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Wild Things

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Uraraka wandered through the unnaturally daunting forest with increasing anxiety. Clutching her intricately carved wooden staff like a lifeline to her chest.

Making her way slowly down the uneven muddy path, feeling a shiver make its way down her spine despite her cloak wrapping around her, hood up and enchantments emanating warmth.

She hadn’t planned to end up in such a horribly decayed and ominous forest. She had lost her bearings three forked pathways ago and hadn’t been able to locate the main road that was supposed to lead to the big capital of Yueii, her current destination.

A sweet lady from the tavern she stayed in a week earlier had warned her of many cursed forests as you got closer to the capital. Of course, Uraraka had listened and was sure she had avoided at least two others previously, but was unable to realise where she had ended up until she was deep in its ashen path.

Uraraka didn’t fear being harmed per say, she could very well take care of herself and knew there were very few enemies she couldn’t take on. She did however, fear getting lost. The most terrifying thing about cursed forests was not any predator nor monster lurking in the darkness. It was the way the trees shifted and moved with every step you took, making every path unrecognisable, whether or not you had passed it before. 

Marching onwards, Uraraka repeated to words of her mother not long before she’d left home. 

Her mother sat on the rocking chair in the corner of the room, looking out the window with unfocused eyes, her patchwork dress and apron she seemed to always be wearing sagging off her body more as the days went by. 

Her voice was soft and sweet when she spoke, but despite addressing the young girl beside her, she didn’t seem to realise there was anyone else in the room.  

“You know, Ochako. If you ever get stuck in a cursed forest, don’t turn around. Walk forwards and don’t change directions. I’d hate to see you walking eternally in such a place.”

With a new sense of hope and a flaring spark of determination, Uraraka marched on, ignoring the creaks and snaps of old wood behind her  


It took more hours than she’d like to admit to find her way out of the rotting trees, but once she did it was like a breath of fresh air, literally.

She opened up her lungs like she’d never filled them with oxygen before and promptly turned back towards the dark mass behind her...and flipped it off.

”Ha! Take that you stupid pile of cursed wood! Some twigs aren’t gonna stop me.” She called back to the silence angrily, her finger still raised and sticking her tongue out like a child, she then flipped her hair and turned on her heel, stomping off in the other direction. 

Because of her light-hearted nature, it didn’t take long for Uraraka to bring a smile back to her face, eyes crinkling and brightening further as she saw her destination just ahead. 

Once she caught sight of the familiar large clock tower standing strong and tall in the middle of the tightly placed buildings, she started running down the dirt path, cheekily activating her magic to make her gait faster. 

A sense of excitement bubbles up into a light giggle and she started running towards the big gates at the entrance, shamelessly using a little magic to speed up her gait and get there faster.

At the arrival of the main gate Uraraka was filled with awe. The huge wooden appendages were wide open and the main brick path was filled with people both entering and exiting, the girl wondering why anyone would want to leave.

Taking off the hood of her scarlet cloak she took in the sights and sounds of people bustling around the city, each seeming to have goals and plans of their own.

She quickly made her way past the edge of the city, following wide brick paths until she got to the more central areas. Her eyes wandered over each building lining the edge of the road, each at least two levels high, some appearing to be stores of many different kinds. 

Uraraka didn’t doubt that she would love her time here. Wandering down the busy streets she spent time sightseeing and would occasionally wander into stores, always keeping track of her small pouch of gold and remembering her budget. 

Wandering past a small little cafè, Uraraka decided to see if the food was just as magical as the rest of the city. She wasn’t particularly hungry, having eaten just before wandering into that horrid forest, but decided she could use a snack.

Walking into the small dining area and hearing the ring of the bell from the door she selected a table for two in the back corner right next to the window, it didn’t take long for a bubbly waitress to come up to her. 

The woman had bright pink skin with matching hair and small horns protruding from it, her eyes completely black apart from bright golden irises looking back at her. 

Uraraka felt excitement building in ber belly once again. She must be a pixie! It’s amazing how the different races live so happily together! 

”Hello! Welcome to Styx! My name is Ashido and I’ll be your server today. Here’s your menu, would you like some water to start off with?” Her voice was as bright and bubbly as her hair and she didn’t lose enthusiasm for a minute.

”Nice to meet you, Ashido. Yes, some water would be lovely.” She responded with a much softer but equally friendly smile.

Ashido padded off to collect a glass and water as Uraraka’s eyes wandered over the menu.

Oooh the lemon meringue looks so good! Oh but it’s so expensive. There’s tiramisù too? And it’s made with mascarpone and not cream? Ugh, that’d be too filling though, just a snack, a reward for making it here, still on a budget- OH MY GOD THEY HAVE MOCHI. 

Not realising how long she’d been sitting there Ashido returned to ask if she’d found what she’d like. Uraraka frowned but decided that it might be best to ask Aishido what she recommended.

”Um, Ashido?” She perked up at the sound of her name and smiled sweetly in response.

”Well, I’m having a bit of a struggle. See, I just got in town so I’m on a really tight budget but everything looks so good but I also ate not that long ago but I know I could finish it if I really tried but it’s supposed to be a snack but if I order an expensive one then I won’t have enough for a drink and-” She was promptly cut off by the bright laughter from the woman standing beside her. 

“Sorry, it’s just you sound like me when I first got here. I had some very similar struggles and someone helped me then too, it’s almost ironic isn’t it? Anyway, I recommend the sweet peach tart and a spiced chai. You’ll leave with plenty in your pocket and your stomach.” She responded. 

“Alright, I’ll have that. Thanks!” 

Uraraka waited another few minutes, hearing the machines turning on and off, likely preparing her chai. 

As soon as Ashido placed the small but elegant tart and chai with impressive designs in it, Uraraka was quick to dive in, finishing the whole tart and half her chai in just a couple of moments. 

It was safe to say, Uraraka was satisfied. As she got out her pouch to pay, Ashido spoke up again, tapping a few buttons on the register and printing a receipt. 

“You said you’re new so you probably don’t have a place to stay yet right? I don’t know how big your budget is for beds but I have a friend who runs a nice little tavern near the city wall on the east side. Its a bit of a walk to get to the city square from there but it does make it cheaper. Its by no means a permanent place to stay but it should get you started.” She informed, handing over her change and one again smiling. 

“I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks again!” She called while leaving the cafè and wandering back into the streets. 

The sun had set considerably and a warm orange hue covered the city like a blanket. As much as Uraraka wanted to keep exploring to see the city at night, she knew it would be smarter to find somewhere to sleep first. 

Heading over to the tavern Ashido mentioned and asking a few people for directions along the way, Uraraka found herself feeling a sense of freedom. A light feeling blooming throughout her body, making her feel comfortingly relaxed. 


Upon reaching the tavern, Uraraka couldn’t help but notice how much nicer it was than she expected. The last tavern she’d stayed at was run down, not completely dirty but held spots that were often missed and had and assortment of damaged supplies. This tavern...was much different. 

It was made using a much brighter type of wood and had clearly been built within the last couple of years, windows clear and without smudges and not a tile missing from the dark maroon roof. 

Uraraka collected the key for a single room and made her way upstairs, feeling exhausted and contemplating a nap or just going to sleep now. 

The room was modest but not fancy, the bed was soft with clean sheets and a small desk was placed just beside it, facing the window. The bathroom was similarly modest and she decided she’d have no problems staying for a while. Taking off her cloak and placing her staff, pouch of money and waterskin on the table she decided a shower was much needed and spent much longer than necessary under the steaming water.

After she finished her shower she changed back into her clothes and scrambled into bed. Deciding that exploring the city more could wait another day. 


When waking up the next day Uraraka quickly realised she’d likely slept in until late morning, the sun outside just a few hours off reaching its peak. 

She promptly got up and decided she couldn’t wait any longer, she had things to do. 

Collecting all her things again she left her room and made her way back onto the streets, mentally listing all the things she had to do that day, the top of her list being, find a job. 

Back at home, finding a job had been easy. Mages were in high demand and although many people can use magic, not so many are practiced in it. However she was fairly certain that the ratio of people trained in magic to people not was quite a bit different and was expecting to struggle a bit. Although, she hasn’t expected to struggle this much. 

She’d wandered in and out of every store, restaurant and establishment she’d come across and found that barely anyone was looking for employees, or if they were, they were small jobs that paid far too little to live off of. 

Figuring she could look for work in another portion of the city tomorrow she moved on to her next task. Find a magic shop. 

Although many of the shops she walked into had sold magic items and spell scrolls, she had yet to run into a shop just for magic. Reeling in her pride she decided to ask the shopkeeper of a nearby florist, those are always nice right?

Luckily, it was a lovely old man and he explained that while there were no rules or laws about the location of magic stores, they had mostly accumulated in the northern parts of the city. She thanked him and quickly began making her way north, happy at the thought that something could go right. 

It became very obvious once she had entered the northern parts of the city. As she looked around, slowly slowly more stores and restaurants seemed to have workers and items containing magic. Her own magic stirred, fingers tingling at being surrounded by so much wonder. 

She walked for a couple of minutes before she came across a store on the corner of a two storey block, eminating large amounts of magic. She almost bolted into the store and instantly her magic called to her. Home. 

Looking at all the items along the walls and shelves she made her way to the counter, inspecting each item closely. The rang the little bell at the counter and waited for someone to appear. 

The man who appeared made her magic flare with curiosity. His long blond hair was broken by a black stripe on the side, his equally gold eyes smiling at her. 

She quickly deduced that he was a mage, or at least had decent control over his magic, but something about it made her twitch. Sensing his magic swirling was like putting your hand in a rushing river, no. More like the heavy wind in the middle of a storm or-. Then it hit her. 

“You’re a lux mage!” She cried, slamming her hands down on the counter dramatically. 

The man before her simply laughed, covering his mouth with his hand as he did so. 

“Yeah. I am, it was unexpected but I’m impressed. That’s the second fastest anyone’s figured it out.” He explained, still chuckling a bit. 

“Second fastest?” She mumbled. She knew her physical magic wasn’t at its peak yet and she was aiming to fix that, but she’d always found that her ability to sense and understand magic was better than most, so it was surprising to find that someone else had sensed the lightning in his magic before her, who had only taken a few moments. 

She supposed he heard her because he then replied. 

“Yeah. I wouldn’t feel too bad about it though, that guy’s insane. Said he could feel it the minute he walked in. He described it as ‘that feeling when you remember you left the fucking stove on but it’s constant’ and then he said ‘reel that shit in, you’re making me anxious just being around you’.” He explained, laughing at the end. 

Uraraka found herself laughing along with him, curious about who this person was, but also excited at the knowledge of a talented mage in the city. 

“Anyway. The name’s Kaminari. How can I help ya?” He asked, an arm leaning over the counter casually. 

“Oh! Actually I was wondering if you have some mermaid silk and some vir crystals” 

“Sure do. What grade do you want for the crystals?” He asked, walking towards the back of the store. 

“Um black ruby please. And two bottles if you don’t mind.” She called back to him, once again wandering around the store and looking some some unique items in cabinets. 

Wow. He has some amazing stuff here. Phoenix feathers, crystallised leviathan tears, even a piece of time from the ancient war!

Hearing him arrive back with her requested items she made her way back to the counter and pulled out her pouch, ready to spend a bit but knowing it was worth it. 

“Alright so the mermaid silk is from the Mirth mermaids so if you’re using it for a potion you’ll have to counter the water bacteria with a bit of lemongrass, and the vir crystals came in yesterday so they’re still a bit tender, they should be good to use by tomorrow though.” He explained, putting each item in a box and then a bag as he mentioned them. 

“No worries. Thank you very much!” She said, handing him the money and being surprised that it was about the same price as back home. It was good to know that the population of the city didn’t raise the price.

”Have a nice day!” He called, waving to her as she left. 

Feeling a sense of accomplishment with what she had bought, Uraraka headed back to her room at the tavern and dropped off her items, arranging them neatly on her desk. 

It was a little past noon so she decided it was about time to go find somewhere to eat lunch, although she expected it to go a little smoother than it did. 

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Honestly, Uraraka had just wanted some lunch. Nothing fancy, just something pleasant to fill her stomach and give her the energy to walk around some more and possibly find a clothes store with fluffy socks so her feet don’t get cold at night, as she'd left hers at home, not wanting to have to carry too much. 

She had walked down what seemed to be a general food area, if the expanse of restaurants, cafès and food stalls were anything to go by. 

Uraraka weaved her her way through the people and peered into every window she passed, walking away from some with a sigh as she quickly realised they were far too expensive.

The place she ended up choosing was a cute little place tucked away behind an array of stalls, almost hiding its existence. It was homey and seemed the kind of place where the head cook was an old grandmother who wouldn't let you leave until you'd had your fill. 

Uraraka smiled at the thought and just as she was about to slide open the old wooden door, she felt a sudden pressure on her hip, and then a weight being removed. 

My money! Ugh and my silk and crystals. 

Moving quickly on her feet, Uraraka followed the small and seemingly malnourished child though alleyways and backstreets, never letting him out of her sight. Just as she reached forward with her staff, attempting to grab the pouch with her magic, he slipped away into another corner, a few gold pieces clattering to the ground. 

Just as she got to the street the boy had run into, he was gone. Knowing how nimble those street children could be, she figured that he'd at least have enough money and products to sell for some gold warm food. 

However, looking at the three meager coins that had fallen on the floor, she knew she wouldn't have enough for everything she needed. 

Yes, technically she had enough to pay for her room for the next 3 nights and have some decent but fairly cheap food, however she really needed those magic items. The crystals, she could live without, she mostly used them to engrave into her staff to keep it strong and healthy, it should last about another month without serious damage. 

The mermaid silk however, was much more important. Mermaid silk is the best product for repairing items, the higher quality silks could even close up and repair human wounds without even a scar. For the case of Uraraka, she needed it to repair her grimoire. 

Although mages didn't need staffs or grimoires to conjure magic, they did make it much easier to create complex spells, and all the best mages had them. 

Uraraka's grimoire had been given to her by her grandmother and she had taken such good care of it until her clumsiness caused her to trip whist she was reading and left a tear one of the pages. As her grimoire didn't have a physical form until she materialised it, she scolded herself for days about her carelessness. 

If her grimoire wasn't repaired soon, the page was likely to desintegrate and she'd loose those sets of spells entirely. 

Tossing up her situation, Uraraka figured that so long as she managed to grab a job that same day, she could sweetly ask to be paid for her first day up front, skipping a meal or two was worth it. 

Having made up her mind. Uraraka clutched her remaining money in her hand, refusing to even loosen her hold until she arrived, making a mental note to keep some money stashed in her room in case of emergency. 


Arriving back at the same store for the second time that day, and for the same items was...embarrassing. 

Uraraka had thought that maybe other magic stores had the same items for the same price however she quickly found that to not be the case. Some places were only a little dearer but others were charging almost twice the amount she'd paid earlier that day. 

Taking a huge breath, Uraraka clasped the coins so tight she was sure to have left indents in her hand. She then walked straight on and shoved the front door open with much more vigor than was necessary. 

Peeking at the familiar counter she found that it was empty, just as it had been earlier. She strolled over to the bell on the solid wood and rang it twice. 

Uraraka had expected Kaminari to appear quickly as he did before however this time, she didn't even hear movement. 

"Um. Kaminari? It's the girl from earlier, I know I was here before but I went to get lunch and I had my money and items stolen by a boy so I was wonderi-" 

She was promptly cut off by heavy footsteps coming from her left, behind the counter. Turning, she realised a set of narrow wooden steps lead upwards to what she presumed to be the second floor. 

Her first assumption that it would be Kaminari, was wrong. Very wrong. 

Turning to the descending person she realised that he did have familiar blond hair, however not at all like the blond she had seen a few hours prior.  

This man was...gorgeous, to say the least. Easily a head taller than her and with a slim but clearly muscled body that almost made her blush just by looking at it. Almost. 

His hair was much lighter than Kaminari's and puffed out in a ball of spikes. He had a jawline so sharp she was sure she could've grated flackstone on it, and his eyes. So sharp and deeply red she could have mistaken them for scarlet gems, a frown placed upon them somehow making him more intimidating in a different sort of way. 

"Who're you?" She blurted out in a hurry, hardly thinking about the words before she spoke them and realising he probably couldn't even understand them. 

He snorted at her now flushed cheeks and leaned casually on the counter, accenting how ridiculously small those hips were and- 

"Oy! Round face. You listening?" He half shouted, she hadn't even realised he'd been talking, his now recognised deep voice vibrating in her own chest. 

"Oh! Sorry, what we're you saying?" She asked, laughing a little and scratching behind her head awkwardly, not even recognising the nickname.

"I said, ain't it bad manners to ask someone who they are before you introduce yourself?" He huffed, clearly annoyed at having to repeat himself. 

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry. My name's Uraraka Ochako." She introduced, holding her hand out to offer a hand shake. 

He looked at her hand blankly and then shifted his eyes back to hers, ignoring her gesture. 

"Bakugou Katsuki. What d'ya want? The electric idiot isn't here." He asked, wandering over to the other end of the counter to seemingly pick up a paper and pen, likely to write a note to Kaminari. 

"Electric...what?" She questioned quietly, curious about his nickname. 

"If you were a half decent mage then you'd know who I'm talking about. What do you want?" He asked sharply, not seeming to want to let the conversation drag on. 

"Right, sorry. I bought some items this morning but they were stolen not that long ago so I came to buy some mermaid silk." She explained quickly, not wanting to make him any angrier.

He hummed curiously and put his paper and pen down without writing anything and wandered into the back. 

When he wandered back in with a spool of mermaid silk, he spoke as he began wrapping it and putting it into a small paper bag. 

"You're a newbie so you were probably robbed by one of the street kids right?" He asked, placing the bag on the table as she handed over the money. 

"How did you know I was new here?" She asked, not picking up the bag for fear of it ending the conversation. 

He snorted again and even let out a small laugh this time, and she couldn't help herself from wishing that she could hear it forever. 

"Have you seen your clothes? They scream 'country chick', don't need gum boots in the city hun." He smirked showing off a sliver of an array of perfectly straight and white teeth. 

Uraraka huffed at his comment. Surely it wasn't that obvious. Her cloak was bright red and embroidered with gold twine patterns along the edge, modest and nice. The rest of her outfit though, she had to agree. Her shoes weren't gum boots, but they were very much the kind of shoes you wore knowing they would get muddy. Her pants were now torn a little at the bottom and were starting to feel a little tight around her thighs, and she didn't even want to talk about her top, but luckily he couldn't see that. 

She pouted angrily and let him and almost let out a sassy retort when a familiar gurgle echoed through the store. 

She still hadn't eaten, and her stomach wasn't happy about it. Her face flushed with embarrassment. 

Bakugou sighed heavily, a blank look on his face. 

"How much did the kid take?"

"Everything except 3 gold coins." She mumbled, ashamed as being so vulnerable in front of a stranger. 

This time he didn't sigh, but uncharacteristically grabbed her small paper bag from the table and dumped it unceremoniously into her hands walking around the counter and to the exit. 

When she didn't move he turned back to her. 

"You coming? 'Coz I'm not fucking paying if you take too long." He called before pushing the door open and leaving with just the chime of the bell behind him. 

She quickly rushed after him. 


As they walked she noticed he seemed to be leading her further and further towards the south side of the city, where the magic lessened and the people had less presence.

"Hey, why are we going all the way out here? There are closer places back near the shop." She asked waiting for his response that took a moment to come. 

"They all cook shit with magic. The waiters use magic, even the goddamn coffee machine runs on magic. It's fucking disgusting." He said, scowling much harder than he had before.

”You don’t like magic then? Even though you’re a mage?” She asked softly. 

“A mage?! Fuck no. As if I’d ever be one of those disgusting things.” He spat out, face cringing into a snarl. 

“Hey! I’m on of those ‘disgusting things’. And magic is amazing! It’s pretty hard to get strong but once you do you can create all sorts of spells and circles. It’s super useful.” She retorted, almost hoping he’d take it back. 

“Strong? Magic isn’t fucking strong, it’s deceptive and a load of bullshit. You want strength go and get it yourself, don’t rely on something that takes more than it gives.” He started angrily, but somehow finished so softly she barely heard him. 

“Well, I suppose that’d mean you’re strong then?” She asked. 

“Fuck yeah I am. You wanna find out Round Face?” She asked, smirking down at her. 

Round Face?

”You bet I do! After lunch. Let’s spar, we’ll see how far you get against my magic. No serious damage though, we just have to pin each other. I don’t wanna hurt you.” She challenged. 

“Hurt me? Nice one. Also we’re here.” He called, turning into one of the pricier cafès she remembered seeing before. 

The thought of fighting someone strong made Uraraka’s blood pump. 

Now I can see how far I’ve come. 


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Uraraka almost regretted her decision to challenge Bakugou. Almost. 

After they’d finished eating a light lunch, Bakugou had lead her to a park not far from the city centre that had large open sections of grass. As much as she didn’t want to burn or ruin the vibrant and healthy foliage, the area was just too perfect for sparring. 

Before they had started, some ground rules were set. No severely injuring the other person, the match had to stop if any civilians got in the way, the match ended either when one of them forfeited or could no longer fight. Pretty basic stuff. 

When they first started, Uraraka thought he was an idiot. As she put her staff out protectively in front of her and summoned her magic to life in preparation for an attack, Bakugou stood there the whole time, fully relaxed and not even in any sort of fighting stance. 

Uraraka looked at him curiously. The way he stood left him completely open, she could attack from any angle at any time. Deciding to not give him time to figure out how to defend himself, she pooled her magic into her staff, seeing the familiar magic circle weaving into unknown symbols appear as she summoned a basic fire spell. 

The second the magic circle appeared, Bakugou moved. Far quicker than she could even follow with her eyes, he completely avoided her oncoming attack and got into close combat. 

Uraraka, shocked by the events, defended against his swift and practiced attacks with her staff. In a flurry of panic, she began to summon an air spell to push him away and create some distance. However, once again he had moved right as the circle appeared and grabbed her staff with his bare left hand. 

He must be insane! Yes, the air spell won’t affect his hand at all but what if it was a fire spell? He could’ve lost his hand!

With some quick thinking, Uraraka was able to summon a basic raw lightning spell in her left hand and swipe it towards him, he dodged it with incredible reflexes, but was forced to let go of her staff to get away. 

Managing to gain some distance, Uraraka took the time to catch her breath and think. Even as they stood there, eyeing each other off, Bakugou still held a casual and uncaring stance, but his eyes said otherwise. A piercing red glare watching her every move, slipping over to her staff every few moments. She needed a plan.

He always moved as soon as he saw her magic circles appear, so he always got to her before she could cast the spell. She figured she had three options. She could choose a spell that was quick to cast, like a weaker fire or air spell. She could pick a spell that took the same time to cast but was quicker to get to him, a lightning spell would work but it took a lot of concentration. It wouldn’t matter if he could get to her first anyway. Her final option was to get him off his feet, an earth spell to make the ground uneven and send him off balance.

Deciding to try a mix of option one and three, Uraraka summoned a weak fire spell in her empty hand. As she predicted he moved as soon as soon as he saw it. Moving quickly, she summoned an earth spell and sent rows of uneven rocky ground towards him. 

His eyes flashed in the other direction, not to the ground, but her staff. He stopped his approach and jumped about four large steps to his left, and stopped moving. 

At first, Uraraka thought he was stupid, she could manipulate the direction of her attack so it wouldn’t matter if he moved away. She sent it straight for him but became completely speechless when he was unharmed. Her spell reached its distance limit and stopped barely a few feet in front of him. 

Stunned, Uraraka barely moved when he bolted forward and pulled her into a hold, knocking her staff out of her hand entirely. 

Breathing heavily from magic exhaustion,  Uraraka simply layed there even as Bakugou got off her and sat cross-legged a few feet away with a smirk of victory.

“How-” She started, still breathing heavily. 

“How did- how did you do that?” She finally got out. 

“Do what?” He asked, a smirk indicating her knew exactly what she was talking about. 

“You moved before I’d even cast the spell. Every time.

“Yeah well I’m not a very patient guy.” He said nonchalantly, his smirk turning into a frown. 

“But you didn’t even know what I was going to cast yet! When you grabbed my staff it could’ve been a fire spell and you would have lost that hand.” She retorted, sitting up and waving her arms dramatically. 

“Theoretically yes. But I knew it wasn’t a fire spell.” He responded. 

“What? You couldn’t have known that unless-” Her eyes widened with realisation and his frown once again turned into a smirk. 

“You getting it sweet cheeks?” He teased. 

“You read the magic circles. But that’s impossible. They’re incredibly unpredictable and for every minuscule change in magic the circle changes, and the symbols are in Magor, which is a lost language anyway and even if you knew all that, to do it so quickly in the midst of battle would be...” She looked at him in awe. Completely and utterly amazed at the man in front of her. 

“Teach me.”


Uraraka was now lying on the bed of her little room, exhausted but unable to sleep. 

After her abrupt request, Bakugou had merely snorted before pulling her up and walking her back to the inn. The only thing he’d left her with was a job availability at a cafè on the magical side of the city, the opportunity for some small cash to do deliveries for Kaminari and so, so many questions. 

No one was born with a talent like his. You can’t just learn to read magic circles, people have studied them for years but they change so often and seemingly without pattern that most people just think they’re an irrational concept. 

Uraraka has to get him to teach her. If she had that talent she could defeat any opponent, see their magic before they cast it and whip together a counter spell so they couldn’t hurt her. 

Her current problem was that Bakugou, unfortunately, did not seem too keen on teaching her what he knew. At all. 

However Uraraka was determined. She would pester him all day every day if she had to. She’d work her ass off and pay him for every lesson if that’s what it took. She figured she could go back to Kaminari’s shop tomorrow and see if he was there. 

With a plan in mind she was finally able to fall into a peaceful sleep. 


“Bakugou?” Kaminari asked, peeking over at her from behind the pile of boxes he was holding. 

“Yup. I need to speak to him, it’s an emergency.” She might’ve lied about the emergency but she had a feeling he wouldn’t want to listen to her unless she said it was. 

“Uh he should be back by now so he’s probably upstairs, you can go up but I’d recommend knocking. He’s a little grouchy after a trip.” He said, plopping the boxes heavily in a corner behind the counter. 

“Trip? Where did he go?” She asked curiously. 

“Oh well he lives upstairs, instead of paying me rent or whatever I get him to collect all the magic items I sell and he gets a cut of what I make. He came back with a big haul this morning but he looked tired, he left a few hours before sunrise and came back at mid morning. He might be sleeping but you’re welcome to try.” He said, pulling items upon items out of the boxes and placing them on tables and in cabinets. 

“Oh. Okay then, if he’s sleeping I’ll just come back another time.” She said with a small smile before walking slowly up the narrow wooden steps. 

Normally Uraraka would feel extremely awkward about entering someone’s home, but somehow this time was different. It could have been the familiar buzzing of magic from downstairs or the homely warm smell as she got to the top of the stairs. 

She carefully knocked on the railing by the stairs as she got to the top, hearing no answer she decided to look around. 

The place overall was very neat, but definitely lived in. The main room she entered from had a large glass window directly opposite from it, letting in beams of morning light. On the left wall was a ceiling to floor book case filled with all sorts of titles, most of them informative, very few were fictional and absolutely none of them were about magic. 

Over on the right of the room was a plush but slightly warn couch with a solid wooden coffee table in front of it, an open book lying on top. 

Peeking past the couch she could see a hallway which lead to a small kitchen and dining table. 

To the very left of the room, on either sides on the book case, were two rooms. One of them more tucked away by the railing of the stairs and the other closer to the window. She walked over to the more hidden one and knocked, receiving no answer she tried to open it but found it locked. Uraraka frowned but wandered over to the other door anyway. 

She once again knocked but still getting no answer, tried the door handle. This one wasn’t locked. 

Opening the door Uraraka found the person she was looking for. Lying on his side facing away from her on a bed, sleeping and without a shirt, was Bakugou. Quickly deducing by the wet towel thrown over the back of a desk chair that he’d showered before sleeping, Uraraka found herself far less distracted than she thought she would be. 

He was definitely incredibly muscular, but somehow still thin, yet this wasn’t what caught her attention. It was the large scar in the shape of Lichtenberg figures beginning from his right shoulder blade and spreading across the expanse of his back. In that moment all she could think was how incredibly painful that must’ve felt. 

Now in a much worse mood than when she arrived, Uraraka quietly made her way downstairs and gave a quick goodbye to Kaminari before wandering endlessly through the streets, stuck in her own thoughts. 


After a few hours of walking, Uraraka decided to visit the cafè Bakugou mentioned to see if they would be willing to hire her. 

Seeing the aforementioned sign ‘Mystic’, Uraraka pushed open the glass door and, inhaling the smell of warm coffee and sweet desserts, walked over to the counter. 

There she met a young woman with black hair pulled into a hairtie and a soft smile. 

“Hi! My name is Yaoyorozu, how can I help you?” She smiled. 

“Um, I’ve been told that there’s a job opening here? I’d like to apply for the position.” 

“Ah yes of course. If you’d like I can book you for an interview with my manager some time next week?”

“Sure. I’m fairly free so any time works.”

“Alright, lets say next Tuesday at about the eleventh hour?”

“No worries. I’ll see you then!” She called, practically skipping out of the cafè. 

Uraraka had planned to just grab something to eat and head back to the inn, but passing by the library she remembered what she saw this morning and decided to do some research. 


After a couple of hours of research, Uraraka was about ready to cry. It turns out lightning magic is very specific, she could use it herself but it was very unrefined and not at all powerful, only certain clans could use its full power without damaging their own bodies. 

Uraraka had been able to narrow down the magic used to inflict the wound on Bakugou quite a bit. From what she could tell, it was incredibly powerful, as evident by how deep the discolouration of the scars were. She had also been able to identify that it was used without a staff or magical item, the large section of scarring at the impact point showed that. 

Uraraka couldn’t help but feel that she’s invaded his privacy. She hadn’t even known him for more than a day! But her curiosity had taken over and she hadn’t bothered to try reasoning herself out of it. What a horrible thing to do. 

Leaving the library, Uraraka walked back to the inn with a heavy sense of guilt and  knowledge she felt she should never have acquired. 

Chapter Text

Uraraka was ashamed. So horribly and disgustingly guilty that she'd admit, she hadn't walked anywhere near Kaminari's store for two weeks, despite her abrupt exit last time. 

She had managed to get a job at Mystic and had managed to collect some money, but not enough to start saving to eventually get a real place to live in. Eating out every day was doing terrible things for her diet and fitness and her little room at the inn offered no utilities for any kind of cooking. 

Doing odd delivery jobs for Kaminari, as was recommended would help her cause. The hours would make it easy to work around her shift times at the café and the money on the side would give her some spending money...but there was no way she could go back. After what she'd done, she was sure she'd never be able to look at Bakugou again. 

Uraraka decided to head over to the nice little place she'd visited on her first day in the city. It had a nice homely smell and she could really use a warm drink, anything other than the heavy rock of guilt in her stomach to weigh her down. 

The café was just as bright and homely as she remembered and she decided to continue with her pattern from last time and sit in the little table in the corner. Almost just as quickly as last time, the head of fluffy pink hair arrived with a bounce in her step. This felt like déjà vu. 


“Hi! Welcome to Styx, my name is Ashido," she introduced. 

"Hello. Don't know if you remember me but I came in here a few weeks ago. You recommended the peach tart?" 

"Hmmmm. Sorry love, I work here six days a week. Too many faces to remember them all, would you like the tart again then?" She asked, smile as bright as ever. 

"Honestly I could use some advice more than a tart, but I'll have a mocha thank you."

"Some advice huh? I mean if you really need some girl talk I'm on my break in twenty. Mug or glass?" She mused, fiddling with her pen, not needing to write anything down. 

"Mug please. I'll take you up on that offer, I could really use an unbiased opinion." 

"Sure thing hun, I'll bring your drink and when I'm on break I'll pop a squat and we can talk." She smiled again, golden irises glimmering. 




Uraraka was happy for the drink, it was warm and knowing she would be able to talk made her feel a little better about what she'd done. Twenty-five minutes later Ashido sat on the opposite chair with a little pastry on a plate and her chin cupped in her hand. 


“So, what's been on your mind?" She asked, taking a bite of the ricotta filled treat. 

"Okay, so I'm a mage and not long after I got here I really needed some items to fix up my staff and grimiore. So I found this little shop with tons of magic items and bought what I needed. Then I got robbed by this little kid when I just wanted lunch and lost most of my money and the items I'd bought. Then with the bit I had left I went back to the store to buy one of the things because I didn't have money for both and instead of the other casheer there was a different dude who was kind of angry but definitely hot so-"

"OH! You met Bakugou!" She exclaimed, shoving the last of her pastry in her mouth and seemingly ignoring the rest of the explanation. 

"You know him?" She asked, feeling dread creep into her stomach. 

"Well, sort of. Pretty much everyone in this city knows him. Not hard to match the name to the face and the face to the personality." 

"Ugh, that makes this so much more complicated," she groaned. 

"Did you fuck?" Ashido asked with complete seriousness. 

"WHAT? NO!" She screamed, getting looks from nearby customers. 

"Calm down girly, it would be an achievement really. Despite his looks he doesn't really date or do stands. So what happened then?"




Uraraka explained everything that happened after meeting him, from her fight to being in his room, and her guilt from after it. Perhaps she shouldn't have put so much trust in this complete stranger, she had the power to completely ruin her reputation forever now, but she'd felt so horribly guilty it would have eaten her alive. 


" a complicated situation," Ashido finally responded. 

"I know! To be honest I was having a blast and was super excited to learn more than I thought I could know about magic and then I did something stupid and now I'm never going to be able to look him in the face again." Uraraka groaned into her hands, not feeling as comforted as she thought she would. 

"Honestly it doesn't seem like your fault to me. Kaminari told you to go upstairs didn't he?" Ashido asked, raising a curious eyebrow. 

"Well yes but I should have walked up, seen no one was around and left. I snooped around! That's got to be a sin somewhere right?" Uraraka cried, waving her arms around dramatically. 

"Well you're not wrong love, that was a pretty shitty thing to do. If it's really gonna weigh on you that bad, why not come clean?" The pixie suggested. 

"WHAT? That would mean coming clean about entering without permission, snooping around a personal space and seeing something that I'm certain is personal and possibly traumatising."

"That's right, but coming clean about it now might be better than it coming out later, because it will. At least this way, you'll both have time to get over it and it shouldn't be as damaging." Ashido explains. She wasn't wrong, however owning up may ruin any chance Uraraka has towards learning about magic circles and how to read them, as well as whatever other crazy things Bakugou may know. 

"I'll think about it, I shouldn't need to be in that part of town for anything except work anyway. Hopefully I can avoid him long enough to make a solid decision. Thank you for the talk Ashido, you're really an amazing person. I'll leave your tip at the counter." Uraraka concluded, standing up and collecting her bag, making her way back out onto the quiet street. 

'I only hope that whenever the truth comes out, I'll be able to bounce back from the aftershock.' 




Luckily, Uraraka had managed to completely avoid Kaminari's shop and, therefore Bakugou, for the following couple of weeks. She had been focusing so strongly on taking as many shifts at the café as possible and had even managed to find a small apartment on the outskirts of the magic district. Rent was a little expensive but with how often she was working she had her payments for the next couple of months and even some spare change saved up. 

Unfortunately, on the eighteenth day of avoiding the dreaded store, Uraraka really needed those vir crystals. Her staff had been looking awfully dull and was making it incredibly difficult to even channel magic with it.

Dreading the inevitable, Uraraka gathered the money needed, placing it into an inside pocket of her recently bought pants and locked up her apartment. As she walked, Uraraka began making a long list of all the things she needed to collect to make her stay more comfortable. For starters, some furniture. The nice lady who was providing the apartment had left a decent sized bed, a small dining table set and a little desk in the main bedroom. The living room, spare bedroom and bathroom were, while fully functional, relatively empty. She knew it would take a while to save up enough to buy all she wanted, but was determined to make it truly feel like home. 

Before she knew it, her destination was before her. With a deep breath and an increasing knot of anxiety thrumming in her lower belly, she opened the door and heard the familiar bell echo throughout the store. Before she'd even made it to the counter, Kaminari was arriving with his trademark smile and bright attitude. 


"Uraraka! It's been a while! Man I almost thought you wouldn't come back." Kaminari greeted, pouting a little at the end. 

"Yeah well, I haven't really needed anything until now." She half-lied with an awkward laugh. 

"Aww you don't need a reason to come here. If you're in the area and not too busy you should stop by, I have the best customer stories." Kaminari jested. 

"Sure thing, next time I'll stop by." 

"Sweet, so whatcha looking for?" He asked. 

"Just some vir crystals, back ruby please." She asked, pulling her coin pouch out of her pocket to collect the money. 

"Sure thing! You must use magic pretty often to need them so soon though." He mused, walking over to a cabinet at the back. 

Then, quicker than Uraraka could respond, the dull thump of footsteps coming from the stairs got closer. 

"Oi Sparky, do you remember if we got any-"

The clatter of coins against the hardwood floor interrupted the familiar deep voice. Both other people in the store looked straight to the source, shocked.

Uraraka was frozen, coins forgotten on the floor and gaze locked onto the worn oak desk. True, there was always a possibility Bakugou was in the store, even that we would be the only one in the store, however Uraraka hadn't planned that far and was unable to react. 

"Hey Uraraka, are you okay?" Kaminari called, running over to her and putting his hand on her shoulder. 

Uraraka found herself unable to conjure a response, she had had issues with anxiety in the past, her parents having to spend more money that she'd like to admit on various medications to help. However, in recent years she'd found it easy to distract herself before any sort of anxiety attack occurred. 

However in this moment, with a situation she felt she couldn't control, her hands shook, sweat beading at her hairline and breaths coming in uneven pants. 

"Hey Bakugou, can you go get a wet towel or something?" Kaminari asked, trying to get a reaction out of her. 

"She doesn't need a towel, dipshit. She's having an anxiety attack, step back a minute." He ordered before stepping directly in front of the girl. He leaned down a bit so her eyes looked in his general direction, glazed and unseeing. Not touching her, he leaned in a little and spoke in a low yet calming voice. 

"Round face, I need you to nod if you can hear me okay? Do you understand me?" 

Uraraka gathered what little control she could and barely tilted her head down, hoping he noticed. 

"Good. Now I need you to try and focus on something. Think about three things you can hear for me, you don't have to tell me, but listen to what you can hear." He responded, softly and calmly. 

'What I can hear? There's someone talking outside, loudly. Or-no, lots of people, walking around too. There's a clock somewhere, ticking a little out of time, and someone is walking around the room, making the floor creak.'

"That's good, now what you can see, try and look around a bit, find something interesting on the shelves." He instructed, never raising his voice and never stuttering with his intonation. 

'I can see, Bakugou in front of me, his eyes are really pretty, like my mother's engagement ring. On the shelves? There's a strange globe on it with swirls of magic within, rotating eternally. In the cabinet, there's a little pendant, I can't see what's on it though, looks old and worn.'

"Okay, now I want you to focus on your breathing, keep it steady and follow me upstairs, I'll make you tea."

The next hour was relatively blurry. Uraraka remembered being sat on a plush couch and being handed a warm cup of jasmine tea. After two, or maybe three refills she had been able to slowly regain her senses and was hyper aware of her being, once again, in the home of the one person she'd wanted to avoid lately. Looking over at the man leaning against the counter, eyes no longer soft but back to their usual rigidity. 


"That wasn't the first time." He interrupted, moving to put his hands casually in his pockets. 

"If it was the first time you'd have fallen into another panic attack at the stress. You got meds for it or some shit?" He asked, not speaking as softly as before but no where near the boisterous volume she'd heard before. 

"I...had medicine when I was in my hometown, but since coming here I haven't really the had time, or financial security, to go to a doctor." She responded timidly, keeping her eyes glued to the bottom of her cup. 

"Well when you do get the chance, maybe get on that. Next time it might be someone like Dunce face to see you and you'll be having a bath before anything else." 

“Of course. Thank you for your hospitality, I'll going now." She responded, never looking him in the eye and collecting her things. 

"Here." She barely had time to react to the small object being thrown at her, catching it awkwardly and recognising the small bottle of crystals. 

"Oh I haven't paid for these yet-"

"Keep it. Just remember to come back some time, Dunce face wouldn't shut up about it when you didn't come back last time." He responded, walking over to his room dismissively. 

"Oh. Sure, I'll be going then." She called back quietly, making her way down the stairs to the main shop. 

After thanking Kaminari, Uraraka slowly made her way home, thinking over all that had happened, feeling too exhausted to really process all that had happened. Upon entering her apartment, she quickly replaced the worn crystals of her staff with the new ones, placing the old ones in a jar to later be crushed to powder for enchanting. 

Just moments after collapsing unceremoniously on her bed, Uraraka had fallen into a dreamless sleep, the best one she'd have for a while.

Chapter Text

Uraraka wouldn't say she was doing well per say, but considering she'd only been in the city for a little over two months, she wasn't complaining. 

Taking up Kaminari's offer to do delivery jobs had really helped and occasionally he'd let her shadow him at the counter, preparing for when she'd eventually be able to do it herself. Her living room now had a second-hand couch she'd bought of a neighbour and repaired to just a slightly worn condition, and a small oval coffee table sat before it. 

Her time spent so far had felt both relaxing an exhilarating experience. She had seen Bakugou many times over the past month and had refrained herself to a curt nod, aware that she still had business in relation to him. 

Uraraka didn't like to think herself as selfish, however her plans in regarding her grumpy co-worker were purely for her own advantage. She had picked up a small box of what Kaminari said we're his favourite spicy candies and was preparing to ask him to teach her his knowledge of magic. Bribing him may have been a little over the top, however one couldn't become a Great Mage by mastering the basics alone. Magic was becoming more unique and flexible as the years went past, mages more talented and creative as ever, Uraraka needed a skill no one else had, something to seperate her from everyone else.

Uraraka was expecting the scenario to require some nagging to get what she wanted, however she was determined that she’d be able to get what she wanted in the end. 

As she strolled casually towards the centre of the magic district after a shift at the café, she wondered just how powerful she could become if she could learn to read magic circles as Bakugou did. All mages knew of magic circles, whenever a spell was cast they would appear, seemingly a structure to the spell and its properties. Circles could be generally defined by magic type, first circles were red, water ones blue, gravity purple and so on, however the runes within them were ever-changing. She’d tried to understand them before, most mages had spent time trying to interpret them, some even spent lifetimes attempting to translate the runes into comprehensible language, but to no avail. 

With a new sense of wonder for what she may learn, Uraraka quickened her pace and arrived at her destination within a matter of minutes. 

“Hey Kaminari!” She called, greeting the blonde as he fiddled with with a trinket at the desk. 

“Yo Uraraka! If you’re here for work then you’re out of luck, we won’t have any deliveries for a few days, most of our regulars have what they need for a while.” He smiled apologetically. 

“Oh I’m not actually but thanks for letting me know. Do you know if Bakugou is upstairs?” She asked, tilting her head with the question. 

“Nah sorry, he left about an hour ago for the Winslow market. No idea what he wanted there but if it’s not desperate I’d come back later. Unless you wanna hang with me~” he replied, winking rather unattractively. 

“Uh, no thanks. Winslow is just past the old church right? I’ll just walk over and find him there.” She replied, smiling awkwardly and adjusting her grip on the small box in her hands. 

“Are you insane! Winslow is where all the shady deals happen, the people without permits who sell stuff under the counter. That’s not the place for a girl like you, even I keep my distance from that place.” He explained, waving his arms around dramatically. 

“If it’s so bad then why’s Bakugou going there? He’s not doing anything illegal is he?” She asked, suddenly anxious for who she was about to ask to be her teacher. 

“Nothing illegal...I think. He’s got connections everywhere, he’s probably the only person who could walk into every district and not be messed with, people owe him favours all over the place as well, maybe he’s cashing in?” He spoke nonchalantly, as though he wasn’t suggesting Bakugou to be some kind of broker. 

“Well then I’ll just have to find him quick, if I’m with him then no one will mess with him right?” Uraraka knew this could be a bad idea, however she was also interested to see the shadier parts of the city, as long as she found Bakugou she would be fine. 

“Look, I won’t stop you but please be careful. If you don’t find him quick then get out, and if anyone offers you anything don’t accept. There’s a mechanic there named Jirou, she’s badass and a total hottie but I’m pretty sure she knows Bakugou, find her and she’ll help you.” He smiled dopily, likely thinking of the mentioned mechanic. 

“Got it, thanks again Kaminari!” She called, leaving the store and heading for the cracked tower that was the old church. 




Uraraka wasn’t truly afraid until she actually arrived at the market. Paths of dirt and filth, contrasting the pale white stone of the main tosses she was used to, stalls run down with creaking wooden frames and a slight stench of oil and old food. Instantly, she realised she stood out. Her clothes, bright and clean with soft fabrics and embroidered edges, whereas the people around her were almost entirely the opposite, dirty and ripped clothes of brow and black, pierced faces and tattooed bodies exerting an aura of danger deep in her belly. 

Feeling more encouraged to find Jirou as quick as possible, she quicker her pace and hoped to find one person who didn’t look like they carried a multitude of weapons on them. Turning a corner to another street of run-down stalls, Uraraka smacked face first into another person, almost falling to the dirtied floor at the impact. 

Uraraka whipped her head upwards so fast she might have gotten whiplash, facing a tall and bulky man she was sure would just about throw a chair at her before giving her time to apologise. 

Right as she saw his bushy eyebrows and asymmetrical face wrinkle into an expression of crumpled anger, another voice screamed from her right. 

“Oi asshole! Might wanna think twice about beating on a pampered rich girl. Might bite back at you later.” An aggressive, feminine voice bellowed, walking heavily and slowly. 

Looking over at the new arrival, Uraraka saw a girl that could only be described as badass. Not much taller than herself but much more intimidating. A head of purple hair cut to her shoulders, a myriad of piercings along both ears, from a long industrial to a crooked ring in her conch. Two red teardrop tattoos on either of her cheeks had Uraraka feeling sick at their meaning, at least until she saw the complex but sturdy automail in place of her right arm. Her clothes were entirely black. A tank top matched with cargo pants tucked into laced black boots reaching her calves. She was the most intimidating woman Uraraka had ever seen, and she’d seen her mother mad. 

“What’s that girly? It doesn’t matter how hard I hit her, can’t bring her rich people down her if she can’t move right? Or are ya gonna stop me?” He laughed, attracting the attention of some people nearby who quickly became disinterested again. 

“Beat her up if you want Brixy but you outta remember your ma still needs a new juncture for that leg of hers.” She replied, calm and unfazed by the wall of anger before her. 

“Hey aight lady you win. Me ma’s really been struggling with it lately, I’ll leave the rich bitch alone as long as you help.” He responded, suddenly passive. 

“Good. Get her to stop by tomorrow evening, I don’t do housecalls.” She responded, gripping Uraraka’s wrist harshly and dragging her through the streets. 




“The FUCK did you think you were doing?” The lady screamed in Uraraka’s face, slamming her hand on the dull, steel table between them. 

Uraraka was now sitting in what seemed to be a workshop of some kind, shelves of labelled boxes and workbenches with heavy machinery on them. She was sitting on a creaky stool with one leg too short...while being aggressively yelled at by a stranger. 

“The fuck kind of rich person comes down to Winslow, unless you wanted to die and were too much of a fucking pussy to do it yourse-”

“Oi Jirou, you should really stop yelling at customers. Maybe this is why your place is empty all the time.” A familiar deep voice called from another room before walking into the main one. 

“Bakugou!” Uraraka called, standing up from the stool and nearly knocking it over. 

“Oh, hey round face. You need something?” He asked casually, leaning against a bench. 

“Well actually-” 

“Oi hold on bitch, first of all my place is always empty because I’m fucking efficient, secondly your little girly here was walking in the middle of the market dressed like that and slammed right into Brixy, and now I’ve gotta push his mother’s appointment forward by a week. I was already chocked this week.” She interrupted, annoyed but calm. 

“You get like six people in here a week max, and I’m always one of them.” He responded, making Uraraka giggle a bit. 

“Whatever, take this girl back to her part of the city. I need some music and a smoke.” She replied, walking to the back room and blasting some heavy rock through a speaker. 

Bakugou then looked over at the remaining person and nodded his head towards the door. 

“Let’s get out of here first, then we can talk.” He responded simply. 

The exit to the market was much easier with Bakugou beside her, people stared but quickly turned away again once noticing her companion. Once they were five minutes outside the marketplace, Bakugou sat heavily at a bench, motioning for Uraraka to do the same. 

“So, what’s up round face? You need something?” He asked turning towards her. 

“Um, yes actually. So I asked you to teach me to read magic circles before and you said no but this time I’m really determined and I won’t be an annoying student and also I bought chili snacks so you have to say yes.” She blurted out, likely sounding as dumb as she felt. 

“No, I do want the snacks, but I won’t teach you. That shit’s fucked.” He responded, reaching for the snacks that Uraraka kept holding away from him. 

“What? Why? It will be advantageous for you, just a couple of hours every few days and you’ll get infinite free chili snacks. How is this a bad deal. It wouldn’t be dangerous or anything.” She reasoned. 

Bakugou abruptly stood, posture stiff and hands clenched. 

“The fuck do you know about danger? You’re just a fucking country chick, now fuck off and stay out of my life!” He screamed, walking off angrily and leaving Uraraka shocked and on the verge of tears. 




Uraraka had consulted a few people about Bakugou’s outburst, telling her it was normal and that it’d be better to avoid talking about magic around him. However, Uraraka was unwilling to accept it. At first his words had hurt, making her want to break down and cry. However, once she had gotten home and thought about what others had said she found some things that didn’t add up. When magic was mentioned Bakugou seemed to immediately get riled up, as he had after the market, but when they had sparred in the park he had seemed to be almost enjoying himself. So if he truly hated magic then why would he enjoy sparring when it was involved, even if he didn’t use any himself?

Uraraka was now determined to find out the purpose for Bakugou’s anger. She had already pried into his life more than was likely acceptable but now her interest was piqued and she had to know. She might have even been able to help him get over whatever held him back, his potential as a mage was wasted with his emotional weight and it made Uraraka frustrated. 

Uraraka now had a new goal, and for once it wasn’t entirely for her own purposes, it felt good. Maybe now she would be able to discover something about the world, as well as herself. 

Chapter Text

It wasn't really a surprise that Uraraka found herself standing, once again, in front of a certain magic store. Now, a couple of days after Bakugou stormed off but she wasn't one to give up and she wasn't one to leave a conversation incomplete. She had been able to admit that she was afraid to talk to him again, not feeling as though she'd done anything wrong specifically but that whatever issues he had with the topic of his magic would once again be reflected at her. Today she bore no gifts of food and no excuses to stop her, her sudden confidence likely came from her new medication she had been prescribed from her doctor, however she told herself that no matter the situation, she would not back down from this conversation. 

Striding confidently into the store, Uraraka was not greeted with the usual buzz of electricity in the air nor the head of bright blonde hair. Instead, there was only emptiness and a thin layer of dust on the front desk indicating that no one had been in to clean the store that day. 

"Kaminari?" At a lack of response Uraraka decided she would just storm right upstairs and corner Bakugou in his own home, at least that way he couldn't storm off again. 

Finding herself on the second floor quickly, Uraraka immediately noticed that it was not empty, a cup of what seemed to be coffee on the table and a pair of shoes neatly by the staircase indicating as such. Despite her anxiety, there was no turning back, her stubbornness forcing her to learn why she had been so aggressively rejected. 

"You know this is trespassing, right?" The sudden deep voice jolting her out of her thoughts. 

"Ah, yes I suppose but you don't exactly have a front door I can knock on" she replied meekly, shuffling from foot to foot and turning to the man leaning against the doorway from the bedroom. 

"Stomp extra loudly on the stairs or something. Why are you here anyway?" He asked, wandering from the doorway to grab his cup, frowning upon realising it was cold. 

"Well... I guess for a couple of reasons. I do still want you to teach me about magic circles, but if you truly have a reason that makes you not want to teach me then I'm willing to give up. However that doesn't mean I'm willing to give up on having you teach me about magic overall. Your knowledge of the circles would make it much easier to give me pointers on how to strengthen my magic and make it more stable. So please, teach me!" She promptly fell into a bow, her hair falling around her face and eyes squeezing shut in anxiety. 

She heard a deep sigh and slow heavy footsteps, only raising her head upon feeling a large hand clap onto her shoulder. 

"Damn Angel-face you didn't have to bow. Look, I'll make you a deal but stand up yeah?" She raised her head and looked up at him with hope in her eyes, Bakugou rubbing the back of his neck in discomfort.

"I'll be your magic teacher for six months and no more, after that time I'll test you to judge how much you've improved according to my own standards. If you pass my test I'll teach you to read the circles, but watch out cheeks, I won't make it easy." He concluded his conditions with a wide smirk and a contagious fire in his eyes. 

"Really!? Yes! Yes yes yes! Thank you! You won't regret it I swear. I'm gonna be the best student ever, you'll see. When do we start?" She bounced excitedly on her feet, restraining herself from tackling him with a hug. 

"Hm, not today. Tomorrow morning, an hour past dawn. Meet me in the park, wear something comfortable and practical, don't be late." He demanded. 

"You got it boss!" She fist-pumped the air with excitement and determination. 

"Good now get out, I have work to do and you're distracting." He said bluntly, walking out of the main room and into the study, concluding the conversation. 

"Well you could be nicer about it!" She called, still smiling despite her slight frustration.




Upon arriving at the park right on time, Uraraka was met by Bakugou already waiting for her. 

"Hey! So what are we gonna start with? Some super cool fire spell? Or maybe a super precise water spell? How about some gravity work?" She asks rapidly, waving her arms around. 

"We're gonna run." He says simply. 

"Huh?" Is her only response, a clueless look on her face. 

"We're gonna go for a run, come on or else I'll leave you behind." He replied and started jogging off in a direction he seemed familiar with. Uraraka could only scramble after him in confusion. 

Twenty minutes later and Uraraka was a heaving mess, lying on the grass with some twigs pressing uncomfortably into her neck, she was too tired to care. 

"Why-?" She gasped, wiping sweat off her forehead. 

"Why did we just do that?" She puffed, annoyed at the man before her who seemed to have barely broken into a sweat. 

"If you wanna learn magic you've gotta be as strong as the magic itself. No point in learning a powerful spell if your body can't handle it, and working in nature will make you more attuned to the magic itself, the raw magic isn't ours we just control it." He explained, taking a casual seat next to her and leaning back on his arms. 

"Well I suppose that makes sense then. We know the magic comes from nature, and that humans are like conductors for it, we can change the way it moves and it's form but we can't create it. If not from us then, how does the magic come to be?" She wonders, despite her extensive reading on the topic there never seemed to be any source of magic, only that it belonged to the earth and that humans are allowed to borrow it. 

"Well in my family the story of Afiri is passed on, its only one belief of many but it's the story I'm most familiar with." He responded casually. 

"Afiri? Is that some kind of god?" She asks, turning towards him. 

"In a way, Afiri is considered to be the creator. She was the one who placed magic into the earth, its said that before the current race of humans there were others, they were greedy people and started a world war. In the end all of the humans were wiped out by their own chemical weapons and the humans went extinct. After they were wiped out Afiri granted us a second chance, she placed magic into the earth and created a group of 12 humans, these were the first magicians. At first she worried they would use their newfound abilities and destroy each other again, but in time they learned to use them and our current generation was born. Afiri made it so that humans can not retain magic within them, but can manipulate what is already created, this was to avoid the war of the past generation. It's all myth though and you couldn't really say how true it all is." He concluded, standing up and brushing off his pants. 

"Hmm. The books back at home never really had religious interpretations in them, a lot of it was just scientific theories. It's actually an awesome belief though, the idea that there's this amazing goddess-type lady who created magic and gave it to us. Do you think magic is limited then? Like it Afiri is the only one who can create magic and she hasn't done it since the first time, does that mean if every human were to use magic at once, the magic in the earth would eventually run out?" She asked, standing up as well. 

"You're assuming that magic is like a huge lake that we borrow from and eventually send back, I think it's more like rivers of magic running throughout the world, if everyone borrowed from it wouldn't it eventually try to take it back? Doesn't matter anyway, so long as no world wars start soon I think there's plenty for everyone, now get ready we're doing lunges next." 





"Perhaps more electricity? No, too harsh, I need a softer source of energy. Fire maybe? But then it won't mix well with the ice base I've used. Maybe I'll just compress it all with a little gravity and it'll-" An explosion of lightning and spikes of ice scattered throughout the cave, the woman cursing and throwing her now torn cloak to the dusty floor. She kicked a random stone in aggression, her spike of anger causing painful sparks to release from her hands. 

"UGH! I don't understand! So long as I am using compatible magic bases it should be possible to-. Perhaps it's time to try opposing combinations, if equally powerful but opposite magics are used then they might cancel out the after effects." She suggested, raising a pair of mangled and scarred hands to form a complex series of magic circles, taking up majority of the room. 


"Û wusa derewan dike."