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The Musician & The Artist (A KiriBaku Story)

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Kirishima's pov

-In the art room- (8:30)

I just sketching a drawing for my best friend Denki Kaminari minding my own business, when a intercom calls me to the office. I instantly think they're about to suspend me for drawing in class but when I get there I see not other than my celebrity crush Kastski Bakugou. I instantly freak out, I wasn't prepared to meet him. He then looks at me and ask if I'm the guy that's supposed to show him around? I say, I think so.

-Time skip brought to you by Stain for being a great villain- (after school)

I'm still shook that he is here in my house.

(Flashback 45 mins ago)

Due to Bakugou being famous he will have to keep a low profile and stay with you until the end of the school year, my Principal says.

(End flashback)

I tell him to wait in the living area and I dash to my room taking down a room full of posters with Bakugou on them but instead of doing what I told him to do he walked in and saw all the posters and my art desk.

This will be a long year, I say.

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-Kirishima's pov-

I wake up and run straight to the guest room to see Bakugou sleeping. I pinch myself to make sure its not a dream. I go back to my room to get dressed then check on Bakugou again. Just then Bakugou starts to stir, I run to the kitchen. I start to hear footsteps 5 minutes later I turn to see a fully dressed Bakugou although I did hear some yelling.

15 minutes later

Bakugou ask me where is the car to take us to school I tell him "I walk to school everyday. Bakugou's face is as if he had never thought of the concept. After walking to school I entered my classroom with Bakugou and everyone was shocked moments later everyone is asking for an autograph until our teacher arrives. He tells everyone to settle down or else we have double home work as I sit next to Denki and he says "So now your crush is living with you" giving a mischievous smile.

(A/N) I know that I have not updated this story in a long time but hopefully you enjoyed the chapter. Thx for reading.

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-Kirishima's pov-

So after 1 week of living with Bakugou I think I have gotten used to him every morning Bakugou gets up yells then 5 minutes later he if fully dresses. What is slightly bothering me is that he sleeps shirtless. Any time I see him shirtless I freeze up, Like this afternoon when he came into my workout room while I was lifting my barbell (200 pounds) and as soon as I saw him come in shirtless I almost dropped 200 pounds on my head but I regained my composure. I really hope he didn't notice.


-Bakugou's pov-

Today I decided to wake up earlier to make us breakfast. When the food was ready I came in his room to wake him. I poked him first to see if he would wake up he rolls over then mutters something almost to quiet for me to hear but I hear him any way he says something about me being hot. I instantly blush then push him out of bed and tell him to get to the dinning room I then speed walk out of his room.


-Kirishima's pov-

Yesterday Bakugou made us breakfast and it was amazing. I still have no idea why he pushed me out of bed, but today I saw him checking me out in gym class but I said nothing. That night I was on my way to bed but then I heard something, a bed creaking multiple times loudly. Bakugou's door was pulled up but through the crack I saw Bakugou jerking off. No clothes, No sheets, No other noise other that skin slapping quietly and the a/c unit I just watched and all the while getting hard then it happened he came shooting into the air a thick creamy eruption of jizz. I then slowly backed away from the door causing the floor boards to creak making Bakugou shoot up, jizz all over his abs looking worried. I silently make my way to my room pulling up my door getting in my bed and closing my room. I suddenly hear my door creak open after 5 seconds close again.

-3rd person's pov-

For the rest of the week the two acted very weirdly around each other.

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-The next day-

-Kirishima's pov-

I wake up hoping that Bakugou made breakfast but instead I find a note saying he left for school already. I hurry shower, do my hair, eat, brush my teeth,etc. Once I get to school I see Bakugou as I sit next to him and try to start a conversation he just ignores me. After class he vanishes and ever time I catch a glimpse of him he is gone again.

-Bakugou's pov-

I feel kind of bad for him, I mean I'm keeping my distance because I don't know if he saw or not and after that comment he made in his sleep I'm not sure if its okay to bring this to his attention especially since I don't know how I feel about him. However all of my attempts to hide end during lunch time normally I get out of there and eat in the band room away from these shitty extras so as I sit down in the band room I see a red blur zoom past the room the back to the door way.

-Kirishima's pov-

There you are bakubro. Have I done something wrong? As soon as I say this I see Bakugou"s face go from ignoring me to saddened. "I'm sorry" Bakugou whispers. I ask him why he is apologizing. Bakugou says he has been a terrible friend as of late. I forgive him but then I ask a important question. Why were you ghosting me anyway?