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I Wish...

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I wish I could see Aslan crown the Pevensies on that day,
Could watch the Ring destroyed and Middle-earth battle in the fray,

Could see Halt's rangers shoot, or with Eärendil sail the seas,
Or read the Scriptures and, in reading, live their histories.

Amid the world's destruction watch and cheer Avengers on,
Amid her English life with Elinor Dashwood get along.

I'd with Odysseus sail, in France would watch Sir Percy's back,
With Hector Horse-tamer mourn ruin of Troy and city's sack. 

I'd Fabius Maximus join in plotting Roman victory, 
With Armstrong walk the moon, move West with Ingalls family, 

See arrow split by Robin, Ivanhoe's great trial fight,
With Peter Parker crawl the walls of New York City's night.

Sir Percivale I’d join to fight temptation’s thoughts impure,
With Luke I’d blast the Death Star and resist the Dark Side’s lure,

Be one who learns at Euclid’s feet or Hogwarts School attends,
In Houston solve the problems that Apollo Thirteen sends.

On Captain Sully’s plane the icy Hudson I’d survive,
I’d watch Valjean’s redemption as he leaves Javert alive,

Fight Nazis with Von Trapps, Rick Blaine, or Indiana Jones,
I’d spell “Anne” with an “e;” I’d recognize the marlin’s bones.

I'd hear great Chiron's wisdom and to Finrod's measure it,
I'd face the Alamo's fall, investigate with Wimsey's wit.

With Aravis I’d flee, help Reynie Muldoon problem-solve,
Praise Obi-Wan’s Soresu as he fights with calm resolve.

For Balder’s death I’d weep, with Spartans hold Thermopylae,
Mulan I’d help disguise to fight and save her family.

I’d Alfred’s Saxons join to drive the Northmen from the land;
On Gotham City’s peak with Batman sentinel I’d stand. 

At Roonwit's side I'd kneel, with Lewis and Clark explore the West,
With Colonel Joshua Chamberlain fight yet mourn the day's unrest.

St. George see kill his dragon, Perseus commence his fights,
I'd cheer the strength and justice of King Arthur and his knights.

But though I cannot live within these stories that I know,
I'll love them for their goodness, beauty, and the truth they show.