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Sitting in the Light of a Blood Moon

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Izuku wasn't sure how long he was out for but his head hurt. Greatly. Then again he did slam into Monoma's head when he sudden shot up from laying on the deck of the ship. The two 1-A students looked at him in shock, they must have checked his heart-beat, or lack of one.


“Sorry Monoma. Didn't know you were there.” Monoma gave a small glare before sighing and looking over the side of boat. Kendo quickly caught Izuku up from what happened when he passed out.


All the other students were most likely scattered around the USJ in different areas, Vlad and Thirteen were at the entrance still, Mr. Aizawa was in the central plaza, and they were trapped on the boat surrounded by villains.


Shaking his head and licking his canines, a old habit he's had for a while, Izuku moved his mask above his mouth. Several new smells had attacked his nose and he quickly needed a break from them.


“Why do you have that mask?” The girl from 1-A spoke. She was crouched like a frog and Izuku quickly assumed it was because of her quirk by giving her a quick look. “My quirk allows me to smell people from long distances depending on air flow. Right now though I can't sme-”


The small boy, that Izuku wasn't sure if he was a teen or a 6 year old based off his height, quickly grabbed his arm. “What do we smell like to you?”


“Monoma smells like Rich Dark Chocolate, Kendo smells like her morning coffee, fruity and caffeined, you,” Izuku pointed to the frog girl. “Smell like a pond right after the rain, and you,” Izuku turned towards the small boy. “Smell like artificial grape candy.” The boy deflated at that.


“So, what even is your quirk? You didn't have a heartbeat.” Frog girl asked. “Oh my quirk?” Izuku mumbled.




“You cheated didn't you!? Attraction of small objects and fire breathing don't make a vampire! Inko!”


“Have you ever heard of quirks skipping generations or random mutations?! Hisashi!”


A small child of age 4 listened from under his mother's bed at his parents shouting match in the living room. He had a quirk, why wasn't his dad happy? His mom was.


He wasn't useless like Kacchan said, he could use it.


His dad wasn't always there when he got home and never paid much attention to him until today.


“Hisashi! Where are you going?”


The words became muffled and faded slightly, after a few more minutes of silence Izuku heard the front door open and slam shut.


“Izu?” Izuku's head moved slightly at his mother's voice and he ran to it, hugging her legs tightly, never wanting her to leave.




“Midoriya!” Izuku flinched at his last name being shouted at him. “Sorry, old memory came up. My quirk is called ‘Vampirism’ and it's a mutant/Transformation type. I can do a lot of the things fictional Vampires can do.”


The smaller boy paled and shakily pointed at him, “Even drink blood?” Izuku nodded. “While I do need it, it's only a small portion of my quirk and I use blood packets given to me by the government to drink blood. I don't want to find out what could happen if I were to stop drinking blood but the idea is something called Blood-Starvation would happen, and that causes Vampires to go into a feeding frenzy.”


Everyone else quickly explained their quirks and Izuku began to think of a possible way to get out of the Flood Zone. Only for the ship to suddenly start sinking after Monoma shouted for everyone to get down.


The villains in the water had spilt the ship in half, water quickly filling the ship. Izuku began thinking about his own quirk, before an idea hit him.


“Monoma!” The blonde turned toward him. “I have an ability that lets me turn to mist and quickly get places. Do you think you can copy it?” Izuku held his hand towards Monoma who smacked it and held still for a bit before his arm started becoming a blackish-red mist. Turning to the frog girl Izuku asked, “what's your name?”


“Tsuyu Asui. But you can call me Asui.” Nodding Izuku began thinking. “Tsu- Asui, do you think you can jump far enough with Kendo and,” izuku pointed at the small boy. “this guy, using your quirk?” Tsuyu nodded. Izuku had Monoma tap him again before they moved.


Both Monoma and Izuku turned completely to mist and rushed to the forest bordering the water. Tsuyu jumped with Kendo wrapped in her tongue while her classmate was under her arm, following the two mists.


By time they landed the villains were still trying to find out what happened fully. Izuku turned towards the plaza after the smell of blood hit his nose even though his mask, which meant someone was bleeding. Heavily. The smell was Mr. Aizawa’s scent, black coffee.


A yelp sounded behind Izuku and when he turned around he saw Kendo trying to shake the small grape kid stuck to one of her hands while Asui and Monoma checked around for any villains or students. “I found one of my classmates! I think he passed out from fear.” Asui said. Izuku walked towards them, pushing down a few, unsavory urges from the smell of blood in the air. Sure enough laying in one of the bushes was a male student from class 1-A. He seemed to be wearing some type of armor with a few spots on his shoulders, navel, and knees, most likely from his quirk.


Raising an eyebrow at how flashy the students hero costume was, Izuku looked at his own. It was extremely simple. A long coat that was black, dark red formal shirt, dark blue pants, dark green vest, and a utility belt. In the belt was items to help with first aid and a few capture items. He was aiming to be an underground hero as he worked better at night and enjoyed it better then the day.


Kendo still had her hand stuck to the boy, who couldn’t unstick or refused to, Asui couldn’t lift her classmate by herself, Monoma would have to help carry him, leaving Izuku to help Mr. Aizawa all alone. “Someone in the plaza is bleeding out, fast. I think it's Mr. Aizawa.”


“Then we'll help.” Kendo spoke, the rest nodding in agreement. Izuku shook his head. “You guys need to head to the entrance and get that student away from the fight.”


Asui nodded and grabbed the passed out male's shoulders. Monoma and Kendo gave Izuku a look of disbelief. “Midoriya, are you insane?! Your not doing that alone!” Kendo whisper yelled. Izuku shrugged.


“I can regenerate small injuries from what I know. So i'll be fine.”




“Asui won't be able to drag that student to safety by herself and Kendo has the grape kid stuck on her hand. You can’t regenerate wounds like I could, and you don't have a first aid kit.” Izuku interrupted Monoma before he could start.


Both Monoma and Kendo sighed, before they left they made Izuku promise to try to stay alive as the death of a friend wasn’t something they ever wanted to go though. Izuku agreed before slowly making his way to the plaza.




“That’s strange,” Shoji said. “A student with no heartbeat just ran into the plaza.” Vlad immediately knew who it was and turned towards Shoji. “That student is one of mine, who’s all in the plaza?”


“There's four people not counting that student-” Shoji interrupted himself before turning his head down towards the bottom of the stairs. “There’s a few students at the bottom of the stairs walking up them. One is passed out.”


Shoji’s words fell on deaf ears to Vlad King after that, he was watching two of his students walk up the steps, while another was hidden from sight from the entrance in a few spots. A few blasts of air shot around the plaza, and the two main villains seemed to be watching the scene as well. A spot of green sudden appeared in his vision and Vlad’s blood turned to ice at the sight.




Izuku wasn’t sure what he expected when the main villain sicced the ‘Nomu’ on him but the kill order wasn’t something he thought of. He was already tired from use of his quirk, the bright sun wasn’t that much help either, so he was slowing down slightly. Something that didn’t go unnoticed by the main villain.


Suddenly izuku lost his sight, hearing, smell, and felt weightless, as if he was on a cloud. His head slammed into the ground while his body went limp and fell as well. Izuku tried moving his fingers but found he couldn’t, he didn’t even feel them or anything below his neck.




Shouta wasn’t sure what the kid was expecting when he jumped in but seeing the head of the boy fly off was horrifying to watch. One quick slam to the head by the nomu launched the students head a good couple feet from his body.

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Shouta felt his body lift in the air and a tough grip locking his mangled arms to his sides, damaging them even more. He looked towards the student's corpse to see the main villain disintegrating it to add insult to injury.


The villain picked up the boy's head and showed it to Shouta. “See this kid died trying to save you. Eraserhead.” The villain sneered, Shouta could hear the smirk in his voice. A small movement went unnoticed by everyone in the plaza as the villain continued to talk.




‘I don't wanna die. I can't die. Not yet. Not yet. Yuji still needs me. I. Can't. Die.’ Izuku repeated the words but they never came out. He needed to survive this. The fangs in his mouth started to grow. He no longer felt his body and his head felt like it was floating.


‘So hungry. Must eat. Must find food. Need to…. Feed’ the familiar smell of blood reached his nose. Without thinking, he latched onto the source and began to drink.




Tomura screeched when he felt teeth enter his wrist and slammed all five fingers of his free hand against the head, somehow the boy was alive and bit him! Tossing the head away from him he watched as the head seemed to grow a shadow of a body from the neck down. The boy launched himself at the nomu and sank his teeth into its arm and stayed there almost as of he was drinking from the nomu's arm. There was no reaction from the creature, the nomu's eyes barely rolling to even look at the child who was leeching its blood.


Tomura watched in horrified fascination as the boys scalp and hair grew back as if it was never gone. A tangle of blood vessels and nerves dropped from the neck and seemed to simply float in the wind. The circulatory system was next to form in the empty space below the boy's neck, the windpipe joining it as soon after. That's when bones finally started to form and the nerves and blood vessels latched on to them. Muscles formed along side soft muscle tissue and organs. Finally skin formed, covering the boy.




Izuku, his urges sated, finally stopped seeing red and saw that he had bitten and drank from the Nomu that had attacked him. He jumped back and noticed he was in the nude. A heavy blush quickly spread to his cheeks and he covered himself.


Tomura, once noticing the lack of clothing, quickly turned his head and kept his eyes off the boy. He quickly regretted destroying the boys body, even if it was to prove a point and to rub salt in the wound. A loud bang sounded from the entrance.




All Might quickly took in what had all happened. There were students smiling towards him at the entrance, thirteen was injured and the back of their suit was ripped open. Vlad King gave a gesture to the central plaza and All Might looked towards it. Mr. Aizawa was being held up by a villain while a head of green hid in the nearby forest and lucky wasn't followed.


He powered up One for All and launched towards the student who had hid in a bush. “Young man you can come out, for I-” All might froze, the student was completely in the nude. Turning around he began thinking, young Yaoyorozu could make him a blanket or cloak, but means wasting time, that he did not have, trying to find her and Mr. Aizawa needed help. “Do you think you could stay hidden until I defeat the villains?”

After hearing a small ‘yes’, All Might jumped straight into the fight, he needed to keep it away from the student at all costs.




After the nomu was defeated and learning about Midoriya's situation Vlad king headed to one of the 1-A students, he knew their last name but didn’t know what they looked like. He asked a few students, including his own if they had seen anyone with the last name Yaoyorozu, eventually he found the student, who was wearing a cloak.


“Young Yaoyorozu? Could you make a cloak? One of the students need one as their clothing was destroyed in one of their fights.” Momo looked towards Vlad King and nodded, producing a medium sized cloak for him and handing it over. She kinda felt bad for the student, no one would have wanted that kind of thing to happen, and the rip in her own clothes was an easy fix due to her own quirk.


After a while she saw the cloak resting on the shoulders of one of the students from 1-B, he was hugged by his friends and they quickly talked to him. He seemed to be embarrassed but his face suddenly lit up and he said something that cause the male student to shake him by shoulders in response, a wide smile on his face.




“Are you serious?!” Monoma said, shaking Izuku by the shoulders. “You have high-speed Regeneration!? Is there anything you don’t have!?” “An immunity to being decapitated.” The words slipped out of his mouth before he could stop himself but Kendo and Monoma took it as a joke and chuckled. “That's a normal weakness.”


Izuku smiled and sighed, the police finished interviewing the students and everyone was picked up from UA after they got back to campus. So he currently was sitting next monoma in a car, he was still wearing the cloak along with his school uniform and shifted slightly in his seat. He ran his tongue over his fangs and breathed out a shaky breath. He never wanted to experience that ever again.


They got the next three days out of school for both classes.




“Vlad?” Mr. Aizawa spoke, he was laying on the bed stiff as a board and was barely even able to move, let alone see currently. Vlad King let out a ‘hmm’ and looked towards him. “Did you know that one of your students can survive decapitation?” Vlad froze at the question, then shook his head. “No i didn’t. Which one are you talking about?”

“The one with red eyes and green hair. He was decapitated, had his body turned to ash by that villains quirk, and once he bit the nomu started regenerating the rest of his body. We’re lucky he choose to become a hero and not a villain.”


Vlad king nodded before standing up as a nurse came in, he had only come in to tell him that everyone was alright but now he had to ask if young Midoriya was alright when he saw him again.




“Izu!” Izuku felt his legs get grabbed as he walked into the house, he responded by bending over and picking the small boy who grabbed him and hugging him tightly. “Hey Yuji. Ya miss me?” Izu said, getting a happy squeal from the six year old.


Yuji had short straight green hair that looked more like grass had started growing from his head instead of hair. Silver eyes happily sparkled as Yuji hugged his older brother.


A woman with strawberry blonde hair and blueish-grey eyes came around the corner. “Ahhh boys your home. I just got the day off after explaining what happened to my work and them finding someone to take my shift. You two go and change into normal clothes.” Nodding Izuku and Monoma walked down the hallway and went to their rooms.


Izuku’s room had been an bedroom turned home office, turned back to bedroom once he moved in with the Monomas. Monoma, who was the youngest of three boys, had found out about his home life and asked his mother if she could take him and Yuji in until he could support himself and his brother. To UA, Izuku had three parental contacts on his contacts.


His biological father, Hisashi, never answered the calls or emails. He didn’t care and most likely never would.

His step-father, Genta, never answered calls but responded to emails due to a time difference.

His mother, Inko, never answered the calls or emails. Izuku wasn't sure why she wasn't but at least he had one parent to rely on.


Monoma's mother, Miya, was on his other contacts by his step-fathers will. Izuku and Yuji didn't exactly want to start over in the USA with Genta, so when Izuku told him that he did have a place to stay he agreed and talked with Miya about how Yuji and Izuku were doing and how everything was going.




Once changing into more comfy clothing Neito and Izuku started talking about their sides of the story, Izuku had to tell the full truth due to Neito mentioning and asking how his clothes got destroyed.


They had dinner and went to their own rooms and Izuku, being more active at night, did his homework and talked with his father over text about what happened, knowing that Miya would end up telling him anyway. Eventually he fell asleep, his little brother sleeping on his chest.

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Izuku woke up to being shaked, he looked towards the small hands on his back to see Yuji shaking him wildly. “Yuji? What are you doing?” Izuku chuckled while talked. “I can’t find momma. She’s not in her bed. Or anywhere.” Izuku let out a hum before sitting up and scooping Yuji into his arms, causing a squeak from the smaller boy. “Well maybe mom is at work, let's go eat something.” Walking to the kitchen and placing Yuji in his highchair, Izuku set to work on making breakfast for the both of them.


After dropping Yuji off at daycare and heading to school Izuku began thinking, a few things were missing from their home, most of the things were their mother’s. After another torturous day at middle school, Izuku headed to Yuji’s daycare to pick him up so they could get home before mom and surprise her with a clean house. When they arrived home it was the same as they left it that morning, meaning Inko had not returned home yet.


The boys began to clean the house, picking up trash and toys, washing the dishes, and making sure everything was clean. The entire clean up Izuku wore a white surgical mask to minimize the smells attacking his nose, Yuji also wore one but that was do to him being three years old rather than something else.


Looking at clock was the time Inko normally would text or call to say if she was staying late or just heading home. Yet Izuku’s phone didn’t ping or ring, so he assumed that maybe she was staying late and forgot to text him. After helping Yuji finish his homework and doing his own homework his phone rang. Picking it up revealed it to be Genta calling to check in and ask how everyone was doing. Izuku answered every question to the best of his ability while cooking some dinner for him and Yuji, and once the call ended Izuku turned on the news and both boys ate their food while watching hero fights.


Yuji ended up falling asleep on Izuku and Izuku yawned himself. Shutting off the TV, Izuku picked Yuji up and put him to bed, before he went to his own room and went to sleep.




Izuku woke up with a start, Yuji had, luckly, rolled off his chest in the middle of the night and now was sleeping peacefully. Breathing heavily he put tried to calm down, repeating the phrase of ‘it was just an old memory and they weren’t going to lose another parent’ in his head over and over. Izuku got out of bed carefully, as to not wake Yuji, and walked to the living room meeting Neito’s father, Masue, who waved before leaving out the front door for work. Miya was in the kitchen and Izuku could smell the food she was cooking.


“Mornin,” Izuku said. “Whats for breakfast?” Miya smiled before answering. “Good morning to you too Izu, and its bacon and eggs. Can you go wake up Neito and Yuji?” Nodding Izuku walked back and woke up Neito first, who whined at it as ‘it was their day off’ and he should be able to sleep in, Yuji quickly woke up and the three walked to the table, which now was set and had food on it. They all dug it after thanking Miya for the meal.


Izuku never spoke about his dream and said he didn’t sleep at all, which wasn’t uncommon for him due to his quirk. After breakfast Neito went to his room to do homework, Yuji went to daycare, Miya went to work, and Izuku went to his room to write what had happened to him in his quirk journal. In the journal was everything that he knew about his quirk. He added ‘High-speed regeneration’ to the ever growing list of things apart of his quirk. Izuku ran a finger over his neck, rubbing the area.


Opening his phone he opened a app that he used to track his blood consumption, and hit a button that meant he had drank blood, so he was most likely good for a week before he should drink blood again. Letting out a breathe Izuku went online and began to chat on online forums.




“Those 1-B students are pretty cool aren’t they.” Kaminari spoke. A few students nodded in agreement. Mineta shook his head wildly. “Whoa Mineta you don't like 1-B?” Kirishima asked once noticing the smaller boys expression. “No. It's just one of the students in that class.” MIneta spoke with a shiver, causing the others to look in confusion.


“He’s scared of the vampire quirk student we were with in the flood zone.” Tsuyu spoke, not caring for the whine Mineta made. “Did you just a that theres a student with a Vampire quirk in 1-B?” Looking over her shoulder Tsuyu met Bakugou’s gaze, that looked feral, and nodded. Bakugou let a ‘tsk’ and continued to ignore Iida telling him to take his feet off the desk.




Bakugou was pissed. Izuku had moved schools and towns his final year of middle school, the school was happy about it until they were sued for allowing bullying to the point of suicide baiting, several teachers were fired and Bakugou quickly had to get on his new teachers good sides. His mother had said that Inko had disappeared and Izuku had moved in with his step-father overseas in America.


Izuku Midoriya, he used his mother maiden last name after his biological father divorced his mother and refused to share the same last name as Izuku. He had been the son of a lawyer and a hero, yet had such a villainish quirk. It pissed Bakugou off whenever Izuku would say he wanted to be a hero, to prove a point that anyone could be a hero.


Bakugou thought for a moment, Izuku would have taken the entrance exam and was at the USJ, yet went unnoticed by him. That scared him, no, Izuku had always been terrifying. After all not a lot of people have their quirk make them undead. Izuku had no heartbeat, didn’t need food, water, or sleep. Yet he enjoyed doing those things to look normal to the outside world.




Izuku sat in the 1-B classroom with Kendo and Monoma, happily talking about their four day weekend. Once Vlad King walked into the door everyone took their seats and listened to the announcement of the sports festival still being held but having more security then normal.


“Oh one more thing,” Vlad King looked at Izuku. “Midoriya, I need a word with you after class. It's about your quirk.” Izuku nodded and class continued without any problems. Once homeroom ended everyone left the room and Izuku shifted slightly in front of Vlad.


“Did you know you could survive decapitation? And no lying as I can ask your parents.” Izuku huffed before removing a journal from his bag and handing it over to Vlad King, who looked puzzled but grabbed the notebook. “Everything in that journal is everything I learned about my quirk since it developed. I write new info with the date I learned about it. Genta helped a lot when it came to the more, vampiric things such as blood and mist-form.”


Vlad King nodded and looked though the notebook. “So you didn’t know you had High-Speed regeneration but knew about having mild regeneration?” Izuku nodded, Vlad tapped Izu on the head with the notebook. “Keep this hidden and only allow teachers to see it. Oh and Recovery Girl wants to see you at lunch to see if there’s any leftover effects from drinking blood out of your normal pattern.” Nodding once more, Izuku put his notebook back in his bag and hurried to his next class.




“Doesn’t look like there any negative effects on you both externally and internally. If anything there’s positive effects.” Recovery Girl moved back from Izuku, who had to show his fangs fully to see if there was any damage to them. “Still have that habit of licking your fangs?” Izuku blushed but nodded nonetheless. “Well you can head back to lunch now, i'll expect you to update me on any details concerning your quirk whenever you find them young Midoriya.” Recovery Girl said with a warning tone and gesture. “Yeah I will. Thank you.” Izuku left the nurses office quickly.

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Izuku hummed as he walked slowly to the park, Yuji was sitting on his shoulders and using his head as a drum as he walked. When they arrived Izuku took Yuji off his shoulders and placed him on the ground, watching him bolt to the playground. Izuku sat on a bench and watched Yuji play, a parent would come over every now again to ask him what he was doing and usually left after hearing he was watching his little brother play.

A few cats brushed against his legs, and Izuku pulled a clear packet with a red liquid out of his bag. He swished it around to make sure it was liquid before biting the bag, being careful not to drip on his clothes, and began to drink from the packet. He was a bit underwhelmed by the different taste but suffered through and felt that taste go back to its normal flavor. He finished the bag and marked it with a pen before throwing it away.

These were his blood meals. He had to get back on his normal schedule after the USJ so he had starved himself of blood until he got back to the normal day he fed. The government supplied him with the packets and the pen writing was invisible to the naked eye but it wasn't to UV lights used in crime scenes. The pen marked the bag as a well known hint that it was supposed to be where ever it was found to police.

The cats around Izuku scattered when Yuji ran up to him and they left the park.


Izuku held his white oxygen mask to his mouth as he walked with 1-B to the arena for the sports festival. He had heard Monoma’s plan and was going to follow it half way. Getting first wasn’t a good idea, getting dead last wasn't either. He hoped to get at least in the 10ths or 20ths.

Monoma talked with everyone in 1-B about the quirks of class 1-A, along with who was going to be a problem. The last name Bakugou came up and Izuku immediately told everyone to stay away from the explosive teen if they saw him. A few agreed, while a few decided to try their luck against him.

Soon the signal to enter came and they walked out into the sunlight, which caused Izuku to cover his eyes until they were used to the bright light. Only to suddenly hear a voice yell.



Bakugou looked towards 1-B and sure enough, there was Izuku, covering his eyes from the sun and then looked in confusion at Mineta who had taken a cross from Shirozaki and held it up to the vampiric teen yelling about Christ. Shirozaki was livid until Midoriya faked an injury by falling over and hissing slightly. He was playing along until Mineta turned around, a look of pride on his face. Izuku stood back up and laughed with a few members of 1-B.

When Mineta turned around to see his “work” once more, he paled at the now standing up vampire, screamed, then hid behind Kirishima.


Bakugou saw Izuku standing next to the 1-B students at the movable stage and decided that he was going to give him a piece of his mind, until Midnight called him up on to the stage for scoring first in the entrance exam.

So he walked up and looked behind him at the students staring up at him, he locked onto Izuku, who shifted uncomfortably. He thought about what to say, before something came to mind.

“This event will prove who really belongs in the Hero course.”

A couple boos and cheers sounded off but the entire time Bakugou was watching Izuku, Izuku had only moved to hang his head to hide his face.

Midnight announced the Obstacle Race. Everyone took off, wanting to prove they belong in heroics.


Getting past the cramped entrance was easy with mist-form. Dodging rapid forming ice? Not so much. Izuku was moving a bit faster than Todoroki was, and heard Mineta using his balls to bounce up to them, only to end up getting smacked to the side mid-air by a robotic arm. Izuku stopped using mist form once it came clear that a few of the robots could see his mist and attack him with vacuum like attacks, which slowed him down as the falling bots behind him gave a very strong gust of wind he could have ridden.

Todoroki ran past and a few other students passed a few seconds later. Izuku while using small bursts of speed, was still weakened by the sun. He’d be able to do so much more on a cloudy or rainy day. The 10ths or 20ths were not a good placement, but having eyes on him would basically give villains an idea of his quirk, something he didn’t want, plus Monoma’s plan of ranking low on the race was a good idea, but Izuku wasn’t gonna risk getting kicked out by placing as low as Monoma suggested.

The lost of earth under his feet made him immediately use mist-form to keep floating mid-air, he looked down at the drop and thanked his lucky stars he had mist-form. Once again moving forward he passed without a problem. The first 10 were announced and he looked forward at several bangs. It was a minefield, literally, and the minefield in front of him was still sending students flying, launching blasts of air towards everyone else. The loud bangs began hurting Izuku’s ears and he began slowly walking through the still active mines with his hands over his ears.

The random blasts of air would make using mist-form near impossible to use, and the loud bangs were already hurting him, plus he didn’t want to imagine what it would sound like if he stepped on one, so he watched his step. He felt hungry and made a mental note to ask Recovery Girl for a blood packet when he got the chance.

Once making it past the field Izuku finished, huffing slightly, using mist form for so long had taken a lot of energy from him and he placed 21st in the Obstacle Race. He felt Monoma, once he arrived, pat his shoulder and laugh at how out of breath someone who didn’t exactly need air was.

Izuku felt eyes on his back and looked towards the source expecting Bakugou to be glaring at him again, only to met brown eyes up in the crowd.


Orange met brown in a second before both turned away. Hisashi was surprised to see Izuku after ten to eleven years of not seeing him. He had watched in silence as his brother bragged about his own son getting first while he watched Izuku. Once he heard the last name Midoriya, he knew why Inko kept him away. Inko had remarried, and her new husband either adopted Izuku, giving him the last name Midoriya, or Inko had it legally changed. Hisashi wouldn’t put it past her on the latter.

“Oi Hisashi,” Endeavor spoke and met Hisashi’s darkened faced. “Don’t you have a son named Izuku?” he pointed to Izuku, who was talking with a blonde boy, a white haired boy, and a brunette, obviously making a team for the cavalry battle. “Yes, I did Enji. Although I didn’t expect him to go to UA.”

Endeavor let out a grunt and turned back to the festival, leaving his younger brother to scowl in silence.

Chapter Text

Monoma climbed up to take his place as rider, Izuku was the left horse, Kuroiro was the right horse, and Tsuburaba was the front horse. He felt himself copy their quirks and pushed them down, mentally reminding himself of the way to use their quirks. He had used them before, minus Kuroiro’s as he couldn’t copy his do to its nature, in training before the festival.


Midnight announced the beginning of the battle and everyone rushed Todoroki.




Izuku had yelped at every explosion Bakugou and Monoma set off, getting their headbands stolen, and someone slamming into his shoulder. He felt hungry but had an idea once he saw and heard that Todoroki still had his 1 mil and had stolen some points from others.

“Neito! Do you think you could do something risky?” Izuku said. Neito thought for a second before replying.


“Yeah, what do you have in mind?”




Shouto let out a breath of annoyance, the amount of headbands he had around his neck mixed with the 1mil on his head made sure that he was going to get past this stage. He still hadn’t used his fire, much to his father’s dismay.


Shouto’s train of thought was interrupted when he heard Yaoyorozu yell something about the headbands and a tug on his hair. He moved his head away on instinct and heard Present Mic announce what had just happened.


Shouto had lost the 1 mil to team Monoma. He watched the team bolt as far as they could from anyone else and people started going after the group only for the time to run out before the points could be taken away from them.




“HOLY-!” Hisashi laughed at his brother’s shocked face and wished he had a camera to take a picture of it. “My son just stole the 1 million without yours even noticing!” Hisashi's voice was filled with joy and laughter.


Enji turned towards with with scowl before stating. “Didn’t your wife take him away from you? And keeps you from visiting him?” Hisashi stopped laughing after hearing the mirth in Enji’s voice. After thinking for a few seconds hisashi smiled and stood up, before he walked off he turned to his brother and said. “That is something I can easily fix.”




Izuku threw away a blood packet and looked at his red eyes in the bathroom mirror with a strange feeling of normality. He was used to seeing his eyes turn from red to orange as he went without feeding for a while. He never watched them shift from orange to red before though.


He left the bathroom to see Shouto Todoroki standing in the hallway, seemingly waiting for him.


“I have to tell you something, Midoriya.”


“Go ahead. I plan on doing something soon though.” Izuku replied, he was trying to avoid his biological father as much as possible, he had heard him bragging to his uncle up in the crowd after all. Shouto then told his story of his quirk and scar, Izuku stood still throughout, until the “training” came up. That hit him like a brick wall and he visibly tensed.


Afterwards Izuku couldn’t help but feel a bit of rage boil up but he quickly pressed it down and remained silent for a bit to prevent himself from saying something he'd regret.


“Look,” Izuku said after a few seconds of silence. “I know exactly wh-”


“I didn't tell you this for your sympathy.” Shouto interrupted, his eyes narrowing in annoyance. “I told you this so you know why I'm trying to win”


“You grew up in a normal family didn't you? You couldn't possibly know how I feel.” With a frown, Izuku shook his head.


“I didn't, and probably never will, have a normal family.” Izuku stated, hanging his head.


“What was your last name again?”


Chuckling slightly, Izuku held his head up and faked a smile. He watched Shouto flinch back at his red eyes and fangs.


“My birth last name? Its Izuku Todoroki. My true last name? It’s Izuku Midoriya.” Izuku turned and stopped halfway through leaving. “One more thing.” Izuku looked over his shoulder at Shouto who was looking at him in shock. “I have a weakness to fire.” With that being said, Izuku left to go and chat with Neito and Kendou before the 1v1 battles.




“Wow, you heal fast. You really are the perfect kid.” Hisashi spoke watching the burn on his son’s arm heal within seconds. The four year old whimpered in pain as his wound cleared up. His father stood up again and Izuku bolted away, barely missing being burned for a second time. This was his father’s version of training, only this one was more tamed then the others.


Izuku felt something hit his stomach and everything in it came out as he coughed and held the busied area. A heavy kick slammed into his side and a loud snap and bang sounded off in the training room. A few ribs had broken and Izuku had slammed into the far wall and stayed where he landed, his breathing uneven and labored as he healed.


Hisashi huffed before leaving the room without a word, slamming the door shut. Leaving Izuku in the dark and shaking.

Chapter Text

Izuku walked out onto the battle stage, his mind slightly clouded with memories he tried badly to suppress, but ultimately failed.


“Placing first in the Cavalry battle, Izuku Midoriya from Heroics!”


Izuku silently noticed the lower volume of Present Mics voice and noted to thank him for being a bit quieter. Looking across the stage and he met eyes with a student from Gen Ed.


“And going against him, though he hasn't done much, Hitoshi Shinsou from General studies!”


Izuku remembered him from the cavalry battle and the race, he had people, who looked rather undead, carrying him. Immediately he assumed his quirk put people under some kind of mind control. The question was, how? He waited for Midnight to call the start of the match.


“And Begin!”


There it was.


Izuku moved towards Shinsou slowly causing the boy to back up slightly, but he quickly regained his composure.


“That 1-A student with the tail was an idiot for dropping out this far, don’t you think?” Izuku froze. That had no need to be said or phrased like a question. Unless. The mind control was verbal based.


Izuku kept his face hidden. Izuku saw Shinsou's grin turn to a look of fear once he realized, Izuku was no longer a few feet away but instead was next to him in a flash. Izuku quickly landed a kick onto Shinsou’s side and backed off.


“Your quirk is perfect for heroics. Isn’t it.” Shinsou spoke, gripping his side, once he got his breath back.


Izuku’s world stopped.


“You’ve probably been told your whole life that you can be a hero with you quirk. That you’d make a perfect hero.” Shinsou continued.


“I was-” Shinsou couldn't finish his sentence as a hard punch got his gut and he doubled over onto the ground, losing his lunch once he landed. He heard yelling but it was jumbled and it was broken by sobs, so he barely understood what was being yelled at him.


Midnight called the match after Shinsou didn't move for a few minutes. Izuku was declared winner and suddenly the yelling stopped and seemed to calm down.


“My quirk, is villainous. I drink blood for god's sake. I was decapitated and regenerated my body. I was trained brutally to use my quirk how he wanted it to be used.”


Shinsou looked towards Izuku in shock, and for the first time, saw the blood red eyes decorating the boy’s face as they glared hatefully into the crowd above, but had an underlying sadness to them.


Izuku turned his head down and looked at Shinsou. The look of anger gone as Izuku reached his hand out for Shinsou to grab.


“But I’m staying in Heroics. No matter what.”




“Huh, I can see why people would think your quirk is villainous.” Shinsou spoke, Izuku had told him his quirk and how it worked. Izuku had taken him to Recovery Girl’s temporary nurses office and quickly apologized for hitting him that hard.


“Yeah.” Izuku took a sip from a glass of water. “So what's your quirk? I know it had something to do with mind control and questions.”


“Wait so you got that just from how I asked a question?” Shinsou looked at Izuku confused.


“Well you didn't need to phrase what you said, which was very rude by the way, as a question and I noticed that you had people carrying you in the first round, they looked like zombies so I assumed some kind of Mind control.” Izuku explained rather quickly how he came to get his guess of Shinsou's quirk.


“Its Brainwashing.” Shinsou replied, he was quite impressed with how just two things tipped off his quirk. He'd have to keep that in mind.


“That's a very useful quirk. You could stop crime with a simple question.” Izuku went off on a tangent on possible ways to use Shinsou's quirk as they walked to their classmates.


Shinsou enjoyed listening to the vampire talk so highly of him.




Izuku sat with his classmates, a few commenting about him using mist-form to get close enough to hit Shinsou, a few asked if he has been trained before, and a few asked what he was yelling about. The comments stopped after the next round started.


Then ended as Todoroki froze the entire stage to win against Sero.


Izuku saw a look of sorrow on Todoroki’s face and couldn’t help but feel responsible for it. No one deserves to have a sudden cousin shaped bombshell dropped on them. Even Bakugou.




The next rounds had Iida from 1-A fighting Kuroiro, Kuroiro won by using his quirk to hide within Iida's clothes. Iida tried to toss the jacket that Kurorio hid in out of the ring, only to get pushed across the line by Kuroiro. After the win was announced Monoma began to brag and insult 1-A and as a result got knocked out by Kendou, who apologized to the “rival” class.


Kaminari from 1-A lost to one of his own classmates, Shirozaki. He didn't stand a chance against her vines after they cancelled out his electric quirk.


Mina from 1-A beat her classmate, Ayoama. He had given her an opening and she got close enough to uppercut the sparkly blonde.


Izuku eventually had to get out of the sun light due to a sunburn risk and the light hurting his eyes. So he stood in the hallway overlooking the sports festival.




Shouto sat with his classmates in silence his mind racing with thoughts. He knew he had a cousin due to his uncle's drunk rants at his father, but he never met him. All he knew about his cousin was that his mother wasn't a pushover and divorced Hisashi as soon as she had evidence of abuse, which was pushed down in the media by Hisashi.




“I didn't, and probably never will, have a normal family.”




That's when it clicked. Izuku had also gone through that same training. His fight had been proof of that as well. Shouto began thinking. Ignoring Bakugou standing up and heading to the prep room as he thought.




Monoma glared at Bakugou across the stage. Izuku had spoken about Bakugou with fear in his voice, add on the explosive blonde's speech at the beginning, Izuku's fear of sudden explosions and sudden flashes of controlled light, Monoma quickly assumed the Bakugou and Izuku knew each other as kids.


Tetsutetsu had reported back that Bakugou had called the students extras, as if he thought he was the main character of an anime.


“And Begin!”


Monoma remembered Izuku's notes. He had borrowed them for pointers on his own quirk but the fact that Izuku had notes on Bakugou had got his attention and he read the notes along with the ones about him. The notes had given ways to defeat Bakugou, some of which involved broken bones.


But the note of the Explosive Blonde having a short Fuse and large Temper was something he could use.


“You know you seemed pretty useless at the USJ.” Monoma jabbed. He had heard from his classmates that Bakugou did more damage to villains due to his nature and quirk but he wanted the other blonde to get pissed.


Bakugou's eye twitched. “What the hell did you just say?”


“Bingo” Monoma thought as Bakugou stopped in place. “I said you were useless at the USJ. I heard that you didn't help one person, instead you fought villains, while everyone else protected who they were with. What kinda Hero does that remind me of?” Monoma faked a thinking voice.




Bakugou let his quirk quickly get him to the Copycat. This was pissing him off. Monoma quickly dodged and rolled out of the way. Bakugou felt a hand hit his ankle.


“Oh now I know who.”


Bakugou turned towards the blonde. Who smirked and spoke one name.




Bakugou growled and went towards the blonde, his palms lighting off wildly as he screamed. “DIE!”




Bakugou stood over the crumbled blonde, however before he could gloat the blonde spoke.


“You know, you should really look where you step, Katsuki Bakugou.”


“Bakugou is out of bounds! Monoma wins!”


Bakugou looked down at his feet and saw that he had one foot out of bounds. At the sight a loud string of curses escaped his throat. Before he stalked off stage to go find the one person who could have told Monoma about his quirk.




Bakugou ignored the yelp Izuku made once he pinned him to the wall.


“You told that fucking copycat about my quirk, didn't you?!” Bakugou yelled. Izuku was trying to leave but couldn't with how Bakugou had grabbed him.


“I didn't! His quirk did!” Izuku finally screamed. Bakugou growled and pulled his hand back before slamming Izuku's shoulder into the wall once more.




Izuku's face darken and he didn't look Bakugou in the eyes. A hand landed on Bakugou's shoulder and once he turned his head to look at Izuku's hand, an unholy hissing noise came out of green haired boy.


Bakugou looked back at Izuku at the start of it and regretted doing so once he saw how Izuku looked when he hissed, for the first time in four years.


His fangs must have been three inches long and his jaw unhinged, making his fangs more noticable. Bakugou let go of Izuku and backed up out of fear.


Once no longer feeling Bakugou's hand on his shoulder, Izuku ran to his classmates. Leaving the explosive blonde alone in the hallway.




Monoma saw Izuku run towards him and quickly grabbed the green haired teen by the arm and held him in place.


“Woah! Where's the fire?” He joked before walking with Izuku to their classmates. “You missed Tetsutetsu's fight. It ended in a stalemate so their going to have a tiebreaker before the second round.”


Izuku nodded weakly. He hugged Monoma's arm like it was a lifeline and stayed with him while they walked until a familiar scent of smoke and heavy alcohol entered the air. Izuku quickly told Monoma to go on ahead and let go of his arm.


Monoma raised an eyebrow and left Izuku in the hallway, thinking that the sun was still bugging him and left.


“What the hell do you want?”


“What? Can't I talk to my own son for the first time in ten years?”




Kosei stood across Momo and began thinking of a possible way to defeat the girl. She had gotten in on recommendations so she was obviously good and not to be taken lightly.


He popped his knuckles and got ready for Midnight to announce the start.




Kosei quickly ran towards Momo only to get a metal smacked into his side and he jumped back quickly, a hand over the forming bruise. Momo quickly made another pole and rushed him




Shouto was walking towards the Prep room when two familiar voices caught his attention. He looked around the corner and saw his uncle getting screamed at by Midoriya.


“You haven't once told me that you actually fucking cared about me! All you cared about was my quirk, which, News Flash!” Izuku jabbed a finger at Hisashi. “You hated at first!”


Hisashi let an sigh. “Izu-”


“No!” Izuku screamed, causing Shouto to flinch. “You have no right to call me by my first name!" The green haired boy's finger met Hisashi's chest. "I don't give a damn that you're the one who gave it to me!" Izuku passed by Hisashi. "To you I am Midoriya!” Izuku stormed off, passing by Shouto like he wasn't even there. Shouto continued towards the prep room uneasy on how his fight would go.




Izuku let his quirk rage under his skin, the smells of the crowd forgotten in his rage as he ripped his oxygen mask off and stood across from Shouto.


“Midoriya are you sure you want your mask off?” Midnight asked.


Izuku nodded.


“Alright. Let the match. Begin!”

Chapter Text

Shouto made the first move, by turning around and walking out of bounds, shocking everyone.


“Ehhh? I guess Todoroki is forfeiting?” Present Mic spoke.


Izuku stood still for a few minutes before turning and leaving the stage.




Kuroiro didn't have much shade to work with in this fight and using the hiding in outfit technique only works once.


Shirozaki stood across from him, preaching about how Present Mic called her an assassin. It was kinda annoying and he was grateful that she wasn't in his class.


Shirozaki went back to her spot and the fight began.


Maybe she wouldn't think he'd use the same technique twice?




Izuku waved goodbye to Monoma, who left to go and prepare for his fight, and continued watching the fight below.


Kuroiro was having trouble getting near enough to Shirozaki to do anything. Her vines protecting her from the shadow. Shirozaki managed to finally catch him and kept him in one place. Midnight called the match and Shirozaki let Kuroiro go.


Next was Monoma vs Ashido.




Monoma did his best to dodge the punches Ashido threw at him but he didn't manage to dodge them all. She was quick on her feet but Monoma had an edge to the fight once he managed to get her near the edge and trip her, causing her to fall over the edge and out of bounds.


He smirked and left while the pink skinned girl checked herself for injuries.




“So who do you think is going to win this round?” Monoma asked, looking towards Izuku. “I say the redhead is gonna win.”


“I feel like the black haired girl is going to win. She seems to plan a bit more the the red head.” Izuku looked towards Monoma for a second before returning his eyes to the stage.


“True but she has to take time to form items from the looks of it”


“You both are weird.” Tetsutetsu spoke up, leaning forward towards the two.


“How was it to lose to your doppelganger?” Monoma said leaning backwards towards the silver haired teen.




Izuku let out a laugh.




Kirishima panted hard as he stood across from Momo. He had tried to get her close to the edge but she had managed to move away from it every time he tried. She knew what he was trying to do.


A light flashed and something metal slammed into Kirishima's stomach, causing him to double over and clutch it. A rope quickly wrapped around his wrists and he was pinned to the floor.


Midnight named Momo the winner.

Chapter Text

Izuku looked across the stage at the vine haired girl. Plans quickly ran through his head as he began thinking of how to get around her quirk. She can't trap mist right? That's when Izuku noticed she seemed a bit scared, he doubted it was from the crowd so that meant she was scared of him for some reason.


A devious idea popped into Izuku's head and he began to prepare his mist form, knowing that he had only one shot at this move.




Ibara looked at the possible vampire in front of her. She had read stories and theories about them ever since she was a little girl. Her family had trained her so she knew how to kill them as well if she were to ever come across one. Yet, that didn’t mean she believed in them completely. While there was evidence that they existed, quirks were varied, unique and versatile.The so called evidence for mythical creatures could just as easily be a quirk these days as the actual monsters.


That had never stopped her from wearing a cross hanging around her neck on a chain necklace. If what she had learned was true, that should ward off any true vampire.


Midnight called the start of the match and before Ibara knew what was happening an unholy hissing noise filled her with fear. The sight before her doubled it.


Right when the match had started, Izuku had dissolved into mist form to get right in her face. A  loud, unholy hiss filled her ears, Ibara faced with a pale face deep within her personal space, blood red eyes gleaming and fangs bared to drink her blood as he reformed.  Izuku had played off her fear of him and, as he predicted, she stumbled back and out of bounds in complete fear and shock. The cross was held out towards him defensively, and Izuku snorted at that.


Midnight called the match.




"That was a dirty tactic. Scaring her like that." Tetsutetsu scolded as Izuku walked towards his seat. Izuku shrugged.


"Vlad-sensei taught us to play off of our opponents weaknesses, so that's what I did. Not my fault that she was scared of me."


Kendou looked ready to say something, frowning, but was interrupted when Present Mic called Yaoyorozu  and Monoma to the field. In solidarity for their classmates, everyone turned their attention towards the fight.


There was only so much Monoma could do against this black haired girl in front of him. He didn’t know what allowed her quirk to make the items she made so far without problem which could cause problems for him if he tried to use it, so copying her quirk was likely to do more harm than good. His stamina wasn't the best either, not in his current state, nor did he have the force to easily overpower her. Monoma scolded himself as he realized that this was likely going to end up being a barehanded brawl against an armed opponent. Something he didn't really focus on, which he was starting to regret.


Momo knew she couldn’t let the other student close in, hand-to hand not being her strongest suit. Yet, what she did have was weapons training, was well-practiced in tools that could keep Monoma at a distance. She had no idea how his quirk worked, but from what she could discover he needed contact.. Once Midnight called the start, Momo made a metal pole and used it to swing at the blonde coming towards her. Monoma quickly ducked away, making sure he kept toward the center of the arena as he could.


The flashbang suddenly soaring through the air at him was a surprise. He held his arms up to protect his eyes. With Momo prepared for the light and the noise with safety sunglasses and earplugs, she wasn't phased by her weapon. The stunned boy was easily taken out from there with ropes and the staff she'd already made.


"Winner, Yaoyorozu Momo!"


Yaoyorozu smiled, kneeling to untie her opponent. The boy offered his hand, giving hers a firm congratulatory shake. "That was impressive. You definitely showed why you were recommended to UA." Momo blushed at the compliment, thanking him softly.


"Good luck in the next round, Yaoyorozu-san."




Izuku felt Monoma and Kendou squish him in a hug.


"I can't believe you made it to the final round! I'm so proud of you!" Kendou spoke as she hugged him.


"Make sure you win, we believe in you." Monoma gave a thumbs up and Izuku felt his pent up nerves from the entire day fall loose and disappear. He gave a nod, hugged the two one last time, and headed to the final stage.




Izuku looked towards Momo, trying to find a way to beat her without too much trouble. She didn’t have the same fear that Shiozaki had so scare tactics wouldn’t work on her as well as they did on Shiozaki. Watching each others' fights in this tournament had given both of them a basic grasp of each others'  fighting style, both preferring to get the fight over as quickly as possible.


Momo watched Izuku with minor curiosity. The 1B student's odd quirk let him do several things that fictional vampire could do, which had confused the more superstitious members of her own class like Shiozaki and Mineta. He had obviously been trained from a young age due to how efficiently he fought. Momo knew that Izuku could escape being tied up, maybe she could make a vacuum to stop him from doing that though. Unfortunately she didn’t think she'd have the time to make a handheld vacuum with a large enough chamber.



Monoma watched the final fight with mild amusement. His foster brother was using mist form to escape everything the 1A student threw at him, both figuratively and literally. She was panting now as Izuku reformed and rolled his shoulders. Momo suddenly collapsed, causing Midnight to the match and rush towards the girl. It was quickly deduced that she had passed out from simple exhaustion.


Both the crowd and his class went wild, Izuku left standing still in the middle of the ring as he gave a look of stunned disbelief towards Midnight. The hero chuckled and gave him a thumbs up. Izuku felt tears of joy beading in his eyes.




All Might placed the bronze medals around Monoma's and Shiozaki's necks. Izuku politely ignored the compliments the number one whispered in each of their ears with his hug. It would be rude to eavesdrop, but he couldn't exactly help it.


Yaoyarozu's silver medal was also accompanied by a hug and kind words. She nodded and smiled.


Once he got to Midoriya the boy was trembling, happy tears in his eyes and a shakey smile on his lips. The hero slipped the gold medal around his neck, wrapping warm, muscular arms around him. For some reason, Izuku could smell blood on the man's breath but it paled in comparison to his words. "Fantastic work, Young Midoriya. Your use of your quirk and skills was marvelous. Keep it up and you'll go far." When All Might pulled back, he saw the two fangs shyly peeking out of the smile and chuckled.


The four stepped off their podiums and headed to their classes. Izuku couldn't even walk two feet before Shishida picked him up and started running around with him up in the air. Class 1-B formed a mob around the pair and Izuku soon found himself surfing on top of his classmates' hands. Monoma immediately started a chant of 'Class 1-B is the best,' which the class quickly joined in on. Even Kendou was chanting it, to Izuku's embarrassment. Izuku immediately covered his face blushed up a storm as cheers and laughter filled the stadium.


Hisashi Todoroki watched with mild amusement at the entire scene of his son being paraded around by his class, too embarrassed to stop it. Enji had already left to find Shouto and deal with his rebellion, so he sat alone.

Chapter Text

Izuku felt a bit of calmness when he and Monoma finally made it home. With an exhausted groan, both proceeded to flop on the couch and die. Miya Monoma simply chuckled, no interruptions in dinner preparations. Her husband Masue was sitting at the table reading a book with the sweet smell of sugar and carbonation reaching Izuku. 


"Izuku!" Toys were abandoned as Yuji quickly ran up and laid on his brother. "I saw you on TV! You and Neito were so cool, how did-". Izuku chuckled and patted the light green haired boy on the head as Yuji rambled at him, which acted a bit like a snooze button and caused the boy to stare with silver eyes at his brother's chin as Izuku lazed on the couch.


Neito didn't even manage to get comfortable before the doorbell rang. "Neito! Get the door, please." With another groan, he rose and shambled over to the door. Suddenly there was a thump, Neito knocked on the floor.


"Ah Fuck! No! Let go! Izuku help!"


Izuku shot up, Yuji sliding onto his legs, and looked towards Neito. Two tall adults currently had Neito in a headlock and were giving him noogies that he couldn't escape from. 


The one currently giving him a noogie had the same shade of blonde hair as Neito but had the same shade of brown eyes as Masue. This was the eldest of the Monoma boys, Gaku Monoma. He was a med student currently.


The other had red hair like Masue and the same blue eyes Monoma had. The middle child who was planning on being a teacher, Yukinori Monoma.


Izuku snorted and watched the two pester their little brother about how he got 3rd place at the festival, but it was obviously in good fun. He stayed still, relying on Yuji to protect him. Once the older boys noticed him, Izuku knew that he would be next.




Yuji rubbed his cheek on Izuku's chest, barely awake. 


"Just stay up a little while longer bud. Almost there." Izuku reassured, patting Yuji on the back. The dots signalling a connection attempt lit and  faded on his laptop screen. Eventually a man with black hair and red eyes showed up and the man cheered as he met eyes with the two boys.


"Papa!" Yuji immediately reached towards the screen. Genta chuckled and smiled. 


"How are my boys doing?" 


"We've been doing good. Yuji still hasn't had his quirk come in yet.-"


"Izu' won the UA 'port festival!" Yuji interrupted Izuku. 


Genta's pride was clear in his face and his voice while he spoke. "Really? First place and everything?" 


Izuku gave a nod while blushing. He knew his stepfather wasn't one for congratulations, so the conversation moved onto daily things quickly; school, friends, how the Monoma's were treating them, etc.


Yuji finally zonked out, Genta watching as Izuku put him to bed before changing to more serious things, things  that Yuji didn't need to know yet.


"Oh that reminds me. I plan to come home soon, hopefully by summer break. There's a few loose threads I need to wrap up first though." Genta spoke with a soft smile. Izuku nodded. Someone off screen grabbed his attention, soft english that Izuku couldn't hear. A burst of rapid, sharp english flowed from Genta's lips before he turned back to the screen with a sigh. "They need me for something so i have to go. Talk to you later Izuku." Genta said. Izuku nodded and he ended the call with a goodbye and 'love you.' 




"Ashido had an acid quirk?" Izuku sat across from Neito at the table that morning with a notebook and pencil, Neito nodded.


"It's why she was able to slide around and why the other kids belt came apart." Neito explained. He was eating breakfast while they talked.


"Definitely would have it's ups and downs. Acid is very tricky to control when it's not contained." Izuku wrote down several things in his book.


"Her opponent seemed to be able to fire a laser from his stomach. Around the belly button area from what I saw." Neito gestured to his own stomach. "And had a pretty bad drawback if his freeze up near the end of it has any say in the matter."


Izuku nodded and turned to a new page. "Alright. The Iida. Engines in his legs." 


"Definitely a fast thinking guy." 


Izuku gave a deadpan stare at Neito. "That was the worst pun I've ever heard."


"Don't be so quick to say that."


"Stop it."


"I thought you'd be fast enough to catch the joke Izu."


"I will bite you."




"Today you'll all be picking hero names," Vlad King spoke as he pulled up the student's names on the board. The students names were listed in alphabetical order and each had a space next to it blank, most likely for their chosen name. 


Everyone got a white board and marker and began thinking on names to use.




“This was the first thing that came to mind for me.” Awase shrugged as he showed his hero name, Welder. After a moment the class gave their approval and the raven haired male nodded before going back to his seat.


Then Kaibara picked Spiral. Monoma spoke up. “Spiral? Is it cause you spin a lot?” Kaibara nodded at the blonde before sitting down.


Kamakiri chose Jack Mantis. It was Izuku’s turn to speak up. “Jack Mantis? I hope you don't mind me asking, why?” Kamakiri glared at the greenette, who flitched in his seat.


“First thing that came to mind, is there a problem with that?”

“Nope!” Izuku responded quickly.


Trying to quickly release the tension in the room Kuroiro went up and showed his name; The Scheming Hero: Vantablack. Komori made a joke on it, which caused the white haired teen to laugh and avert his eyes. A few students raised their eyebrows at that little display as the teen sat down.


Kendou chose Battle Fist. Someone mumbled a perverted joke and got Kendou to blush and yell "Who said that?!" while the class let out fits of laughter. 


After the laughter died down Komori chose Shemage. Everyone gave a nod, a little bit afraid of getting mushrooms set after them if they made a joke on her name. 


Kodai blankly picked Rule. The class gave each other small smiles while she sat down, with the same blank look.


Shouda shyly took Mines as his name. Izuku voiced his approval of the name matching his quirk. Which cause the ice blue haired teen to smile softly as he sat down.


Shishida grabbed Gevaudan, adjusting his glasses as he showed the name off proudly.  The name provoked some confusion but the class shrugged it off.


Rin took on Dragon Shroud. Everyone gave looks and cheers of approval before the teen sat down.


Yanagi chose Emily. Tetsutetsu gave a confused look and seemed to be trying to figure out why she chose Emily as her name.  "Emily is from Latin aemulus, which means to strive."


Monoma picked Phantom Thief. Which had caused a bit of a talk about why but was quickly cleared up. "Isn't it a bit villainous?" "More like pretentious." 

"It's attention catching!"


Izuku finally stood up himself and turned his board around. The Dracula Hero: Night Stalker. Every student in 1-B gave their approval and Izuku smiled warmly before sitting down.


Bondo took Plamo. He fidgeted in front of the class and shifted from one foot to the other every now again before quickly sitting down.


Honenuki took Mudman. Rin spoke up. “Oh! Its cause you can make mud!” The class let out a small laugh at the realization Rin had. 


Tokage chose Lizardy. She was bouncing around happily.


Fukidashi chose Comicman. His inspiration came from his childhood love for comics and decided to incorporate it into his hero name as well as his personal style.


Tetsutetsu picked Real Steel. Monoma laughed slightly before speaking. “How funny would it be if your doppelganger chose something similar?” Izuku kicked the back of the blonde’s seat, getting a yelp, and glare, out of him.


Poni grabbed the name Longhorns and had Vlad King translate the name for her. It worked for her in both English and Japanese so she bounced on her heels happily as she showed it off.


Last but not least, Kosei chose Air Wall as his hero name. “Couldn’t think of anything else to go with my quirk.” he sat down and Vlad stood at the front of class once more.


"Now that that has been handled I'll explain why we are doing this." Vlad King spoke before pulling up a list of numbers. Izuku noticed that he had a lot of numbers by his name. 


"These are Pro hero offers to have you as interns." Vlad King ignored the loud 'What!?' From his class and continued. "UA has decided to allow first years to take on these internships for experience. So I'll hand out papers for you all to check and see what agency you choose. If you didn't get any offers we have a few agencies that will take you on regardless."


Izuku sighed at the sight of an offer from the Endeavor agency. He knew his father asked for that offer, knew that Endeavor probably only sent in the offer to shut him up. Several other offers, but his frustration at seeing endeavor at the top of the list made Izuku rip off the top sheet, tossing it into the trash can where it belonged.






Vlad King looked at Izuku before answering, busy marking assignments after school. "What is it young Midoriya? Here to turn in your slip?"


"Actually. I was wondering if i could intern under you? I mean. You have a blood quirk and my quirk kinda requires blood to work-" 


"You really want to work with me? What about all those offers you got?" He sounded surprised, but strangely pleased. Izuku had expected having to convince him, sure that his teacher would want the week free. 


"Well, there were so many. And they're great agencies! But I just thought, well…" 


"Sure. I'll set up the paperwork for you." Vlad King chuckled at Midoriya's shock turned to joy before walking to the teacher's office.


"Thank you, Vlad-sensei!"




Izuku felt arms wrap around him from out of nowhere. Shocked that someone could sneak up on him, he looked up to be faced with a brilliant, pointy smile. The scent of blood was heavy on the person's breath, something that confused him seeing as it was Present Mic who had trapped him in a hug. The words out of the blonde’s mouth made him even more confused.


"Your such a cute little Dhampir!"


"What?" Izuku asked after using mistform to escape the hug.


"Oh my god you don't know." Present Mic said while holding his hand over his mouth.


"Know what?" 


"You don't have a quirk. You're Biologically a Dhampir. A vampire born from a human mother, without many of our weaknesses." Vlad King spoke up, standing behind Present Mic. 

"There's a few non-humans on the staff. Yamada and I are vampires, Aizawa is a nekomata and Hounddog is a werewolf."


"So I'm quirkless?" A look of disbelief came across Izuku's face. The three teachers nodded. 


"I told Hizashi about what happened at the USJ," Aizawa spoke. "He said that you were a vampire, quirks that look like our abilities don't have the power to revive you after you're dead. After the sports festival he declared you a Dhampir. Vlad confirmed it."


"You smell like a Dhampir too, now that I'm closer!" Present Mic smiled as he bent to lean towards Izuku, showing fangs similar to Izuku's. "Don't worry kid. We'll give ya a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the supernatural world and the rules of it during your internship."


Izuku smiled and nodded.




Izuku was four days into his internship when the story broke.


A UA student was found dead in Hosu. Killed by the Hero Killer: Stain.

Chapter Text

Izuku bolted down the stairs to ask Vlad King if he knew anything. When his teacher met his eyes, the man sighed knowing exactly why Izuku was in a rush.


"It was a 1-A Student, Tenya Iida. He was killed two days ago by the Hero killer, the police gave the family some time alone to mourn before the story was released."


Izuku felt a small ache in his chest. "It could have been any of us." Vlad nods, somber. 


"We may be a bit hardier than our mortal friends, but even we aren't invulnerable Midoriya." 


It was a hard lesson to learn, but his foster family would worry at hearing the news. He quickly grabbed his phone and texted the Monoma family group chat.


Vamp Boi: Still kicking.


I see ya: Oh thank god. 




Copy-cat: I am alive and kicking.


Photograph: That's good.


Izuku let the convo go on as Vlad King explained what they were going to do for the day. Izuku nodded and followed his teacher, disappointed that Vlad was just training him instead of taking him out on patrols like the other kids. But then, he had signed up for this.




A phone call interrupted their quiet lunch. While Izuku didn't recognize the number, he still answered it thinking it could be Shinsou. He put the phone up to his ear and spoke.




"Hello." Came a voice that caused Izuku's blood to turn to ice as he quickly hung up.


"Scam call?" Vlad King asked. Izuku nodded and went back to eating the food he picked out. While he didn't need it, he enjoyed eating like normal people did. Bakugou always made fun of him for that. He didn't notice Vlad King frown as Izuku avoided the topic for the rest of lunch.




"He hung up on me!" Hisashi seethed as he looked at his phone screen.


"Well what did you expect," Endeavor mocked, leaning on his desk in boredom. The phone sailed through the air, before being torched by his laughing brother.




All for One sat staring at his computer screen, fingers tapping on his chair. He'd been busy during the live event, but the recording was just fine. It meant he could stop and replay certain sections of interest.. The privacy was welcome, appreciated even as he plotted revenge. When Tomura returned, he'd have a job for his student, his pawn.




Copy-Cat: it's crazy that he's dead, isn't it?


Mad Chops: yea.. 

So please leave their class alone for a few weeks. Maybe until after midterms.


Copy-Cat: … You wound me.

I know when to back off.

But ok.


Vamp Boi: Shouldn't you both be asleep?


Copy-Cat: pzzz. It's only 9pm.


Mad Chops: Well I'm heading off. I'll let the class know that you both are ok. 

Good Night.


Copy-Cat: Night Kendou.


Vamp Boi: Night. 

So how has your internship been going?


Copy-Cat: Fine. Yours?


Vamp Boi: Kinda boring. Mostly stay around UA doing patrols, there isn't a lot of crime in this area.


Copy-Cat: F. Well I should get to bed before I get yelled at. See ya at UA?


Vamp Boi: yea. See ya.

Izuku placed his phone on the nightstand and let out a sigh. As much as he hated lying to his friends he couldn't tell them much. One of the rules he had learned was to keep the supernatural world hidden.




The splash was sudden, air knocked out of his lungs by the blow. First lesson was to not panic, to let his inhuman side take over. 


Izuku quickly blew out bubbles, let water flow into his lungs. His brain panicked, but only for a second. He was fine, absolutely fine. Reorienting himself, Izuku swam for the surface, for the edge. Present Mic, Yamada-sensei, looked absolutely terrified as he reached to pull Izuku out of the water. 


When Izuku opened his mouth to reassure the vampire, water flooded out. He coughed a few times, before waving his teachers off.


"He's a dhampir. I told you he'd be fine with water." 


"If you ever do that again Shouta, I'm leaving you!" Izuku looked up in surprise, and the blond suddenly clung to him. "I was so scared, we would have all been dead had anything happened!" 


Suddenly, there was a splash. Izuku looked behind him to see Vlad King, arms still outstretched and a scowl on his face from pushing someone into the pool.


Aizawa-sensei breached the surface a few seconds later, his hair covering his face. He gave the exact same vibe as a suddenly drenched cat as he slowly moved towards the ledge. 


"Fuck you Sekijiro." Present Mic gave a nervous giggle at that, while Vlad King just gave the drenched nekomata a smug smirk.


"You're the one who tossed Midoriya into the pool. I thought it would fair."


The withering look Aizawa gave his teacher made Izuku think that Aizawa was going to pull Vlad in with him. The young man was fascinated to note the soaked, silky cat ears pulled back against Aizawa's head, and two dripping tails flicking about as the man pulled himself onto dry land.


The annoyed cat comparison definitely stuck as Aizawa grabbed a towel, drying himself off furiously. Izuku let out a chuckle, amazed as Aizawa's features returned to human. It was a bit of time he was permitted to gawk, before the two vampires gently poked him back to training. 


"Hey, what did you mean by everyone would die if anything happened?"


"Don't worry about that, problem child. he was just being dramatic."






Izuku had to fight the urge to use Mist form to get in through the UA gates. He quickly tackled Monoma in a hug. 


"Oh I missed you guys! Internships are boring when you're in a low-crime area." The dhampir whined.


"UA has had its second casualty in as many weeks!" the blond proclaimed, falling to the ground under Izuku. He raised his hand dramatically to his forehead. "Tell mother I love her, and my brothers to not touch my stuff. Farewell, cruel world!"


Kendou let out a laugh and helped the two boys up. No one noticed the dark green eyes glaring at them as they walked past on their way to class.




"I still don't get why he just laughed when I held up the cross. Why didn't it work if he was a vampire!" Shiozaki asked as she sat across the table from her parents.


"Dhampir." Her mother spoke. "The term for one of those is dhampir. Half human, Half Vampire. They are much more rare, and harder to kill. Powered by the sacrifice of human life, evil from the day they are born."


Shrozaki seemed to be thinking about it before her father spoke up as well.


"You don't think that the woman we spared might have been his mother do you? Ibara, do you know if the boy had a younger brother?" 


"No. He's not in my class. What do you mean by 'spared'?" Ibara said. Her mother looked towards her, eyes bright.


"Dhampirs kill their mother during labour, limiting their numbers and gaining power from it." Her mother's lips purse, and she closes her eyes as she touches her cross. 


Her father nods, expression grave. " We heard rumors years ago, that a woman had survived the birth of one of their nobles. Had even birthed a second hellspawn." 


"I didn't know vampires had ranks of any sort." Ibara stated cautiously. 


"Those closer to the devil himself, Dracula, have more power and influence. To capture and restrain the woman's soul for two breedings, the sire would have to be powerful indeed."


With a shudder, Ibara nodded. To be enslaved, used to make these dhampirs… What a horrible fate. She hadn't been the biggest believer in the supernatural, but having come face to face with a monster she couldn't deny it any longer. "How do we save these women?"


"The only way to save those so heavily enthralled is through death, and prayer for their immortal soul." 


Ibara froze. She knew vampire hunters killed vampires and the like, but not that they killed humans. But she supposed it probably was the best way to help. 


"So what do I do to stop him?"


"You remember The Ten Steps, right?"

Chapter Text

Vlad King watched the sky through the leaves above him, dappled in light and shadow. The training area they were using was quiet, but a good place for final exams, as he hadn't taken his class here yet. Izuku and Awase were good kids, smart kids, but rushed into things. He had to beat some caution into them, make them properly apply their smarts. Which also meant that Izuku needed to learn how to stop thinking of himself as a vampire or a human, use the natural superiority of the dhampir.


Even though Izuku was in his class by the order of his father, Vlad had come to care for the boy. There was as much pride in reporting Izuku's quick progress to his lord, in helping Izuku grow and adjust to his place in the supernatural world, as the other vampire surely felt hearing of his son.


Such sweet blood filled his nose, interrupting his musing. To smell so strongly, Izuku was either hurting, or…


He quickly stuck a hand into the reddish-black mist behind him. The familiar feel of blood covering his hands, ready to respond at the slightest use of his quirk. Reminding himself who Izuku was, what his own job was, he made the dhampir coagulate around his hand. Partially reformed, Izuku gasped in pain as he was slammed into the forest floor. Awase froze in shock and had his mouth wide open, a few rocks in his hands dropped. They were probably planning on welding his gauntlet shut. It was a good plan but only half-thought out, as neither had a plan for being caught.


His fist was forced up as the boy reformed entirely. Determination burning in his eyes, Izuku pushed himself up to kick Vlad King in the chest as hard as he could. The vampire grunted, sliding away from the force. A small dhampir-shaped crater was left behind when Izuku scrambled to his feet. "Not bad, but what now?" Knowing his teacher would just pull him back if he turned into a blood mist again, Izuku grabbed Awase and bolted.




"So what the hell should we do!?" Awase yelled as they ran away. "He saw through our sneak attack in seconds!" 


"That helps us know that fighting him isn't an option and that we should either run to the gate or handcuff him," Izuku replied, feeling bruised bones itch as they healed. He knew that getting to the gate would be the hardest path, Vlad would smell their scent going towards it and react accordingly.


"I don't want to spend five fucking hours looking for the stupid fucking gate!" The two stopped running, Awase bent in half as he gasped for breath. If he hadn't shouted so much, maybe he wouldn't be so short on air. "So I say we cuff him." Straightening and wiping away sweat, Awase glanced around for their teacher. No sign of him so far, at least.


"Your quirk makes you a vampire right? Could you turn into a bat?"


Izuku froze at the suggestion. Surely the others would have mentioned it? How much of vampires in common fiction and mythology was true? But then, he was at UA to learn, not have his hand held for him.


"I don't know. I've never tried before."


"Well try it now and I might have a plan."


Izuku closed his eyes and thought for a bit. With no guidance this might take a while. How did someone transform? Could he transform? It had been so long since he'd first turned ito mist, he didn't even have to think about it any more. "Wrong thing, Midoriya." Awase's wry tone made him realize that he'd drifted apart just thinking of it. 


Okay, batty thoughts. Night time, squeaky voices, big ears. Uh, living in groups, eating bugs? He was starting to itch but ignored it. If only Vlad or Mic had taught him about this earlier! 


"Midoriya?" His classmate's voice was too loud. Izuku tried to tell Awase to shut up and let him focus, but it came out as a series of squeaks. 


Woah. The sudden size of everything gave Izuku vertigo, and he stumbled. Caught on his palms, he could clearly see and feel the wingsails attached to his fingers. Carefully, he gave them a little flap. Then, he flailed his new hand-wings, trying to rise off the ground.


"Fucking great, you can't fly for shit."


A squeak came out of the little bat and next thing Awase knew, there was a bat in his hair. Izuku clung for dear life, amazed that he could jump so far.


"Ok since you can fly now, you need to distract sensei with this new development and while you do that I'll cuff him."


Well, he didn't know about flying yet, but Izuku sure could jump. Aiming carefully, Izuku launched himself at the trunk of the nearest tree, flailing with his wings. Relieved to have made it, Izuku braced himself for the next flying leap. 




He could smell the boys coming for their second shot. Vlad pushed off from the tree he was resting against, cracking his neck and knuckles. Time to see if they're ready to fight smarter. He didn't really pay attention to the bat flapping towards him, too preoccupied with trying to figure out where Izuku's scent was coming from. It was mostly black but there was sometimes there was a shine of green. Rather fluffy as well, it wasn't until intelligent red eyes locked with his own that Vlad realized what had happened.


"Midoriya? Are you- did you transform into a bat!?" 


Flying around Vlad with happy squeaks, Izuku deftly avoided any grabbing attempts the vampire made. The little development in his dhampiric student had made him forget about his other student who was creeping upon him.


When the yellow cuffs appeared on his wrist, Vlad was surprised, to say the least. Though he supposed both managed to pass the exam and the hidden lesson of being more cautious though not so much on self-sacrifice if Midoriya flying around his head was any hint.


The green-haired teen reappeared and shook like a wet dog for a bit before smiling as Awase ran to him and wrapped him in a victory hug. Izuku froze up for a second before he hugged back.


"Midoriya and Awase pass!"




“I can’t believe I failed!” Neito whined as he laid on Izuku’s room floor. Izuku laughed as he grabbed clothes for the summer camp and packed them into his suitcase. “Everyone in our class passed yet I didn’t!”


“Well, Hound Dog showed you why your plan failed,” Izuku replied, he didn’t know Hound Dog fully but knew that he got along with Vlad King so well due to the vampire saving the werewolf’s life from hunters. According to his teacher, the pair had protected each other ever since.


“Stupid werewolf.”


Both teens froze. The blond, already fair, was paling even further under Izuku's gaze.


“I meant- It was a joke.” Neito sat up quickly, gesticulating with his hands as he tried to take back his words. "You know, because of his quirk." 


 “So you’re supernatural too?” He liked being the calm one, with how his foster brother liked to tease and fluster him. As Izuku's words filtered in, Neito's hands slowly lowered and he gawked at the other teen.


“Wait so you’re an actual vampire?” 


“Well you're half right, I'm a dhampir. Turns out that I’m quirk-less!. Izuku's statement ended in a yelp as he was tackled by an excited teenager.


“So that means I can talk to you about supernatural stuff now!?” Neito was sitting on top of Izuku as he grinned, the most excited that Izuku had ever seen him. It was almost like a golden retriever who was just told it was time for a walk. “I’ve wanted to tell since you moved in! Next full moon you have to join me and my brothers on a hunt!” 


Izuku let out a laugh as he hugged his foster brother. “You look like a happy dog!”


“I am a happy dog!”


Izuku could almost imagine a happy tail wag behind Neito as they talked more.


“Wait is Kendou anything supernatural?” Izuku asked as he zipped up his suitcase. Neito was on his phone checking something.


“Other than amazing? Not that I know of, she hasn’t given any hints to that or has the smell of anything I’ve met- Aww shit.”




“There’s a full moon during the camp.”


“Vlad sensei can help and so can I. I'm sure we’ll have a place to hide you and keep you away from the others.”


“Two werewolf students are hard to control if they aren’t in the same pack.”


“Wait, two?”


“Me and Shishida are the two werewolf students I know of.” Neito said, “Oh that reminds me." A smirk crossed the blonde's face. "I need to mark you before Shishida learns you're supernatural and beats me to it."






Izuku hid his face as he heard Hound Dog laughing at how he smelled. Neito did in fact mark him, but at least it wasn't something doggy like having to pee on him or something.  Neito had dragged him downstairs to the rest of the family, and the Monomas had proceeded to dogpile the brothers. When Izuku finally escaped from the cuddle pile, he and Yuji both smelled different. "Welcome to the Monoma pack." He felt… Safe. 


 At least he wasn't facing the man alone, Aizawa had brought Izuku and Yuji to UA and then to the office. Yuji giggled as Aizawa’s feline features came out and immediately let go of Izuku’s hand to chase the two tails coming from the nekomata. 


"So, what's this about?" Izuku questioned the adults, Aizawa shooting Hound a serious look. 

Hound Dog managed to stop laughing at that and straightened as he watched  Yuji try to catch Aizawa’s tails, the latter dodging every grab. "Can't give you your birthday presents in the teacher's lounge." 


"Presents? I wasn't really expecting," Two familiar scents entered the room and Izuku looked towards them. He blanched at the small mountain wheeled in with the two vampires. "Anything… What's going on?" 


“I regret having vocal cords.” The blonde man whined, flopping on the ground after the pile was put down.


“Why are there so many gifts?” Izuku fretted, unsure and concerned. A yowl sounded off and Izuku turned around to see that Yuji had managed to catch one of Aizawa’s tails in his hands and wasn’t letting go. Izuku went to help free the nekomata from the grasp of the four year old. As he did Aizawa spoke.


“Hizashi has a loud mouth. Told the supernatural world that you exist.” Once his tails were free the raven-haired man made his cat features disappear, much to the toddlers disappointment. When he heard Yuji start to whine, Mic scooped Yuji up and babbled reassuringly in english about something. A gift slid Izuku’s way and he caught it, he read the tag. 


“I know dhampirs have a problem with other vampires going after their blood so this should help prevent any sudden bites. - Irinaka Joi.” 


“The Tsukumogami? Wow, word mustva spread quickly.” Present Mic spoke as he let Yuji wear his neck speaker, which was luckily off. Ripping open the black wrapping showed a black box, opening it revealed a thick black cotton choker. The adults paled.


“Mic.” Aizawa spoke. “you did mention he was a teen right?” the blonde was frozen in place staring at the item.


“…” the other adults face palmed. 


Izuku let out a weak chuckle and pushed the strange gift away and turned towards the pile. He let a breath and gave a determined look.




Izuku looked at the second to last present, it wasn’t wrapped, it had holes in the sides and was a brown box. He lifted the lid to a small fox pup. Confused Izuku picked it up, and the little pup let out a screaming bark.


"Oh! That one is from me and Shouta!" The blonde vampire smiled. "Its a baby Kitsune! Shouta's recently had a litter and we wanted to give you one since it's  old enough to be away from mom now. They’re smart cookies." 


Izuku smiled and placed the small animal on his lap, staring into blue orbs that stared back. Sniffing his hands and lap, the kitsune chittered at him.


"Its a male by the way. And the runt." Aizawa spoke from his sleeping bag.


The dhampir nodded before smiling. "From now on you'll be Takahiro." The Kitsune made a yip of assent and spun in a circle.


"Midoriya." Vlad King spoke up. Shifting his attention to the older vampire, Izuku looked up. "Close your eyes. Yuji, you too." Both Midoriya's closed their eyes and sat still. The little toddler giggled as Mic helped keep his eyes shut with a hand.


A sudden chill entered the room and Izuku fought the urge to open his eyes.


"Alright. Open them."


Izuku opened his eyes and his breath hitched. 


A middle-aged woman dressed in familiar clothes floated silently in the doorway. Her hand was covering her chest, and she was more transparent than the last time Izuku had seen her. Eyes that were once green were now entirely white, but Izuku could tell she could see. 


Yuji had his voice before Izuku could make it past the lump in his throat.




Inko let out a breath and floated towards the two. Izuku had his mouth open and was seemingly trying to find an answer. Inko's hand moved to his cheek.


"You've grown so much… both of you." The dam broke and Izuku spoke.


"Why? How?" They were the only words that could come out of his mouth currently. 


"Vampire hunters came after me during my lunch break to try and get to you and Yuji. I wouldn't tell them anything about you so they killed me." The empty eyes drooped with sadness. 


"So you never abandoned us?" A strangled noise came from Inko at the accusation. 


"Never! Her hands were trembling, shaking as she touched her sons. "I never would abandon you two! I love you so much, my precious boys." 


"What happened?" 


"Well…. I was just leaving work to get lunch…" Inko started, her words hesitant and gaze flicking from Izuku to Yuji. As if she was finding a way to say it without scaring Yuji. "And next thing i know... I'm being dragged off by someone… I woke up a few minutes later in a dark room… they asked questions about Genta and you two… I didn't give them the answers they liked and They… treated me like a vampire."


The amount of shock in that last sentence could have restarted Izuku's heart. Vlad King had told him back in his internship how vampires, and by extension dhampirs, could be killed. The thought of his mother having that happen to her hurt him. 


"I just wish I could have raised you myself…" Tears finally came out of the ghost. "I love you both so much that I let Genta decide where to put you. That I watched you from afar. And Izuku. I'm so sorry.. You've suffered the most because of me…"


"No it's-"


"Hisashi isn't your real father." 


The room became silent.




"Genta is your actual father. Where you get your vampiric nature. Yuji has it too but its dormant like yours was."


"But you were married to HIM first! How is Genta my dad?!"


"He was there for me too many times to count. My marriage with Hisashi, neither of us wanted it. Arranged so their family could have stronger quirks. Hisashi couldn't have children, not that he'll admit it, and never had any love for me. Genta and I, we love each other. Always have."


The dhampir began sobbing and launched towards Inko for a hug. Quickly getting it when her arms wrapped around him. Yuji joined in a bit confused while Takahiro sat down on his box.


"Izuku," Inko lifted the teen's chin. "Open your last gift." After a few sniffles, Izuku nodded and was handed the box. It was small and wrapped in a blue ribbon. After untying the ribbon, Izuku lifted the lid and stared at the contents. 


A single bronze key.


"Its for a house on campus." Hound Dog spoke. Izuku looked up at the werewolf. "If vampire hunters know you two exist, you'll need the protection. Besides, Nedzu has been planning on adding a dormitory system for a while now. This could be the start of it." 


"It's fit for a prince! Ow!" Looking towards Present Mic showed that Aizawa had kicked him after he said that. Izuku chuckled and leaned right back into the hug his mother was still giving.


"I'll help you move in before the camp. The Monoma's have given the okay for you to do this." Vlad King spoke as he watched the scene. The student gave a small nod as he soon fell asleep.