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Rebirth Online

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Gamer ID: Robin
Inputting password...
Synching neural interface data…

Saved data found. Proceed? (Y) (N)

Loading new game...
Loading terrain...
Welcome to REBIRTH!


Damian opened his eyes and scanned his surroundings. He was standing in the middle of what looked like a cathedral. High ceilings, arched windows, and marble statues were all around him. It reminded him of the old buildings in Gotham itself. He guessed it wasn’t that surprising considering Drake had supposedly assisted in building the game.

He leapt down from the stone slap he had “woken” up on when he logged in. The dark clothes he chose for his avatar felt light just as he wanted to. He wondered if Richard would be upset that he had changed the attribute of the character file they gave him to try.

Robin may have originally been Richard’s avatar but if Damian going to play this game, he was going to do it by his rules.

He heard a chime and cocked his head, glancing around the room before pulling up his menu. His inbox already had several messages from his siblings. Some were just greetings and invitations. Drake sent a list of guides and tutorials that Damian glared at. He scowled, his finger hovering over the delete button before deciding to store it instead. Drake may be incompetent most of the time but he did well in information gathering at least.

He closed the rest of the messages, intending to do as Todd suggested by killing several mobs around the area when he heard the telltale sound of a respawn on the altar behind him.

The new player looked around the interior of the cathedral with awe and wonder. He looked young, maybe Damian’s age or younger but that didn’t mean anything in Virtual reality. He could be an old man for all Damian knew. The young man’s gaze finally found Damian and he grinned, running up to him.

“Are you new as well?”

“Yes,” Damian answered, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Great!” The newbie said, laughing. He rubbed his hand over the back of his neck, smiling sheepishly. “I only got this game today so I don’t know how to play yet. We can play together!”

“Why would I do that?”

“Why not?”

Damian frowned. He thought of his siblings’ constant conversations and competitions involving this game. He had a lot of catching up to do if he was to maintain the fact that he was better than them. He can’t do that with a new player slowing him down. “I’m going to be the best,” Damian replied. “I can’t have you slowing me down.”

“But you just started too,” the other said, scowling at Damian. “You’re new like me.”

“Yes, but I know how to play.”

“Then you can teach me!”

“Are you even listening?” Damian huffed. He thought it was difficult to make his family listen sometimes but it seemed this player was just a new level of obstinate. “I don’t need a partner.”

The boy ignored Damian and stuck out his hand. Damian stared at it, uncomprehending until the boy spoke again. “I’m Superboy.”

Damian blinked. He fought the urge to summon his katana to his hands. He probably shouldn’t commit a PK on his first day in the game. He was sure that Richard would be sorely disappointed and the others would be very much justified in vilifying Damian when they meet again. Instead, he blurted out, “What kind of ID is that?”

“What’s wrong with it?” Superboy cried out defensively, scowling at Damian. “I don’t see how yours could be any better.”

That wasn’t at all what Damian was implying. The ID, Superboy, seemed vaguely familiar and he felt as if he had heard of it from one of the others at one point in time. But, that should be impossible, shouldn’t it? You cannot use the same ID without rewriting an old saved file and you could only do that by using the old character drive that the owner would have.

It’s how all the Wayne brothers have gone through the Robin ID since Dick had created it when the game was still in beta.

“Nevermind,” Damian said, turning away and heading for the exit.

Superboy easily caught up with him, and Damian took a pause when he realized that the other was floating. Kryptonian race, his mind supplied. One of the many alien races REBIRTH gave as a choice for players to choose from. One of the more powerful races, another part of him supplies. Damian didn’t want to make the game too easy for himself by choosing one of those races but perhaps, there would be merit in having an ally have those advantageous abilities.

“Just like that?” Superboy was saying as he kept up with Damian’s strides. “Are you sure you don’t want to team up? You didn’t even tell me your name, I mean, your ID. Not your name. It’ll be good, you know. We could be a team. That’s a thing in this game, right?”

“Do you ever shut up?”

“Do you ever not frown?”

“Of course,” Damian said. He almost frowned again but caught himself stopping it. He could tell from the grin on Superboy’s face that he wasn’t as successful as he thought. “My ID is Robin. Are you satisfied?”

Superboy’s eyes widened. “What? You’re lying. You can’t be Robin.”

Damian didn’t bother hiding the frown on his face this time. “And why not?”

“My brother said Robin’s retired. I mean, the ID. He used to play with Robin.”

“It’s rude to talk about your real life in the net.” Damian pointed out. “And I’m Robin now.”

“Oh,” Superboy licked his lips and the look on his face as he grabbed Damian’s shoulders was one of excitement and joy. “This is awesome then!”

“Is it?”

“My brother was Superboy and he played with Robin.”

Now, Damian remembered. It was Drake who talked about playing with a team that included someone with the Superboy ID, this boy’s brother it seemed. Damian scowled. Somehow, he did not like the idea of being seen as just another copy of Drake or any of his older brothers really.

“No,” Damian shrugged the hold Superboy had on him off and stepped away. “I don’t plan on copying anyone.”

“Of course not,” Superboy said. Damian was startled enough that he whirled around to face him. Superboy had a guileless look on his face as he smiled at Damian. “We’re not gonna copy them. We’re gonna be better than them, aren’t we?”

And that? That was something Damian was very much willing to do. “I thought you admired your brother.”

“That doesn’t mean I want to be him,” Superboy landed softly on the floor and stepped closer to Damian. Damian hated that even though the other had stopped floating in mid-air, he still stood a couple of inches taller than Damian. Maybe Damian should modify the avatar he’s using instead of just using the model of his own physical body. “I want to be better. I’m Superboy now. What about you?”

“I’m Robin,” Damian answered with a smirk. He took Superboy’s wrist and started pulling him towards the exit, startling the other boy. “And I guess I’ve got a lot to teach you if we’re going to be better than our brothers.”

Superboy cheered and Robin grinned. They had a new team and Rebirth online wasn’t going to be prepared for what he’s got planned.


Gamer ID: Superboy

Progress Report:
Contact added: Robin.
Quest 1 Completed.
Level Progress: 7
Party Registered...
Saving Game...
Save Completed. Log Out? (Y) (N)