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First Love

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You dragged your suitcase up the first flight of stairs, always hating the fact that you weren’t first to pick rooms when it came to the date. Your roommate had an earlier time when it came to picking a room, and she never picked the first floor. You only had one more flight until you reach the second floor, but you were tired from having to carry all your luggage up and down the stairs from the rental car you are going to have to return tomorrow. If only your parents weren’t so far away.

“Do you need some help?” a voice asked from behind you, startling you.

You had almost dropped your suitcase if it weren’t for the figure behind you stopping it from falling back down the stairs. “I’m so sorry,” you said, taking the suitcase back from the stranger.

He laughed. “I’m sorry I scared you. I didn’t know you had not heard me walk up the steps. I should be louder.”

“No, it’s okay,” you began, finally looking at him and all words were forgotten, “I’m…” He had an oval shaped head, his red beanie, that hid his dark blond hair, stood out compared to his sun kissed skin. When he smiled at you, his chestnut colored eyes almost disappeared. He wore a gray sweatshirt and dark gray sweats that were cut to his knees. “I’m the one who is walking slow,” you finally managed, forcing yourself to stop staring.

“It’s move in day. Everyone is slow when it comes to moving. No one wants to unpack,” he said, following you up the rest of the stairs until the two of you reached the second floor. You turned to face him, unsure of what else to say. You weren’t a very social person. “What floor do you live on?” he suddenly asked.

“This one.”

He smiled again, this one as big as the last. “I do, too. Maybe we’ll see each other around,” he told you, sounding so friendly it made you question if he was being honest or humoring you. You nodded, not sure as to what the best reply is. “Well, it was nice meeting you…”

Understanding the way he trailed off, you answered, “Y/N.”

“Ah. Y/N. Nice to meet you, I’m Hoseok.” He extended his hand out towards you.

You slowly took his hand sputtering, “Nice to meet you as well.”

He pointed at the door next to the other flight of stairs that led to the third floor. The direction you were going. “I’m headed that way.”

You honestly didn’t want to say it, but you replied, “Me, too.”

“Really? Are we hallmates?” he questioned, his voice showing signs of excitement.

“I suppose we are,” you acknowledged.

“That’s exciting.” You watched as Hoseok opened the door that led you to the center hall, gesturing for you to enter first. You thanked him and entered the hallway. He walked alongside you as the two of you walked a short distance until he stops at the first set of doors. He points to the second door closest to the exit towards the stairs. “This is me,” he began, patting his pockets, “I hope to see you around, Y/N.” He frowns as he shoves his hands in his pockets.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I just realized I never grabbed my key off my desk when I left earlier,” he chuckled, knocking on his door. Immediately the door swung open, and you thought you felt your heart stop. He looked as if he had just woken up. His jet black hair disheveled, eyes barely open, and his lips in a little pout. The corner of his black, short sleeved shirt lifted as he rubbed his eye. “You’re awake,” Hoseok said in delight.

“Well you were knocking so damn loud,” he said in a gravelly voice.

“It wasn’t that loud,” Hoseok protested.

Before Yoongi could argue, a familiar voice called out, “There you are, Y/N. I thought you died or something.” Coming out of your own little world, your attention was now on your best friend, and roommate, Ari. “I finished unpacking a while ago, so I made your bed for you.”

You opened your mouth to reply, but Hoseok interrupted, “You’re our neighbor?” You nodded, eyes meeting Yoongi’s briefly before looking at Hoseok. “That’s even better! Our chances of seeing each other are a lot higher.”

“I should go,” you mumbled, head down as you quickly walked towards Ari.

“Bye, Y/N,” Hoseok called.

You waved bye and entered your dorm, the door closing behind Ari as you set your luggage on your bed. Your heart was racing, cheeks most likely a blush color. “What’s up with you?” Ari asked, climbing into her bed as she watched you place a hand over your heart.

“It’s him,” you said in a whisper.


You looked at her, her strawberry blond hair coming loose from her bun. “Him .”

You could see the cranks working in her head before her eyes lit up in realization. “Oh, you mean your crush for two years?”

“He has a name you know,” you reminded.

You watched her as she placed her finger to her rosy cheek. “Ah, yes. Fuckboy Yoongi,” she avowed.

“He is not a fuckboy,” you objected.

“Have you heard the rumors about him? If he’s our neighbor, then those rumors are about to be confirmed soon enough,” Ari implied.

“They’re just rumors.”

Ari sighed, “I just don’t want your feelings to get hurt if they are true.”

“They won’t,” you promised her.

With that, you continued to unpack, listening to your roommate complain about a professor she hasn’t met yet. She ranted long after you had finished packing and the two of you were making your way downstairs to the dining hall to grab dinner. When the two of you entered the dining hall, you waited in line as the woman behind the counter took student’s ID’s and swipe it along the card reader. The line went from four, and four went to one. When the woman gave the card back to the person in front of you, you handed her your ID.

“He is making us write three essays, and they’re only worth 13% of our grade,” Ari complained, handing her ID after you received yours. “Our midterm and final are worth more, and you know I suck at taking tests. I’m not going to pass this class. I can already feel it.”

The two of you entered the separate room where the food was displayed. A salad bar in the center, drinks to the right, and sweets to the left. Different types of foods were shown everywhere else.

“What class is this?” you asked her, grabbing a plate from the stack by the salad bar.

“Psycho,” she whined, taking a plate you handed her. “I actually have to show up to every class, participate, and probably kiss his ass a little so he knows I’m desperate.”

You giggled. “I’m sure you’ll be fine, Ari. You passed syntax last semester.”

“And I did everything I had just told you. Maybe a little more. Hell, I even laughed at his jokes I didn’t understand,” Ari told you before she wandered off to the direction where the pasta was. You followed in suite, eyes on the fettuccine alfredo. “Guess I’ll just have to read the textbook more than once.”

“Have faith in yourself,” you tell her, handing your plate to the server who placed a spoonful of pasta on it before giving it back.

“I guess,” she sighed, taking her plate and dragged her feet towards the salad bar, clearly disappointed with her decision to take the class.

You didn’t bother comforting her and instead, you grabbed a bottle of water. You entered the dining room once again and scanned the area for an empty table. In the back of the room, you could see an empty table in the corner. Ari walked up next to you, letting out a sigh. “School sucks.”

You laughed, gesturing towards the table you found. “Let’s eat.” Leading her past the occupied tables, you set your food down, taking a seat. “You’ve passed all your classes before. You can pass this class, too. Have more faith in yourself, Ari,” you pointed out.

Ari hummed in response as the two of you ate in a comfortable silence. Your eyes wandered around the room, watching as everyone sat at their tables and happily chatted with one another. You’ve been living at the dorms for three years and you weren’t all that social like everyone else was. You watched as they would greet one another as they passed by. It was like they all knew each other, and all you knew was Ari. She’s been your friend and roommate for three years, and you wouldn’t trade her for the world.

“If it isn’t my favorite neighbor,” a voice called. You looked up to see Hoseok smiling down at you as he held a plate of food in his hand. “Mind if I join you guys?”

You glanced at Ari who only shrugged. “Sure,” you say.

He smiles, taking a seat next to you. “My roommate wouldn’t come eat with me, and I didn’t want to be by myself. I’m lucky I saw you guys,” he says, taking a bite of his pizza. He looked at Ari. “Ah. Right.” He stuck his hand out towards her. “I’m Hoseok.”

Ari smiled, shaking his hand. “Ari.”

“Well, Ari. Y/N. There’s a party happening on the third floor if you guys want to come. It’s several rooms that are having it, but it’s one big one,” he says, taking a bigger bite of his pizza. “Plus it’ll be nice to have someone I know there. Even if I only met you two today.”

“A party? I am so in,” Ari says, an excited smile on her face. “You going, Y/N?”

You shook your head. “I need to fix my camera,” you tell her, giving her a small, apologetic smile.

“Camera? Is that a hobby?” Hoseok asked, finishing his first pizza.

You shook your head. “Major.”

“Oh, really? You must be a pro at it.”

“I’m really not,” you said sheepishly, your face flushing.

“She’s lying. She’s really good at it,” Ari told Hoseok, dismissing your comment. You kicked her under the table, but she ignored you completely. “I’ll show you some time.”

“No one will be showing anything,” you said in a threatening tone but it didn’t come out all that threatening. They clearly didn’t take you seriously, but said nothing more about it.

By the time you were done eating, you and Ari were in your room, Ari currently deciding which dress she liked more. You watched her as she switched between dresses, each hovering over her body as she tilts her head to the side in question. “Which looks better on me?” she asked you, her eyes meeting yours through the closet mirror.

“Why are you dressing up? Isn’t it just a party upstairs?” you questioned.

“It is just a party upstairs, but it’s a party where I plan to find a boyfriend. A better one than my ex,” she said. “Now which one do you think looks better?”

You let out a sigh, shaking your head. “The black one. It makes your hair stand out compared to the red one.”  

She smiled at you. “I knew I could trust your opinion.”

You rolled your eyes. “I’m not a fashion designer, and it’s common sense.”

“Either way, you’re the expert.” Ari walked to the bathroom door in the corner of the room next to the sink. She gave a quick knock before entering the bathroom. You’ve known her for three years now, and you still find it funny how the two of you would change in the shared bathroom. You would guess it was a habit by now.

A minute or so later, Ari comes out of the bathroom wearing the black dress you picked out. It was a form-fitting dress, the straps as big as your index finger. The dress fit her curves perfectly, showing all that she had to give. Sometimes you wished you had her confidence in wearing such a dress, but then again you were perfectly fine in your seaweed green sweats and big, black shirt that could pass as a dress.

“And you’re sure that if you bend over, nothing will show?” you asked in concern, staring down at how short the dress was.

“I’ve bent over quite a few times, so no, nothing will be revealed.” She glanced at you as she slipped on her heels. “Would you like to confirm?”

You shook your head. “I trust you.” Ari did a quick lookover in the mirror before grabbing her room key and phone. “Have fun, and be safe,” you tell her as she opens the door.

“Don’t work too hard on your camera,” she says before leaving you alone in the room.

You could hear the clicks of her heels against the floor until you could no longer hear her. Stretching your arms out, you stared at the camera that lay on your desk. You honestly didn’t want to work on it. At least, not tonight when you were already in bed and all you had to do was switch off the light and close your eyes. You thought for a second or two before finally deciding to just go to sleep. Today was a long day of unpacking and going to sleep before having to wake up to go to some mandatory meeting sounded a lot better with each passing second.

Switching the light off next to your bed, you got under your covers and lied there in silence, counting sheep. So much had happened today, and the one that repeated in your head the most was that Yoongi was your neighbor.

Yoongi. The guy you had a crush on for three years now is your neighbor. That meant a possible opportunity to talk to him. Especially now that Hoseok seemed to want to be friends, maybe you’ll see Yoongi a lot more now.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a light tapping sound on the wall next to you. It was a rhythmic tapping sounds. Then slowly, ever so slowly, the light tapping turned louder and harder, and with that loud pounding sound, a girls voice could be heard.

You lied in bed frozen.

“I just don’t want your feelings to get hurt if they are true.”