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Book 6: Preparing for Battle

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After meeting all of Oliver's friends, Hannah had a feral grin on her face and I knew she knew we were going to be okay. I smiled and said, "Well, now that we all know each other, why don't we head outside so Professor Stein and Jax can show us Firestorm."

Everyone was in agreement, so we headed out there, and before I could blink, they had joined up, and Jax was standing there, lit on fire. I could feel the shock from the pack and Hannah was grinning smugly. Tony's face was among the most shocked and I could see him running the calculations in his head. After they separated, everyone looked around and I think we all knew that Thanos wouldn't last long against us and our packs. I noticed that Sara Lance looked a little confused, and I asked, "Sara, everything okay?"

She looked back at me, and answered, "I don't know. Angels? You really expect me to believe you have angels on your side?"

I chuckled and replied, "No. I don't. I expect you to believe that we have Castiel and Gabriel on our side. Heaven doesn't give a shit about us, but Cas and Gabriel do. I know that for sure."

"But if heaven is a thing then why the hell did I end up not going anywhere when I died?"

"I don't know, Sara. I can't explain everything. The only thing I can tell you is that we all have a set place to be and a set time to go. Maybe you didn't go anywhere because it wasn't your time yet. I've been to all of the places that someone can go when they die, and I'm still here. I'm convinced it's because it wasn't my time to go," I explained.

She continued to stare at me, and I could see her processing the information I had given her. Hannah and the rest had already headed back inside, so I followed, allowing Sara a moment to herself. When I got back inside, Hannah looked at me and I told her over the bond, "Just talking to her about heaven. She's been dead a few times, and I think she needed answers."

She smiled back and nodded, which let me know I did the right thing. Just as I was about to reply, there was a knock at the door, and she ran to open it. I could hear her speaking to people, and I was curious who was there, but I knew they would come in eventually. Everyone was mingling, and I was filled with this odd sense of peace. Even though everyone was here because we were about to enter a war with a megalomaniacal alien, everything was peaceful for now, and I loved being able to have my house full of people. I loved having such a big family, and I was confused as to why Hannah didn't seem to want to add all of these people to the pack.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by an elbow to the arm and I looked up to see Jody and Donna standing there, along with four other people who I assumed were either from Beacon Hills or somewhere else that Hannah knew of. I smiled and stood up to go and give Jody and Donna a hug. After hugging them I shook hands with the other four and was introduced to Sheriff Stilinski, Deputy Parrish, Chris Argent, and Melissa McCall. After everyone introduced themselves, we knew it was time to start drawing up battle plans. We migrated to the Avengers briefing room, complete with holographic interfaces and everything, and began making our plans. Thanos wasn't going to know what hit him, and I was looking forward to seeing the look on his face.

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Hannah POV

While we were in the Avengers briefing room, drawing up battle plans, I was furiously typing on my computer, contacting all of the strategic partners I had made contact with in the last few years, including a few people who I knew of from SHIELD. I was able to listen and work at the same time, and after sending emails, I looked around the room to see everyone contributing to the discussion and trying to be a part of the battle plans. I was excited to see what this collaboration could bring, and I knew some of the people who were on their way were going to prove helpful to our cause.

Before I could even blink there was a buzz from my phone, with a text message from an unknown number, saying that they would be arriving shortly. I smiled and left the room, going to greet whoever was arriving. When I reached the front of my property, I could see a car pulling up, and it looked like a SHIELD vehicle if I wasn't mistaken. I smiled and when the person got out of the car, I grinned even wider. "Agent Hill," I addressed.

"Director Winchester, nice to finally meet you in person."

"Likewise. I'm waiting on a few other contacts and groups, but everyone should be here by 0800 hours tomorrow morning," I explained.

"Well, you seem to be ready to roll, Director."

"I try to be, Agent Hill," I replied, and just as I finished my sentence, another car was pulling up, and I honestly didn't know who was about to get out of the car, but I was excited to see. After parking, the doors opened, and Parker, Hardison, and Eliot got out. I panicked a little and called out to Sam and Dean over the bond, "Sam, Dean? You guys might want to prepare yourselves. One of my contacts is the identical twin of someone who I think you both would not want to ever see again. Please be ready for that and don't do anything stupid. Also, Steve, can you make sure neither one of them are armed?"

I got an affirmative from Steve, and Sam and Dean were both confused. I greeted the Leverage team and introduced them to Agent Hill. Hill seemed to be a little surprised, and I explained, "They're the good guys, I promise. They may not follow the law to the letter, but they pick up where the law leaves off, and they do good work."

She nodded, and we all made the trek back to the briefing room. When I walked in, everyone's eyes were on me and I was looking directly at Sam and Dean, trying to monitor their condition. Sam's face paled, and I could feel the sliver of fear, while Dean just looked angry. I walked directly to Sam and Dean and said, "I told you to be ready. I promise you he isn't Jake Talley. Apparently, Jake Talley had an identical twin. This is Alec Hardison, hacker extraordinaire."

Sam looked at me and said, "It's okay. I just wasn't totally prepared. I'll be fine."

Dean, on the other hand, looked like he was about to blow a gasket, and I looked over to catch Cas's eye, and he came over and removed Dean from the room. I looked back around and saw everyone looking a little uncomfortable. "Sorry. Everyone, meet Agent Maria Hill, Eliot Spencer, Alec Hardison, and Parker. Agent Hill works with SHIELD, and Eliot, Hardison, and Parker make up Leverage Incorporated. They're the good guys who pick up where the law leaves off. Hardison happens to look like someone who caused Sam and Dean a world of hurt, so things might take time to settle, but everything will be okay. How are the battle plans coming?"

Everyone looked around, shrugged, and Steve stepped up to explain. "We have teams placed all over the globe, and we have a few other options if those end up failing."

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Dean POV

When Hannah walked in with Agent Hill and the Leverage Team, I could feel the anger rising in me. One of the people on the Leverage team looked just like Jake Talley. I knew Hannah knew I was about to blow a gasket, so she sent Cas over and he shuffled me out of the room. We sat down in one of the other rooms, and he calmed me down. "Dean, why are you freaking out so much. Jake's been dead for years, and Sam is alive and well. This should be in the past."

I took a deep breath and said, "I don't know, Cas. I know it should be in the past, and I've tried putting it there time and time again, but for some reason, I can't let it go. Maybe because it was the first death. Because of him I had to make a deal with a demon and went to hell. I'd do it again, but I'd rather not have to see anyone that looks remotely like him ever again, not to mention someone who looks identical."

Cas sighed and said, "Dean, you know I'll support you with whatever, but I think you need to let this go. We have much more important issues to deal with right now, and your issue with Alec Hardison isn't helping anyone. Go and take a run, and when you feel better come back, okay?"

I nodded and headed out of the room, while Cas went back inside to continue the discussion of battle plans.



After my discussion with Dean, I headed back inside and listened as everyone drew up battle plans. They were good and I didn't feel the need to interject. Hannah was looking at me and I told her over the bond, "Dean is taking a run. He'll be back when he's ready. I think he's having trouble because it was the first death. Jake was the reason that Sam died the first time, and the reason he went to hell. He said he'd do it again, but I think there are still a lot of feelings about the situation."

Hannah nodded, and she went back to battle planning. Sam was standing next to me, and he asked, "Do you think Alec knows why Dean got so upset?"

"I get the feeling Hannah might have explained," I replied.

He nodded and went back to paying attention, but I get the feeling that neither one of us were focused on the meeting at hand, but worrying about Dean. While he was the king of not expressing his emotions, he did feel deeply, and when it came to Sam his emotions were stronger. He would come around, but he would need to take some time.

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Hannah POV

While Dean's reaction was not unexpected, it still made me a little nervous. But having the pack around helped keep me calm. I was still waiting on some contacts to arrive, and it was throwing me off just a little. Just when I thought the nerves were going to make me crazy, I noticed the troop approaching the house. No one was there, so I headed out to intercept them, and bring them into the briefing room. I couldn't see clearly who it was from the room, but as I got closer, I saw the distinct purple and orange shirts, and I smiled. I knew having demi-gods on our side would tilt the odds more in our favor. As I walked up, someone must have noticed me, and the group turned around to face me. I smiled and said, "Thanks for coming so quickly."

Percy was the one to speak up and he said, "Not a problem, Hannah. We owe you one."

"No, you don't. I just listen. You did all the work. Now, let's get back inside, and I'll introduce you to everyone. You know my pack, but we've brought in some reinforcements from parts unknown. Let's get going."


When I got back into the room, everyone was still engaged in the battle planning process, and no one really noticed me, except Sam. He asked over the bond, "Who's here?"

"The demi-gods I asked for. They're going to help our battle plan, and then they'll relay the messages to the camp. I didn't want them or us to be overwhelmed by too many people. You wanna get their attention or should I?"

Sam smiled and said, "I get the feeling your way might be a little bit more distracting than you'd like it to be. I'll take care of it."

I nodded and Sam then said, "Uh, guys? Hannah's back and she brought more reinforcements."

Before I knew it, all eyes were on me, and I said, "Sam, did Dean come back?"

"He was back for a second, but then Cas took him to the house. It's all good."

I nodded and then explained, "So, I called some friends in to help us plan. My pack knows them, but everyone else, you won't believe me but I'm not lying to you. Meet Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena; Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon; Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus; Nico DeAngelo, son of Hades; Jason Grace, son of Jupiter; Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite; Frank Zhang, son of Mars; and Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto."

Oliver's group of friends, plus Agent Hill and the Leverage team looked at me, and Barry was the first to break the silence with, "Hold on, they're children of planets?"

I smiled and said, "They could be, but planets can't have children, now can they?"

He looked back at me and shook his head. Nate was the next to speak up with, "Those are some of the Greek and Roman gods. But those gods aren't real?"

"Dr. Heywood, you could say the same thing about me or Captain Rogers. Not being 'real' isn't really a thing here."

"So these are honest to god, demi-gods?" he asked.

"We are. Hi. Hannah introduced us, but I figured we should speak for ourselves. We live in a camp that's pretty close to here and perfectly safe for our kind. Hannah helped us get through some growing pains, and we figured we owed her a favor. Now, I hear there are some battle plans being drawn up, so my Wise Girl and Frank will help out with that," Percy told the group, "and the rest of us can field questions about being a demi-god, and maybe show you some of the things we can do."

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Hannah POV

While the demi-gods were showing people what they could do, and battle plans were still being drawn up, I got a text from a SHIELD contact, and it brought a smile to my face. I asked Tony over the bond, "Can you come with me? I'm going to meet a contact, and I figure it might be smart to bring you along."

He agreed, and we headed out to meet with my contact. I told him we'd meet him in the town closest to the reservation, so Tony and I hopped in the car, and we headed that way. Tony was peppering me with questions as to who my contact was, but I wasn't going to tell him. Tony actually already knew this contact, but I figure he'd be surprised. As we drove conversation shifted onto other topics, including Tony's desire for children, and what it took to be the leader of the pack and the reservation. I really liked talking to Tony. While I will never be as brilliant as he is, we had a lovely relationship, that was built on a mutual understanding of each other, and my unwillingness to give up on him.

Before I knew it, we arrived in the closest town to the reservation, and we drove to the local coffee shop. I noticed my contact was already there, and I grinned at the sight of him. Some might say he was too young, but we had teenaged demi-gods on our side, and he couldn't be much older than them. When we walked in, I could feel Tony's energy, and when he realized who we were here to meet, he asked, "Him?"

"Yes, him. We need all the allies we can get, and he's good. It's your fault, really. I didn't do anything, just fostered the relationship."

We walked up to the table, and I said, "Hi Peter."

He looked at me, and said, "Uh, hi. Are you Director Winchester?"

"I am. I brought a mutual friend, so we can talk about why I called you here."

Peter looked around me and said, "Mr. Stark?"

"Hey, kid."

Peter looked at me, dumbfounded, and asked, "How do you know Mr. Stark?"

"Peter, I know a lot of people. I also am the Director of SHIELD, so I have to know the Avengers, and plus, how do you think I got to you? I got your info from Tony, and I contacted you. I have ways, and I use them when necessary, and this is a necessary situation. So, let's talk."


After convincing Peter that he was needed, we began the drive back to the reservation. As we drove, my phone buzzed, and it was Sam calling. I answered with, "Why not just talk to me over the bond?"

"Fel's here. A group calling themselves the Librarians has arrived, and Felicity told me to call you to confirm you want them here."

"I do. Tell them that I'll be back soon. Also, tell Jake that he might want to meet Eliot separately. They look like twins, so it might be worth looking into. Also, tell Ezekiel to introduce himself to Parker. They'll like each other. Did they bring anything with them?" I asked.

"They brought a few special artifacts with them," Felicity explained, "But they wanted to wait for you to get here before they explained anything."

"Good. We'll be there soon."

I hung up the phone and Tony asked, "Librarians?"


"You expect me to believe Librarians are going to help us defeat Thanos?" he asked, incredulous.

"When they are the Librarians of a Magical Library, I do."

"Wait, a magical library?" Peter interjected from the back seat.

"Yes. The Librarians work for the Library. It was once connected to the New York Metropolitan Library, but it has since been moved to an Annex in Portland. So, I went and visited them. One of them has a genius level IQ and is a Synesthete. Another has several degrees in Art History and other things. One more is a world-class thief and Jack of all Trades. Their Guardian is a former NATO officer, and the original Librarian has been there forever. They're good people. Oh, and the final member of their team is actually Sir Galahad."

I let both of them process that, and Peter asked, "Like Sir Galahad from the Knights of the Round Table?"

"The one and only. He's not what you'd expect, but he knows his stuff."

Both of them were struck silent, and we just happened to arrive home. We piled out of the car and back into the house. Before I hung up on Sam, he told me they were done with battle planning for today, so they were going to hang out in the house. I agreed that they should be done, so we went right to the house, and I walked into a wall of noise. I smiled, and Peter's eyes widened. I chuckled and led him into the living room. All eyes turned to me at our arrival, and I said, "Sorry to leave like that. This is Peter Parker, from Queens, New York. Also known as Spiderman. He's here to help us."

There were a few hi's and hello's, but otherwise, everyone was looking at me and it seemed like they were waiting for an explanation. I chuckled and said, "Now, the Librarians are here because I know they will be valuable assets in this war. Not only do most of them have genius level IQ's and several degrees, but they're all protectors of a virtual treasure trove of Magical Artifacts. Flynn Carsen, Cassandra Cillian, Jacob Stone, and Ezekiel Jones are the current Librarians. Officer Eve Baird is their guardian, and as a former NATO officer, she knows her stuff. Jenkins is the protector of the Annex where the library is now tethered, and he is also known as Sir Galahad of the Round Table."

Everyone was looking at me, dumbfounded, other than Felicity and Sam. I chuckled and said to the Librarians, "They should be used to this by now, but they're not."

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 Hannah POV

Once everyone got settled, which took far longer than I would have liked, Sam and I settled into our beds and fell into a deep sleep. When we woke up the following morning, we both felt miles better. Neither of us had realized how much bringing in all of these new people to help with Thanos had taken out of us. We were all wiped out and I was hopeful that we had some time to rest and relax before Thanos launched his attack. When we finally made it downstairs, the pack was around the table, talking quietly, whilst one of our guests, I assumed it was Sherriff Mills, was in the kitchen. Everyone's eyes were on Sam and me, but I smiled and said, "Morning. It's been a crazy few days with everyone coming in, but I want to use this time to work on us and make sure that we are all prepared for this battle with Thanos. If anyone has ideas, please let me know. Steve, can I talk to you?"

He nodded and we split off from the pack to chat. As we walked, he asked, "What's up?"

"I had a particularly odd dream last night. It involved you, Nat, and Bucky, along with most of the Avengers. Remember when I first came to the tower?"

Steve nodded and I continued, "I told you I went to see Alexander Pierce, and he was the leader of HYDRA?"

Again, Steve nodded, "I think I just dreamed of what might have happened if not for my intervention. I saw you and Nat working together in the Triskellion, and after you discovered about HYDRA, you found out about Buck, and then you destroyed SHIELD and HYDRA together while freeing Bucky of the conditioning. You and Wilson searched for him, but you couldn't find him. After a few other incidents, a set of laws were being proposed to the UN called the Sokovia Accords."

"Like Ultron," Steve interjected.

"Exactly. They would force all powered individuals to register themselves and work under the government's thumb. You and Tony disagreed. You thought they were bad, and Tony thought they were good. Then you got the news that Peg passed away. It was all shit, but then it got worse because when the accords were being signed the building was blown up and people were blaming the Winter Soldier. My point is, I'm glad I intervened, but I also saw something in that version of the future. Ever heard of a nation called Wakanda?"

Steve looked thoughtful for a second and then replied, "I think I've been there. During the Ultron debacle. He went there to get the Vibranium. Right?"

"Yup. I think the people there will prove to be allies. The King, T'Chaka, and his son T'Challa have a long lineage of warriors, along with being a very advanced nation. Plus, T'Challa's younger sister Shuri is a brilliant mechanic, who could give Tony a run for his money. I think we need to go and see them. They might provide a vital source of help in this situation. Plus, I think they could help us keep the Mind Stone safe. I saw there was a way to remove it from Vision's head, and I think she is the key and if we can get there before the fighting starts, we can keep three of the six stones safe."

"Wait, stones?" Steve asked.

"Yeah, sorry. Thanos has this gauntlet, and it needs the six Infinity Stones. One of which is in Vision's head, one of which is the Tesseract, one of which is in the Eye of Agamoto, and the other three are not on Earth. He might get those three, but we might have the advantage. You, me, Vision, and Bucky will go to Wakanda, and I will send Sam, Dean, Oliver, and Stiles to see Dr. Strange."


"Yeah," I replied, "Dr. Stephen Strange. Sorcerer Supreme. We need him, and we need the stone in the Eye of Agamoto."

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After my talk with Steve, we headed back to the house so I could explain everything to the pack and our guests. When we got back, everyone was awake, and chatting quietly around the house. After everyone was gathered, I explained, "So, here's the deal. We have more Allies. Last night I had a dream of a future that might have come to pass if not for my intervention. There wasn't much to see because it didn't happen, but what there was were a few important people we need to visit. The first is King T'Chaka and Prince T'Challa of Wakanda. They are an incredibly insular nation located in Africa that is among the most technologically advanced nations in the world. The Avengers went there several years ago to deal with part of the Ultron debacle because they produce and mine the world's rarest metal, Vibranium. Myself, Steve, Vision, and Bucky are going to go there, to make Allies with the people of Wakanda and see if we can get the stone removed from Vision's head."

"But won't that take away his power?" Tony asked.

"I'm not sure. It might change them, but I know it's worth it. The stone in Vision's head is one of the six Infinity Stones. That's what Thanos and his army are after. If he gets his hands on all six, no one knows what kind of havoc he will bring to this world. Now, one of the stones is in Vision's head, one of them is inside the Tesseract," I eyed Loki, "one of them is in the Eye of Agamoto, and the other three are elsewhere in the Universe. The three that are elsewhere are not really worth worrying about because we can't do anything about them, but the three that are on Earth are going to be brought back here. We will get the mind stone out of Vision's head, the Space stone will be freed from the Tesseract," another look at Loki, "and the Time stone will be brought back along with another ally. The Time stone is currently housed in the Eye of Agamotto, which is worn by the Sorcerer Supreme. Its current wearer is Dr. Stephen Strange. Sam, Dean, Oliver, and Stiles, you will be heading to New York to get the stone and Dr. Strange and bring them back here. I don't know how long my trip to Wakanda is going to take, but if you get back here before we do, please brief Dr. Strange on what we know."

As I spoke I remembered something else. When I had taken over SHIELD from Fury, he handed me a modified pager, that looked like it had seen better days. The only thing he told me was that it was able to contact someone who could be of service if the world was in grave danger. I told him I would use it responsibly and had tucked it away in a secret compartment of my desk. I ran upstairs, grabbed the device, and showed it to everyone. I handed it to Derek, and said, "Once we leave, press the button. Whoever shows up, please explain to them what happened with Fury, and let them know that I should be back sooner than later to explain the whole situation to them."

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Derek POV

When Hannah handed me the pager, I was immediately nervous. As Director of SHIELD, Hannah was better at explaining everything then I was. But, I knew as her co-Alpha, I had to step up to the plate. After she and all of the people who were going somewhere were ready, Castiel and Gabriel winged them away to New York and Wakanda. I immediately grabbed the pager and pushed the button. The little screen flashed for a moment but then changed to a red and blue display with a star-like logo on it. I was confused but knew that if Hannah had this and Fury had given it to her, it was a good thing and the ally on the other end was worth it.


The modified pager beeped forever and was just starting to get on my nerves when there was a knock at the door. I got up to get it and the woman standing at the front door was wearing an outfit with the same logo that appeared on the screen of the pager. She demanded, "Where's Fury?"

"Fury's retired. The person who took over for him is on another mission right now and I'm technically her second in command. Who are you?"

"Fury's retired? Wait, what's going on? How long has it been?" she asked, confusion plain on her face.

"Why don't you come inside and I'll explain everything to you, okay?"

She nodded once and entered the house. When she saw everyone who was gathered around the house, she looked a little surprised. Before she or I could say anything, Agent Maria Hill stood up and said, "Are you, Carol Danvers?"

Her head snapped up and she replied, "Yeah, why?"

"Because Fury told me about you. Well, Coulson did. He told me you were an alien and that you were what inspired Director Fury to start the Avengers Initiative."

Carol stared back and then asked, "What year is it?"

Derek frowned and said, "2022."

Carol stared back and then asked, "It's been 27 years?"

"Since what?" Hill asked.

"Since I met Fury."

"I guess so. That means you met in 1995?" I asked.

She nodded and then looked around the room. "Why did you call me?"

"There's a threat coming and we need all the help we can get. Hannah gave me this and told me to call you and explain."

"Who's Hannah?" she asked.

"The one who took over for Director Fury. Why don't we go somewhere more private and I can explain everything, okay?"

She nodded and we headed back to one of the empty rooms. She sat down on the bed, and I began to speak, "So, my name is Derek Hale. I'm not going to try to explain everything, so if there are any immediate questions you have, please ask them."

"What's the threat?" she asked.


"And?" she pushed.

"The Infinity Stones."

"So, explain to me who Hannah is," she demanded.

"That's a long story, most of which I don't know, but what I can tell you is that she is the Alpha of this pack. She and her husband Sam currently serve as Alpha and second of this pack, but when neither of them is around, myself and my mate Stiles get promoted."

"Alpha?" she asked.

"Yeah. A lot of the people here are in mine and Hannah's pack. We're shifters. She's the Shaman of this reservation."

Carol nodded and then asked, "Where is she?"

"Currently she is in the nation of Wakanda, trying to gather allies in the war against Thanos and protect one of the Infinity stones."

"You said something about a second?" she questioned.

"Her husband, Sam. The two of them, along with Sam's brother Dean were the three who started this pack. There was a woman here years ago, who wreaked havoc on the Native American's who were living here. She, Sam, and Dean came in and killed the woman, but not before she turned them into Shifters. She was the Alpha and because Sam was her mate, he became her second. When myself and my pack joined, we became co-Alphas, so when she and Sam are both gone, power goes to me."


"Yeah, it's complicated and Hannah does a better job of explaining it than I ever could, but she's going to be gone for a bit."

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Hannah POV

When Gabriel landed us in Wakanda, the energy I felt let me know that I was right to come here. I felt the energies and knew that the Wakandan people were good and peaceful, but Heaven help those who tried to wage war or steal. I had made the choice long before we landed that we would remain where we landed and when someone found us, we would make ourselves known. Within moments of landing, someone noticed our arrival and sounded an alarm. Quite quickly, we were surrounded and then approached by a large and muscular looking man. He approached and asked, "What business do you have here?"

I replied, "I'm here to request an audience with the King, Prince T'Challa, and Princess Shuri. I am in need of their help with something, and I would like to establish diplomatic relations on behalf of SHIELD."

The man's face changed, and he spoke to one of the people standing next to him. They left, presumably to go to the palace, while the man responded, "We will take you to the palace."

The people who surrounded us slowly dispersed and the four of us, along with the warrior, began the trek to the large and opulent palace. When we arrived, all four of us were struck quiet with the beauty and technological prowess that was present. When we reached the entrance, the doors opened, and standing there were the King, T'Challa, and Shuri. The King stepped forward and I crossed my arms over my chest, as is the tradition in Wakanda. The King smiled and sent the gesture back to me. He said, "Welcome to Wakanda. It seems that I am a step behind you because while you seem to know exactly who I am, I have no idea who you are."

I smiled and said, "Then why don't we find a place to sit and I can explain everything?"

The King regarded me, and then replied, "I think we might be able to work something out."

We followed the royal family into the palace and before I knew it, we had found a small room to congregate in. We all sat down and I said, "Thank you, your majesty. My name is Hannah Winchester and I am here for several reasons. The main one is that I am in need of your daughter's brains. Intergalactic war is on the horizon and I need your daughter's help removing this stone from my friend's head," I gestured to Vision, "This is Vision. He is an android, with the matrix of Tony Stark's old butler JARVIS. When he was created, the Mind Stone was placed in his head before the Avengers were able to get a hold of it, and now the being on the other end of this war would very much like to take that stone. But, I knew that Shuri could help remove the stone without much trouble. Now my other two companions are Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. I brought Steve because he was one of the first people in the world to interact with Vibranium. The shield on his back is made of it. He was given the shield in the 1940's back before SHIELD was even a thing. He's had it ever since and I figured he might be curious about the place where his shield came from. I brought Bucky because I believe you can make vast improvements to the metal limb that is attached to him. While I have some of the brightest minds on my side, I didn't want to mess with anything because it is connected to his nervous system." 

The King looked at me and I could see the questions flowing through his mind. The first one he asked was, "How did you find us? I've never heard of you and you shouldn't have been able to get here."

I smiled and replied, "That's a long and complex story, but the long and short of it is that I am a Shaman. One of my many gifts is that I get prophetic sort of dreams. I had a dream of what could have happened with SHIELD and the Avengers if not for my intervention. Things shook out badly, but one thing I did realize is that because I intervened, Wakanda had no relations with SHIELD or the outside world in general. I'm not trying to change your ways here, but I believed it to be in my best interests, and in the best interests of my allies to come here and make myself known. As to how I found you, my pack is made up of several different types of people. Whether werewolves, superheroes, or Avengers, I have several interesting allies on my side. Two of which are Heaven's finest. While I know that many of your people do not believe in G-d or Heaven, the being that brought me here is named Gabriel. Because you don't have any Angel-proofing sigils in your barrier, you can still be found by angelic means."

The three royals all stared back at me with varying degrees of shock. Shuri was the first to break the silence with, "What is the stone in your friend's head?"

"It's called the Mind Stone. It's one of the six Infinity Stones. Three of the six are currently on Earth. My husband, brother-in-law, and two of my other pack members are getting one of the others. I don't know how it works or what it does, but I'm sure if you asked, Vision would know."

She nodded and her brother asked, "Why do you keep referring to a pack?"

"Because that's what I have. I can't explain everything, but years ago, my husband, brother-in-law, and I were bitten by a shapeshifter type. I became the Alpha and have since expanded my pack to include others, including the Avengers and a pack of werewolves. Ever since I met my husband, I knew that I was going to serve the world in some big way. Not only was I gathering allies for that reason, but I knew that I needed to grow the pack. I have over 100 people currently living on my pack land right now and we are all working together to prepare for war with a megalomaniacal alien. Plus, I took over SHIELD for Director Fury and figured it would be nice to have diplomatic relations with a nation as advanced and special as this one."

Chapter Text

Hannah POV

While in Wakanda, another contact floated through my head. I shot off a quick encrypted text to that contact, following up with texts to Sam, Dean, and Derek. Derek's was the longest, explaining who I contacted and what they looked like. I let him know I would be in touch if they were going to show up, but I wanted him to be prepared, not only for who was showing up, but for the fact that one of them resembled one of our pack members and one of them looked like someone who I knew a few would not be happy about. To Sam and Dean, I shot off a warning text, letting them know that one of my contacts that were going to be showing up at the house looked a lot like their father. I wouldn't say identical, but similar. I figured they would finish there before we did here, so I wanted them to be prepared. By the time I had finished sending those texts a reply had come through from my contact with an affirmative and request for coordinates for where to go. I sent those off, along with a description of Derek so they would know who to look for. This was going to be interesting.


Derek POV

It was a lot to navigate dealing with 80+ people in the house and on the land. It made me overwhelmed and everything was that much harder because I didn't have Stiles here to ground me. The rest of the pack was trying to help, but it was different with a mate. I was grateful for Lydia because she was helping me manage everyone and keep everyone happy. Just when I thought it was settling down, I got another text from Hannah: Getting in touch with an old friend from the Army. He is going to bring a team with him. They're known as The Losers. Descriptions are as follows: My friend is Jensen--looks exactly like Steve, but with glasses, tech support; Clay--oldest on the team, greying and wears white button down and slacks, leader; Pooch--smallest of the group, dark skin, intentionally bald, vehicle and other mechanical things; Cougar--silent, but deadly, wears a cowboy hat, long range; Aisha--only woman of the group, warn everyone not to flirt with her, she doesn't take it well and last I heard she had a thing with Clay, jack of all trades I guess. I'll be in touch when I know for sure they're coming.

I replied in the affirmative and decided to go see Lydia. I headed up into my office, which Hannah had added onto the house soon after we permanently moved in. I needed the space and as co-Alpha, I liked having a space I could do business in. Lydia was lounging on the couch and when I walked in she knew something was wrong. "What now?" she asked.

"More of Hannah's friends. Or one friend who comes with an attached team. There are too many damn people here right now, and I'm trying to figure all of it out."

"Alright. Here's what's going to happen. You're going to stay here and I'm going to send everyone not pack away to guest quarters and guest rooms in the Avengers building. We need a little pack bonding time, without so many people around. They're wonderful, but we need the space, and I know you need the room to think."

I nodded at Lydia's idea, and sooner than I would have thought, the house was finally quiet. Or quieter. I headed down and just sat with the pack, who were all looking at me. Nat was the one to speak up, saying, "Derek, you need to tell us when it gets too much. We can't read your mind, as much as the bond allows. It was hard for me and Clint too. We'll spend a little time together and then you'll be ready to greet Hannah's friend."

I nodded again and soaked up the pack love. I needed it and it felt good to finally get it. My phone buzzed with a message, and it read: Team affirmed. Should be to you by 1700 hours today. They were near for one reason or another. They're good people, despite being a little rough around the edges. And don't get annoyed with Jensen. He talks like Stiles does, but more. He's a good man. All of them are. I wouldn't trust Aisha as far as I can throw her, but you do you.

I sighed and let my eyes fall closed. It was all too much. I quickly set an alarm on my phone and fell into a comfortable nap. Pack bonding always felt better when I was asleep.


By the time my alarm went off the pack was piled all around and they were whispering quietly. I felt much better and I was ready to go and face whatever the hell Hannah had sent our way. I grabbed a few protective amulets, along with a few things to test them. Thanks to the pack I could tell usually, but I liked to be sure. I headed out to the front of the property and waited. I was beginning to over think things, but I realized that Hannah wouldn't have contacted her friend if she didn't think they could help. While I didn't know much about battle, I knew it would be good to have as many people as possible, and if roles overlapped, that was a good thing. As my musing continued, I noticed the large vehicle that was pulling up. It stopped at the property line which Hannah was to blame for. She had set-up wards so that no one could drive or walk in without her express permission. Because she wasn't here, those rules fell on me.

The doors opened on the vehicle and the one in the driver's seat, Pooch, from Hannah's description, looked very confused. They all got out of the car and walked in front of it. All of them we armed so I said, "At ease. I'm not here to hurt you. Just here to greet you and make sure you are who you say you are. Now, my name is Derek Hale, and for the moment, I'm the leader of this pack. Now I know Hannah told Jensen about me because she told me that she told you. So you know that she's on another errand run right now. Once I get you confirmed, you'll come in and I'll explain everything about why Hannah called you. Okay?"

All of them seemed to calm down, so I grabbed the few things I needed to test them and quickly took care of business. While I wasn't a fan of the woo woo stuff, it got results, and I couldn't argue with that. Once they were all tested, I handed them all charms. Everyone who was on the property who wasn't pack had to wear them. They all looked confused for a moment so I added, "You want to come in, that's your ticket. All of you must be wearing them."

They put the necklaces on and I saw the barrier that the wards formed, glow. All of them looked confused, so I said, "It's all part of the explanation. Drive on in, and follow the path. You'll probably see a bunch of cars, just find a place to park and then come into the house. I'll be in the living room and I'll explain everything."

Chapter Text

I could hear them come in and as they entered the house, I could feel the confusion radiating off of them. I smiled and as they entered the living room, they all appeared surprised at the fact that I was there. Jensen was the one to blurt, "How did you get here before us?"

I grinned and said, "It's all part of the explanation." They all took a seat and I began to explain. I slowly watched as all of them became shocked, then confused, then seemingly accepting. It was going to take more for them to really accept it all, but we took that one step at a time. "So, when Hannah gets back from Wakanda, you can ask her any questions that come to mind, but for now is there anything you want to know?"

All of them looked between each other, and again, as Hannah had explained, Jensen was the one to blurt, "I wanna see. Can I see?"

I eyed him and looked at the rest of his group. I got good vibes from Jensen, Pooch, and Cougar. I wasn't sure what to make of Clay, and Aisha was just like Hannah had described; not to be trusted. I thought about it for another minute before asking over the bond, "Fel, Hannah's friend, and his team wants to see the shift. Do you mind?"

It took a minute because she was distracted, most likely, but she replied with, "Sure. I'll be there in two. You've explained?"

"Yeah. They know the story and Hannah's friend, the one who looks like Steve, wanted to see. Plus, I'm not so certain about a few of these people and I'd love a second opinion."

There was a pause, and Fel came back with, "Okay. I'm going to bring Nat with me. She's a better judge of character than I am and with Sister Fox along for the ride, she'll see anything before I ever do."

I replied in the affirmative and two minutes later, the two of them walked in and all eyes were on them. The two grinned and when they got to Jensen, they both stopped dead. I could feel the shock and I said, "I know. It's a little terrifying. Come in. Losers, this is Felicity Smoak and Natasha Romanoff. Also known as Overwatch and the Black Widow. Fel is going to show you her shifted form and Nat is here because I asked  her to translate for Fel so I can answer any questions."

The five of them nodded and Fel left the room to shift. She came back in her totem form, the large white wolf imposing, but not particularly threatening. I saw Jensen, Pooch, and Cougar all look at Fel with a certain amount of deference in their eyes. Clay seemed uncertain, whilst Aisha looked like she wanted to book it. I don't think she was scared, but it was obvious she didn't like not knowing what was going on. Fel sat next to my seat and I placed a hand on her side. Nat began to translate, "Me and most of our other pack members were given the bite by Hannah, Sam, and Dean. I was one of the first that they turned. We are all bonded as a pack. We'd do anything to help each other out and Hannah has made it clear that pack extends beyond the bite. While it helps, anyone she invites in to her home and property is seen as possible pack. After the situation with Thanos is dealt with, I get the feeling that many of the people here are going to become pack. Jensen, Pooch, Cougar, thank you for your acceptance. Clay, make a fucking choice. If it's the girl, fine, but let the team go and be a civilian. If it's the team, great, but nix the girl. She's not helping you or anyone. If you need funding we have that. Aisha al Fadhil, I know you want revenge. But do it with your own money and time. Don't waste these people's time. If they have use to you, find someone else who can do the same job. You helped them in the short term and if Clay were thinking with his upstairs brain, he would know that it's time to cut you loose. Hannah told Derek you were not to be trusted and I get the feeling anyone you encounter in this pack or potential pack will agree. Take your gear from the car and tell Derek where you want to go. Someone will take you."

When Nat finished translating, everyone was staring at Aisha in shock. She, in turn, was looking at Fel with wide eyes. Clay's jaw was hanging open a little and the smile on my face was growing. Fel walked out of the room and came back human. She smiled at all of them and said, "Hannah informed me of your arrival. She asked me to make sure everything was copasetic. She let me know there was a spell I could perform that would let me see your intentions. Clay, your intentions aren't bad, you just need to decide. If you want to be with Aisha, let the three of them go and you two and go on your crazy revenge mission. Don't drag them into it. If you would like to remain, we're happy to have you. Hannah works for SHIELD and she's always looking for new people to bring in. Aisha, out. Cas, can you come down for a second?"

Cas appeared as he always did and the Losers all jumped at his arrival. I grinned and Fel continued, "I need you to remove her from the premises. Clay? What's it going to be?"

Clay looked between his three team members and the woman who seemed to have him by the balls, no pun intended. He sighed and said, "My team comes first. You're right. Aisha, you want to come find me when your little revenge mission is taken care of, fine. But for now, out."

Aisha's eyes were wide at the situation that was unfolding before her and Cas left the room to grab her things and then whisked her away to somewhere or other. I looked closer at Clay and I could see the toll this decision was taking on him. I looked even closer and I got a weird feeling in my gut. I pulled out my phone and texted Hannah: You got a sec? I think something is wrong with Clay.

The reply was instant: Sure. Anything you can tell me?

I grinned because even halfway around the world, Hannah was helping: I don't know. I feel like Aisha had him under some kind of spell. You should have seen Fel.

I know. I told her to be blunt because it was going to be the only way to get Clay to think. Now with what you're saying, it may have been more than that. FaceTime?


Moments later, she was calling and I turned the phone around so she could see the team. Jensen lit up at her arrival and said, "Hannah, why didn't you tell me any of this?"

"Jensen, babe, I couldn't. Now Clay, look at me. I need to see what's going on."

Clay looked hesitant, but Hannah's tone brooked no argument and we all knew when she used that tone she meant business. Clay made eye contact and I could hear the wheels turning in Hannah's head. Finally, I heard her sigh and she said, "Fel, go to my room and get out a pouch labeled Influence. Grab it along with one of my incense trays. Take a few pinches of it and burn it near the team and then sage them, okay?"

She replied in the affirmative and got up. When she was out of the room, the confusion was evident. Hannah then said, "I'll explain, but this has to happen first."

Fel came back and she did as instructed. After she lit the incense, the room seemed to relax a little. All four of the remaining Losers seemed to immediately calm, which helped the rest of us calm down and I could see something in Clay's gaze shift. I wouldn't know what it was until Hannah spoke up, but I could see it. Once that was done, Fel saged them just like Hannah taught all of us to do. The energy in the room seemed to neutralize and with Aisha gone, there was nothing to mess with it.

"Alright, here's the deal. I don't know what kind of magic Aisha was dealing in, but she had all of you under her spell. Clay got the worst of it because she knew you would follow his lead. But, also, Jensen, Pooch, and Cougar were a little more resistant to her magic than she expected. I can see something in all three of you that I'd like to examine further when I get home. I hope to be home soon, but I get the feeling my husband will arrive before me. When he does, give him and my brother in law some time. Clay, you look just like their late father, who both of them had a complicated relationship with. Just be patient. All of you need some time to recover. Der, put them in the guest rooms in the house, okay?"

I replied in the affirmative and Hannah hung up. The four of them looked at the three of us and Pooch asked, "Is she always like that?"

"Yup," I replied, "Part of her charm and being the Alpha. She just knows things. Also, she's a shaman, as I mentioned, which makes her all the more strange. You'll get used to her."

Chapter Text


Landing in New York was nothing new. I'd been there several times when the Avengers were living there. But what was new, however, was landing in Greenwich Village. I'd never been there specifically and it was something to take in. Not to mention the sight of the large building we were in front of. Stiles was staring at the building in awe. Dean looked wary as usual, but I could see the awe creeping in just a little. We walked up the steps and knocked on the door. A few moments later the door opened and there was a young-ish man standing there. He looked as if he was from the Pacific Islands. I smiled and said, "Hi, I'm Sam Winchester. Here to see Dr. Stephen Strange on behalf of SHIELD. Is he in?"

The man looked at us and said, "I will see if he will speak to you. Come in."

We entered and stood in the lobby of the building and I was in awe of the stunning array of items that were there. After the man left, I could see Stiles trying to process everything that he was seeing. It seemed like he was trying to take it all in normally and magically, which was adding to an overwhelm. "Stiles," I reminded, "Remember to try not to overwhelm yourself."

He looked back at me and took a deep breath, "Thanks, Sam"

"No worries," I replied, as the man returned this time with another man in tow. He was dressed simply and it seemed like he didn't match with the title Sorcerer Supreme. Then again, Hannah didn't always project Shaman, so I could reserve judgment.

"Mr. Winchester," the man who greeted us said, "This is Dr. Stephen Strange. May I ask the nature of your visit?"

"Of course..." I trailed off, waiting for a name.


"Right, Wong. Well, I'm here on behalf of SHIELD. My wife is the Director. One thing you need to understand about my wife is that she is a shaman. One of her many gifts is prophecy of sorts. She often will have dreams of things that will happen, or how things could have happened if not for her intervention. Hannah intervened with the Avengers and SHIELD long before anything truly bad could happen. One thing that she did see though, was you and the Eye of Agamoto. We know Thanos is coming and he wants the stone that resides in that necklace you wear, along with the other five Infinity Stones. Hannah is in Wakanda right now dealing with the Mind Stone and we're here to not only deal with the Time stone but see if you would be willing to be of assistance to us in the fight against Thanos and his army. We could use someone like you. Even if we have a few magicals on our side already, it never hurts to have more."

Strange looked back at me with wide eyes and asked, "How did you find me?"

"Well, that's a little harder to explain. How religious are you, Dr. Strange?"

"Not at all," he replied.

"Well, then this is going to come as a shock. We found you because we have an angel on our side. His name is Castiel. He's the being who rescued my brother and me both from Hell. While he may not have fully succeeded with me, he's a bona fide Angel. Unless you have a very specific set of warding on you, any angel can find you anywhere. So, it was just a matter of him finding you and then bringing us here. Also, Hannah can see many things when she has her dreams. She knew you were based in New York which would help Castiel narrow his search. It's all quite simple."

Strange stared back with his jaw open slightly. Wong had the same look. Oliver, Dean, Stiles, and I looked at each other and Oliver asked, "Did I look like that once?"

Dean and I laughed and Dean replied, "They all do. Even I did at one point. But, no longer.

Oliver smiled and we all turned back to the pair of men across from us. Strange looked like he was still processing, but managed to force out, "What does Hannah need from me?"

"Well, she wants you to join us on our land in California. That's where we're convening to prepare for battle and she'd like everyone to go there. We haven't heard anything about Thanos, but we know he's coming. You don't necessarily have to come now, but we need a way to contact you immediately so you can come to help when you're needed."

He looked between the four of us and then looked at Stiles. He asked, "You're magical?"

"I am," he replied.

"You are very unique, young man."

"That's good. I'm a Spark, not just any magical," Stiles replied a hint of pride and ego in his tone.

"Well, it seems you know what you're doing. If you ever want more teaching, I'm happy to offer some help."

"Thank you, but I think I have everything I need with Hannah," he replied, voice kind, but cutting at the same time.

I smiled and Strange looked at Oliver. I could feel Oliver shift, and Strange asked, "Time has been good to you, Archer."

"I guess so? I don't see the future," he replied.

Strange smiled and said, "That's okay. You just should know that."

Oliver nodded. Well, I guess we had an ally in Steven Strange and his sidekick Wong.

We were shown out of Bleeker Street and when I checked my phone there was a text from Hannah: I'm calling in an old friend. He was in the Army. He looks like Steve's twin. He works with a team called The Losers. One of his team members looks exactly like your dad. I'm warning you because you're going to finish long before I do and you're going to be there with him before I get there. Didn't want to be going in blind. Love you.

There was another message following that one: When you get home, have Stiles go check in on The Losers team. One of them had the other four under some kind of influence. Three of the four were able to resist mostly, but the one who looks like your dad took it hook, line, and sinker. Please be gentle on Clay. He's not your dad. Love you.

I frowned and looked up to see Dean with a matching expression. Stiles asked, "What's with the face? That only means one thing. Bad things."

I smiled and said, "Hannah brought in more friends. Well, one friend, who happens to have a team attached. I guess one of them looks like our dad. Also, she asked that you go take a look at them. I guess they were all under a heavy influence spell and even though three of the four were able to mostly resist it, she wanted you to have a look."

Stiles nodded, so I called Cas and asked him to bring us home. When we landed in the living room, Derek was sprawled out on the couch with Nat and Fel. I smiled and said, "What did we miss?"

Chapter Text

Derek looked at me and said, "Thank god you're back. You're in charge now."

I laughed out loud and replied, "Yes I am. Any updates?"

"Hannah's friend and his team are here. You'll want to meet them. A contact that Fury left also showed up, so I'll introduce you. Other than that, nothing happened."

I nodded and went to my room quickly to grab a few things. While Hannah was the Shaman, I wasn't a slouch in any way, shape, or form. I would be able to tell things if I needed or wanted to. I headed back downstairs and Derek took Dean and me to meet the Losers. He knocked on one of our guest room doors and it opened to reveal Steve's doppelgänger. My jaw fell open a little and the man said, "Hi! Jake Jensen."

I recovered and said, "Sorry, Sam Winchester. Hannah's husband and second of this pack. Welcome to our home. I wanted to meet you and Hannah asked that I check on you. After we leave, our pack mate Stiles is going to be coming in. He has magical tendencies, so he might be able to do some discernment on what made you resistant to the spell."

Jensen nodded and we spoke for a few more minutes before we left and repeated the same thing with Pooch and Cougar. When we reached Clay's door, Dean and I were both steeling ourselves for the interaction. When the door opened, I nearly keeled over. This man was an exact replica of Dad. He had the same hair, beard and look going on, along with the rough and tumble voice and the focused, single-mindedness of Dad. I shivered and Dean was not far behind me. We stared and Clay said, "Well you must be Sam and Dean. Hannah told me to be patient with you because I looked like your father. I guess it's going to have to be really patient."

I recovered as he spoke and I replied, "Sorry. It's just going to take some getting used to. We're just here to introduce ourselves and make sure most everything is okay. Our packmate Stiles is going to come in later and check on you magically. You got hit with some real voodoo, according to Hannah, and she wants to make sure you're okay."

Clay nodded and we took that as our cue to leave. When we got out of the room, I looked at Dean and we both said, "Holy shit."


Hannah POV

Wakanda was something else. Not only was it a stunning country in terms of views, but it was also a stunning country in terms of progress. Because of their isolation, they didn't have to worry about everyone else. They just kept their heads down and focused on what they were doing. Add in the strongest metal on Earth and they were basically unbeatable. Shuri had taken Vision with her because I knew it was the first priority. While Bucky's arm was highly important and I knew it needed to be dealt with, the Mind Stone came first. She'd been working non-stop to help me out and I was very appreciative. The King and the Royal court were lovely and treated us with the utmost respect. I had been in meetings with Steve, the King, and Prince T'Challa. We'd been ironing out an agreement. I was a patient type, but even this was testing my resolve. Steve was steady as a rock though, which made it easier for me.

Chapter Text


After meeting with Clay, Derek came and found me and took me to the Avengers building. We went up to Steve's floor, where a few of our guests were staying, along with a contact that Fury had given to Hannah. Derek had contacted her when Hannah and I had left, so she arrived before I got back from New York. Derek directed me to the room she was in and I knocked while he headed back to the house. The door opened and I was faced with a fierce-looking blonde woman. I smiled and said, "Hi, I'm Sam Winchester."

"Come in, I'm Carol Danvers."

I entered the room and I said, "Derek said he tried to explain things to you, but I'm sure you have lots of questions. Let me explain and then you can ask if there are any more."

She nodded and sat down in one of the chairs. I took the other and proceeded to explain how I had met Hannah and all of the things that had occurred between us, including adding to the pack, meeting the Avengers, and the situation with Thanos. When I was finished, Carol's eyes were wide open, but she seemed to be accepting. She replied with, "Wow. And I thought I was weird."

I chuckled and said, "Weird doesn't even begin to cover it here. Any questions?"

Carol looked thoughtful for a moment, and then asked, "So you're in charge?"

I smiled, "Chain of command is kind of weird around here. When Hannah's here, she's Alpha and I'm second. She is the one in charge and her word is law. She hasn't used her Alpha voice more than a few times since we changed, but she is the one in charge. When she leaves, as her mate and husband, I'm in charge. I don't get the power boost or anything, but I become the figurehead of the pack. If both of us are gone, like when you arrived, Derek is in charge. He was the Alpha of the Hale pack before he joined up with us, so he and Hannah became co-Alphas. In reality, Hannah is still the only Alpha, but when we're both gone, he's in charge and his mate Stiles is his second. Stiles is currently dealing with some other pack business, but you'll meet him. Other than that, there isn't really a chain of command. While Hannah most certainly has the last word, we're all equals in the pack. Another thing that is odd with us, is that Hannah takes the pack bond really seriously. All of us who have been bitten or made part of the pack are included in most things. But in most packs, you have to be bitten to be pack. For Hannah, she doesn't let that happen. Anyone she meets becomes pack, whether they know it or not. I'm sure after this whole deal with Thanos, anyone who is here who isn't part of the pack already will have the offer extended to them. Even if we're all in different places, we can still be pack. We've been lucky until now that we have been able to live on the same land, but Hannah is okay with her pack going wherever they want. Even if they're in a different time or space, they can still be pack and feel the pack bonds. I'm sure Hannah would be happy to explain everything when she returns from Wakanda."

Carol nodded and then asked, "Do you think the pack bond would work if someone were to have alien blood in them?"

"Well, it worked on both Thor and Loki and they're from Asgard. Along with it working on Hulk and most of the Avengers, I think you'll be fine."

Her look sharpened, "How did you know it was me?"

"I'm going to let you in on a secret, Carol. Before I ever met Hannah, I read people for a living. It got me out of more scrapes than I can tell you. Additionally, with the pack bond and the bite, I'm even better at it. Plus, you were being a little too casual, which can only mean you were referring to yourself."

She stared back at me and then smiled. I returned her expression and then there was a knock at the door. Carol allowed the person in and it was Nat. I smiled and said, "Everything okay?"

"Sure. We made sure everyone was in their respective space and we wanted to spend some pack time."

I nodded and said, "Grab everyone and our guests. You know how Hannah is. Might as well get them in on the cuddling now."

She nodded and left the room, leaving Carol and I. I looked back at her, "You in for the cuddling?"

She laughed, "I wouldn't be mad. Should I change?"

"Yes, Carol. We don't cuddle in uniforms. Cas? Can you bring me a pair of Hannah's sweats and a t-shirt?"

Seconds later, Cas appeared, and handed over the clothes, "This is Cas. He's an angel. You'll get to know him as you get to know the pack."

She nodded, a shocked look on her face. I left the room to let her change and she came out looking much more normal. We trooped back to the house and it seemed the living room had grown in size to accommodate more people. I grinned, thinking, You gotta love archangels. When everyone was in the room, I announced, "I know Hannah isn't here, but I think we need some pack time. Now, the current members of the pack who have been bitten know that when Hannah comes into your life, you become pack. For all those who have shown up here in the past few days, whether you like it or not after this whole Thanos thing is taken care of, you're going to become pack. Now, that doesn't mean you have to remain here, or quit what you're doing. All it means is that you're going to have to come here once a month on the full moon for a hunt. Other than that, you're free as birds. You'll be able to feel the pack bonds where or whenever you are and should you need help, we can offer it. Now, one thing we do often around here is pack bonding. It helps not only strengthen our bonds as pack, but gives us all a chance to relax after a long day's work. It's been a long week with everyone going and things growing so fast, so I figured now was a good time for some bonding. Everyone find a place, and make sure you're touching someone. Whether you know them or not, pack bonding only works through touch."

Everyone looked around for a few seconds and then began the shifting. People took seats on the floor, chairs or the multitude of soft couches. Once everyone was seated, reaching out began. It was interesting to see who was reaching out because it was indicative of mates. Eliot, Hardison, and Parker were sticking close together, along with Cassandra, Jacob, and Ezekiel. A bunch of pairs were making themselves known within the group of demigods that had shown up, Nate and Amaya were close, and Barry and Iris were near each other. It was going to be interesting to see how the pack shaped up and how mating worked once everyone had been bitten and was officially part of the pack. Some of the bonds were clear to see and some were still working themselves out, but either way, it was nice to see everyone settle in. Once everyone had found their place and were clumped together, I could feel the pack vibe taking over. It was magical when it happened, and it was surprising that it was happening with as many people that were here and not part of the pack. 

Chapter Text

Hannah POV

Finally. It had taken about a week, but the Mind Stone was finally out of Vision's head and had been replaced with a synthetic version that would work almost the same way. It didn't have half the power, but it did the job just as well. After Vision was done, he was ready to return to the Reservation and I was happy to allow him. The next order of business was dealing with Bucky's arm. Shuri had brought him into the lab one afternoon, Steve and I trailing behind like lost puppies. I was intrigued by the idea of how she was going to make this arm work, but at the same time, I was more intrigued by how this would affect Bucky's quality of life.

When he was finally situated in Shuri's chair, she began looking over the arm and scanning it. As the panels came off and the tech was exposed, I could feel my hackles rising. Not only was this arm barbaric in its design, but it was also extremely old and it seemed like the tech was stuck in the 1980s, which shouldn't have surprised me. As she moved through it, she came across more and more problems, including wiring that served as his neural network, tech that was failing and added nothing to the function or form of the arm, and up in the bicep area of the arm was a tank that had to have been filled with one type of drug or another at a certain point. It certainly wasn't full now, but it must have been one of the ways that HYDRA kept the Winter Soldier docile. Steve and I were ashen-faced, but we both knew Bucky needed us to be strong. 

It took far longer than any of us would have liked, but once the arm was finally removed from his left side, we were able to see the extent of the damage. I noticed that they had removed all of his arm up to the shoulder joint, and used what was left to create an artificial arm that would come out of the socket. It was clear that his shoulder had been plated in metal, in order to support his new arm and neural structure. Shuri had a horrified look on her face and Steve and I weren't far behind. After running more scans to see what remained and how it functioned, Shuri decided it would be best to put Bucky under in order to not only remove the metal plate from his shoulder but remove a lot of built-up scar tissue. It was clear that HYDRA had no concern for aesthetics and Shuri wanted to make sure that any lasting damage was minimized.

After Bucky was fully under the anesthesia, Steve and I both let out breaths, neither of us being able to deal with some of the issues we had seen come up. Once we were both a little calmer, we looked to Shuri, who was already hard at work fabricating a new arm. I asked, "If you need any help or advice, let me know. Steve and I are going to head out and finish up finalizing diplomatic relations, okay?"

Shuri nodded and we headed out, neither of us wanting to see Bucky in any sort of pain. Pain was unique in the pack emotion because we could all feel it to one extent or another and it makes sense that as his mate, Steve would feel it stronger than most.


About a week later, Shuri had completed work on Bucky's arm and the surgery on his shoulder. Because of her design, Bucky could remove the arm as he wished. That would be nice because he wouldn't have to worry about it when he shifted. When he had the old arm, it transitioned with him into his forms, but if he had no arm there, it would be even better because the fourth limb that he was missing wouldn't have to go through so much trouble to change. It would make his shift less painful and a lot more smooth. After Bucky was awake, Steve and I headed back into Shuri's workroom, to see him sitting up and staring at the new arm. He turned and said, "I don't think I want to put this thing on yet."

I grinned and replied, "No worries. The pack will get it."

He nodded and I turned to Shuri and said, "Thank you, Princess. Anything you need from me, you ask. I am in your debt."

Her smile was bright and I was happy that she didn't argue with me. Bucky hopped off her table, grabbed the case that was holding his new arm, and the four of us headed back to the Palace to prepare to leave. I was missing the pack, Steve was getting a little restless, and I could tell the ordeal he had been through had been wearing on Bucky. It was time we got back home to the pack.

Chapter Text


I could feel Hannah land from Wakanda and I immediately felt something shift in the pack bond. Things settled down a lot more and everyone seemed to relax. I went running and nearly stopped short when I saw her with Bucky and Steve. She and Steve looked the same, but Bucky's new look stopped me. When he had left, he had the long hair, but he hadn't kept the beard with it. It had come back in quickly and he looked disarmingly handsome, I wasn't ashamed to admit. Add in the missing arm and he was a different person. I looked to Hannah and she explained, "New arm is in the case, he doesn't need to wear it and it attaches pretty easily to his shoulder."

I nodded and she continued, "Bucky, Steve, why don't you go and settle back in, while I handle this and then we'll have a big pack meal and meeting."

They trooped off before I could warn them so I added over the bond, "There are people in your guest rooms, Steve. Be nice. I think you'll like Carol."

He replied in the affirmative and I turned to Hannah and said, "Damn I missed you."

She grinned and replied, "Same. Any news?"

"I don't know. Stiles hasn't been able to sit still since he looked at the Losers a week and a half ago and he won't tell me what's going on. Once you talk to him, I think we'll figure the rest out."

I nodded and we headed up to our room. Shortly after settling back in there was a knock at the door and Stiles came in. I looked him over and could see the frazzled energy surrounding him. "Woah, Stiles. Take a breath, okay?"

He nodded and took a deep breath, calming himself down, before he blurted, "I think I know what was going on with the Losers. I can't be certain and I'd like to have you do a test after I tell you."

I nodded and he continued, "I think they're demi-gods."

My jaw fell open and I asked, "Any confirmation?"

"Only small signs here and there, but enough that I'm pretty sure. That's why I wanted you to take another look."

I frowned and added, "Any idea who the godly parent is?"

"For Jensen, it's Seshat; for Pooch, it's Hephaestus; and for Cougar, it's Artemis."

Again, my jaw dropped open and I asked, "Artemis?"

"I know. The other two I'm more sure of, but Cougar is coming off a little murkier. Clay is totally normal and non-magical, but those three have something. I think it might be why they were resistant to Aisha's magic. Whatever hoodoo she was working with it didn't affect their godly side, which made it harder for the magic to take hold."

Chapter Text

After hearing Stiles's predictions, I went to my centering space and grabbed a few of my more esoteric materials along with a scrying bowl. It would help me to see what I needed to see in regard to the godly parent. Once I had my supplies, I headed up to see Jake. He was a long-time friend of mine who I met after I had moved out of Starling City. I was drawn to his lovable personality and his infectious sense of humor. He could lighten even the tensest of rooms.

I knocked on the door and he opened it. When he saw me, he grinned and said, "Hannah!"

"Jake!" I replied, a grin on my face, "Can I come in?"

"Of course. Everything okay?" he asked.

"Everything's fine," I settled next to him on the edge of the bed, "So you met my packmate, Stiles, right?"

He nodded and I continued, "So he ran into some interesting stuff and I'm just here to confirm his findings and let you in on them. That good?"

Again, he nodded and I moved on, "So. You met Percy and his friends, correct?"

"I don't know," he replied.

"Alright. Demi-god ring any bells for you?" I asked, trying to ease him into this.

"Half man, half-god, right? Like Hercules?"

"Yeah. Or Jason. Or a laundry list of other Greek and Roman heroes. Now, if I said that the Greek and Roman pantheons really existed and they were still having children with mortals, would you believe me?"

He stared at me for a long time before saying, "No, I wouldn't. But after what I've seen, I know you're not making this shit up. Why are you telling me?"

"Ever wonder where your propensity with coding, writing, and other similar areas comes from?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Not really. I just thought it was something I was good at. Does it have something to do with demi-gods?" he asked.

"Kind of. In addition to the Greek and Roman pantheons, it seems that the Egyptian gods are still around and kicking."

"Are you saying I'm an Egyptian demi-god?" he asked, voice squeaking.

"No. Egyptians didn't believe in demi-gods. What they did believe in, however, was people getting blessings from specific gods or goddesses."

He stared back at me in shock, eyes the size of dinner plates. I continued, "What I want to do is confirm what Stiles found and then I'll let you know who you got that blessing from."

Jake slowly nodded at me, eyes still wide. I placed everything down and went to go and fix up my scrying bowl. I needed something to see into, and water was often the best conductor. I sat back down, full bowl on my lap and I swirled the water and watched as the surface turned from a small whirlpool, into an image of a tiny baby. I could tell it was Jake and I saw the woman approaching his cot in the hospital after he was born. The woman had a distinctly Middle Eastern look about her, but she approached with no hesitation. She leaned over Jake and whispered words; I couldn't understand many of them, but I heard Seshat and a few other words that indicated some things to me. She pulled away after kissing him on the forehead and walked out of the room.

I pulled away from the bowl and stared back at Jensen, who still looked shocked, but a little less so. I smiled and said, "Well, it seems as though Stiles was right. Do you want to know who you got blessed by?"

He nodded emphatically and I continued, "Well, it seems that you got your blessing from Seshat, goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and writing; scribe of the gods. Explains a few things, doesn't it?"

Jake continued to stare at me, eyes wide again, and then he asked, "She blessed me?"

"She did."

"Why?" he asked, voice small.

"I don't know, Jake. I don't predict the workings of the minds of the gods. What I do know, is it appeared that she believed you were destined for more. It appears she was right."

Jake stared back at me, trying to take in my words. I smiled and added, "You'll get it all sorted. I need to go and talk to Pooch and Cougar. The pack is here. Go talk to them if you need it and make sure someone introduces you to Percy. He's a Greek demi-god and he might have some answers for you. If he doesn't, he knows someone who does."

Jake nodded again and I got up to dump the water back into the sink. When I got back, I wrapped Jake in a hug and made sure he knew everything was going to be okay.

Chapter Text

After finishing with Pooch, son of Hephaestus, and Cougar, son of Diana, I finally went to my room to find Sam lounging in bed with a book. I fell into bed next to him without a second thought and he whispered, "All good?"

"All good. Going to take some time for them to adjust, but that's the case with all of them. Anything to report?" I asked.

Sam updated me on everything I had missed, along with letting me know the things he observed in the pack during bonding. Bonding tended to be the time when pairings or trios made themselves known because everyone's guard was down. I was thrilled with the progress everyone was making and I was even happier because even though Derek hated leading sometimes, he was getting damn good at it. Sam and I snuggled up in bed and I fell asleep to the rhythm of his breathing.


It was really fucking cold.

I shivered. I tried to determine where I was, but nothing was giving me anything. I seemed to be in a part of the world where it was currently freezing.

I slowly continued to look around when I heard a horrible noise. It sounded like the screech of tires, only worse and louder. I turned to where the sound was coming from and saw a large form making its way through the clouds. My eyes widened at what I saw when it finally emerged. It appeared to be a dragon.

I rubbed my hands over my eyes and looked again. Nope, that was a dragon alright. It landed on the same rock I was standing on and I just froze. I certainly didn't want to get eaten, even if this clearly was a dream or vision. I just stood there, letting the dragon explore around me. As he approached, I began to notice things. Like he had a saddle. Did someone ride this dragon? Then I noticed the artificial tail fin. Ah. So in order for him to fly someone had to ride him. But then how...? Right. Vision. Things are weird.

I watched the dragon approach me and tried to remain calm. He sniffed near me and seemed to notice that I was nervous. He sat down on his back legs and got close. Slowly his lips parted and all I saw were pink gums. No teeth were there, but I didn't think anything of it. When I finally got my brain into gear, I realized this dragon was smiling at me. I smiled back and said, "Well, aren't you a sweet dragon?"

I knew the dragon couldn't speak, but I was shocked to hear in my head, "Yes...Me...Good...You...Help."

I stared back at the dragon in shock and said, "You need my help?"


"I need your help," I changed.


"That's true. How can I help you, good dragon?" I asked.


"So you're from Berk. I'll see what I can do about coming to visit, okay?"

The dragon nodded and then jumped off the rock and flew away.

My eyes slammed open and I shot out of bed. Sam was there as always and asked, "You good?"

"Uh, yeah. I think I need to go and talk to Thor and Loki."

"Everything alright?" he asked, knowing that I always told him about my visions.

"Yeah. I need to confirm a few things with them before I say anything."

He nodded and I headed out to find the brothers. I found them in the dining room speaking quietly. They both noticed my entrance and looked up. "Hey. I just had a weird vision and wanted to run some things by you."

"Of course, Lady Hannah, come," Thor said, voice not booming. He'd finally learned volume control, which was a blessing.

I joined them and asked, "Either of you know about an Island called Berk?"

I watched as both of their eyes widened. They looked between each other and then back at me. Loki was the one to speak, "Yes, Lady Hannah, we do know of this place."

"Anything you can tell me? I just got a visit from a big black dragon, who told me he was going to help me."

Again, both of their eyes widened and both of them seemed to pale. Loki continued, "Berk is an island of the Viking archipelago. They've been worshiping us forever. Recently things have been changing around Berk. For centuries, Berkians were known for their skill with killing Dragons. Recently, they've been taught new ways and shown that dragons are not evil. It seemed that a large Dragon, who they named the Red Death, was controlling all of the dragons and forcing them to take from Berk. Once the Red Death was gone, everything resolved itself."

"So what's with the black dragon?" I asked, ideas flying through my head.

"We've heard talk of a young man who convinced everyone to change their ways. A boy by the name of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. Son of one Chief Stoick the Vast. He bonded with a rare dragon, the Night Fury. That's the dragon you saw. He and his dragon, named Toothless, showed the people of Berk what dragons could be."

"Huh. Well, I guess I'm going to Berk to talk to a dragon rider."

Chapter Text

After my visit with Thor and Loki, I headed back up to bed with Sam. I settled in with him and whispered, "You ever think dragons were real?"

"I know dragons are real, sweetheart," he replied.

"No, I mean actual dragons. Not descended from Eve. Real, honest to god, dragons."

"Well, I never thought about it, but I suppose it's possible," he said, voice soft

"It is possible. They're real," I breathed, "That's what my vision was about. I have to go to the Viking Archipelago to make allies with the people of Berk and their dragons."

Sam was silent next to me and when I looked up, his eyes were wide. I chuckled and said, "Haven't seen that look in a while."

He continued to stare but finally replied, "Well it's gotten a lot harder to shock me since I met you, but this is a pretty significant revelation. How are you going to do it?"

"No clue. I thought about just having Gabe fly me there, but that sounded like a great way to get killed. I could ask him to make me a Viking boat and then put me close so I could sail in, but I don't know about that either. I can't really think of the right way to do it."

Sam looked contemplative for a long while and then said, "The boat idea sounds like a good one."

I nodded taking his opinion into consideration. As I continued to mull it over, I realized it was the best I was going to get. I reached out to Gabriel over the bond, asking, "Can you prepare me a seaworthy vessel? Something that would impress a Viking?"

There was a pause in the bond and he replied with, "Sure. But why?"

"Why else? I'm going to Viking country."

The silence was flowing through the bond and it took a few moments before, "The hell?"

"Apparently the Vikings are still a thing and they have a great resource that might prove helpful in the battle."

"Alright, I'll get to work on that," was his reply, still shocked.

I chuckled and allowed the bond to fade away. I settled back in with Sam and managed to get a few more hours of sleep. I'd been missing it for a while and it was nice to spend some time cuddled up to Sam and basking in his company. As long as we were together, I knew everything would be okay. I was also missing the kids a lot, because they were still with the council, hiding out while we planned for war. It was stressful to have them so far away, but I needed them there and not near. I needed them safe.

Chapter Text

The next time I came to, Sam was still next to me, but I could see in his eyes he was talking with someone over the bond. I allowed him to continue and I reached out to Gabe with, "Any updates?"

"Almost done. Just need you to pick a symbol."

"Anti-possession. Seems appropriate," was my reply.

He confirmed and the bond went quiet. I got up and packed up a bag of simple clothes and a few other odds and ends that I knew I would need to bring with me to Berk. Once I was done with that Sam was finished with his conversation and was watching me. I asked, "What?"

"Do you have to go?" he asked back.

I smiled sadly, and replied, "I know, baby. I'll be back before you know it."

"Take someone with you?" he asked.

"I can't. I don't want to overwhelm them and one person from the southern part of the world is going to be a lot for them. I have to go alone. But I'll still be able to get in touch over the bond. If you ever miss me, just reach out. You know I'm always here."

He sighed, knowing he didn't have a leg to stand on. He stood up and wrapped me in his arms. He breathed me in and whispered, "I love you, Hannah Winchester."

I grinned like a lune and replied, "I love you too, Samuel Winchester."

"It's Sam."

I chuckled and said, "At least I didn't say Sammy."

He laughed and released me. I sent out a pack wide announcement, "I'm going on a scouting trip up North. Sam's in charge and if you need me, you know how to get to me."

There were a few stray thoughts that came through, but in general, the pack knew when to argue and when not to. This was one case where I didn't need the argument. I was going alone and no one was going to stop me. I trooped out to the yard where Gabe was standing next to a large and impressive looking boat. I muttered, "Damn."

He grinned and said, "I hope you appreciate all the effort I went to for you."

"Of course I do, Gabe. Now, bring me to somewhere they won't be able to see me in Berk and send me on my way."

As always he did as asked, and before I knew it I was standing on the deck of my boat, presumably facing toward Berk, with the thought from Gabe, "Berk is straight ahead. You'll get there in no time. I put a little push, so you don't need to steer yourself."

I thought back, "Thank you, Gabriel. Keep an eye on the pack?"

He sent back an affirmative and I just prepared myself for Berk and the magical things that were there for me to find.