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Fallen Stars and Rising Gods

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When Karkat woke up, he was immediately alert. A blond female stranger smiled at him enigmatically from her seat, a somewhat familiar black-haired male straightened when he noticed Karkat was awake.

“Ah, welcome back to the land of the living Lord Cancer.”

“You’re awake! Um, sorry for startling you Lord Cancer sir.”


Karkat stared at the both of them, face tight with disbelief, shock and general cautiousness. Just what the fuck did they call him? Why? 

The young blond girl that was around his age, smiled benignly at him with black painted lips. She had short, pale blond hair with a pale purple headband on her head, she wore glittering lavender earrings that matched her equally shiny-lavender eyes. She wore a fitting black shirt with an obscure Latin sentence scrawled in white cursive across her chest, a dark purple skirt adorned itself on her hips that ended below her knees, held up by a pink belt with a silver buckle. 

Karkat couldn't help but be drawn by the Latin on her chest, frowning as his mind somehow came up with the translation for it.

'Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.'

"I will either find a way or make one." He mutters aloud, face scrunching at the familiar words. He's heard them before, but where-

Scorpio glanced back at him, a sharp and determined smile on her face. "I will either find a way or make one." She says with all the arrogance and confidence that existed solely within her. Taurus laughs and shakes his head besides her, grinning.

Scorpio's sharp smile is replaced by the girl's surprised and pleased smile. "Ah, so you know Latin as well, as expected of Lord Cancer." She says with all the coolness and confidence that existed solely within her. The boy with blue eyes laughs, shakes his head besides her, grinning.

No, stop it, stop comparing her to someone he'd only seen within his dreams. Within his head. Someone familiar but also so utterly foreign to him. Vriska wasn't like that. Not anymore the fucking bitch. 

Karkat grits his teeth, "Stop calling me that." He spits, hands gripping the white blanket that draped over his legs. "I'm not fucking Cancer." He's not. He was nothing like that ancient asshole that apparently lived in his head and was forcing him to live out memories that weren't his

He was just Karkat Vantas, albino loser that was going to die within the year or maybe the next if he was lucky. And he probably wasn't even that lucky anyway.

Said albino took a moment to look around, he was in the school's infirmary. The nurse was gone, leaving him alone with both the strange girl and boy that seemed to know more about his situation than he did. He looks at them warily, scanning the boy that had found him in the bathroom and had presumably taken him to the infirmary and perhaps told the girl about him.

The young black haired boy was still grinning, he had a bit of an overbite, if he smiled with his lips closed then a couple of teeth would still peek out of his lips. Bright blue eyes stared at him from square-rimmed glasses, he didn't have any other jewelry aside from the strange blue pendant that was over his white over-shirt that was on top of a long-sleeved green undershirt and dark blue jeans. And like the Latin sentence, Karkat felt drawn to the blue pendant.

Tear-dropped shaped with a familiar bright blue symbol etched into it. It was- 

Taurus smiled at him, wings fluttering behind his body as he turned to face him. The bright blue symbol on his chest seemed to glow as he called for the wind. 

The boy smiled at him, his clothes ruffling slightly as he faced him. The bright blue symbol on his pendant seemed to glow as he-

"Stop that for fuck's sake!" Karkat barked, holding his aching head- he needs to stop drawing similarities- it was bad enough he was doing that for his friends, ex-friends whatever, but now for complete and utter strangers?! Fuck! "I get it, you're both somehow connected to me- just stop- you, Breath boy, stop that. Just stop, the window's not even open and your clothes are fucking moving." He hissed, annoyed at the subtle gust of wind that circulated the room. It's familiar but also not. 

The breath boy grinned sheepishly at him, "Whoops, sorry Lord- er, just sorry I guess." He says, backing up slightly when Karkat sent him a withering glare for his attempt of calling him that dreaded title and name. "I'm still, trying to learn how to control my powers and uh- not consistently use them I guess." He mumbles, still wearing that sheepish grin. 

Karkat scowls darkly, "What the fuck do you want from me." He demands, tightly gripping the infirmary bed's blanket that was draped over his legs. He doesn't know these two, they're familiar in the sense that he's seen them for the past few weeks entering the school year but they never had any contact to each other. He shares a few classes with them, but that was it. They didn't know each other and had no reason to know each other either.

Until now it seems.

"It's not exactly what we want from you, Lord- pardon me, Sir Vantas." The girl says coolly and Karkat has to grimace at the actual use of his name, oh so they also knew his actual name. That was totally comforting. Not. "It's what you would want from us." He stares at her with a dumbfounded look, it has her chuckling in amusement. "I see that you are most confused on this matter. It would make sense that you wouldn't completely know about us, and my, I seem to have forgotten my manners. My name is Rose Lalonde, I am in your Science and Literature Class. Though I am also Sagittarius born and Light-aligned my Lord Cancer." She says, standing up to give a prim and proper but also short bow and curtsy. 

Something sparks in Karkat and Cancer whispers to him bits of knowledge that has him pausing. Sagittarius born and Light-aligned. Sagittarius would be her ruler, but Scorpio would be her master. It doesn't really make sense to him, not really. Cancer chuckles lightly at his confusion and he bites down a physical indignant hiss at the old god that was deep within his mind. He just gives the girl- Rose, a blank stare.

The boy goes next, still grinning but no longer sheepishly. Instead, it's confident and somewhat goofy. "And my name's John Egbert! I've got History and P.E. with you Lord Cancer, Sir Vantas!" He exclaims happily. Karkat wants to punch away that happiness, how dare he be happy while Karkat was stewing in his own confusion, self deprecation and other emotions that he was currently stewing in like an overdone soup. "I am Aries born and Breath-aligned!" 

Aries would be his ruler, Taurus would be his master. 

"Indeed, Lady Aries would be John's Ruler while Lord Taurus would be his Master." Rose said with an impressed look, oh fuck Karkat said that aloud. "While Lord Sagittarius would be my Ruler and Lady Scorpio would be my Master." 

Karkat scowled at her, "And what the fuck would that mean exactly?!" He really didn't understand what was going on other than that these two apparently were mistaking him for a shitty old god that no longer existed anymore. Cancer hums in the back of his mind, he is ignored on principle.

Bucktooth-John blinks in surprise. "What? You don't know what that means? But, didn't you just say that yourself?" He asks with confusion and Karkat barely, barely snarls at him. 

"I have no fucking idea what you're all talking about." He tells the three of them, though Cancer has gone silent and he just wants to go home and sleep. Unfortunately he was stuck in the infirmary with two strangers for the time being. Strangers that actually knew shit. Might as well find out a bit, it didn't seem like he had a choice anyway. "And for the last fucking time, I am not Cancer- stop calling me Lord Cancer! Or Sir Vantas, that's just- so fucking weird." He tells them firmly, scowl on his face deepening. "Just, call me Karkat." That was all he was. Karkat. No one else. Cancer could kiss his ass. 

Rose and John share a glance, John looking a bit uncomfortable and unsure while Rose merely smiled at him. At the sight of the smile, John relaxed a bit then nodded. "Alright then Karkat!" He said brightly, glancing at him and Karkat regrets giving him permission to call him Karkat. But it was certainly better than having them call him Sir Vantas or Cancer, who he was not. 

The albino boy inhaled and exhaled, rubbing his face as he glanced between Rose and John. "This all leads back to the question of what the fuck do you want from me exactly." He points out rather calmly. 

"And the answer is still not on what we want from you Karkat, is what you would want from us." Rose replied, dusting off the imaginary dust off of her skirt as she sat primly on her chair. "We are advocates of the Celestial Constellations, followers to the mythical and legendary star gods that preceded the universe and the Earth. We live to be useful for the eventual return of the Twelve Celestials that are our Rulers and Masters of our births and aspects." 

Karkat processes it and comes to a conclusion.

"So you're a fucking cult." 

John gapes at him while Rose gives an inelegant snort. "On a technicality that would be correct." Rose says and John gapes at her in turn, she shrugs at John's look of indignance and disbelief. "What? You must admit John that our upbringing is no way normal compared to the average person's life, we worship mythical beings and swear or lives to them. We were raised in an environment perfect for indoctrinating us into the beliefs of our clans and know the mythos of unknown beings that any normal human would write off as a myth or untrue. However, compared to other cults and such, ours is both better and yet worse." She points out. 

John looks uncomfortable, "Well, if you put it that way- then yeah I guess we could be a cult. But I think the official term is like, 'The Consortium of Constellations'?" He says to Karkat as he grins sheepishly. 

Karkat looks at both of them in disbelief, he hadn't expected them to accept his accusation of them being a cult so readily and easily. "... What the fuck is even my life anymore..." He mutters to himself before shaking his head and glaring at them, "Okay, so you're a cult, fanfuckingtastic- not. But what do you mean 'what I would want from you'? What in the hell would I want from you?" He asks warily, almost afraid to ask that question since it could range into anything. 

"A number of things." Rose started, smiling at him gently and he twitches, he doesn't trust that smile one bit. "As I said before, we are advocates, followers- servants if you'd like. We were raised on your mythos, your legacy that exceeded towards this new universe. As you are the reincarnation of Lord Cancer himself, we have a duty bound to you. What you ask is what you will get from us." She stands, John is quick to follow her and together they kneel which mortifies Karkat to a degree that he never thought possible.

"And though we are not of your aspect or born underneath your starry sky, we still vow to serve you." Rose murmured, a strange inflection to her voice that resonates in Karkat- Cancer is suspiciously quiet. "As a student of Scorpio and the child of Sagittarius, I give my loyalty to Lord Cancer." Karkat's breath hitched as he felt something itch in his chest, the itch turned warm and unknown to him, his eyes glowed bright sparkling red. Rose gasps softly at the tether she felt formed tentatively from her words.

"As a student of Taurus and the child of Aries, I give my loyalty to Lord Cancer." John followed, gasping along with Rose as he felt the tether as well, Karkat gripped his sheets as his chest felt undeniably warm- Cancer whispered in the back of his mind but Karkat wasn't paying attention to him. No, he was paying attention to the feeling of warmth- it felt nice.

It terrified him like no other.

"What did you do." He whispers, eyes wide but the sparkling red faded to his normal abnormal red eyes befitting an albino freak like himself. "What. Did. You. Do." He demanded lowly, staring them down as they stood up. 

What had to be done. Both Rose and Cancer thought, but Karkat only heard Cancer's words and mentally snarled at him. "We swore our loyalty to you." Is what Rose says to him aloud.

"Yeah, we're like- your new best friends I guess but also your loyal servants." John chirped, grinning obliviously to the starting tension of the room. 

"Get out."

"Huh?" John blinked as Karkat looked down to his sheets and hands, "Uh-" 

"I said get out.

Rose laid a hand on John's shoulder and nodded her head, "As you wish." She said, ushering John towards the door. "We've told the teachers that you were in the infirmary due to some health issues- nothing too serious but you've been excused for a couple of classes. Your guardian hasn't been noted however." She informs him from the doorway. "I suspect that this is a lot for you, Karkat Vantas and that you loathe your situation however know that John and I are there for you now and will answer any question you may have to our best abilities. I've already added our handles into your pesterchum so please, feel free to pester either one of us if you feel like it." She tells him and gives him one last smile before closing the door.

Karkat stays silent, flopping back down on the bed as he stared up at the ceiling- glaring at it actually as he tried to keep his breathing calm and steady. 


He hated his life.

So, so much.

"Rose! What was that all about?!" John asked as they left the school's infirmary. Leaving Lord Cancer- er, Karkat alone. "Should we really leave him alone? Shouldn't we like, stand guard and stay by him?" He glanced back towards the door but Rose gains his attention and forces him to look away. "Is he even going to be okay? I found him in the bathroom vomiting blood! Uh, weird, sparkly, godly and floaty blood but still blood!" 

"He'll be fine. Today is a safe day as far as I can tell." Rose told him, dropping her smile and frowning as she thought over their encounter with the reincarnation of Lord Cancer. "That incident was because of how in denial and in pain he was in, John. His powers manifested along with memories of his past life as Lord Cancer, he hasn't trained them like we did with our powers from when we were children. His body is also incredibly weak, so the backlash of his powers is quite brutal on him." Worryingly so. But hopefully they could help them.

John bit his lip and sighed, "Alright... Damn." He winced, finding the reincarnated god-turned-teen in the bathroom hurling copious amounts of blood, sparkling and floating or not, had been more than a bit terrifying. "I hope he'll be okay... We're going to help him right? He seems so..." He trailed off, uncertain on how to finish that sentence as he and Rose walked through the hall. 

The albino teen they had encountered today had been interesting to say the least. Being the reincarnation of a celestial old god that almost no one remembered or heard of. The mythos of the Celestials were kept secret and guarded. They weren't as big as the Catholic Church but, they didn't have to be. 

"I know." Rose replied softly, before nodding, "We will help him. It's our duty to, and even then... I would like to think I'd still help him had we not been plucked into this." She said and John agreed with her. Even if they weren't raised by their families to serve The Twelve, even if Karkat hadn't been Cancer's mortal human reincarnation, he'd like to think that they'd become friends and they would still help him nonetheless. "We should report this to Dirk and Jake." 

John nodded, "I'll do it. You tell Dave we're joining class now?" He suggested as they each got their phones out.

"Alright. Better me I suppose."

-- ghostyTrickster [GT] began pestering timeausTestified [TT] at 2:45 PM --

GT: dirk!
GT: we found him!
GT: lord cancer's reincarnation is karkat vantas and he's around our age.
GT: i uh
GT: i found him vomiting blood in the bathroom after rose told me to go to the bathroom
GT: he's in the school's infirmary now resting
GT: also don't worry about the bathroom it's all clean
GT: the blood just kinda went down the drain and it was easy to clean the leftover blood
TT: Just hope that no one shines a black light in that bathroom.
TT: But incredible that you've managed to find Lord Cancer.
TT: What's his status?
TT: Is he alright?
GT: well he's
GT: going to be fine i guess
GT: rose said that he has a weak body
GT: which i guess makes sense since hes like albino
GT: the ones with completely white hair not like dave
GT: also rose is telling dave we're coming back to class
TT: Alright.
TT: I'll look up on Karkat Vantas and see what we can do.
TT: And tell Jake.
TT: And Bro, Mom and your uncle.
TT: Did you swear loyalty?
GT: sweet
GT: yeah me and rose swore loyalty it was so weird
GT: not the bad kind of weird 
GT: just weird
TT: I'd imagine, this is the third lord you've ever swore your loyalty to.
GT: yeah
GT: and this is lord cancer after all
GT: blood aspect and all that
GT: the exact opposite of breath 
TT: Indeed.
GT: i have to go
GT: time for rose and i to head back to class
GT: we were gone for a long time 
TT: Rose has that handled.
GT: i know but like
GT: dave would be wondering on what happened
TT: Again, Rose has that handled.
GT: siigh
GT: i know
GT: anyway, we'll talk more later?
GT: later dirk
TT: Later John.

-- ghostyTrickster [GT] ceased pestering timeausTestified [TT] at 2:49 PM --

-- tentacleTherapist [TT] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 2: 43 PM --

TT: I take it that class is going well?
TG: jesus fuck rose
TG: where the hell are you
TG: me and jade are dying here in class
TG: youve missed jades funeral
TG: youre a horrible sister and friend
TG: both you and john
TG: where is he btw
TT: Ah yes, I very am much a horrible sister and friend.
TT: Though I must admit I feel guilty for missing the funeral of one of my best friend.
TT: However shall I make up for it?
TT: Shall I make a scene at your funeral as well Dave?
TT: Wilt and sob like a forlorn lover?
TT: Granted I am your sister but I can act the part of a forlorn lover quite well.
TG: maybe
TG: okay the incest shenanigross things aside
TG: where the hell have you and john been
TG: class is almost over and johns still on the john?
TG: whats going on rose? whats taking so long in getting johns ass back here and off the john
TT: Clever.
TT: Selfcest shenanigross things aside, John and I are coming back to class.
TT: We should be there before it ends and apologize to the teacher.
TG: damn my sister and my best friend
TG: do i have to give him the shovel talk or like
TG: do something
TG: i thought you were lesbibabe
TT: Surprisingly no, you do not need the shovel talk. John is not my paramour, frankly I'd think it would be awkward to date him seeing as our parents are quite interested in each other.
TT: I would rather not follow my mother's footsteps on this and go after an Egbert.
TT: Since I am indeed, a lesbibabe as you eloquently put it.
TG: you can blame roxy for that
TT: You know I won't.
TG: fair
TG: so what took you so long?
TT: John found someone passed out in the bathroom apparently. 
TG: what
TG: oh shit
TG: what happened
TG: who was it
TG: did it include either alcohol or drugs
TT: Neither, it seemed that the poor boy has a weak body and the tendency to pass out should circumstances meet.
TT: When I excused myself to find John, I found him trying to drag him to the infirmary.
TT: Naturally I helped like the good Samaritan that I am.
TG: snrk
TT: Sh, anyway, we delivered him to the nurse who told us to stay with him for a bit.
TT: He's fine now by the way, his weak constitution aside.
TG: thats good
TG: who is he anyway
TT: Karkat Vantas.
TG: woah shit
TG: the albino kid
TT: You know of him?
TG: you dont?
TG: hes like
TG: the loner albino kid 
TG: dont really know him but i have like a few classes with him
TG: john too
TT: Right.
TT: Anyway, Karkat will be staying in the infirmary for now.
TT: John and I are returning to class. 
TT: We'll see you and Jade there.
TG: aight
TG: see you soon sis

-- turntechGodhead [TG] ceased pestering tentacleTherapist [TT] at 2:47 PM --

Karkat took in a deep breath, calm and steady.

It was easier to be calm and steady without those two strangers around- well, he knew their names now sure but he didn't exactly trust them for all that they knew about his apparent affliction of 'Old God' disease. But thankfully they didn't seem to know about his actual sickness or else that would've ended up on a messier and louder note. No one should know about that. 

When the nurse returns- apparently they had to leave for a bit to do something that Karkat didn't care about, they had him sit up and check over him. When asked about Rose and John, he just said they went back to class, he insisted they do which wasn't an entire lie- after he told them to get out of the infirmary he had hoped they had returned to whatever classes they should have right now. 

He was fine- even as the nurse insisted that he should stay in bed, he was very sure he was fine. 

Fuck the fact that earlier on he'd been wheezing and coughing up blood- that hadn't been his fault, it had been the fault of the ancient being in his head. Unfortunately he couldn't tell anyone that unless he wanted to be locked up in a straight jacket until his skin wrinkled or he died via cancer. Which was again, unfortunately fucking ironic. 

Stuck in bed for the meanwhile, Karkat just boredly messed around with his phone, reading online novels, watching some videos- whatever a teen did whenever they were bored. 

He was surprised though, when the door opened and a couple of unexpected visitors came through the door. 

Nepeta Leijon and Equius Zahhak. 

Nepeta wore a concerned frown on her face, a blue cat beanie on her head gifted to her by Equius. She wore a black shirt with an olive jacket over it, on her black shirt, was a cute kitten printed on the chest. On her wrists were a pair of blue and olive wristbands and a silver bracelet that had both the Sagittarius symbol along with the Leo symbol. She had grey jeans being held in place by a brown leather belt with a small lion belt buckle for pants and dark blue shoes with little light blue pawprints on it for footwear. She was looking at Equius in concern but was surprised to see Karkat in the bed.


Oh and here he thought Cancer had finally stayed silent.

Equius was equally surprised as well, his shades -usually cracked- were nowhere to be seen on his face, his nose was bleeding surprisingly and the twinge of concern that Karkat feels has him grimacing. Equius was a buff teen, he wore a simple dark blue shirt with the Sagittarius symbol stitched in black in the middle, and a small blue jacket that was currently tied around his waist. For pants, he wore dark blue jeans, so dark it almost seemed black and predictably had a horse belt buckle for the grey belt he wore. Simple black shoes were his preferred footwear. 


"Karkat!" Nepeta exclaimed, briefly overjoyed to see him but then looking concerned as she realized that Karkat was in the infirmary and in the bed for a reason. "Are you okay? What happened?" She asked as she and Equius walked over.

Karkat shrugged, "Just- fatigued or some shit. What the fuck happened to you?" He asked Equius instead, looking at his bleeding nose. 

Equius shuffled in place, "I was not paying attention and accidentally injured myself." He informed him with a grimace, both at his own nose and at the fact Karkat cursed- he was a stuck-up teen that didn't like cursing. Or 'crude' cursing at least. 

"Seriously?" Karkat was a bit skeptical but the agreeing nod from Nepeta. "Damn, well, it doesn't look that serious." Compared to how much blood he had hacked up, Equius' bleeding nose barely disturbed him. If anything, he wished all he had was a bleeding and probably broken nose as the reason why he was in this damn place but noo, he had worked himself up and the god in his head forced him to bleed weirdass sparkly blood instead.

At least that John and Rose had found him, despite being cultists or whatever, it was better if they had found him in the bathroom rather than a normal ass person. He didn't want to end up in the hospital again, or god forbid a lab because who the hell coughs up and produces sparkly blood? Him and old celestial beings apparently. It was bad enough that he cut himself to let out some of his blood a few times a week- he had a fucking jar of his blood underneath his bed for fuck's sake- but to completely cough up what seemed to be actual liters of his own unnatural blood? In the bathroom of his school?

Fuck, being the reincarnation of an old god connected to cancer and blood sucked. Ass.

"It does not feel broken, not completely anyway." Equius replied, tenderly touching his nose as Nepeta ushers him to sit down on a nearby stool. 

Karkat observed them from the bed, he didn't really have a problem with Equius or Nepeta. They were both somewhat okay with him, Equius less so for lots of reasons but mainly because he had rejected Nepeta's love confession a long time ago. Nepeta was sad about it but thankfully she stayed a tentative friend, it took a while but she got over her crush on him which Karkat was glad for. If they didn't hang out as often anymore, well, Karkat tried not to mind, it was expected after all.

Equius really hadn't liked the fact that Karkat rejected his best friend but was pacified by said best friend who didn't want her best friend and ex-crush to be at odds with each other because of her. As long as Karkat didn't do anything hurtful towards Nepeta then Equius was begrudgingly okay with him- Karkat couldn't help but feel the tiniest bit jealous though, of Nepeta for having such a protective and loyal best friend.

He thought he had that once, now, he was sure he didn't.

The Graveyard was eerily silent as always but he didn't let it get to him.

Dusty remnants of old, dead stars drifted about within the air as Aries lead him through the area.

Aries, tall and solemn even with her gentle smile on her face, curled horns on her head, turns back to speak with him with weighty rusty red eyes. "The graveyard is restless this night." She says quietly, her long, dark red dress that ended in small tatters that moved akin to a dying flame swishes as she faces him but keeps moving forward. Floating through the air with the use of her power. Her hair, tied in a loose bun and held by a thin red string and two dimly glowing rods of polished stone. On the chest of her buttoned up dress, right above her breast lies her symbol, and tied to her belt was a skull of a ram that glanced at him with two near-dying stars in its sockets. "Chaos is on the horizon, the graveyard will have new occupants. Far too many of them in fact." Aries usually would have been glad for the new occupants, but they both know that many of them would possibly be younglings that were cut down before they could have the chance to grow, or stars and beings that would die before their time. 

Cancer is solemn, looking over the area with sad eyes.

The Graveyard of Stars was eerily silent despite Aries' words but he trusts them nonetheless, if she says it is restless then the dead are sensing the conflict as well. 

"I can only hope for the best, for everyone." Cancer murmured to her as they wandered the Graveyard. Capricorn would've joined them but he was off on his own errands. With the news of something far more sinister than they could imagine, more black holes were being created and the poor man was doing his best to corral them safely and without casualties. "If the dead cannot become stars once more, then may they have peaceful lives as mortals." 

Aries smiles at him, brighter and less grim. "A wonderful idea that I agree with." She says softly. 

They share the rest of their wandering visit with silence, Aries listening to the whispers of the dead and softly reassuring them that it would be alright. Cancer could only hope that it would be true, and he would do his best to make it so.

"I can't stand this!" Cancer winces at the fierce and animalistic roar that came from Leo. 

The wild womanly constellation pacing restlessly on the grass of the gardens. Her ears, perched on her head and feline-inclined, swivel and twitch back in distaste, it matched the aggressive flicking of Leo's tail behind her as she paced. Leo, tribal marks on her face painted with the dead dusts of multiple stars to show off her tenacity and ferociousness, growls roughly, bright olive eyes slit dangerously as she paced on all fours. Her fingers, flexible, strong, clawed and deadly, nearly tear into the grass from her aggrieved pacing. Leo wore a green fur vest made by Virgo, her breasts held tightly against her chest in leather binding that matched her short leather pants that were dyed dark blue. She wore no boots, why would she when her feet were as dangerous as her hands? The gauze bandages wrapped around her ankles and feet were enough for her as footwear. On her collarbone, her symbol, etched into her skin, glowed brightly in sync with her aggravated emotions. 

"They dare attack my pride?! Attack him?!" Leo snarls, anger covering the worry that she felt for her dearest and closest friend. Cancer sympathized with her, but they couldn't afford to do anything else right now but wait. 

Cancer tries to calm her, "Leo, I know that you are angry and that you feel the need to act but right now, you must wait here for Sagittarius to be healed properly. It would be reckless of you to try and go off on your own." He points out, steadying himself at the dangerous aura that Leo exuded as she turned to him, a predatory and angered gaze that would cow a lesser being- but Cancer was not a lesser being. He was on the same rank as she was even though she triumphed over him in terms of raw strength and power. "You can save your anger and your rage later, when the time is right- for now, be there when Sagittarius comes out to see you. It shouldn't be long now."

Leo takes in a sharp intake of air, inhaling and exhaling, struggling to keep herself calm. Cancer's words helped. She needed to be here for Sagittarius. "Fine, but when the moment comes I will sever the head of the being responsible for all of this." She replies with a gruff growl, relaxing as Cancer smiles at her while nodding. He wasn't going to argue on her about that, in fact he might just try to help her if she would let him. Though that was doubtful since Leo mostly hunted alone, with the exception of Sagittarius of course, the two were close. Very close.

And speaking of Sagittarius.

The steady clip-clopping steps of an equine caused both of them to freeze then brighten as they saw Sagittarius trotting towards them on the stone garden path. 

Sagittarius equine body, his fur so dark blue it almost seemed black, was free of his own blood now. A bandage wrapped over the stomach of not only his equine body, but his human-like body as well. His long, black hair that was usually in a high and proper pony-tail, was now free and straight over his back and shoulders. His hunting belt was nowhere to be seen, probably left with Virgo along with his magnificent bow and quill of arrows. There was a small smile on his injured face as he approached them, indigo eyes thankfully sparkling with life unlike the terrible dullness of earlier on.

He certainly looked better now that he wasn't bleeding profusely and on the verge of collapse. 

"Sagittarius!" Leo called out, sounding less feral and so, so happy. Bounding over to her partner and friend while Cancer stayed where he was, smiling in relief as he watches the feared huntress excitedly circle the newly healed and still healing centaur. "You're alright! Thank the stars." She says, finally taking him into a hug- though she was careful with his still healing injuries. 

Sagittarius chuckled, "We should thank Virgo and Gemini instead. They've dealt with my more major wounds and I thank them for that." He says sincerely as he wraps his strong arms around her, returning the hug gently. He sees Cancer and lets go of Leo, "Cancer." He greets his fellow constellation with a respectful nod that Cancer returns. Cancer finally leaves his spot and approaches him.

"Sagittarius, it's a relief to see you up and well. You've given everyone quite the scare when you suddenly trotted through bleeding and hurt." Cancer replies, looking grim as he remembered the shock and the concerned fear when the centaur appeared, running through the gates of the palace and into the throne room in a mindless fray before collapsing on the spot, royal indigo blood spilling from his injuries. Leo had immediately returned to the castle when she caught wind on how he was hurt. 

Sagittarius grimaces while Leo growls, "Yes, my apologies for that. I did not intend for that, but I had to reach the castle as soon as I could. I willingly ran through the void to get from the edge of eternity to the palace... I have news of our enemy." Both Cancer and Leo straighten as Sagittarius blanks his face into a serious grim that sends a dreaded sensation through their bodies.

"It's best if we talk with the others, I did not only come to you to reassure you I was fine, but to fetch you for the meeting." Sagittarius informs them both softly, turning around towards the castle, "Come. The others are waiting." 

With a heavy heart in his throat, an anticipating sense of dread in his stomach and a grim mentality on his mind. Cancer followed after Sagittarius and Leo.

Karkat inhaled sharply as he woke up- too sharply, he immediately starts coughing. 

"Oh geez Karkat, are you okay?" 

Karkat tries to stop coughing, nodding his head and waving off the concern on his person. "I-I'm-" He clears his throat, successfully resisting a cough. "I'm fine." He croaks, frowning at Kasper who gave him a concerned look. "Really, I'm fine." He insisted from where he sat at the front seat. 

"Why don't you drink some water kiddo? Come on, it'll be good for your throat." Kasper said, motioning to the water bottle tucked in the cup holder of the car. 

For a moment, Karkat was surprised at the fact they were in the car only to remember that the nurse had finally called his guardian and adoptive father to school and that they were driving home. He managed to get out early. 

Of course though, the moment Karkat buckled down, he had drifted off to sleep and experienced another set of Cancer's memories. Great. At least it didn't end with him waking up screaming bloody murder.

"Are you sure you're fine Karkat? You passed out again during the ride- we're almost home by the way." Kasper tells him as they drove through their neighborhood, the adult giving him more concerned glances. 

Karkat huffed, "Yes, really I'm fine- just really fucking tired okay."

"Language." Kasper chided with a small smile.

Kasper wasn't his or Kankri's real father, he wasn't albino like them but he was ginger. He had bright red hair and watery blue eyes, he wasn't as pale as the typical ginger but he definitely had freckles on his face. They weren't as noticeable as an adult but Karkat has seen the pictures of him when he was younger and boy, was he a freckly kid.

"Anything happen today Karkat? Aside from uh, you passing out? We should really do something about your sleep schedule, or maybe have a doctor prescribe some sleeping medicine for you or something? Passing out in the bathroom, you should've said something on how tired you were Karkat!" Kasper huffed as they pulled into the driveway of their house. 

Karkat grumbled, unbuckling his seat belt and getting out of the car. "I wasn't tired during the morning okay? And no, we don't need a doctor to prescribe me any more pills- I'm fine dad." He insisted stubbornly, he really didn't want to see a doctor any time soon. Somewhat afraid that they'd figure out he had cancer and he wouldn't be able to do anything about it if they were born underneath another star rather than the stupid ones that made up Cancer. He still has no idea how the fuck that works but it worked in his favor the first time. He couldn't exactly count on it working again.

Kasper sighed but merely nudged him into the house. "If you say so Karkat, but if we're going to do something about your sleep schedule- you're going to sleep at eight tonight you got that mister?"

The albino teen whined, 8? But that was so early! 

Dammit... He was tempted to try out that controlling trick he could apparently do but... He didn't want to do that to his adoptive dad. He was just trying to look out for him after all. 

He didn't deserve him.

-- timeausTestified [TT] began pestering carcinoGeneticist [CG] at 7:35 PM --

TT: This Karkat Vantas?
CG: Who the fuck is this.
TT: Just another follower of the constellation Lord Cancer.
CG: Oh fucking hell not you guys again.

Fuck his life.