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Kirishima rolled over to drag his gaze over the softly snoring body curled up against his side, his skin bare to stave off the cloying summer heat. The wild tangle of green hair obscured most of his face, but it was no mystery that the person he had ended up in bed with was definitely Midoriya Izuku.

It was a weird story and he had no idea how Bakugou was going to feel about this new development considering Bakugou’s history with both Kirishima and Midoriya. In all honesty, if he hadn’t been there, Kirishima wouldn’t have believed it actually happened.

Yet there they were, both their bodies crusted with well-earned sweat and a few stray marks from rough grips and roaming mouths. Kirishima had never found anyone who could bruise him before, but he had to admit that he kind of liked it.

Midoriya was definitely there, the blaring morning sun was definitely real, and the clothes they had been wearing the night before were definitely strewn around the floor of Kirishima’s apartment.

How did this even start? Kirishima pondered that very question.


* * *


Glasses chimed as they bumped together over the huge spread of food on the table, and a handful of Yuuei Class 1A alumni drank to ten years of professional heroism. Not everyone was able to make it, between hero duties and family obligations (Kirishima couldn’t believe some of his classmates were already married with children when he barely considered himself an actual adult).

Midoriya was there because he never missed their occasional get-togethers because he was just like that. Bakugou didn’t come because he was, well, Bakugou; Todoroki would be up to his elbows in bad guys; Aoyama had some photo shoot thing and was ‘too fabulous’ to appear in public at the moment (whatever that was supposed to mean); the Iidas (which included Uraraka, plus their two little ones) couldn’t make it because it was a school night; and Ojiro broke his tail during a battle recently and was ordered to take it easy with bed rest by a scary hero-only doctor not even Bakugou would say no to.

Everyone else was there, piled around a huge table and catching up with each other’s lives. After a couple of very large beers, Midoriya’s cheeks were aglow and he sat a little less straight on the bench. Yaoyorozu was through her fourth growler of cider, her metabolism skyrocketed by her quirk. Kirishima himself had had his share, and the room felt just a little warmer and brighter than it had when they had arrived.

Four hours and well over a hundred thousand yen later, the group dispersed, going their separate ways by train or bus or taxi or pre-arranged ride. Kirishima was walking home, however, as his apartment was only a kilometer or so away and it was a really nice night. A little overwarm for the usual person’s taste, but just right for him.

He was halfway down the block before he heard his name called out behind him. When he turned around, Kirishima saw Midoriya bounding toward him, waving and grinning. “Kirishima-kun! I’ll walk with you.”

“Sure!” Kirishima stopped and waited for Midoriya to catch up. “I thought you lived in the other direction.”

Midoriya nodded. “I do, but I wanted to check up on Todoroki-kun. It sounds like he has a lot on his plate.”

Kirishima hummed in agreement. “You know, that’s actually a good point. He was over toward downtown, right?” Midoriya indicated an affirmative. “Let’s head over there and make sure he has backup. If not, we can call someone to help.”

Beaming, Midoriya gave him a thumbs up. “That’ll be great. I’ll sleep better knowing he is all right.”

“Well, he is the Number 4 Hero.” Kirishima shrugged. “He usually is.”


They fell quiet, both of them well aware that all of them had had their turn with being in over their heads despite their abilities. Todoroki was usually never the one being overwhelmed, but there was a first time for everything. Kirishima didn’t like the idea of one of his friends being in that kind of spot and not being able to do something, and he was pretty sure Midoriya felt the same.

When they were getting close to the downtown area, not too far off from the pub they had descended upon for their get-together, it was clear that things were not as fine as they had hoped. The sounds of falling bricks was heralded by stray shards of ice hanging from street lamps and scorch marks littering the pavement along with several of the surrounding buildings.

“That can’t be good,” Kirishima muttered when he looked at the remnants of what had to be an intense battle. “Todoroki’s never this sloppy with his quirk work.”

Midoriya swallowed hard. “He’s got some of the lowest property damage insurance rates in the whole business. For him to leave things like this —” His eyes were wide when he turned to Kirishima. “We have to find him.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” Kirishima tugged off his t-shirt and let it hang from the back of his pants. At Midoriya’s questioning look, he chuckled. “I like this shirt. I don’t wanna get bad guy guts on it.”

With that, the two of them took off at a run toward the ever mounting sound of an all out brawl going down in the heart of the city. As they approached the scene of the battle, the remnants of the fight grew in size and frequency. They were getting close.

Rounding a corner, Kirishima was nearly bowled over by a body flying through the air, slightly singed and smoldering. “That’s Electrique,” Midoriya supplied. “Her powers are a lot like Kaminari’s, except she does this thing where she kisses heroes when they’re down and shocks them through the mouth.”

Kirishima shuddered. “That sounds gross and terrible. Good thing Todoroki’s got plenty of experience kicking Kaminari’s ass, and I doubt he’s gonna kiss her.”

Midoriya observed more of the scene, rattling off the name of every one of the villains he could identify (which was all of them) so they knew what they were getting into while Kirishima texted one of Todoroki’s partners at his agency for backup.

“Backup is on the way, which will probably be Bakugou because he didn’t work today.” He gave the fight a pointed glance and raised a brow. “Whaddya say we go kick the crap out of some villains?” Midoriya nodded, and they forged ahead — right after Kirishima deposited his shirt into a free newspaper box, earning him an eye roll from Midoriya. He really did like that shirt.

Finally, they caught sight of Todoroki. Kirishima could understand why their friend was not too discriminating in how he was wielding his quirk. Smeared from head to toe in what looked like a paste of dirt and blood (hopefully not all his), Todoroki was standing in the midst of no less than ten villains circling him and closing in fast.

“I’ll give you a lift,” Midoriya said, and Kirishima climbed onto Midoriya’s sturdy back right before he leapt high into the air and landed right next to Todoroki in the center of the circle.

“Your timing is good,” Todoroki panted, spongeing sweat from his brow with the shredded sleeve of his costume. “I thought you guys were out for the night.”

“Batter up,” Kirishima growled, and he straightened out his body while Midoriya grabbed him by the hands and swung him at the oncoming attackers like a club. He felt more than one bone snap against his skin.

Todoroki did something similar, producing a thick log of ice and fending off some of the other opponents. Back to back, the three of them fought off the mob of villains until fewer and fewer of them got back up.

The rest of them were lucky enough to be standing when Bakugou finally arrived on the scene, wearing only half his uniform but making up for it in a deep and angry scowl. “I was going to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep, but you assholes can’t just cool it for one goddamn night.”

Bakugou came in blasting with both hands, sending two villains flying and setting one on fire. After that, he circled the scene and threatened to blow up anyone who so much as thought about getting off the ground while police began to flood the scene.

“Next time you need help, just friggin call me, damn it!” Bakugou barked at Todoroki before pulling him in for a crushing hug and a kiss that definitely shocked the ever-loving crap out of both Kirishima and Midoriya. “You look like hell. Let’s go home.”

Todoroki nodded, and Kirishima and Midoriya gawked at them while they walked away, either completely unaware that their respective best friends were clueless about this development or they just didn’t care.

Once they were well out of sight, Kirishima scratched his head and frowned. “When the hell did that happen?”

Midoriya’s gaze was still fastened to the long-empty street Bakugou and Todoroki had disappeared down. “Todoroki-kun mentioned something about him being interested in someone, but I never thought — I didn’t even know him and Kacchan were even on speaking terms.”

“Is anyone ever on speaking terms with Bakugou?” Kirishima snorted and blurted out the first thought that came to his head before he could stop it. “Man, they probably have some really rough sex.”

Dissolving into a coughing fit that was streaked with laughter, Midoriya doubled over and wheezed until he caught his breath. “Why did you say that out loud? Now I’ll never unsee it.”

Kirishima shrugged. “I guess I’m kind of jealous.” He sighed and admitted, “We’re in our late twenties. A lot of our classmates are married, in serious relationships, or even have kids. You ever think about wanting something like that for yourself?”

Midoriya sobered, biting his lip. “I think about it a lot, but I don’t want to put anyone at risk because dating the Number 1 Hero isn’t a safe thing to do. All Might kept every relationship he had extremely secret because it was dangerous for villains to have a way to target him that he couldn’t always fight off.”

“Then date a hero.”

Midoriya stumbled backwards and almost tripped over the curb. “What?”

“Date. A. Hero.” Kirishima flicked Midoriya’s ear and rolled his eyes. “If you’re worried about not being able to protect whoever you’re dating, then date someone who can protect themselves. That would be a hero.” He harrumphed. “Or a villain, but I don’t think you’re into that kind of thing.”

Shaking his head briskly, Midoriya looked away with pink cheeks. “There is someone I’ve always kind of liked, but I don’t think that person really sees me that way. Plus, we’re good friends and I don’t want to mess that up.”

“Huh?” Kirishima scoured his brain for friends of Midoriya’s, ruling out the married or taken ones because Midoriya was far too pure to crush on someone else’s significant other. “What, like Momo?”

“No!” Midoriya still didn’t look him in the eye. So this was someone potentially embarrassing. “Please tell me you don’t have a thing for Aoyama. I think the only person he’d ever date is himself.”

Midoriya shook his head and sighed. “I’m not sure I should tell you. You might not want to know.”

“Of course I wa —” Kirishima stopped mid-word when a strange but curious thought instilled itself in his head. “Not to be self-absorbed or anything, but you’re not talking about me, are you?”

If at all possible, Midoriya stared even harder at the ground at his feet, and Kirishima was fairly certain he had his answer. “Why would you think it would mess things up with us if you liked me like that? You can’t help who you like.” He snorted. “Look at Todoroki.”

Midoriya guffawed but stood stock still while Kirishima retrieved his shirt. “Is it because I’m a guy? Who gives a damn about that? Life is short, especially for heroes. Love whoever the hell you want to.”

“Kirishima-kun, I —” Midoriya finally looked at him, almost wilting in front of him. “I just want to be able to see you without you being uncomfortable. If you could forget about this entire conversation, I’d really appreciate it.”

Kirishima blew a raspberry. “But what if I don’t wanna?”

“What?” Midoriya gaped at him. “You mean you —”

“Have no problem at all with having someone as categorically badass as you having feelings for me?” Kirishima beamed. “Hell no, I don’t. I’m single and you’re single and neither of us want to be. You like me that way already and I’m willing to give it a shot if you are.”

Midoriya worried his bottom lip with his teeth, and Kirishima could almost see the thoughts bouncing around in his head at a million miles an hour. “Are you sure? You’re my friend and I don’t want to ruin that. And what about Kacchan?”

“What about him.” Kirishima waved a hand in dismissal. “We broke up five years ago, and he’s clearly over it. I’m over it. He is my friend, but who I’m dating is none of his damn business.”

“Even if it’s someone he doesn’t like?”

Kirishima shook his head. “No, because he literally said ‘who you date is none of my damn business’. His words, not mine.” His brows knit in thought. “Though he might be a little pissy that it’s you because he’s got a hella inferiority complex about you, but he can eat my ass in the non-fun kinda way.”

Midoriya sputtered and Kirishima laughed. “I forget you’re a blushing virgin. I’ll stop saying stuff like that until you’re ready to have your ass eaten.” Midoriya’s entire face disappeared behind the collar of his shirt, and Kirishima felt lighter as he hooked their arms together and tugged them into motion. “C’mon. My place isn’t far. I think we could both use a shower at this point. I’ll be good, I promise.”

Their walk to Kirishima’s apartment was quiet, but Kirishima could almost hear how loud Midoriya’s thoughts were. He was definitely over-analyzing the situation, trying to find every single flaw in what Kirishima deemed an excellent arrangement.

One they stepped beyond the threshold of the apartment, however, Midoriya tugged Kirishima tight to his chest for a fumbling and desperate kiss.

Surprised but not unpleasantly so, Kirishima cupped Midoriya’s jaw and guided him through the motions. It was one of his favorite things, kissing. Bakugou had never liked it all that much, but he did it anyway because he ‘wasn’t a pussy’.

Midoriya was definitely different. He wasn’t all dynamite and sharp edges. He was quiet but insistent, much like his hero persona, and Kirishima wasn’t at all disappointed by this development. After all, how many people knew that the greatest hero in the country groaned when someone sucked on his bottom lip, or that he threw his entire body into a kiss like he did with everything else?

They were both breathless when they tore apart, with Kirishima grinning and Midoriya blushing furiously. “So, yeah, that was kind of awesome,” Kirishima gasped. He bounced on the balls of his feet and whooped. “Wow, it’s been way too long since I got to suck face like that.”

“I can’t believe I just did that.” Midoriya slapped his hands over his face. “Please don’t hate me.”

Kirishima guffawed. “What makes you think that’s happening? I did it because I wanted to. If I didn’t want to kiss you, you know I’m fully capable of knocking you the fuck out.”

Midoriya’s mouth hinged open and snapped shut a few times over before he sighed and sat on the floor. “It’s been a weird day.”

“But good, right?” He dropped down next to Midoriya. “We got to hang out with our friends, we kicked some ass, we rescued the damsel in distress —”

“I don’t think Todoroki-kun is a damsel in distress.”

“— and we both like each other. Weird? Maybe. But good, right?”

A shy smile crept onto Midoriya’s mouth when Kirishima linked their hands together. “Good.”

Kirishima growled under his breath before he hauled Midoriya onto his lap. “Now let’s make out until we pass out, yeah?”

Midoriya nodded solemnly and Kirishima chuckled. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. I say crazy shit like that all the time. Drove Katsuki nuts.” Midoriya giggled into his hands at that thought, and damn, it was cute. “Damn, you are adorable. How did I not notice that before?”

Corralling Midoriya into his arms, Kirishima carried him into the bathroom for a well-earned shower, revelling in the sorely missed sensation of closeness.

Once he eased Midoriya back to his feet, Kirishima pecked a kiss on his forehead. “You go first. I’ll scout out something for you to wear to bed. No sense going home at this hour.”

“I, uh —” Midoriya ducked his head. “Never mind. Thank you.”

They took turns showering, and in under a half hour, they were both scrubbed clean of the impromptu battle and sprawled out on Kirishima’s bed, grazing from the bowl of Skittles he kept on his nightstand at all times.

“By the way, what did you mean by that thing you said earlier?” Kirishima said around his mouthful of candy. “You know, when you started saying something and then stopped.”

Midoriya threw an arm over his eyes. “Really, it’s nothing. It’s just that . . . my room is always so hot in the summer, so I, er, don’t wear clothes to bed.”

Kirishima threw back his head and laughed. “Oh my god, I can’t believe you just admitted that.” He caught his breath and rolled over to his side. “Well, I’m not stopping you. If it makes you comfortable, then do it. Doesn’t hurt anybody, so why not.”

A plethora of thoughts Kirishima couldn’t categorize quick enough flitted across Midoriya’s face before he shrugged and started to do just that. Kirishima moved aside the bowl of Skittles and shucked his own shirt. He was halfway back under the light layer of covers before he paused and said, “Hey, I thought we were supposed to be making out.”

Sending a glance over in Midoriya’s direction, Kirishima’s mouth went dry when he caught an eyeful of the thick, defined muscles of Midoriya’s butt and thighs. It wasn’t surprising for a guy whose signature style was based on speed and lower body attacks, but seeing the evidence of years and years of hard work was not just awe-inspiring. It was goddamn gorgeous.

“Oh, fuck, I am in so much trouble.” He swallowed hard but didn’t — couldn’t — look away. The scars scattered all over Midoriya’s body added to the image, rather than take away from it. “Damn.”

Midoriya dove under the covers and turned to Kirishima. “Is something wrong?”

Kirishima cackled and tugged Midoriya closer. “Far from it. I guess I just never realized how beautiful you are.”

“Me?” Midoriya ducked his head into the pillow. “But I’m not —”

“Don’t even finish that thought.” He framed Midoriya’s face in his hands so he couldn’t escape. “You’re an awesome guy with a good heart and a great ass.” With a peck on the tip of Midoriya’s nose, Kirishima sighed. “I just don’t know where to start. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a relationship that wasn’t zero to sixty in no time flat.”

Leaning into Kirishima’s palm, Midoriya closed his eyes and hummed. “Then just do what feels right.”

“Yeah,” Kirishima breathed, and their mouths met for a sedate kiss.

Midoriya slowly edged toward him, breaking away to swing a leg over Kirishima’s lap. His eyes roved over the ridged planes of Kirishima’s torso, his tongue darting across his bottom lip as he watched. Finally, he rasped, “Can I touch you?”

Kirishima ran his fingers through Midoriya’s tousled hair and grinned. “Babe, you can touch anything you want.”

“I don’t want to wait anymore.” Midoriya was a portrait of resolve, one Kirishima readily recognized as the side of him who could get his ass kicked and still never once consider giving up as an option.

“Then don’t.” Kirishima threaded their fingers together and tugged Midoriya down sprawling on his chest. “Life’s too short to give a damn about regret. In the end, the only thing you’ll wish you could do over is not doing the thing you really wanted to do in the first place.”

Midoriya guffawed and pecked a kiss to Kirishima’s lips. “That made about fifty percent sense, but it was the good half.”

“Care to show me the other half?”

“I will.”


* * *


As he replayed the events of the previous night over in his head, a sense of well-being blanketed Kirishima. The clock on his nightstand (almost completely obscured by the bowl of Skittles) showed a very, very late half past ten. He was usually at work as of about two hours before that.

Both of them were off for the day, however, and Kirishima aimed to make the best of it for as long as possible.

Leaning over Midoriya’s softly snoring form, Kirishima snared his lips for a languid kiss, a stark contrast to the small series of bite marks littering Midoriya’s jawline.

Midoriya’s eyelids were still drooping as he rolled over to drape himself on top of Kirishima. The kiss ended with a yawn and Midoriya murmuring something Kirishima couldn't make out, which was fine by him. It was still hot as balls in the room, but it was fine.

So what if they slept in past noon? After an intense night of reintroducing themselves to each other in a slew of deeply intimate ways, Kirishima couldn’t think of anywhere else he’d rather be than right there with Midoriya —

No, with Izuku.