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Take me for a joke when I say it (I'm in love with a stripper)

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Katsuki didn't know what he did to deserve this collection of absolute exemplary idiot specimen calling themselves his group of friends. As he found himself at one of their apartments, trying to disappear into the cushions of one plush armchair in a particularly offending shade of mustard yellow, cradling a beer in one hand, he couldn't help but wonder why on earth he was spending his precious Sunday evening like this, when he could be at home, getting in a good post-work training session, a hot shower and afterwards disappear under his covers with a good book (his friends didn't know that he liked to read in his free time and he would be damned if he ever let these idiots find out because reading was for nerds and he had a reputation to uphold).

But there was no helping it; he knew very well that if he hadn't shown up on his own free will, these fuckwits would have just shown up at his apartment and dragged him here, whether he wanted or not. Because tonight was not just any old evening, no – it was the week before Kaminari's wedding (how that blubbering idiot had ever managed to get a woman as good as Jirou to agree to marry his ass was beyond Katsuki) and of course that meant that his meddling group of friends would insist to throw him a bachelor party. Kaminari was over the moon when he first caught wind of it (it was supposed be be a surprise, but of course Kirishima that idiot couldn't keep his big shark mouth shut) because according to him, bachelor parties were the best thing about weddings (right after he said it he made them swear to not tell Jirou he had said that, and his look of genuine terror was one that still made Katsuki chuckle to this day. Their old high school friend really did have an iron grip over this troublemaker idiot...maybe they complimented each other pretty well after all).

Despite the excited blond’s swooning about the absolute blast that they were going to have at his bachelor party (“we can go all out: booze, weed, strippers, music, name it! Kyoka basically gave me the all clear to fuck shit up for reaaaaaalll!”) the party was relatively tame so far. Their small group of friends consisting of Sero (soy sauce, as Katsuki liked to call him), Kirishima (hair-for-brains, for obvious reasons), Kaminari (also known as Pikachu ever since he got that weird black streak in his blond hair), Ashido (aka raccoon eyes, in reference to the ridiculous amount of makeup the chipper, pink-haired girl liked to wear) and Katsuki were currently all huddled in Kirishima's small apartment, some generic EDM playing in the background, sipping on their beers and playing a round of poker using potato chips and gummy worms as tokens.

If Katsuki hadn't caught a glimpse of all the liquor and other mysterious stuff Ashido had secretly stashed away in Kirishima's bedroom, undoubtedly part of some surprise that she kept hidden from them lest the red-head let something slip and ruin the surprise again , he would have been convinced this night was going to go down in history as the lamest bachelor party of all time. As such, he just kept drinking his beer quietly while shooting the only female of their so called baku-squad (Katsuki hated that name but unfortunately it had stuck around ever since their high school days) suspicious glances between sips. To his irritation, the pinkette seemed to ignore him completely, instead opting to try and make a competition out of who was able to dig up the most embarrassing stories about Kaminari, making the bleached blond flush like a tomato and wail pitifully into his beer; although the stealthy glances the female sneaked at her phone every couple of minutes didn't slip past Katsuki's watchful eyes.


“-and...and!!! Remember that one time when he was thirsting after Jirou so much that he even teamed up with Mineta of all people to spy on the girls in their swimming suits??” Kaminari shot a wheezing Sero a look that could only be interpreted as 'die scum' paired with a glower that could rival Katsuki's own, but the only response he received in return was more howling laughter. Ashido was laughing so hard tears were starting to form in the corners of her eyes, and Kirishima had to put a steadying hand around her waist as she was swaying back and forth, waving the beer in her hand in front of Kaminari's eyes and almost making it spill all over the table and the temporarily abandoned cards.


“Kyoka thought you were such a creep after that!” she grinned, downing the last of her beer in one gigantic gulp that had Kirishima's hand hover carefully over her back in preparation to pat it in case she choked on it. Luckily, she didn't and emerged with a burp so loud it was sure to shake walls. Katsuki wrinkled his nose in disgust, but Ashido simply droned on, her mood seemingly rising with every passing second. “I remember her telling me that, with an almost regretful expression on her face. Like she was saying 'ugh why do the cute ones always gotta be creeps?'”

Upon hearing that, the sullen form of Kaminari seemed to perk up a little “She thought I was cute back then?”

“Well...”Ashido slurred, thoughtfully “She didn't exactly say it....” Seeing the drunk blond's hopeful look turn into a disappointed frown at her words, she backpedaled quickly though. “But you could tell that was what she felt! After all, why else would she have given you a chance after that....pfftt.... disaster of a prom-posal....”
The mere mention of the incident had the whole squad dissolve into a fit of giggles totally unfit for a group of adults their age, but they couldn't help it. It had just been so funny ...


“Guuysssss!!!” Kaminari whined pitifully, waving his arms about dramatically and sloshing beer everywhere. Whatever, it was Kirishima's carpet anyway. “You promised you wouldn't mention that again!!! I swear to god , if any of you guys mention even one word of it at the wedding reception then I'm gonna...I'm gonna..-!”

Katsuki grinned at his friend's drunken outburst. The alcohol had done a good job to make his stress melt away and a warm feeling was slowly spreading in his gut, his head feeling pleasantly fuzzy. Like hell he would admit it to any of these idiots, but he was starting to enjoy himself. The few nagging thoughts that made cold anxiety spike in his heart he had felt the last couple of weeks every time he thought about Kaminari's wedding – they were the same age, yet he was the only one who didn't have his life together, who was still single in his late 20's.... - just for tonight, they were completely forgotten. It was unusual for him to even think something like that in the first place...he was Bakugo god-damn Katsuki, he didn't feel lonely or wish for the domestic comfort of a relationship. Anonymous fucks to satisfy his urges were more than enough for him...although speaking of, he hadn't had one of those in a long time either. It wasn't his fault that his job as a firefighter consumed almost 99% of his free time. And if he wasn't working, he was usually hitting the gym with Kirishima. And well – bless the enthusiastic redhead's heart, really – it was hard to pick up hotties at the gym when Kirishima was hanging off his back all the time, cheering him on in his own good natured, goofy way, or challenging him to some kind of friendly (or in Katsuki's case, not-so friendly) competition. They probably all thought the two of them were fucking. Which, no offense to Kirishima, he was a good looking dude and all, but....just no. Katsuki shivered at the mere thought of him and the shark toothed boy being involved this way. The other man was almost like a brother to him, ever since the redhead had zeroed in on his grumpy, foul-tempered teenage self and decided yup, they were gonna be friends (whether Katsuki wanted that or not).

At the time Katsuki had been annoyed at how persistently the other had clung to him that time, never giving up on their friendship no matter how much Katsuki swore and shouted at him or how many doors he slammed in the face of the personified puppy of a redhead. Now Katsuki was thankful that the other had stuck around during his rather...difficult phase. Which, admittedly, he still quite hadn't quite grown out of – but he was working on his anger issues now by visiting a therapist twice a month, even if it was at the orders of his superior. Due to Kirishima's sunny and magnetic personality, soon a few other brave souls who weren't afraid of the fire and insults Katsuki was spitting on the daily, joined them, and they became a rather tight-knit group of friends. Katsuki would probably kill for each and every one of them (but if you asked him this to his face he would deny it with fervor).

So when he first heard that Kaminari had managed to somehow convince his high school crush and longtime girlfriend to finally marry him, he was happy for the guy. He really was. But despite himself, he couldn't help the little voice in the back of his head, that always seemed to pop up at the most inconvenient of times, especially when Katsuki was feeling happy and content with himself for a change, to come and remind him of all the things he didn't have. A significant other was pretty high on that list. But Katsuki didn't need that. He wasn't some overly emotional sap-sack, who cried about not having someone to cuddle, or cook for, or adopt a dog with or two. No, what Katsuki needed was not some (urghh) boyfriend . What Katsuki needed was a good fuck. Some hot piece of ass that he could pound into tomorrow. But that was easier said than done when you had as little of a social life as Katsuki did. He sure as hell wasn't going to meet some guy at work ; although that Icy-Hot fucker had told him that just last month they had been dispatched to extinguish a small fire at some fucker's apartment, and according to Todoroki, that absolute smug, emotionless looking dickhead , the neighbor (who had called the fire department when he had noticed the burnt smell, probably saving the other guy's life with his quick thinking) had been a short cutie with killer abs and as such, totally your type, isn't it Bakugo? What a shame you weren't there...should I have given him your number? Katsuki could feel hot irritation spike up in his guts at the memory of his annoying coworker, but he had to begrudgingly admit that short cuties with killer abs were , in fact, his type.


And as he had already clarified, finding someone at the gym was out of the question as well, not with the way Kirishima was always hovering around him like a satellite with shitty hair. He could ask the redhead if he would consider leaving Katsuki alone for their next workout session, but he just knew Kirishima would figure out the reason why, and he really didn't want to submit himself to all that teasing that would surely ensue. His friends were already much too involved in his personal life as is. He didn't need them to try and set him up too, thank you very much.


Speaking of his friends...the lot of them were currently passing a blunt between them and arguing what did and did not count as a royal flush.


“You can't just use a uno card as an ace! That's not fair!” Kirishima whined, trying to snatch the cards out of a dumbly grinning Kaminari's hand, while simultaneously using his other hand to try and stop him from pulling the pot toward himself (which currently consisted of a gigantic pile of chips, several gummies, a couple of mints, Sero's watch and some dry crackers.)  Not exactly the best kind of Jackpot, but Kaminari seemed eager to claim it as his anyway, ignoring Kirishima's whining with a stuck out tongue and a proclamation of:

“I am the groom! I can do what I want!”


“The groom -to-be ” Ashido interjected with a drawn out drag of the blunt, letting the smoke lazily wisp out the side of her mouth as she leaned over the table and nabbed a couple of gummy worms from Kaminari's treasure pile, ignoring the drunk blond’s indignant squeaks of protest. “Don't forget: one word from me and Kyoka will drop your ass like a hot potato!”
The words lost a lot of their bite as they were followed up by a fit of childish giggles, which the others soon joined in on; all except for Kaminari who looked as if the pinkette had just threatened to cut off his balls.


“You wouldn't...” he mumbled, but begrudgingly put the pile of snacks back into the middle of the table, so the game could continue (this time fairly). Ashido just grinned mischievously in return. “Don't test me~” she chirped menacingly, but the twinkle in her eyes gave away her bluff. Everyone knew that she had cried the most when Jirou and Kaminari had finally announced their wedding, and doubly as much again after Jirou had shyly asked the pinkette to become her bridesmaid. Ashido was probably looking forward to the wedding more than the happy couple themselves.

Which was probably why she had put such importance on Kaminari's bachelor party being the best thing ever .The guys had first expected her to be at Jirou's bachelorette party instead, but as Ashido had explained, the other girls had some rather tame activities planned for the bachelorette party - a spa trip followed by a sleepover party - and Ashido had meekly admitted to them that this wasn't quite her speed. Which was probably to be expected, since she did spend most of her high school time with the bakusquad   instead of with Jirou's clique. That didn't make the two of them any less of good friends, but Jirou understood that Ashido would probably feel a little awkward tagging along with them. Besides, Ashido much preferred to get drunk off her ass and wake up in random places instead of getting face masks and foot massages and they could respect that. And being the self proclaimed leader of their bakusquad, it was only natural that she would spend the evening with them.

Ashido had actually been the most upset when Kirishima had accidentally spilled the beans about their surprise party to Kaminari, but had recovered surprisingly quick, and since then hadn't told the others a single word about her plans for the evening. Despite himself, Katsuki actually found himself getting curious about what the pinkette had planned. Momentarily leaving his comfortable spot in the armchair to pluck the joint out of Sero's fingers to take a hit himself, he chanced another curious glance at Ashido, who had gotten her phone out again, presumably checking the time again. As Katsuki plopped back into his seat, propping his feet up on the table (“Hey Baku-bro our food is on that table! Get your stinky feet off!” “Shut up, shitty hair!”) he wondered if whatever Ashido had planned wasn't going as she suspected, because she seemed to be getting more restless by the minute. Whatever it was, Katsuki hoped they would soon get to tear into the booze the scheming pinkette had stacked away in Kirishima's bedroom secretly. He could really go for something harder than the shitty beer that they had here in the living room.

He just wanted to unwind after a stressful week at work and for one evening forget his worries and let himself feel like a stupid teenager again. It really had been ages since they got to hang out like this, smoking, drinking and bickering like they were still in high school. Nowadays, whenever they met up, the conversation always seemed to orbit around work. And if it wasn't work, it was stupid lovesick idiots gushing about their significant others. Katsuki frowned at the thought. He didn't want to seem bitter, but he just couldn't help but feel out of his depth at these kinds of conversations. He felt like he was the only one who hadn't grown one bit since graduating. Sure, he had a stable job (as dangerous as it was), but he didn't manage to make a single new friend outside of his old high school squad. No relationships either, just hookups. No ambitions for promotions, no plans to have kids or buy a house. He had nothing to contribute to these talks at this point in his life, and it shouldn't upset him the way it did, because he was happy with his life, damn it. He just didn't like feeling left out.


Katsuki was luckily ripped out of his quickly deteriorating spiral of thoughts by a loud knock on the door. Who the hell could it be, at this kind of hour? And who the hell would knock , of all things? All of Kirishima's friends knew that the doorbell to the redhead's apartment had been broken for weeks (and Kirishima's shitty landlord had apparently no intentions of having it fixed any time soon), so they usually called his cell when they were at the door and wanted to be let in. So it had to be a stranger. Belatedly, Katsuki realized that throughout the course of the evening, their chatter had gotten increasingly loud, and in the midst of it, one of them must have cranked up the volume of the music to go along with it. A bad premonition started taking hold in Katsuki's gut, and he had half the mind to quickly snub out the blunt and throw it into one of the several scattered plastic cups.

While Katsuki had his internal panic attack, an unsuspecting Kirishima had gotten up from the couch and ambled over to the door, a dumb drunken grin plastered on his face.


“Did any of you guys order pizza? Cause I could really go for some”


The redhead's laughter died on his lips as he opened the door in a wide motion to reveal a short, uniformed stranger. He wasn't wearing a Domino's uniform, though.


“Good evening, gentlemen” said the police officer, pushing up the police hat he wore on his head of wild, green curls to reveal a young looking, freckled face. The officer's expression was serious, but not unkind. Still, the air in the room turned possibly frigid as the law enforcement worker entered the apartment, carefully stepping around a shell-shocked Kirishima. Sero quickly clambered over the couch to shut off the blaring music that still had been playing, and the silence that was left in its wake was turning the mood even heavier.


Suddenly finding himself with five pairs of eyes staring intently into him, the police officer seemed to get slightly flustered, a soft flush appearing on his freckled cheeks, as he averted his eyes and coughed awkwardly.


“Uhm. Sorry to disturb your evening like this” the policeman started, and his words seemed genuine enough. How someone as awkward and soft-spoken as him ever made it into the police force was beyond Katsuki. “I have received a noise complaint from one of your neighbors” he continued gently, and Kirishima groaned in response, while the other four of them averted their eyes guiltily. Kirishima was already on thin ice with his neighbors. One more incident and his landlord was sure to throw him out. Fuck.


As Kirishima was tripping over his words to rush out apologies, the police officer took a look around the room, his forest green eyes landing briefly on their poker cards, before scanning all of their faces thoroughly. His cute little button nose (- wait what the fuck Katsuki where did that come from- ) wrinkled slightly as the smell of weed must have hit him. Shit. They were fucked. The officer opened his mouth to speak, but before he could get a word out, he was interrupted by a loud squeal.


“Wooo, finally!! Come on, Mr. Policeman, show us the goods!” Ashido shouted excitedly, raising her beer over her head in a mock toast, before magically procuring a few crumpled dollar bills from her cleavage and throwing them at the stranger. If the atmosphere was tense before, it was nothing compared to the shocked silence following the pinkette's outburst. Katsuki half registered the flustered look flashing over the short, curly-haired male's face and how the accompanying blush put his adorable freckles into even more of a contrast ( okay brain we really need to stop this is NOT the right time ). He partially registered Kirishima frantically tugging Ashido back down onto the couch, hissing into her ear “What the flying fuck are you doing?? Do you want us to be thrown in jail?!”


Despite the redhead's best attempts at a whisper, his words rang very clearly through the deadly silent room, and as if a floodgate had been opened, Kaminari broke out in tears, wailing like a little child, the alcohol slurring his speech slightly and making him sound even more pathetic.


“NoooOOooo..!! I can't go to jail before my wedding! Kyoka-chan will kill me!! Please....I am too pretty for prison!” with those words the sobbing blond threw himself at the officer's feet, who didn't quite seem like he knew how to react to the chaos unfolding in front of him.


Kaminari was clinging to the policeman's pant leg, getting the dark fabric wet with his tears and snot ( ugh, gross ), while Kirishima and Ashido kept arguing in hushed whispers, although their voices seemed to get increasingly agitated by the second.


“-hired him, Kiri you idiot! He is not a real policeman!” Katsuki managed to catch. Kirishima didn't seem dissuaded by her words though, hissing back frantically. “Well, he sure looks like a real one! What if your friend gave you a wrong number? You said yourself he should have been here already! And you never specified that what he should come dressed as! And you know how much my neighbors hate me! I'm telling you -  this is the real deal ! And we are fucking screwed!”


The overheard conversation did nothing to settle the anxiety starting to bubble up in Katsuki's gut. A noise complaint was one thing, but if the officer smelled the weed and decided to have them take a drug test...let's just say this was not how Katsuki envisioned his first free evening in ages going down. Would he get in trouble with chief Yagi for this? It certainly wouldn't look good on his record...

Oh god why didn't he just stay at home?! Hanging out with these idiots brought nothing but trouble.

As if he read Katsuki's thoughts and decided to prove him right, Sero had taken it upon himself to talk to the officer in an attempt to dissolve the situation. Too bad his approach for doing so was...less than ideal.


“What do you say officer we solve this situation like adults? I have a couple of Franklins with your name on them. I am sure we have nothing more than a misunderstanding on our hands...” To put emphasis on his words, Sero the absolute brick-head decided to wiggle his eyebrows conspiratorially, and it was the straw that finally broke the camel's back for Katsuki. He couldn't help the roar escaping his throat as he jumped from his seat in the armchair, ready to strangle all of these idiots.


“ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE, SOY-FUCKER?? HAVE YOUR LAST BRAIN CELLS FINALLY ABANDONED YOU??” he all but screeched, feeling slightly guilty for the way the friendly police man seemed to shrink into himself in shock at the volume of his voice, as if he was the one getting yelled at.


Sero seemed unimpressed though, fixing Katsuki with a disapproving frown, the kind you gave your toddler if he decided to throw yet another tantrum at the mall. Katsuki had to take a few deep breaths to not throw furniture around, and he could feel the vein on his forehead pulsing in time with his raging heart. In, and out. In, and out. Calm down. Don't get assault thrown onto your pile of charges as well, Katsuki.


“What gives, Bakugo? I had this down” the dark-haired idiot had the audacity to reply, and Katsuki crushed the beer can in his hand into a wrangled piece of metal as a substitute for wrapping his hands around that soy bitch's throat and throttling the living daylight out of him. As satisfying as it would be at this point.


“You want to go to jail for bribing a law enforcement officer, you absolute fuck-wit? Hah?” he hissed instead, lip curling back in a snarl. This evening was officially, truly fucked now. Katsuki should have seen it coming. If it didn't end in absolute chaos, did the bakusquad even truly hang out?

Amid all the panic and shouting (and Kaminari's pathetic wailing), the policeman looked like a lost puppy, raising his hands in a calming manner and trying to say something, but his words got lost to the ruckus. Nobody seemed to be paying attention to him anymore, as they were all screaming at one another, shouting accusations and (in Katsuki's case) hurling insults. After a few more futile attempts at calming the panicking group of friends down, the officer seemed to heave a weary sigh, before taking out his phone and looking something up briefly. Putting the device back into his pocket, the man turned on his heel and headed straight for Kirishima's bedroom, like he was on a mission. If Katsuki hadn't been busy smothering Sero into the couch cushions and warding off a snotty, crying Kaminari with his other hand, he might have noticed the policeman disappearing into the room for a moment, before emerging with a liquor bottle under his arm, a couple of shot glasses, and pulling black box on wheels behind him that looked suspiciously like a light machine. Before Katsuki's distracted brain could process what was going on, the policeman had connected the device and switched it on. The noise in the room only came to a halt though when the officer killed the lights, plunging them all into darkness, before the light machine clicked to life with a quiet beep and engulfed the room in a low, sensual magenta light.

The group of friends, currently in a tangle of limbs on the couch, froze in their tracks, fingers still wrapped around handfuls of hair they were about to pull and heads still trapped in arm locks. They could do nothing but stare with their jaws agape as the police officer – was he though? - calmly cleared the table from the remnants of their poker game, before putting down the shot glasses one by one before them, pouring them all a shot before taking a hearty swig from the bottle himself.


“I don't get paid enough for this” Katsuki caught him muttering to himself, and before Katsuki knew what hit him, the good-looking stranger in a  police uniform was on the table, and a song with a low, sultry beat was playing in the background. The blond couldn't even remember when the other had the time to switch the music back on, but who could blame his brain for drawing an absolutely useless blank when presented with the sight before him: the stranger – definitely not a police officer – was moving his body sensually to the music, narrow hips swaying sensually to the beat and making Katsuki swallow hard. How had his throat gotten so dry again. And what the fuck was happening ?


He must have uttered the last part aloud, because now Ashido was letting out a series of melodious giggles, her previously anxious mood completely replaced with absolutely giddy excitement.


“This , my dear my surprise for Denki's bachelor party. Guys – meet 'Deku'. He's the stripper I hired.


The man currently dancing sinfully on the table gave them a shy smile at the introduction, and Katsuki thought that it had absolutely no right to look as hot as it did to look so angelic while moving like a downright succubus.


The group on the couch had managed to disentangle themselves in the meanwhile, and even Kaminari had stopped crying in favor of looking at the stripper – who was currently running his rough hands sensually down the front of his hard, toned body - with wide eyes, before directing his flabbergasted gape at Ashido, then back at the stripper.


“You hired a- you...he...not a policeman? I..-what?” was that he managed to get out, but the pinkette seemed to get the gist of it, judging by the mischievous snicker she replied with.


“He's not a policeman. Don't worry, you won't land in jail before your wedding. Trust me guys, I know what I am doing when throwing a party!” she grinned like a Cheshire cat. Katsuki would have fixed her with a glare if he wasn't so busy ogling the absolutely criminal  way the curly-haired stripper was thrusting his hips in time with the beat.


“Couldn't you at least have gotten a chick?” he faintly heard Sero complain in the background.


Ashido just scoffed dismissively in response, before beckoning the stripper closer, who slowly and sensually let himself sink to his knees, before crawling towards the pinkette on all fours, allowing the woman to stuff a couple of bills down the front of his shirt (which was almost halfway unbuttoned at this point and allowed Katsuki a peek at the hard planes and defined valleys of the man's pecs.) Fuck. Katsuki had to swallow again, but there was no saliva left in his mouth, so he mindlessly grabbed a shot glass off the table and downed it in one go, thankful for the way the hard liquor burned in his throat, momentarily distracting him from the burning in his gut and nether regions. The stripper – Deku , Katsuki's brain provided helpfully – shot Ashido a devastating smirk when the female was done, before sitting back up on his haunches and rolling his hips sinfully with a bite of his lower lip.


“Kyoka-chan would have killed me if I had gotten a girl stripper” she sang in reply, now taking her shot glass off the table as well and taking a surprisingly dainty sip of it. “Besides...” she drawled conspiratorially, her eyes seeking out Katsuki's and the blond had half the mind to rip his entrapped gaze from the way the stripper was moving his body to glare down into his empty glass, a dark flush creeping across his face at being caught ogling the man so openly.


“I don't think I am the only one enjoying myself right now” the pinkette chirped, ignoring the positively scathing glare Katsuki shot her way in favor of downing her shot and pouring them all a new round. Her comment reaped a few sly chuckles from the rest of the group and Katsuki knew he was the center of attention now.

He didn't pay the smug looks thrown his way any mind though because the green haired stranger was currently undoing more buttons of his sinfully fitted dark uniform shirt, and every movement of the man's deft fingers exposed more milky white skin to Katsuki's hungry, hungry gaze. It really had been way too long since his last lay. He was being so obviously thirsty for the man in front of him, it was downright pathetic, and Katsuki knew his dumb ass friends took great pleasure in seeing him suffer like that. But it was hard to stay mad with the way the dark navy fabric of the strippers shirt was slowly sliding off his shoulders now, exposing even more delectable, freckled flesh and Katsuki wanted to bite  into it so bad.


“Baku-bro, did you hear what Mina said?”

Kirishima's smug voice ripped the blond out of his increasingly inappropriate thoughts, and it took him all of his willpower to unglue his searing eyes from the way the male stripper's chest rose and fell with his sultry body rolls to instead pin the idiot redhead with a glower.


“What is it, hair-for-brains?” he growled, but he knew the impact was softened by the trapped, flustered expression taking hold of his features at being caught staring so thirstily.


“I was just asking if you are enjoying the show, Ka-tsu-ki-kun ~?” the pinkette all but purred. The angry blond was so ready to empty the remnants of his second shot over her stupid pink perm for looking at him that self-satisfied. Besides, she never used his first name usually; something told Katsuki it was all for the curly-haired male writhing sexily on their table, and his suspicions were confirmed when he felt dark forest green eyes bore into him curiously. The stripper Deku never stopped his strip tease, but he seemed to be awaiting Katsuki's answer almost as anxiously as the rest of his idiot friends.


“Shut up, raccoon eyes...” he murmured with no real heat behind the words, quickly knocking the rest of his shot back. Instead of pouring himself another one, he opted to simply go for the bottle. Katsuki only realized what a mistake that was when he had leaned forward to grab the bottle off the table and suddenly found himself with a face full of toned, naked man-chest. The blond froze in his tracks, liquor bottle in hand, and in what felt like slow motion, let his eyes climb up the expanse of exposed skin; crimson eyes trailing from the strippers pecs over his protruding collar bones and up the elegant column of the man's neck, bared delectably in a way that seemed to practically beg for Katsuki to run his tongue over it. His eyes finally reached the dark haired male's sharp jawline and skimmed over plush, pink lips, before continuing their journey along a freckled nose and finally getting absolutely lost in the dark pools of emerald that were the man's captivating eyes.

Shit. Katsuki was pretty sure his heart skipped a beat when their gazes finally met, and there was a pleasant heat coiling deep in his stomach at the way Deku locked eyes with him, pupils blown wide with the excitement of being the center of attention, before giving Katsuki a small, almost shy smile that shot directly to the blond's dick. Fuck, fuck, fuck. No one had the right to look even nearly as fuckable as this stranger did. And of course he had to be a stripper that one of his idiot friends hired for a party. He was sure, if he had met this alluring stranger under normal circumstances, he would have done anything to get into that man's pants. But that was just the same shitty luck Katsuki had always had. It would be weird as fuck to hit on this man and ask for his number after he just took his clothes off in front of them for money. Besides, it was literally the job of a stripper to pretend they were into their customers. Katsuki didn't think he could stand the humiliation of having this handsome stranger getting his hopes up all night, only to be gently rejected at the end of the night like some pathetic, disillusioned idiot.

Despite being aware of all that, Katsuki couldn't stop his heart from positively leaping all the way into his throat when the stripper slowly rose to his feet again – but not without gently depositing his discarded dress shirt into Katsuki's lap first with a coy smile (Katsuki just barely stopped himself from lifting the dark fabric to his face and taking a deep whiff of it) – and gave all of them a wide grin that made his cute little button nose crinkle cutely. That had to be illegal..being the incarnation of sin one second, and being that devastatingly cute in the next.


Katsuki swore under his breath when the stripper undid some hidden Velcro lining at the side of his dress pants, only to rip them away in a fluid, dramatic motion to uncover mouthwatering revealing booty shorts underneath. “I do hope you are enjoying my show, Katsuki-kun ” the little minx had the audacity to grin, before turning on his heels and bending over - holy fuck...!
If the way Katsuki's given name pearled sweetly from the stranger's tongue didn't steal his breath away, this surely did the trick. Now being dressed in nothing more than black combat boots, a police hat and a pair of sinfully skin-tight shorts, little was left to Katsuki's imagination when the stripper bend over on their table, nimble fingers running along his slightly spread legs as he bend lower and lower without any difficulty, hinting at the man's flexibility, as he practically folded himself in half and gave Katsuki a good eyeful of his backside.


The man was not exactly what Katsuki had expected a male stripper to look like (he always envisioned they would be slimmer, more feminine looking) but now that he was seeing the real deal, he couldn't remember why he had been imagining anything else than what was unfolding before his eyes. Because to him, the man's body was the definition of perfect. The stripper's short stature and meek facial features might trick an unsuspecting person into thinking the man would be weak, or frail even, but his body was anything but. Katsuki couldn't stop his eyes from hungrily devouring every inch of skin his gaze could reach – thick, toned calves blended into supple thighs so strong they could probably crush heads (Katsuki wouldn't mind being crushed by them himself) and ending in the perfect, lusciously round globes of the stripper's buttocks. The thin, black material hugged the man's curves tightly and Katsuki's mouth ran completely dry when his gaze landed on the subtle outline of the stripper's balls and cock against the stretching fabric.

Feeling like a drowning man, Katsuki quickly shifted back in his seat and knocked back the bottle of vodka in his hand, taking a couple of big gulps in the hopes of numbing the raging lust wreaking havoc in his insides at the moment. If he shifted around awkwardly to conceal the way his cock was already at half-chub, well you couldn't really blame him with the way Deku was wiggling his bite-able bottom in front of them, letting out a sweet chuckle at the cheers and wolf-whistles he got in response, and patiently allowing Ashido to stuff a couple of bank notes under the elastic of his shorts. In the blink of an eye, the stripper was standing upright again, and Katsuki was about to let out a breath of relief, but the reprise was short lived when the man threw a coy look over his shoulder at them, before spreading his legs farther and dropping low. He was working his hips to the music in a way that Katsuki's fuzzy brain lazily identified as something akin to 'twerking', and he could not comprehend how a movement that simple could look so lewd .

He felt an elbow nudge his side he figured must belong to Kirishima (he would check, but to do that, he would have to take his eyes off the tantalizing way the curly haired dancer was working his hips, and he would rather drink poison than do that right now). A voice whispered into his ear (yup, definitely Kirishima) and Katsuki had to force his brain to concentrate enough to catch the redhead's quiet words, lest he wanted a repetition of the mocking he received the last time around he was caught being too mesmerized by the stripper to process words directed at him.


“He's your type, isn't he?” The stupid shitty-haired freak had absolutely no right to sound as self-satisfied as he did, and Katsuki might have socked him one, if he still had full control of his limbs (they were starting to feel like they were filled with jello by this point, and the blond wasn't sure he would be able to use them for anything short of grabbing the green-haired male's slim hips and pulling the man in for a hungry kiss... no Katsuki, bad train of thought! ). Instead the fire fighter decided to shoot his best friend a quick glare that practically screamed I'm going to kill you after this and growled out a hushed “What the fuck is your point, shitty hair?!”

The shark-like grin flashing over the redhead's face Katsuki caught out of the corner of his eyes couldn't mean anything good. Fuck...what was this idiot planning on doing now? No matter what it was, Katsuki doubted he could get any more embarrassed than he already was. Oh, how wrong he had been about that, as he was about to find out.


“Hey, Mr. Policema-..uuh, Mr., uh...hey, Deku-san!” Kirishima called out to the stripper, who was currently mock-humping the table, while a delighted (and very drunk) Kaminari was making it rain on him.


The man gave them another one of his angelic smiles ( be still, you stupid heart..! ), before turning around to lay on his back on the table's surface, stretching beautifully muscled legs in the air and arching his back sensually. “Just Deku is fine”


Kirishima beamed at the other in response, his mysterious plan momentarily forgotten (after all, the shark-toothed boy was a ball of pure sunshine, who got excited like a puppy when others returned his kindness and enthusiasm, no matter the context or situation). He soon seemed to remember what he was about to ask, as the mischievous expression returned to his features – the sight making Katsuki want to either punch his stupid friend, or run far, far away, to avoid whatever disaster was surely about to ensue.


“How about a lap dance for my friend over here?” Kirishima grinned like a cat who had just caught a mouse, an expression that almost seemed out of place on the usually extremely friendly male's face – that made it all the scarier, in Katsuki's humble opinion. “You see, Kacchan over here has been working non-stop lately, and I really think he could use some help to... unwind

The last word was punctuated by a suggestive wiggle of one of the redheads stupidly short eyebrows, and Katsuki never wanted to kill him so badly, for his stupid suggestion and for using that stupid nickname of all things. Katsuki positively growled at his friend in response, sounding closer to a rabid dog than anything human.


“I don't need it, you absolute fuck fa-...!”

The rest of the angry retort died in his throat though when he found himself at the receiving end of that hypnotizing emerald gaze again. The stripper was looking at him with a mixture of curiosity and mischief, and Katsuki didn't know anymore if he wanted to kill Kirishima or kiss him, as the handsome stranger slowly rose from his lying position and got off the table, sauntering slowly towards a shell shocked Katsuki.


“Is that so?” the man mused quietly, and Katsuki drew in a sharp breath when the barely clothed male put one knee up on the couch cushion beside his leg, settling one hand on the blond's opposite shoulder gently. The soft smile he bestowed onto Katsuki from his elevated position was a mixture of the assured self-confidence of someone who put his body on display for a living and knew he was good at it, and the shy nervousness of just a simple guy Katsuki's age, who wasn't sure if he was going to be rejected or not. The contrast was endearing; Katsuki was completely enamored.


“You know, I'm really good at helping people wind down... ” the stripper called Deku whispered, his hot breath fanning over Katsuki's burning cheeks in a way that did absolutely nothing to help the growing problem between his legs. His body was screaming at him to finally have the hot and pliant body of the other in his lap already, but his pride (and fear of rejection) made him stay frozen in place. He was completely at the devilish stranger's mercy.  “But of course, I won't do anything you don't want me to do...” the man followed it up, almost hesitantly, and Katsuki was about to grasp onto the opportunity to back out that was being so mercifully presented to him, but then Deku opened his mouth again, and sealed Katsuki's fate once and for all.


“Kacchan...” the stripper purred into his ear, and with that simple word, the blond was a goner.


“I...yeah, sure go...go ahead” Katsuki heard himself saying; at this point he had no control anymore over what his mouth was doing. But could you blame him? That nickname, that annoying nickname his friends only called him if they wanted to seriously piss him sounded so delicious coming from the green haired strippers sinful lips, and Katsuki wouldn't mind hearing it again, being screamed by the other in a daze of pleasure, as Katsuki fucked into him, slow and hard .

This was absolutely the wrong train of thought for his brain to take while he was in the middle of having an almost naked and devilishly handsome man straddle his waist. Oh god...oh fuck. This was not good.

Katsuki tried his very hardest to avoid those piercing forest green eyes as the stripper positioned himself on top of him, his knees sinking into the soft couch cushion on both sides of Katsuki's legs, the man's hips hovering precariously over Katsuki's embarrassingly erect dick. The blond thanked the gods he was wearing one of his tighter pair of jeans at the moment, because no matter how painful the constricting fabric might feel on his throbbing member, at least it was pushing down on what would have otherwise been a very obvious bulge. The firefighter only belatedly noticed that his friends had scooted over on the couch to give the two of them some space (and undoubtedly to get a better look at the spectacle as well) and Katsuki wasn't sure if he should be grateful for that or not. It created the illusion of intimacy between the pair that the blond found to be utterly intoxicating, especially with the way the stripper's sweet scent was filling his nostrils and making him feel drunk of it. It was a mesmerizing mixture of something sweet, like cotton candy (a perfume, maybe?) and a woody, calming scent - like a forest after a summer rain - which must be the man's unique smell. Katsuki wanted to bury his nose in the crook of the stranger's neck and just inhale the addicting scent, but that would probably be a little inappropriate. Ok, highly inappropriate.

Deku rested his hands on the blond's shoulders, and the gentle pressure seemed to burn right through Katsuki's dress shirt and leave a searing trail on his skin. He risked a glance up at the stripper's face, and there it was again, that angelic smile, sweet and reassuring and in complete contrast to the suggestive position the two of them were in at the moment. For a moment, Katsuki forgot what the man had even climbed into his lap for and just let himself get lost in those green depths for a moment. Up close, Katsuki could see they had small specks of gold in them, reminding him of stardust...just like the scatter of freckles along the stripper's nose and cheeks. He wouldn't have minded gazing into them for the rest of the evening, but the magic of the moment was broken the moment a different song started playing on the stereo. The new song was slightly slower paced than the last, but the beat was no less filthy, and as if a switch had been flipped in the curly haired male's head, his smile turned from sweet and innocent to a downright sinful smirk in the span of a second.

Before Katsuki could process what was happening, the male on top of him was moving again, grinding his hips in a slow, dirty rhythm in time with the music. The blond heard his idiotic friends cheer and whistle in the background, but his attention was primarily on the man in his lap, and the way the stripper was biting his lower lip teasingly, running his surprisingly big hands through his own wild curls, messing them up even more, but in a way that looked absolutely sinful, and reminded Katsuki's of steamy, sleepless nights beneath the covers. His brain had no trouble conjuring up the image of the stripper beneath him; breathless, sweaty and absolutely beautiful after Katsuki messed him up for hours.

The blond ripped his gaze away from the other male's face, suddenly worried the other might be able to tell the direction his thoughts were taking from looking into his eyes alone. The alternative sight wasn't much better for the firefighter's mental stability though...Deku's gloriously naked chest was right in his face with their position, and every one of the dancer's coordinated movements brought it momentarily closer to Katsuki, until his nose was almost brushing the other male's sternum. He wondered for a whole moment how in the hell the stripper's skin managed to pretty much sparkle under the light, as if the other was sprinkled in stardust for real and not just freckles; until it dawned on him that the other might have used some sort of body glitter. He was a stripper after all. That thought shouldn't turn Katsuki on as much as it did, but he couldn't help it. Deku had gotten all pretty and dolled up – for him . Well, not just for him, he was performing for the rest of the bakusquad as much as for him, but they weren't the ones receiving a lap dance right now. Just him. It was stupid to think like that, Katsuki knew it, but at the moment, he couldn't give less of a fuck. It had been ages since he had last been so intimate with another person, let alone someone as gorgeous as Deku.

If he wanted to let himself indulge in his delusions a bit and enjoy the moment, you couldn't really blame him. Katsuki's gaze wandered further and caught on the male stripper's pink nipples. Maybe it was the cold air, maybe it was the excitement, but the rosy nubs were hard and pert, and Katsuki ached to just wrap his mouth around them and suck. He could bet the noises it would draw from the curly haired male's mouth would be delectable. As if the man had read his thoughts, Deku let out a soft chuckle, the sound rumbling low in his chest and Katsuki felt like he could almost feel the vibrations of it, with how close he was to the other man's chest. Willing down the new heat that wanted to rise in his already flushed cheeks, he tilted his head back to meet the dancer's eyes once more. Those emerald depths were dancing with mirth and something else that Katsuki couldn't quite place. But his heart skipped a beat at how the man seemed to be practically preening under the firefighter's close attention.


“You can touch too, you know?” Deku purred, and without messing up the rhythm of his slow dance, took a hold of Katsuki's hands and placed them gently on his own swaying hips. “Only a little though, alright?” the last bit was chuckled lowly against his ear, before the dancer leaned back again and punctuated his words with a sly wink. Katsuki could only nod dumbly, not even processing the ruckus his friends were making next to him, because his hands were touching naked, hot flesh now and fuck did it feel good.

How an adult male could have skin that soft was a bigger mystery to Katsuki than the murder of JFK, and he hesitantly let his thumbs rub circles over the pliable flesh, earning a pleased sigh from the man atop of him, as if saying go on, you can keep touching . So Katsuki did.

He ran his fingertips up and down the stripper's sides, before pressing his palms flat against the small of the man's back and pushing him closer to the firefighter's yearning body. For a split second, he was scared that he might have crossed a line. But then the stripper's warm body went pliant against him, pressing their chests impossibly close together and grinding down unto Katsuki with purpose. The action made the blond expel a breath he didn't know he was holding, and he could feel Deku shudder beneath his fingers as his breath hit the column of the man's exposed neck. Not wanting to be the only one being given a run for their money, Katsuki decided to grip the strippers hips with a little more strength and guiding the slow roll of his movements into a filthy grind that left the two of them gasping for air. The firefighter was sure that the man could feel his very obvious erection at this point, but he didn't care.

For some reason, the green-haired male seemed to revel in Katsuki's attention, in the fact that the blond was going mad with lust for him, and he was sure it wasn't just an act when the dancer's previously controlled movements started to lose a bit of their grace, the more body-on-body contact was happening between the two of them. Shaky hands found their way to his shoulders, twisting in the fabric of his shirt there, and the blond couldn't help but feel a sly smirk tug at the corner of his lips. This was much more his terrain. He was used to being the one to render other people weak in the knees, not the other way around. And Deku was looking so good when he got flustered like that – the blush had returned to the man's freckled cheeks, spreading all the way up to the stripper's ears, and a foggy look had settled over his forest green eyes. Katsuki's small victory was short lived though; the professional dancer recovered from his daze quickly with an almost imperceptible shake of his head, plastering a devilish grin back onto his features that told Katsuki the man was ready to take the reigns again. Deft fingers left their position on his shoulders in favor of slowly and deliberately gliding down his chest, leaving a trail of fire in their wake despite the barrier of fabric shielding him that Katsuki honestly wished wasn't there right now. The small twinkle in Deku's eyes told him the man had something planned, and Katsuki swallowed hard in anticipation. He wasn't sure he could take much more before this situation got decidedly too embarrassing to be taking place in front of all his closest friends. Who were being suspiciously quiet, now that Katsuki thought of it. He tried to peek at them through the corner of his eye and he was almost 99% sure he saw Ashido holding up her phone and recording...holy fuck he was so gonna kill them all!


But before Katsuki could do so much as turn his deadly glare their way, the man on top of him started to shift; the blond had about a second to miss the warm weight of the stripper's body settled on top of him before Deku was getting on his feet between his spread legs and turning his back to the blond. Katsuki was about to ask (like an idiot) if the lap dance was over now, but then the dancer bent over again and pushed his hips back into Katsuki's crotch.


Okay, this was getting decidedly too much. Katsuki let out something between a choked groan and a growl, but the little green-haired fucker only smirked at him over a freckled shoulder before wiggling his hips, rubbing his perfectly round cheeks over Katsuki's painful hard-on. The pressure was barely there, but even the small hint of it that Katsuki got through the thick fabric of his jeans was enough to almost make his eyes roll back into his head. He wanted them to be alone, and he wanted all these clothes off ! And most importantly, he wanted to sink his dick into this perfect tight ass the stripper had been teasing him with all night. He bet it would feel so hot and heavenly tight around him... He would definitely take his time with this one, if only to get back at the man for all the torturous teasing he had to endure at his hands. He would slowly unravel the guy with his hands and mouth, until every inch of that pale, freckled skin was littered with marks, proof that Bakugo Katsuki had been there, that he had staked a claim to the dancer. He would push Deku to the brink of release, only to pull back at the very last second, over and over again, until the man was sobbing his name, begging Katsuki for release. Only then he would reward the dancer with his tongue, eating him out until he was a blubbering mess, all the while slowly stretching him out on his fingers, so he was ready to take Katsuki's massive cock. He wasn't bragging, he knew he was well endowed. He would use every inch of his meat to pound into that curly haired vixen, making sure to abuse his prostate to the point where it would border on painful. Katsuki had a feeling the shorter man would like that – a little pain to go with his pleasure.


All of these thoughts unfolded before his eyes while the other male was grinding on him. He barely registered something fluttering down on them, and the glimpse of green he caught from the corner of his eyes told him it was bank notes. One of his idiot friends must have tossed the money at them, chanting the stripper's name in encouragement between excited giggles and whispers Katsuki supposed were at his expense. The action did a good job of slapping the blond firefighter out of his inappropriate day dream though, the green bills serving as a cold awakening for his delusions. That was right – Deku was a hired stripper. He was doing this for money. The man felt absolutely nothing for Katsuki, he was simply doing his job – and doing it very well at that. Katsuki couldn't hold it against him; it wasn't the man's fault the blond was absolutely starved for bodily contact and that the green-haired male just so happened to be the fire-fighters absolute dream type. Once the evening was over, the stripper would collect his pay and walk out of Katsuki's life. And there was nothing he could do about that. Which should be fine, really. He got to enjoy himself for the night, he got some high quality new material to use for his spank bank. It was fine. All in all, this evening hadn't been so bad after all. He spent some time with his friends, he had fun. He actually managed to not get broody at the thought of Kaminari's upcoming wedding. He should feel good. So why was he feeling so shitty all of a sudden?

As if Deku had felt the other man's sudden mood change, he stood upright again, crawling back into Katsuki's lap for the last bit of the song. He didn't say anything, but the look in his eyes seemed more understanding than the blond could take at this moment. He averted his eyes for the remainder of the lap dance, even when he managed to catch a glimpse of a small, gentle smile the stripper was directing his way. As the final notes of the song filled the room, Deku stilled on top of him, but he didn't immediately get off. Something told Katsuki the man was trying to meet his gaze, trying to check if everything was alright. The blond felt even more pathetic at that, but he still couldn't bring himself to look at the dancer. Deku let out a small huff, and the blond was sure the man was going to get off him now, but then soft lips grazed the side of his face lightly. Katsuki's breath hitched when Deku whispered into his ear, so quietly that the other guys wouldn't be able to hear.


“That was fun. We should do that again sometime, Kacchan .”


With that, Deku slid off his lap gracefully, to the enthusiastic applause of Katsuki's drunk friends. But the blond didn't register any of it, the green-haired male's words still ringing through his head.


We should do that again sometime.


Did that mean what Katsuki thought it meant?


After the lap dance was finished, Deku got ready to leave, but Kirishima, being the overly-familiar friendly puppy-person that he was (and maybe having caught unto what had been going on between Katsuki and the stripper) invited the curly haired dancer to stay a little longer and drink with them. The stripper seemed hesitant at first, but with Ashido's and Sero's encouraging and Kaminari's very tearful (he had always been a very emotional drunk) pleas to stay, he was finally convinced and settled on the floor at their table cheerfully, gratefully accepting the cooled beer Kirishima handed him. Only at Katsuki's very stern insistence, Deku finally put some clothes on (although he abandoned the police uniform in favor of an oversized shirt and a pair of comfortable sweats courtesy of Kirishima. Katsuki was suddenly very disgruntled that they hadn't been at his apartment instead). In these clothes, the man actually looked much more normal and down to earth, and less like a sex deity directly from the most debauched part of Katsuki's brain. And the firefighter had to admit, he liked that look on the other just as much, if not a little bit more. The dancer's words came to his mind again, and he made a silent vow to scrape together his courage and ask the green-haired male for his phone number at the end of the night. If Kirishima kept sending him meaningful glances all night and pushing for Deku and Katsuki to be seated next to each other- well, Katsuki pretended he didn't notice. For once in his life, he didn't mind the meddlesome nature of his friends as much.

Speaking of Deku: the group learned over the course of the evening that 'Deku' was actually just his stripper handle (Well, duh).


“My real name is Izuku, actually” the short male laughed, and Katsuki swore he never heard a more endearing sound than the other man's carefree laughter.


“So why 'Deku', then?” he found himself asking, unable to stop the curiosity from seeping into his voice every time he inquired something about the other. The stupid giggles and whispers from his friends be damned. “You aren't exactly 'deku' when it comes to dancing.”


Before Katsuki could realize what had just come out of his mouth, the dancer in question had flushed up to the tips of his ears while the rest of the group was dissolving into howling laughter.


“A-ah, thanks Kaccha- uhm..Katsuki-kun” the stripper - Izuku – stuttered in response, hiding his blushing face behind a beer can, but his forest green eyes met Katsuki's for a second, before quickly flitting to the side. Cute , Katsuki found himself thinking.


“You can keep calling me 'Kacchan', you know? I don't mind” his stupid mouth blurted before Katsuki could stop it, and it took all his willpower not to bury his flushing face in his hands at the mocking he received from the bakusquad immediately after.


“Really? How nice of you, Kacchan !” Sero teased, and Katsuki hurled his empty beer can at the black haired male, barely missing the other's face.


“Not you , Soy-fucker! You guys are still fuckin' forbidden from using that stupid nickname!” he hissed, wanting to wipe the stupid smug grins off his former classmates faces so badly.


Ashido giggled and had the nerve to freaking coo at him, like the blond was some fucking baby or a puppy or something similarly disgustingly cute. “But Izu-kun can, is that so? Bakugo you sly dog...flirting so shamelessly in front of your friends!”


Bakugo let out a frustrated groan, but it ended up sounding more like a whine. “Guys, fucking stop, ok? I was not flirting!”


“You were not?” Izuku asked innocently, peeking at Katsuki up from under his lashes; but the mischievous glint in his eyes told the firefighter the other was messing with him – and enjoying it too. Katsuki just blushed even harder, before opening a new beer and muttering into it “Can we get back to the topic, please?”


His friends just laughed at his demeanor, but the blond didn't mind so much, because this time Izuku was joining in, and Katsuki really liked looking at the other when he did that. The man's eyes glittered like stars when he was laughing, and his little freckled nose scrunched up cutely and – was that a dimple Katsuki was seeing? Damn, he was falling fast .


“Well, it's not supposed to mean 'useless', actually” the curly haired male continued his explanation. “It's just an alternate reading of my name. But a friend of mine once told me it sounds a bit like 'You can do it!' and I found that kinda nice, so I decided to roll with it”


Katsuki stashed every bit of new information on the dancer meticulously away in his brain, determined to get to know the other better. He wasn't quite sure when his goal had shifted from 'getting into that guy's pants' to 'getting that guy to go out with me cause holy fuck he seems like a keeper', but he wasn't going to question it. Some other things they learned about Izuku that night – the man wasn't stripping as his main occupation, but was actually finishing his degree to become a veterinarian and only doing occasional stripping gigs to earn money on the side. He had a big dog called Inasa (after seeing the pictures, Katsuki was starting to question whether the man wasn't accidentally keeping an actual bear ). And he was the sweetest, most genuine person any of them had ever met. Katsuki wouldn't be surprised if by the end of the evening Izuku would have been adopted as the newest member of the bakusquad.


They kept talking and playing games until way past midnight (only taking a break to tuck a very drunk and sleepy Kaminari into bed in Kirishima's bedroom). The last thing Katsuki remembered from that evening was sitting on the couch with Izuku pressed tightly to his side, the other's body heat pleasantly seeping through his clothes and making the blond feel a type of cozy he hadn't felt in very long. The next thing he knew, they had dozed off on the couch, Izuku's head resting on Katsuki's shoulder and Katsuki's nose nestled in the mess of green curls on the shorter male's head.

The last image that flitted through his mind was of swaying hips, and a forest after summer rain.


When the blond woke up the next morning, feeling a wave of nausea hitting him together with a splitting headache, he found the place on the couch next to him abandoned. Opening his protesting

eyes against the offending sunlight streaming in from the open blinds of Kirishima's living room window, he took a quick peak around the room. Sero was lying on the floor, sleeping face down in a puddle of his own drool without a care in the world. Ashido and Kirishima were curled up in the armchair together and Katsuki could hear Kaminari's snores coming from Kirishima's bedroom. There was no sign of Izuku. A cold feeling of dread settled in Katsuki's gut that had nothing to do with his hangover. He never got around to asking the other for his phone number that evening. Heck, he didn't even know the other's last name or address. Part of him hoped that Izuku had simply gone to the bathroom, and would return shortly; but a quick scan of the room crushed his hopes completely. The clothes Kirishima had borrowed to Izuku were folded together neatly on the table, and the other's police uniform was gone as well. Fuck.


Shooting up from his position on the couch, Katsuki ignored the lurching of his stomach in favor of frantically searching the leftover pile of clothes on the table, for a note, anything. But there was nothing. It was almost as if the previous evening hadn't even happened. There were no crumpled bills left lying on the floor either (well obviously the dancer had taken them with him, since it was part of his pay after all). The light machine was still standing inconspicuously in the corner where the stripper had connected it the evening before, but aside from that, there was not a single sign that Katsuki's encounter with the alluring stranger had been anything more than an elaborate wet dream, born out of sexual frustration and loneliness.

Maybe it was better that way though. Deku – Izuku , he had to keep reminding himself – probably hadn't been interested in him that way in the first place. It wasn't that Katsuki feared the man had found him ugly or repulsive – he knew he had an attractive face and a decent body – but he was painfully aware that when it came to the personality department, he left things to be desired, to put it mildly. Paired with the fact that he had a job that ate up almost all of his time and that didn't exactly have promotional opportunities or was the best paying...let's just say that Katsuki was aware he wasn't the best catch out there. He couldn't blame the curly haired dancer for leaving without a goodbye. He had probably felt that Katsuki was crushing on him hard and fled the boat while he still could. Good for him, honestly. It wouldn't have worked out anyway; at least not beyond a cheap one-night-stand. And usually, that was enough for Katsuki, but for some reason he knew it wouldn't have been in this case. He knew that once he would have been able to get a taste of the other male, he wouldn't have been able to let go.

Grasping to one last chance, one last hope of this not being the last he saw of the dancer, Katsuki pulled out his phone, scrolling through his contacts in the slim hope of finding a 'Deku' or 'Izuku' saved on there, or just some unknown number; but there was nothing. He should have known. He was a fool for getting his hopes up like that in the first place. He should have just stuck to what he knew, to what he was good at...picking up random strangers at bars at fuck o'clock in the morning, after a grueling double shift of risking his life to save others and then letting out all his frustrations in an anonymous, emotionless rough fuck. That was what he always did. That should be enough for him.


It was in the same brooding position, hunched over on the couch, phone still in hand that Katsuki's friends found him an hour later, when the noise from Kirishima's upstairs neighbors finally drove them all from their peaceful sleep.


“Bakugo..?” Ashido mumbled sleepily, rubbing her eyes with the heel of her hand and letting out a hearty yawn. “Honey, are you alright?”


Usually, Katsuki got hissy at being called one of the pinkette's cutesy pet names, but he didn't even react this time except for a noncommittal grunt. His friends exchanged worried and confused glances.


“Where did Izuku go, Baku?” Kirishima tried carefully, identifying the root of Katsuki's mood with a precision that came with being the disgruntled blond's best friend for almost a decade now. Katsuki just shrugged his shoulders.


“Must've left already. Maybe he had lectures to attend.”


Or maybe he just left because they were all strangers to him that the dancer didn't give two fucks about. But Katsuki didn't say that.




Midoriya Izuku liked to think of himself as the epitome of average-ness. All his life, he had been described as plain-looking, almost forgettable. Izuku didn’t really mind that, though. There was nothing wrong with being plain, or normal. He didn’t mind leading that kind of life. After all, there was nothing particularly outstanding about him. He was just your average 24 year old, who lived in a small, run-down apartment close to his university. He woke up every morning at exactly 6 am and went for an early morning jog with his dog - a chocolate brown, 3 ft and 180 lb monster of a Newfoundland by the name of Inasa. Okay, having a dog that was routinely getting mistaken for a bear was maybe a little unusual. But still nothing too out of the ordinary. After his jog, Izuku would usually feed Inasa, before taking a quick shower and getting dressed; leaving him with just barely enough time to wolf down a quick breakfast and grab his books before heading out for his morning classes. Sometimes he stopped by a coffee shop between lectures and poured over his books with a cup of hot chai latte (Izuku wasn’t much of a coffee person). In the little free time he had between attending uni and studying for his exams, Izuku liked to work out or hit the nearby comic book shop. So far, so ordinary.

He also occasionally volunteered at the local shelter; since he was studying to become a veterinarian, he liked to get in as much experience at handling pets as he could; not to mention the gigantic soft spot he had for animals, and dogs in particular, ever since he was little. No, there wasn’t really anything that would make Midoriya Izuku stand out from any other people his age; he was as average as you could get in almost every regard.

Except for his choice of part-time job, maybe.

You see, where Izuku’s peers would do waiting gigs or work in pizza delivery to earn some money on the side, Izuku stripped for a living.

The green-haired male would have never anticipated this kind of job for himself, but surprisingly, he came to like it. It all had started with a text from one of his former classmates, Toga Himiko. To be quite honest, the female had always creeped Izuku out a little, with her weird obsessiveness and the odd habit to hit on Izuku in the most unsettling ways possible. But he had been hard strapped for cash at the time - Inasa had been sick a lot and the vet bills had really started to burn a hole through the student’s wallet - and so he had not hesitated to agree to the rather unconventional, but extremely well paying job offer the other had thrown his way. It wasn’t that Izuku was the most confident of people; quite the contrary, he had grown up kind of socially awkward, only coming out of his shell slowly in high school, when he had finally found a reliable group of friends that had supported him in pursuing his dreams and had boosted his self-confidence in approaching new people.

Still, at the time of accepting the stripping gig, Izuku had been far from the kind of person that was comfortable putting their body on display for others. But since his dog was Izuku’s one and only baby, and there would be more vet bills to cover in the future, the student supposed this would be the easiest and quickest way to earn the money for now. And so, he shoved down his own shyness for the moment and prepared for his very first gig. He had spoken to the manager of the company a couple of times before (a nice woman by the name of Hagakure, who had been very patient and encouraging with Izuku) and decided to stick to smaller, private gigs for the moment. Izuku wasn’t sure he would be able to perform for the big crowd of a strip club right off the bat; so he mostly did gigs for bachelorette and adult birthday parties. One time he had even been booked for a company party celebrating one employee’s promotion - it had been.. interesting to say the least, to take off his clothes on an office desk while a bunch of drunken white collar workers were cheering him on and throwing money at him.

But Izuku soon started to love his new job. Sure, it had been awkward at first, but there was just something about being the center of attention in a room full of people who were paying money just to see him . The student knew he had a nice body...or at least he had come to learn it during his new line of work. He worked out a lot, so over time he had worked up a lot of muscle mass, his biceps and calves now almost being double in size compared to his middle school days. Izuku had also always been very flexible; he had spent all of his high school years in gymnastics after all, in addition to the soccer club and martial arts (yes, he was a bit of a junkie when it came to physical activities; he couldn’t help that he had been born with so much excess energy at all times). So dancing hadn’t been that far off to him; after only a couple of weeks he had mastered every single routine the other dancers at the agency had generously taught him; even some of the more advanced moves hadn’t fazed him, and soon he was able to twist and bend his body like a pretzel. It had been fun, diving into something so new and foreign to him, learning the ins and outs of a job like that; but what had been the best was the absolute rush Izuku felt every time he performed a more involved routine, and he could feel every single pair of eyes in the room on him, fixated on him and only him, getting absolutely mesmerized by the way his body was moving. being the center of attention like that, the subject of lust, envy, admiration….Izuku started to revel in it.

Before long, he had gotten downright addicted to the feeling; his many performances had gained him a new appreciation for his own body. He was starting to get more confident, and in turn, even tried to dip his toes into the dating scene for a while (Izuku hadn’t had a single relationship ever since things had ended with his high school boyfriend, Shinsou). It had been new and exciting all at once, finally being able to approach other people of his own accord, even daring to flirt if he happened upon a guy he found attractive. He had tried his hand at a relationship a couple of times, but in the end, Izuku just didn’t find anything that felt quite right to him. The problem with the kind of guys he met at clubs, or the ones who asked for his number after one of his performances, was that ultimately, they all just wanted him for one thing: his body. And as cliché as it might sound: Izuku just wasn’t the guy for one-night-stands. Deep down, he was still a hopeless romantic; waiting for a guy to fall completely head over heels for. The type of guy who didn’t only have an attractive body, but a great personality too. The kind of guy you couldn’t get out of your head, no matter how hard you tried. The kind of guy you couldn’t help but want to know better. But the student didn’t exactly hold his breath on meeting this type of man anytime soon. It just came with the profession; if you put your body on display for others to ogle it, you basically invited them to objectify you. And that was alright with Izuku. He was much too busy with university anyway to get into a relationship right now; he couldn’t afford to get distracted now that his dream of becoming a veterinarian was getting so close he could almost grasp it.

Only a couple more semesters and he could realize his dream of opening his own little clinic; just like he had dreamed of ever since he was a little child. Back then, little Izuku had taken to bring in and nurse injured baby birds and rugged stray cats back to health in his room in secret. Well, he did his very best to keep it a secret from his mother; but the woman had soon found out what was going on when one day she had opened the dryer to retrieve a load of laundry, only to find two cats and one raccoon sleeping peacefully in the still warm sheets. After she had gotten over her initial shock and after Izuku’s frantic explanation, she had realized there wasn't much of a chance to actually persuade her child to stop running his little makeshift animal hospital - once Izuku got an idea in his head, the child was stubborn as a mule and wouldn’t give up on it, no matter what - and so she had soon given in. She did, however, manage to convince the local vet to allow Izuku to help out there, and in exchange, gotten the kid to promise to at the very least, stop bringing woodland creatures into their home. Ever since then, Izuku could always count on his mother's support when it came to pursuing his dream.


She had actually been the one who had given him Inasa, as a gift for graduating high school and getting accepted into his college of choice. Well, Izuku had been the one to actually pick out that particular puppy at the shelter; back then Inasa had been a malnourished, pitiful looking little rescue. They didn't find out about his breed until much later, when the small, cute dog had miraculously grown to almost twice Inko's size when standing. Still, due to his gentle and easily excitable nature, his mother had soon come to love the dog just as much as Izuku did; so when he had moved out a year later, the woman had cried many tears over not losing just one, but two sons at the same time. Izuku had thought she was being melodramatic; he still brought Inasa along every time he visited home over vacation.

It had taken Izuku many years and a lot of rigorous studying, but right now, he was closer to realizing his dream than ever before. After he had finished paying for all of Inasa’s treatment bills, Izuku had still found himself with quite a bit of extra cash from his side hustle. He could have stopped stripping then; but by that time he had actually started to like it too much to quit. Instead, the extra money he earned from his stripping gigs now all went into his savings, to realize his dreams of renting out a small venue to open his vet clinic in.


Izuku had his future all planned out; getting into a relationship had long since slipped way down on his priority list. After a while, he stopped going out altogether; deciding to focus completely on studying and work for the moment.

So when Izuku had first gotten the notification that he had gotten booked for a bachelor party on Sunday, he hadn’t thought much of it. He certainly didn't expect to meet someone of interest there.

He had, however, briefly wondered if the groom it was hosted for was going to be gay; usually he was mostly booked for bachelorette parties or women's birthday parties – both always filled to the brim with screeching, tipsy females. Bachelor parties were rather rare; so maybe the groom and his guests were more into guys than girls. He would certainly prefer that option to the other alternative – a prank on an unsuspecting straight groom planned by one of his friends - which unfortunately happened, while not often, more frequently than Izuku would like. He had had a couple of those situations before, and it was almost always awkward as hell, for all parties involved. It was always the same scenario: one of the groom’s friend would have the genius idea to play a prank on the groom: telling the whole party they hired a stripper; everyone would then expect a female stripper to appear, only for Izuku to be the one showing up on scene instead. The dancer didn’t appreciate the type of mindset this kind of prank was born out of – usually something along the lines of ‘isn't it funny, it’s a half naked guy, and we're men too, so we don't want to see that! how gross!’.

The first time it had happened went more or less disastrous: when Izuku had caught on to what was going on, he still tried his best to pull through, but ended up cutting his time short and refunding the guys the money; he put on a brave face while there, but later ended up crying in the shower back home for at least half an hour. After that, Hagakure-san had been more careful about the gigs she booked him for; but it still ended up happening two more times. After that first time, Izuku found it much easier to cope with the situation though and he did his best to have at least some fun performing - he was still getting paid after all, whether his clients enjoyed the show or not. And admittedly, it became kind of amusing to play spot-the-homophobes with his audience (getting them all worked up by acting just a little bit flirty – Izuku was sure he caused more than just one burst blood vessel with his shenanigans). He also liked to try and spot the couple closeted gay and bi guys at these kind of events - they were pretty easy to pick out as well, since they usually flushed up to their ears and decidedly looked everywhere but at Izuku. He didn’t tease those guys, though; he knew very well the struggle of having to hide your sexuality from friends and colleagues, so he usually left them alone (he did however often get tipped extra after these kinds of events - anonymously, of course).

But those kinds of gigs really were the exception. So Izuku didn’t spend too much time worrying about his audience as he prepared for the show. He didn’t get a lot information beforehand – usually, his clients had all kinds of requests; but this one had only filled out the basics on the booking form: the address, the groom’s name (‘Denki’) and that there was a light machine hidden in the bedroom for him to use; that way he didn’t need to bring any equipment himself. There had been no requests for his outfit, except for the very vague request to wear ‘something kinky’. Izuku had no idea what his client’s idea of ‘kinky’ entailed, so in the end he went with the classic: a fake police officer uniform. This one was very popular among clients - it looked quite real to the untrained eye and it made for a funny kind of foreplay, in which the participants pretended to mistake him for a real officer and panic about getting in trouble.

No one had ever been dumb enough to actually mistake him for the real police though; usually if you expected a stripper and someone showed up at your door dressed like this, you put two and two together, if you hadn’t even been the one to request he wear it in the first place, that is.

The stripper went through his usual routine to prepare for a performance – shaving, applying body lotion and some body glitter (he didn't wear it every time but a client once told him it looked extra cute paired with his freckles, and Izuku wanted to look good just on the off-chance he would have some asshole clients – knowing he looked hot as fuck usually gave him the confidence needed to deal with these kinds of uncomfortable situations better). He tried his best to style his wild locks into something less unruly (and gave up soon after, knowing that the police hat would mess it up in the end anyway) and picked out a pair of booty shorts that he knew his ass looked good in (he would have even gone with a thong, but he didn't want to take any chances with an unfamiliar audience). By the time he was in full uniform and ready to go, it was already close to 11 PM. He figured it would be fine though; Hagakure had texted him earlier to reassure him that his clients this time would be a chill bunch (how she knew that, Izuku didn't question. Maybe they had been clients before?).


So when Izuku had shown up at the specified apartment (knocking on the door instead of ringing the doorbell, as the client had requested on the form), he sure as hell wasn’t prepared for the kind of chaos that was about to ensue. The client who had contracted him didn’t specify a time in their initial request, so Izuku had opted to show up later rather than earlier - the crowd was always much easier to please if they already spent a good chunk of the evening getting plastered. Even so, they would have to know he was going to show up eventually...right? When the group's reaction to his arrival was shock and confusion, Izuku first assumed everyone was just playing along with the usual bit. So when, after he had delivered the same clichéd lines as always, the people in the room started to panic in earnest, Izuku had been completely at a loss for words. There were people screaming, some guy was crying uncontrollably, clinging to Izuku and getting tears and snot all over the stripper’s dress pants. Some other dude tried to bribe him (at least that was what Izuku assumed - it had been a little weird, to be honest) and in response the one blond guy had absolutely lost his shit, shouting and cursing at everyone so loudly the student-slash-stripper thought his eardrums were about to burst. Izuku had half feared he had gotten the wrong apartment on accident, but a quick check of the client’s request form had put that fear to rest – the address matched up. After trying his very best to calm down the ruckus for a couple of minutes and failing miserably, Izuku had decided to simply push through and go ahead with his performance, hoping the group would at least start to quiet down once he started his dance. He retrieved the light machine, which was exactly where the text had said it would be, along with a bottle of hard liquor and a couple of shot glasses that had been hidden along with it. Izuku figured his clients wouldn’t mind if he drank some of it, as long as he poured all of them a shot first - and he could really use some alcohol in his system if he wanted to make it through this already very chaotic evening.


To his relief, the group of four guys and one female finally quieted down by the time he climbed unto their couch table and started his performance. He could tell by the expression on their faces - and the awkward, belated introduction given by the pink haired female of the group - that his appearance had been a surprise. He was about to brace himself for the same reactions he got every time he was booked as a ‘surprise prank’ for a bachelor party, but the group actually positively surprised him with their reactions. They all seemed to enjoy his performance very much, cheering, laughing and throwing bills. There was not one of them putting on a show of being disgusted, or making rude, inappropriate comments. They were a very pleasant crowd, and Izuku could feel the apprehension he had felt in the beginning slowly melt away, getting replaced by his own giddy excitement instead. He loved performing for people like these - people who made him feel like he was part of the group, just another person enjoying the party, instead of a paid performer. And the way their eyes followed his every movement, appraising his body, it made Izuku get drunk off the attention in no time, getting bolder and bolder in his act. But the one person Izuku enjoyed getting attention from the most was the grumpy looking blond - the one who had been screaming and barking death threats at his friends earlier. There was no denying the man was absolutely gorgeous: tall, muscular, with spiky ash blond hair, a jaw line sharp enough to cut diamonds and the most hypnotic pair of deep crimson eyes Izuku had ever seen. The man was absolutely his type; but that wasn’t what made the stripper so entranced with the other male - he saw a lot of attractive people in his line of work, both colleagues and clients - but there was just something about the other that made Izuku downright die to have the other male’s eyes on him at every moment. He could tell the blond stranger was attracted to him; there was no mistaking it with the heated eyes those red eyes seemed to devour every inch of skin Izuku revealed greedily, or the way the man’s face was getting decidedly more red with every suggestive movement of Izuku’s body, or every sly smile the dancer threw his way, just to mess with him. Even so, the handsome stranger didn’t allow himself to ogle Izuku as openly as the rest of the group did - despite being the one clearly enjoying his performance the most.


At first Izuku had feared he was another one of his several gay clients that weren't out to their friends yet, and Izuku briefly felt bad for egging the man on so shamelessly with his flirty behavior. But then he realized the way his friend’s were quite openly teasing him for his flustered reaction and interest in the stripper - it seemed to be all in good fun as well, no malicious intent hiding behind the teasing jokes and laughter, and so Izuku supposed the group knew about the blond’s attraction to men already. In fact, they seemed to encourage the flustered male’s obvious interest in Izuku, cheering him on, and at one point, even asking Izuku to give the guy a lap dance. The stripper didn’t mind at all; if anything, he wanted to see how many more interesting reactions he could draw out from the other male. It might seem mean, but Izuku was quite enjoying having the upper hand in the situation, being able to play the other man like a fiddle with something as simple as a bit of his lip or a roll of his hips. The thing was - Izuku knew what kind of guy the blond man probably was most of the time: strong, overly-confident, being used to being the one in control, the one to give out orders and have others bend to his will. He didn’t like feeling like he wasn’t in control of the situation, and reacted with aggression every time something didn’t go his way. Despite all that, he didn’t seem to be a bad guy, judging from the way he was interacting with his group of friends. They seemed to be quite used to the blond’s outbursts and angry shouting, but also knew that there was no real heat or malice behind the man’s words when he directed them at his friends. They trusted him and seemed to be able to decipher his reactions and body language for what they were supposed to mean, instead of falling for the front the man was desperately trying to keep up - for what reason, Izuku didn’t know, but he wasn’t going to prod. All he knew was that the blond was the kind of person he would have avoided like the plague in middle school - as they were usually the ones who ended up bullying him and making his school days a living hell. Even after he gained some semblance of self-confidence in high school - all thanks to his group of amazing friends - he still found himself being cautious around this type of person. He just didn’t know how to handle them; he was used to winning over the people he met with his open and friendly demeanor, making friends without problems where-ever he went. But that type of person - people like the handsome blond - they just confused the hell out of Izuku. How someone could constantly be in a bad mood and spread nothing but aggression and negativity on the daily without going insane, it was beyond the student.

And so, when he was presented with the opportunity to toy with someone of that caliber, like a cat with a mouse, Izuku didn’t think twice about it. Of course, getting to grind on a stranger as hot as that man was just an added bonus to the satisfaction Izuku felt when he saw the way the blond’s eyes grew wide and his face heated up, every time the stripper performed a particularly lewd motion, or met the man’s intense gaze with a mirthful smirk. There had been a moment where Izuku’s brain had admittedly gone out for lunch and the dancer’s baser instincts had taken the reigns, where he had allowed - no, encouraged - the stranger to put his hands on Izuku and touch him. He never did something like that was important to establish boundaries with his clients, unless he wanted to be groped inappropriately every time he performed in front of some especially tipsy, and therefore more hands-y, clients.

But there had been something in the air at the moment, a sexual tension between the two of them, so dense that it started to clog up Izuku’s senses and made him feel intoxicated far beyond what the little bit of vodka he had drunk earlier could have done to him. The rest of the lap dance had passed in a blur for the stripper - he only remembered large, strong hands touching his bare skin, almost burning him alive where they roamed all over his back; he remembered pressing close into the other man’s body, working his hips against the hard heat of the other’s erection, and the dancer’s head had spun with want at the realization that it had been him who had caused the other man to get like that; this handsome stranger was getting hard for him, wanted him, was probably fantasizing about fucking Izuku in that very moment, if the look in his eyes was any indication - and Izuku drank it all up greedily, getting high on the other male’s attention. He had never felt this way before. Maybe it was because he was slightly sexually frustrated lately - he hadn’t gone out and met anyone new in ages now; and that was ok by him, he got used to it. But uni and work had been so stressful lately that he barely even found the time to masturbate anymore, and it was starting to put a definite damper on his mood. So if he found himself indulging the other man a little bit too much, and even letting himself give into a few guilty fantasies himself, you couldn’t really blame him.

By the time his performance was over, Izuku felt himself practically vibrating with excitement. He hadn’t felt that way in a very long time. He decided he would use that excess energy to go for a late night jog when he got back home, and afterwards, he might even indulge himself and jerk off to the memories off the handsome blond. He was getting ready to pack up and leave when the red-haired guy with the shark-like teeth asked him to stay and drink with them some more. Izuku wanted to turn the guy’s offer down; as charming as the red-haired boy was and how infectious his friendliness was, Izuku didn’t want to intrude on the group’s evening. But the rest of the group was suddenly pushing for him to stay as well, and Izuku could feel the handsome stranger’s crimson gaze burn into him expectantly - so he conceded. He actually ended up having a great time; the six of them drank and played games until the early morning hours, and Izuku felt oddly at home in the group’s company.

They of course questioned him thoroughly about his life (Izuku tried not to assign any deeper meaning to the way the blond - Kacchan - seemed to be especially invested in everything Izuku told them about himself), and he even got to know the rest of the group better. It was the pink haired woman - Mina - who told Izuku about Katsuki’s occupation as a firefighter, and if the green-haired student thought the blond couldn’t possibly get more attractive to him...well, he had been dead wrong about that. The other man’s occupation also explained his exquisite physique, and the air of complete confidence with which he carried himself. Or well, at least he did in all things that didn’t involve interacting with the stripper. As soon as the blond’s attention was on Izuku, the man turned into an awkward, flustered mess and Izuku absolutely loved the contrast in the other man’s behavior. An angry, aggressive hunk of a guy with a secret soft spot and a shy, awkward side – it almost sounded like the protagonist out of those romantic novels his mom loved to read. What did you call that character contrast again? Gap moe? It didn’t matter, because Izuku could feel himself falling head over heels for it. Still, he remained cautious. there was a chance the other was only behaving towards him in that way because he was drunk; and there was no guarantee the firefighter was interested in him beyond anything sexual in the first place. And Izuku did not do one-night-stands.

He felt himself tempted to make an exception for the other, though; because he could feel the way his body was reacting to even the smallest touch from the blond. He wasn't oblivious to their chemistry...and he could only imagine how good the sex would be with someone like that….the guy would probably not shy away from getting a bit rough, just the way Izuku loved it...

But Izuku also knew himself. He knew that he tended to catch feelings much too quickly. He didn’t want to subject himself to the risk of sleeping with the guy, only to develop a crush on him; which would end with him getting his heart smashed to pieces when the guy walked out of his life without another word once his sexual needs were fulfilled. Izuku knew he couldn’t handle that. And still...he couldn’t quite bring himself to keep his distance either.


When Izuku woke up the next morning, the first thing he noticed was the warm body pressed closely into his side, and the strong arm the blond had thrown around his waist possessively in his sleep. It took all of Izuku’s willpower to extract himself from the other’s grip - it was crazy how comfortable he felt cuddled up like this with Katsuki, despite the very short amount of time they had known each other. He just, in the other man’s arms. That should have been the first red flag for Izuku. He couldn’t let himself catch feelings that quickly, unless he wanted to end up getting his heart shattered. And so, Izuku slid out of the other man’s hold, careful not to wake the other, and made quick work of retrieving his clothes and getting ready to get the hell out of here. He would head home, feed Inasa, and then he would get into the shower and turn the water to freezing cold and stay inside until his stupid head was clear of this irrational attachment. Then maybe, he could concentrate on more important things instead - like studying for his upcoming exams.

Despite his resolve, Izuku couldn’t stop himself from writing a note for the blond, as an excuse for leaving without properly saying goodbye. He intended to only write a short sentence, telling the other that he had had a nice evening; but he still caught himself scribbling down his phone number, almost as an afterthought. He felt a bit guilty about it, like he was only setting himself up for failure, but the stupidly irrational part of his brain excused it away; saying he didn’t need to sleep with the guy; maybe they could just hang out casually, as friends. It was a load of bull crap, that much Izuku knew; but it still didn’t stop him from slinking into the bedroom quietly to wake up the groom-to-be, Denki, and hand him the note along with some last congratulations and well-wishes for the man’s upcoming wedding, before finally slinking out of the apartment and making his way back home.


Katsuki didn't have the energy to stay much longer that morning; he couldn't stand the pitying looks his friends kept shooting his way after they had realized the stripper guy had made off without a goodbye. He didn't need to be pitied. So the guy he was into had ghosted him. Big deal. It happened all the time. It was no reason to act like Katsuki was made out of glass or would break down over something that stupid. He just needed a shower, a couple of hours of sleep and a strong cup of coffee before his next shift started. With these words Katsuki excused himself from the group, grabbing his coat and putting on his shoes; he was out of the door before his friends could even say goodbye. The blond felt a little bit guilty for not waiting for Kaminari to wake up, since the next time he would have a chance to see the other guy would be at his and Jirou's wedding.


The wedding. Katsuki cursed himself when he felt the familiar pang of anxiety in his gut at the thought of the event. He had really thought he was over this. It didn't matter that his high school friends were all growing up before him, entering the world of adults, while he remained ever the same. He knew it wasn't just Kaminari getting married that made him feel that way; it wouldn't take much longer until Kirishima finally grew some balls and asked Ashido out – the two of them were already pretty much dating at this point, even if none of the two blockheads were quite aware of it yet. And even Sero had hinted at a significant other a couple of times the last few months. Uraraka and Iida were already trying for their first child. One by one, all the people in Katsuki's life seemed to have found their other half and had moved on without him. It wouldn't be long until he was the only one left behind, the only one who, despite being in his mid-twenties already, didn't even have one single long lasting, meaningful relationship to show for it.


Katsuki hated getting anxious over something as stupid as this, but it couldn't be helped. For all of his life, he had had something to aim for, something to work hard towards. At first it had been good grades, to be accepted into the school of his dreams, UA. Then after he got accepted, he did everything in his power to finish his degree as a number one student, simply to shove it in the faces of those who had said he couldn't; because of Katsuki's rather... temperamental demeanor and personality, their neighbors had always been keen on spreading rumors and gossiping about the Bakugo's only child. That kid will surely end up as a delinquent , they whispered when they thought he wasn't listening, I'm sure by the time he is twenty he will land himself in jail . That boy is no good they had claimed to know, fixating their stupidly pitying eyes on Katsuki's mother - as if she was a fool for still not giving up on her son. He will be a burden on society , they had decided selfishly on their own, without even asking what it was that Katsuki wanted. Because adults never asked what it was that the kids wanted.

As for Katsuki…? Well, he wanted to be a hero. The young boy had grown up between the flashy action panels and wide, toothy grins of a comic franchise called The mighty adventures of All Might ; a story about a man with amazing powers, big muscles, and an even bigger heart, who always saved people with a smile. Katsuki wanted to become someone just as amazing as All Might . As the blond grew up, his expectations became slightly more realistic, but his core ambitions stayed the same. He still wanted to be able to save others; to become someone that everyone looked up to. And most of all, as petty as it might sound: he wanted to prove all those people wrong that had underestimated him, said he was never going to amount to anything. He wanted to wipe the smug looks off their stupid faces. And so he did. At age 18, he graduated UA with the highest marks out of anyone in the whole  district and even landed among the top 50 highest-ranking students of the whole country. Defying all expectations for the future path he would take, Katsuki ended up turning down numerous lucrative job opportunities offered to him. Employers were practically throwing offers after offers his way; promising Katsuki money, power and fame. And yet, the blond turned his back on all of them. It wasn't that Katsuki was doing it out of some kind of misguided humbleness or some other noble reason. He didn't dislike having money, or power. But Katsuki wasn't dumb either; he knew that at the core of it, all of these jobs had one thing in common: they were all the same boring, unfulfilling desk jobs that Katsuki absolutely despised. He knew he wouldn't survive that kind of life for more than a month at most, before he ended up feeling like he was being slowly suffocated. No, what Katsuki needed was passion, action, danger .


And so, despite his mother’s many protests and warnings about the dangers and death rates associated with this line of work, Bakugo Katsuki ended up joining the fire department after extensive training at the age of 21. To Katsuki, being a firefighter was an absolute dream job. In his eyes, no one quite represented the spirit of true heroism like fire-fighters; their work was appreciated and admired by the public, there were much less cases of corruption and abuse of power compared to other institutions like the police force; firefighters risked their own lives and safety to help those in need. But most importantly of all: they constantly faced dangers that other people couldn't even fathom, and they spat in the face of death on the daily. It was the only job Katsuki could ever imagine for himself. And he loved every second of it. And yet...he wasn't quite sure when he had first started feeling like something was missing. Maybe it was the way his cold, lonely apartment greeted him every time he came back from a shift. It was furnished so sparsely you would think the blond had only moved in a week ago, instead of three years back. The apartment wasn't particularly big or fancy looking either; while a firefighter's salary wasn't exactly enough to live luxuriously, the fact that Katsuki lived by himself and didn't have any expensive hobbies to splurge on either had allowed the blond to save up quite a sum of money on his bank account; all while spending the bigger part of his income on supporting his parents back home (ever since Katsuki's father had injured his knee in a work incident, Mitsuki had been left as the lone earner for the two of them, and while there might be some differences between the blond and his parents, Katsuki wasn't as shitty of a son as to leave his aging parents to struggle financially; not if he could help it - his parents’ protests be damned). The saved up money would be more than enough for Katsuki to afford a bigger, nicer place; but until now, he had never seen the need. He had always been a minimalist (and just a bit of a neatfreak). The thought of letting another person into a place as intimate as his living quarters, for them to snoop around and mess everything up that Katsuki had so meticulously organized - it sounded beyond stressful to the blond.

So when had his tiny apartment begun feeling so big and empty? Katsuki didn't know. He just knew that he had started spending less and less time there. Lately, he had spent almost every waking hour (and many sleeping as well) at the fire department, working shift after shift – just so he would at least have something to do.

After that fateful evening, he simply slipped back into that routine, without giving it much thought. If Kirishima could see the blond right now, he would probably accuse Katsuki of using his work as an excuse to avoid facing his own emotions (and rightfully so); but the redhead wasn't there right now to judge him. Katsuki hadn't returned a single one of the guy’s countless phone calls that week and only replied to Kirishima’s many text messages to turn down the redhead's invitations to hang out or hit the gym together with excuses about being busy at work. He knew his best friend saw right through him. Katsuki was aware how obvious he was being, how see-through his weak attempts at steering the conversation towards a different subject were, every time the redhead so much as breached the topic of the bachelor party or a certain curly-haired dancer. But he couldn't help it; Katsuki just didn't have the emotional energy to deal with Kirishima's over-analyzing ass right now. He didn't need to be told what he basically knew himself: that he was being pathetic, that he was overreacting by sulking all week just for simply being a rejected by a guy he had known for all of what, three, four hours? It wasn't like Katsuki had asked for any of this. He didn't know what exactly it was about the green-haired man, that made him so special in Katsuki's mind – but for some unknown reason, he just was . Katsuki knew he had no chance of forming any kind of meaningful human connection, unless he managed to finally stop a certain pair of forest green eyes from haunting his dreams every night.


Since Katsuki was pretty much a master at avoiding uncomfortable situations at this point, it wasn't until the very evening of Kaminaris’ and Jirou’s wedding that  Katsuki was finally alone with Kirishima - leaving the blond with no other choice but to face the meddlesome redhead. After trying all night to catch a word with the reclusive firefighter, the shark-toothed boy finally caught Katsuki by himself outside on the balcony of the venue. The blond was still holding a barely touched champagne flute in his hand, staring forlornly into the clear night sky; his exhausted brain only slowly processing  the events of the day.


The wedding had been...nice, Katsuki found himself thinking. Ah, who was he kidding: it had been fucking beautiful. He really had to hand it to Jirou's friends, who had been responsible for putting together the whole thing. The women had really gone all out to make the wedding feel nothing short of magical; from the venue to the ceremony up to the choice of music, food and decorations - everything had been perfect and yet very distinctly fitting to both Kaminari and Jirou. The only thing Katsuki had disliked was the horrible ensemble Kaminari had been wearing (an absolute mess of a black satin suit, complete with yellow tie and highlights), although the firefighter was almost certain the groom was solely responsible for his disaster of an outfit. Jirou had looked amazing though, with her fitting smart-casual wedding dress in off-white; keeping true to her own style and love of punk and rock by styling the whole thing with a pair of black skull gauges in her ears and a thin, studded choker around her neck. The cutting of the cake had been..messy, just as expected of the silly, constantly bickering couple; and even Katsuki, with his rough demeanor and facade of dismissive indifference hadn’t been able to fight the treacherous sting in his eyes as he had listened to all of their friends deliver emotional and thoughtful speeches and well-wishes in the newlywed couple's favor. Even Katsuki himself had gotten convinced by his friends (pressured, more like) to say a few words about the pair, along with the rest of the bakusquad. In Katsuki's case, they were mostly insults and jokes at the groom's expense, which were all received with a lot of mirth and laughter, even from Kaminari himself.

Staying true to their promise, not a word was spoken by the bakusuqad about the fateful prom-posal incident during their individual speeches; but that didn't mean that they didn't still have a plethora of other material, most of which were stories and anecdotes from their high school days, at their disposal to try and properly humiliate Kaminari in front of his wife and all of their guests. It ended up being a complete success, and the end of which Kaminari threatened to hide under the table and never show his face again. He didn't make good on his promise after all though, because soon after the pair had to go out on to the dancefloor in order to lead the first dance as a married couple. There had been a lot of back and forth between the two of them about what the first dance should be - Kaminari wanted to go with the classical waltz, while Jirou pushed for something slightly more contemporary. In the end, they had settled on jazz-rock version of the famous Vienna Waltz, and Kaminari only stepped on his wife's toes an approximate amount of 10 times (much better than in their rehearsals). Katsuki wasn't sure he had ever seen his friend look as blissed out as in that very moment, and for all it was worth, Katsuki ended up feeling nothing but pride and genuine happiness for Kaminari for the duration of the whole event.


The darker, more brooding thoughts only came to the firefighter later, once he had finally managed to separate himself from the crowd, in dire need of space and some cool air to clear his head. Katsuki found both outside; the balcony that was connected to the venue's main event hall by a pair of big, sliding glass doors, had been blissfully empty, to Katsuki's immense gratitude. Lucky for the blond, it was only early march and the spring night air could still get quite chilly. Katsuki didn't mind the cold though – it made him him feel awake, more alert than he had been all week. The days had passed Katsuki by in a daze of work, eat, sleep, repeat; the firefighter could barely recall any details from the past week, it had been nothing but a blur of one dispatch to the next. Work had been nothing more but repeatedly going through the same motions Katsuki was so used to by now, he could perform them in his sleep. Speaking of sleep...the only things that had remained clear in his memories of the past few days had been his dreams....and the person primarily starring in them. Not all of them had been lewd (although a good portion of them were - not very surprising considering the majority of their first encounter had been spend with the man grinding on Katsuki's lap); some of them had been simple, almost sweet even. Just Katsuki and the dancer, talking. Eating together. Telling the man about his day at work. Kissing him to forget about the hollowness taking hold in Katsuki's chest every time they were dispatched to a scene with casualties. Just looking into the other male's eyes, getting lost in those oceans of emerald that seemed to hold all of the universe's stars in them.


Almost a whole week had passed by why was Katsuki still not over that Deku guy?


It was lost in his thoughts like this that Kirishima finally found him that night; a deep frown seemingly permanently etched onto his best friend's features; it was the same one that the blond had worn on his face the morning after the bachelor party, before he had left the redhead's apartment in a hurry. It reminded Kirishima painfully of the Katsuki from high school – the one he had been before Kirishima had started approaching him and getting the blond to slowly open up. The red-head really didn't like the way his friend was starting to pull away from him again, as if he was regressing back into his old ways. He wanted to do something about it, but frankly, he wasn't quite sure what . It was clear as day that Katsuki was distraught about something; something that might or might not be related to two of their old high school friends tying the knot and something that was most definitely related to a certain green-haired dancer.


Kirishima knew Katsuki wouldn't appreciate him bringing up the topic of the other man, so instead he tried a different approach first.


“Hey there, Baku-bro!” he greeted the blond with a fake cheerfulness; the way the other male startled slightly at his words told Kirishima the blond must have been too lost in his own thoughts to hear him coming. The firefighter only spared the redhead a short glance and gave a noncommittal grunt in response, before returning to staring blankly into the dark night sky. Kirishima just barely kept himself from heaving a weary sigh, before wandering over to the other male and leaning against the balcony railing next to the brooding blond with an air of forced nonchalance.


“So....great wedding, wasn't it?” Kirishima started awkwardly, but once again Katsuki simply hummed in reply, putting the champagne flute to his lips and taking a small sip. This time Kirishima didn't stop the sigh from escaping his lips. “ know you can't keep sulking like that forever, right? How about we talk about it instead?”


Katsuki didn't look at the redhead, but the corners of his mouth tugged down further as his frown deepened. “I don't know what we would have to talk about. Nothing happened.”


“Dude.” Kirishima fixed the blond with a disapproving stare, and this time the firefighter finally turned his head; his expression remained stubbornly stoic though. “You know what I mean. We should talk about that guy, Izuk-”


“There is nothing to talk about” Katsuki interrupted the redhead before the other could even finish his sentence. He didn't want to talk about the dancer. Not right now, when he was still feeling all kinds of messed up; not when his feelings regarding the man who was practically still a stranger to all of them were all over the place, and Katsuki didn't even know why . Kirishima opened his mouth as if he wanted to protest, but one stern look from the blond made him finally concede.


“Fine, you big bull-headed baby” the shark toothed boy scoffed in response, but his words were followed up by a big, kind hearted grin. “What do you say we get out of here and hit the town? We haven't gone clubbing in a while. Maybe you'll even meet someone nice?”


Katsuki appreciated his best friend’s efforts to try and distract him, to cheer him up even (not that he needed it, because Bakugo Katsuki was definitely not sulking); but he just wasn't in the right mood. A part of him wanted to at least try and see if a good old fashioned hook-up with some twink he found at the bar would help; the kind of no-strings-attached fuck where you didn't ask for the other one's name, and were gone before breakfast. The kind of fuck Katsuki used to prefer, instead of letting something as annoying and meddlesome as a relationship tie him down. But the other part of him felt almost sick at the thought of sleeping with someone other than Izuku; the guy whose body and voice and smile he had been dreaming about all week. Maybe Katsuki was really getting old. Did he want to settle down so badly? Or was it just some kind of mid-life crisis talking, triggered by one of his closest friends finally getting married? Just why was his brain so fixated on the green-haired dancer, of all people? Of course, the guy had been Katsuki's type, but that should have been it. The stripper did have an amazing body; that much Katsuki could admit. It had been just the right balance of soft curves and hard lines; the kind of perfectly muscled body you could only achieve through years of hard work and training, paired with the flexibility and grace of a dancer and the allure of someone who was aware of their sexual appeal and how to wield it, while at the same time being painfully unaware of their own charm and the effect it had on other people's lives. People like Katsuki. It was like the other man was a drug, and a single hit had been enough to get the blond addicted. Having an appearance Katsuki’s body found sexually appealing was one thing; a single quick fuck and he could have flushed that out of his system. But it was the curly haired man's personality that had sealed the deal on Katsuki's obsession; the proverbial last nail on the coffin of Katsuki's sanity. Deku was the kind of guy you wouldn't mind waking up next to every morning; the kind of guy who, after a long day of work that had left you drained both physically and emotionally, you simply looked forward to snuggling up next to on the couch and watching Netflix with. He seemed like the kind of guy that could destroy your fatigue and recharge all of your energy with just one of his angelic smiles. And Katsuki wanted all of it, wanted this in his life. The realization hit him like a punch to the gut. He didn't want just any guy, he wanted him, he wanted Deku. Needed Deku.


And yet he would never see him again. Because he had missed his chance. Why didn't he ask that guy for his number when he had still had the chance? What had made him hesitate? Had it been his stupid pride? The lingering fear of rejection, that Katsuki had had troubles dealing with ever since he was a little child? Because he was Bakugo Katsuki; he always got what he wanted. So when there was a chance he might not get it...he simply gave up. Him, and giving up? That didn't seem like his usual self at all. So why, of all the situations, was this the one where he had decided to be such a coward?

Katsuki suddenly didn't feel like being at this wedding reception anymore; he didn't want to be around anyone right now, least of all Kirishima with his stupid perceptiveness when it came to Katsuki and his dumb, repressed feelings.


He was about to leave the redhead behind with some kind of lame excuse about needing to catch up on sleep and head home, when a familiar head of bleached blond hair with a stupid black streak came barreling onto the balcony, completely out of breath and the stupid yellow tie of his expensive wedding suit undone.


Kirishima was the first one to speak up at the groom's unexpected (and frankly, slightly over-dramatic) entry. “Denki? What the hell are you doing here, bro? I thought you and Kyoka were already headed for the airport!”


Kaminari flashed the two of them a halfhearted thumbs-up between taking in lungfuls of air, holding his side that was most likely in stitches from running all the way here in a hurry. “I....was...but....oh god, give me a second!” he huffed, crumpling down into a pitiful pile on the nearest chair, using the collar of his dress shirt to fan himself some air and stop the rivulets of sweat from running down his face. “Kyoka-chan will kill me if I miss the flight to my own freaking honeymoon....but..I had to catch Bakugo before we left.”

The blond in question just pointed a finger towards himself in confusion, his eyebrows shooting up towards his hairline. “Me? What the hell do you need with me, Pikachu? Don't make Jirou wait on your ass first thing into your marriage!”


Kaminari's face split into the widest grin any of them had ever seen, as the bleached blond reached into the pocket of his trousers. “I almost forgot, but luckily I remembered this last second! I wanted to give it to you earlier, but with the stress of the wedding and all...Anyway! Here you go!”

The out-of-breath male simply procured a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and held it towards Katsuki, as if he was presenting the other man with some kind of priceless treasure.


“You are very welcome” he grinned, his excitement not even faltering at the rough, impatient way Katsuki snatched the piece of paper from his sweaty hand.


“What the fuck is this?” the firefighter questioned, before trying to straighten the crumpled paper out to a degree the scribbled writing on it would be legible.


Kaminari simply continued grinning like the smug bastard that he was while the firefighter's crimson eyes flitted over the words on the note, growing wider by the second. “The morning after the bachelor party...that guy, Izuku, woke me up while you guys were still sleeping. Said something about having to go feed his dog and get ready for lectures.”


Kirishima was looking puzzled from Kaminari's panting, yet relentlessly smiling form to Katsuki's absolutely shell shocked expression, trying to figure out what was going on. He chanced a look over the firefighter's shoulder at the piece of paper, but the only thing he could make out was a sequence of digits. Wait a second. Could that be...?

Kaminari continued, now using the short reprise to take of his offending yellow tie and stuffing it into the inner pocket of his dress jacket. “He wanted to congratulate me about the wedding once more before he left. And he asked if I could give this note to 'Kacchan'”


Katsuki's eyes shot up and met Kaminari's mirthful glance. He wasn't quite sure if he wanted to strangle the idiot or thank him. He only knew one thing:


“I...I have to go.”


Katsuki muttered, before pressing his champagne glass into a dumb-founded Kirishima's hand and taking off in a mad sprint. But before he disappeared back into the venue to retrieve his coat, he   tossed a glare over his shoulder at Kaminari – although the effect was almost destroyed by the wide grin threatening to take a hold of his face at the moment.


“I'll deal with your stupid ass once you are back from your honeymoon” he growled before he was gone once and for all, leaving behind a terrified Kaminari and a still extremely confused Kirishima.


“ you think he is really mad at me? After all, I did forget to give him Izuku's number until now...” Kaminari asked the redhead who was currently heaving the bleached blond's exhausted ass out of the chair, ushering to finally go back to his wife so they wouldn't miss their cab to the airport. Kirishima just laughed in response, recalling the way the firefighter couldn't help the smile spreading on his face despite trying to sound intimidating. “I don't think so, man. I really don't think so.”



The day after the bachelor party, Izuku had made his way home, although slightly hung over, in an extraordinarily good mood. Sure, it was kind of awkward, riding the train with the morning commuters while looking like an absolute mess and still wearing his fake police uniform. He was used to leaving right after his performances, which was usually in the dead of night, so he didn’t have to deal with any judging looks on his way back home. But now, in the light of the morning, it was very obvious he was wearing a costume; there were dark rings under his eyes and the curls on his head were a disheveled mess; the obvious hangover he was nursing from drinking with the group until so late was probably not helping his case either. Still, he felt way too giddy to let a couple of old people sending him nasty looks put a damper on his mood.

Nonethe-less, Izuku was glad when he finally returned home, dying for a shower and a short nap. The gigantic furry mass of his dog Inasa practically tackled him in excitement as soon as he stepped through the door; being used to handling the massive canine, Izuku side-stepped the loving assault with ease, locking the door behind him before the dog could storm outside. Inasa had always been on the over-enthusiastic side; which wasn't always easy when your dog weighed more than you, but Izuku loved the animal to bits regardless. After thoroughly cuddling a clingy Inasa and filling up the dog's food and water, Izuku finally allowed himself to relax in a long and hot shower, barely having enough energy left over to dry himself off and put on a pair of boxers before collapsing into his bed. It didn't take long for the dancer to drift off to sleep, his mind filled with scorching hands on his skin and piercing red eyes. He didn't want to get his hopes up too high when it came to the blond, but his heart was still racing in his heart excitedly when he thought back onto the evening, feeling like a school girl with a crush. Maybe things were finally going in his favor this time.


Izuku's good mood lasted for all of 3 days; by that time, his hopes for Katsuki to call him had started to run out. He felt stupid. Of course it had been a heat of the moment thing. Guys like Katsuki didn't go for guys like Izuku; sure he might have been able to catch the other man's attention with his performance, but that was because the other male had been drunk. And probably sexually frustrated. And as soon as he realized that the sexy, confident stripper Deku wasn't exactly identical to the shy, socially awkward Izuku he was the rest of the time, he must have lost interest. Or he might have noticed that Izuku was the type to get easily attached and would have been a hassle to get rid off once they had sex; the fire-fighter did seem like the kind of guy who preferred casual sexual relationships over long time commitment. And that was totally fine. Who was Izuku to judge the guy for it? He had performed, received his money and gone home. That should have been it. This was always the extent of his relationship with his clients. Anything beyond that would just be unprofessional. So why was Izuku feeling so frustrated?

Surely it wasn't because, despite his rough exterior, that Katsuki guy seemed to have a really sweet and genuine side to him. Or because while talking to the guy, time had simply flown past Izuku, minutes of conversation turning into hours easily without any of them noticing. Or how adorably flustered the blond got every time one of his friends teased him about something related to the dancer; or how he almost looked starstruck for a moment every time Izuku smiled at him. It very decidedly was not because of how illegally hot the other man had been and how Izuku couldn't even begin to imagine the blond in a firefighter's uniform without getting a hard-on. Speaking of hard-ons...he definitely didn't catch himself touching himself to the thought of the man's hard bulge rubbing against his backside, wondering what it would feel like to have that inside of him...

Nope, none of those things. It must simply be the stress of the upcoming finals messing with his head. Nothing else. He wasn't going to hold out for the other man's phone call anymore. What he needed to do now was bury himself to his head in school work. If he was drowning in books about parvo, lyme disease, demodectic mange and toxoplasmosis, he wouldn't have time to pine after handsome blond firefighter's with hypnotic red eyes.


So when Izuku was woken up by a phone call in the middle of the night, his immediate thought was that it must be an emergency call from his mom, or something equally urgent. But by the time his sleep-addled brain had regained enough function to scramble for the phone that had fallen off his nightstand and into the space between his bed and the wall of all places, his panic had calmed down somewhat. He had a special ring tone on his phone for his mother, and what he was hearing right now, echoing loudly through his dark room, making Inasa whine in alert, wasn't it. When he had finally retrieved the device from the narrow space, he didn't waste much time looking at the number any closer. All he registered was that it was from a contact not registered on his phone. So when after his repeated question as to who the hell was calling him at this time of night, he was only greeted by silence, he was about ready to chalk it up to a mis-dial or prank call and hang up right then and then. He was glad he didn't.




As Katsuki was running for the train station, hoping he would still make it in time to catch the last train, he couldn't stop his heart from thrumming excitedly in his chest as he punched the number on the note into his cell phone with shaking fingers. The note that Deku had left him.


Dear Kacchan, I am sorry I didn't say goodbye before leaving. I really had a great time with you guys. I hope you did as well. Call me? xx


Underneath was written a phone number, in the same barely legible chicken scratch as the rest of the message, and Katsuki found himself thinking that the bad handwriting surprisingly suited the green-haired dancer. The firefighter pressed the call button before his courage left him and he could decide otherwise. The call tone rang loudly in his ear , but he could barely hear it over the noise from his own thundering heartbeat.


One week. One whole week had passed since they had last seen each other. One whole week since Katsuki thought the other had walked out of his life for good. As he waited for the dancer to finally pick up the call, he couldn't stop his worries from overtaking his thoughts, making him hesitate in his sprint toward the train station.

It had been a whole week in which he hadn't called or texted the dancer. Of course, it had been because Katsuki didn't even know that Deku had left his number with Kaminari. But the stripper didn't know that. What if he had waited for Katsuki to call, and had decided to give up and move on when the blond didn't? Did he even still remember Katsuki? Surely, the curly haired man was busy with both studying and stripping gigs; he must meet a lot of people. What impact could someone like Katsuki even have on the life of the dancer?

Katsuki was ripped out of his spiraling thoughts by a voice answering his call, sounding disoriented and still rough with sleep. He must have woken the stripper up with his unexpected phone call. Which shouldn't come as a surprise, given that it was what, three in the morning? The wedding reception really had taken longer than he had anticipated. Then again, there was no way the blond could have expected this kind of development. While Katsuki was still searching for the right words to say, the voice at the other end of the phone spoke up again, this time sounding decidedly more impatient.


“..Hello? Who is this...?” Katsuki opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. What would he even say? 'hey I know this is kind of sudden but you were grinding on me a week ago and now I think I want to date you?' Yeah, not likely.  


He was once again forced to rip himself out of his stupor when he heard Deku huffing with annoyance at his continued silence. “I'm gonna hang up now”


“W-wait!” Katsuki blurted out before he could stop himself. “Ah, it's me, Bakugo. Katsuki” he added as an afterthought, because he had no idea if he had ever told the dancer his last name or not. “You probably don't remember me, but I was at that bachelor party you performed at last week...” The firefighter cringed inwardly at his own awkwardness, but was pleasantly surprised when he heard realization bloom in the other's voice at his words.


“...Kacchan?” the man on the other side of the line asked hesitantly, and Katsuki almost keened at how good it sounded to hear his nickname in the other male's voice again. He felt all of his exhaustion melt away instantly, and he resumed his light sprint down the street. The train station was still about a block away, but if he hurried he could still make it in time.


“You remembered me” the blond laughed breathlessly, his voice rough from both relief and exertion.


“Of course I do” he heard the other male reply, and he sounded like he was smiling. “I don't always give lap dances to strangers as handsome as you.”


Katsuki could feel his cheeks heating up, and it wasn't just because of the chilly night air.


“You sure took your time calling me” Deku accused, but there was a good portion of mirth in the other man's voice as well. He still sounded a little bit sleepy, but seemed to get increasingly more awake as they were talking.


The blond let out a deep chuckle that sounded almost sheepish. “Kaminari didn't give me your number until just now” he admitted, as he rounded the corner, the train station finally coming into sight.


“Kaminari?” the dancer asked confused, before realization hit him. “Ah, you mean Denki-kun!”

If Katsuki was slightly pissed that the stripper seemed to be on a first name basis with all of his friends, he didn't let it show. After all, the other had a special nickname, just for him.


“Yeah, that Pikachu fucker got married today” he panted, feeling around his suit pockets for some change for a train ticket, while listening to the other's excited congratulations. “He almost missed his honeymoon flight just to give me your note” Katsuki chuckled, finally fishing a couple of quarters and a crumpled dollar bill out of his coat pocket and heading straight for a ticket machine. He only hesitated when he realized he didn't even know where he was heading. Should he just go back home?

The line was quiet for a while, and the blond was about to ask if the dancer was still awake when the other male spoke up again. “So you decided to call me right away? You know that you could have just waited until morning, right?” Katsuki wondered if the dancer was angry at him for calling so late and effectively waking the other up, but the stripper didn't sound mad. If anything, he sounded amazed.


Katsuki just let out a deep breath, before switching the phone to his other ear. “No, I couldn't” he whispered, wondering if Deku understood the meaning behind his words. It had only been a week since he last saw and spoke to the curly haired male, but the thought of waiting any longer, evenand if it was only a couple of hours, seemed impossible to Katsuki. He was done waiting. He knew what he wanted now. And he was going to get it, no matter what.


A small, gasped “o-oh..” was all the answer the firefighter received, but he wasn't going to give up now. “I want to see you. Now.” Deku drew in a startled breath from the other end of the line, but he still didn't say anything. Katsuki decided to press on, putting all his feelings on display with his last, quietly uttered question. “Can I?”


Deku let out a small, breathless laugh, and Katsuki decided he had found his new favorite sound in the world. “I'll send you my address.” With that, the dancer hung up, leaving a speechless Katsuki behind, alone in the deserted train station, phone still pressed against his ear, change still in hand and a wide grin spreading across his face.




True to his words, Katsuki's cell phone beeped a couple ofa seconds later with a new text message; the only contents being an address about three blocks away. Katsuki decided he would probably be quicker walking instead of taking the train and immediately started falling into a sprint again. He had never been more thankful for his high stamina (one of the things that was simply a given if you wanted to make it in his line of work), but there was also something else that was making the distance simply fly by under his feet, and the burning of the cold spring air in his lungs feel pleasant instead of excruciating. Barely 10 minutes had passed until Katsuki found himself in front of a run-down apartment complex not unlike his own, climbing up some rusty stairs and checking the doors for the right apartment number. When he reached it, he raised his hand to rap his knuckles against the weathered wood, but something made him freeze in his tracks. What was he even doing here? He had asked the other if he could come over and had rushed over without giving it a second thought, but what exactly was he trying to do here? It was the middle of the night, and he barely knew the guy. Was this really the right thing to do?


But then Katsuki remembered. One week. One week he had spent pining after the other male, beating himself up time and time again for the chance he thought he’d missed. And now he had been given another. He wasn’t going to hesitate anymore.


Taking a deep breath, Katsuki knocked on the door, once, twice. A moment of silence followed - and then he heard a dog barking from inside (probably the dancer’s insane mutant mutt). Katsuki could hear the stripper’s voice try and calm the animal down, followed by a low whine from the dog and the sound of a door being closed. Katsuki didn’t even have a moment to collect his thoughts before the door was ripped open and he was treated to the sight of the short male in nothing but boxer-briefs and a thin, oversized t-shirt with a kitschy looking logo and the words ‘PLUS ULTRA!!’ across the chest; the man’s hair was looking even unrulier now, the fluffy mess of deep green curls looking like a bird had made a nest in it. Deku looked slightly out of breath from hurrying to open the door, and there was an adorable blush spreading on the dancer's freckled face. Katsuki thought he never saw the other look more stunning.


“Sorry for that, Inasa always gets so excited when there’s visitors. Um...hi” Izuku greeted him awkwardly, giving Katsuki a shy smile while his hand played nervously with the hem of his shirt. “How did you get here so fast?”


As if the dancer’s unexpected self-consciousness had activated Katsuki’s own confidence in return, the blond flashed the shorter male a grin, letting his eyes boldly roam over every inch of skin that was exposed to his hungry gaze. He had almost forgotten how gorgeous the other man was in person. Katsuki could already feel his hands itch with the urge to touch that incredibly soft skin again.

“The wedding venue is actually not that far from here, so I decided to walk.” Run like a madman was probably more accurate, but Deku didn’t need to know that.


The stripper just nodded absentmindedly in response, while his forest green eyes scanned Katsuki from head to toe. Katsuki belatedly realized that he was still wearing his suit from the wedding; he must probably look very odd now, standing in the other man’s doorway at three in the morning wearing a fitted, black two piece suit, his dark red tie a wrinkled mess from pulling it loose around his neck earlier that evening; not to mention the fact that he was still out of breath from sprinting all the way here and his hair was most likely a disheveled mess. Great first impression, Katsuki. Or well - second impression.

“Can I..come in?” he asked hesitantly when the silence started to stretch between them, and as if a spell had been broken, the dancer snapped out of his thought. Flushing an adorable shade of pink, the green-haired man quickly stepped to the side, letting the firefighter into his small apartment.

Closing the door behind them, Deku turned around and fixed Katsuki with a shy little grin, once again rubbing the back of his neck self-consciously. “Sorry. I guess I didn't quite expect you to show up looking like..that” the stripper said with a small laugh, gesturing to Katsuki's outfit. Katsuki wasn’t quite sure if it was meant in a positive or negative way. The blond hoped it was the former. After all, Katsuki had been told on numerous occasions that he looked ‘absolutely dashing’ (his colleague Aoyama’s words) and ‘unfairly hot’ (Ashido’s assessment) in a suit.  “I feel kind of under-dressed now” Deku joked with a small chuckle, but his laughter stopped in his throat when he registered the searing gaze the blond directed his way.


“I think you look amazing right now” Katsuki said before he had a chance to stop the words from escaping his mouth, and he would have liked to punch himself for them if they didn't make the shorter male blush adorably up to the tip of his ears, suddenly avoiding Katsuki's gaze in favor of inspecting his own bare feet.


“Are you always this flirty with strangers?” Deku finally asked with a small giggle, looking up at Katsuki from under his lashes in that way that made Katsuki go absolutely crazy. The blond’s mouth was suddenly feeling very dry again. “No. Just with you” he answered truthfully, and he could tell that while his reply made the stripper avoid his gaze all flustered again, the other seemed to be quite pleased with his admission. Feeling more confident, Katsuki stepped closer to the shorter male, effectively trapping the man against the front door and invading his personal space. Deku drew in a sharp breath, before lifting his head and meeting Katsuki's searing gaze with his own. The air between them seemed to almost be sparking with electricity, and the blond found himself licking his suddenly very dry lips, aware of the way the dancer’s eyes followed the movements of his tongue closely.


“Why are you here, Kacchan?” Deku asked after a beat of silence, his intense gaze locking Katsuki in place. The other male’s question caught the blond off guard. “What do you mean? You said I could come over...” he replied, confusion tinting his voice, but Deku simply shook his head in return.


“That’s not what I meant. I meant, why are you here ?” the dancer asked again, putting more emphasis on his question, and suddenly Katsuki understood what the other was asking him. What exactly was it that he wanted from the other man? Sex? A relationship?

Katsuki wasn’t quite sure about that himself. There was only one thing he was completely sure of; so he answered as straightforwardly as he could. “I just wanted to see you” he admitted almost sheepishly. It was the truth, after all. He had wanted to do that all week. Deku seemed to hesitate at Katsuki’s answer though, meeting the firefighter’s gaze with an uncertainty quite untypical for the usually so feisty dancer.


“I’ll be completely honest with you...I’m not really used to this kind of thing...” Deku finally spoke up, with a sheepish laugh, gesturing between their bodies vaguely. Once again , Katsuki found himself confused.


“What do you mean?” he asked, tilting his head to the side slightly. Seeing the other man so out of his depth was new to him and kind of unexpected; the dancer had practically oozed self-confidence when he had been putting on his show for them at the bachelor party. But right now, he just seemed like a normal guy, shy and slightly awkward, unsure how to handle all the sexual tension hanging heavy in the air between them. And for that Katsuki was almost glad; he hated not knowing what to say or how to act in unknown social situations  - and this whole thing with was pretty much unventured terrain for the blond. It felt good to know he was not the only one feeling in over his head.


Deku simply blushed even harder in response to Katsuki's intense gaze, avoiding meeting the blond’s eyes again.


“You know, one-night-stands...” he muttered quietly, the tips of his ears burning brightly and Katsuki wondered how someone who stripped to earn their money could get so flustered at the mention of something like that. It was kind of cute, seeing the dancer’s bashful side like that. It made him want to tease the other, see how many more interesting reactions he could draw out from the curly haired male; but he still had something to clear up first:


“Why do you think I want this to be a one-night-stand?” Katsuki prodded, his eyebrows knitted in confusion. What part of his behavior had led the dancer to that kind of conclusion?  Well, he supposed he had kind of shown up at the other’s apartment late at night…but other than that, almost all of Katsuki’s interactions with the dancer had seen the blond act like a star-struck idiot, to Katsuki’s great embarrassment. He didn’t usually blush, or stare, or trip over his words like some kind of dork; he was used to being in control, barely giving away a hint of his emotions - always keeping his distance. At least he had been, until that fateful evening of the bachelor party, where the dancer had waltzed into Katsuki’s life looking like sex on legs and smiling like an angel and had put the firefighter’s whole word on its head.  


Deku met his gaze with more determination now; he didn’t seem upset with Katsuki or anything; just genuinely curious. “But that’s what you came over for, right? To have sex?”


Katsuki just blinked dumbly in response. What part of his absolutely pathetically obsessive behavior had made the green-haired male believe that was all he was after? The firefighter found himself being oddly frustrated at having his intentions so very clearly misunderstood. He knew he tended to come off as standoffish sometimes (ok, more like ‘aggressive’) and he wasn’t very good at communicating his feelings properly.. but for the first time in what felt like forever, Katsuki actually wanted to make an effort. The blond’s mouth opened before he had a chance to plan his answer.

“No, that’s not-..! I mean yes, sort of, but...Argh!” Katsuki let out an aggravated huff. Why were words so complicated and confusing?

The shorter male just looked at Katsuki in anticipation, appearing puzzled. The firefighter had to take a couple of deep breaths to collect his thoughts; then he tried again.


“It’s not like I don’t want to have sex with you, I do : It’s just that it’s not all I want. I mean...” Katsuki was starting to lose grasp of what he wanted to say again, stumbling over his words to get his feelings across to the other male. “I don’t just want it to be a one-night-stand. I spent all week thinking I had missed my chance to ever see you again and it was fucking frustrating. I couldn’t get you out of my head. So, what I am trying to say is: I want to see you again..if..if you are okay with that” he finished kind of lamely, averting his eyes, his face burning hotly in embarrassment now. This was why he didn’t do the whole dating thing usually - talking about your feelings was fucking hard and it was also embarrassing as fuck. The silence started to stretch between them once again, and Katsuki was getting impatient with every moment that passed without the green-haired male saying anything.  Being unable to stand the silence any longer, Katsuki finally looked up at Deku to gauge the other’s reaction.

The dancer was not meeting his gaze, instead the other male was staring at his feet, face flushed a deep shade of scarlet, fingers nervously picking at his shirt again. He looked flustered and nervous, but also almost..hopeful?


“‘Wanting to see me again’...what does that mean exactly?” Deku finally asked, his voice sounding oddly breathless. The man was still not meeting Katsuki’s gaze, and it was starting to piss the blond off.


Getting impatient, Katsuki took a step closer to the green-haired male; with the door at his back Deku had nowhere to back away to and the two of them ended up standing almost nose to nose; or nose to chest, considering their height difference.


“What I am saying is” Katsuki growled, taking a hold of the dancer’s chin and tilting the other’s face up, effectively forcing the stripper to finally return his gaze. “I want to date you, you stupid nerd. ”


Izuku’s eyes widened almost comically at his words, the man’s blush getting another couple of shades deeper; his hands flew up to cover his face as he stuttered out a reply.


“ want to...Wait, who are you calling a nerd?!”


Katsuki wanted to laugh; of course that was the part of the sentence the other decided to get hung up on. The blond’s face split into mischievous smirk. For all of the dancer’s cockiness and bravado when stripping, the guy actually seemed to be a huge, awkward dork the rest of the time. It made Katsuki want to mess with the other. Lifting a hand to the dancer’s chest, the blond slowly and deliberately dragged his fingers down the thin fabric, relishing in the soft gasp it earned him from the shorter male, before stopping on the man’s sternum and pinching the shirt’s fabric between his fingers.

“Well, you are the one wearing an All Might t-shirt to bed, so you tell me.. nerd ” Katsuki teased with a sly grin, chuckling when Deku’s flush deepened in response; the man let out an indignant squeak before hitting Katsuki’s shoulder playfully, breaking into an adorable pout.


“I’ll have you know that All Might is an amazing series and beloved by all, not just children and comic book nerds, .” the dancer replied, sticking his chin out defiantly; his green eyes were sparkling with mirth, though.

“Yeah whatever you say….nerd” the blond retorted with a grin, putting a hand around the dancer’s waist and pulling the man’s body in closer, just like he had been yearning to do all week now. The other man’s body was warm against his, all hard muscles and soft skin and Katsuki never wanted to let him go.

Deku simply let Katsuki pull him in, flashing him his trademark angelic grin, despite the flush darkening on his face again. “You know, I’m surprised you recognized it as All Might just from the motto..most people don’t know that one. Unless of course, they have read the comics themselves..”

Deku was giving Katsuki a smug conspiratorial look now, and Katsuki couldn't help but blush at being found out like that.

“I used to read them as a kid. I’m not a geek like you who probably has a room full of All Might merch. Shut up, nerd..” he muttered embarrassedly, pinching the skin on the dancer’s side in return as punishment. The dancer let out a small squeal at being pinched and wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s torso now, the annoyingly smug grin never leaving his features.


“ keep telling yourself that, Kacchan” Deku teased, locking eyes with the firefighter’s searing gaze. Silence fell over the two of them again, but it wasn’t an awkward one. The air was heavy with sexual tension and Katsuki wanted nothing more than to bridge the small gap between their mouths already. But before that, he still wanted to make something sure.


“You still haven’t answered my question” he whispered into the dancer’s ear, feeling the man’s hot body shudder beneath his hands delectably. Izuku just let out a noise between a whine and a whimper, pressing his body closer to Katsuki in an attempt to hide from the blond’s piercing crimson gaze directed at him.

“Technically, it wasn’t a question” the little shit muttered into the fabric of Katsuki’s shirt and the firefighter knew the other man wasn’t going to give up anything easily. But Katsuki had always liked a good challenge. Running his hands up the other’s back and shoulders, Katsuki finally buried his fingers in the soft moss-green locks of the other man’s hair, before twisting his fingers in the strands and giving them a teasing pull.

Izuku let out a soft, throaty moan in response,obediently tilting his head back to finally meet Katsuki’s eyes. The man’s forest green orbs were twinkling with mischief and an unmistakable hint of want, the male’s pupils blown wide in anticipation of what Katsuki was going to do next. The blond tried his best to look annoyed, but couldn’t very well hide the hint of amusement from bleeding into his face at the dancer’s antics. Still, he wanted to hear an answer.


“Well then let me rephrase it for you” he growled, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips with the way the other male’s eyes widened just the tiniest bit and his teeth bit down on his plush lower lip again. Lowering his voice until it was barely above a hoarse whisper, he leaned down to put his lips against the dancer’s flushed ear and purred into it: “Will you go out with me, Deku ?”

“I told you, my name is Izuku” the stripper forced out breathlessly, although he didn’t at all seem bothered by Katsuki using his professional name in that way; if anything, he seemed to like the way the nickname rolled off Katsuki’s tongue sweetly, almost teasingly. The blond wasn’t oblivious to the dancer’s attempt at avoiding his question again, but he was going to get him to answer eventually. For now he simply let out a snicker, tugging on the other male’s hair again playfully. Once again, the dancer let out a soft, throaty noise at the action. So Deku liked getting his hair pulled, huh? Katsuki decided to file that information away for later use.

“Well, I like ‘Deku’ better” he replied to the dancer’s earlier statement, getting another hit on the shoulder from the stripper in return; although the motion soon turned into the dancer’s hands twisting into the fabric of Katsuki’s suit jacket, searching for purchase frantically as the blond decided to crowd the dancer further against the door, slotting a thigh between the green-haired male’s bare legs, being rewarded with a choked moan escaping Deku’s throat.


“You just prefer it because it reminds you of the amazing lap dance I gave you” the stripper teased in return, a grin splitting his face despite the dark flush of his cheeks and the desperate way his back was arching off the door to stay pressed closely to the blond’s body.


“Oh please, it wasn’t that great” Katsuki lied through his teeth, feeling the other man’s infectious grin spreading on his own face as well. Deku simply let out a scoff in return, but there was a mischievous fire burning in his eyes as he met the firefighter’s gaze, raising his head as if trying to issue a challenge.

“Your hard-on sure told me otherwise” the dancer teased around a self-satisfied smile. Katsuki let out a growl in response, grabbing the dancer’s buttocks and giving them a hard squeeze, relishing in the breathless whine Deku let out in response, the dancer’s hips stuttering against the blond’s thigh.

“Only because you were waving that fuckable ass in my face” Katsuki drawled and leaned down to bite down on the shell of the stripper’s ear, the man’s stuttered gasp shooting right to his lower regions.

“I’ll shove something else in your face if you keep doing that” Deku retorted weakly; his body had long since become putty in Katsuki’s eager hands. the green-haired male was rutting his hips against the firefighters thigh in earnest now and Katsuki could feel the man’s growing erection press against him, twitching when the blond gave the dancer’s ass another hard squeeze. Katsuki barely stopped the throaty groan from escaping his mouth, instead opting to bury his face in the crook of the dancer’s neck, inhaling the other man's intoxicating scentsmell greedily.

“You know, I wouldn’t mind that” he mouthed into the column of the stripper’s neck, letting his teeth graze the soft skin there teasingly, earning him another breathless moan and thrust of hips. “But first you answer my question” he purred into Deku’s ear, taking the other male’s earlobe between his teeth and tugging slightly.


The stripper let out a huff of air through his nose, his hands leaving their position on Katsuki’s shoulders to slide down the planes of the firefighter’s body with purpose, feeling up the blond’s chest and stomach. Every place the dancer’s nimble fingers touched left a burning, tingling sensation on Katsuki’s skin, and he found himself wishing there wasn’t a layer of clothing separating them at the moment.

“You already know my answer, don’t you?” he heard Deku whisper, before wrapping a hand around the fabric of the blond’s tie and tugging , effectively pulling the firefighter’s face down to his level. The green-haired male just barely let his lips graze over Katsuki’s, before opting to press a small kiss onto the blond’s cheek instead. The little tease.


Katsuki withdrew his hands from the other man’s backside momentarily to take a hold of the dancer’s chin instead, locoking eyes with him. Deku met his gaze steadily, a challenge burning in those dark green depths that sent a tingle down Katsuki’s spine. If the nerd wanted to dance, Katsuki would give him what he wanted. “Yeah I do. But I still want you to say it.”


The blond’s demand was met by the stripper with a devious little smile. “And if I don’t? What are you going to do, then?”


Katsuki returned the man’s gaze with a look so scorching it made the dancer let out a soft breath, body shivering ever so slightly against Katsuki. Oh, the things he wanted to do to the other male...the stripper had no idea how badly Katsuki wanted to fuck him senseless right now, right then and there, against the hard wood of the door, until the green-haired male was screaming the firefighter’s name loud enough to wake up all the neighbors. But first he was going to make this little, mischievous minx submit to him.


Flashing Deku a smirk, Katsuki suddenly stepped away from the dancer, leaving the other man to collapse back against the door heavily without the support of the blond’s thigh between holding him upright. Katsuki took a moment to admire his handiwork - the dancer’s face was flushed a beautiful shade of scarlet, the man’s chest was heaving with deep breaths. Deku’s eyes were dark, glazed over with want and the dancer’s shirt had slipped off to reveal his collarbone and freckled shoulder. And most importantly of all, the stripper’s dark boxer briefs were tented with the other’s obvious arousal. Katsuki could feel his mouth water as his eyes scanned over the outline of the other man’s hardened cock, straining against the thin fabric. Deku was giving Katsuki a confused look, letting out a pitiful whine at the sudden loss of contact that only made Katsuki’s smirk widen.  


“If you don’t say it...then I won’t fuck you” he threatened with a grin, feeling quite satisfied with the shocked look taking hold of the dancer’s features at the prospect.


“That’s not fair!” the stripper whined, making a move to step back into Katsuki’s personal space, but the blond simply stepped away with a sly grin. “Then say it.”

Deku let out another, almost childish whine, flushing a dark shade of red. “Fine..” he finally muttered, conceding with a pout.


The dancer’s following words were uttered so quietly that Katsuki might have almost missed it, if his eyes hadn’t been glued to the other man’s mouth, watching every movement of the other male’s lips. Even though Katsuki had anticipated it, he still couldn’t fight the warm, giddy feeling spreading in his chest at hearing the other male’s answer. Was that what being in love felt like? Gross , Katsuki decided, but he still didn’t stop the smile on his face turning just a bit softer, even as he continued to tease the dancer further.

“Hm? What was that?” he pretended to not have heard the stripper, but his obnoxious grin was surely giving him away. Deku simply glared at Katsuki in return, his pout returning tenfold; and yet he repeated his words for Katsuki, the blush on his face now positively flaming.


“I said I’ll go out with you! Are you happy now, you stupid bully?” Deku whined, and Katsuki finally allowed the other to step back into his arms, pulling the dancer close in an embrace, while the green-haired male proceeded to squish his face into Katsuki’s chest, trying to hide from the blond’s mirthful gaze.

“See, was that so hard?” the firefighter chuckled, running his hands through the dancer’s green locks fondly. Deku simply let out a strangled, embarrassed noise and hid his face further in Katsuki’s shirt. “Yes..” the man replied sullenly, although his words were muffled by the fabric of the dress shirt. Finally the dancer lifted his head, peeking up at the firefighter cutely, and Katsuki could feel his heart skip a beat in response.


“Can I at least get a kiss now?” Deku demanded, his arms snaking around Katsuki’s waist to lock around the small of the blond’s back. The firefighter pulled the dancer even closer in return, hands playing with the hair at the other male’s nape lazily. “Gladly” he purred, before leaning down and sealing his lips over the dancer’s mouth. The other male’s lips felt just as soft as Katsuki had imagined, and the blond let his eyes slip closed with a content sigh, letting himself get lost to the sensation. It started out with a simple press of lips, but soon Katsuki could feel the stripper’s mouth move hesitantly against his, and he tilted his head slightly to accommodate the other, deepening the kiss. Their mouths slid against each other hotly, and soon the air was filled with their soft pants and the wet noises of their kiss turning more filthy and open mouthed. Katsuki pulled on the dancer’s lower lip with his teeth and the other male replied with a small whimper, rising on his tiptoes to press harder into the kiss, obediently parting his lips to let Katsuki’s prodding tongue slip inside. The blond let his wet muscle roam around the hot cavity of the other’s mouth, exploring every nook and cranny before wrapping around Deku’s tongue, pushing, prodding and sliding against each other wetly. Katsuki couldn’t help the groan from escaping his throat when the dancer pushed back against his tongue, fighting for dominance before Katsuki finally gave in and let the other’s tongue invade his mouth. Remembering what Deku liked, Katsuki let his fingers slip into the other male’s hair again, using his grasp on the soft strands to pull the man’s head back. The stripper broke away from their kiss with a gasp for air that ended in a low whine when he felt Katsuki tug at his hair again. The dancer let his head fall back further, submissively baring the pale column of his throat for Katsuki’s hungry lips to latch onto, sucking and biting at the proffered flesh greedily, fully intent on leaving marks.

“Do you maybe want to move this inside?” Deku asked between breathy moans, and Katsuki only now realized that they were still in the doorway of the dancer’s apartment. Letting out an affirmative grunt, the blond let himself be tugged further into the apartment by the shorter male; Katsuki had half the mind to step out of his shoes before he was being pulled into the man’s living room by his tie like a dog being pulled by a leash. Katsuki didn’t mind though. As the door fell closed behind them, he made a mental note to send a text to Kaminari in the morning: whether to thank the idiot blond for remembering to give him the stripper’s number, or threatening to kill him for forgetting it in the first place, he hadn’t quite decided yet. There was one thing Kaminari had been right about though, Katsuki found himself thinking as he was being pushed down onto the dancer’s couch, a searing mouth covering his in a starved kiss once again - bachelor parties really were the best thing about weddings.




Izuku wasn't quite sure what he had expected to happen when he had opened his door to

the handsome blond at three in the morning. To be honest, there hadn't been a whole lot of thought put into his actions; he had simply acted on instinct, ever since he had heard Katsuki whisper those words over the phone.


“I want to see you. Now.”


How in the world would he have been able to say no to that? Still, Izuku wasn't quite sure what stroke of luck had exactly led to them making out on his living room couch at the moment – but he wasn't going to complain.

He was on his back on the couch cushions, strong arms caging him in and a muscular thigh between his legs, rubbing against his sensitive crotch in a way that was making Izuku go absolutely insane. His desperate whines were getting swallowed by the blond's mouth as they continued to make out, ravaging each other like starving animals. There were tongues prodding and teeth nipping and Izuku was starting to feel light-headed from the lack of oxygen. Despite that, he just couldn't bring himself to break away, pushing up urgently against Katsuki's mouth, hands twisting in the fabric of the blond's dress jacket, tugging impatiently in an attempt to get it off. As soon as the firefighter registered what it was the stripper was trying to do, the man pulled away from the kiss (much to Izuku's displeasure, which he made known to the other with a needy whine) and sat up on his haunches, working his broad shoulders to shrug off the piece of fabric before simply tossing it on the floor carelessly. Still, the little display had Izuku watching with wide eyes, heat rising high in his cheeks and blood rushing southwards. The blond looked a little flustered when he noticed Izuku staring, frowning a little.


Izuku just shook his head, a small smile breaking out on his face at the other man's adorable display of self-consciousness. There was really no need for it, in Izuku's eyes.

“Has anyone ever told you how ridiculously hot you are?” the student found himself blurting, chuckling at the way the blond's blush only darkened at his words while his frown got more intense. An idea flashed through his head.

“You know, I think you'd make a good stripper yourself” he teased with a little smirk, aiming to get the blond even more endearingly embarrassed. But the devastating grin he received from Katsuki instead made his mouth go dry.


“Is that so?” the fire-fighter drawled, before leaning down and down-right purring into Izuku's ear, “How about I give you a little show, then?”

Izuku met the blond's crimson gaze with confusion, attempting to get back up, but Katsuki pushed him back down with a hand on the dancer's chest, grinning widely.

“Just sit back and enjoy the show” the man whispered ominously, before lifting his hand to run his fingers through his own spiky, blond hair, all while fixing Izuku with a heated gaze and running his tongue over his lips seductively. Izuku could only gape like a fish out of water as Katsuki proceeded to slowly, and teasingly remove the tie from around his own neck. Only when the piece of red fabric was discarded on the floor as well, and the blond was starting to work on his shirt buttons, Izuku realized what was happening right now. He was receiving a strip-tease. From the man he gave a lap dance to only a week ago. He would have laughed at the hilarity of the situation if it wasn't so incredibly arousing. Katsuki's movements didn't have the same practiced precision of a professional stripper, but it was mesmerizing to watch none-the-less. There was something about the blond's absolutely smoldering gaze that made Izuku unable to look anywhere but at him; the way his long fingers worked the buttons of his shirt was mouth-watering to Izuku. Every undone button gave way to more and more bare flesh; the firefighter's skin was just slightly tanned, the planes of his chest just as defined as Izuku's, if not more, undoubtedly the result of many years of hard physical work.

The dancer wanted to run his hands all over the heated flesh, exploring every dip and curve, tracing his fingers over the few thin, ghostly scars marring the blond's otherwise flawless skin and telling tales of the dangers he had survived in carrying out his duty as a firefighter. When the last button was finally undone, the soft, dark fabric of Katsuki's dress shirt fell open to reveal his chiseled abs, and the mouthwatering hint of a happy trail; the dark blond hairs disappearing beneath the waistline of the other's trousers and making Izuku swallow hard in anticipation of what was underneath. With a movement akin to Izuku's famed body rolls, Katsuki let the shirt slip down his shoulders, running one of his hands teasingly over his collarbone and sternum and dipping lower, and lower, before his fingers came to rest on his own belt buckle. Piercing red eyes met Izuku's wide, green ones and the dancer could only let out a breathless gasp when the firefighter shot him another mirthful smirk that seemed to say You like what you see?

It was absolutely unfair how fast of a learner the blond seemed to be, having picked up on some of the stripper's moves and being able to replicate them almost perfectly right off the bat. Not to mention that the man's body was so hot it should be illegal. Izuku was sure the temperature in the room had risen about ten degrees since Katsuki had started his impromptu stripping performance.

The blond only took his eyes off Izuku for a short moment to completely take off his shirt and toss it aside as well; soon those ravenous eyes were upon him again and it was all Izuku could do not to whine pathetically, his erection twitching in want at the sight before him. He just wanted all those clothes to be gone, and he wanted to touch ..!

As if Katsuki had read his thoughts, he slid off the couch, pulling the dancer into a sitting position along with him, before positioning himself before the green-haired male, guiding Izuku's hands over his stomach, towards his groin painfully slowly.


“You want to help me with this?” the blond growled huskily when the dancer's hands finally stopped at the man's belt, hovering in place hesitantly. Izuku looked up at Katsuki, swallowing hard.  God, did he want that.

Never breaking eye contact, Izuku wet his lips nervously while his hands made slow work of the firefighter's belt; the clinking sound the buckle made when Izuku had finally managed to undo it made a shiver run down his spine. Checking Katsuki's face for permission to go further, Izuku finally put his undivided attention on the man's crotch once he received it. His fingers were almost shaking with impatience as he made short work of the other male's fly and zipper; soon the blond's dress trouser's were pooling around his ankles, and Katsuki stepped out of them gracefully. His clothed erection was now on eye-level with Izuku's face, and the dancer bit his lip as his eyes devoured the sight hungrily. The dark red fabric of the blond's boxer-briefs was stretching tightly over the hard length, and there was already a damp spot forming around the tip. Izuku wanted to press his face into it so badly.

Once again, Katsuki seemed to be able to practically read his thoughts (either that, or he was slipping back into his bad habit of muttering his thoughts out aloud); with a lazy grin stretching across his face, the blond buried one hand in Izuku's hair, before giving the locks a playful tug -and then he was pushing the dancer's head forward, right into his crotch.

This time, Izuku couldn't fight the pitiful moan from escaping his throat as his face was pressed against Katsuki's throbbing erection; the only thing separating them was a barrier of thin fabric, and Izuku honestly wished it wasn't there. He still made the best of it and proceeded to nuzzle along the outline of the man's cock, inhaling the male's musky scent deeply and mouthing at the red cloth eagerly. He could hear Katsuki let out a string of curses under his breath, as his hand tightened in Izuku's hair, pressing the dancer's eager face closer against his groin. Feeling mischievous, Izuku peered up at the blond from his position, before opening his mouth and slowly and deliberately dragging his tongue over the fabric along the length of Katsuki's dick, earning him a groan and and another, more insistent tug on his hair.

Izuku couldn't help the stuttered moan when he felt the slight pain shooting through his scalp at the action; he knew very well that he was a slight masochist, but he wasn't sure if he wanted Katsuki to find out about that quite yet. The man seemed to have an idea about it already though, judging by the wicked grin on his slightly flushed face when he twisted his fingers in Izuku's hair and repeated the action, simultaneously thrusting his hard erection against Izuku's cheek. And fuck Izuku if that wasn't the hottest thing ever. Speaking of....Izuku was currently allowing the man to tug him forward by his hair, obediently sliding off the couch and getting on his knees in front of the firefighter. Katsuki's gaze was burning him alive, and the blond muttered something under his breath that sounded like “ look so good like that..”

Izuku responded to that by kissing up the blond's cock; taking the fabric between his teeth carefully when he arrived at the waist band and dragging it down purposefully, reveling in the sharp intake of air he heard coming from the male above him. The dancer swallowed thickly when the blond's straining length finally sprang free from the confines of his underwear. Holding his breath almost reverently, Izuku used his fingers to slip the boxers off the rest of the way, not taking his eyes off the hard, flushed red flesh for a second. He wanted to get his mouth on that. Right. Now.

Shooting the blond another look from beneath his lashes, Izuku found himself stuttering out a nervous “Can I?” to which Katsuki only answered with a curt nod; the man's adam's apple bobbing as the blond swallowed in anticipation.

Izuku had about half a second to worry about whether the other would notice he only had sparse experience with this kind of thing, before the tip of the man's cock was rubbing against his cheek gently, and the dancer had to try not to keen over in want when he felt the slight wetness of Katsuki's pre-come sliding against his skin. Allowing himself to let out the needy, keening noises building in his throat, Izuku immediately went to work, licking a wet stripe up the length of Katsuki's cock, flicking his tongue at the top to lap up the small bead of liquid there. The taste was salty, but not unpleasant, and soon Izuku wrapped his lips around the entirety of flushed head, suckling gently. Katsuki let out a harsh breath at that which soon turned into some sort of growl when Izuku popped off his dick briefly to peek up at the blond, a cheeky twinkle in his eyes as he licked up the bit of leftover drool from his lips.

“Little tease” Katsuki huffed under his breath, but there was no heat behind his words; the firefighter's red eyes had this dazed, fogged over look to them that told Izuku the man was going just as mad with want as he was; and there was something distinctly satisfying about the knowledge that it was him who had that effect on the handsome blond.


“You want me to stop teasing?” Izuku asked with a faked innocence to his voice and expression, even as he was wrapping one hand around the shaft of Katsuki's dick and stroking him slowly, rubbing the tip of the man's erection against his swollen lips teasingly. So maybe he was enjoying this whole thing just a bit too much; there was something about having someone as strong and prideful as Katsuki completely at his mercy that Izuku found to be absolutely addicting.

The blond seemed conflicted when he growled out his answer.

“Fuck yes...but I also don't want to be the only one who feels good.”


Biting his lower lip in anticipation, Izuku never stopped his torturous stroking, his other hand sliding over Katsuki's upper thigh meanwhile, relishing the feeling of strong muscles shifting beneath his fingertips with every teasing squeeze on the other's erection, the man clearly straining against the urge to rut up into Izuku's palm.

“So what do you suggest?”

Katsuki shot Izuku another one of his devastating smirks in response that never failed to make the dancer's heart skip a beat, and bent down to pull the confused stripper to his feet, so he was standing face to face with the firefighter again.

“I got something in mind” he grinned mysteriously as he wrapped an arm around Izuku's waist and pulled the dancer flush against his body, before whispering in his ear conspiratorially.

“But we'll need your bed for that”



To be quite honest, Izuku wasn't sure if there was anything more awkward in this whole world than getting your dog to leave your bedroom because you were about to have sex in there, while a completely naked stranger hung around and watched. Still, after a bit of a struggle, an accusing look from Inasa and a lot of laughing and teasing from Katsuki, the door finally closed behind them and they were alone in Izuku's bedroom. It didn't take much for the mood to swing back to heavy sexual tension as they found themselves facing each other, smiles getting replaced by deep, longing looks.

“So...what was it that you wanted to try out?” Izuku asked awkwardly, being unable to stop his habit of picking at the seam of his shirt, just like he always did when he was nervous or flustered. And there wasn't anything more flustering than being in his bedroom with a very naked, very good-looking man who was still sporting a very prominent erection and whose grin and heated, crimson gaze made Izuku absolutely weak in the knees.

“Soon” Katsuki grinned, before stepping into the dancer's personal space again and sealing his hot mouth over Izuku's in a demanding kiss. When he broke away, leaving the breathless stripper clinging to his shoulders with a needy whine, Katsuki skimmed his nose along the column of Izuku's throat before nibbling at his earlobe playfully and rumbling into his ear.

“First we need to get these clothes off you”

Izuku had to try his very hardest to not sink to his knees with a high keening noise at the rough, demanding tone of voice the firefighter used on him; Izuku had a feeling he would do about anything the other asked of him as long as the man used that voice to command him.

Fingertips brushed along his waist, slipping underneath his shirt to glide along his sides, tracing over his ribs before sliding back down to grip the hem of Izuku's shirt. The dancer obediently lifted his arms as the blond pulled the piece of clothing off, throwing it aside just as carelessly as he had done with his own clothes before pulling the stripper into yet another hungry kiss. Izuku pressed closer into the firefighter's strong frame, his naked chest rubbing against equally naked and heated flesh now and making Izuku's head spin with the skin contact. He let out a soft, content moan as he stood on his tiptoes again, wrapping his arms around Katsuki's neck and kissing him with vigor.

The blond let out an approving hum when the dancer bit down on his lower lip hard enough to draw blood, before running his tongue over it in apology; his large hands were gripping Izuku's waist hard and he used that grip to slowly push Izuku backwards in the direction of the bed. Izuku broke away from the kiss with a little whine when he was made to stumble backwards, having to sink down onto his heels again if he didn't want to lose his footing, bringing the blond's face just out of reach again due to their height difference.

But Katsuki soon consoled him by craning his head to meet him in another kiss with a low chuckle, his hands now playing with the waistband of the dancer's underwear, hooking his fingers under it and tugging down on it teasingly, not enough to pull them off completely but enough to get his intention across. When Izuku's knees finally met the edge of the bed, he allowed the blond to push him down onto it with one gentle shove. The stripper bounced off the mattress as he landed on his back, but immediately got up on his elbows to meet Katsuki in another open-mouthed kiss, the blond crawling onto the bed until he was hovering over Izuku completely. It was Katsuki who broke off the kiss this time; a thin string of saliva connection their tongues for a second before breaking off, attesting to the level of messiness their make-outs had descended onto by this point. Izuku didn't have much time to miss the feeling of the other male's tongue against his own though, when Katsuki was gripping his hips again, fingers sliding underneath the stretchy fabric of his boxers to briefly squeeze the dancer's ass, before tugging down the other's underwear in earnest. Izuku obediently raised his hips to allow Katsuki to slide them off all the way, leaving the stripper completely naked beneath him.

If Izuku thought his job of taking his clothes off in front of strangers for money would make him immune to the kind of self-consciousness that came with having his naked body exposed to the blond's hungry gaze, he was dead wrong. It was one thing to be almost naked as Deku, the stripper; it was a whole other thing to be naked in front of the guy he was quickly starting to fall for, and who he was about to have sex with.

Katsuki didn't seem to notice his nervousness though; the blond was currently sitting back on his haunches, busy with letting his eyes rove over every exposed inch of skin his eyes could reach, skimming over the dancer's long, muscled legs before settling on Izuku's obvious erection, curving towards his stomach and dripping with an almost embarrassing amount of precome (at least, if you asked Izuku). Katsuki didn't seem to think so, though, as the blond was currently licking his lips hungrily, piercing Izuku with a heated stare.

“You still want to blow me?” the firefighter asked almost nonchalantly, except for the want that was apparent in his words, making his voice come out almost an octave deeper and huskier than usual. Izuku sputtered in embarrassment at the straight forward question, but his eyes still immediately went to the blond's crotch, mouth watering at the sight of the other man's handsome cock hanging hard and heavy between his legs. He swallowed hard, wetting his lips nervously, before meeting Katsuki's gaze head-on, steeling his resolve.

“Yes, if you'll let me...”

Katsuki seemed happy with his response, letting out another one of his growled laughs that seemed to rumble deeply in the firefighter's chest.

“Will you let me eat you out then?” Katsuki all but purred as he crawled back over Izuku's body, pressing a short, but heated kiss to the dancer's lips. Once again, Izuku found himself floundering for words as his face was burning up with embarrassment. Just what kind of person could say these absolutely filthy things with a straight face like that? Izuku's heart was hammering in his chest as he was trying to come up with an answer; feeling forced to look anywhere but at Katsuki's searing crimson eyes, threatening to burn him alive with the intense stare the other male was directing at him currently. Did he want Katsuki's skilled, hot tongue in his ass? Absolutely. But would he survive the embarrassment when he would undoubtedly come within seconds from the mere sensation of the other male's mouth against his hole, which was already twitching in need at the thought of it alone? He wasn't sure.

“What about you, though?” Izuku asked instead, finally looking up at Katsuki again underneath the curtain of curly hair falling over his forehead messily; the locks were poking in his eyes distractedly and he found himself pushing them out of the way with his hand impatiently – he was really overdue for a haircut. The motion seemed to have momentarily distracted Katsuki though; the blond was staring at him again, in that adorably star-struck way he always had on his face when Izuku directed a smile at him; it was that look, among many other things, that had made Izuku fall for the firefighter in the first place, that time at the bachelor party where they had first crossed ways.

It took a moment for Katsuki to regain his composure, but then a wicked grin was spreading on his face, making Izuku's heart beat quicker in anticipation of the things the blond had planned.


“That's the good thing about what I'm planning to do with you” Katsuki smirked, and Izuku could feel his cock twitch in want at the downright filthy look the other male was giving him. “We both get to feel good”


Izuku could only blink at Katsuki in confusion, but the other male only grinned back at him in response, before taking a hold of the dancer's shoulders and flipping them over easily, so Izuku was the one on top now.

“Now turn around and sit on my face already”

Izuku thought he had already reached his limit for getting bent out of shape at the ease with which the firefighter spouted his dirty talk, but no, Katsuki had gone and done it again. He was about to go off on another bout of embarrassed sputtering when he saw the amused glint in the blond's eyes – the guy was doing this on purpose! Letting out an indignant huff, Izuku punched the firefighter's chest playfully - although he might have put a bite more force into it than intended, judging by the breathless gasp Katsuki let out in response. Leaning down, Izuku pressed a kiss to the blond's lips in apology, before looking down at Katsuki with a coy look, the blush on his face going several shades darker.


“Just so you know, this is really fucking embarrassing...” he muttered with a small frown; but he still complied with the blond's earlier request and turned around, straddling the other male's broad chest and settling down on his forearms, so his face was level with Katsuki's erect cock and his backside was exposed to the firefighter's hungry gaze. Letting out a bashful whine, Izuku muttered quietly.

“Don't just stare, idiot” Before Katsuki had any chance to reply, Izuku wrapped his hands around the other man's hard length, giving it a few experimental strokes before wrapping his mouth around the tip and sinking down, drawing out a sharp curse from the male beneath him. Feeling satisfied with himself, Izuku withdrew shortly to let a little bit of spit dribble out of his mouth on the other man's cock, making the slide wetter and filthier the second time he swallowed down Katsuki's cock. Izuku could get about half-way down the length before his gag reflex wanted to kick in; but Izuku was never one to back down from a challenge – and Katsuki's eight inch cock was quite the challenge for the dancer's throat. Still, Izuku steeled his resolve and flattened his tongue, pushing down further until he could feel the tip hitting the back of his throat, the stripper's nose just barely brushing the nest of pubic hair at the base of the firefighter's monster of a cock.

Taking a couple of slow, deliberate breaths through his nose, Izuku stayed down until the feeling became too much for him; he then did his best to pull off as slowly as possible, lips wrapped tightly around the hot, throbbing flesh, tongue pressed flatly against the underside of the blond's dick; Izuku could feel the blond's blood pulse quickly through the thick vein running along the length of it. When the dancer finally let Katsuki's cock slide out of his mouth with a wet pop, he could hear the blond swearing behind him again, muttering something that sounded like “holy fuck” ; Izuku grinned quietly to himself, quite satisfied with the kind of reactions he was able to draw out from the blond.

His grin was soon replaced by a draw-out moan though, when he felt Katsuki's hands part his ass cheeks and press his hot tongue against Izuku's twitching hole. The dancer's heartbeat was stuttering  in his chest at the first tentative lick from Katsuki's tongue; the hot, wet sensation made pleasure coil tightly in Izuku's stomach, and he had to keep himself from pushing his hips back into the other male's face needily, as the blond's mouth continued his assault on him. Letting out a mix between a groan and a whimper, Izuku decided to get back to his task as well; if only to have something to distract him from the pleasurable heat pooling in his lower regions at the moment. He didn't want to embarrass himself in front of the the man he was crushing on by coming prematurely like some damn teenager. He had his pride too.

And so, Izuku put his mouth to work again; using one arm to keep his balance, he brought up his other hand to gently massage Katsuki's balls while he was doing his best to take the other man's cock down as deeply as possible, only finding himself choking a couple of times, before his throat seemed to adapt to the rough intrusion and allowed Izuku to sink down further with more ease. He tried to keep a good balance of switching between deep-throating the blond, and sucking on the hard member, hollowing out his cheeks and wrapping his tongue around it tightly, bobbing his head up and down in what he hoped was a somewhat steady rhythm. It was getting increasingly hard to concentrate for the stripper though, with the way Katsuki was tonguing at his puckered hole, grazing his teeth over the sensitive flesh teasingly and licking fat, wet stripes over it, before pushing the tip of his tongue inside so slowly, it was bordering on torture.  

Izuku found himself moaning helplessly around Katsuki's cock at the onslaught of sensations, drool leaking out of his mouth and down the blond's length messily. The vibrations his sounds were sending along the blond's dick were making Katsuki let out a deep, guttural moan, and the fact that Izuku could feel it against the skin of his ass was making his blush turn positively scalding. He didn't have much time to feel embarrassed though, because now the blond was starting to tongue-fuck him in earnest now, and it was all Izuku could do to not completely crumple down into a drooling, whimpering mess because... damn .

The hot, wet muscle was pushing repeatedly beyond his ring of muscles, seemingly reaching deeper every time and making Izuku go absolutely insane with pleasure. Katsuki was moving his tongue around inside and stretching the dancer's hole bit by bit.

At this point Izuku completely gave up on trying to suck the firefighter off; instead, he kept his mouth open and his jaw slack, allowing the blond to thrust up into his mouth at his own pace, basically fucking his mouth. Izuku didn't mind though; the sensation of the man's erect cock pumping in and out of his mouth, hitting the back of his throat repeatedly was starting to feel amazing to him. Izuku's head was swimming with pleasure and the slight lack of oxygen; relishing in the feeling of the hard flesh fucking into his mouth and imagining it fucking into him elsewhere. When Katsuki pulled away from his assault on Izuku's ass shortly to mutter a question into the green-haired male's skin, Izuku couldn't help the pitiful whimper from escaping his throat at the loss, the sound getting slightly muffled from the dick that was still buried in his mouth. Katsuki seemed to have heard it none-the-less, smacking Izuku's backside lightly in response, letting out a deep chuckle, his voice rough like sandpaper when he spoke.

“Yeah, yeah, you needy little slut” he grinned against the dancer's flesh, before biting down on the supple flesh of Izuku's buttock playfully. Izuku let out another high keening sound, swallowing around Katsuki's dick; the degrading nickname did things to his insides that he would rather not explore right now – he had a feeling he would soon have to add humiliation alongside masochism to his list of kinks; it seemed to be growing a lot ever since Izuku met Katsuki and he was pretty sure those instances were not unrelated.

The blond simply let out another low snicker, before repeating his question for Izuku.

“Where do you keep your lube, nerd?”

The dancer pulled off the blond's cock, looking back at Katsuki over his shoulder, his eyes hooded and glazed over, lips swollen and glistening with saliva. His voice sounded almost as rough as Katsuki's when he spoke, from having his throat abused so thoroughly before.

“Nightstand, second drawer” he croaked, wiggling his hips slightly, only now becoming aware of the small pool of precome that his leaking cock had dribbled onto the blond's chest; he wasn't quite sure if he found it arousing or embarrassing. While Katsuki was busy rummaging through his drawers, Izuku decided to clean up the absolute mess of drool and precome the blond's dick was covered in, using his tongue to lap it up, before pressing a couple of impatient kisses to the head of the blond's dick, eager for the man to return his attention back to Izuku.

Katsuki let out a shuddering breath, spanking the dancer's backside again in reprimand after he resurfaced, having successfully retrieved the lube.

“Stop teasing” he growled, his voice sounding raw with want at this point, but there was still a hint of mirth it as well.

Izuku craned his head back to grin at the blond over his shoulder. “Never!” he sang, before pressing another, slightly longer kiss to Katsuki's dick. The blond responded by delivering another smack to Izuku's ass; this time harder though. The sting made Izuku let out a small yelp, and he dearly hoped the blond didn't notice the way his cock had twitched in interest at the action, drooling more precome unto the firefighter's chest.

As if reading Izuku's thoughts again, Katsuki dragged his fingers through the small pool of liquid on his chest, smearing it around slightly before fixing the dancer with a sly smirk.

“You sure made a mess on me, Deku ” he purred, seeming awfully pleased with the full body shudder the nickname earned him from Izuku. He couldn't help it; his stripper handle just sounded so good in the other male's rough, gravely voice. He started to think he would have to change his professional name, because at this rate, having anyone other than Katsuki call him by that name would almost feel..wrong.

Speaking of the firefighter, the man was currently tapping the inside of his thigh impatiently to get his attention. “Come on nerd, get up. We gotta switch positions. Wanna see your face while I stretch you with my fingers”

There he went again; you'd think Izuku would have gotten used to it at this point, but his face still went up in flames at hearing the blond talk like that. Still, he complied, getting off the other male's body, sitting back on the mattress next to Katsuki.

“Well?” he questioned the blond, when the blond made no move to change his position himself. “How do you want me?”

The dancer congratulated himself inwardly when the firefighter's face went several shades redder at his particular choice of words; but the blond regained his composure quickly, getting on his knees and shuffling down on the mattress, he gestured to the space he had just vacated.

“Get on your back” Katsuki commanded, and Izuku obeyed immediately, feeling much too eager to have something more than just the other male's tongue inside of him. Taking a hold of Izuku's waist, Katsuki re-positioned the dancer's hips slightly, before grabbing a hold of Izuku's ankle and pushing the man's leg up slightly.


“Can you put your leg up on my shoulder?” he asked, and Izuku couldn't help the scoff escaping his mouth at the other's question. The blond had seen him dance, he should know that that level of flexibility was nothing to the stripper. Instead of saying that, Izuku simply lifted his leg and draped it over the firefighter's shoulder. “I'll let you find out how much more flexible I am later” he teased with a grin, chuckling at the low groan Katsuki let out in response to his comment.


“Fuck, you are way too hot” the blond cursed under his breath, before using his teeth to pop off the cap on the bottle of lube, pouring a generous amount onto his fingers before dropping the bottle on the mattress beside them. Warming up the clear liquid between his fingers, Katsuki fixed the stripper with an intense stare. “This might hurt a bit. Let me know if it gets too much, ok?”

Despite feeling his heart flutter at seeing the usually so aggressive male express concern for him like that and handle him so gently, Izuku still couldn't stop himself from rolling his eyes in defiance.

“I'm not a virgin, Kacchan ” he teased, giving the blond a devious little smirk to which Katsuki only responded with a frown.

“Don't blame me if you end up sore in the morning, nerd” the blond growled, bringing his lube-slicked fingers to Izuku's ass, circling the entrance teasingly before slowly slipping the first digit inside.

The intrusion was just the slightest bit uncomfortable, but other than that, the blond's index finger slid in rather easily; the other male's tongue had prepared him well for the stretch, after all.

Izuku couldn't help the soft whimper escaping his throat when Katsuki crooked his finger inside of him, wiggling the digit around a bit, before drawing back a bit and pushing it in deeper with a bit more force. The blond's watchful eyes stayed glued to Izuku's face the whole time, scanning for any signs of discomfort.

“You good?” he asked, and Izuku simply responded with a nod; there was a familiar kind of heat coiling deep in his stomach, and the dancer could feel his whole body thrum with the desire for more .

“Just keep're not going to break me” the stripper quipped, but Katsuki decided to ignore him, adding the second finger with the same kind of careful hesitance as the first. Feeling impatient, Izuku decided to roll his hips down onto the other male's hand, making the man's fingers slip inside of him deeper, the glide aided by the copious amount of lube coating the blond's hand.

Izuku let out a stuttered gasp at the added protrusion; the stretch was now burning just slightly, but it felt so good .

Katsuki just clicked his tongue in disapproval, but didn't remove his fingers, instead starting to curl them and move them around, scissoring them experimentally to gradually stretch the dancer out further. Izuku simply flashed Katsuki an unapologetic grin in return, before biting his lip and arching his back, rolling his hips down onto the blond's finger in a slow, dirty rhythm almost reminiscent to the way he usually worked his hips in his performances.    

Katsuki let out a throaty groan at that, turning his head to bite into the meat of Izuku's thigh.

“Can you fucking stop being so hot all the fucking time? I'm trying to be gentle over here” the blond mumbled with a frown, sucking a hickey into the flesh just above the place he had just bitten, making Izuku let out a soft moan.

“Then don't” the dancer huffed between gasps; the firefighter's fingers were just the slightest bit longer than his own, and they were thrusting inside him just right , but it was still far from enough for the stripper to feel satisfied. “I don't mind if you're a bit rough with me...I can take it”

Katsuki growled against his skin, biting down on the meat of his thigh once more; this time hard enough to hurt though, and Izuku felt his hips stutter in their rhythm as pleasure shot through his veins like lightning, making him blank out for a second. When he came back to himself, he found Katsuki grinning down at him; the man's smirk now had an almost cruel edge to it and Izuku felt himself shiver in excitement at the sight.


“I can give you rough , if that's what you want, nerd” Katsuki purred, and it was all the warning Izuku got before the blond suddenly thrust a third finger inside him; giving him barely any time to adjust before building a ruthless pace, pushing his fingers in and out of the dancer's hole quickly, reducing the stripper to a quivering, drooling mess. Moans kept spilling from Izuku's parted lips as Katsuki kept fucking his fingers inside him mercilessly, almost withdrawing them completely before plunging them back inside hard , reaching incredibly deep, curling and prodding inside Izuku's tight heat. The green-haired male's eyes were almost rolling back in his sockets, his back arching off the bed in an attempt to impale himself deeper on the blond's fingers, which kept twisting inside of him deliciously, in search of the bundle of nerves that was sure to make Izuku see stars.

Katsuki shortly withdrew his fingers to squirt some more lube unto them; before Izuku could complain about the loss, the blond was already thrusting them back inside, now adding his pinky as well; he continued to fuck Izuku on four fingers while his thumb came to press against the dancer's perineum, making the pleasure building in Izuku's lower regions spike even further, the stripper's cock bobbing along with the movements of the curly haired male's hips, flushed darkly and weeping wetly onto the dancer's stomach. Izuku could feel himself getting closer and closer; the leg which was not propped up on Katsuki's shoulder scrambling against the sheets, digging his heel into the mattress with every rise and fall of his canting hips; Izuku's hands were gripping onto the pillow similarly, twisting the fabric in his fingers with every desperate moan falling from his lips.

So when Katsuki's fingers finally brushed against his prostate, Izuku's vision went white for a whole second, his mouth hanging open in a silent gasp as his back lifted off the bed in a tight arch.

When he came back to be, he could feel Katsuki try and aim for that spot again, and he ended up planting his foot on the firefighter's chest in his frantic attempts to get the other to stop, pushing the blond away so he could have a chance to regain his breath.


“Aah, Kacchan stop please!! Hgnn..!” he forced out between gasps; as soon as the words left his lips, the blond withdrew his hand like he had been burned, backing away quickly with a guilty expression spreading on his face.

“I-..Sorry! Did I go too far? Are you hurt?!” Katsuki asked hurriedly, worry tinting his voice, his brow furrowed in concern, and at this point, you couldn't convince Izuku that Bakugo Katsuki wasn't an absolute catch. He was never going to let this perfect man go.

Shaking his head with a sheepish little smile, Izuku quickly put the other male's worries to rest.

“Ah don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong” he assured the blond. “It was just getting a little much and...I didn't wanna come yet” he admitted sheepishly, pushing up on his elbows to meet the other male's gaze with his own. Katsuki did seem to calm down with his explanation, but he still seemed a little bit confused. “Why not though?” he asked, allowing Izuku to slide his leg off his shoulder and stretch the limb out on the mattress.

“Because” the green-haired male began with a grin, sitting up further and putting his hand on the blond's shoulder, pulling the man down on top of him, before flipping them over, reversing their positions once more. “I still got plans for you” he whispered ominously, before proceeding to straddle the firefighter's waist, putting his hands on the puzzled firefighter's chest and flashing him a devastating smirk; although the effect was surely dampened by the dark flush covering his cheeks and the dazed look still clouding his eyes. Izuku could feel his dark green locks stick to his sweaty forehead, and once again pushed them out of his face with one hand, while the other felt around on the mattress for the discarded bottle of lube.  

When he finally found it, Izuku proceeded to coat his fingers in the clear liquid, before wrapping his lube-covered hand around Katsuki's erect cock, slicking up the hard flesh with a few quick strokes that made the firefighter let out a hiss of pleasure.

“You gonna ride me?” Katsuki asked breathlessly; a teasing grin spread on his face, but his pupils were blown wide in lust and anticipation.

Izuku only hummed in confirmation, giving the blond's slicked up cock one last teasing squeeze before positioning himself over the man's groin; one of the dancer's hands came to rest on Katsuki's chest for leverage, while the other held the blond's dick in place while he aligned the tip of it with his quivering entrance.

Biting down on his lip to suppress a gasp, Izuku started to sink down on Katsuki's length slowly; his tight heat swallowing inch after inch of the other male's hard dick. Flexing his thighs, Izuku removed his hand to rest it on the blond's chest as well, now lowering himself using his leg strength only. Katsuki was keeping rather quiet during the slow process, but Izuku could hear the man's breathing get more and more labored with the restraint to not thrust up into him; the dancer could feel the blond's heart hammering away in his chest beneath his palms.

Finally, Izuku managed to sink down the last couple of inches, bottoming out with a deep sigh; after giving himself a couple of seconds to adjust to the foreign intrusion inside of him, Izuku rolled his hips forward experimentally; drawing a sharp gasp from himself and a string of filthy curse words from Katsuki.

“Shit” the blond forced out under his breath, his hands flying up to grip Izuku's hips almost like a reflex. “How are you still this fucking tight ?” he groaned while his thumbs rubbed mindless circles over the stripper's hipbones; the action intending to soothe and make it easier for the dancer to relax.

Izuku appreciated the calming gesture; he could feel sweat running down his back from exertion, and his head seemed to be absolutely swimming form the overwhelming heat spreading inside of his gut at the moment. Katsuki's dick was a hard and scorching pressure inside of him, and most of all, incredibly deep . Maybe Izuku had underestimated just how far inside this position would drive the other male's cock; with Izuku's body weight bearing down on it, the blond's hard length was penetrating him improbably deeply. It almost bordered on discomfort at the moment; but Izuku knew if he just pushed past this, the pleasure would be absolutely mind-numbing. Steeling his resolve, the stripper pushed up on his knees, before dropping back down onto Katsuki's cock.

The resulting pleasure that shot up his spine at the action made Izuku expel a shuddering gasp; Katsuki didn't seem to be unaffected either, as the blond gritted his teeth andon let out another deep groan, his hands tightening their grip on the dancer's hips.

Izuku had to admit, this position definitely had its perks; he was the one in control of the tempo, and every slow roll or grind of his hips managed to draw out different sounds from the man beneath him. Katsuki's brow was slightly furrowed as he let out short, shallow breaths, allowing Izuku to go at his own, slow rhythm while he ran his palms up and down the stripper's muscular thighs, sometimes squeezing the flexing flesh, at other times rubbing soothing his fingers soothingly into the skin, making Izuku relax bit by bit. The dancer's body was starting to feel like it was melting, turning to putty under the careful ministrations of the firefighter's hands. Izuku's thighs were burning with the exertion of lifting himself up and dropping back down repeatedly, but he just couldn't bring himself to stop – it just felt too good.

Katsuki was stirring up his insides in the best way, the hard, hot fleshing feeling amazing as it plunged in and out of him, stealing Izuku's breath away. When lifting himself up on his knees became too strenuous, the dancer simply opted to roll his hips back and forth in a slow and filthy grind. The tip of Katsuki's cock was missing his prostate just by the slightest bit, and it was driving him absolutely mad in the best way possible. Opting to lean back with his arms bracing on the firefighter's legs behind him, Izuku rolled his hips down with purpose again, and this time the hard intrusion was stabbing right against the spongy gland of his prostate and.... oohh ...


“A-ahh..Kacchan..feels...s-so good..” Izuku managed to hiccup between thrusts of his hips, feeling his inner walls flex and clench around the hard heat inside him with every movement, drawing out breathless gasps and groans of pleasure from Katsuki. Izuku could feel himself get lost to the onslaught of pleasure, his eyes slipping shut and his head falling back, while his lips parted in a litany of soft gasps and desperate whimpers. He didn't remember when he last felt this good, being able to simply let go and let himself get lost in the pleasure washing over his body in waves, engulfing him completely. It wasn't just the hard cock rubbing against his insides in just the right way, spreading heat in his lower half like a wildfire; or the way Katsuki's cock kept piercing the bundle of nerves nestled deep inside of him, that made pleasure shoot up his spine like white-hot lightning with every hard grind of his hips.

No, it was the grounding sensation of Katsuki's large palms gripping him firmly, but gently, making sure Izuku didn't simply float away. It was the blond's rough voice ringing in his ears like dark, bitter-sweet honey with every deep groan and sharp intake of air from the man beneath him. It made Izuku's chest fill up with a light, floaty warmth he never felt before, his stomach fluttering with a million butterflies despite the heat threatening to burn him alive from the inside. It was everything, and not nearly enough all at once.

The curly haired male let out a frustrated little sob when his trembling legs made his movements become more erratic and uncoordinated by the minute, refusing the stripper to thrust his hips in the way he needed it to get closer to the maddening pleasure coiling so deep inside him, threatening to burst and overflow at any second, yet still so far out of reach.

Izuku didn't even realize he was crying until he heard Katsuki call out to him gently, lifting a hand to the dancer's face to wipe away a stray tear from his cheek.

“Sshhh, it's alright Deku...tell me what you need” the blond cooed sweetly; the hand which had previously been gripping Izuku's hip bone hard enough to bruise was currently busy massaging the small of the dancer's back mildly, while his other hand was cradling Izuku's face fondly.

Izuku just barely managed to crack his eyes open, peering back at the blond's imploring, crimson gaze.

“I...hghh..not enough..I need..Kacchan” he blubbered nonsensically between choked sobs and stuttered moans, never ceasing the frantic grind of his hips, despite the way his thighs were quivering with exhaustion at this point. The blond shushed him again, before sitting up and gently pushing the curly-haired male off him, all the while pressing sweet kisses to Izuku's mouth.

“It's fine...I got you, babe” he whispered, peppering the dancer's whole face in kisses before making the stripper lie down on his back on the mattress, climbing over him to seal his mouth over Izuku's in yet another sweet, but searing kiss.     

The dancer was about to complain about the feeling of emptiness at having the blond pull out of him, but he knew Katsuki was going to make it better soon. The firefighter pressed one more lingering kiss to Izuku's lips, before straightening up and taking a hold of the dancer’s legs behind the knees, lifting them up.

“Now you get your chance to show me how flexible you are” Katsuki grinned, before pushing forward, bending the the stripper's knees towards his chest while his hard length slipped into the crack between Izuku's buttocks, smearing around a mixtures of saliva, lube and precome before catching on the dancer's puffy, swollen rim, drawing out a needy whine from the freckled male.

“Kacchan please” Izuku found himself begging, making grabby hands towards the blond to signal he wanted the man to lean in closer. “I need it..inside” he whimpered, his sense of shame long since discarded and replaced by the urgent desire to feel the other male inside him again.

Katsuki complied with a small chuckle, using one hand to guide his cock as he slipped back into the dancer's tight heat, this time with more ease. There was a wet, squelching sound as the firefighter's length slid back into him inch by inch, finally bottoming out with a deep, guttural moan from Katsuki and a breathless gasp from Izuku.

As soon as the blond leaned in closer, the dancer wrapped his arm's around the other male's neck, pulling him impossibly closer, not even slightly minding the way it was forcing his own body to practically fold itself in half as his legs were pushed towards his ears. Katsuki was finally back inside of him, and it felt so incredibly good .

Izuku let out a deep, content purr before pressing his lips against Katsuki's one more time, whispering against the the other man's mouth.

“Move, please?” he pleaded sweetly, and the blond quickly complied with his request; pushing himself up in his forearms on either side of the stripper's head on the mattress, before drawing back his hips until his cock slid almost all the way out of Izuku, before snapping them back with a sharp thrust that left Izuku gasping for air.

Before the stripper had much time to regain his bearings, Katsuki started pounding into him again, slowly building up a harsh, ruthless rhythm that had Izuku sob and whine in pleasure, chanting the other male's nickname like a prayer as he was pushed further and further towards the edge. The firefighter was aiming for the dancer's prostate with every thrust now, every sharp movement of his hips seemingly reaching deeper. Izuku felt his head starting to swim with the building pleasure, a fog of lust overtaking his brain and wiping away any thoughts, leaving Katsuki as his only focus. Izuku felt his eyelids flutter, but he didn't allow them to slip closed; he wanted to keep his gaze on the blond moving on top of him, couldn't stop admiring the way the other male's brow seemed to furrow almost as if in irritation as the man was approaching his climax as well; Katsuki's hypnotic ruby eyes were burning right into his soul when they met Izuku's gaze, and the dancer found himself at a loss for air, his whole world slowing down to a halt when he was finally pushed over the edge. The pleasure was crashing down on him hard, knocking the air out of his lungs and blacking out his vision momentarily. All Izuku could feel was the electrifying tingle rushing through his veins, spreading all the way from his gut through his body and limbs, making his toes curl and his fingers scrambled for purchase where they were locked around the blond's neck; his nails were clawing at the other male's skin, raking down his back and leaving angry red welts. Izuku would apologize about it later. Right now, his whole body was tensing and spasming with the remnants of his orgasm, his spent cock squirting the last bits of cum onto the white, sticky mess that was already splattered on his stomach.

He could faintly hear Katsuki let out a choked groan, and feel the other male's hips stutter in their rhythm as Izuku's hot walls were squeezing and tightening around him. It only took the blond a few more sharp thrusts of his hips to reach his peak as well, spilling inside of Izuku with a deep growl. The dancer had meanwhile become a boneless lump, letting the blond's thrusts push him into the mattress as the firefighter rode out his orgasm. Izuku's cock twitched in interest at the couple of last pushes against his abused prostate, but the rest of the dancer's body was already screaming in protest at the over-sensitivity that always came over him post-orgasm.  

Sensing the stripper's body cringing away from the over-stimulation, Katsuki pulled out carefully, releasing his grip on the curly haired male's thighs to allow the dancer to stretch out his legs on the mattress. As soon as he did so, Izuku let his head fall back into the pillow with a deep, content sigh, his eyes falling close.

Katsuki let out a fond chuckle at seeing the dancer collapse into bed like that; pressing a short, soft kiss to the other male's forehead, the blond got up from the bed and walked away to somewhere. Izuku was about to panic that the other male was going to simply collect his clothes and leave, his eyes flying open in alert, scanning the room for a trace of the other male and clenching painfully when he found none; but then the dancer heard the toilet of his adjacent bathroom flush, followed by the sound of water running. Izuku settled back into the pillows with a relieved sigh, letting his eyes fall shut again. His body felt uncomfortably sweaty and sticky all over, but he was much too exhausted to care at the moment. He just wanted to huddle under the covers and cuddle with Katsuki until they both fell asleep.

Izuku could hear the blond's soft footsteps padding on his carpet as the other male returned from the bathroom; the mattress dipping underneath the man's weight as the firefighter slipped back into bed beside him. Izuku was about to turn around and snuggle up into the comfortable warmth of the other male's body, when he suddenly felt something wet touching his stomach. Opening his eyes just a bit, Izuku peered down the length of his body, where the blond was currently gently wiping him down with a wet towel. The dancer found a gentle smile spreading lazily on his face at the other male's thoughtful gestures, allowing Katsuki to wipe him clean completely with the wet cloth, before drying off the remnants of moisture off the dancer's skin with another, dry towel. Izuku simply let himself  be pampered by the blond, purring contentedly like a cat, before tugging the blond down into bed beside him and throwing the covers over their naked bodies.

“What are you grinning about, nerd?” Katsuki huffed when Izuku snuggled up to him with a wide smile, trying to sound annoyed, but still allowing the curly-haired dancer to rest his head on Katsuki's exposed chest, putting his own arm around the short male to pull him closer and press a brief kiss into the crown of the stripper's head, which earned him a soft chuckle from Izuku.


“Nothing, Kacchan. I'm just happy.”




Kaminari was impatiently pacing up and down the perimeter of the fancy hotel room they were staying at; Jirou was comfortably huddled into a mountain of blankets, laptop on her knees, headphones plugged in as she tried to decide what kind of bass line would go the best with her newest track; only occasionally lifting her eyes from the screen to give her husband a disapproving look. The bleached blond had been fumbling with his phone for over half an hour now, muttering something about 'he is so going to kill me' and 'don't you think he would have written back by now if it went ok?'. Apparently something had happened with Bakugo; something about the explosive blond finally having found someone who might be willing to put up with his short-tempered ass, buit it might not work out because Denki was a forgetful dork or something. To be quite honest, the female had only half paid attention to her husband's explanation; it was their honeymoon, they had an incredibly comfortable, king-sized bed in their suite and the hotel's wifi was fast. All she wanted to do was listen to music, work on her tracks and have a good time. He was sure Denki could handle whatever bakusquad drama he had gotten himself into. She just wished the guy would stop treading a hole into the room's carpet already.

“Denki...” Jirou called out to him from her blanket hideout, taking out one ear bud to focus her attention on the bleached blond for the moment. “Could you calm down already? I am sure Bakugo is fine. He is probably busy getting laid by this stripper guy right now, and that's why he is not answering his texts”

Kaminari only whined childishly in response, but fortunately stopped hism endless pacing to join her in the bed, taking one of the pillows and hugging it close to his chest with a sullen look. “You don't get it, Kyoka-chan..! Baku has never shown that much interest in another person since like....ever! What if he finally found his soulmate, but I ruined his chances by not giving him the guy's number for like, a whole week!” the male was starting to gesture dramatically along with his words, and Jirou only responded by putting her ear bud back in, pretending to still listen to the blond's tirade by nodding and giving the occasional hum. Kaminari seemed to be none the wiser, as the man simply continued to drone on. “You know how shitty his personality is! If he doesn't find someone soon who can put up with him, he will end up alone. Then his mood and anger issues will get worse and worse, until one day he snaps and decides to become a pyromaniac. Can you imagine that? A firefighter who goes rogue and ends up setting fires in buildings instead of putting them out? It will be a catastrophe! And it will all have been my fault!”

Ok, now that he said it aloud, even Kaminari realized that what he was saying was just a bit far-fetched. But still. He had finally married the woman of his dreams; he wanted his friends to be happy too, dammit! So imagine his relief when his phone finally pinged with a new text message an hour later. Checking the time, Kaminari tried to calculate how late it must be back home where Katsuki was; it should be around eight in the morning – quite early for the firefighter, considering he had taken the day after the wedding off and usually liked to sleep in. Feeling curious, Kaminari opened up the messaging app, scrolling through the conversation until he arrived at the most recent reply.


[RedRiot] (3:56AM): good luck, baku-bro!

[Pinky] (4:02AM): what did I miss??? is bakugo doing something?
[Pinky] (4:03AM): if he is plastered and doing smth stupid pls film it for me bby <3

[RedRiot] (4:05AM):

[RedRiot] (4:05AM): ..bby? ////

[RedRiot] (5:11AM): hey baku r you ok? Did things go well with izuku?

[RedRiot] (5:23AM): i'm just gonna assume they did...go get him tiger!

[RedRiot] (6:05AM): you should still let me know if you made it back ok

[RedRiot] (6:07AM): and r not like dead in a ditch smwhere

[RedRiot] (6:10AM): you wouldn't do smth dumb if it didnt go well...right?

[RedRiot] (6:55AM): dammit answer ur phone u idiot

[Chargebolt] (7:01AM): gUYS THIS IS ALL MY FAULT

[Chargebolt] (7:01AM): i am so sorry :C i didn't mean to forget it!!

[RedRiot] (7:02AM): calm down denki literally no one is angry at u

[RedRiot] (7:03AM): go enjoy ur honeymoon, I got this

[Chargebolt] (7:05AM): sowwy :(( if baku ends up as an old spinster I take full responsibility

[GroundZero] (8:22AM): guys are all idiots

[GroundZero] (8:23AM): just FYI, it went well

[GroundZero] (8:24AM): looks like you'll get to live, pikachu


Kaminari felt a relieved grin tugging at his lips at reading the firefighter's reply; despite often joking about Bakugo's bad personality, they all knew that deep down, the explosive blond was a good person, and they all wished for him to be happy. And if what it took was a certain curly-haired, freckled stripper to achieve that, well then Kaminari just had one more reason to be thankful for his wedding. If it hadn't been for that bachelor party, the two idiots might have never crossed paths.


Kaminari was ready to put his phone aside and snuggle into bed next to his beautiful, perfect wife, when the device vibrated in his hand, indicating the arrival of one more text message. This time, Kaminari couldn't stop the grin from spreading fully on his face as he looked at the picture Bakugo had sent into their group chat.

The picture showed the blond firefighter's scowling visage mostly; but tucked away in the corner of the picture you could see a head of messy, dark green curls; the owner of which was dozing peacefully on Bakugo's naked chest. There were a plethora of purple marks littering the sleeping male's neck and shoulder; but most prominent was the look of absolutely content bliss on the dancer's face, as he was sleeping peacefully, unaware that he was getting his picture taken by the blond.

Shaking his head with a chuckle, Kaminari decided to type out one last reply into the chat.


[GroundZero] (8:31AM): - image attached-

[Chargebolt] (8:32AM): ... show-off