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At Last

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“Red or black?” Franky asked, holding up two shirts, one at each side of her.

“Ouhf, hmm… red” Bridget tilted her head, “No, wait black, yeah, black.” Franky smiled, looking at the black shirt. “Actually, I reckon you could pull off both of them.” She chirped, turning around to continue browsing through the many shirts their K-mart had to offer.
“Hey, do you like this one?” Bridget asked, holding a dark aqua v-neck blouse up to her chest.

“Yes!” Franky said enthusiastically. “How much?” She asked, walking closer towards her to feel the fabric.

“Oh uh,” Bridget grabbed the shirt from Franky to check the price tag on the inside of the blouse. “Thirty dollars,”

“Get it!” Franky said, taking the shirt back from her smiling girlfriend.

“You done looking?” Bridget asked, arms crossed.

“Yeah, just about,” Franky mumbled, as she walked over towards Bridget and wrapping her arm around her girlfriend’s waist.

They walked to the front of the store, passing aisles and aisles. Every cash register with at most twenty people in line.
“Mm, you sure ya really want that shirt Gidge?” Franky asked impatiently.

Bridget giggled, “We have nowhere to be baby, what’s the rush?” She whispered, as Franky sighed.

“No rush,” The brunette mumbled, fiddling with her necklace.

They waited in line, as customers with loads of items checked out. The line got shorter and shorter, Franky was impatiently tapping her foot on the floor, murmuring and occasionally swearing to herself. Bridget was quiet and tired of standing in line, a bored frown plastered on her face.

“I can help whoever’s next!” A young cashier called out, startling Franky. Bridget nudged Franky’s arm, which got her attention, considering it hurt.

“Ow!” She yelled under her breath, smile forming on her face.

“Sorry!” Bridget swallowed heavily, “Let’s go?” She proposed, pulling Franky by her hand to the open cashier.

There was only one person ahead of them, who only had a few items, they were relieved that they wouldn't have to wait in line for another minute. The man in front of them was tall, slim and had a long grey beard.

“Thanks,” He said, putting his wallet back into his pocket, and picking up his bag.

“Hello!” The same young voice called out, waving her thin hand in the air, Franky read her name tag, Jenna. She had her hair tied back into a bun, with strands of her black hair, draping down her round pale cheeks. She had a piercing on her nose, ears and bunches of tattoos drawn on her arms.

“Whoa! Love the tats!” Franky said, pulling her credit card out of her wallet.

“Oh, uhm t-thanks,” The cashier’s cheeks turned red. “I uh, like yours too,” She mumbled, staring a little too long at Franky’s arms, forgetting to scan their items. Franky looked at Bridget, who was staying quiet, anger buried in her eyes.

“There you go,” Jenna chirped, handing Franky their bags, just as she broke out an anxious smile, scratching her nose.

“Thanks!” She winked at Jenna, who’s face only turned redder. Bridget’s heart was banging in her chest, anger and jealousy pumping through her veins. She could feel every muscle in her body tense up, and her face getting redder and redder. She felt as if she was on fire, as she walked angrily behind Franky. Bridget turned back to glare at Jenna, who was of course still checking Franky out. She reached out to grab her partners arm, stopping her. The blonde turned Franky around, pulled her into a rough kiss, all while making eye-contact with Jenna.

Bridget pulled away from Franky and stormed out, the brunette following her, jogging.
“Oi! What was that Gidge?” She yelled, grabbing Bridget’s arm.

“What was what?” Bridget sighed, her eyes nervously scattering the ground, trying to keep the tears in her eyes. She wiped her eyes, “You were flirting with her! She deserved that!”

“Gidge,” Franky whispered, looking around at the strangers who were glaring at them.

“She was clearly into you, Franky,”

“What? All I did was compliment her fucking tattoos!”

“And she liked it, she got as red as a tomato, and she was checking you out!”

“So what! Who cares?”

Bridget scoffed, “I fuckin’ do!”

“I-I’m sorry,” Franky whispered, reaching out for Bridget, eyes still searching around them, apologizing to the staring strangers. Bridget bit her lip, and turned around to face her embarrassed girlfriend. The brunette slowly walked closer to her with a slight pout on her face. They now stood a meter apart, “It was dumb of me to flirt with her, I know that.” Franky cleared her throat, “But you know me, I can’t help myself. But that doesn’t mean I’m not loyal to ya, k? I’ll always stay right here, with you.” She finished, as a tear fell from Bridget’s eye.

“I fucking hate being jealous,” Bridget chuckled, wiping the wetness off her face.

“I know,” Franky murmured, taking a step closer to her.

Bridget’s jealousy and Franky’s frustration both left as soon as their lips touched once again. Their kiss this time being emotional and meaningful, but short.
“Dykes!” A man who was walking by called out.

The two pulled away from each other, “Ah, Fuck off! Ya piece of shit!” Franky yelled, as she flipped him off.

Bridget rolled her eyes, “Homophobic cunt,” She mumbled to herself, as she found her way to the right side of the car.

She retrieved her keys from her purse and put them in the ignition as anger covered her face. Franky was leaning against the car, “Hey Franky, let’s go,” Bridget shouted, as Franky got into the vehicle, and placed her bag into the back seat.

“What the fuck is wrong with people?” The brunette groaned, watching as the man walked away.

“What person is so rude even to complete fuckin’ strangers?” Bridget added, closing her door.

“Well, I was rude to you when I first met you, and ya liked me.” Franky said, shifting in her seat.

“That was different I-”

“You found me attractive,” She teased, cocking her head.

Bridget scoffed, ”Well ya didn’t call me a dyke the first time we met.” Franky raised an eyebrow, “Yeah I found you attractive, but it was also a part of my job,”

“To what, fall in love with me?” She said in a low tone, leaning in towards Bridget’s face.

“No, that was all you.” The blonde whispered, just before they kissed again. Franky could feel Bridget smiling as their lips and tongues clashed. They pulled apart, Bridget’s eyes still closed with a wide grin plastered on her face, shaking her head lightly. Cheeks flushed and nose slightly scrunched.

Bridget opened her eyes to find Franky gazing at her, “What?”

“Nothing,” Franky giggled, scratching the back of her head, snapping out of her stare, eyes scattering the car.

“Tell me!” Bridget yelled, laughing.

“It’s nothing!” Franky chuckled, cocking her head to the side, and punching Bridget’s arm.

“Alright..” Bridget mumbled, just before laughing for a few seconds.

It was something, Franky had never fallen for someone this hard, never woken up thinking about nothing but that person, never smiled so hard to the point where her cheeks would fall off thinking about that someone. She loved Bridget and wanted to marry her. Franky wanted to spend the rest of her life with this woman.

Dopey-eyed and a smile on her face, she cleared her throat and slid the seatbelt over her shoulder, just as the car’s wheels started to move.