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Femdom February

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Welcome, pathetic mongrels, to Femdom February.


This is a time to celebrate the superiority of feminine power.

This is a time to highlight the underappreciated might of humankind’s greatest strength.

This is a time to worship the rightful rulers of this world.


Here, we showcase the unparalleled might of femininity with special Exhibits that are unveiled every Sunday and Wednesday of this month.


Report back during these designated days to pay your respects, mongrels. Or face the deadly heel of justice.






 Exhibit List


In Twilight’s Grasp by Scrib_eyeSteak

[Twili Midna, Young Link] Hyrule Warriors

[restraints, height difference, footjob, portal 69, cowgirl, amazon press] [7000+ words]


The Twilight Princess craves the legendary Hero of Time...and she gets what she wants, no matter what.


On a Safe Bed by JohnnyMueller

[Multiple (3 others), Erio] Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

[multiple partners, happy sex, titfucking, lap sex, missionary, first time] [3500+ words]


Erio is growing up, but his mind still feels like it's stuck in the past. Fortunately, he's not left alone to deal with these feelings, even if the solution is more intimate than he expected.



Burning Yellow by Kickberry

[Jaune, Cinder] RWBY

[cheating, cuckolding, straight, footplay, insemination] [3500+ words]


When Pyrrha refuses Jaune, Cinder comes in to take his heart for her own needs and intentions.



All Over the Lens as She’s Falling by  WaddleBuff


[Ann, Photographer ♂ ] Persona 5

[cheating, light bondage, fingering, cunnilingus] [10500+ words]


Lonely and needy for touch after Ren moves away, Ann finds a new toy in the form of a cute photographer who’s been checking her out all week.



 Pink by Anonymous Contributor

 [Satsuki, Ryuko] Kill la Kill

 [yuri, tickle torture] [3000+ words]


Satsuki takes Ryuko down a peg in the most humiliating, yet sweet way possible.




The Tease of the Trickster by Scrib_eyeSteak


[Loki, Owain] Fire Emblem Heroes

[titfuck, cum swallowing, anal, hot spring sex, multiple creampies, manipulation] [3000+ words]

A prince and a hero arrive at a pool, only to be caught in the thrall of a dusky Temptress and a devious Trickster…












 Huge thanks to Nemesis for providing the gorgeous art of Figgy and Mully!

Check out their work!


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With a wave of her palm, the hordes were cast aside.

Midna’s deft slaps were emulated by the massive hand under her thrall. While such an artifact would suffice it was far from her only weapon she brought to play - a temporary Sol, an ancient sky cannon, an old bridge, even the pack of twilit wolves that she’d reared and trained to follow her whim. All that and more came out of her powerful, enchanted mirror.

But few of those other instruments were being brought to play today, because the Princess was just going through the motions. Her normally mischievous grin was replaced with a dour frown. ‘This is boring.’

The calming sights of the Palace of Twilight weren’t really helping her mood. While the Twilight Princess had been freed of her latest curse and restored to her true, statuesque form, she took no joy or pleasure in that fact. If there was supposed to be comfort in her ancestral home and her true body, she wasn’t sure where to find it.

With a half-hearted twirl, she expelled all her stored power. Around her, the hapless Bulbins were blown away, much like the last few thousand before them. Midna sighed. “How many times do I have to teach you this lesson?”

The hordes didn’t say anything, but they didn’t need to. She actually paused long enough to let the spacious gap her last attack had caused to be filled in. Midna caught a glimpse of something large behind her in her mirror. she turned to to the squad leader - a larger, fatter Bulbin. “Are you next?”

Again no answer came, but it wasn’t required. She could see it in their stances, how they clutched their simple clubs like the fragile lifelines they were. The way they eyed her not as a target, but as a force of nature itself. But more than that...she could see their death.

She could see fear in their red eyes.

Midna raised her hand, the stone construct mimicking her from behind. She smirked.





Across the battlefield, a god was raging.

Its body was a mockery of mans - a facsimile of a hero twisted by ancient wrath. In its hand was death, taking the form of a wicked looking sword of crossed waves. By its power, the hordes of its foes were washed away. Its face was twisted in rage - soulless white eyes framed in blood and a wicked blue scar.

A god sealed in a mask, in the hands of a mere boy.

Link pulled off the mask with a gasp, trying to catch his breath. The transformation into the Fierce Deity was a painful one, and always left him feeling exhausted afterwards. He cast a wary gaze across the massive hall, trying to see if there was any more foes.

Nothing least in front of him.

“It's dangerous to be out here alone.”

Link turned around with a yelp, eliciting a chuckle from the woman behind him. His gaze was locked on her hips before he glanced up at her looming, smirking face.

The Twilight Princess herself.

Link glanced behind her to see the decaying remains of an obvious ambush, one that had fallen before it could even strike. Midna paid it no heed and merely handed him a bottle of viscous yellow potion. “Here, take this.”

Link accepted the bottle. A flurry of light appeared from behind him. “He’s not alone! He has me!”

Midna chuckled at the fairy’s exuberance. She remained long enough to make sure the young hero finished his elixir. The brief lull in battle gave her time to appraise her unlikely, though not unwanted, partner.

This Link was different than the ones she knew, and especially the one that she’d gotten so close to in her exile. He was younger than the others, though only by a year or two. According to Lana, he was just shy of the age he’d been when he was awakened to save Hyrule.

Yet despite that he looked like he hadn’t aged more than a few months. The Zelda of this time suggested that maybe the Ocarina had something to do with it. Midna simply didn’t care enough to speculate.

But his appearance meant nothing, not to the one known as the Hero of Time. though his legend escaped her timeline, she’d quickly become aware of how renowned and celebrated this particular Hero was. Her initial dismissals were blown clean away the first time she’d seen him in battle...much less the first time she’d seen him don that cursed mask.

A boy cast out of time, forced back to his youth, and lived who knows how many lifetimes in the service of a doomed world.

It was a disservice to call him a boy.

Link finished the elixir with a hearty sigh. He smiled to Midna and handed her the now-empty bottle. She took it back with a smirk of her own. A nice, quiet respite in the midst of their terse battle.

The peace was shattered as the fairy suddenly started zipping around, flashing red. Midna swiftly conjured a facsimile of the palace’s layout and honed in on the alarming mass of red around the allied base.

“Our base is in danger isn't it? Yes, it is, because our base is always in danger."

She snapped away the map and turned back. “I’ll take care of this - go finish off that insufferable fool.”

Link nodded. The Twilight Princess dashed away, her robes billowing in the wind. The young hero paused. In the brief moment where her cloak was flying, he could make out the coveted sight of her ripe, full, and very bare ass.

He shook his thoughts clear and dashed off to the throne room, his trusty Kokiri Sword tapping against the inert mask…



‘He was staring at my ass.’

The same thought passed through Midna’s mind as she made the trek back to their base. Her brief retaliations against the pockets of enemies were purely on autopilot as she contemplated this new development. The Hero of Time had ogled her ass.

And it wasn’t the first time this battle either.

From the moment that they’d started, she could feel his gaze on her. The way she flaunted her statuesque body with every step. Her long, lucious legs that exposed her bare thighs from the paltry curtain that concealed her modesty. Even the way her breasts heaved and bounced as she brought the invading hordes to their knees.

Midna was proud of her looks, especially after being freed from her impish curse. She had long since gotten used to the stares and smolders of subjects, servents, and suitors. But with Link there was something else - something more.

She’d seen the way he admired her before, with eyes that cut through the heavy mass of darkness. Eyes that never seemed to question what he was seeing, eyes that had lived untold years trapped in time. They weren’t the eyes of a child.

Those were the eyes of a man.

Midna snapped out of her musing long enough to dodge a swipe from a Darknut, leaving it open to attack. A few swipes and a fist to the chest sent it smashing into the wall. She scoffed at the pathetic display and continued her assault. Yet the battle was taking a toll on her. Not physically, but mentally. All the fighting was winding her up - making her feel tense and in need of...release.

She still had needs, after all.

The Twilight Princess was no fool - she knew that there were certain boundaries that the lightworlders shouldn’t dare to cross. Not even in the pursuit of sating their lust. There was no such taboo amongst the dwellers in the Twilight, only the risks involved.

A risk Midna was very eager to take.



Midna arrived just in time to see Link standing triumphant over the enemy commander. She didn’t spare the pitiful excuse a single glance in favor of eying her victorious ally. She offered him a smile and casually stretched out the kinks in her muscles.

"That was a bit more strenuous than I expected. Still, it wasn't without a bit of fun."

Her cavalier admission was lost on Link as he eyed her statuesque, lithe form. The way she arched her back and raised her arms, pushing out her prominent cleavage. Before he could really question her antics, she was already done and strolling out the back. Link and his fairy companion weren’t far behind.

She made her way to the rear foyer with a controlled, confident strut. Her every step made her lovely ass bounce from between the teasing sway of her cloak. Instead Link’s eyes drew to her long, perfect legs. He was so preoccupied that he almost ran right into her as she came to a stop.

Minda sighed in content as she gazed over the twilight void. She beckoned Link to stand beside her and bask in the surreal beauty of her home. “Isn’t this nice? No more smelly beasts, no more repulsive dragons blotting out the's lovely.”

The young hero said nothing, but simply nodded in agreement. He had to admit - there was something...alluring, about the Twili’s home. A sort of sardonic, melancholic beauty that he felt oddly at peace with. ‘It reminds me of Termina in a way.’

Link felt his fairy friend rustling under his cap. She quickly zipped out and lingered near his ear. “Oooh, I smell food!”

With that cheerful declaration, she was zipping off, back into the palace. The Twilight Princess moved to follow her, but quickly stopped just short of the entryway.

Midna resisted the urge to cheer as the fairy took the bait. She waited until the little sprite was back into the throne room before springing the rest of her trap. ‘That was easier than I expected. Enjoy your feast, little fairy.’

Link had scarcely moved during the comotion, content to watch the swirling amber void that surrounded them. He felt Midna’s presence behind him, most likely ready to beckon him to follow their spritely companion.

He turned to face her...and then fell into a dark void.



Midna’s chambers were miraculously exactly as they’d been left.

The royal suite was a lavish series of rooms, reserved for her private use. She’d long yearned to return, to bask in the simple yet graceful opulence under the twilight sky. But she didn’t take her comrade to her bedchamber, nor the parlor or even the balcony. Instead she’d elected to take Link to the bathroom

He gasped the moment his body cleared the portal. His masks clattered to the ground. His eyes struggled to adjust to the dim lights. A glowing pool, a nearby mirror, and wall that cut the room in half. ‘Is this...a washroom?.’

Midna looked at the disoriented lad with some concern. From what she understood he’d used warp magic before, so she didn't expect him to be so disoriented. Must’ve been the Twilight magic...anyway.”


Link snapped out of it as he heard her clear her throat. He turned back to her, curious of her intent. She could see something lingering on the edge of his wide eyes - wariness.

“I wanted to see something for myself - something that caught my eye.”

She snapped her fingers and summoned another puppet hand. The palm scooped up the surprised young hero. Before he could react, she created a set of twilight bonds on his wrists and ankles, keeping him in place.

Midna watched him try to struggle in her thrall’s grip. The look in his eyes finally revealed what she was looking for. She didn’t see fear, not even the childlike sense of curiosity….she saw steel.

“Yes...I was right.”

Her sultry chuckle sent a chill down his spine. She leaned over him, smirking and continued to taunt. “Do you think I didn’t see you staring? Ogling at me?”

She emphasized her words by running her hands down her curvaceous body, highlighting every supple inch. From her heaving breasts all the way down to her pillow of an ass, she roamed. And he stared the whole way.

Midna’s smirk widened. “That’s not the sort of interests for a it?”

She stalked around the palm and the bound young warrior. Her teasing turned more inquisitive as she turned back and asked him. “But then’re not really a child, are you, Hero ?”

Link met her gaze, doing his best to look intimidating. All those years of fighting, all the times he’d had to relieve came out only in his fierce eyes. Her eyes fluttered down to avoid it, and found something more relevant to her interests. She reached out and touched the tent in his pants.

He yelped at her sudden grasp. Her fingers squeezed and stroked his clothed arousal. The sight enticed her, even without seeing it in its full glory. Midna licked her lips and cooed. “Ooh, so you ARE interested in me.”

Midna reached down under his tunic. Her deft fingers made swift work of his shorts and tried to pull them down. They got caught on something, but were soon down to his ankles. Then she saw what it had gotten caught on.

‘...Where was he HIDING this?!

The Twilight Princess openly gawked at Link’s equipment. The length, the balls...almost as big as HER Link. the only part that was comparatively lacking was the girth, but even that was modest enough for her needs.

She instinctively reached out to touch it. Her fingers still left a decent amount exposed. She felt the heat and the pulsing in his loins, almost lost in awe. ‘It’s so...warm.’

Midna snapped out of the heavy fantasies and noticed that she’d started to stroke his cock. She glanced up to see that her simple touch had already had a noticeable impact on him. His youthful face was scrunched up as he endured her ministrations.

She kept her pumps slow and soft, simply trying to memorize every inch of his dick. The more time she spent on stroking him off, the more she felt vindicated in her decision to kidnap him. ‘Might be a little hard to explain why all the fairy food disappeared...but that’s not important.’

Midna scooted closer, never breaking her stride. Her palm rubbed against the veiny skin, relishing the grooves and ribbons that covered his cock. Her other hand reached down to hold the base up. Link watched her with conflicting emotions, trading back and forth between ire and arousal. When her rubbing hand pulled away, he had to bite back a groan of disappointment.

Pwtoo !

She spat directly into her open palm. Her hand then wiped the spit onto his cockhead, swirling around to make sure it was nice and even. When her hand was nearly dry, Midna instead reached and spat directly onto his quivering cockhead before continuing her work. He looked up from her drooling mouth to her keen yet playful eyes as she performed a task that was obviously familiar.

Midna sensed his curiosity and spoke out as she continued her work. “I’ll let you in on a little secret - You’re not my first hero.”

Link couldn’t stop the scoff from leaving his lips. ‘As if that wasn’t already obvious.’

She pouted at him, barely able to hide the devious smirk. “Aaw, can’t even act a little surprised?”

She pulled away, leaving his messy, throbbing cock yearning for her touch. Midna shrugged off her robe, letting her ornamented hood slide over her forehead as her sleeves passed her wrists. A small portal consumed the garment before it hit the ground, disappearing as quickly as it came.

She didn’t remove her loincloth in favor of walking back over to Link and straddling him. His cock wound up rubbing against her thighs. She paid it no heed in favor of taking his chin in her hand and tilting him up to take his lips.

Link sputtured in her mouth, but Midna ignored him and pressed on. She relished the taste of his spit as her tongue invaded his mouth. Her hand reached up and seized the back of his head. Her nails circled around his collar before diving beneath his shirt.


She pulled away, leaving a trail of spit between them. Her eyes were hazed over as she tried to reconcile their brief yet intense coupling. Below, her hips squirmed against his throbbing desire.

She brought a finger to her cheek and pondered. “Y’know, I think he was actually younger than you...well, mentally speaking. Kind of a bumpkin, but had a wild streak that could leave me limp.”

Link resisted the urge to shudder in revulsion. He didn’t want to hear about her sex life. Midna ignored his antics and kept on going.

“He used to put me on his lap. Kinda. Like. This.”

Midna suddenly dived forward, much to Link’s shock. However, a portal opened up before she could hit the ground and swallowed her up. The impish princess’s laughter echoed around the dim room, reaching over the soft babbling of the bath.

His head snapped around the room for any sign of the trickster princess. The hand he was sitting in suddenly bucked him up into the air. Link yelped in shock and braced for a sudden hard landing. However, his butt hit something softer than solid stone. His answer came when he felt something heavy plopping down on his head.

MIdna giggled at his confusion. She’d splayed out over the hand, adjusting it into a lounger for her benefit before placing her young hero on her lap. Her heaving bosom pushed down on his hat, getting the tail caught in her cleavage.

Her fingers played with his hair, mustling up the blond locks. Her other palm rubbed his cheek, letting him feel the almost-dry saliva she’d lobbed into it earlier. She pulled him up closer to her and whispered in his ear. “And then...I rode him. Hard. For hours sometimes.”

Her hand went down his cheek to his chest and kept going. She eventually reached his still-firm loins. “I think it felt something like...this.”

Midna’s fingers closed around his girth, barely able to cover half of his erection. However, what she did cover was squeezed between her palm with a force not unlike an actual pussy. The saliva on her hand helped in that matter.

She started to stroke against his shaft, increasing in speed with every pump. Her other hand draped across his neck and sized his shoulder, holding him in place. She leaned forward, breathing directly into his ear. “How does that feel? Is my hand good enough for you?”

Link’s labored grunts were her only answer. She took them as an incentive to go faster, and tightened her grip on him to compensate. The wet sounds of her hand choking his cucco echoed in her private washroom. All the stimulation made her covered nipples harden against the veil of darkness around her bosom, and her concealed pussy drip against the solid veil.

Midna continued her sordid, sultry stories as she jerked him off. She spared no detail.We did it a lot once I got my body back. Pretty much every second we could spare, really. Every second, every way….and everywhere we could sneak into.”

“Kakariko Village, Death Mountain, Faron Woods, the Temple of Time-”


She paused at his sudden outburst before her smirk widened even further. “Oh wait - you know exactly what I mean, don’t you? The hall between the little alcove beneath the stairs?”

Her attempts to goad him just led him to more confusion. That doesn’t even sound like the Temple of Time!’

Midna simply kept stroking him off - rolling and twisting his engorged shaft. She hiked up her legs until they were almost flat against his sides before she finally continued. “Anyway...we did it every way we wanted...except for one.”

Against his better judgment, Link was curious of what she was talking about. Before he could erk out his question, she replaced her hand with both of her bare feet. The hero yelped in shock as her cool soles pressed against his cock.

Midna placed her now-free hand on his shoulder as she adjusted her body. She alternated her feet’s pace as she stroked him between her big and index toe. Her fingers rolled and massaged his shoulders as she explained, “We never really got to do this...but aren’t you a lucky little hero?”

Her toes glided up and down his length, nestling him between her feet. Despite how she walked around barefoot, the skin of her feet were so soft. Moreover, she showed off her dexterity by reaching up and swirling her big toe around his cock head.

Midna wasn’t at all nonplussed or strained as she continued exerting her control. Her thighs moved up and down as she firmly yet smoothly tended to his dick. He felt the cool metal of her belt and the soft fabric of her cloth on his back. Her grip on his shoulders kept his head squarely planted between her parted bosom.

She adjusted her pace and started to vigorously jerk in tandem. Midna had grown weary of her games and wanted to finish this round so they could get on with the real fun. Link’s listed gaze was all but ready for her to take him all the way...

...until he saw where her feet had aimed his cock - right at his face.

The young hero tried to break free before it was too late. Yet no matter how he squirmed or struggled, the princess kept his dick aimed squarely at his face. Her toes wriggled faster as she coaxed him up to the brink. Midna’s predatory smirk grew until it threatened to consume her face.

He could hold out no longer, and Link’s eyes squeezed shut as he prepared for the mollifying shower...

‘...where is it?’

He could feel his spunk shooting out of his abused dick, and the fact that it was still pointed his way. But as time went on it became clear that his seed simply wasn’t landing on his body. Almost as if it was…


“Hmm hm hmmm, Hmm hm Hmmmm.”

He cracked open his eyes to confirm his suspicions. A dark portal hovered just above his ejaculating cock, consuming every rope of his copious ejaculation.

Link struggled past his orgamsic high to mull on where this portal led. His answer came when he felt something land on the top of his head.

“Oops. I missed a drop.”

Midna’s cool voice echoed in his ears. He could practically see her cocky smirk behind him. But he wasn’t able to see her face over the pair of supple breasts blocking his vision. He did make out the rim of a glowing green bowl that she’d conjured up under yet another portal.

She kept humming as load after load was shot up to her mystical bowl. His cum filled her basin before it finally petered out. The Twilight Princess eyed it with genuine fascination.

“Wow, you’ve got a lot built up, little hero.”

Midna waved away her portals and grabbed her basin with both hands. She brought the bowl up to her lips and let some of his cum drip into her mouth. She swilled it a bit before swallowing with a satisfied coo.

“Mmm, delicious. Way better than that soup.”

Link looked back as the Twilight Princess downed his spunk. She dipped her bowl back until it was sliding into her mouth. Her cheeks ballooned out as she struggled to hold it. A few errant drops slid down her chin.

The Twilight Princess sighed and lightly burped. “Aah...that hit the spot.”

She waved away her basin and looked down at him. Her free hand reached up and wiped away the sweat on his brow.“In fact...I think I’ll take some more now. But first-”

She held her comment and snapped her finger. Link flinched as a new portal opened up around him. He felt her let go of his now-shackled wrists and simply sunk away. Suddenly something popped out of the portal - Midna.

The specifics made his head spin.

The Twilight Princess exited her portal and pushed her crotch up to his face. His head was buried in her long loincloth, sticking his nose against her pelvis. Midna chuckled before shaking her loincloth to the side, exposing her bare, featureless body.

At least Link thought it was featureless.

Midna snapped her fingers. Instantly the veil of darkness cleared away from her chest and hips, exposing her more feminine parts. A pair of deep blue nipples and puffy pussy lips. She reached behind his head and gently guided his face back into her crotch. “It’s your turn.”

Link’s nose was buffeted with the almost intoxicating aroma of feminine charm. Her thighs squeezed against his head, pushing him closer to her inviting lips. Despite knowing the truth of his supposed age, Midna had dared to presume that he was an amateur.

That had been her very first mistake.

This wasn’t the first time he’d seen a woman’s genitals - far from it in fact. Whether it was a duo of Terminina redheads that had tried to ‘educate’ him on separate occasions or a handful of other lovely ladies from various races, the Hero of Time was anything but naive. So when he was presented with the twilight oasis gleaming and dripping before him...he drank.


Midna’s knuckles dug into his head as she held on for dear life. The Hero of Time attacked her loins with the same ferocity that carried his sword. His tongue trailed up and down her slit, leaving spit in his wake. Her heavy breath echoed through the washroom as she struggled to ask. “W...Where diiiid Y-youuuu…”

Link ignored her labored interrogations and focused on his attack. His tongue managed to pierce her folds and began to actively tease her dripping walls. He suckled on her vaginal juices, finding a certain fondness for the queer taste. Midna’s pants echoed in his ears, spurring him on.

The Twilight Princess struggled as she rode his face. The urge to climax was overpowering, and as the moments passed she found it harder and harder to ignore its sultry call. ‘I need to get back control...but how?’

She could simply pull away, but doing so would show weakness. She needed a way to get him back under her thumb- to put his cock firmly in her hands. An idea dawned on her. ‘Hmm...or in my mouth.’

Midna waved another portal into existence above her and one more between his legs. The Twilight Princess reached up and pulled herself up to his crotch, still thrashing and buckling under his devastating oral onslaught. As she pulled herself through the portal, Midna blindly smacked into his girth.

He heard her pant. “Hah...I-It’s still so harddddd.” her slurred praise emboldened the young hero and spurred him further into her moist, welcome twat. Compared to deadly volcanoes, perilous mountains, and the depths of the ocean, this was child’s play.

Midna struggled to reach his shaft, barely able to reach it with her forehead. Her hand blindly groped for the top of his head and used it to hoist herself up. Her lips barely touched his tip, but it was more than enough.

The Twilight Princess’s tongue caressed his length, bathing it in her spit. Her lips feathered kisses across his shaft, leaving smeared purple marks in her wake. She was through in her work - rewarding his dutiful tongue with an equal yet playful one in kind. Eventually she worked her way up to the top and slowly popped him into her waiting mouth.

The slim nature of his cock meant that she had to pucker her lips around his length. Not that she particularly minded when a cursory glance down confirmed there was still quite a bit to engulf yet. The sight of all that waiting hylian meat made her already gushing pussy almost flood in his mouth.

Her hand came up through the portal and rested on his knee. The surreal nature of their liaison practically came to a head as her knuckle brushed against her own thigh. She paid it no heed and focused on leaning in to take more and more of his cock in her mouth.

Link felt her moist lips close around his cock and doubled his own assault. His mouth was firmly against her pussy as his tongue reached deep into her gushing trap. His pink tongue contrasted her blue-tinted inner lips as he scooped up toungefuls of her sweet nectar.

Midna's head bobbed up and down, slurping and slobbering over his length. Her lipstick smeared against his shaft and denoted how far down she’d managed to take him. At last, his dick head passed down and entered her throat.

The young hero actually froze as he was taken down her gullet. Only two women had thought to take him that deep, and each time was a one-way trip. ‘I need to work fast…’

Meanwhile, Midna was reaching lower and lower, ingesting more of his dick with every thrust down. After some time, she reached his crotch and held herself in place there. Her lips left a lingering kiss at the base.

Then she began to hum.

Link’s hips buckled against her, smacking his loins into her bemused face. He couldn’t look down to see, but he could tell that she was smirking around his dick. He could almost hear her boasting. ‘It looks like I found the hero's weakness.’

He struggled to endure her assault, forgoing his efforts to finish her off. In his furor, his teeth accidentally scraped against her erect clit.


Midna’s world filled with light as she transcended her body. Her juices splashed against his addled face. Her orgasmic howls wound up being all she needed to fling him right back over the edge.

She instinctively pulled him back up into her mouth. Midna’s cheeks bulged as she struggled to swallow as much cum as possible. Her mouth was filled to the brim with the hot, sticky syrup that she’d come to crave, and it was a labor to send it down her throat.

Eventually she was forced to give up and loosen her lips, letting some of the excess spunk drizzle between her teeth and drool out of her mouth. The wasted seed gathered in her massive breasts, forming a puddle between her tits. Yet even that wasn’t enough to stave off the torrent of spunk threatening to drown her.


She coughed out the rest, smearing her breasts in hot heroic seed. She was too busy relishing the fresh twilight air to mourn the passing of his scions on her bosom. His now-free cock blasted her face as she tried to collect herself. Her sticky hand rested on his thigh.

Whatever dignity she had was robbed of her as she wore the mask of a hero’s mark. She’d been shamed, here in her own private domain within her palace. While the thought was shamefully enticing, the Twilight Princess was far, far too willful and proud to lay back and accept it.

No. She’d take her reign back... one way or another.

Link’s vision cleared and sharpened. The cool-colored darkness of Midna’s washroom came to be around him, followed by the memory of why he was there. He looked down in time to lock eyes with Midna’s hooded gaze. She was clearly exhausted...but far from finished. Her hand raised up with her fingers poised. ‘Uh oh.’


The fingers of the giant hand arched back until it was laying flat, taking Link down with it. The young hero yelped at the sudden act as the back of his head landed between its fingers. He craned his neck up in time to see that his captor’s legs were being pulled up through the overhead portal.

Midna crawled up his chest, bringing the rest of her body through the portal. Her cum-coated chest dripped on his tunic as she inched up his body. Her hands brushed up his bare arms, tracing her nails against his muscles and goosebumps. The moment her toes cleared the inky black void, it blinked out of existence.

She squatted over him, looming down on her wary prey. The Twilight Princess licked her lips, tasting some of his lingering seed. “No more tricks, no more more distractions.”

She snapped her finger, bringing new shackles into being around his ankles. Link eyed his newfound restraints with curiosity, but was swiftly brought back to what mattered - her.

Midna reached back to untie her hair knot, letting the two braids hang down over her breasts. She flicked off the pin and shook off her hood. The long cascades of sunset hair flowed down, sticking to her sweaty, spunk-coated neck.

She reached down and seized his dick, lining it up with her waiting pussy. Thanks to how slick their loins were, it swiftly sunk in. Midna wasted no more time and quickly brought her hips down and took the rest in.


Midna mewled in delight. His girth pushed her walls aside, but not unpleasantly so. His length easily reached up her snatch and nestled her most intimate keep. It was like he was made just for her.

The Twilight Princess used his dick with wanton abandon. Her greedy, hungry sex devoured his meat over and over again. Her core was blazing hot as she tried to squeeze him dry.

Pap pap pap pap

The lascivious sounds of slapping skin filled the washroom. The gentle hum of arcane light and the surreal moans of the Twilight Realm were lost on the duo. Everything washed away as the princess fucked a hero not her own.

Midna reached up and squeezed her breasts. She tweaked and rolled her nipples, elevating the pleasure she was writhing in.Her thrusts morphed into erratic hip rolls as she started to grind against the young hero.

Link was struggling under her onslaught. His legendary endurance was being tested by the mischievous princess. If they hadn’t had that battle, perhaps he could overpower her, even with his restraints...

“Mmmm...isn’t this nice, little hero?”

Her mocking coos jarred him from those thoughts and returned his focus to his captor. Midna had hunched back and widened her squat, exposing her stuffed pussy for his pleasure. The sight of his cock being devoured by her sinful, drooling lips was yet another trial in his battle of restraint. And she knew that.

“You and me - all alone in my private chambers?”

Link tried to ignore her as she used his cock. His exhaustion had caught up to him, and he could no longer even try to match her. ‘Not listening to you anymore, princess…’

Midna saw his resistance and cooed in delight. She hunched down, still slapping her hips against his. A single finger traced circles on top of his tunic. “Me on top of you...and you planting your seed?”

‘...Wait, what?’

Link’s body processed her words faster than his mind, and reacted appropriately. His cock throbbed in her pussy, making the Twili yelp in delight.

“Eh-hee-hee! How would you like that? Stuff the princess full of your legendary seed? Spread the bloodline of the great Hero of Time into the Twilight?”

She actually slowed down, if only to let him actually weigh her words. Instead she gently rolled her hips, tossling his dick in her tight snatch. The devious smile never once left her lips.Link was looking for some reason - any reason, to retort and rebuff her.

She was making it very, very difficult to find one.

Midna leaned in, drawing her lips next to his quivering ear. “Maybe you’ll come back with me, and take your place on the throne?”

She let that question linger as she cooed her hot breath into his earhole. Before he knew it, she was already leaning back up, her hips poised with only his dickhead still lingering in her pussy. “I guess we’ll just have to see if you’re worth that.”

‘Shade-throwing bitch.’



Midna arched back, blindly gripping his ankles as she writhed on his cock and rode out her climax. Link’s vision blurred as he shot yet more of his cum, this time deep into her eager snatch. It was ecstasy - an intimate Sacred Realm in the moaning dusk of the Twilight.

And she wanted more.

Link slowly came down from his euphoria, already numb to the squeezing on his cock. The princess above him was hunched over, head lulled back with a serene smile frozen on her lips. Her curvaceous hips continued to writhe and squirm as the last of his spunk flooded her twilit womb.

“Ah, ah ahhhh…”

Link froze at her voice. He slowly looked up from his bonds to see that Midna had indeed recovered from her climax. Her predatory gaze and equally devious smirk were back in full force as she chided him. “You don’t think that’s all, do you?


He expected her to start bouncing again, but she had other ideas first. Slowly, Midna raised her legs and stuck them straight out, over Link’s head. The young hero glanced down from her calves and looked at the seeping mess pooling out of her snatch. ‘What is she up to?’


The shackles on his ankles suddenly flew up, taking his legs with them. Link grunted in pain as his legs were stretched up until they were almost touching his head. The Twilight Princess simply spread her legs and rolled her hips until she had his legs caught between her thighs. Her hands closed around his feet like handlebars.

And then she began to bounce.

The little hero was still reeling from her ploy. ‘Oof! What happened to no more tricks?’ Link silently glared at her. Midna’s impish smile was all the answer he needed.

She’d lied.

With this new pose, Midna was even more aggressive now. Her hips gyrated up and down, forcing herself against his cock. Her hands squeezed his ankles. Her front braid dangled in front of his nose.

Link’s groans came freely now, no longer interested in trying to resist. His stamina was gone. It was only her persistent actions and the sheer titliation of the domineering princess that kept him erect.

His body had given out...but his mind wasn’t even fazed.

He’d give her some credit - Midna was by far the most passionate and active woman that he’d matched loins with. Every inch of her supple, twilit body was simply sacrilegious - a dark testament to beauty that made even the Golden Three envious.

She may have entranced him, but she wouldn’t break him…


Midna’s ass rippled with every thrust. Their messy union was sent flying every time their hips kissed, drenching their skin in sin. Her breasts were pressed against his face, smothering the legendary hero. ‘Countless battles, and this is how I die?’ he wondered.

‘...Eh, this isn’t so bad.’


She was going even faster now, hammering down on him. The stone hand groaned in protest and started to sink down. His cock managed to find one of her g-spots, sending her arching back and thrusting her hips forward. Her clitoris inadvertently scraped against his belt buckle.


Midna’s body was consumed in carnal fire. She felt her every sense, her very being - burned away in an instant. Her mind shattered like glass. Her focus was utterly tarnished, dispelling even the basic means of her instinctive magical control.

The hand collapsed to the ground, taking the two with it. Link grunted in pain, even as Midna was still riding high. His shackles shattered into particles of dusk, freeing his limbs at last. The inert hand followed suit, sending the duo onto the cold floor.

Link’s head was reeling from the impact. The pain actually dragged him off the edge and kept him from following suit. Even as her pussy threatened to break his dick off, he was still firmly coherent. The perfect state to finally escape.

Unfortunately his legs were still caught between her tall, sinuous thighs. He could only move his arms, and his head. And as delightful as the view of her heaving breasts was, this window of escape wasn’t going to stay open forever...




Midna stirred from her climactic haze. Her fingers brushed against the cool tile, making her realize that they were no longer on her stone palm. ‘Eh, I can make another.’

She noticed that something had changed in the air - the kind of minute shifts in light and sounds that only a dweller of the twilight would be able to pick up. “It’s that late already? Guess we should head back.”

She tried to raise herself, only to find that her arms were still numb from shock. In fact, her whole body felt so delightfully limp that she couldn’t help but relish it. “Hee hee heh, you certainly did a number on me, Link. I can see why they all hold you in such renown.”

She pulled her hips up, finally letting his sore cock go. The sudden chill entering her used snatch made her shudder. She took her time collecting herself as she tilted her neck up, rolling the kinks out before glancing down. “Now get up - we’ll take a quick bath and”

Her sultry smirk fell as she saw what Link had managed to do. He’d reached over to his discarded effects and retrieved the Fierce Deity Mask. Her eyes quickly darted between the sinister mask, the hero’s hardened face...and his still-throbbing erection.

Midna felt herself go numb as the mask slipped over his face…



“Boy, that was good…”

A noticeably more rotund fairy hovered out of the throne room. She glided a few inches from from the ground. Still, she was in high spirits after a well-earned meal. In fact, the odd moans of the Twilight Realm barely phased her now. ‘Maybe the tones are how they tell time?’

“Now we can get back to the others and-”



“Where’d they go??”


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Erio let out a little yelp as the cold water hit him, quickly turning the water to warm. As if I wasn’t warm enough.

His body relaxed underneath the stream. He was glad Caro was coming back today. They had a few days off from the Corps and Caro went to spend some time with the former members of Riot Force 6 while he stayed behind to take care of the apartment. Or, at least, that’s what he said. The real reason was himself, or rather his feelings.

He had changed a lot since he first bumped into Caro. He had gotten taller than he thought he would; before, he came up to an adult’s chest at best, but now he was often eye to eye with them or sometimes over them. His muscles were getting more defined and stronger. It was easier for him to handle physical tasks without needing to use magic. His whole body felt like he was becoming a grown-up. If I only could think like one.

Even now, he still felt like a child. Sometimes, spaces that still seemed easy for him to maneuverer in were becoming too tight. He had more choices to consider that overwhelmed him: his job, his home, his relationships, his health, etc. Everything was just so much sometimes. He wanted to go back to the days where Fate would take him to the amusement park and let him sleep next to her and

“Mmm.” The thought of him laying next to Fate made him start to harden. That, perhaps, was the biggest and most frustrating change he had undergone. As he got older, he started to think about the women around him differently. He still liked and respected them, but now he imagined things about them: what they’d look like in swimsuits, what kind of things they liked to do in bed, what they would say to him if he… His hand moved down to start jacking off.

What he imagined the most was the kind of thing he searched for in his alone time constantly; stories, images, videos, whatever. He loved the idea of an older, mature, curvy woman acting nurturing to him, cuddling him, pressing his face between her big breasts, making him feel comfortable as she slowly put himself into her. He just wanted to be taken care of, to have someone that would love him no matter what. Thinking about Fate or Signum or Subaru doing those kinds of things with him make him stroke his dick faster.

There was one person that he liked more than anyone else, even if she didn’t fit the ideal. Caro was so sweet and caring and loving that he just wanted to hold her tight and tell her that he loved her and wanted to be with her forever. But she’s not into me . She only thought of him as a coworker, a brother, a friend. She would find someone else to be with. He had accepted it by this point, but it still made him sad.

Erio moaned as his cock twitched and his cum splattered against the shower wall. After he got over his ecstasy, he finished his shower and walked out. As he grabbed his towel, he noticed something off. My pajamas are here, but I could have sworn I grabbed my clothes and placed them in here. I must have left them in my bedroom. After drying up, he put the towel back on the rack and walked out into the hallway.

Something struck him as odd as he walked. It was like all of the noise in the world had been vacuumed out, replaced with a surreal silence. He stopped in his footsteps. Is someone else here? After taking a moment to listen further, Erio shook his head and stepped towards the door to his bedroom.

As he opened it, he felt himself grabbed by another person and placed against something soft. It was so fast that he didn’t have time to think about what was happening until a hand placed itself on his head and combed through his hair. As he got himself aware again, he realized that most of his head was between a pair of large breasts. Am… Am I still in my fantasy? He looked up to see a smiling face with sparkling blue eyes looking down at him surrounded by a waterfall of pink hair.

“S- Signum?”

“Hello, Erio.” The knight kissed the top of his head and cradled his head closer into her bosom. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

Before he could ask what she meant, Signum lifted his legs to place them around her waist, rubbing his cock against her stomach, before moving over and placing him gently on the bed. From this vantage point, he could now see that she was wearing a shirt unbuttoned, barely covering her nipples, and a pair of tiny lace panties.

“Erio.” He looked over to see a familiar pair of red eyes looking at him. Fate wasn’t wearing anything at all, letting Erio feel all of her as she hugged her tight and kissed on the forehead. “You’ve grown so much.”

“Yeah, especially down there.” Subaru came by from the other side, trapping his arm between her breasts. Even if they were the smallest in that respect, he could still see every part of them from the way her crop top hugged her body. He could see even more through her tight shorts as she rubbed her lower lips against his leg. “Mmm, I can’t wait to hear Caro moan against you.”

Caro? He looked around and spotted the final woman on the bed. Caro had a full blush all over her body, the parts he could see at least. She was wearing a pink babydoll shirt that had lace all along the edges with a slit that went above her navel and that hugged tightly around her breasts.

Wait. Everything about Caro looked the same except for her chest. She had breasts before, yeah, but they were definitely bigger now, as big as Fate’s, maybe even bigger. What happened to her?

“Erio…” Caro crawled over to him and got close to him, letting him feel her breasts press against him as she kissed him. After she finished, he looked around with widened eyes.

“Wh- What’s going on?”

“It’s simple, sweetie.” A hand on his head made him look over to Subaru. “Caro happened to look at your internet history – you should really do better at making sure your computer’s secure.” Erio curled in at that, making Subaru giggle slightly. “Oh, it’s not a bad fantasy to have. It fits you. You’re not the kind of guy who’s into rough stuff; you’re so kind and gentle that you want to always be comfortable when it comes to things like that. You want someone who will make sure that sex is sweet and happy, that you’re able to be the kind of partner you want to be.” She kissed him on the cheek.

“But… what about Caro?”

Caro blushed ever further before looking down and then back at him. “I… When I heard what you were into, I was… thinking that that was the reason you weren’t into me, so… when I was with them, they used magic to enhance me.” Caro leaned down and held Erio’s wrist, pulling his hand up so that he could feel her breast. It feels so nice…

“C-Caro, I… I always did like you. I-I… I just thought you weren’t into me, so that’s why I didn’t say anything. But I do love you.”

Caro blinked before her eyes started to water. “Do… Do you not like me like this?”

“N-No, I still do! I-In fact… sometimes, I’ve thought about what you would look like with breasts like… like those. You look so innocent yet… mature.”

Caro’s eyes were still watery but she smiled as she leaned forward and snuggled against Erio. “Mmm, I’m so happy…” Erio smiled and put his arm around Caro, pulling her closer and letting her chest press against his body.

“Erio.” He looked at Fate, holding Signum next to her. “There’s another reason we came here. We wanted to make sure that your first time is comfortable.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you’re growing up, sweetie. You’re not much of a child anymore. You’re feeling things, aren’t you? I’ve noticed the way you look at us sometimes, although I do admit that you have the eyes of a child in those moments. You may know what you want, or at least some idea of it, but you don’t know how to do it exactly, do you?” Erio nodded at that. “Do you feel worried about it?”


Fate’s smile turned down for a moment before becoming bright again. “Well, that’s what we’re here for: to make sure that your worries are handled and that you feel safe as you possibly can be.”

Erio nodded again before blushing as the words caught up with him. “W-Wait, does that mean you’re going to… All of you?”

“Don’t worry, my child.” Signum brought him up into a sitting position. “We won’t do anything you don’t feel like doing. Just sit back and let us handle everything, OK, sweetie?” Erio couldn’t help but nod; even with her deep voice, Signum’s words made him relax. They wouldn’t hurt me. They love me, all of them.

With soft movements, Signum spread Erio’s legs out slightly and took off her panties, letting him see her snatch. She slowly moved over, placing herself over him. “Are you ready?” Erio nodded slowly; with that, Signum moved down, covering his already-hard cock with her cunt and pulling his body close to hers, placing his head between her breasts again.

Erio moaned through his teeth. It’s so tight and smooth… my body feels weird…

“Now then, start moving your hips like this.” He felt Signum grind her body against his waist, his cock twitching inside her. Slowly, he figured out how to move his body again and performed his own motions, thrusting in and out of her. “There, sweetie, that’s it. You’re such a good learner.”

Those words made him blush but smile at the same time. As he continued to slowly thrust, he noticed an odd smell. It’s kinda flowery, but it smells like honey at the same time…

“Ooo, Hayate must be into some interesting kinks with you. Maybe she and Erio can relate.” Subaru’s words made him curious, so he tried to move his head out, but Signum kept his head still with her hand.

“Si-Signum, is something wrong?”

“N-No, it’s just…” He’d never seen her like this before, blushing out of embarrassment. I don’t like seeing her like this…

“I won’t laugh, whatever it is.” Signum looked down at him, still hesitant.

“It’s fine, Signum.” Fate moved closer to them. “Besides, I think he might be into it.”

Signum paused for a moment before allowing Erio to move his head out. He saw a white drop come out of her nipple. “Signum, is that…” She nodded, still looking embarrassed. I wonder what it tastes like… “Signum, could… could I taste it?”

Signum looked down at him before nodding. She placed her hand again on the back of his head, moving it closer to her breasts. He opened his lips, letting the pink bud into his mouth. He took a small suckle, feeling the fluid enter his mouth. It tastes kinda weird… Yet it’s so sweet… He continued to suckle from her, his thrusts becoming faster.

“Mmm, that’s it, Erio. You’re doing such a good job.” Erio smiled at the kind words. It feels so nice to hear someone say that to me. He took his mouth off her nipple and began to kiss her breasts, letting him feel how soft they were. “You like them, don’t you? You like how soft and comfortable they feel?”

“Y-Yeah.” Erio’s body was starting to shudder from the ecstasy he was feeling.

“Good.” Signum kissed the top of his head. “Let me show you something important.” Signum moved his hand down right above her slit. Erio felt a little nub. “This is the clit. It’s even more sensitive than my cunt. Feel it.”

Erio nodded and rocked his thumb against the nub. Immediately, Signum cried out and arched her back out then pressed Erio against the bed, rocking faster and faster. With his head so close to her, Erio decided to nurse from Signum again, the stream of milk filling him up faster this time.

“Y-Yes, Erio, that’s it, just keep doing that…” Erio’s mind went through a frenzy of feelings: his cock thrusting in and out of Signum, the way that her breast pressed against his face, how tight and safe her body next to his made him feel. It-It’s all just t-too

Erio shuddered as he came inside Signum, his cum gushing out when his prick went out of her. After a moment, Signum came as well, tightening her hold around his cock. The two of them held each other tighter until their climaxes finished, panting and struggling to open their eyes. Eventually, Erio looked up to see Signum smiling down at him. “How do you feel?”

It took a moment for him to find a word that could describe all of the emotions that he was feeling. “G-Good. Real good.”

“That’s great.” Signum kissed him before removing herself off of him. Erio quickly found himself in someone else’s arms as they kissed his neck. The bright blonde hair let him know who it was.

“Mmm, mommy…” His mind was so muddled from his orgasm that it took him a moment for him to realize what he said. He blushed and quickly backed up, seeing Fate’s blank face. “U-Uh, w-what I meant was-”

A small laugh from Fate made him stop. “Oh, it’s fine, Erio, I don’t mind. You can call me whatever you want.” She leaned forward and softly kissed him on the lips. She moved her hands slowly over his body as she kissed all over his face. This felt different from the way Signum kissed him; it reminded him more of those nights he spent cuddled up with Fate, how safe he felt knowing that she was there for him.

Fate moved her head down, kissing his chest and licking her tongue all over his nipples. Erio moaned at the sensation as he felt his cock harden again. She continued to kiss his torso until she got off of the bed and kneeled right in front of him. “Signum, could you come over here?”

“Of course.” Signum moved down next to Fate. After a glance and smile between the two, they each lifted up their breasts and placed them around his dick. Erio’s eyes widened. To have one of them tit-fucking me would be something, but both… Mmm, it’s so soft…

A pair of arms were wrapped around his stomach and he felt another pair of breasts against his back. “It feels nice, doesn’t it?” Subaru’s breath whispered against his ear.

“Yeah… Where’s Caro?”

“She said she wanted to be last, so don’t worry about her just yet; focus on the now.” Erio nodded and began to thrust between the two pairs of buxom breasts. Fate and Signum pressed their breasts closer to each other, making Erio’s dick feel tighter around them. They licked his head as it poked out between them, their saliva making it easier for him to thrust.

“Does everything feel comfy, Erio?” Fate’s voice sounded so angelic from below, even as she pressed her large chest against his throbbing cock.

“Y-Yes, mommy.”

“That’s good, sweetie. Mmm, it feels good, doesn’t it, thrusting your cock between two pairs of soft, large tits?”

“Mmm, yeah…” Oh man, hearing Fate talk dirty like this… I’m at the breaking point even faster than before…

Before he knew it, Erio came all over them, splatting his cum on Fate and Signum’s busts and faces. After blinking for a moment, the two of them cleaned off their breasts and his cock with their tongues, making Erio blush further than he thought before. The two of them went up and hugged him.

“Mmm, you did such a good job, sweetie, for your first time.” Fate kissed him on the cheek. “How did it feel for you?”

Erio let out a bashful smile. “It… It felt real nice.”

“That’s good.” As Fate ruffled his hair, he wondered if every day could be like this.

“Alright, it’s my turn.” Before he knew it, Subaru had grabbed him and laid him on top of her, his face right in front of hers. “Do you mind if we get a little rough? I like it like that.”

“N-No, I don’t mind.”

Subaru giggled a little before kissing his nose. “Good. Now then, all you have to is keep your hands right here,” she stated as she grasped his wrists and placed them under her crop top, letting them rest on her breasts.

“B-But what about your-”

“Oh, I can handle my clit fine, but it’s my tits that are really sensitive. Grip them nice and tight, ya hear?”

“Yes, Subaru.”

“Good.” With that, Subaru got Erio in line with her and, wrapping her legs around his waist, thrust his cock into her, gripping his butt with her hand. Using her strong arm and thigh muscles, she began to move Erio in and out of her. At the same time, Erio groped and kneaded Subaru’s firm breasts, hearing her moan against her ear.

“H-How’s today been so far, Erio?”

“A lot, but g-good.” The way that Subaru’s legs were driving his prick deeper into him was something he couldn’t have imagined before.

“Good. I know it can be a lot. I felt about Tea the same way you felt about Caro, but Nanoha helped me out with that.” Subaru’s face became a sublime place of beauty in his eyes as she placed her hand on the back of his head to kiss him. “Oh, it’s so weird to see you growing up. I remember meeting you when you were just a little boy and now you’re becoming a man. But you’re still so kind and sweet. I hope you always stay that way.” Subaru moved him faster, causing his grip on her breasts to become tighter as he kissed and bit at her neck.

As he was reaching his climax yet again, Erio came to a kind of realization. As much as I like having sex, hearing those kind words, those gentle phrases, that makes me feel something in the pit of my stomach that I can’t name, but I love…


“Yes, Erio?”

“Could you… say something sweet?”

Subaru looked like she was pausing in contemplation before smiling. “Oh, you like breasts a lot, don’t you, Erio? You like how soft they feel and how warm you get when you lay your head right between them. That’s why you like touching and feeling them, don’t you, sweetie? You’re so good at it, just keep feeling them.”

That was it, that was the break. With one final pull in, Erio came into Subaru’s depth as she came with him, the two of them tightening their individual grasps onto each other. They panted and shuddered until Erio slowly left Subaru’s body.

“N-Now what?”

“Now, we’ve reached the main event.” Erio was quickly spun around so that he was sitting on Subaru’s lap. To each side of him was Fate and Signum, their chests right against his head. And in front of him, crawling towards him, was Caro, nude, in the flesh. He looked over his love. The way that her bright pink hair glistened under the lights of the room. How cute her little nipples looked against the front of her huge breasts. How her thighs rubbed against each other as she shivered closer to him. Finally, she got into his lap, her head under his chin, her breasts squished against his chest.

“Erio…” Erio pulled her head up and kissed her on the lips.

“Are you ready, Caro?”

“I’ve… I’ve always been ready.” With that, Erio slowly put himself into Caro, feeling her warmth surround him. As he continued to rock in and out of her, he moved his mouth down and began to kiss her breasts. “A-Ah, Erio…”

Subaru wrapped her arms around his stomach and pulled him closer to her while Fate and Signum rubbed their breasts against Erio and Caro’s heads, letting them smell the cum and milk and sweat that were intermixing. It made Erio flare up.

“C-Caro… mmm…” He continued to kiss her breasts and suck at her nipples as his thrusting intensified. “I love you- I’ve-mmm, I’ve always loved you… I want to spend every day with you… I want to wake up with you and know that we’ll be together forever… I want to be with you always…”

Caro shuddered over him as she came, but he didn’t feel like he was at the breaking point just yet, so he moved faster now, kissing her face, her neck, her breasts, every part that he could.

“E-E-Erio… I want to be with you too… Yo-You make me f-f-eeeel so happy… W-Will you stay with me, E-Erio?” Her face, even at the height of her ecstasy, was so pure that it filled his heart with happiness.

“C-CARO!” He finally came to an end, filling her up as he stuck her to the hilt, sending her over the edge again. They squirmed and quivered all over each other, becoming closer than they thought possible before.

Eventually, they both relaxed, Erio laying back on Subaru. Then he felt his body being moved down, surrounded by the four women’s busts. It’s so comfortable… so nice…

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about work tomorrow, sweetie,” he heard Fate’s voice say. “We were able to get all of us a week off. All you have to worry about is making sure that you learn the things that you need to know. So just lay back and relax.”

He did so, relaxing against the crowd surrounding him, knowing that he was safe. Always.


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A pair of amber eyes stared into blue ones. The former belonged to an older woman with long raven hair and mango skin. Her stare was for a younger blond man, an acquaintance who proved to be of much help now. He also had potential to be more in the future – for right and wrong intentions.

“Uh, Cinder, we don’t have to eat here. If you wanted to thank me, we could have just gone by a deli or fast food place.”

The addressed woman took off her black sunglasses to place them in the hair above her forehead. Violet eyeshadow was one of the few makeup items she put on; everything else was natural beauty like her shiny skin and plump crimson lips. Facial expression was even more gorgeous when it belonged to a fit, slim body that was clothed in a scarlet sundress. This fashion was very appropriate for a hot windy day. Many bystanders asked if she was a popstar or model from another country. Some may have asked her to be their girlfriend on the spot if not for her companion.

“Jaune, don’t be silly. This isn’t just for you, I’m also treating myself as a break from all the cafeteria food we had. Wouldn’t you prefer to eat something real for once?”

Cinder spoke such words of adoration to her date, a young timid adult. His meek behavior was offset by his strong figure that fit well underneath his white armor mixed with casual clothes of a brown shirt and blue jeans. He could have fit more of the description as a little brother or a puppy, which was why it came as a shock to see this pair in a dating scenario like the current restaurant. It was daring to occupy an outside table – did nothing to hide themselves. The older woman knew all of this, yet she just didn’t give a damn. Jaune, on the other hand, was completely clueless about the implications.

“I guess the food does taste better,” Jaune sighed. His solemn expression telegraphed negative emotions. Cinder took this as guilt, something she expected under these circumstances.

“Are you thinking about Pyrrha?”

The younger man’s lips creased into a squeamish frown. “Sort of. I mean, yeah. This might sound weird, but it doesn’t feel right to be here when I’m her boyfriend.”

Cinder blew air through her nose, a quiet sigh. “So would you like to end our own relationship today? That would be something a good boyfriend would do now.”

Jaune shook his head. “That’s not what I meant. But is that the right thing to do? I don’t know, let’s not talk about this right now. Sorry for acting like that in the first place.”

The older woman took note of the way her blond companion put an imaginary sticker over his underlying issue. She chose not to pursue this, let him relax in this silent moment. This pause broke when she asked, “How’s the team? I’m glad you would spend time to help me do some assignments, but are you managing them well?”

“We’re trying, as always. It’s just Beacon stuff, nothing for you to worry about.”

Jaune’s brief reply was somewhat incorrect. He was not aware that Cinder was here under the disguise of a transfer student sent to the combat school, Beacon, with two other allies. He had no inkling that she was a criminal. As the mastermind, the villainess continued to scheme. He was simply a work in progress for a greater plan.

“Are you sure? You sound so stressed.” Cinder pouted as a show of worry. To match this behavior, she lowered her tone and tried to show her date with attention. “A handsome man like yourself deserves a reward.”

“Well, you’re treating me to lunch.”

“This is a treat for your help. I have something else in mind for that stress relief of yours.”

Cinder shook her foot to rattle off a black heel. Slowly, she raised it towards Jaune’s crotch where he couldn’t see it. When the toes touched the center, she pushed in with a twist. The brunette temptress rubbed the same spot in circles. She found it delightful to see the many erratic expressions the afflicted made as he received a footjob.

“W-we’re doing this here?”

“Why not? Let’s make this exciting.” Cinder felt the erection grow around the massaged area. She slid her toe along the underside to make Jaune squirm – a delectable sight for her mischievous nature. “Of course, we can move this elsewhere since our orders won’t come out for some time. Any requests?”

As expected, Jaune took his date to the restroom. When he suggested the ladies room, Cinder dragged him into the other room for males. Inside a stall, she pushed his butt onto a closed toilet seat.

“Hm, it actually smells nice in here for once. I think one of the employees is gay.”

“Wh-why do you say that?” Jaune shivered as his brunette companion tugged on his belt to loosen the jeans. “Is that like a stereotype?”

“Of course. Cruising homosexuals can finish their business in restrooms filled with a fruity fragrance, same for lesbians. Straights would have simply left this place smelling like a real dump, at least the boring ones.”

By then, Cinder had pulled the pants all the way down. She did the same for boxers to grab a sausage that grew from the crotch, caressed the solid meat between her fingers.

“T-too much information.”

“Because I look like a man?”

Jaune stammered, “No! Y-you’re gorgeous. And so nice. I should appreciate this more, but I’m not.”

Cinder spread her partner’s legs apart and lowered her head to take the growing erection into her mouth. She massaged the bottom with her tongue to make Jaune groan. He tried to hump into her throat, but she pushed him into the toilet – her superior strength kept him tame. She bobbed her head to blow the penis from the tip down to the trunk. Repetition eventually allowed her jaws to adjust so she could take the entire ten-inch for a deepthroat.

Jaune grunted, “Oh Maiden, this is so good,” as his hips quaked. With eyes shut closed, he made the visible effort not to cum. Cinder continued her relentless blowing, even added some strokes to the balls with her fingers. Soon, the entire penis quivered before fresh loads of semen burst into her mouth.

As the ejaculator moaned, the cocksucker drank the DNA milk. Last time, she did not expect him to almost drop a few quarts worth. This time, she was able to ingest everything up to the last spurt. After she gulped down and licked the remnants from her lips, she slipped the penis from her mouth.

“You lasted a bit longer.” Cinder opened her mouth to prove she swallowed everything. “But impressive amount as always. Please be careful not to impregnate me.”

Jaune pursed his lips. This fearful face made Cinder snicker as she stood up. When her partner tried to rise from the seat, she raised a leg to press her heel into his chest so he would stay.

“We’re not done yet.”

“But the food-.”

“Can wait.” Cinder grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it up to grant her date a peculiar sight. “I don’t have panties on. It’s moist down there, will you leave me waiting all afternoon yearning for your big fat cock?”

The brunette made sure to come off like a slut. Like most men, Jaune appeared dazed with a crimson blush. So much heat was going through his head because an older beautiful woman wanted him to ravish her in a public restroom. This pause prompted the older one to lift a leg over his lap, raise the bottom of her dress, then descend. Rather than go for full penetration, she sat on his penis with the soaking lips of her salmon-colored snatch.

“What’s wrong? If you’re worried about what I said earlier, that was a joke. I’m on the pill.”

“That’s not it.”

Cinder frowned, “Is it still about Pyrrha?”

“Not even that. I’m a bit worried that…we might not leave this restroom for a long time if this starts.” Jaune’s last words came out as growls. He was under a lustful trance that gained strength the more times his date rubbed the soft exterior of her poontang against his hardened phallus. “Aren’t you embarrassed people are going to notice?”

“This isn’t about them, it’s about you and me.” Cinder grinded her hips into Jaune’s, mashed their naughty bits together. “Who gives a fuck about people we’ll never see again? I only want to help a stressed useful man get a nut off so he could focus for the rest of the day.”

In a sudden move, Jaune stood up. He lifted one of Cinder’s legs over his shoulder. Her flexibility allowed him to proceed without too much resistance until her back met one of the tiled walls.

“Ooh, ferocious. Is my lion about to mark his territory again?”

“Please don’t say it like that.” The horny blond grabbed his dick. One wiggle was all it took for it to reach full length again. Cinder knew this was made possible by his Aura; she taught him how to transfer the energy to different parts of his body (with much hands-on practice).

“Then is this how you’ll fulfill my wish to fuck me?”

Jaune nodded before he placed his cockhead against the wet entrance. He went forward to place the rest inside the warm wet meat pocket. Liquid flowed out to lube up the area more. This was thanks to the small Dust crystal that contained the water element. Cinder placed it there as a precaution, but it turned out unnecessary because she was stimulated by the sex play and the ideas she had in mind of what was going to happen for the next while.

Further penetration eventually placed the entire penis inside. Cinder bit her lip as her tight vag walls enclosed around the phallus, pulsed out of reflex. Since her leg was up in the air, the brunette was unable to move her hips in response. Jaune did most of the work: humped into her hole. Passion spread warmth throughout their forms as they fucked at full-speed. The woman’s back hit the wall in a rhythmic noise that was sure to attract attention.

Again, Cinder did not care for the opinion of the public. She merely focused on the sex where she caressed the top of Jaune’s scalp with her long nails. Her breathing hitched whenever the thick penis tip ran into a soft spot. She also added whispers like, “You’re so big,” and, “Don’t stop,” for additional kinkiness. The blond male responded with action, continued to breed on to the inevitable conclusion.

The bred brunette was the first to cum. This electric effect made her inner walls tighten around the penis. Jaune exerted more effort to continue. A few minutes in, he got on his tippy-toes to bury his cock inside. He also mashed his head into her chest – planted face right between the titties. As he huffed into the cloth, he fired a large stream of semen into the womb.

As Cinder took all of the sperm, she hugged Jaune’s head. This embrace held after Jaune finished with ragged breaths. After a brief rest, he was the one to pull away and free his dick. This forced the woman to let go.

“Wow, that was intense.” Jaune leaned his back against the door. “Am I really like this because of stress?”

“I hope it’s not all of it.” Cinder ripped several sheets from the toilet paper dispenser to wipe away the mess that slid down her legs. In silence, she enjoyed the ache that radiated from her snatch. “I’d like it if you can spare the same amount of energy every time we have these daytime delights.”

Jaune showed an embarrassed smile, a bashful one he was. The lady smiled in return to share a tender moment even when she was merely satisfied by the whole experience.

“Now, if you don’t mind, can you please clean all of this up? Not with paper, but your mouth.”

Again, Cinder lifted the bottom of her dress. This revealed her vagina that drooled semen that ejected inside her hole earlier. She smiled when Jaune gave her poontang a bewildered stare, display discomfort for the requested task. She imagined he would do this someday by her command, but much more training had to be done.

“I’m joking.” The brunette lowered her dress. She reached for more toilet paper to pad them against the same wet spot. “We have lunch waiting. Remember not to mind the stares. I’m sure some heard us, but they won’t do much to ruin our fun.”

The couple cleaned up and had their lunch. During this meal, Jaune got a call from his girlfriend. As he talked to Pyrrha over the phone and fibbed on some details (like eating lunch with a ‘friend’), Cinder rubbed his crotch again with her foot from under the table. This led to a later quickie outside in a nearby alley where they did it doggystyle and did not mind the few bystanders who peeked on them. Some took videos, but Cinder made sure to later search and destroy all evidence since she couldn’t afford to have her face spread around too many porn sites.



Cinder had sex with Jaune almost every day. When a week of this springtime behavior passed, she put a stop to that. This reason, she told Jaune, was to give him a chance at having sex with Pyrrha. Her true intention was to make him clash with his girlfriend, who was a firm believer in having sex after marriage. Results of such schism unearthed over time to the point her blond boy toy became desperate.

“And she denied you again?”

“Yes! She doesn’t want to have sex with me. I don’t know why.”

Cinder listened to such whining inside her dorm room. She sat on a bed in black lingerie: bra, panties, stockings all frilly and attached to each other by straps. This complicated getup did not cover the pink parts of the tender areas like nipples and snatch. The purpose of this wear was to stimulate her sex friend’s blue balls – bestow temptation.

“Perhaps she’s not into sex. I would hate to think she’s into women if she chose to be your girlfriend.”

“I hope not. She’s not even telling me though, so anything’s up in the air.”

“We’ll find out one way or another. So enough chit-chat, continue if you want me to help with your problem.”

Jaune nodded. Buck naked, he picked up one of Cinder’s feet to lick the toes. He pressed his thumbs into her bunion for a massage. He puffed hot breaths agaist the wet skin, stimulated the entire area. The receiver of this sloppy footblow curled her fingers and stabbed fingernails into the bed.

“Not bad, but try to lick between the toes.”

The obedient blond pushed his tongue into the suggested areas. His tongue strokes pressed into some tender spots. The wetness made this experience better than what she was used to from a normal masseur.

“So would you like to have sex with me?” Cinder yanked her foot from Jaune’s grasp. With this same limb, she pressed its bottom into his face. “Do you want to fuck me like before?”

Jaune nodded. The brunette wasn’t convinced. She raised her wet foot and sneered, “Don’t stop. I never asked you to stop licking me.”

The blond man crawled forward to resume his last act. Cinder watched the licks and slobbers, let this pleasant mood go on until she had enough. For a second time, she yanked the foot away.

“Do you want to know the real truth for why I’m doing this?”

Jaune made a sad frown like a dog denied his treat. “Wh-why?”

“Because you’re selfish. I tried to be fair and meet your needs, but not once did you ever take mine into consideration. If this relationship is going to work, I need to know you’re ready to do your part. If it doesn’t, then you deserve to have a prude one like Pyrrha.”

Jaune lowered his head. He panted, “I will. I want you to feel too good. Y-you’re the best woman I have right now. I’ll do whatever you want. Don’t leave me like this, please.”

Cinder kept a frown on her face, only smiled on the inside. She had control over a man who looked to her for support in life and bed. His begging encouraged another test of compliance. To do this, she spread open her legs and scooted her crotch closer to the edge of the bed.

“Then there’s one more place we need to handle before we make true love. Lick here again.”

The scheming brunette had presented the open hole of her snatch. It was wet from stimulation, but not soaking. Without question, Jaune planted his face against this area to give the smelly flesh a good lick. He pushed in with his tongue before he turned it clockwise. His skill surprised Cinder, who was aware he picked up some pointers from porn (did a lot of hacking with his laptop). This pussy eating went on for so long to bring a familiar pressure inside that didn’t involve the stuffing of a dick for once.

“Very good,” Cinder sighed. She wrapped her legs around Jaune’s head and squeezed him into her poontang. She sighed, “More, more, almost there. Ah, I’m right at the edge.”

At the peak of ecstasy, the brunette came. She shook from this fulfilling orgasm. Jaune never stopped his licks until his partner pushed a palm against his forehead and loosened her leg lock. The same male let his tongue hang out with soft huffs. His hazy blue eyes indicated exhaustion.

“Do you now see how a woman can appreciate tongueplay like a man?”

“I do.” Jaune averted his eyes out of embarrassment. Cinder grinned before she shoved him to the ground. The lady followed and tickled his erection.

“Now here’s your reward. I’ll take over, so don’t be too energetic.”

Cinder spread her exposed vagina folds with two fingers. She reached down to raise the cock with one hand, prepare it during her descent. When the tip caught at the entrance, she pushed harder so the meat pole could slip through the tight muscles. Once the entire length went inside, Cinder adjusted her back to get into a good cowgirl stance.

“Oh Maiden, damn it.”

Jaune’s grunts matched his shaky form, a state he was in when on the brink of an orgasm. Quickly, the top woman rode him. Her lubed snatch slid up and down the hard meat. Cinder pounced harder where her butt slammed into his thighs. Both bodies rocked against each other as one tried to resist and the second went into full freak mode – called his name and gave off erotic noises. Eventually, the phallus quivered like a bottle cap ready to blow from a shaken beer jug.

Cinder roared, “Damn, you’re big.” She smacked her fat ass into Jaune’s body before she anchored her snatch down where the penis was in balls deep. “Cum inside. I know you want to do it, just put your seed inside.”

Jaune let out his own roar before a flood of semen hosed into the vagina. This release made his muscles shake like a choir of vibrating dildos. Cinder found some pleasure with this insemination, but she plastered on a smile for her partner’s visual pleasure.

“Oh Maiden, that’s so much.” The blond cummer let out sharp pants. He wiped sweat from his face. “Was it good at all? I-I came too fast.”

“Don’t doubt your skill and size.” Cinder lifted her hips to free the schlong. After she unmounted and got on the floor with her knees, she pumped the dick with one hand. “I figured Pyrrha would appreciate something like this by now, but she is much too selfish. We need to make sure you’re completely empty before we leave this room.”

Jaune expressed a doubtful frown. “Are you really okay with that? Spending your time with me like this?”

“Anything for my strong man.” Cinder hovered her face next to the phallus and blew air into its wet form. The same genital twitched as the wind brushed past its wet skin. “Because even if you have a girlfriend, you’ve given me the same amount of devotion. It’s time I do the same so we can continue to have a pleasant relationship.”

From then on, the pair had sex many times. Jaune was always on bottom because Cinder forced herself to be the dominant top. She did this to imprint a submissive behavior within the younger male. That night was also when she was certain Jaune’s love geared towards her more than some conservative redhead. This success ensured her that he was able to serve as a useful pawn in the near future, one that was sure to spell doom for most of the Vale Kingdom.


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As a model, Ann knew a lot about looks.

How to smolder, how to look playful, how to gaze wistfully, how to peer into an unseen horizon.

The culmination of hours in front of her mirror.

In turn, she had an easier time reading people's looks. The slight crease of worry in their brow, the subtle squint of indiscretion, the half-moons of weariness.

But she didn't need that experience to decipher the look she was getting right now from the guy behind the camera.

"Can you uh, put your hand up- okay yeah, yeah like that," he said, giving her that look again, but Ann still obliged. "Juuust keep looking to the left, just a little more...perfect, alright."

Another succession of clicks and the white glare of the lightbox, and the photographer lowered his camera.

And gave her yet another of those looks.

It was one that made her second-guess her poses, much to her embarrassment.
She was a professional. She should be used to getting checked out.

But it didn't help that this guy-a rookie, the agency said-was so damn cute.

And it didn't help that the look in his eye was the same one Ren would smolder right before they fucked.

And it didn’t help that during that particular week, Ann was goddamned horny .

A lot of things had changed since Ren moved away. She missed him, every day. It wasn’t until his absence did she realize how much of her free time was dedicated to him, how dependent she had grown on him. In due time Ann decided to fill up that free time with as many gigs as she could manage, much to her agency’s delight.

But no amount of distractions supplemented her more intimate needs; late night Facetime calls with Ren coupled with her favorite toys could only do so much. She missed him, every day.

Almost as much as she missed his dick .

Her mind kept drifting, and drifting, and she silently cursed her long-distance boyfriend.

“GodDAMMIT, Ren.”

Ann shook the fog of her lust-addled mind, trying to root herself in the present. She had a job to do, horny or not...being checked out by a very attractive guy or not.

He was still giving her that look, and Ann found it harder to concentrate by the second.

“Ugh, this seriously sucks…”

The photographer’s leer was sucked back behind his viewfinder once more, and as naturally as she could, Ann’s body flowed into the next few shots. It was for a swimsuit special, “ A Midwinter Heat Wave ”, as the idol magazine had put it.

It was a long shoot, with several dozen prepared swimsuits for the editors to later choose from. But at least it was a simple setup: a tropical mock-up in the background, some props including a parasol, a rideable inflatable duck (much to Ann’s dismay), and right now, a neon-pink inner tube.

It was due to the simple nature that the studio didn’t see the need for an entire crew, and thus enlisted a rookie freelancer to finish the job.

A cute freelancer, alone in a studio with Ann, who just couldn’t get over how goddamn cute he was as she posed for him in a swimsuit that would put the shameless doppelganger of hers from Kamoshida’s palace to shame.

With more frustration, Ann smiled as naturally as she could.

It was seriously hard to ignore those eyes. How he sized her up between every shot, taking just the extra second for what was obviously his own private mental image collection.

It was as Ann heaved the inner tube up and over her head, beaming playfully with her chest jutted out towards the camera with a very awkward prompt (“O-Okay, um...can you just push uhhh, push out when you raise your…” A gulp. “Y-Yeah there we go...your chest…” A cough. More shutter clicks.), that she realized something: she felt like she was wearing too much.

A bead of sweat crawled torturously on her neck.

Her skin crawled, feeling stuffy as all hell, and the more she thought about it, the worse it got. She tried to deny the feeling, the urges welling up inside her; the heat in her loins was just because the studio’s heaters were at full blast, fending off the biting cold of the February winter. Yup, that was it. Just a few more shots and she’ll stroll outside, and all these strange inclinations to strip herself naked would be gone!

Ann looked off into the distance in the next few shots, keeping her mind away from anything unrelated to the shoot at hand. She heard the shutter clicks stop, and try as she might, she couldn’t stop her gaze to drift and investigate why.

Her pulse dipped, catching the photographer staring at her again with the camera lowered.

She caught the glimmer of sweat bead on the precipice of his jaw. She watched as it raced towards his chin right below his mouth, and her mind flashed with the image of that mouth on her neck.

Ann gulped.


Try as she might, she couldn’t break the shared gaze between her and this nameless cutie, and a deluge of her inner wants barraged her inner eye, coupled by sights that her outer ones gobbled up like sweets: from the photographer’s broad chest, the large hands that wrapped firmly around the metal barrel of his lens, and, most damningly, the conspicuous bulge in his track pants.

And of course the bastard had to be wearing track pants.

Ann cursed in her mind and looked away again, feeling the sweat racing down her gooseflesh.

She shut her eyes really quick to collect herself.

This was all fucking Ren’s fault. It was partly her fault for being so reliant on him, for conceding every damn time he wanted a quickie, a nice little reprieve after a Mementos raid or intense exam, but it was always Ren who initiated, who asked for it, who took it from her.

Ann shut her eyes harder, knowing that at this point, any sort of distraction would be futile, especially with that lowkey hunk of dork gawking at her only a few feet away.

God, she missed sex.

Ann’s mind kept flashing. Desperate little tactile fantasies, her mind screaming that this was a golden opportunity to relieve herself of this tension that was plaguing her for weeks, a sudden hot and coiling feeling in her loins as she felt more clicking of the shutter.

She tried to imagine that it was Ren in those fantasies, tried to remember what his mouth felt like, how his hands felt on her hips, his skin, his warmth.

But try as she might, Ann could only imagine what this shy admirer of hers would feel like, how he might kiss, how he might taste, how he might fu-

Ann’s eyes flew open as her body tensed up. More sweat on her brow. He had his camera lowered again.

“I uhh...I think that’s all the shots that I...that we need, right now…” he said, trailing off as he gave a nervous smile.

Ann sighed and, out of the corner of her eye, could still see the very conspicuous visual confession of what was on his mind.

She was at her wit’s end as a brief silence past. She felt the warmth of the studio’s heater on her skin, on shoulders that ached for touch.

Then, as her mind flurried in a hot storm of repression, backed up needs and desires...

Carmen spoke.

The boom of her voice was as clear as the day Ann had awoken her in Kamoshida’s Palace.

Why must you bend to the will of a boy who doesn’t care?

Ann should have been surprised. It was one of the only times her Persona had even spoken to her like this. Not to mention that she thought Carmen was gone, replaced by her evolved form of Hecate.

But such confusion drizzled away as Carmen’s words cut through it all. The voice was as reassuring as it was...natural, like that little demon on your shoulder telling you to reach into the cookie jar.

She could only consider Carmen’s prod, another flurry of intense emotions coursing through her mind. She tried to raise protest, say how she loved Ren, how he loved her, talk of commitment, anything. But the protest died in her throat. She could only let Carmen continue.

You have wants...needs...are you one to be bound by the shackles of others?

Again, Ann could only stay silent.

She tried to think of Ren again, but when she thought of that name, all she could remember was the notification of “Read” under her texts sent two weeks ago.

Something inside her heart switched, and suddenly, everything was clear. Very familiar words rose to her lips, and a suppressed flame welled up in her chest.

“You’’re right. No more holding back.”

Carmen chuckled.

There you go.... Nothing can be solved by restraining yourself.

As always, I can lend you my str-


Ann opened her eyes, and a quick flicker of flame alighted in their crisp blue.

“I can handle this myself.”

Carmen’s voice tittered one last time before receding back into the depths of Ann’s heart.

Then, as naturally as breathing, Ann changed her look into a smolder. The look was like a gunshot, and she could see the photographer almost stagger. Her grin curled wider when she saw his Adam’s apple bob in a hard gulp.

“Alright, we got the shots you need,” Ann said, blinking in slow, sultry bats as she pointedly cocked her hip, hand poised on her thigh. “...but what about the shots that you want?

Another gunshot. Ann couldn’t help but grin.

“Excuse m-“

“Keep shooting.” Ann said. Commanded.

And the poor young man could only raise his camera.

With that, Ann began posing again. This time, graceful, natural. No rigidness in her movements as she strutted about on the soft fake sand of the studio floor, as she gazed longingly into the camera, playing around with the inner tube in her grasp as if she always carried it.

Then, with a showy toss behind her shoulder, the inner tube was gone.

And with it, gone was the playful innocence that she feigned the entire shoot.

As far as Ann was concerned, everything shot before now was staged; it was time for honest-to-God candids, to break the chains of all the restraint and just play things by ear.

From here on out, Ann was gone.

It was Panther’s time to play.

The smolder in her eyes darkened.

She spread her legs and, with a grace and ease that would have made a stripper jealous, dipped down almost perpendicular. Her breasts hung ripe and her back arced in a smooth curve that lead to the perky curve of her ass before she stood back up in a sensuous wave of her body. Her hands followed through with the motion, smoothing down her thighs as her shoulder rolled forward against her cheek.

She continued blinking in slow, teasing bats. Then, holding her pose, her breasts sandwiched between her upper arms, she moved her right finger up her thigh, inch by inch, traversing the creamy skin of her stomach, up, up, up, between the snug valley of her chest, up the ivory tower of her neck, her chin, then, resting it against her glossed lips.

She lowered her stare, the smolder deadly, almost a glare.

She looked deep, deep into lens, straight into the wide eye that was hiding behind it, and, after holding the pose for the perfect length of small eternities, gave her finger a quick lick.

She could almost hear the rustle of the photographer’s jimmies.

Her youthful face was now possessed with a mature aura that she could tell was making his knees shake, the curves of her teenage body handled with a deadly intent that could only be learnt through experience.

Ann weaponized her beauty with every new pose and every new suggestive stroke of her fingers against her skin. She cherished every single second of her slow advance towards the hapless stranger who she didn’t even bother learning the name of, her confident struts echoing throughout her body in delicious shudders.

In her mind, she silently thanked Ren for letting her blossom into the woman she now was, a woman who could break any and all chains that held her back from what she wanted.

And right now, as she raised her arms and let her fingers run down her face, over the swell of her breasts, the tautness of her stomach, she was a woman who wasn’t about to let a guy halfway across the country who didn’t even bother replying to a text stop her from doing what she wanted.

A woman who wanted to fuck.

She was close enough to the photographer that she could hear his breathing now. Huffs through his nose, lips set as he grit his teeth. The shots would probably be close-ups by now, medium wides at best.

She reached behind her neck, and grasped the red string of her top.

“Let’s see if that old cliche is true...” she said, giving the simple knot at the nape of her neck a quick tug. The string fell limp onto her skin, her hand catching the fabric of her top before gravity left her exposed. She felt the shutter click again. “...what they say about pictures.”

Another few clicks of the shutter as she bit her lip, feeling her loins on fire . She should have done this way earlier.

“Wh-What do you mean.” he rasped.

“You know,” Ann said, waiting just a few more torturous seconds before slipping her hand away, letting the floral fabric of her bikini top flutter to the ground. Another click of the shutter before she finally reached over and pushed the lens down. She wanted his naked eyes on her now. “...the saying about how they last longer.”

Ann knew that the line probably didn’t even make much sense, but at this point, she was admittedly too horny to care.

With that, her hands flew forward behind his head, and shoved his face forward.

He fell limp into her without any resistance, and his mouth was soon hot on hers. Ann didn’t bother with any tact or restraint now; her tongue shoved itself between his lips, forcing him to pick up the slack or get left behind.

She kept her eyes open, feeling his mouth limply taking her assault, his eyes quivering in disbelief. He was probably unsure if this was real, or if it was just some horny delusion.

Ann’s tongue continued drawing hot laps around his, wetly dominating the space between his cheeks. Eventually he started kissing back, savoring the cherry of her lip gloss. Still, his hands were limp to his side, one still holding his DSLR, and Ann was having none of that.

The best way to know if you’re dreaming is through touch, after all.

Her hands slid off the back of his head, trusting him to hold their liplock.

One of them went to his right, and slipped into the crack between the camera and his palm. She forcibly took it out of his grasp, letting it drop onto the artificial sand below them.

With both of his hands now free, it took minimal effort for Ann to direct them to where she wanted: the swell of her ass and the warmth of her bare breast.

She saw his eyes widen when she placed them where they belonged. Her own hands firmly gave a squeeze over his, making sure he knew what she wanted.

It didn’t take long until the guy finally grasped the situation, and his hands followed suit; the moment Ann’s hands left his, he started squeezing, kneading, groping as viciously as his eyes had.

Ann smiled, moaning into his lips. This was what she wanted. Needed. A touch strong enough to make her skin bristle like electricity, a touch that made her know she was wanted and desired.

She felt him physically shudder when her hand slipped between them and started stroking that naughty bulge in the nylon of his trackpants. To her delight, he reciprocated the action by giving an extra firm squeeze of her tit before drawing a circle with his palm, letting her erect nipple scrape hot friction against his skin. She mewled, and he responded with a knead on her left asscheek, which she rebutted with some extra pressure against the erection pressed against his body.

Back and forth, back and forth, touches were exchanged for gropes, smoothing of hands traded for digging hands.

As the seconds slipped by, so did the intensity mount. The photographer’s eyes were closed at this point as he indulged in his luck, in Ann’s body, her touch on his covered lust. He was daring enough to kiss back now, their liplock growing in passion, in sloppiness-his tongue batted against hers as he shoved it between her teeth.

He switched breasts to appreciate, probably getting a kick out of how they could barely even fit in his appreciative touch. The hand at her ass dared to slip under the the thin fabric of Ann’s bikini bottom, and his fingers dug into that curve with vigor, earning more grateful sighs from Ann’s throat.

By the time their mouths wetly untangled, panting with lips hot and tongues thoroughly wet, Ann knew that it was time to take some steps closer to what she really wanted. They shared the same look, and Ann brought her hands to the bottom hem of his shirt. Obediently, he raised his arms, baring his broad chest for her adoring eyes, and soon, her hands.

Not another word and their mouths clashed together again, spit beginning to string down the sides of their lips. Their kisses continued growing more reckless, and so did their hands. She didn’t stop him from slipping down her stomach and into her bikini bottoms to start rubbing against her moist core, nor did he stop Ann from grabbing his pesky waistband and rip it down to spring out his cock against her skin.

Collective groans tumbled and muddled between their throats. Ann started to pump up and down his veiny cock. He was as big as she could have imagined, just as big as Ren, maybe even a tad thicker. She felt her heat rising and her knees buckle a little at the fingers the photographer padded against her vag. It took him a few prods, but he eventually did find the buzzing nub of her clit, and his fingers began to hastily dig at it. He wasn’t caring of technique (if he even knew of any), but he didn’t need to be; just the touch of a man was driving Ann up the wall, and she was growing hotter than ever before.

She felt pre start squirting onto her wrist, captured a long vocal shudder with her cheeks before she pulled away. Strings of saliva glistened in like gossamer between their mouths, and both of them looked at each other in heavy, needy glares.

Ann started stroking slow now, making a tight band with her thumb and two of her fingers, up and down his meat, from base to its swollen, throbbing head. As she caught her breath, her tantalizing movements made his breaths more labored. The heaving of her chest as she panted alongside him noticeably caught his gaze.

“Having fun?” she said, her voice raspy.

The photographer could only weakly nod, shutting his eyes in a deep groan when Ann maneuvered her palm onto the tip of his cock and started drawing sticky circles.

“Come on...answer me, shutterboy…”

Ann surprised herself at the new moniker, but found that she loved it from the moment the syllables snuck out of her lips. It was so demeaning, condescending to a man who was more than just a few years older than her.

But it more than reflected the power dynamic she had encaged him in, his will effortlessly twirling around the flick of her fingers against his veiny control stick. She let the moment sink in, applying just the most trace and torturous amount of pressure, watching him tilt his head back and whimper. He was edging.

Then, her wrist stopped swirling. She remanuvered her grasp and gently clenched her hand into a fist around the guy’s tip, giving it the gentlest of squeezes.

She forced a long wheeze from his throat, and the fingers he had inside of her went stiff.

“Y-Yeah …” he finally spat out.

Ann could almost feel the clenching of his balls, and she giggled.


Ann gave one last pump to his cock, base to tip, slicking his own lust all over his prick. Then, with a slide of her finger, slipped her hand away, leaving him desperate and pulsing more pre onto the sand below their feet.

As much as she was enjoying his touch, Ann proceeded to pry his hands out of her, feeling his finger slip wetly out of her vag, his hands reluctantly letting go of her ass.

This petting was only a warm-up, after all. And by the way he had grabbed and indulged in her mouth and her body, the warm-up could have gone much longer if it was up to the photographer.

It was a good thing it wasn’t up to him.

There was a moment’s pause. Ann wanted to feel the heat radiating between their half-naked bodies, take in just how thick the tension was between the respective fires that burned in their loins.

Then, inexplicably, her hands grasped the waistband of his trackpants, and in a deft upwards lift, snapped his cock back inside its tight cage of cotton and nylon.

The photographer hissed, giving her a look as the friction of fabric undoubtedly ran a hot pulse through him.

Ann chuckled again, leaning forward and giving him a reassuring swirl of her glossy lips against his...and running a torturous hand, sticky with his precum, down the skin of his chest, down his stomach, and over the painful bulge of his crotch, pressing his cock flat against his thigh. She could feel the telltale pulsing, imagine the agonizing clench of his spunk bank below.

But of course, Ann wasn’t about to give any reprieve. Not just yet.

Panthers play with their food.

A moment later, and Ann backed off completely, leaving his lips bare, and his barely-restrained cock unattended.

She takes slow steps backwards, blue of her eyes set on his gaze, twinkling with mischief. Wordlessly, the photographer followers her, in slow shuffling of his feet.

“Alright, cool.” Ann says, clasping her hands coyly around her back. The move pushes her tits out more, further enhancing the juxtaposition of those fluffy and innocent platinum blonde pigtails and the maturity of her young, nubile body. “We’ll have some more fun later. But first…”

The photographer suddenly finds himself standing above her as Ann plops down onto one of the photoshoot’s props: a reclined beach chair.

The slight bounce of her breasts at the action was nothing compared to the way Ann proceeded to sprawl out her body, hips twisting as she scooted up the chair until her head rested against the cushion at the chair’s head.

With that inviting grin on her face, Ann’s dainty fingers grasped the string of her bikini bottoms.

“...first, I’m gonna need you to let me have my fun.”

A tug, and the knot came loose. And with a smooth seize, Ann slipped off her bottoms, leaving it dangling in her fingers.

She gave a mewl as she spread her legs, giving the photographer a fat eyeful of her bare, glistening, and needy muff.

She let the moment linger, enjoying the wide-eyed gaze on her pussy, noting the way his Adam’s apple bobbed as he gulped. She grinned, feeling the flame inside her loins grow only hotter. She took her free hand and smoothed it down the smooth expanse of her stomach, and took two fingers to slick it over her vulva before spreading it apart.

The photographer continued to stare.

Another moment passed. Then, Ann dropped the swimwear to the sand.

Not another goad, and he was upon her.

He started off where he was familiar: their tongues coiled together, lips joining and separating in hot smacks of air. But the kiss was short-lived as the photographer’s salivating hunger led his kisses down her neck. She could feel him breathe heated pants through his nostrils like an animal as his tongue trailblazed down her collarbone.

His hands were already at one of her breasts when he opened his mouth wide to devour the other. Ann couldn’t help but let out a well-earned moan as his tongue lavished her erect nipple in spit, while his teeth left marks as he suckled in desperate chokes. Her fingers were curled hotly inside her by the time he switched his mouth to the other breast, the bottom swell cupped tight by his hand.

“There we go, shutterboy.” she choked out between raspy sighs. “I want you to fucking ravish me…”

Once again, Ann surprised herself with her own words.

“...ravish?” she mused. “Jeez, Carmen must really be getting to me.”

In due time, there was no room for drifting thoughts, not when this guy she had been fantasizing about fulfilled her demand in every way that he could, mouth treating her body like it was goddamned candy.

She brought up a finger to bite into as she felt her entire body jut forward in a squeal-the guy had taken the initiative to shove the hand at her pussy aside, replacing it with his own. Ann’s breaths began to grow more staccato as he started pumping his fingers inside of her, covering her chest with his drool all the while. The sensation of that naughty tongue on her skin was almost too much to bear, and the way his fingers sloppily curled and pushed into her gushing folds made Ann shut her eyes in pure delight.

But of course, she knew it could be better, and as with the heavy petting, Ann wasn’t about to let this temporary pit stop be the final destination.

Her hands grabbed the photographer by his hair, gripping tight . She felt him let out a surprised grunt into her chest, but she forcefully pushed him off her breast. A string of spit followed the separation, and the photographer’s eyes were dazed; a mixture of shock and slight pain at Ann’s steering fingers.

Before he could say anything, the hands at his head directed him to where Ann needed that tongue of his the most, and the photographer was forced to withdraw his fingers from her heat as she plunged his face straight between her legs.

Ann bit her lip, feeling her back arch again at the feeling of his tongue immediately going to work on her. She knew she didn’t truly need to guide him as the photographer started eating her out in a hungry frenzy, but she liked feeling of his hair coiled between her fingers, the sensation of control.

His hands were gripping her thighs by the time he found her clit with his lips. Ann’s sighs come out in choked hiccups now.

It’s obvious that, again, he isn’t too sure what he’s doing. But the fact that he’s obediently devouring her cunt, even having the decency to suck on her clit in a way that explodes pure electricity to course through her skin, it’s almost enough for Ann to ride it all out, to wash away the muggy lust that’s been plaguing her for the past few weeks.


Ann makes this clear by raising her hips, shoving her cunt onto the poor man’s mouth, forcing his tongue into her, forcing her thighs around his head.

“Come on, shutterboy, I know you can do better than this sh-... shit…!

No sooner had Ann started to goad him on, those hands of his switched from that grip on her thighs, and were now firmly dug into the flesh of her ass, fingers in full spread. He lifted the weight of her body with his arms, as his tongue worked its damndest, his jaw opening in closing with wet lips slickly sliding in hot strokes against her outer folds.

This was more like it. Ann’s vision grew spots as she felt her insides clench. This stranger was gobbling her up like a fucking exotic fruit, every swipe and strike of his tongue inside of her cunt making her chest tighten up. The fire inside of her blazed more than ever before.

Her fingers were white-knuckle as her arms grabbed tight onto the head of the recliner above her head. Her hips seized up, her slender frame beginning to quake as she felt her breath ripped out with every passing second.

Yes, this was letting go. This was what she had wanted from the beginning of these shoots, from the moment Ren left her here by her lonesome, making her fuck herself with toys as she cried thinking about the empty spot next to her bed.

This was her taking what she wanted, taking control of her own fate without worrying about the shackling links of social obligation, of stigma.

Once again, the photographer's mouth went straight for her clit, his tongue slipping out of her snatch in a hot slide.

Ann saw stars, and all at once, started cumming.

Her squeals and delighted yells of bliss echoed around the walls of the studio, but she didn’t care. Her insides clenched as liquid fire began to spurt out of her, right onto the face of this random guy who was having the luckiest day of his life.

This was getting close to what she needed. She felt his mouth lap up all the discharge of her pussy, the cream that leaked out from her pink, needy folds.

Just a little more, just a little more and she’d be satisfied. As long as this guy’s mouth stayed on her, his tongue kept wriggling so deliciously inside of her, she’d be-

And all at once, an orgasm, a chain of sweet release that really should have lasted much, much, much longer, was cut short.

The fire inside of her ceased its spouting, its manifestation into the stickiness between her legs.

Ann opened her eyes again, and felt her pussy bare, mouthless.


She panted, and looked down.

Looking up at her, his hands gripping onto her legs, was that useless bastard of a photographer, his mouth sticky and wet, grinning idiotically up at her.

It took Ann a moment to realize the grin was supposed to look cocky.

“So, heh heh…” he said, looking all sorts of smug. “You liked that, huh?”

Everything in the moments leading up to this balled up into a single emotion, its heat almost rivaling her horniness: fury.

“Seriously, dude?” Ann said. Spat . “Did I fucking tell you to stop?”

The look of pure rage on Ann’s face, which moments ago was twisted in a knot of pure rapture, was a look that warranted the rapid loss of blood in the photographer’s cheeks.

“Wh-Wh-What did I-”

Ann lunged forward, her dexterity and the shock of the photographer making the maneuver of tackling him from the beach chair an easy one.

He landed onto the fake sand with a heavy thud as Ann lorded over him now, her dripping pussy in desperate need of release. She looked down at him with that cold glare, her blue eyes ablaze with anger.

The fucking gall of this guy. Only moments before reaching the peak, the zenith of pleasure that her body had craved, had needed, and he decided to stop just to gloat?

Ann settled herself on her knees then, shuffling forward to have her cunt directly above the stupid fucker’s mouth. Again, her hands found themselves rooted in the photographer’s hair. But this time, she pulled with intent as she lowered herself and smeared her crotch all over his face.

She heard him let out groans of pain and protest, but she didn’t care.

She was going to get off, and she was going to get off exactly the way she so pleased.

In this case, riding this guy’s face until she came again. And again. And again.

Ann tossed her head back as she set a vicious rhythm. She could hear her bottom lips smack wetly and stickily against the photographer’s mouth, hear him panting and huffing, trying to breathe as much as he could as his tongue was forced to keep up with Ann’s voracious desire.

For her part, Ann couldn’t care less. Just as she had forced her lips on his at the beginning of all this, she would smear herself all over his mouth at any pace she damn well please; if he was too slow to catch up, that’d be his own fault.

Fortunately for both both parties, the guy choking under Ann’s weight eventually got into the groove of it, and in due time, his mouth really got into it. Lips firmly scoured slick heat over her pussy lips, his tongue burrowing in wild wriggles. As Ann started to ride the guy’s face in earnest, the sound of moist slurps and smacks began to echo out in the studio.

Ann was about to start taunting him as she felt the little peaks of pleasure below her start to plateau before a moan wriggled out of her throat, drawn out and escalating in pitch as she was forced to fall forward, hands digging into the faux sand.

The photographer had slid his hands on her ass, giving it hearty kneads, and somehow, simultaneously began to focus on her clit, sucking with vigor. It drove Ann absolutely insane, and before she knew it, the drawn-out moan turned into a squeal as her body quaked under the pressure of another orgasm.

She clenched around the pink exploring muscle of the photographer as her thrusts grew sporadic, cream squirting all over his face. But as soon as it came, the peak plateaued again, and Ann went chasing in hot pursuit.

Thankfully, the photographer had learned his lesson the first time, and didn’t even try to remove himself from the hot and soaked fruit he suckled on. Obedient, compliant, subservient, he ravished, just as Ann wanted.

Another peak came in a sudden wave, and Ann giggled in the next shudders of pleasure ripping through her, giddy. She felt that knot inside of her beginning to unwind more and more at a rapid pace.

By this point, Ann discovered that she wasn’t getting off from the stimulation of this stranger’s mouth on her cunt (though those well-timed adorations of her clit were more than welcome), no, Ann found herself more empowered than she ever was than when she was with Ren.

Whenever they had sex, it was always about his needs. He’d let her finish on him of course, pamper her with his tongue with some foreplay, but it was always as an afterthought, or for the express intent to get her ready for his throbbing lust. And as a result, Ann became conditioned to serve his needs, whether he knew it or not.

But here, Ann was serving the only person that mattered, the one person she had neglected ever since he had left her here: herself. She didn’t care about waiting for Ren, didn’t care about this guy’s pleasure that she choked with her soaking lust, didn’t care about anything other than her own pleasure.

The only thing she cared about right now was riding this little slave’s face off until she couldn’t even count how many times she had cum.

And as she clenched, feeling another chain of little peaks rip out loud moans from her hoarse throat, Ann knew she was getting there.

It was by at least the sixth or seventh climax that Ann’s thrusts stopped, leaving her core to dip all over the guy’s lips, giving him an opportunity to truly catch his breath. She felt him breathing in the musky heat of her core, hands idly resting on the skin of her lower back.

Ann was on all fours now, panting with the most satisfied of smiles as sweat dribbled down the side of her jaw. She felt aftershocks ripple through her in pleasant undulations of heat. It crossed her mind that the toy between her spread legs was a person when the photographer’s hands began to slowly smooth themselves across the hot skin of her back, so she did him a courtesy by rolling onto her back. She’d let him catch his breath without her vag making a mess of his face-she’d done more than enough of that for today.

Her skin cooled as she lay there naked, looking up into the overhead studio lighting, letting sweat from her efforts run little lines across her skin. She let her chest rise and fall to the rhythm of her still-rapid pulse.

She felt less tense than before. Not by much, but it was better than those horny thoughts driving her mad with every waking second. A pleasurable thrum still resonated from her core, ghostly tingling flutter on her core, already missing the feeling of a hot tongue, of suckling lips.

It wasn’t until a low moan rose from her throat did Ann realize that she was fingering herself, her fingers pumping steadily pumping in and out of her, trying to quell that empty sensation between her legs.

She bit her lip as she curled a finger and went close to that perfect spot inside her that Ren would hit without even realizing. She let out another moan, louder this time, before realizing that her other hand was at her tit, nipple flipping through the gaps in her fingers.

The knot inside her thrummed frustratingly, and that was Ann forced herself to sit up.

There was a perfectly good and throbbing dick lying only a few feet from her, and there was literally no reason for her to stop herself from using it.

With her heart set and the heat inside of her ablaze as ever, Ann crawled over to the photographer, who still lay flat on the faux sand. His face was still glazed over with her quim and his chest rose and fell with deep breaths. Ann almost felt sorry for the guy, but then her gaze wandered across his firm pecs, down to the pulsing package in those trackpants, and once more the only thing on her mind was how this guy would feel inside of her.

Ann tore her gaze away from her toy as she crawled a few feet to her left, making a beeline for that pink inner tube that she had thrown over her shoulder minutes before. It was time for the main attraction.

Without thinking about it, Ann got into her favorite position: face down, ass up.

Her cheek kissed the plastic of the inner tube as her hands found a grip in its air-stuffed curve. She called out over her shoulder once she was confident in the steadiness of her knees digging into the sand below her.

“Hey,” Ann said. She heard a rustle, and smiled, catching the subtle noise of his mouth falling open at the sight of her wiggling her exposed ass. “I’ve had my fun, isn’t it time for yours, shutterboy?”

She heard his breaths grow shallower. A moment of inaction longer, and then the desperate rustling of fabric, a frustrated grunt, the sound scuttling knees. In no time at all, Ann bit her lip as the photographer’s hands slid over her shapely asscheeks. Even as he kneeled tall over her, she could feel how hot his breaths were as he panted in pure excitement.

A mewl slipped through her teeth as she felt that prized toy of hers finally kiss her skin, smearing precum on her thigh. The photographer let out another frustrated groan, and was forced to remove a hand off Ann’s skin just to hold his throbbing and eager cock steady.

Ann would have been amused with the way he fumbled about, thrusting forward towards her puffy, needy pussylips, and missing...again, but she was growing just as frustrated as him as she leaked anticipation all over the insides of her legs.

Thankfully, after the fourth try, the photographer’s cockhead firmly lodged itself between her lower lips, and with a shaky thrust, sank the rest of his goods inside of Ann’s snug hot pocket.

Her entire body hummed in bliss as he slipped every inch of himself inside of her. Ann’s fingers clenched the moment his thighs gave their first kiss to hers, feeling his balls squish against her muff. He gave a surprised gasp and she felt his body shiver in that moment; he probably didn’t even mean to sheathe himself completely.

There was a moment for him to adjust, to catch his breath, steady himself. For her part, Ann just savored the feeling of finally feeling stuffed with something other than plastic. His meat pulsed in stuttery tandem with the staccato of his pulse, and each pulse echoed deliciously through Ann’s slender frame.

Not a moment more and the photographer’s hips pulled back before snapping back forward, drawn into Ann’s succulent heat. She purred at how tight his fingers welded into her skin; he’d definitely never done it raw before.

Another few tentative thrusts, more curses and hissing gasps, then a syncopation between their skin was established; in and out, half in, half out, full plunge, pause, out, and in. Each inch of his prick scraped out electricity through her skin, and Ann couldn’t get enough of it.

That syncopation grew into a steadier rhythm now, and their skin softly smacked in a more constant repetition. Ann bit her lip as the throbbing crown inside her scratched itches that she had failed to even come close to getting rid of. Her clit ran wetly against each reentry of her new, pulsing toy, and she was feeling better by the second.

Slowly growing faster, the photographer continued losing himself inside Ann’s body. She felt his hands wander up to her lower back, palming patches of her sweat. A sigh strung with a moan when his hand started kneading her ass again. A telltale hiss later, and his hands could only stay on her hips; Ann’s pussy sucking him in was taking the priority over appreciation of her young curves.

It wasn’t long until the pace started to plateau. It was a steady clapping of their thighs, intermingled with Ann’s husky moans, the photographer’s grunts and intermittent cursing.

Ann felt herself growing more taut with each thrust, felt that flame inside her stoked. It was the best she’d felt so far, but of course, it wasn’t enough.

It was the sex she’d gotten from Ren after a nice date, a nice comfy coupling during a lazy Sunday.

Not the kind of sex she’d expect from the looks this stranger had given her during the shoot, the kind of raw, primal dicking that Ren would give her after she’d been giving him fuck-me eyes and subtle touches during the entirety of a day at school.

She felt the photographer’s hands wander again, prompting him to readjust his focus.

“Can’t you ahn- go a little f-faster, shutterboy?” Ann said between low groans. “I didn’t strip in the middle of a shoot for you to show off your sweet lovin’ skills; I wanna get dicked down .”

To accentuate the desperate need of her words, Ann started cycling her hips back into the photographer’s crotch, making his successive thrusts smash harder into her perky ass. With how passive she’d been since he’d slipped inside her, she was sure it surprised him, a trend she was sure to keep going steady.

She heard him choke out a curse, but still felt reluctance in his forward pushes.

“Am I getting through to you yet?” Ann continued, more groans, more backwards pushing of her twat into his soaked crotch. “ I need you to fuck me raw .”

Thankfully he needed no more words or nor any flashy demonstrations of her expertise. Just a readjustment of his hands lower on her hips, at the juncture of her waist and her thighs, and he cut loose.

Ann squealed. Her goading had done the trick as the photographer really started to go at it, each drive of his hips growing harder, faster, and deeper than the last. Her nipples dug into the coarseness of the sand below her, and she felt her knees grow wobbly as the muscles of her inner legs wound up tight, squeezing snug pocket of her pussy around the guy’s solid prick.

There was a hiss of air as Ann’s nails finally punctured holes into the grip of that pink inner tube, but she was panting and moaning too loudly to care.

Faster, faster, harder, harder, this was more her speed. He was reckless in the way that he rutted her. There wasn’t any sort of expertise, but again, she didn’t need any technique; the only technique she wanted was just how hard and fast he could smash that fat cock of his into her needy little cunt.

And he was doing that job perfectly well.

Sweat glistened on Ann’s cheeks with the twinkle of her stud earrings as she started really losing herself to the mindless dicking her body squeezed out of the guy behind her. She was so close to a climax, every single branch of her nervous system prickling with anticipant electricity as quim stickily flew in clear strands in the union of her lips and the photographer’s tool.

Her breath came out in short burstfire exhalations as she cursed, trying to bite back the moans, until she could only let any and every exclamation jump out of her throat in a foul and incoherent string of squeals and profanity.

This was that fog that she needed, that incessant apex of pure carnal pleasure that her body so craved.

The photographer really drove into her, splitting her tight, slender body with every inwards shove of his rock-hard prick. Just a few more thrusts, just a few more and she could finally get that sensation of cumming in a hot melting puddle around that searing fat manmeat. She panted and heaved, pushing her ass back, meeting this guy thrust for thrust, growing closer and closer, inner pussyflesh just rippling in antici-

F-F-Fuck Ann, Jesus…!

She felt the thrusts slam into a halt as the photographer’s sweaty thighs slammed into hers with a definitive forwards thrust.

Then, she felt a buckshot of hot stickiness shoot inside of her, followed by another, and another. The sensation was close to bringing her to her own end, and she let out a long and raspy groan as the photographer spilled more of his spunk into her heat. She bit her lip, waiting for more of that hot batter to keep splashing against her, more of that pulsing toy of hers to stretch her out even in the throes of the photographer’s orgasm…

...but instead she felt her inner core suddenly become painfully empty, and hot, sticky ropes shooting out all over the curve of her back.

“Ah fuck yes, Ann, oh…

Shot after shot, rope after rope of the photographer’s pent-up nut painted Ann’s sweat-dotted skin.

And with every thick line of white, Ann could only imagine what she would be feeling if this dumbass had just stayed lodged inside her, instead of ejecting to make a mess of her back.

The flame inside her began to recede again, back into its frustrating ball of repression; she was so close to that mind-melting chain of climaxes that she had been working for all this time, and once again, this fucker had stolen it right before her eyes.

As she expected, his load was huge. Thick wads of it, rolling down the curved expanse of her skin, gathering in hot puddles of cum. Again, Ann imagined what such a fat load would feel like, nestled nice and thick in her near-empty womb, and she

Contempt filled Ann as she felt the photographer spurt out the last shots of his climax before he fell back onto his ass. She didn’t even bother fingering herself. That toy between his legs was the only thing that could get her what she wanted.

Eventually she rolled onto her own ass, sitting up. She felt the goo on her back race in lukewarm lines down her skin. Looking down, her annoyance only worsened when she noticed not even a single drop of cum leaked out of her; there wasn’t anywhere near enough of it inside her still-pulsing, still very much horny snatch.

And as she stood up, that annoyance worsened further when Ann felt a distinct lack of soreness between her thighs, despite the fact that this photographer had a slightly larger package than Ren’s.

She walked the short distance to where the photographer was lying, feeling her core pulsate in inert frustration.

It was when she was close enough to get his attention that her annoyance reached its peak: there he was, lying with his hands behind his head, grinning like the biggest fucking idiot in the entire world, looking up at her with the smuggest of curls on his lips, as if he had just rocked her world, done her the biggest favor she could have ever possibly asked for.

He only made it worse when he verbally began to gloat.

“Not so bad for a shutter boy , huh?”

Ann felt her eye twitch. Unfortunately for the photographer below her, his mouth kept talking.

“Bet you wish your boyfriend could make you throw it back like that.”

He chuckled.

Ann growled.

She didn’t have any words for this pathetic, worthless slave. Not when the raw energy of her fused fury and unparalleled horniness coursed through her, drumming against her skin as she got onto the ground in front of the photographer and split his legs apart.

He didn’t have time to react, only feel a shudder go down his spine at the look of pure wrath and hunger that Ann railgunned into his face.

In the blink of an eye, Ann was straddling him, that cock of his grinding once more against the unsatisfied folds of her gushing pussy. He let out a nervous and aroused chuckle.

“W-Well alright, Ann, I didn-“

“I wasn’t aware we were on a first name basis, shutter boy .”

Another nervous chuckle, followed by a grunt as Ann continued to intently slide her heat against his rapidly-hardening cock. She leaned forward, pushing her fingers, her nails deep into his pecs. She earned a painful hiss, but kept staring at him like he was a piece of undercooked meat, and her eyes were the griddle. She saw that Adam’s apple duck.

“H-Hey if it was about that comment ab-ab-about your boyfriend I-“ he gulped midsentence, growing pale at the flame in Ann’s eye, as well as the fact that his cock was almost fully erect now, pressing flat between the sandwich of his own stomach and the ever-slickening lips of her vulva. “I didn’t even know that y-you had one and I-“

Ann took him off guard again, this time with an innocent smile. But the flame in her pupils remained.

“Oh, no, it’s not about that.”

“Th-Then why are y-“

“What? Angry? Upset?”

The photographer didn’t say anything, letting out only a wheeze when a particular slide of Ann’s snatch over his veiny toy made his toes curl. Ann purred a most devious purr.

Her eye caught something above the photographer’s head. It was a colorful piece of fabric, floral. The bikini top she had carelessly thrown early on.

An idea immediately flashed through her mind, and Ann couldn’t help but give another one of those purrs. Her hands pressed flat against the photographer’s skin as she kept the rhythm against his cock steady, and smoothed her hands up his pecs, up his collarbone, then, moving to his arms, coercing them to be raised flat above his head.

Her breasts sank hotly against his skin as she very nearly lay the entirety of her nubile frame on top of him, her hands still smoothing up, up, up along the length of his arms.

“Well, don’t worry, I’m not any of those things.”

Ann made an effort to make sure that his eyes were drowning in hers, that her mouth was close enough to his own and his nostrils that the only thing he could breathe were her own exhales, lips just close enough, but still too far.

It was the perfect distraction, and by the time she pulled back, her hands had already done their work.

“No, shutterboy. I’m just still very, very, very horny. And from here on out, I’m going to use you to make sure that goes away.”

She sat back up into a straddle then, looking down at him with that pitying look.

Then, pulling her slick snatch back with a bite of her lip, grasped him by his base, and pointed it straight up. Another moment of aiming it just right before that purple crown of his popped back inside of her.

Ann gave a sigh that stretched into a taffylike mewl as she sank down on her toy, sucking him back inside of her inch by inch. She let gravity pull her down freely by the last few inches, and unceremoniously hilted the photographer’s meat with a wet squelch.

Her eye shut, moaning. Just from the sheer size and the position of him, that cock of his hit her in that perfect spot that he only blindly hit during their unfortunately short-lived coupling a few minutes before.

Ann raised herself again, dropping back down. Another loud moan, and a smile curled on her lips. Yup. It was gonna hit that spot consistently, and she was going to make it pummel that sweet, sweet little baby drum until she went blind with stars.

With such promised catharsis so close at hand, there wasn’t any time to waste.

The small of her back undulated as her hips rolled in greedy vertical swivels, taking that juicy cock in and out, in and out. Faster and faster, Ann continued to fuck herself on the photographer’s prick, her hands eagerly toying with her clit, playing with the supple breasts that now swayed like ripe fruit.

All the while, Ann moaned. Wantonly, loudly, unabashedly, as she felt her inner folds stretched out and split open by her pulsing toy. She knew she was making a most tantalizing image, with the full front of her body on naked display as those pigtails of hers rocked with sweat flying, her face in complete ecstasy as she threw her head back.

The photographer’s hands would have been all over her by now, as her entire slenderness rocked in the most delicious of shudders, the sex growing fast again, frantic at the pace of her own discretion.

They would have, if it weren’t for what her hands had done to them earlier.

Ann opened her eyes just to relish the sight, and wasn’t disappointed at how hilarious he looked: gone was the photographer’s cocky, grubby little grin, replaced now by a desperate grimace of grinding teeth, a look of utter frustration as Ann continued using him for her own gain. But the highlight of the sight was the fate of those mischevous hands of his, twisted above his head, bound by the tightly-knotted fabric of a bikini top.

He looked so utterly helpless, this nameless, desperate, older guy. And it made Ann’s chest swell, made that fire inside of her blaze brighter as she started reaching that apex again, her breath growing shallow.

She was in full control.

In the span of only an hour, she had completely and utterly put this man into submission, twisted him around her finger without so much a peep.

He had no say in it. His body had no say in it. His cock had no say in it.

As long as she could get him back to full-mast, this little toy was hers to ride, for as long as she wanted. And that fact, made visually apparent by how she bound him below the tight pressure of her tight snatch over his slick cock, made Ann grow hotter by the second.

It wasn’t long until that knot of her inner muscle would unwind once more, those pigtails of hers rocking and sweat flying as she threw her head back, spine arching in a rigid clamp. The movements of her hips didn’t grind the cock inside her anymore much as they smashed her on top of it; up and down, up and down, Ann was on her haunches now, willingly splitting her inner folds with that pulsing heat that was making her lose her mind.

Again and again and again, that swollen crown of her toy struck her hidden spot, bringing about stars in her eyes, wanton squeals ripped from her throat.

It took one last look at the emasculation of the undeservedly cocky bastard below her, and Ann’s flame flared up one last pillar of fire.

She dug her nails into his chest until she drew blood, falling forward and laughing in unadulterated bliss. Ann came, clenching tight, her frame rocking as waves ripped through her in unrelenting cascades of pure visceral heat.

She heard her discharge squelch hotly out and around the cock stuffing her to the brim before the only thing she could hear were her own shuddering yelps.

Ann continued to move her hips, coaxing out as many waves as she could. She shut her eyes tight as she focused all her strength into her movements, filling every inch of her loins with as much cock as she could, pounding that spot inside of herself again and again, letting this peak be the chain of several more, for as long as she could.

She leaned back, her hands on top of the photographer’s knees as she threw her head back, and lost herself in it all. The hairclip that stubbornly clung to her front bangs threw itself off with the sweat of her effort, and Ann kept cumming, kept laughing as her chest swelled with the effort to keep asphyxiating herself with blinding bliss.

In the midst of her own self-induced delirium, Ann felt the prick inside of her pulse, accompanied by muffled curses as her toy’s climax followed her third (or was it fourth?). She felt that thick batter of white, discharges of sticky heat that had nowhere to go other than in. She lulled her head back at the feeling, allowing her body to just sit on top of that fat prick, milking it for all it was worth, filling her womb with hot rope after rope of semen.

She came in the middle of the photographer’s own peak, a load that was just as fat as the one he had dumped all over her back.

Her hips stopped completely then as Ann just panted, letting the world take form again, letting her calves feel the faux sand on her skin, her sweat-basted skin feel the bristle of circulated studio air, her body breathe and feel something other than the manmeat stuffing her snatch.

The fire in her loins was considerably smaller now, and for the first time since she had taken the plunge to kiss this stranger, Ann felt satisfaction.

The mere presence of that fire meant that she wasn’t fully satisfied, far from it, but at least a considerable amount of that tension was eased. For the next couple minutes, Ann kept sitting there, corked with her veiny toy keeping all of that nice, hot seed swirling in a hot swell inside of her, lording over her subjugated slave on the throne of his lap.

Soon enough, Panther was hungry again. Lithely, Ann repositioned herself, slipping herself off the photographer’s prick for only the shortest of moments as she took him by the ankles, and pushed his legs back.

He had no words of protest on his lips or in his eyes. Only the flicker of fear in his pupils as Ann gave him the most predatory of looks in her flash of blue. His cock was as solid as it ever was, poking through his thighs towards her, her new favorite seat.

And once more, Ann took claim of every inch, her thighs smashing down onto the bottom of his as her hands gripped tight to his ankles as if he were her own human wheelbarrow, useful only for dumping loads at her own pace and discretion.

As she continued to fuck this faceless toy into submission, milking his balls until he was completely dry, the only thought that crossed her mind other than the numbing pleasure was the question of why she hadn’t done this sooner.

Inside her heart, Carmen could only laugh.

Who needed Ren?



Across the country, Ren sneezed.

An indiscernible tightness in his chest prompted him to sit up in the sheets of the bed, groggy. He felt a cold unease.

The sudden burst also stirred the woman sleeping under the sheets next to him.

Her warm hands smoothed over him, and she reassuringly draped herself over his back. She was a flimsy replacement for Ann, and always was. But it got him through the most frustrating of lonely afternoons, just like this one.

The thought of his girlfriend made him glance at the phone on the love hotel’s nightstand. It didn’t light up. Strange, considering this was usually the time she’d pester him for a video call or words of affection.

Something was wrong.

“What’s wrong?” the faceless woman said, the warm breath that wisped against the goosebumps of his neck only making him feel more tense. He pried the hands from his skin, and got up for the bathroom. He mumbled dismissively.


Steaming water ran over the stained skin of his body, and Ren couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt that suddenly welled up in his chest. Maybe the heat of the shower could ease it away.

But it wouldn’t, not when that guilt was suddenly accompanied by the inexplicable feeling of fresh separation.

Inside his heart, Arsene shivered.


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“You know your ass makes a better door than a window, right Sats?” Ryuko’s snark was still as on point as ever, even when she was half asleep and watching some mind numbing TV. Satsuki didn't mind this, continuing to stretch forward and down onto the mat, exhaling calmly as all tension melted away from her body. Clarity of mind was important during her morning routine, for without it she would lose focus, and her day wou-

“Yo bubble butt, you mind moving like five feet to the right? I'm this close to moving it myself.”

Satsuki sighed once again, though now it was one of annoyance rather than part of her exercise. She slowly came up, maintaining perfect form all the while before turning to her sibling.

“Ryuko, you don't have to lay there, either. I always do my morning exercises here, changing things would be a hassle.” Satsuki ran her fingers through her short black hair, making sure everything was in order even though she was in the comfort of her own home, “And please don’t use such crude language to describe me, it's insulting.”

Ryuko, clad only in some blue striped underwear, sat up on the couch with her arms crossed. “Yeah, well I can't sleep for shit right now so I need something to do, and watchin’ your fat ass sway around ain't helping me get any sleepier.”

Satsuki rolled her eyes. “You could join me. Yoga might help you get some rest once you get all that delinquent energy out of your system.”

“Yeah, it'll put me to sleep out of boredom,” Ryuko snickered, “‘Sides, I already get enough exercise as is.”

“Ryuko, punching bags of sand for hours on end might be a nice workout, but keeping yourself relaxed is also key to-”

“You're just sayin’ that cuz you know I'm gonna kick your ass when I get up off the couch.”

“E-Excuse me?”

Ryuko smirked. “I see what you're doin’, try'na get me to do your spiritual karma sutra or whatever since you know I'll move your ass by force like it's nothing.”

Satsuki looked on for a few seconds, before a smile tugged her lips in either direction. “Really? And you're sure about that, sleepyhead?”

“Damn straight. Hell, I could pin you down while I'm sleeping if I wanted to.” Her confidence was unmatched, though Satsuki knew it was arrogance that couldn't be backed up.

“Care to try that then?” Satsuki asked in a coy manner, “The results might surprise you.”

Ryuko got up on her feet and cracked her knuckles. “Yeah, it'll surprise me when you go down easier than a cardboard cutout in a typhoon. Nah, that's a lie. It won't.”

Satsuki found it hard to contain a smirk. This was going to be fun.

Both sisters got on either side of the mat, Satsuki looking as calm and composed as ever while Ryuko bared gritted teeth, fists clenched and shaky. The tough girl act was always so adorable, Satsuki couldn't wait to watch it melt away. Satsuki stared her down, anticipating whatever actions she might took, as well as the most effective counters to each of them.

“Well?” Ryuko growled eagerly, “We gonna start? Or are you too busy pissing yourself over there?”

A demure chuckle came from the back of Satsuki’s throat, before she lowered her arms and assumed a fighting stance. They were prepared now, ready to force one another down onto the ground in an epic display of dominance.

Wordlessly, they both shot at each other, as if a silent bell had gone off to signal the fight. Ryuko rushed as fast as she could while Satsuki took a somewhat slower pace, biding her time to see how Ryuko would react. This was a smart decision, as Ryuko raised her fist for a punch aimed straight at her jaw. A predictable, easily countered move befitting of her hot headed sister. Satsuki easily sidestepped the move, grabbing Ryuko's wrist before pulling her arm behind her, bending it up into itself as her sister reflexively bent back into it. Ryuko let out a yelp and tried to kick Satsuki or step on her foot, only for Satsuki to shift her weight forward and send them both tumbling to the ground. Satsuki stayed on top of her younger sister, sitting on her left thigh with one leg between Ryuko's. She kept her arm bent in that painful position, keeping a firm grasp on her to ensure she wouldn't escape.

“H-Hey!” Ryuko grunted as she struggled under her sister, “That's cheating!!!”

“You can’t cheat if there aren't any rules, dear sister,” Satsuki chuckled, “And even if there were, you'd still be in the position you are now.”

Ryuko's free arm flailed around as she tried to break free, unable to reach Satsuki and get her off of her. “You bitch! Let me go and fight me for real!!! You're only doing this cuz you know I'm stronger!!!”

Although Ryuko couldn't see from behind her, Satsuki shook her head. “If you're so strong, then why don't you break free?” Ryuko didn't have a comeback to that, choosing to focus more on escaping than shouting obscenities at her older sister.

It was then that Satsuki realized she had a golden opportunity pinned underneath her “bubble butt.” An arrogant, furious girl who swore like a sailor with no place to run. She couldn't tell where this drive came from, but she had the urge to humiliate her… the most childish way imaginable.

With her free hand, Satsuki lowered it to graze delicate, yet powerful fingertips along Ryuko's side, dragging them lazily up and down her smooth, toned figure. It took a few seconds to get a reaction, as Ryuko’s growling and cursing soon died down only to be replaced with muffled, choked grunts. They almost sounded like stifled laughter.

“Everything ok down there?” Satsuki asked in a coy manner, knowing full well what the problem was. Ryuko's kicking and squirming toned themselves down as Satsuki's hand moved lower down to her hip, feather light touches dancing around her skin.

“S-Stohop it…” Ryuko murmured, face pressed into the mat as her free arm tried it's best to sway Satsuki’s damned hand away.

“Stop what, exactly?” Satsuki leaned in and pressed herself up against Ryuko’s back, twisting her arm a little more as her knee began to accidentally rub against her crotch, “If something's bothering you, you need to be clear about what it is.”

“That fucking thihing you're doihing!” A few laughs escaped Ryuko's lips as she struggled harder to get away, in tandem with Satsuki scraping a little faster and harder.

“In one ear and out the other, hm?” Satsuki whispered as she got closer to Ryuko’s head, “I guess you're just content to suffer.”

Another surge of anger seemed to fire Ryuko up as she slammed her fist on the mat. “Drop the smug act you fuhuhucking bitch and let me go!!!”

Satsuki responded to this by digging her nails into Ryuko's sides and scratching hard, a loud laugh bursting from within her little sister. “Come on, I might go easy on you if you tell me what's bothering you…” Hints of sadism were starting to bleed through Satsuki's words as she went harder on Ryuko’s skin, clawing at it now to produce even greater reactions than before.

That seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, and Ryuko turned her head in an attempt to look her sister in the eye. Her face was red already, either from the shame of her position or the pain from her arm being bent at such an uncomfortable angle. But it was clear that Satsuki’s methods were indeed working.

“STOHOHOP TIHIHICKLING ME YOU CUHUHUNT!!!!” She shouted loud, loud enough for any neighbors or people passing by their home to hear.
“Really not helping yourself right now, Ryuko,” Satsuki chuckled as she went all out with her tickling, fingers flying and scratching and digging into tightening flesh and muscle, causing Ryuko to go berserk. Her laughter was frantic, unhinged, it sounded like she was going insane from just a little tickling. Such an exploitable weakness, too. Had she known about this back at Honnouji Academy, maybe Ryuko wouldn’t have been such a thorn in her side. Although that thorn ultimately wound up being her greatest ally, so maybe it was a blessing that she was only finding out now. Still, this was incredibly fun, and she was going to abuse it for all its worth.

Satsuki’s hand managed to slip under Ryuko’s arm, tickling underneath it without mercy or restraint. Ryuko tried her best to close her arm, hopefully to flush Satsuki out of it, but her older sister was persistent as hell, so her letting up was most certainly not in the cards.

“STOHOHOP IT AND FIHIHIGHT ME BITCH!!!” Ryuko continued to swear, even when driven to laugh like a fool under Satsuki’s expert touch. In truth, Satsuki had never tickled anyone before, so her expertise in this surprised even her. The urge to do so might have also been repressed, but it wasn’t turning her on, so it’s not like she had a fetish or anything.

“If you apologize, I might just let you go, sister dearest~” Satsuki mewled, withdrawing from Ryuko’s pit to attack her side again as her knee absentmindedly grinded further against Ryuko’s core. If only her position were different, her options were so limited right now, and Satsuki wanted to abuse every inch of ticklish flesh she could get to, experimenting to see if her breasts were ticklish as well.

“LIHIHIKE HELL I WILL!!!” Ryuko’s face was getting sweaty now, along with the rest of her body. Hopefully it wouldn’t make the mat stink, else Satsuki would have to find a new one, as disinfecting it would take way too long for her liking.

A wholly sadistic smirk spread across her face, any shred of mercy she still had being overtaken. “So be i- hm?” Just as she was about to deliver a retort, Satsuki noticed something on her knee. Something… damp. Damp and warm. Achingly warm, in fact. The tickling ceased, giving Ryuko time to breathe as she sat up. Still keeping a grip on Ryuko’s arm, Satsuki pulled back to observe Ryuko’s core. It was indeed the source of what she was feeling, and a stain was visible on both her striped panties and Satsuki’s yoga pants. Such a thing could either mean one of two things: One of them being gross, and the other… even more exploitable than ticklishness.

“Ryuko…” Satsuki hummed, leaning back in to whisper in her sister’s ear, “Has all this silly tickle torture been turning you on?”

There wasn’t a response, just like before when she started. Her silence was enough to confirm her suspicion, but as a shameful moan escaped Ryuko’s lips when Satsuki pushed her knee back against her soaked cunt, it made Satsuki’s stomach double over. She didn’t let that fact show, her poker face was too good. But she couldn’t deny that there was something… thrilling about this situation.

“S-So what if I am?” An immature pout came from her immature little sister, bringing a demure smile to Satsuki’s lips.

Satsuki used her free hand to brush sweaty bangs out of Ryuko’s face. “How adorable…”

Her knee ground a little harder against her, making Ryuko tense up more than the tickling did. “S-Shut up!”

No swears this time. She was quite docile once she got all wound up.

“Ryuko, dear…” Satsuki cooed once more into her ear, a hand trailing down her sweaty back to unclasp her bra as she felt the girls core heat up even more against her leg, “Would you like to admit defeat?” Satsuki couldn’t help but slip into a softer role here. There was no need to stay stern or smug, after all.

“What’s the catch?” She muttered like a child, turning her head to rest it on her chin, avoiding any and all eye contact with Satsuki.

“You’ve adjusted quite well already,” Satsuki chortled, easing her grip on Ryuko’s arm, “If you’re willing to be a good girl, I’ll make you feel much better. If not… a more painful punishment awaits you. But I’m sure a masochist like you would enjoy that, anyway.

“Whatever…” Ryuko dismissed her teasing, “Just let me go now. I’m starting to lose feeling in my arm.”

“One more condition, though,” Satsuki clarified, “You are to address me as Lady Satsuki for the time being. Are we clear?”

“Seriously?” Ryuko scoffed, “YOu already won, quit being so greedy you bihihi-” Satsuki’s fingers danced along Ryuko’s side once again, “OK OK, LADY SATSUKI!!! I UNDERSTAND, PLEASE STOP IT!!!”

Satsuki smiled, patting Ryuko on the head and ruffling her hair a little. “That’s what I want to hear,” She sighed, getting up off Ryuko and sitting next to her, “Now, on your back, legs spread.”

Ryuko growled under her breath, rolling over just as instructed. “A please would be nice…”

“What was that?” An iron glare was shot her way, brows furrowed as Satsuki once again adopted that all too familiar demeanor that struck fear into many. Even Ryuko, right now. Though there wasn’t really a need for it, Ryuko needed to be kept under control.

“N-Nothing, Lady Satsuki. Nothing…” She doubled back on her disrespect, slipping her bra off and finishing the job Satsuki had started a moment ago.

“Good,” The glare softened, but Satsuki still very much had the reigns here. She lowered herself on top of Ryuko once again, getting face to sweaty pink face as she straddled her. A hand slowly slid down Ryuko’s stomach, Satuki’s fingertips gliding along pantyline.

That didn’t seem to sit well with Ryuko. “Would Lady Satsuki skip the foreplay and get to the good part, please?” Her request sounded rather backhanded, but that was to be expected from Ryuko. She’d be much nicer in time, though. Satsuki tugged down Ryuko’s panties as best she could from this angle, giving that musky, molten pussy some fresh, cool morning air. She rubbed her aching clit first, going in circular motions as her own hips lightly wiggled against Ryuko’s. Those motions extended downward, rubbing along her slip and threatening to go in. Even if she had skipped the foreplay, and Ryuko was drenched enough as is, there was an art to this, and Satsuki wasn’t going to skimp out on it. Her integrity was too strong to do so.

The back and forth between her clit and her slit certainly pleased Ryuko, even if she didn’t allow herself to smile, or moan without consequence. Her breathing became rigid, though overtime as the seconds passed. She was slowly but surely breaking down that tough girl act, and all for the better. Satsuki loved her sister, but she loved the girl behind all the bravado and language. She also wanted to keep her under control, see that cute side of her that nobody else could witness but her.

“How’s this?” Satsuki asked as she rubbed a little harder, fingers parting her lips slightly as the back and forth continued. Ryuko licked her bottom lip and squeezed her eyes shut, body convulsing up into Satsuki’s hand. She gave a nod, silently telling her sister that what she was doing was good. Still not the desired reaction for Satsuki, but she’d get there.

Good things come to those who wait, after all.

Satsuki parted her pussy lips in full now, fingers slipping inside and curling, much to Ryuko’s delight. “Lady Satsuki…” She moaned, melting back into the mat as her chest already began to huff and puff with desire. Her thighs twitched and shook, and Satsuki was thankful she wasn’t standing else she’d have to help her keep balance. Though that might have been cute, this way was much preferred given the current situation.

Fingers began to thrust, and Ryuko’s began to dig into Satsuki’s shoulder and back. She brought Satsuki into her embrace, arms shaking just like the rest of her as she let her sister have her. Her pussy tightened and clenched around her talented middle and ring finger, lightly touching her walls with every curl and thrust inside of her melting pussy. The hug made Satsuki smile, genuinely for once. She always enjoyed the intimacy of one, and Ryuko’s were affectionate when she meant it, and she certainly meant it now.

That extended to her words, as well. There was nothing commanding, nothing vulgar about what she said now. She knew her place, and she seemed content with her role.

Her fingering began to get faster and faster, parallel to the volume of Ryuko’s moans and “Lady Satsuki’s.” Unable to really hold herself back, Satsuki leaned forward into the nape of Ryuko’s neck, licking and biting along it as her fingers performed expertly down south. Her free hand moved to grope one of Ryuko’s breasts, squeezing it and rubbing the nipple with her palm, an action which Ryuko certainly reacted positively to. She could feel the heat, not just from her core, but her entire body as well. Ryuko was close, achingly so.

“Lady Satsuki…” Ryuko groaned once more, her noises practically fading to the background as Satsuki focused, “C-Can I cum?” That, however, did not fall on deaf ears. Satsuki lifted her head with a smile, one edging on both proud and smug.

“Hmm… would you repeat that for me, please?” She’d heard it loud and clear, but Satsuki certainly could go for hearing it again.

A little bit of Ryuko’s aggressive nature showed through with a pout, but she was still the submissive girl Satsuki wanted her to be. “Can I please cum, Lady Satsuki?” She asked again, a little less moan-y but still pleasing to the elder sister all the while.

“Of course, Ryuko. I’d say you’ve earned it for behaving…” Satsuki’s fingers thrust deeper and faster now, dead set on finishing the job that they started. The sudden transition to such rough love rocked Ryuko’s body, sending one powerful ripple after another upwards with each thrust of her wrists. Ryuko’s fingers dug into Satsuki’s skin, much like how Satsuki had done earlier but without sadistic intent. She was hanging on for dear life, bracing for the impact of her climax that was bound to come any second.

A few more thrusts was all it took, and after quite the ride to get here, Ryuko finally came.

She let out one final moan, thrusting up into Satsuki and squeezing her like a constrictor, almost choking the air out of Satsuki herself with how strong she was. After riding it out, she went limp, panting against the sweaty mat and basking in her afterglow.

Satsuki pulled out, fingers soaked with Ryuko’s cunt and dripping all over her already messy yoga mat. Yeah, she’d have to get another one, but it would be more than worth a purchase after this morning’s events. Still, she might as well clean it up before throwing it away, or at least seeing if it was still viable.

“Alright Ryuko, we’ve had our fun. If you would, please help me clean up your mess.” Satsuki stood up and wiped her fingers on pants, fixing her hair once again with her free hand. “Ryuko?” She asked again after not getting a response the first time, looking down to see that Ryuko was laying on the mat, sleeping peacefully.

“Oh, bother…”


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"This must come as a shock to you, Prince - one of your sworn enemies now in your service?” Loki mused. The two young men had joined her and her friend (after heavy reluctance) and now sat on either side of them. The trickster had the Scion at her side, and she had to look over Aversa to talk to her once-nemesis.

“Actually to be honest...I think I’m getting used to it,” Alfonse reluctantly admitted. The number of former enemies that were now wandering the Halls of Fokhalla had gotten...well he’d need a second hand to count soon.

Loki laughed, a genuine, honest guffaw that rang through both men’s souls. “Ah, that’s a good point! So perhaps you’ll be more comfortable around me, hm?” she mused, almost sounding hopeful.

“And that goes for you, kid - surely we can let bygones be bygones again?” Aversa turned to face Owain. She watched the scion’s eyes falter down to her tattooed chest before shaking his thoughts clear and prattling on.

“Of course- so long as we are all here, we’re bound in service of Askr together. There is no merit in harboring grudges or misgivings of each other…” he admitted. Aversa blinked at his answer before letting a small smile pass her lips.

“I couldn’t agree more - you seem to be a little more...perceptive, than the Owain I’m used to,” she admitted with a chuckle. Alfonse and Loki’s own chortles where overcome by Owain’s guffaws.

Time passed as the group of four conversed. The misgivings between the men and the former villainess’ softened, but were never fully abated. The cross conversations between pairs of the same origin trailed off as they instead conversed with the person directly next to them. Even the morbid, twisted giggles shared between Loki and Aversa dwindled to nothing as they devoted their attention to their respective young guests.

Slowly, the conversations dwindled as the group opted to enjoy the steamy hot waters. Somehow, the young men had found the means to truly relax, even sitting next to women that could or had eagerly plotted their demise. Said women themselves were enjoying the atmosphere and to a lesser extent - the company they shared.


“So tell me - what happened then?” Loki asked.

Owain shook his head and lamented, “Alas I know not - such records were beyond my comprehension. I may never know the true fate of Aytolis…”

She took his lackluster ending with relative humor. “Mmm, but still - to think there was an entire history of yours that you knew so little about… My, how fascinating.”

“Would you expect anything else from Owain Dark?”

Loki smiled wider as he took her bait. “Oh trust me my dear - you’re just about what I expected from you,” she promised.

She shimmied up to him, pressing her arm against his shoulder. Her minute height advantage put her a few hairs above him “Sooo, tell me more about this bold rescue of your friend...Broli, was it?”

“Ah, you speak of Brady and the Mila Shrine Ruins! Very well dark maiden - brace yourself for the tale of a most Noble Lineage!” Owain proudly declared. He dove head-first into yet another epoch of his illustrious life, and brought the bemused trickster with him.

Loki’s thin smile never left her face even as she inwardly rolled her eyes. Oh she was still listening to his every word, though her mind was already focused on how to proceed from here. The more he was consumed in his own ego, the less attentive he was to her machinations.

It was frightfully easy to draw him to her - she merely had to sit and patiently listen as he regaled legend after legend, and his particular role within them. From there she’d just need a few mere tricks and a little feminine frankness and he’d be all over her.

She was no fool - it was clear that Owain had doubts of her and her devotion to the Heroes’ cause. Why else would he insist on sitting next to her rather than let the prince as she’d originally intended. Still, she’d let Aversa have her fun while the poor trickster was forced to endure the grueling task before her. ‘I guess I’ll just have to prove my loyalty,’ she silently shrugged.

The Trickster worked her magic and settled into the warm water’s embrace. She’d be remiss to admit, but she was actually enjoying the theatrics and excentrics as he proudly regaled not only his own heroics, but those of his friends as well. The fact that his rhymes were all true (and she knew they were, thanks to her own little trinket to peer across the branches of the Deeprealms) honestly flattered her.

Owain stopped abruptly. “...What happened.”

“Hmm?” Loki hummed as she rose up. The tops of her breasts came out of the water, barely keeping her nipples covered. She blinked away the steam and turned to face him. “Oh that...I just thought it’d be best to give us some privacy. We’re just at the other end of the hot spring now, that’s all,” she shrugged.

“Where are-”

“Oh relax,” she rolled her eyes and huffed. Her finger broke the surface of the water as she pointed into the steam. “They’re back over there - probably getting ready for some fun of their own,” she grinned.

Owain wasn’t amused in the slightest, and was quick to his feet. Before he could get too far, she grabbed his wrists. “What treachery is this?!”

Loki’s grip was firm as she pulled him back into the water. She leaned in and pushed her breasts against his arm. “Let’s not worry about that. I think you’ve told enough stories…now let’s make a new one together, hmm?”

With that, she reached down and sized his lips.

Owain’s body acted on instinct, against his best wishes. He could move his muscles just fine, but it’s like they simply didn’t want to obey him. ‘This is her doing - I’m sure of it!’

He tried to pull away, only for her to follow him. Her tongue caressed his lower lip, sending a dreaded jolt down his spine. His fingers acted against his will, caressing and fondling her sinfully succulent body. Foul, devious wench! She’s a monster - a villain! She-!

‘She...she smells nice.’

Loki mewled as her young lover’s hands roamed her curvy body. He found himself captivated by her hips and quickly seized them, pulling her closer to him. ‘Hook, line, and sinker,’ she thought with a smirk.

“Ow…, ..op!”

A gargled voice reached through the steamy ether. Loki ignored it as the mere distraction it was - the punitive mewls of a boy’s final seduction. Yet Owain still managed to hear it.

His focus wavered, much to her ire. So instead she deepened their kiss, reaching back to grab a fistful of the scion’s hair. Her tongue had tried to dive into his mouth, expecting to take him off guard. But Owain seemed to guess what she was planning and swiftly brought his own tongue to bear against her, ready to clash. His resistance didn’t vex her...on the contrary, she was rather elated.

Loki had to admit - Owain knew how to kiss. The last thing she expected when she pulled his head down into her lips was for him to react in kind. ‘Out of all of them...he’s on the higher end,’ she reluctantly admitted.

Loki shifted her body until she was straddling his lap, never once breaking away from their lip lock. Her hands reached up to trace circles around his chiseled physique. His own palm wound up resting on her bare thigh. Somehow even the simplest touch sent sparks dancing up her spine as they swapped spit.

Eventually their screaming lungs forced them apart, leaving a bridge of spit between their lips. The two struggled to catch their breath, Owain practically wheezing like a man who nearly drowned. Loki’s tongue flicked out and cut the line between them as she smacked her lips. “Mmm...not bad, kid.”

She let her admission sink in, hoping it would go to his egomaniacal head and lead him closer and closer to her palm. Speaking of, Loki brought one of her hands up to cup his before bringing it down to her brazen, heaving breasts. “I’ve seen how you eye my tits...why don’t you get better acquainted?” she cooed.

Owain squeezed her breast, eliciting a coo from the trickster. He expected to be able to go further, but in truth she had other plans in mind. Loki pulled away, smirking at how his fingers tried to follow.

Owain’s shock quickly soured as he moved to protest. But Loki pressed her finger against his lips and smiled. “Shh...sit back, and let me take care of you, mighty warrior.”

With that declaration, she leaned back on her knees between his legs. Her hand reached down to stroke his firmly erect dick. Satisfied, she leaned in and captured his cock between her tits. Her smirk only widened as she started to pump her breasts up and down his shaft...

Loki alternated her pace, speeding up and slowing down at complete random. The idea of being so banal with her acts was...simply unappealing. It wasn’t in her nature to settle for a pattern...not when she could twist it into an indecipherable rhyme that only she could truly understand.

Just how she liked it - the maestro of a chaotic symphony.

She switched tactics and started to alternate her breast strokes - one rose as the other fell. The trickster leaned down and feathered her tongue over his slit. He jerked up higher and grazed against her upper jaw. “ Oooh , naughty naughty,” she tsked.

Loki reached down and spat on Owain’s dick. The extra lubrication made it easier for her to massage him with her tits. His guttural growls spurred her on.

The trickster had to admit - she was growing fond of him. He wasn’t the biggest, but he was lasting longer than she anticipated. ‘Mmm, you truly are full of surprises, boy.’

Loki caressed him with her chest, mixing things up every few minutes or so. She didn’t take him in her mouth, though. In fact the most she did was lean down and swirl her tongue over the tip, or nibble on his slit. It was clear that she was merely toying with him.

It was also clear that he was fine with that.

“F-Foul maiden, P-Prepa-’ yipe!

Loki bit down on his dickhead, morphing his boast into a high-pitched yelp. She spat out his slightly-reddened glan and stared daggers at him. “Just shut up and cum,” she growled.

And he did.

The sheer force of his climax took her by surprise, delightfully so. Loki mewled in delight as rope after rope of hot, sticky cum glazed her face and dribbled down. She felt some of it land on her breasts before pooling down into her compressed cleavage. Some of it landed on her tongue and let her take her first taste. ‘It’s...delicious,’ she gawked.

She stayed in place, letting him cum all over her. Whenever his spuink landed on her tounge, she swiftly took it down her throat before extending her tongue for more. Her manicured thumbs idly tweaked and flicked her nipples as she enjoyed her seed shower. When it tragically trickled to nothing, she got to work.

Her hands pulled down her tits until they were cupped beneath her gap. She let the copious wads of spunk drizzle down and gather in her palms before bringing it up to her greedy lips. Loki drank it all, letting the sticky ambrosia slither down her gullet. She let out a contentful moan as her eyes rolled back. ‘Gods...where has this been hiding?!’

She swallowed most of it until there was just enough to bubble behind her lips. Loki swished and gargled the cum in her mouth like wash. Owain waited for her to swallow, only for the trickster to surprise him some more. He watched in shock as she blew a bubble of his seed before letting it pop against his dick.

“We’re just getting started…”

Her tongue scooped up the remnants around her lips, leaving them clean and moist. She gyrated her hips down, letting his dick rub through her asscrack and between her legs. She shivered in delight as he tickled her sopping hot skin.

Loki pulled him up and adjusted his body so he was sitting on his calves. She squatted down on Owain, digging her knees into the floor and lining his dick over her trembling lips. She caressed his chest, relishing the erratic beating beneath her fingers. Her mirthful eyes shined in the haze.

He pushed up…

...Only for her to pull her hips away. The trickster admonished him like a child. “Ah, ah, ahhhh.” She ran her dripping pussy lips up his shaft until his head was at her folds...and then past.

“Mmm, I don’t think you’re quite worthy of this, hero,” Loki taunted him. Her hips kept moving until she brought him to a stop, right at her puckered hole. “-So let’s put you somewhere else, hmm?”

Owain’s addled mind clicked with what she was implying. Suddenly the copious amounts of spit she’d lobbed over his loins made a lot more sense. Still, the thought of taking her rear was...admittingly frightening.

“I-” she cut him off.

“Never done it there before? Well-” Loki chuckled as she rubbed her cheeks against his girth. She looked him square in the eyes before licking her hips.

“That makes one of us.”

Her hips slammed down, pushing the slick cock into her ass. ..


Aversa was shocked. Not at his dick delightfully squeezing her sacrilegious snatch, or even at the subdued, almost-tender pace he was setting. No, what stunned her was him taking the charge and reaching up to seize her lips.

The two were standing underneath the waterfall, like she’d wanted. Her back was pressed against the wall, letting the water hit the top of her head and split down her body. The water in her ears didn’t even register to her as the two were locked in a passionate kiss.

It was...tame, compared to what she was used to. Their tongues were at play, but it wasn’t the kind of rough domination that she was used to giving and receiving. For once she didn’t feel the need to worry about who was on top or what leverage could be gained. For once...she was actually enjoying a sweet kiss. A soft kiss.

Almost amorous.

From how she squatted down, the two could actually touch lips. Alfonse’s arms were wrapped around her and pushing her hips forward. One of his palms had managed to reach down and squeeze her plump ass. Her own hands were pressed against his cheeks as they swapped spit. Her leg hiked up and brushed against his thigh.

Aversa’s mind went blank as she was carried into euphoria. The mere touch between them sending a surge of sparks that rivaled their gyrating loins and moaning lips...

Loki bit her lips, tasting copper. Her nails dug into the hero’s flesh, drawing blood as she struggled to hold on. Owain wasn’t even the least bit fazed by her attack, and kept hammering away at her sore bottom with gusto.

For all her arcane power, Loki had quickly lost control under his powerful thrusts. Her attempts to tease and torment him had fallen flat as soon as he seized her hips and slammed her straight down. Her hitched breath had been all the incentive he needed to take control.

“Hah,’re liking this aren’t you, you brute?”

She tried to goad him - guilt-trip him for how he was treating her. He didn’t respond, but she did feel him slow down and grip her even tighter. “Some he-eeeee-ro - taking a woman so roughly…”

Owain snarled at her, no longer keen to play up the dramatics. he wrapped his arms around her shapely back and began to force her against his girth.

She struggled to keep going. “I-Is this your tru-ooooh-e face? The s-shit!...shadow hidden behinnnd the radia-ahhhh!-nt scion?”

Owain reached up and seized one of her breasts, clamping down hard on the engorged nipple. “AAAH!” Loki’s mind went blank as her orgasm tore through her body. With her being mercifully silent, that left him to fuck her ass in peace...for a mere minute.

“Well then…”

Loki held herself in place, struggling against his might. He humored her defiance long enough to see what she was planning to do. The trickster slammed down and sized his bottom lip between her teeth. “Mmph?”

She nibbled on the lip for a bit before pulling back, taking it with her. As she let it snap back, her husky voice made his already firm desire almost explode in her tight ass.

“...Show me your darkness.”

He eagerly obeyed and began to demolish her rear. His hips slammed into her with enough force to make her cheeks bounce out of the water. Her skin rippled with every thunderous thrust.

And she was delighted.

Loki’s arms wrapped around his neck, holding on for dear life. Owain ignored her attempts to right herself and kept hammering away at her rear. Their knees dug further into the spring’s floor as they pushed closer and closer together.

She growled at him from behind her sweaty, disheveled curtain of hair. “ Hah ...Y-Your insatiable.”

the compliment weaved with her well-worn visage, spurring the Hero to keep going on. Owain reached between her legs and swiftly flicked her throbbing clitoris, triggering yet another orgasm from her. “D-DAAAAAAH!”

Her quim squirted out and stained his abs. Her breasts smeared an earlier orgasm’s worth of nectar against his pecs. Nipples brushed together in the cool night air. She endured yet another blissful, painful climax - a testament to her primal folly.

His darkness had overwhelmed her, leaving the once-proud trickster in sexually-submitted shambles. He relished the sight of her sweat-slick skin and dazed face. But there was a glint in the back of her rolled eyes - a persistent reminder that he was far from triumphant. Her body may have surrendered, but her mind was still whole.


She let him use her body as he willed, already knowing that he was around her finger. Every little tease and goad had brought the mighty warrior low into her treacherous bosom. For all his ferocity and all his swagger, Owain Dark was hers now.

He could pump countles exalted bastards into her womb, and she’d still be able to have him suckle her toes as she walked. Even if he managed to resist tonight, all it would take is a few coy words and he’d be fucking her within a moment’s notice.

She’d let him go this time - let him dump his load in her ass and scurry off in shame. The sweetest victory, the richest trick, was that he knew who held him in her clutches. Her control was fleeting...but very, very much absolute.

Loki’s constant squeezing and orgasms finally wore him down, and with a final roar he slammed deep into her ass. She didn’t waste addled words and simply let him go.

A torrent of exatled seed filled her ass, threatening to burn her from the inside out. Her toes curled beneath the water. Her nails dug deep into the flesh of his shoulder and neck. Her body was a helpless puppet to the passions of flesh.

Her mind simply waited and took back the strings.

She recovered quickly, far quicker than he would’ve. Loki reared up, letting Owain’s flaccid cock pop out of her ass. She looked back at the small cloud of spunk that bubbled on the water’s surface. “My my, you certainly came a lot.”

The boastful hero was oddly silent, taking even her by surprise. She looked back up and bit back a giggle. Owain had slumped over, head lulled back. She giggled at the sight. “Awww, and I was hoping to have some more fun.”

Loki took him in her arms and moved them around until her back was against the rock. She let the hero rest his weary head against her bosom. Her fingers traced through his hair as she hummed. “We've got to get to know each other better…Doesn’t that sound fun?”



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