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Izuku & Co. Shenanigans and AUs

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(How Mineta fucked up big time and gets expelled, while also witnessing first hand why no one should make Izuku angry) 



"Baku, I think we should tell them." Katsuki's head whipped towards Izuku quickly. "What do you mean tell them? Care to explain?" 


"I mean we should tell the class about our family. They're already close to finding out, might as well tell them now when we still have control of the situation, you know?" 


Katsuki growled at his brother. He understood what Izuku meant, he really does but he can't help but over think it. Sure Kirishima, Shinsou, and Aizawa-sensei knows, and he was sure Mic-sensei knows as well, but to tell the whole class? Despite how close the whole class is, they aren't that close either. Plus, you never know if more then one of them will spread it around and just make life hell for them you know? After all, Katsuki and Izuku knew how society can be such a fucked up place very well. Sometimes, he wonders how can such a society have someone as innocent as his brother and Kouda... 


"Are you sure?" Izuku paused for a moment but nodded his head, "Yeah, I trust them enough. I know they won't do anything." Katsuki gave his brother a look. 


"Okay, Mineta might say something but let's be honest, no one really likes or cares for him. Heck, even I dislike him because of his attitude and..." Izuku shuddered, "tendencies with women and you know how I don't often dislike things. He's close to being added to my blacklist..." Katsuki blanched. He witnessed his brother's blacklist before. At first, it may seem like a normal list of people he hates but in a separate notebook from both list and his analysis, in it lies plans, terrifying ones at that, of how to torment said people. Even though he only read one entry of it, he can't help but feel terrified for The Flaming Pile of Shit and still feel like it's what he deserves. 


Katsuki sighed, shaking his head, "Fine, we'll tell them, but we'll do it tomorrow night. And if that fucking grapist say even a single word about it, you're the one dealing with the little shit." 


"Thanks, Baku and deal!" 


Sometimes, Katsuki can't help but wonder how can his brother not be an angel? Then it hit him, 'Oh right, he's related to me and Mom' 




The next day passed by quickly and all of Class 1-A along with All Might, Aizawa-sensei, and Mic-sensei were gathered around in the common room, huddled up around the two siblings on the floor, listening to what they have to say. 


"Wait, so your mom" Kaminari points at Izuku, "and his mom" Mina points at Katsuki, "are lovers and you've been keeping it a secret because the both of you are afraid what everyone might say? And that Aizawa-sensei, Mic-sensei, Shinsou, and Kirishima knows?" The two siblings nodded, one of them rather reluctantly while the other avoided looking up at his classmates. 


The whole class, plus All Might gave each other silent looks as if conveying a silent message to one another. The silence in the room unsettled Katsuki and Izuku to the point where it seemed suffocating. Not even when they were both kidnapped by the League did the atmosphere felt this bad. 


After a few minutes pass, Iida was the one who thankfully broke the silence. "We are very honored that you two decided to entrust with such secret" he then bows, "We will make sure to keep this secret as if it were our own!" Katsuki and Izuku were stunned when they heard sounds of agreements coming from their other classmates. "Wait, you shitheads aren't going judge us?" Katsuki questions, his eyes narrowed in disbelief, after all, how can he trust them when society acted like assholes to Izuku and him? 


"Not at the slightest! Why should we when some of us are Homosexual or LGTB+ followers ourselves!? That'll be rather hypocritical if you ask me" Uraraka exclaims with a bright smile, her arms looping around Tsuyu's arm. Yaoyorozu and Jirou started to hold hands as well while Shouji put one of his arms around Tokoyami and Kouda, much to the Feathered Head and Animal Talker's embarrassment. 


"And I know what it is like to be looked down upon society too, for I am trans~," Aoyama said with a sympathetic smile, not having his usual sparkles or pose for once. "So you are not alone of being outcast of society!" The class cheered in agreement with Aoyama. Izuku couldn't help but shed a few tears of happiness with how supportive his class is. Katsuki was trying his best maintaining his "badass" persona only to fail badly when a genuine smile started to form on his face. 


Unfortunately, the moment was shattered because of one small grape fucker. 


Izuku doesn't hear or even remembers what the little shit had said, but from what his classmates horrified and offended faces tells him, it was nothing good. At. All. Izuku saw red at this point. Doesn't help that he also heard the words "mom" and "disgusting" and "mine" and a few vulgar words...  


"Aizawa-sensei?" There was a pause. Everyone shivered at Izuku's dark tone, or how his usually bright and shining eyes are now covered by his messy bangs, giving a looming shadow over them. But one thing that stood out was the menacing aura he had around him, one that screams he was ready for murder. The teachers who were present were shocked as well. So this is Izuku's angry form his file had noted down? They silently thanked the gods above Izuku wasn't a villain right now, cause right now, he would have been a terrifying one. 


Aizawa, despite his calm exterior, was silently panicking as to why the angry problem child wanted from him. He still hums in reply. 


"Permission to obliterate one Mineta Minoru?" Not wanting an angry Problem Child on hunting him next, Aizawa nodded "No murdering, problem child." 


With a wicked smile, Izuku slowly turned towards Mineta and stalked right up to the class pervert. Mineta tries to run away, terrified of what the so-called Class Cinnamon Roll will do to him, only to be caught by the collar of his shirt. 


As the sound of muffled screams started to fade away whilst Izuku drags the pervert away, everyone silently agreed that they did not witness any crimes today. Nope. 


No one has seen The Grapist around Yueii ever again. The class had found out the next day he has "withdrawn" from school and has moved away immediately with his family outside of Japan. Shinsou became the new addition to 1-A as well. 


It was from that day on, everyone made sure to not anger Izuku Midoriya and will protect him and his happiness/remaining innocence. And to those who set him off… Well... 


“Suffer the consequences and  perish

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It was during a test when Izuku felt something was off. Being one of the first ones to finish his test on Heroic Laws, Izuku started to ponder on that feeling. Maybe he should try meditating on it? Nedzu did advise him to do that whenever he needs to organize his thoughts or emotions. 


Taking a deep breath, Izuku went into a lotus position and closed his eyes. He cleared his thoughts and just let his mind float around in the dark space called the void, not aware of some of the looks he was getting from Aizawa-sensei or his classmates, namely Shinsou. 


Izuku remembers how Mineta finally got expelled once he manages to dig up some dirt of his behavior, how he's been reported multiple times during middle school and he somehow managed to hide those marks on his file. Doesn't he realize the internet is just big storage of data and no matter how hard you do it, there will always be a trace of what was once there? Izuku mentally thanked Nedzu for making him do background checks on everyone in Heroics and Support as an assignment. 


'Mineta should've never crossed the line and try to ruin Eri and Kouta's innocence with Monoma that day when they know both of them were either under my watch and custody respectively, maybe then he would've-' 


Izuku realized what was wrong. Someone's trying to hurt his younger siblings innocence! Not caring how he might get in trouble, he abruptly got up and looked at Aizawa-sensei straight in the eyes. His teacher groaned when he realized what face Izuku was making, the look of concern and determination. 


"What is it this time problem child?" It took one sentence for Aizawa to understand the situation. 


"Someone's trying to corrupt my younger siblings and their innocence." 


Quirk flaring in anger, Aizawa got out of his sleeping bag and glared at his class quickly. "Stay out of trouble or else." Nodding to Izuku, the two quickly went out of the class in search of Eri and Kouta. 




Vlad King was in the middle of a lesson when all of sudden, the door burst open only to reveal an angry Midoriya with an unconscious Monoma in hand wrapped in Aizawa's capture gear, said person behind him carrying Kouta and Eri in hand. 


"I'm sorry for interrupting Vlad King-sensei but this excuse of a heroics student" He throws Monoma in an empty desk and chair, not caring if Monoma got more injuries, "Was trying to ruin my younger siblings minds. For someone who's trying to become a hero, he should know how to act around people, most especially younger kids. I recommend you teach him how to behave." 


Izuku looked at Monoma quickly and growled, Full Cowl temporarily turning on until he took a deep breath and counted. Turning back to Class 1-B's teacher, he gave an embarrassed smile, only for 1-B to feel shivers going up their spines. "Again, I'm sorry for interrupting, now if you'll excuse me." He bowed and walked over to Aizawa, taking the two small kids out his arms and gave them reassuring smiles. 


"Sorry, you had to witness that, little angels. Just so happens what the blonde kid tried to do makes me angry. What he did is wrong, so don't listen to him unless there is a villain nearby and you're stuck with him, okay?" The two kids silently nodded, "Good, now let's go see the rest of your older siblings, alright? I'm sure the girls will be happy to see the two of you!" 


Before the three left, the two kids looked towards 1-B while Izuku was distracted talking to them and stuck their tongues out, giving them mocking looks. The student's reactions varied and all Aizawa did was smirked and was so glad he decided to secretly record the whole ordeal. Vlad King knew the smirk well and groaned, knowing fully how his co-worker was not going to let him live this down. 


"Eraserhead, at least put a leash on that student? This is the 5th time we got an injured Monoma and he got away without trouble. I understand he was in the position to do this but please, I'm not sure if he'll be able to survive the school years without an amputated limb." Vlad King got more frustrated when he got a chuckle from the hobo look alike. 


"Than teach your student how to act properly. Maybe then I'll be able to control Problem Child more easily." With that, Aizawa left a stun Class 1-B.  




"Shouta, dear, what am I seeing?" Hizashi asked, his eyes locked on his dark-haired lover's phone. Without missing a beat, Izuku entered the staff room, a sleeping Hatsume Mei in one hand, the other holding Eri while Kouta sat on Izuku's shoulders. Izuku looked towards Power Loader, who got up from his seat when he saw his student and walked up to him. 


"As much as I see Mei-chan as a friend and all, she tried making my siblings try out some of her experiments and nearly knocked them unconscious when she accidentally let sleeping gas leak out of one her prototype bombs." He handed Mei to her teacher. "I rather not have her near the little angels, please. And she needs more rest. If you need help getting her out of the Labs, just find some blackmail on her, it usually works." Power Loader froze. 


Izuku then walked up to the Erasermic couple, "Dadzawa, Papamada, you don't mind if I bring the Little Angels and my class to get some ice cream, would you?" The dark-haired teacher looks at his lover and got up, "Mic and I will be supervising you all. I rather not have any of you get into any trouble like last time. We'll leave in two hours, okay?"  Eri and Kouta cheered as Izuku nodded, "Thank you!" The three left quickly. 


Hizashi seemed like he was about to cry. "He called me papa!" He exclaimed, jumping from his seat and started to do a little dance. Nemuri, who was one of the other tea hers in the room beside Power Loader and Thirteen, gave them questioning looks. "So the two you became Class 1-A official dads now? When did that happen?" 


"When the Pussycats gave Izuku custody of Kouta for a time being while they're doing an international mission. Izuku went full on Protective Brother mode once he had another kid add to his list to protect. The class agreed he will be both Eri's and Kouta's guard with Shinsou being the good cop." Aizawa explains while he drank one of his energy pack. 


"That explains a lot of things than." Vlad King mutters, hearing Aizawa's explanation when he enters the door.  All Might, who entered the room with Vlad King, had a confused look on his face. "Wait, I thought Young Midoriya was the Good Cop?" 


"Nope. Originally, yes, but after the first incident, which included Monoma, happened, Izuku immediately acted as Bad cop without even realizing. Shinsou doesn't mind being Good Cop, saying the only thing he has to do was to calm Izuku down before he commits murder, which is easy because of his quirk." Everyone stayed silent for a moment before Nemuri and Hizashi burst out into laughter, "Who knew Green Bean had it in him to be a mama bear?" All Might shivered and raised his hand. 


"You haven't seen Young Midoriya's mother yet. She's rather scary when she wants to be." 


Nemuri's widen when she realized something, “Didn't Kouta just got here yesterday?" Aizawa sighed, "Anything can happen in a day, Nemuri. Power Loader's student over there just so happens to be the 8th incident. 5 of the incidents being Vlad King's student, Monoma I believe, and 2 of from the now expelled Mineta. Kinda grateful of the Problem Child right now actually. He was the reason how Mineta's finally gone. Fewer problems for me or Nedzu to deal with now..." 


The staff paled, maybe Nedzu being the Green Beans mentor for the month was a bad idea after all...

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"Suffer the consequences and perish" Izuku whispered to Mineta as he dragged his body wrapped in Sero's tape out of the dorms. Mineta has ceased screaming and opted to cry instead, believing that Izuku was surely going to kill him. Izuku rolled his eyes at the display growled, "I'm not going to kill you, even if I wanted to, Mineta. Yeesh" As Mineta slowly stopped sobbing, Izuku let out a manic chuckle, making Mineta's scream start back up.

"Instead, I'm going to get you expelled with every single evidence I have of all the assaults you have done to the girls. And let me tell you, no one's gonna miss you at the slightest once you're gone." His steps faltered for a moment. "You know, you should've been expelled long ago. Back then, I would've been against that at the beginning of the year cause you really do have the potential of becoming a hero with a quirk like yours. Back then, even after witnessing the things you, I hoped you could change your attitude so you can become a better hero. But nope, you had to change my mind to a complete 180 and want you gone."

Bringing Mineta closer to his face, Izuku let out an animalistic growl, "No one insults my moms and family. That family includes Class 1-A, in which you are not apart of anymore." Taking a flash drive and a voice recorder out of his pocket, Izuku smirked and continues to drag Mineta on the floor and towards the Principal's office. Maybe Nedzu will let him punch Mineta a few times before he goes... He might actually.

Now all is left is to explain this to his classmates and how Shinsou replaces him...

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Izuku still remembers his mom, how could he forget the kindness he received from her for first 4 years of his life? She was the only one who cared for him truly, even when he was diagnosed as a quirkless. She, unlike his so-called best friend Kacchan, supported him, believed in him and his dreams of becoming a hero. He still misses her every day. It was such a shame she's gone now, all because of a hostage situation gone wrong. 


Sometimes, he can't help but blame himself for being weak. How he could've done something to help her survive. He remembers her saying he would've been a great hero, even without a quirk but how can he be a hero if can't even save his mom? He was disappointed in himself, to say the least. 


Than came custody. The police nor the social workers were able to get any contact with his biological father, not in slightest. So a no in trying to find any paternal relatives either. His mother was an only child and his grandparents died only a few months prior. And he knew the Bakugou's could've gotten custody over him but Izuku refused. Immediately. He didn't want to suffer the torment Kacchan may do under their roof, even if Aunt Mitsuki can control him and all. So, he was put in the system. 


Note, was. He was supposed to, actually, until one of the pro-heroes who were in the crime scene decided to adopt him with his husband. It shocked Izuku, to say the least, and confused him tremendously. Why would they want him? He was useless after all, weak too, a Deku. At first, he thought they took him in out of pity. 


Oh, how wrong he was, and he was glad he was wrong. 


His new dad, a long black messy haired guy by the name Aizawa Shouta, also known as Eraserhead, and his new Papa, a popular long blond haired named Yamada Hizashi or known through his alias Present Mic. They showed nothing but love, understanding, patience, and sympathy. They took care of him as if he was their own. He couldn't help but cry every time they did something nice to him. 


They helped him through the pain and trauma short span of a year. It only took them a week for Izuku to completely warm up to them and trust them. They saved Izuku from his inner darkness. Showed him the way whenever he felt lost. All in all, Izuku was grateful for them. 


He was proud to be considered as Aizawa-Yamada Izuku, though he will, not even if his life depended on it, never forget his mother, Midoriya Inko. 






Though sometimes, Izuku does remember some embarrassing memories while being a part of the "Sound Block" family. One's he can't help but judge his younger self for... 




"I'm sorry Izuku but I'll have to leave you by yourself in the house really quick, okay?" His papa, the "giant cockatoo man" as his dad sometimes call him, ask as he puts his leather jacket on once his directional speakers were in place. The 6-almost-7-year old nodded. Hizashi couldn't help but smile at his small Green Bean of a son and ruffled his hair, getting a "hey" in protest. 


"Remember the rules we put up when neither me or Shouta are home okay? There some leftover Katsudon you can eat from last night, you just need to heat it, alright?" The blonde Hero paused his footsteps. "What am I- oh! If anything happens, call Shouta, he should be able to pick up, okay? And don't let the pets run the house and make a mess!" He kneeled down to Izuku's height and kissed his forehead, gaining a giggle from the small child. 


"Stay safe papa!" With a small smile, Hizashi left the house and headed straight to work. 'Why did I have to be called in by the agency on my day off from UA?' 


Izuku made sure the door was properly locked, with the help of their quirked cockatoo, Mimi, who's quirk is oddly enough, Telepathy. She was a smart bird and a great companion to Izuku and mainly his papa, though she does sometimes hang out with dad and Kuro, their black Siamese Cat. It also helped that Izuku got some help from his main companion Yamikumo, a big husky who was missing most of his tail. The three of them made a great team, though Kuro does has his shining moments. 


Izuku, despite being so young, understood why his adopted parents have to leave home, with their job(s) and all as both teachers and heroes. It was less of a hassle for them to explain it, though Izuku did kinda have troubles getting used to it the first few times until they adopted Yamikumo for him. Another good thing was Izuku knows how to take care of himself, seeing as his mom leaves him alone at night to do work back then. Sometimes, his parents can't help but worry at how mature and responsible he acted for his age, but never the less, they were proud. 




Kuro was sleeping on the couch when Izuku wailing echoed throughout the house. The child's cries brought all the animals attention. What had happened to their young human? 


Izuku was on the phone, screaming "I want my daddy!" Over and over again. The caller on the other side tried their best calming the green haired boy only for them to fail. The animals were panicking. Even when they walked up to him and let him pet him, he ignores them and keeps screaming, demanding his dad to talk to him. 


When things seemed to get worse, the front door opens to reveal- 


"DAD!" Izuku drops the phone and immediately rushes to Shouta tackling him to a hug. Instinctively, Shouta wrapped his arms back around his son as he regains his balance once more. The dark haired man notices the tears that streamed down his son's face and starts soothing him, a patting his back in reassurance.  


"It's okay Izuku, I'm here. Everything okay. Breathe, alright?" He kept whispering reassuring words in a soft, gentle tone until his son had finally calmed down. Picking him up, Shouta walked over to the couch where the two of them fell asleep, feeling safe in each other hold. 




"Aizawa-san. I had the most peculiar phone call yesterday after you left." Nedzu states as with an empty smile. Shouta blinked. 'Oh no, this can't be good.' "What happened, sir?" 


"Why haven't you or Yamada-san informed me the both of you had a son?" All sounds in the teacher lounge went silent, everyone's attention towards the dark man and his hybrid boss. Some even shot the blonde cockatoo a look, making him sweat. 'Crap crap crap crap! What do we do!?' 


"If that was the reason why you took the year off last year, I would've given you more time off, you know. I wouldn't mind it one bit. But please, I mean please, don't let him call me by accident again. He seems rather... Terrifying when he was screaming at me when he wanted you." Aizawa and Yamada saw the smile Nedzu had on his face. They paled. 


'Shit. He's gonna make our jobs more like hell.' 


"Oh and if you don't mind, I will like to meet him one of these days." 


The couple look at each other and book it out the door. 


They are NOT going to let their furry little boss taint their innocent little green bean of a child. NO!

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"Guys, carefully get the green gem out of the container. No matter what, avoid accidentally cracking it."

"Wait, why? Is it not a trap?"

"The container itself is indeed a trap. The gem though, the gem is a person, presumably an adult or a child."

"How!?" "Oh dear lord, no!" "What?!" "Oh my."

"Just- just read or listen to this."


Nedzu remembered about the missions 11 years ago from today. It was devastating. To imagine a huge patch of the ecosystem, destroyed. Just like that. He remembers how what has once filled so much greenery and wildlife, all becoming a wasteland of the dead. The cold air was dry, the ground seemed more like ash, the trees voided of its bright hues and leaves. It brought back the familiar grasp of fear inside of him. One that only those excuse of a living organism called humans had brought all those years ago when he was still trapped. Experimented on. Tortured.

Looking back on it, he wasn't expecting to witness the sight they had seen. To find an underground bunker directly under the dead forest, filled to the brim with dead bodies, surrounded by so many computers, screens, and machines. Papers were thrown and scattered on the floor, light flickering once and a while. While everything, besides the clutter, seemed to be intact and working well, the bodies were... Disturbing. There was no blood or gore. No, nothing like that. They just looked like unwrapped mummies. It looked like the nutrients was sucked right out of them and was dried up.

With further investigations, they see a room. It was different from the others. Not only was it centered directly in the middle of the bunker, but it also didn't have white walls or the black flooring the rest of the bunker has, this room seemed to be all made of sediments, a room carved out in the ground to make a small smoothed out cave. The room only had one entrance, a reinforces iron door locked only with a key card. Right beside it was a big window, capable to see inside it. Was this a sort of observation room?

Nedzu couldn't wrap his head around it, not even with his supreme intelligence. Why would those people, he presumed to be scientists, make a room like this? And why would they make a room only to showcase a green rectangular zircon in it? It didn't make sense at the time. At least it didn't until they got to investigate the computers.

Inside the computers had all the data in it, completely untouched since what was the date of the unfortunate end of the ecosystem on top of them. The scientist has been experimenting on people, to Nedzu's disliking. They were trying to bioengineer a person with a powerful quirk. The consoles had research and analysis on the human anatomy, behaviors, quirks. The consoles in front of the "observation room" though, it was different. In it had research on light particles, light-based quirks, and gemstones. It also had log dates, all belonging to one Dr. Midoriya Hisashi, presumed to be the dead corpse on top of the console and the leader of all... This.

Nedzu may not know exactly what was going on he had an idea. And he couldn't help but look at the Green Zircon.

The idea he had was true. Not only were they conducted experiments to create a powerful being, but they also succeeded, at the cost of their lives. The machine they had under the "observation room", it was only supposed to suck up the nutrients from the forest. They never took into consideration about other life forms such as themselves. This happened 4 years prior. The forest, the people, dead for 4 years. The fact no one noticed a dead part of a forest for that long till now, it was concerning.

They don't know what to make of the gem, all they did was to take them out of the case and maybe try to do some observations. They weren't exactly expecting a child made of presumably hard light to form around the green gem immediately after getting out of the room.

The child was confused, evident in their big, round, sparkling green eyes and had black somewhat messy hair that glows green near the light, pale skin with symmetrical freckles on his face, 4 under his eyes that make a diamond, 5 that surrounds his nose to make an arrow/triangle. His clothes consisted of a green sleeveless top with a purple star on front, dark green, nearly black leggings that had purple diamonds on the knee part. He didn't wear any shoes and had white ribbon wrapped around his waist that acted as his belt. The Green Zircon that the child formed around is now placed on the center of the child's chest, seemingly exposed from the top they wore.

"W-where a-am I? Wh-who a-are you peop-people?" He remembers the child stuttered. They were afraid, his form shaking as he slowly scoots away from them in their sitting position, only for their back to hit the wall, making them squeak in surprise and made them wrap their arms around their legs and just made themselves try to look smaller.

Nedzu couldn't help but feel sympathy for the kid.

Maybe that's why after the investigations were over, he adopted the kid, who stated his name was simply Green Zircon but legally goes by the name Midoriya Izuku in the government system.

Despite the initial circumstances, he was glad to have met Izuku, cause then he would not have become a proud loving father and he would certainly have not witnessed his child's first day in UA, in the hero course. Plus, Izuku was the reason why Nedzu upped the security in the school and added a few new things to the school.

He hopes that Izuku will have a good first day of school today. He and the other faculty wonders who his child will befriend first. Nedzu bets on 4 specific people which consists of Yamada Hizashi, Aizawa Shouta, Kayama Nemuri, and Tensei Iida. Some of the staffs decided it's best to side with him while others thought of other people.

Yes, he really hopes his son is off to a good first day of school today.



"Dad! Meet my new friends!"

"WAIT, OUR PRINCIPAL IS YOUR DAD!?" "That's so cool!" "Huh, didn't expect that coming..."

"How does that work!?"

"Will you two quiet down? I just want to take eat then take a nap till next class starts... Not- this..."

"Pay up everyone." *insert smug/smiling Nedzu and half the faculty groaning as they pay up the winners in front of 5 confused kids/students*

Chapter Text

- Okay, so instead of having The Yakuza boss taking in Young Chisaki, we have Chiyo Shuzenji, aka Recovery Girl, finding him and ended up taking him in
--If this were the case, many stuff in canon would be different, more so on the Yakuza arc, which will likely not be happening if Chisaki was adopted by someone other then the Yakuza Boss/Eri's grandfather... More on that later... On a separate series? Idk.

- Timeskip cause I'm not sure how his childhood be except for the fact that Recovery Girl will act strict but kind to him and would teach him good morals and help him through his past trauma -with how he accidentally killed his parents when his quirk came in-
- Recovery Girl would be a great mom, fight me.

- Timeskip and we have Kai Chisaki, who has not changed his name since his adoption to keep a piece of his old family with him, going into the Heroics Course and graduates Yueii.
- He'll work to get his degree in the medical field (not sure which one cause I have no knowledge on this) and soon, he's out in the field, helping heroes and healing them mainly.

- Kai Chisaki becomes a well-known hero for his fighting and (but mainly) healing prowess, not to mention many people are a fan of not only his work but with his overall costume and aesthetic he seems to have.
- You can't convince me otherwise his hero costume not being a literal Plague Doctor outfit.

- Kai still has tattoos, though, not many people would know cause he's having to be forced to hide them {from what I found, having tattoos in Japan is overall banned and usually associated with the Yakuza? And even though bnha seems to be placed a bit in the future but still close to our modern time somewhat, that kinda thing may have become lax over time in the series maybe? Idk}
- He thought they were cool when he saw some from when he was younger and always wanted one since. He knows it may be considered bad but eh, he'll shrug about it, seeing as the tattoos always manage to hidden.
- He didn't get the tattoos through normal needle means. He met someone who has a quirk that can give/make tattoos to others and make it so it's either permanent or not and such. He keeps in touch with them.
- Not sure how'll Recovery Girl would react to his first tattoo. Maybe disappointed at first? Idk

- Kai still being a bit of a germophobe, so out of costume, he'll still be wearing a mask and gloves.
- He has many different -dorky- designs on his mask, and not just a plain black one.
- {I see Kai being around Aizawa Shouta's age, maybe a year older so... If he went to UA, he'll be in the same year as Kayama Nemuri... Oh boy, THE SHENANIGANS} XD
- {Not sure if you noticed, but this isn't really in order at all, I'm just like, writing these things down randomly}
- He's gonna be friends with Nemuri -rather reluctantly-. He gets along with Shouta more though, and through him, Hizashi.
- Shouta buying him a mask with a cat design on it.

- He has like a toucan plush that he keeps in his office just to fuck with his patients. Like he pretends he doesn't look like one when he's in full costume but he carries the toy everywhere.
- Cockatoo President Micro: Kai, you there?! Wait...
- Edgy Toucan: Who changed our names?
- Beauty Sleep: You two both know those names aee accurate!
- Tired Cat: Why are you all up and texting in 3 in the morning?

- 8 precepts being some of his patients or him helping them on rehab or so? Idk
- {From what I remember in canon, he found them at they're lowest and helped them find a new purpose, which was helping the yakuza... So here, we have Kai who found them and helps them cope with life and stuff}

- Kai knowing what happened to All Might cause he helped heal him with Overhaul quirk.
- All Might have been healed and still has all his organs but his quirk is still on time limit and he can still turn into Small Might? Just more healthy I guess??????
- Kai is rather... Tired of Small Might's antics, especially when he goes over his limits.

- !!!! I just thought, let's have him, besides being his mom's assistant at UA and such, be teaching World History. So he has like what... About 4-5 jobs at this point? He overworks himself, and his mom does not approve.
- "Mother, please, we're in public. The students are looking."
- "Mom- OW! Not the ear!"

- So now we are onto the main timeline where the series actually starts now, yay!
- ... Well, kinda??? I just want Izuku to stop drinking Bone Breaking Juice early. Can you blame me?

- So, I actually want to have Kai meeting Izuku early on in the series. Like, maybe when he starts junior high?
- He finds Izuku walking home from school, smelling like burnt cinnamon rolls and clothes, is covered in scrapes, bruises, and his pants have these rather bad burnt marks in the shape of a hand. I
- Kai has a soft spot for children, and to see this kid, barely a teen, just covered in wounds?
- He runs towards the kid and just- picks him up and sets him down to the closest bench he could see, and starts looking over his injuries. Izuku nearly screamed stranger danger if he didn't recognize him as that Plague Doctor themed hero. Either way, Izuku is freaking out and is startled either way.
- Without warning, Kai uses Overhaul to disassemble and then reassemble Izuku, healing him
- Kai is surprised the green-haired kid didn't freak out, or scream since he knows his healing tends to be painful and even recognize him... Until Izuku started freaking out
- "Kid, first off, take a deep breath and calm down before you pass out. Second of all, there's no need to apologize. As a hero, it's my job to help others, and as a healer, it's my duty to heal those who are injured. I'm just sorry that I didn't give you a head's up before I healed you up."
- {Note, I'm a bit of a salty person, and I'm not a big fan of Bakugou, especially with how he bullied Izuku before UA, and even then, could've killed him, or permanently injured him in the battle trial so... Yeah, expect some bashing, which is I think the right term?}

- "Anyways kid, who hurt you in the first place?"
- "W-what!? N-no, i-it's just a mis-misunderstanding! Kach- he d-didn't mean to! I-it's an a-accident!"

- To say the least, Overhaul is prepared to take in this kid he just met and -father- help him.

- Though Kai had to go back to UA, he managed to hang out with Izuku for a bit and since then, they keep "bumping" into each other when Kai's on/off his duty every day and heals Izuku in case he got any more injuries or damaged items from school.
- {Kai just wants to -protect/father- help this kid he mentally starts to call Mockingbird.}
- {"I only know Mockingbird for less than an hour but if anything happens to him, I'll overhaul everyone in this world and then myself. No one hurts Mockingbird while he's under my watch."}

- After the 2nd Week of "bumping into" Mockingbird, he decides he'll teach him how to fight. He needs to know how to defend himself cause he can't keep up meeting him and healing him. The UA Faculty and his mother are getting suspicious as to why he keeps disappearing from School Grounds during his break instead of his usual office or the staff room.

- Kai learns Izuku is quirkless and his drive to be a hero to help others. Learning this only fuels his -Parental senses- protectiveness and respect for the kid.
- Kai doesn't use his quirk most of the time when he fights villains, mainly cause he knows dangerous using his quirk can be and he would rather not get careless with it. So he uses this modified staff or does quirkless close combat.
- He teaches Izuku and recommends him to take either acrobatics or gymnastics and or even Ballet.
- Izuku does all three while still learning martial arts from Chisaki-sensei.


- "Midoriya, just call me Chisaki, okay? Calling me Overhaul all the time is starting to get tiring."
- "Yes, Overhaul-sensei! I-I m-mean, yes Chisaki-sensei!"
- Kai ruffles the kid's head in amusement.

- No matter what Kai does, the rest of UA Faculty found out about Izuku.
- They only learned of him when Kai found one of Izuku's quirk analysis notebook left behind from their training sessions and was going to return it to him the next day but he made the mistake and left it on his desk in the Staff Room.
- Hizashi noticed it on his desk and grabbed it. He read through it and he nearly screamed in terror at how VERY ACCURATE the notes on him was, not to mention of the many ways to defeat him in case "he defects and becomes a villain for whatever reason" {that's what the notebook says}
- Shouta, who was watching his fiance pale from what he read took a look into the notebook and his eyes widen.
- "Where did you find this?"
- "Kai's desk."
- "... I'll get Chiyo."
- "I'll get Nemuri. Nedzu?"
- "No."
- "No what, Aizawa-san?"
- "HOLY SH-"
- "Nothing, principal Nedzu."

- "Mother, I can explain- PLEASE, NOT THE NEEDLE!"
- "Kai, just answer the question. Who is Midoriya Izuku?"
- "Nearly a year."
- "... Perish."
- "I am so glad I corrupted you, Sho!"
- "In more ways than one-"
- "When am I meeting my new grandson?"
- "MOM!"

- Skip to Izuku's third year. Sludge villain happens, but after the second time, Chisaki found Izuku first before All Might, and oh boy, he's a mess.
- All Might appears, and he doesn't notice Chisaki somehow.
- "Ah, Chisaki, my boy! I didn't see you- HRK"
- All Might collapses on the floor, holding his guts.

- Que in more shenanigans that I might add on later! OwO

Chapter Text

He was separated from the class. He was freezing. Alone. No light, no warmth. Just the dark cold cave he was stuck in for who knows how long.

His winter clothes were damp. All soaked from the melted snow. The entrance of the cave was blocked. His leg was stuck. There was no escape, even if he did try.

At least his classmates have Shoto, he hopes. At least they're together, he hopes. At least it was him and not them, he thinks.

After all, he was just quirkless, useless Deku. The problem child. The one who keeps breaking himself to help others.

They were right, he can't be a hero. But at least they will.

They'll be great heroes. Far better than him.

He just wishes he could get to see them.

He wishes he could just save more, help more, not be the screw up he is.

Izuku let out a shaky sigh, a small smile on showing on his face.

He felt so tired, so cold. He'll take a quick nap. Maybe then, everything will get better.

"I'll see you soon, everyone."




"We were too late..."

"Deku... Izuku... You damn bastard... Why?... You promised damn it..."

"Problem child... You didn't deserve this..."

"No... That can't be... My baby... Izuku, wake up. It's me, your mom. I'm here. Please... Izuku... Not my sunshine... Wake up... Please... Not sunshine! ANYTHING BUT MY BABY! All Might, you promised! You said you were to keep him safe!"

"Inko-san... I'm so sorry-"



Here lies Midoriya Izuku

July 15, 2XXX - December 13, 2XXX

A great friend, classmate, student and son who had the true spirit of a hero in the making. Through all that he suffered, he continued on, a smile on his face.

May he rest in peace.