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Begin Again

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“Hey, Fedya?”

“Mm?” Was the only reply offered from Fyodor as the two walked on their way to the school building, and so his eyes were focused on the road before him instead of Nikolai. Nikolai didn't seem to mind this time, so it probably wasn't anything terribly important or serious.

“I heard that the school's detective club is getting serious, you know? Maybe we should do something with our group too, it sounds fun!” The enthusiasm with which the other spoke had Fyodor's brows raising for a moment before furrowing in thought.

His thumb moves to his lips, and with the first click of him biting his nail, he feels Nikolai's hand suddenly snatch it away, holding onto it.

“We said no nail biting, Fedya. Your fingertips are all ruined because of that!” The words were accompanied by a childish pout from the blond, and the raven can only sigh as he takes proper hold of his friend's hand to make the position of it more comfortable.

“Right, right.. Sorry about that. Anyways..” As always, he is quick to shift the focus from his mistakes and move on. “Hm.. We could-”



Help people.

That is a God's duty.


“...Say, have you considered a do-gooder club?”


“Yes..” His gaze as he talks is distant, and Nikolai knows better than to speak up yet. “We could help people. Pick up trash, help teachers and students, and just.. Help.” He slows to a stop then, finally looking up at Nikolai.

A quiet moment passes, and then Nikolai scratches the back of his head with a sigh of his own. “Ah, well! Is that what you'd like to do? I'm not really all up for the public service kind of-”

“You'd get to make people happy, and meet a lot of new people.” Fyodor cut in, and Nikolai was quick to widen his eyes before looking away soon enough, a gentle pink tint to his cheeks.

“W.. well.. When you put it like that.. Do I get to make surveys if we make any, though? I reserve the question writing duty, or I'm out!” His hands on his hips, he exclaims proudly with all the confidence a 17 years old theatre kid can have.

“Certainly, I wouldn't miss your silly questions for the world.”

“Hey! They're not that bad!”

“Sure, if you say so.” A chuckle followed that, Fyodor finally began to move again and Nikolai was quick to follow, their hands still holding onto each other.

"What do you-”

“Dostoevsky! Good morning!” A cheerful greeting interrupted the blond, drawing both boys’ attention towards the source of the voice that has become a routine by now.

In the direction of the voice was Ivan, a bottle of iced tea in his hand and the other waving their way from where he stood. It seems he was sitting at the small lunch area near the entrance, Shibusawa was next to him, his earphones on as he was reading what seemed to be a textbook.

“Oh, good morning. You two are early today, aren't you?” As per usual, Fyodor took to greeting the joyful junior student who was quick to approach them.

“Yes, we are! Shibusawa insisted that we should come early because it's easier to study here and he has a grade to fix today!”

“Eh?! Shibusawa has to fix a grade? That's unbelievable! Has the doomsday finally decided to befall us?!” Nikolai exclaimed with his usual taste for the dramatic, placing a hand on his forehead as he dramatically leaned back and closed his eyes.

“Nikolai's theatrics aside, what happened?” Even Fyodor was genuinely curious, for someone as diligent as Tatsuhiko to fail a test it must have been quite something.

“He got into an argument with the teacher-”

“Oh, yikes! Was it Fitzgerald?” Nikolai was quick to ask, moving in closer and leaning towards Ivan with disregard for personal space that was, luckily, corrected by Fyodor gently pulling him back by his shirt collar.

“Yes, it was. Shibusawa thought it was a good idea to begin philosophical discussions on the subject of 'the pointlessness of material goods to humans’.. And, well, you know how Mr. Fitzgerald is when it's about material possessions..” His gaze drifted off to the side, his fingers idly playing with what hair fell over his shoulder.

“He is foolish when it's about that, that's all there is to it.” Tatsuhiko spoke suddenly, it seems he took his earphones out when no one was paying attention. “And childish.” he soon added. “He had no reason to make me take a verbal exam for that, and yet he did, out of sheer spite and hurt pride. But that's to be expected..”

“I suppose it is.” Fyodor shrugged his shoulders somewhat, looking at the stoic faced boy who didn't quite bother with facing the group, yet they all knew he was listening. Studying was just more important at the moment. “Still, you should be more careful, especially when you expect results like that. Isn't it bothersome to study more than you have to?”

A moment of silence followed and then a shrug similar to his own was given in reply.

“I don't really care much.” That was all Tatsuhiko said, and none of them needed more than that.

“Well, we'll be going now, the first class we have is with Mr. Mori and I'd rather not be late.” The raven spoke after a little while, pulling gently on Nikolai's hand to get him to move along. Luckily, he obliged without complaints.

“Oh, and..” Right as he was by the gate, he spoke, causing Ivan to stop and turn halfway on his way to the seat he had before.

“Yes, Dostoevsky?” His eagerness couldn't be helped, maybe it was a personal request..

“I would like it if everyone could gather here after class today, that's all.” And that is indeed all he says before slipping past the entrance with Nikolai once the instructions have been given. Well.. it was more of a request, but something told him Ivan wouldn't refuse it.