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Danielle sat on the beach with her oldest son ethen right beside her, her youngest son was with his dad for a few days, danielle had come to new zealand a couple days ago to visit ethan and her family, adam had come with her but ethan had seen at lunch earlier how uncomfortable his mum was when adam hugged her so he told everyone he wanted some time alone with his mum, danielle and ethan had been sitting there for some time in silence, ethan saw his mum playing with the sand for some time

'mum whats going on?

'nothing son im good

'didnt we say there would be no secrets between us, it works both ways, i saw how uncomfortable you were when adam hugged you so please talk to me

'i dont know what to say?

'the truth, are things not good with you 2?

'there okay

'have you been fighting?

'a little bit more so

'mum has he been violent with you?

'no nothing like that, he isnt that type of person

'than what is it? what are you fighting about?

'im not sure if i should tell you, your my son after all

'yes im your son but im also your best friend so im here for you, as long as its not anything sexual than im all ears... silence fell between them for a few minutes before danielle spoke

'my feelings have been changing for him and i think he knows that

'when did they change?

'about a year ago

'why? what happened?

'i just felt different, bored and it was like we were friends more than anything

'has he said anything to you?

'he tried a couple times to ask me what was wrong but i just couldnt say anything, i dont want to break his heart

'i get that mum but your stringing him along and its not fair

'i know its not but we have been together for 5 years and i really dont want to hurt him

'it will hurt more if your not honest.. danielle nodded and they sat silent for a couple minutes

'is there someone else mum? danielle didnt say anything the silence said it all but ethan had an idea on who it is

'is it kate? he asked and danielle's eyes shot up to look at him

'how do you know about her?

'well i have seen wentworth but also because adam asked me about her

'what did he say?

'he told me you 2 were flirty and asked if i had heard you talk about her?

'what did you say?

'i told him no and if he had a problem to talk to you directly not go behind your back

'thanks son, i havent done anything with kate

'i know that, your not like that, does kate feel the same?

'im not sure, tammy seems to think so.... ethan laughed

'good ole tammy, little miss know it all, so is nicole, anyways what are you going to do mum?

'what should i do?

'i think you know the answer to that... danielle nodded her head and than leaned it on his shoulder

'thanks son.... they stayed there for a while before they went back to her mums house, danielle went for a shower while ethan went to hang with his grand parents

stripping down to nothing she stepped into the shower humming as the water cascaded down her body, she washed her hair and than her body before rinsing the soap, she stood under the water for some time and than she felt arms snake around her waist and she jumped turning around to see adam there

'didnt mean to scare ya

'its okay, showers all yours im done

'stay with me, let me show you how much i love you... danielle cringed inside she knew what he wanted, sex and she just couldnt do it, the thought of him touching her made her sick

'im not feeling the best, another time

'come on dan we havent done anything in a while... she knew that was true, she had made up excuse after excuse to him to not have sex, it had been like 2 months and the feeling of his arousal up against her was not helping

'sorry i cant, i feel unwell... she went to step out but he grabbed her arm

'dan what the fuck is going on?

'what do you mean?

'im not stupid, you barely touch me, we dont have sex, half the time you sleep in the other room or on the couch

'i just fall asleep there thats all

'its not that and you know it, you have been different and things have changed

'im not different.... she said lying

'yes you are and you need to tell me what the fuck is going on... he tightened his hold on her wrist

'let go your hurting me

'no i want to fucking know whats going on? is it that bitch?

'what? who?

'kate, i see how she looks at you, are you 2 fucking? he said getting in her face pinning her to the shower wall

'no were not your being stupid, let me fucking go now... she pushed him back and he let go so she got out grabbing the towel and wrapped it around herself, she went to walk out but turned to him

'dont you dare fucking grab me like that again because if you do you will regret it... with that she left the bathroom and went to her she shared room with adam and got dressed, she went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer and went out the backyard taking a seat on the swinging seat, she couldnt believe what just happened with adam, he had never been physical with her and it scared her a bit, he wasnt a small guy and was quite strong but what just happened upset her, she sat there for a while swinging a little as she enjoyed her beer, adam came out the back 40 minutes later and approached her, he reached about 5 feet from her and she held her hand out

'if your going to be anything like what you just acted like in there im not interested

'im not, im sorry i did that, i shouldnt have grabbed you like that, please can i sit?

'yea... he sat down handing danielle a fresh beer and one for himself, they were silent for some time till adam spoke

'just be honest please dan

'my feelings for you have changed... adam nodded


'about a year ago, i thought it was just a passing thing like re-evaluating my life and such but my feeling for you have become more like friends

'thats how you see us?


'well shit, i didnt expect you to say that, i know we havent been in the best place in the last few months but you see us completely different to how i do, when did you stop loving me? did you ever love me?

'yes i did, i just love you as a friend

'fucking hell that stings

'im sorry i didnt mean to hurt you

'maybe not but i feel like you ripped my heart out dan, like what we had meant nothing to you

'thats not fair, i never said it meant nothing its just things change

'she came into the picture... he said with venom in his voice

'who? she knew who but wanted to see what he would say

'kate, that blonde bitch from wentworth i know your fucking her

'number one im not fucking , number 2 dont you dare speak about her like that, this is not about her its about us

'your throwing away our relationship for some blonde bitch.... danielle felt her anger boil and tried her best to keep her cool

'adam im not gonna say it again, kate is a friend so dont talk about her like that

'a friend or a fuck buddy?

'for god sakes your acting like a child, you told me to be honest and i am and your bringing up bullshit that you have created in your head

'ah no actually i see you 2 flirt when your together

'i flirt with lots of people, its innocent... she said although it wasnt with kate but adam didnt need to know that

'thats bullshit and you know it dan

'listen adam im saying it right now, me and you are done, i cant be in a relationship where i dont have feeling for the other person

'THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT DAN!!! he yelled and stood up looking at her 'how the fuck can you end a 5 year relationship just like that?

'because i dont love you anymore adam..... ethan and dan's parents heard them arguing and went out the back to see if everything was alright,

'you dont fucking love me you bitch..... he said stepping towards her, ethan saw something he was not gonna take lying down, adam stood over his mum and looking down like he was gonna attack

'hey back away from my mum now... he said walking towards the swing and dan sighed in thanks that her son walked out, adam was starting to really scare her, he seemed so aggressive

'leave her alone and stop screaming

'mind your business ethan

'this is my business, this is my mum, this is my grandparents house and your disrespecting everyone here especially them.... he pointed to his grandparents standing on the balcony, adam took a breath in and looked at dan

'adam i think you should stay at a hotel and you need to calm down... adam scoffed

'fine..... he walked off passed ethan and dan's parents and into the house, a few minutes later they heard the front door slam shut, ethan went to his mum and hugged her as she cried

'its alright mum he is gone

'i dont understand why he was so aggressive, thank you for coming out when you did, i dont know what would have happened

'no worries mum i got ya..... danielle's parents came over to check on there little girl

'sweet heart are you okay?

'im okay mum

'can we ask what happened?

'um yea i should tell you, for the last year my feeling for adam have changed and i decided to end things but he didnt take it very well

'oh sweety what changed?

'i guess the spark just wasnt there anymore

'i have never seen him so angry? he is normally placid

' it was hard to handle for him and he thinks that i was cheating on him which is bullshit, i would never do that

'we know that sweety, can we do anything to help?

'just being here is good, thank you

'your our little girl we will always be here for you

'dad im not a little girl anymore, im 47... they all laughed

'you will always be my little girl... he smiled pulling danielle up t her feet and wrapping his arms around her and kissing her head,

'how about i get the bbq going for dinner? we can have a few drinks and just be together the 4 of us?

'sounds good dad... ethan and her dad went off to start the bbq and danielle followed her mum into the kitchen


kate was on break from went worth as well just like dan and she had decided to just go see her mum and brother for a few days, she had great fun and she and bowie her little dog had a ball with them, as she was waiting to board the flight to come home she got a text from torri

'HEY BABE I MISS YOU HEAPS, WAS THINKING OF COMING FOR A VISIT? kate sighed she really didnt want to see torri

her feelings were completely mixed up about torri since danielle had come into the mix, she and danielle had been working on wentworth together for the past 5 months and they have gotten quite close, they would read lines together even if it wasnt for there shared scenes, danielle even gave up her rental to stay with kate while she was in melbourne, kate said she had a spare room that she doesnt use so danielle moved in there not long after the offer was made, they spend plenty of time together apart from work, they went to the movies, out to dinner, they had movie night at home and on a few occasions they watched a movie in either of there bedroom's both falling asleep meaning they would share the bed for the night, a couple times they had woken in the morning with there arms wrapped around each other, it was clear they had some unspoken feelings and werent sure who would approach them, seems they were both like teenagers and left it up in the air, she had decided to end things with torri but wasnt sure how to do it? should she go to the states? but now that torri wants to come here maybe she should let her and tell her when she comes,

'HEY TORS MISS YOU TOO, I VISIT WOULD BE GREAT, WHEN? she got a quick response


'SOUND GOOD, SEE YOU THAN..... she put her phone on aeroplane mode and threw it in her bag, she boarded the plane and was home later that day, she unpacked and fed bowie, she ordered herself a pizza and once it arrived she ate, deciding to watch a movie as she wasnt tired she yet she flicked on her favorite and sat back comfortably, she had been watching for about half an hour when he mobile pinged seeing it was a message from danielle

'ARE YOU AWAKE? she sent a quick response

'YES I AM.... her phone rang within a few seconds and she answered

'hey dan

'hi kate, how are you?? kate knew straight away danielle was drunk by the slurring in her voice

'im good

'how was your family visit?

'it was good, mum says hi

'your mum is sweet, such a great woman

'yea she is, how's new zealand?

'its okay... danielle sighed out

'whats wrong?


'dan tell me, im here for you... danielle was quiet for a few seconds

'i miss you... danielle sighed out like it was a heavy objected lifted off her and kate's heart skipped a beat

'i miss you too dan, a lot


'yea i do

'i wish you were here with me, my family would love you... kate smiled

'im sure its lovely

'you should come here... dan said

'maybe one day

'no like come here now, come and meet me?


'yes, i could show you my home, would love for you to see it

'i wish i could dan, i really do

'why cant you?

'because i have something important to do tomorrow at lunch

'than come after, come on kate i will be here for at least another week and i know you dont have anything else on

'how do you know that?

'because you tell me everything, der..... kate laughed dan was just too cute and funny

'come fly up in the afternoon its only 3 and a half hours, i will buy your ticket

'dan your really drunk right now, your not gonna want me there tomorrow when your sober

'of course i will, i always want you with me, i miss you when your not around

'how about adam? he wont like me being there

'there is no more adam, i broke up with him... kate was shocked to hear this piece of news

'you did?

'yea, earlier today, it didnt go very good and ethan had to step in

'did he hurt you?

;im fine... danielle said unconvincingly

'dan answer my question, did he hurt you?

'it was nothing kate, he grabbed my wrist and i have a bruise on it now

'fucking asshole, he better not be there?

'he isnt, i told him to leave so i think he is at a hotel, im just here with mum, dad and ethan, little ahi is with his dad thank god he didnt need to see that, so please come i really need you here, i need my best friend... kate's heart broke at how down danielle sounded

'okay, i will book a flight and a hotel

'no hotel you stay here with me at my parents house

'you sure your parents will be okay with that?


'okay, i will book a flight hold on a minute.... as kate grabbed her laptop she scrolled through her flights she couldnt help but laugh as she heard dan tell her mum kate was coming tomorrow and how great the blonde was, her heart swelled so much for dan



'there is a flight at 3

'good i will pick you up, muuum

'yes sweety

'kate's flight is at 3, remember that she will be here at 8

'okay we will pick her up

'see mum said we will pick you up

'are you sure i can stay there?

'yes of course, mum tell kate she has to stay here.... danielle's mum got on the phone

'kate sweety you are most definitely staying with us, your obviously very special to danielle so your more than welcome here, although our little danielle may be all kinds of hungover tomorrow

'im a worrier mum... kate and her mum laughed

'my girl right... her mum laughed

'thank you miss cormack, i appreciate your hospitality

'anytime sweety, we will see you tomorrow, here is danielle... danielle got back on the phone

'see mums the best

'yes she is dan, okay i guess i will see you tomorrow?

'definitely, text me the flight details and i will pick you up with mum

'okay, and dan?

'yea kate?

'i cant wait to see you

'me neither..... after there good byes which took a good 10 minutes as dan just kept talking crap about the beach kate headed to her room to pack for her trip, what the hell did danielle talk her into? she laughed, her bag was mostly packed, torri would arrive at 10 and than once she had that tough conversation she could go and see dan, she fell asleep with hopes of something to come