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Rise of Zuko

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I see you are awakening, ” spoke a booming voice.

“W…What?” groaned the voice of a young male. A pair of golden eyes groggily opened and adjusted to the lighting of the area around him. “W…Where am I?”

You are in my domain, Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation, ” the booming voice spoke once more. At the sound of his name, the memories of the young man hit him full force.

His name was Zuko, 17-year-old with black hair, golden eyes, and a large scar that covered the left half of his face. He was the son of Fire Lord Ozai and Lady Ursa, brother of Princess Azula, and nephew of General Iroh. He was formerly the prince of the Fire Nation until his was scarred and banished by his father who told him the only way he’d be allowed to return would be with the Avatar in chains. After 3 years at sea he had found the Avatar who was only a foolish airbending child and began chasing him along with his female waterbending friend and her idiotic brother. He had chased them all the way to the North Pole where he lost his men to Admiral Zhao and was nearly killed by pirates hired by the same man. He survived the explosion and infiltrated Zhao’s ship with his uncle before trying to swim his way to the Northern Water Tribe. After that…nothing?

Zuko stopped to think of his past in order to figure out where he was. He looked around and instead of seeing the snowy white and blue of the North pole, he was in a desolate looking place where the ground was an ashy grey and the sky was an ominous dull blue. Before him was a massive and strange tree with what looked to be a black orb inside with a swirling object.

“W…Where am I?” Zuko asked in confusion.

As I said…you are in MY domain, ” declared the booming voice, surprising Zuko. He looked around for the source of the voice, but found none.

“Who are you?” Zuko exclaimed as he got into a battle stance. “Show yourself!”

Even if I actually wanted to hide from you, I could not, ” the voice spoke again.

“Enough games! Where are you?!” Zuko exclaimed.

I am before you, ” the voice spoke again. Zuko was confused, the only thing before him was the tree. But as he thought that, he could have sworn that the strange figure inside the tree moved and glowed. “ I am Vaatu.

Zuko was honestly speechless. Whatever that thing was…it spoke to him, at least that is what he thought. “Are…you a spirit?” Zuko asked hesitantly, thinking it was the only logical explanation. He knew his uncle could see spirits, so he was not foolish enough to think they did not exist.

I am, ” the spirit called Vaatu replied. “ As I said, I am Vaatu. I am a spirit that has existed long before the first humans walked the world.

“O…kay,” Zuko said with slight uncertainty. “Where am I?”

We are in the Spirit World, ” Vaatu replied. Zuko gave him a shocked.

“The Spirit World? But how is that possible?” Zuko asked in confusion. “The last thing I remember is swimming through the water of the North Pole and trying to break through the ice before…” a dark realization formed on Zuko’s face.

You are not dead Zuko, ” Vaatu spoke, surprising the young man. “ Before your body expired within the frozen water, I used the limited power I have to bring you from the human realm to here. You are still alive; however, I do not have the power to send you back.

Zuko let out a breath of relief he did not even realize he was holding. However, he needed answers before he could even consider relaxing. “Why did you save me?”

I wish to make…a deal, ” Vaatu said, confusion the young man. “ For over tens of millennia, I’ve been trapped in this accursed tree, trapped by my counter Raava and her infuriating pet Avatar Wan.

“Wait…Avatar Wan?” Zuko repeated in shock.

Yes, ” Vaatu replied. “ Avatar Wan was the very first Avatar, and the one along with Raava that recreated the boundaries between the Spirit World and the Human World. Since then, many generations of Avatars have passed, and each one, including that little airbender, has the spirit of Raava within them. Raava is what gave the Avatars the power to bend the four elements and the power to be reincarnated.

Zuko was astounded. He had read very few legends about the first avatar, and that saying something considering how little there actually was about the first Avatar. Even so, to hear about the original Avatar and how he got the legendary powers was something else.

Even so, Zuko did not lose track of what he needed to find out. “So, what does this have to do with me?”

I’ve grown tired of being trapped in this prison of a tree, ” Vaatu bellowed. “ For many years I have worn down this tree’s defenses, but even still I am unable to break free. The reason I saved you Zuko was so that you could help release me.

“Release you? And how exactly would I do that?” Zuko asked with a raised eyebrow. “For that matter, why should I? You were trapped there by the original Avatar, so I think he may have had a reasonable excuse to imprison you.”

The Avatars are frauds, ” Vaatu roared. “ They claim to be defenders of peace, but they cause just as much chaos, if not more. The absence of one led your world into a century-long war, all because the little airbending fool got scared. Chaos needs to exist for there to be order, and Raava broke the rules of our duel in order to stop the Harmonic Convergence.

Vaatu then turned to Zuko. “ As for why I’ve chosen you Zuko, I’ve watched you since the beginning. I’ve seen your pains and have watched you struggle for the strength to fight and defeat the Avatar, all to reclaim the honor you think you lost. I may be a spirit of chaos, but even I know what honor truly is. You never lost your honor, but your wretched father did. And for that matter, why should you honor and follow the Fire Lord’s words? Because he is your father? A father that burned and banished his own child, a child that has the potential to be the greatest there ever was?! ” Vaatu’s form grew larger as his voice became more violent.

Zuko took a step back. He could feel dark power coming from the tree, but it didn’t feel harmful, but it did shake his nerves. “H-He’s my f-father…” he said hesitantly

A fool more like it, ” Vaatu said, his dark form growing within the confines. “ He may have seen you as weak, but the line of Sozin has always only seen things skin deep. You Zuko, you see further than that. You’ve seen the damages of the war and have even experienced it yourself first hand. Your father saw a weakling, I see a warrior who simply needs the right push to reach their true greatness.

As he spoke, the red lines of Vaatu’s body glowed, capturing Zuko’s eyes in a hypnotic trance. Zuko could hear Vaatu’s words, but his mind became hazy allowing them to become more effective towards them.

I can give you that push Zuko, ” Vaatu continued. “ I can give you the power to overcome everyone in your path, be it your father, Zhao, or even the Avatar. In return, you will be my warrior to bring the Spirt Worlds and living world back together into a glorious new age. No one will ever stand in your way again.

“I…I’m not sure,” Zuko said in a somewhat dazed state. “W…Would I be able to return to the Fire Nation and take my place as Fire Lord?”

You will be more than a simple Fire Lord Zuko, ” Vaatu continued. “ You will become a force no one can stop, one no one can put down or dismiss. You will gain everything you desire, and even more. As a sign of good faith, I’ll even tell you a secret. Your mother is alive Zuko.

For a moment, Zuko’s eyes snapped out of their tranced state. “What?! My mother’s alive?!” he exclaimed.

Indeed, ” Vaatu replied. “ I’ve kept an eye on her just as I have you. She was forced to be banished in order to save your life as you would have been killed by your father when you were young.

At this, Zuko could hardly speak. “S-So what my sister said was true. Ozai was going to kill me,” despite his words, they did not feel wrong. He was starting to realize Vaatu’s words were true. As he came to this realization, his eyes regained their entranced glaze.

Yes, he was, but your mother sacrificed herself for you to live, in turn also ending the life of your malevolent grandfather, ” Vaatu continued. “ However, with my power, I can help you find her. You will be able to find her and return her to your side where she belongs. With my gift, she along with many others will stand by your side as you claim the world and end this wretched war. Now…what do you say?

Zuko remained distant for a moment, taking in all of the dark spirit’s words into his mildly clouded mind. Despite dangers his uncle had told him about dark spirits, Zuko could not deny there was much that Vaatu said was true. He knew his father was a cruel person and now that he understood that, his loyalty to Ozai was nearly gone. Add the knowledge of the possibility of finding his mother plus having the strength to end any enemies, it was all too tempting.

“Let’s do it,” Zuko said, his eyes glowing through their dazed state.

Perfect, ” Vaatu said. If the dark spirit had a mouth, it would be smirking. “ As I said, my tree prison is weak. What I need for you is to simply first burn the roots and the fire one highly-concentrated stream of fire to the center. I will unleash all my strength at the same time. The combined force should finally break this wretched prison.

“Then let’s get started,” Zuko said as he raised his arms. With some swift movements he shot several small blasts of orange fire. The roots of the tree were set ablaze, weakening the spiritual tree greatly.

Yes. Yes! YES! ” Vaatu’s form shifted inside it’s containment. “ I feel it Zuko! I feel the tree weakening! It’s power over me is getting weaker. I can almost taste freedom. Now fire at the crystal and let our new age begin!

“Right,” Zuko said as he thrust his fist forward, unleashed the largest blast of flame he had ever released in his life at the crystal window. At the same time, Vaatu released all its dark energy at it as well. When the two attacks collided at the same time to the glass-like wall, a massive explosion was unleashed, destroying the last barrier to Vaatu’s freedom.

YES!!! ” Vaatu roared as his form flew from his former prison. “ I AM FREE!!! ” his size grew rapidly becoming easily 10 times larger.

“Glad to see you’re happy,” Zuko said with a slight smirk, though he was a surprised by the size of the spirit.

Indeed, I am Zuko, and I owe it all to you my dear boy ,” Vaatu said as he looked down to Zuko. “ Now I believe it is time for me to come through with my end of the deal. I shall give you the power to take the world by storm. ” Without warning, a bright red beam shot from the diamond shape on Vaatu’s front, striking Zuko dead on.

“AAAH!!!” Zuko howled out as the red energy struck him.

The first thing he felt was pain, pain he never thought possible. As quickly as it came, the pain dissipated and was instead replaced with an intense well of power beginning to surge within him. All through his body, Zuko could feel his power grow and change, and he was liking it. Along with that, his body was also changing. His already fit body seemed to grow an extra few inches in height and in muscle, becoming bulkier and stronger as it ripped through the white clothes. His ponytail was set free and the rest of his hair was regrowing at a rapid rate, forming into a mane of shaggy black lock. His eyes became brighter, glowing with power. The final physical growth came down at his crotch. Zuko was by no means small, but the added burst made his member grow to a shocking size. It was now as long and thick as his forearm. Along with that his balls had swollen into a much larger volume, each the size of his fists.

Once the changes were complete, Vaatu relented his beam, giving Zuko a chance to breathe. “ So, tell me Zuko, how do you feel?

“I…I feel… powerful, ” Zuko said, his eyes glowing red as he grinned. He raised his hand and created a small flame, but rather than the normal orange, the fire was pitch black, darker than even the night sky. “I never thought I could feel this strong! I feel like I could conquer the entire Earth Kingdom!”

That’s good, but it’d be best to start a bit smaller, ” Vaatu said. “ You are still new to your powers, and while you are stronger than any single man, you will need time to train up your powers in order to be able to take on larger threats. While my powers have been freed, I can only impart on you a small amount.

“That is alright Vaatu,” Zuko said, smiling at the dark spirit. “What you’ve done is more than enough. However, one thing I am confused on is why was my penis affected in such a way?” he gestured to the enlarged member.

Vaatu chuckled. “ I am not only a spirit of darkness and destruction, I’m also a spirit of lust. While I prefer to thrive on chaos, I do enjoy the more pleasurable side of beastly desires. I know you’ve encountered a few lovely women in your life, so I felt it was only appropriate to give you something that will get you a bit more reward for efforts. Also, it will also make it easier in recruiting followers to your cause.

“Heh, I like where this is going,” Zuko said with a dark grin. “I’ll admit, I never paid much attention to courting, but I’d be an idiot to say I’ve never seen a girl catch my eye. The Avatar’s waterbending friend is certainly a good catch.”

Then she should be your first conquest, ” Vaatu said. “ Use your newfound powers and take the waterbender and any others you desire into your fold, turn them to your side so they will follow your commands and assist you in any way you desire. Use this power to claim the world as you wish and let it know never to cross you. No one, not even that foolish Raava will be able to stop you. While I could never defeat her on my own, your power combined with mine will be more than a match for her and her juvenile Avatar. She won’t be able to sense my influence in you, so you shall be safe until you are strong enough to defeat her. And if you should ever require guidance, simply call my name and I will come to you.

“Thank you Vaatu, for everything,” Zuko said, a new sense of determination and desire welling up inside him.

No, thank you Zuko, ” Vaatu said before focusing his energy and firing a beam into the remains of the tree, creating a rift of light. “ This rift will take you to the edge of the Northern Water Tribe city. Use this as your first step in your new journey. ” Vaatu fired another beam at Zuko, this time creating a new set of clothing.

Zuko now wore an open sleeveless red vest with black edges and gold holes, a part of black fingerless gloves with gold edges, dark red pants held by a black belt with a gold buckle, black boots with gold soles, and finally a black choker around his neck.

“Heh, not bad,” Zuko said with a smirk.

Those clothes will keep you warm despite the arctic temperatures and will help in keeping my powers hidden from any other spirits who may sense them, especially Raava, ” Vaatu said. “ Now I must be off, I have much work to catch up on .” With that Vaatu flew off.

“Take care Vaatu,” Zuko said as he waved away to the spirit.

To you as well my Dark Champion! ” Vaatu bellowed as he disappeared from sight.

Once he was gone, Zuko turned to the rift Vaatu had left. He let out a dark smirk before walking forward. “Look out world, a new Zuko is about to enter the fray.” Zuko entered the rift, disappearing from the spirit world entirely. Once gone, the rift dissipates, leaving nothing by the remains of a destroyed tree.

Now the age of the Zuko has begun.