh, Kirishima.” Bakugou chides, with half lidded eyes. He lifts his leg, rubbing his calf up and down Kirishima's side. “Knock that shit off,” He says softly.

He turns to Shitty Hair. “It's your scent, I think. Can you come here? Slowly,” he adds. Because as hot as it would be to see two Kirishimas fighting over him, he'd rather get fucked into the mattress.

“My scent?” Shitty Hair says, confused. “But it's his scent!”

Katsuki tries to shrug, but he's too busy gasping. Those fingers inside of him have started moving again, rough and hot.

Kirishima tenses when Shitty Hair approaches. He doesn't bite, though. Just stares daggers at his copy.

Katsuki rubs his leg against his mate again. Soothing. “Kiri...shima… come on. Fuck me.”

Kirishima attention focuses on his Omega, on the sweet scent of begging, wet, dripping… He starts slow again, pulling off his own clothes while staring. But as much progress as it is… it's still too slow.

“Kirishima!” Katsuki growls, sitting up. The fingers inside of him slip out and the blonde covers his whine with his hand. “Fuck me now. Or I will have Shitty Hair fuck me.”

Shitty Hair smiles, even when being growled at. He lifts a hand. “Hi.”

Kirishima tackles him.

“EIJIROU!” Katsuki yells, palms exploding in anger. Come the fuck on.

The Alphas land on the floor, Kirishima on top. Lines cut their way across his temple and jaw, his aggression forcing his quirk to manifest. He's growling like a wild animal, his teeth snapping inches from Shitty Hair's face.

Shitty Hair rolls them over, and for a few brief seconds he has Eijirou pinned. Then Eijirou has them flipped again and they're knocking over the end table, sending the lamp flying. Katsuki watches in sick fascination, slick pouring down his thighs.

He should probably be annoyed that Kirishima is stupid enough to fight his copy for an Omega he's already claimed a thousand times. But he's not annoyed. He's so fucking hot his skin feels like it's on fire.

So, it's not his fault when his hand trails down his stomach and passed his cock. It's Kirishima's fault that he shoves three long fingers inside his hole.

His fingers are longer than Kirishima's, but not thicker. It doesn't feel as good as when the Alpha fucks him and he whines. He wants to be in between them. Feel their hard bodies press against him as they lunge for each other's throats.

He wants to be fucked in between them, wants to feel Eijirou pressing him down onto Shitty Hair's chest….

Bakugou whimpers, his fingers nailing his prostate. The soft sound makes Eijirou's eyes shoot over to him, and he growls, Shitty Hair's throat in his mouth. Shitty Hair also whimpers, a submissive sound, and he leans into the bite on his neck.

Eijirou releases his bite, his sharp fangs bloody, his own jaw bleeding from pinpricks from his copy's teeth. His shoulder is bleeding too.

It smells raw and aggressive.

Eijirou pushes away from the floor and stands up. He walks over to Katsuki, grips his wrist hard, and forcefully removes the blonde's fingers from his ass. He pulls the wet digits up to his mouth, and while watching Shitty Hair, he moans loud and possessive as he sucks the slick from them.

Katsuki orgasms so hard his thighs shake. Cum spurts out from the tip of his dick, reaching all the way off the side of the bed to cover the floor. His eyes flutter shut as his skin vibrates, his breath exploding out.

Oh… fuck…

Eijirou grins. He presses his large hand onto Katsuki's collarbone and forces the smaller Omega back. Katsuki is still shuddering, but he needs more. His cock is still just as hard, his slick soaking everything it touches.

“You got me so fucking horny, Katsu. Look,” Kirishima pinches Katsuki's chin and forces him to look down at his large cock. “I'm already about to knot.” His thumb rubs over the base, where sure enough, the skin has already started to swell.

“I can't wait to shove this inside you. Think you can come again? Just from my knot?”

“Yes!” Katsuki pants, lifting his hips up. “Fuck me now, Ei. Hard.”

Eijirou lifts his leg, throws it over his shoulder like it weighs nothing. He bites the soft skin of his thigh, and rubs the head of his cock in the slick between his Katsuki's legs.

Shitty Hair rolls over on the floor, and crosses his arms on the edge of the bed, right beside Katsuki's hips. “What do you want me to do?” He puts his face down on his arms, watching.

Eijirou bares his teeth. As he looks into his own face, he pushes the tip of his cock in. Katsuki groans loud. “Did you do what I asked?”

Katsuki watches the exchange, drool escaping out of the corner of his mouth. He wants to bitch about Kirishima's lack of focus but at the same time he's fucking curious. What had Kirishima told Shitty Hair to do?

“Yep!” Shitty Hair vibrates with excitement, the bruise under his cheek from Kirishima's fist is starting to turn purple. He doesn't even seem to notice it.

Eijirou nods, leaning in to purr in Katsuki's ear. He grabs his cock while they talk, slowing pumping up and down. “I want to fuck you nice and deep, Katsu. Breed you so good.” He grins when Katsuki can't catch his breath. “And…” He whispers.

“He wants you to fuck me!” Shitty Hair yells out, interrupting the moment, like an excited puppy.

Katsuki's head drops sideways on the bed. Oh… fuck. They're gonna kill me. But holy shit it's going to be so fucking good. To be fucked and fuck someone at the same time? That’s even better than the thought of two cocks inside him. “Okay. Fuck, alright. Come here, Shitty Hair. Give me that tight ass of yours. I need to stretch-ah FUCK- Eijirou!” Katsuki chokes on a scream as Eijirou shoves the long length of his dick halfway in. “S-shit!”

Warm slick rushes out, soaking dick, balls, and thighs on his Alpha. Shitty Hair's eyes go wide and he whines. Like he's the Omega. He likes seeing Katsuki getting fucked by the image of himself.

He can’t help it. He needs to touch. His hand reaches out to grip a pec or twist Katsuki's nipple, but Eijirou slaps Shitty Hair's hand away before it makes contact.  

Thrusting the rest of his cock inside with a rough loss of breath, Kirishima squeezes Katsuki's hipbones. That’s a fucking kink of the Alpha’s. He never shuts the fuck up about Katsuki’s tiny waist.

While watching the pleasure flash over his mate's face he jerks a nod towards Shitty Hair. “Up.” Ei commands, sliding out to the rim of his tip. “Now.” He says, as he slowly pushes back in.

“Faster, Ei fuck--” Katsuki jerks his hips up,tries to spurs Kiri with his heels. He needs more. Fuck, he needs more--  

Shitty Hair stands to shaky legs, slowly pulls his boxers down his legs. He whimpers when he bends down to push them off his legs. Even grunts a little as he kicks them with his foot.

Kirishima doesn’t stop his torturously slow fucking. He pulls his hips back so godsdamn agonizingly slow. Katsuki can feel every vein in that fat cock rub his slick walls…. FUCK. Oh hell. His ass feels so fucking good. It's so hot...

The smell of Nitroglycerin fills the air. Thick, cloying. Almost drowning out the smell of wet Omega. That is until Kirishima leans forward, his mouth descending toward Shitty Hair's cock. He takes it all, no fucking problem, just one quick stripe with his mouth. Just enough to get it wet and Katsuki practically squirts on his dick. “EIJIROU!” He screams as he cums. Ohhhh...  

Kirishima’s eyes close, and he growls. Katsuki’s hole is milking him for all it’s worth, clenching so tight around his cock like it’s begging for a knot. He pants through the struggle not to shove his whole dick in but it’s damn hard. His cock twitches, precum adding to the slick and wetting up the friction even more. “Turn around.” He growls to his copy.

Shitty Hair turns around. And it’s then that Kirishima’s words make sense. Plus the reason that Shitty Hair disappeared in the beginning.

Katsuki nearly chokes on his own drool when he sees the plug up the Alpha’s ass. Eijirou has thought of everything. He’s designed this evening so that Katsuki’s only concern is to get fucked. He doesn’t have to focus on prepping Shitty Hair, just worry about being split open on hot Alpha cock.

“Oh godsdamn, Ei.” Katsuki purrs, his Omega going fucking wild for this shit. He wants to be dominated and be dominate at the same time. There is probably no Alpha in this world besides Eijirou who would will willingly submit to an Omega. It’s not often that Kiri initiates being a bottom, but always, always when Katsuki asks, he bends over. Or lifts his legs. Or leans against a wall. Or…

“Unhhhhh.” Katsuki’s brain comes back on line when he feels wet heat on the tip of his soaked cockhead. He’s sensitive, fuck he’s so fucking sensitive, but it’s good. It’s so fucking good and tears are in his eyes but he’s begging for it. “Fuck me,fuckmefuckme,” He chants.  

His head is a mess. He really means let me fuck you, let me fuck you, let me fuck you but he can't think past the deep thrusts to his asshole. It's not his fault he's a broken record, tongue out of his mouth and soaking the sheets.

It's the Alpha inside him. And then Alpha he's about to be inside.

Shitty Hair takes that moment to sit back on Katsuki's leaking cock. He's so fucking tight. Like virgin tight. The tight channel surrounding his erection makes Katsuki scream. He's not even an inch inside Shitty Hair when Eijirou strikes his prostate and makes him seize up.

He explodes. Both his erection and his hands. The sheets disintegrate and singe. His voice cracks with emotion and his vision goes black. He floats…

“Fuck, baby. Come on.” He hears in his ear. He doesn't know how long it's been, but it couldn't have been too long. Ei's hands are holding up his chest. He's on his knees, sandwiched between the two Alphas. Shitty Hair is fucking himself back on Katsuki's pink cock, his mouth open, whines escaping.

Eijirou is fucking into him like he means it, his hips pistioning like a machine. His hands are hardened and sunk into Katsuki's chest. Tiny rivets of blood are dripping down his pecs, catching on his nipples.

Katsuki almost passes out again it feels so good.

Come on, Katsu. Come for me.” Another grunt. “One more time.” His face rubs directly over Katsuki's scent gland and he cries out. He's so close! He's so close and they both feel so fucking good and he's so hot… his skin is so hot… and fuck is that Kirishima's teeth on his gland… oh fuckkk…

Katsuki's head falls back and his eyes flutter shut. He's soaked. Kirishima's hips make a wet slapping sound when they collide with his. Shitty Hair goes rigid, and Katsuki feels his quirk ripple through his body right before he moans, loud, and Katsuki can smell the salty scent of the Alpha knot his fist.

Kirishima goes fucking wild inside him. He bends Katsuki down, shoving his chest over Shitty Hair's sweaty and collapsed back. He pulls out all the way, the drag slow before he slams in as deep as Katsuki's body will allow.

His knot is huge and it burns even with all the dripping he's doing. Katsuki's cock gives one final spurt of cum, and this time it's inside of Shitty Hair who mewls and pushes back on Katsuki which makes Ei go even deeper…

“Gonna breed you, baby,” Eijirou says into his neck. Sensation is tingling all over his skin, his quirk on the ready. Katsuki's wet flesh is quivering all around him and he's so fucking ready to blow. His hand slips down to Katsuki's abdomen. “You want some pups from me, Katsuki?”

YES! YES! His Omega screams in his head. Katsuki is overwhelmed with his body emitting the scent of Submission. He doesn't even have the strength to do it himself, his body operating on auto pilot.

Kirishima's hands grip Katsuki's ass cheeks and squeezes them tight around his cock. As soon as his hips stutter, he skins his fangs deep in Katsuki's neck. Right on his mating gland.

“Ei! Fuck, I'm cumming…”

Fire erupts under his skin. His temperature spikes… Kirishima fucks his cum deep inside of his ass, filling him so good that not one drop escapes…

His own cum leaks out of Shitty Hair though, covering Katsuki's balls…

Oh… that's… nice... 

Katsuki feels his body tilt sideways and then nothing else.




Katsuki wakes with a groan. He's hot, but not frantic to cum, which means his heat is sated for now. His ass is sore, but he feels really good.

Actually all of Katsuki is sore. His neck and his tits especially.

“Are you awake?” Kirishima rumbles next to him. He's so fucking gorgeous, sexed up and reclining on burnt sheets.

Katsuki nods, and goes to stretch, he feels like he needs a deep tissue massage, but he freezes. “Where's Shitty Hair?” The room is empty besides them.

“Gone.” Kirishima says with a blush. “I was cleaning him up and he poofed. Just gone.”

“Poofed?” Katsuki cocks an eyebrow. “Cleaning him up?”

A warm, blushing face is shoved into his neck. Kirishima kisses his mating bite, a sign of a job well done. On both their parts. Katsuki always gives as good as he gets. “Yeah.” His nose runs a line up to Katsuki's ear and he whispers, “I love the taste of your cum.”

Katsuki shivers. He'll never admit it though. “So, uh. Pups.” He shifts closer. His Omega sighs at the topic change, excited. “You want them with me?”

Kirishima pulls away to look into his mate's eyes. “Of course, Katsuki. Litters of them.” He offers the Omega a smile full of fangs. “And I think we should start trying very hard. Right now.”

And even with his heat not bearing down on him, Katsuki immediately agrees.