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Jared’s No Good Very Bad Time Loop

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me: im not super into DEH or writing anymore :/

me, at 12:23 am: sees one (1) art of a sad Jared on my dash

me, shaking and furiously typing: I Have Never Been More Passionate About DEH In My Entire Life And I Would Kill For Jared Kleinman


so uh. Hey y’all. been a while huh? sorry about the whole. sudden death thing. writing just wasn’t doin it for me anymore. but I’ve been recently gettin back into the swing of things and I’m hoping to keep it goin with this! I ain’t gonna promise regular updates bc frankly my creativity is a slippery bitch so. I’ll update when I update I guess?? This chapter is mostly just an announcement that I’m back and that this is the work I’ll be focusing most on. I might? Touch on slushie buddies again?? but don’t hold me to that.

First chapter will hopefully? Be up soon? Fingers crossed I guess aiduebfidhs