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Hero in the Next life

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        "Hm... Now where is it...?" Muttered a [y/a] year old girl as she wandered a book store, her [e/c] eyes scanning the shelves for what she was looking for with her wallet in her hand.

        Every day after school, [Y/n] would go to the book store on her way home to see if there was a new book that had caught her interest. Or at least if Boku no Hero Academia had another book for her to read next instead of reading the online one. To her, not many can beat the feeling of a physical book in her hands, the feeling of turning the page with her fingers, the new book smell too. Books took her to different worlds, different adventures! And if she found what she was looking for, well, that would be even better! To describe how she knew she found what she was looking for was like there was a pull inside of her, guiding her towards the book she desired to read. While yes, there were books in there that may have caught her eye but the pull inside her wouldn't leave until she found the right one. Thankfully, the pull was gone when she found the book she was looking for.

        Soon as she saw the next book in the BnHA series she grabbed it quick and made her way to the counter. After paying, she made her way out the door and to her home which was in walking distance.

'I can't wait to read this!' she thought with a happy grin on her face, pulling her hood up; 'Maybe if I was there my life wouldn't be so normal, so... dull? I think that's the word.'

        She now waited for the sign to signal that she could walk across to make her way home.

'My life is just normal but with the books I've been reading,' she momentarily turned her eyes from the sign to look at the book in the bag, 'at least there I can go to other worlds and adventures.' 

        The sign across the street had changed and now she could begin walking to her [home/dorm/apartment]. She was only half way there before she noticed a pair of bright lights headed in her direction. When she looked at it in shock and froze in the middle of the road like a deer in headlights; a car hadn't slowed down when it saw the [y/a] year old girl there in the road walking across like the sign had indicated for her to do so and didn't even swerve out of the way but there was sounds of the car trying to hit the breaks in time but it was too late. It hit her and she in turn hit the pavement. Hard.


Was I just... hit?

The car had stopped, now with blood on the hood, with the driver and passenger in the car coming out to see if the person they had hit was still alive and those who had seen from the book store and were still on the side walk ran over to see what they could do to help and keep the ones who had done this from running away from the scene.

But I was just walking...

The sign said to change didn't it?

        She could hear noise around her, she could hear someone on the phone with police. Another was calling an ambulance as they tried to get her to stay alive and try to put pressure on any visible wounds she had that were bleeding out of. But she couldn't feel anything, not the hard bumpy pavement on the road below her that was usually hot from the heat of the sun. She couldn't feel the broken bones she had that were poking out of her skin.

I feel....

I feel cold...

        Her blood was pooling inside her and dripping out of her wounds, the bones that were broken had punctured a few organs as well and those were bleeding internally. But the worst injury of all had been done to her head, the blood in the brain was swelling slowly.

Am I...

Am I dying?

        It didn't take very much for her to figure that much at least. But she still didn't like it, no one did when their life was going to leave their body.

She had always thought when she died it would be surrounded by books at least, or preferably dying in her sleep so it was painless but this? Dying so slowly was just awful.

Just to hear everyone around her but not being able to speak, to see, to feel? Well, maybe that last one wasn't so bad since she couldn't feel her injuries but still.

She was just [y/a] years old.

She didn't want to die alone. Least of all like this.

Her thoughts went to her family, her friends...

Her last thought went to the book she had in her bag that she had planned to read.

If I was over there.... In that world.... Maybe if I couldn't save myself at least someone could've saved me, right?

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        At first, all [Y/n] saw after that was darkness. But instead of feeling cold, she felt warm. She could hear voices slightly but they were all so quiet, muffled even. She tried to move but around her felt kind of tight, then she felt a push from above her, not a threatening one but a comforting kind. Next thing she knew however, she felt whatever was around her was trying to push her out. Eventually she heard screaming, some sounds similar to what she'd hear in a hospital? Then it was brighter, and she could hear... crying? A baby crying? At the time she didn't realize it, but the crying was coming from her. "Here she is," said a voice that held her for a moment and gave her to another, who she could feel was a woman. "Hello there..." Cooed the voice softly as she felt something press against her tiny lips before sucking as if it was a reflex.

        "Ageha look." said the female voice softly, sounding as if she had noticed her companion's presence in the room, "She's here, little [y/n] is here." she sounded as if she was smiling. "Think when she gets older she'll have our quirks Sakurako?" Ageha asked curiously as he stared down at the infant in her arms, "It's too soon to tell don't worry about that now." she scolded before turning back to being gentle, "She's just a baby now. Over time, she may discover it or may not have one at all." she turned her attention to the little one in her arms, "But for now, I don't want to think about the future. I just want to focus on the her now."

        [Y/n] had what she wished for in her past life, she was born into the world where most of the population had quirks and were either heroes, villains or normal citizens. She was born to two parents with psychic like quirks. Her mother's name is Sakurako Yoshina, she called her quirks Rise/Trance; it was a type of psychic ability that she had. She's able to perform at least basic telekinesis, telepathy, superhuman to enhance her senses to have faster reflexes and speed. For close combat, she uses illusions and a weapon called Mind Jack, insanity scythe. Her father's name is Ageha Yoshina and had a psychic type as well, now his quirk was dangerous if he didn't control it. His quirk, he called it Melzsez. On its own without control, it would consume anything and everything around it in the form of a black sphere, once it's full it would burst into tree like branches being deadly if within its range. But with control, it could be a lot less threatening and used for both defense and offense. Before, he was always told that he'd turn into a villain because of his quirk, because of how dangerous it was. But instead of proving them right, he proved them wrong by working as a caretaker at a school. Not at UA but at a school that had helped him and other quirk users control their abilities. Both had similar drawbacks to their quirks. Her mother would have a nosebleed if overused and her father would have a headache. [Y/n] wasn't sure if she had any quirk but she was definitely curious and excited to see their quirks in use. She always looked in awe each time she saw her mother use telekinesis and on the rare occasion she saw her father's quirk, she'd always cheer him on.

        When she was four years old, she discovered she had the same quirk as her mother. How she found out was when she had been trying to get a candy jar that was out of reach for her. She had a sweet tooth and was craving the sweet treat that was out of reach. When her parents had walked into the room, they were proud that she had discovered her quirk but she still got scolded for doing such a thing. She also discovered her father's quirk when she was with her father at his work. She heard him describe the feeling he got when he was using his quirk and tried to feel what he did. That day ended up with part of the garden destroyed and a lot of apologies. Just a few weeks later, she made a decision that made her connected to two others.

        [Y/n] had been taken to a park after practicing with her quirks. Thanks to her knowledge from her past life, she found this place to be familiar. 'If this really is the world in BnHA… I am four years old...' she thought, trying to remember what happens in this moment. When she heard crying and yelling, she remembered it from the sound. 'Yep. They're here.' She ran to the crying and found three boys in front of two others. One was on the ground, curled up in a ball crying in fear and the other boy had messy green hair and matching green eyes, in his tears though, not only was he scared but he was trying to be brave. "Why are you being so mean? You're making him cry Kacchan!" He timidly took a defensive stance in front of the boy, "You keep on hurting him, I'll uh... I'll stop you myself!"

        The middle of the three boys, the blonde haired one like a porcupine only laughed quietly, the other two next to him showing their quirks. "You wanna pretend to be a hero?" He asked and punched his palm, having a small explosion come from it, "You don't stand a chance without a quirk Deku ." He had a dark look on his face as he intimidated the two boys. The three ran at him to attack but barely stopped when [Y/n] ran over and stood in front of them. "Get out of the way! This is between us and Deku!" the blonde growled angrily, more explosions coming from his hands to intimidate her and make her leave. "If you're so tough then why gang up on him?" She asked, standing her ground, "If he wants to pretend to be a hero, does that mean you're pretending to be villains?" she grinned 'innocently' "In that case I'd like to play pretend too. Since there's three villains, I'll join the hero's side."

        What she said irked him, and she knew it too. When his quirk developed he had been told consistently that he would be a hero with a quirk he had. To be told he's a villain made him angry. "If anyone's the hero it's me!" While [Y/n] prepared herself for the attack, Izuku had ran in front of her before any of them realized it. The green haired boy was on the ground, his tears falling much faster from the pain he was in. [Y/n] kneeled down to make sure he was okay, ignoring the other three boys who had ran off before anyone could tattle on them. "You didn't have to take the hit for me..." she said as she helped him up, scanning him over carefully. "I know but... As a hero I need to protect others! Just like All Might!" he tried to smile like it didn't hurt but she only shook her head. "He said you need a quirk so from the sound of it, you don't have one yet do you?" She asked causing him to internally panic that she was going to pick on him herself, "Even if you don't have a quirk you can still be a hero." That was the first time he's been told that by anyone.

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        "Even if you don't have a quirk, you can still be a hero." Those words made Izuku feel so happy to hear. It was that day that he and [Y/n] became friends. When he had seen her quirks, she seemed to be amused that he was nerding out about them. And that same day she had given him a nickname: Marshmallow. Her reason is that he's soft, adorable and cuddly. It was embarrassing sure, but it stuck.

        As time went on, their friendship grew as did the times [Y/n] had butted heads with Katsuki for bullying Izuku. Even though he had been told countless times by others and his mother to give up his dream of being a hero without a quirk, he strove to be better and prove them all wrong with [Y/n]'s encouragement. Since the past about comic book heroes had passed, there were many heroes that were forgotten in those books who didn't have any powers. Those characters, she reminded Izuku about constantly when he started feeling depressed about his quirklessness that he found out about when he was still a child and had not developed a quirk at all. She reminded him that even though Black Widow, Batman, Robin, and Iron man had no powers of their own, they were still considered heroes even if they were just books. And when Izuku started writing in his notebooks to take notes about heroes, [Y/n] would copy them in her own notebook. She'd never tell him why but would say it was just in case. 

        But instead of focusing on the past, let's focus on the present. It was another school day and Izuku had been running to meet the [h/c] girl at the train station to get to the school. "Marshmallow! Over here!" Called a female voice, catching his attention and his green orbs landed on the [your height] girl who was waving excitedly. When he ran over to her, she pointed excitedly to a villain attack occurring. "Ready to take some notes?" She asked him, getting an excited nod from him. He took the notebook out of his bag as she pulled him along to get a better view. As Izuku looked around the fight, eagerly taking notes [Y/n] looked at the heroes there trying to keep the civilian's safe from harm; there was Death Arms who was catching the falling debris, Backdraft used his water manipulation quirk to keep them all back. From the screaming fangirls in the background, she could tell Kamui Woods had arrived to subdue the villain. He may be new but he was definitely good enough to make a name for himself.

        "One look of that dopey grin and I can tell what you are," a man said standing next to Izuku on his right, "A fanboy and a fangirl!" "Sort of..." Izuku admitted with a sheepish grin, "He's a hero otaku," [Y/n] quietly laughed, "I'm just observing for my own reasons." "Sure you are," the man teased, "Probably brought your little boyfriend over when you heard the villain attack to make him jealous as you fangirl over Kamui Woods." the [h/c] haired teen only laughed and waved her hand back and forth in front of her face, "Nah, Marshmallow here isn't my boyfriend. And while Kamui Woods is good, I'm not interested in that." she shrugged. "[Y/n] look! He's about to do his special move!" Izuku pointed up at the superhero with enthusiasm, "The preemptive binding lacer chain prison!" "Canyon cannon!"

Before any of them knew it, a new hero had arrived on the scene and took the spotlight from the wood quirk hero. Paparazzi were quick to get pictures of them, murmuring "Money shot." over and over again. "Piece of cake for the world's next hottest hero." the new one commented as she looked over the villain she had taken down before looking down at the rest watching her, "Hi there everyone, I'm Mount Lady. And you don't have to worry about this bum anymore." the hero introduced herself. Quick to take notes about her quirk, Izuku wrote them down fast and [Y/n]'s eye twitched at the ass pun. Any other time she would've appreciated a good pun but to her, it was a little too early in the morning for an ass joke. "Hey fanboy, you taking notes over there?" The man asked when he noticed Izuku writing in his notebook, "You two are training to be heroes too huh?" he gave the two high schoolers a thumbsup and Izuku grinned as he was encouraged more. [Y/n] gave a small wink and pulled Izuku along by his wrist, "Let's go Marshmallow, we'll be late if we don't go now."

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        When the two got to the school, time went by quickly. And as usual during the lunch period [Y/n] copied Izuku's new entry in her notebook. But before they knew it, it was time for their last class of the day. Izuku sat in the second row to the back and on the side next to him sat [Y/n], she was already putting away the notes she had taken in her bag.

        "So, as third year students it's time to start thinking seriously about your futures and what you want to do with your lives." The teacher spoke in front of the class as he organized future career papers that he was supposed to pass out to them, "I could pass out some career aptitude tests but," he shrugged before tossing all the papers in the air, "why bother? I know you all want to go into the hero track!" the rest of the students around them cheered, showing off their quirks excitedly at the thought of being a popular hero. [Y/n] being no exception as she levitated some of her things and looked to Izuku to see his reaction at the thought but lost the smile on her face when she saw him only putting his hand up nervously but not making any eye contact with anyone. "Yes, yes you all have some very impressive quirks but no power usage allowed in school, get a hold of yourselves." His tone of voice not being serious. "Hey teach."

        A blonde haired student sitting a row ahead of Izuku and [Y/n] spoke as he laid back in his seat with his feet propped up on the desk, voice full of cockiness and arrogance, "Don't lump me with this bunch of losers. I'm the real deal but these guys will be lucky to end up as side kicks at some busted D lister." He smirked and earned the rest of the class booing at him and yelling. "Let's go I'll take you all on!" He antagonized them. "You've got impressive test results," the teacher admitted as he looked over his scores, "maybe you will get into UA high." While he too had some issues with Katsuki's arrogance, even he had to admit there was a high chance for the blonde with an explosive personality to match his hair would get into that school.

        UA was a national school with a very, very slim acceptance rate. "That's the only place worthy of me." Katsuki jumped onto his desk, filled with confidence that he would be the only one from not just that class, but the school as well to get in for the first time. "I aced all the mock tests, I'm the only one at this school who stands a chance at getting in. I'll end up more popular than All Might himself!" The fire in his eyes burned as strong as the explosions he could produce, "And be the richest hero of all time! All across the world will know who I am, it all starts with UA High!" 'Well that's a very greedy comment' [Y/n] thought to herself, 'Not very hero like at all.' That was also the school [Y/n] and Izuku were planning to get into as well, they were the only two who knew aside from the teacher. "Oh yeah, Midoriya, Yoshina; don't you want to go to UA too?" ….. Well now the whole class knew, thanks to the teacher.

        'Isn't it an invasion of privacy to blurt out something like that?!' [Y/n] thought during the moment of silence when that sentence sunk into the students. Immediately all the students started laughing at Izuku, ignoring [Y/n] completely. "There's no way you're getting into the hero course without a quirk!" Laughed one of the students, "They got rid of that rule!" Izuku protested, trying to suppress his urge to cry since they were all picking on him, "I could be the first one." "There's been heroes before without quirks before!" [Y/n] pointed out, "Yeah in comic books!" Another retorted. While they were all distracted, Katsuki stormed over and slammed his hand on Izuku's desk, using his quirk to make it explode and send Izuku onto the ground. "Listen up Deku," Katsuki's confident voice turned threatening, "You're even worse than these damn rejects, quirkless wanna be!" What he said was making [Y/n] angry and Izuku noticed it when his desk started shaking without it being touched. "You really think they'd let someone like you in when they can have me?" He walked towards him until something flew past him into the wall, it being a pen and it was a warning. His red eyes turned and they were on [Y/n] like the rest of the class' was, all seeing the pens and pencils she had floating around her spinning. "What makes you think they'd take you in?" She asked and moved to stand in front of Izuku to keep Katsuki away from him. "You're a bully, Porcupine." she used her quirk to take the pen out of the wall, "And last I checked heroes don't bully." "Get out of the way Soda girl." Katsuki threatened, smoke coming from his hands as a warning, "if anyone's going to put this quirkless hero wannabe in his place it's me!" "I-I'm not trying to compete against you!" Izuku protested, backing up even though [Y/n] stood in front of him, "I-it's just that I wanted to be a hero since I was little..." he admitted meekly, "I may not have a quirk, but I can still try my hardest can't I?" [Y/n] looked back at Izuku and gave him a proud grin. "Oh please, you'd never hang with the best of us!" Katsuki scoffed, "You'd die in the exams, defenseless Izuku." Briefly [Y/n] looked at the rest of the class when she heard them all snickering in the background, "Compared to the rest of you, Izuku would make a great hero since the rest of you think it's okay to pick on someone who's different than the rest." Immediately, they all looked away and the teacher had his back turned to keep from observing. While it was still silent, [Y/n] turned her back on them and helped Izuku stand up, "Even since we were kids, you haven't changed. Still acting like a villain." Unseen to them Katsuki clenched his fists.

        He knew [Y/n] Yoshina was strong, not as strong as him of course but he was able to acknowledge it. He didn't understand however why she'd defend and befriend Deku when he had no quirk. He quickly thought it was pity, but he didn't know why he got so angry that [Y/n] would choose to be on Izuku's side than his. 'I'm not jealous!' he angrily thought, 'Never of Deku!'


---------------Time skip-----------------

        At the end of the day, [Y/n] left her bag with Izuku as she went to go talk with the teacher. She was known to scold him whenever he'd let the other students bully Izuku. A mistake she made since that left Izuku alone to Katsuki to pick on. She came back in time to hear Katsuki say "If you really wanna be a hero that badly there just might be another way. Just pray that you'll be born with a quirk in your next life and take a swan dive off the roof of the building." When he said that, memories of how she died in her past life flashed [Y/n]'s mind, the feeling of warmth turn to cold, her heart slowing down, only being able to hear but not see or speak or even move as death took her last moments; tears burning them and threatened to fall when she slammed the door open, revealing her presence. Without another word she stormed over to Katsuki, ignoring his two other friends, and slapped him hard enough to leave a mark. Whenever she'd defend Izuku, it would never be physical at least she'd use her quirks when she did but this was the first time she'd physically strike him. She muttered, ignoring the glare she was getting from the explosive boy, "Do you think death is so casual that you can just instigate a suicide?" She moved past him and grabbed Izuku's hand and their things with her quirk, pulling him along. The last thing she said to Katsuki before she left was, "You have no idea what death feels like when you're alone." her quirk slammed the door shut and Izuku followed along shaking, having never seen her like that. After a few minutes, he pulled her along instead to go along the side of the building to find his notebook. They ended up finding it in the fish pond with Koi fish eating it. From what [Y/n] could see, it had been burned and tossed out and it didn't take much for her to know that Katsuki had been the one to do it. "Stupid jerk..." Izuku muttered under his breath as he picked up the burned book. Without a word [Y/n] took out her copy and tossed away Izuku's, not surprised by his shocked expression, which became more shocked when she gave him hers. She held up a hand when he was about to protest and said, "I've been making copies for a long time Izuku, not just for my benefit but also yours." [Y/n] smiled as if she was trying to cheer him up, "The Porcupine's always been the dickiest of dicks so in case he did that I kept my copies of your notes and now they're yours." The dark look in his green eyes brightened a little bit with happiness from her words.

        As far as he could remember, [Y/n] stayed by his side since they were four years old. When [Y/n would come over some times, he had introduced her to All Might through videos that was on his computer. There was one however that was his favorite, admittedly it was old since it happened a long time ago. The debut of the hero the world has ever known, All Might. At that age, Izuku had hoped that he would get a quirk so he could be a hero just like All Might. But that same age, his hopes for a quirk was crushed. A doctor confirmed it after an X-ray was done of Izuku's foot. Those with a quirk had one joint in their pinky toe, those who did not had two like Izuku. Even though his mother had told him he couldn't be a hero without his quirk, [Y/n] kept trying to encourage him that he could. Constantly reminding him that he could by referring to those in the old comic books she managed to get her hands on. The words his mother had said was not what he needed or wanted as his world crumbled. [Y/n] did what she could to keep that world of his from doing so. Since that day, Izuku promised himself that he would believe in himself as much as [Y/n] did. He would also smile as much as his idol did.

        [Y/n] and Izuku walked together to go home after school only going to separate at the train station. From the school they had to go under a tunnel which was normally safe. On that day however, it was not as safe as they thought it was. Behind them something bursted from the sewer, them being a villain. And from the looks of them, it was a slime quirk. "Izuku run!" [Y/n] screamed to the green haired boy as the slime attacked them, suffocating them both. "Don't worry boy, I'm just taking over your body!" the villain explained as he tried to enter the junior high school student and moving calmly as [Y/n] tried to levitate some of the few objects around to hit him, to make him let go of her friend, "Your little girlfriend I'll just be taking hostage." His slime wrapped around her legs and her wrists, some of it moving along her to keep her still. [Y/n] tried to pull against her restraints, but each time he'd use more slime to hold her down as he suffocated the boy he planned on turning into a meat suit to hide in. "It'll only hurt for a minute." the villain cooed sadistically, "You'll feel better soon!" Tears pricked Izuku's eyes as he felt his body grow weaker, his fearful eyes meeting [Y/n]'s equally scared ones.

        "Have no fear, you're safe." Spoke a deep voice from behind the three, "Now that I'm here that is!" that voice belonged to All Might, [Y/n]'s eyes went from fear to excited to see Izuku's idol. At least until she was thrown aside by the villain so he could attack All Might, figuring that one hostage was better than none. The hero was quick to avoid his attacks, using one of his own to take them out "Texas SMASH!" the slime villain was unable to hold themselves together and as a result Izuku was freed from his hold. "Izuku!" [Y/n] ran over to the green haired boy to make sure he was alright, the hero gathering up the villain and placing him in an empty soda bottle and signed something behind the junior high school student before he started lightly smacking Izuku's cheeks to awaken him. "Thought we lost you there." he greeted Izuku when he was conscious and aware of his idol was in front of him. The first thing he did was scream and quickly back away, in both shock and awe. "Well it looks like you're moving around alright, sorry about that back there." He apologized to the two of them. "I didn't mean to get you two caught up in my justicing. Usually I pay more attention to keeping bystanders safe, but it turns out this city's sewer system is pretty difficult to navigate." he admitted with a laugh. "Anyway you were a big help, thank you!"

        Not as in awe as Izuku, [Y/n] passed him his notebook so he could get an autograph from his idol before he lost his chance. "I captured the evil doer!" he made his point by showing the bottles he had used to do so. She had to nudge the notebook harder to get her point across and used her quirk to levitate a pen to him to use. "Please sign my notebook!" He asked and turned to a page where he could do so, only to scream more when he saw that he already had. Before they knew it, Izuku had been bowing so fast [Y/n] thought he would snap his spine in half from the speed. "Thank you so much! This will be an heirloom! A family treasure to pass down for generations to come!" "Marshmallow calm down!" [Y/n] laughed trying to grab the back of his shirt to stop him, "Your hero otaku is showing." All Might laughed mightily and patted his pocket where he was keeping the villain, "Well I gotta get this guy to the police so they can take care of him. Stay out of trouble you two! See you around!" He crouched down to take off. "Wait..." Izuku paused as he watched him, "You're leaving already?" He sounded disappointed that his idol was going to leave so soon. "Pro heroes are constantly fighting time as well as enemies." Izuku however didn't want him to go yet when he had questions for his idol. "Thanks for your continued support!" When [Y/n] picked up her backpack, she looked back to see Izuku to ask if he was ready to go but was greeted without his presence. She blinked in confusion before it sunk in, "Did that idiot grab onto him?!" she screamed and looked up where All Might had disappeared. "Damn it Marshmallow!" she groaned and took off running, calling Izuku's phone as she went looking for her green haired friend. "When I get my hands on you Marshmallow you better be ready to get chewed out for doing something so stupid!" Just because she was protective of him did not mean he was spared from getting lectured for doing something stupid, dangerous or both.

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        Else where in the city, Bakugou Katsuki was walking with two of his 'friends' in Tatooin Shopping District after school. The mark on his face having faded over time but was still a little sore. "That was rough," said one of them as they walked together, "Weren't you and Midoriya friends back when you were kids?" "Yeah, you were a little harsh with him today" another commented, "So harsh that Yoshina slapped you for it." "It's his own fault for getting in my way," Katsuki answered and kicked a soda bottle that was on the ground, unknowingly freeing something from its prison. And when he thought back to [Y/n] or soda girl as he called her, he got irritated again. Ever since they met at four years old and he was putting Izuku down, in his place as the blonde called it, she'd always pour a bottle of soda over his head or shook a can of the sticky beverage before spraying it on him. He never understood why she was so protective of the quirkless boy. "Someone has to teach that little nerd how the world works." 'And make her stop looking at him with those damn eyes!' he thought and caused the soda can he was holding to explode. "I hate it when he talks heroes." And how she keeps encouraging Izuku to be a hero. "Maybe we should go to an arcade to take your mind off it?" One suggested. "Fine." Katsuki agreed and walked with the through an alley to get there. "Or we could sneak into a bar at the station, pick up some ladies?" "Now that's a good idea." the other agreed. "Idiots!" Katsuki disagreed with the idea completely. "If we get caught there's no way UA would let me in!" He refused to get into any other school except that one. Shaking as if afraid, they pointed behind Katsuki to reveal a villains presence, the one Katsuki had accidentally freed. "Perfect. I like a skin suit with some fire."

        "Marshmallow! Where are you?" She sighed, trying to remember from the books she had read in her past life before she died. While they showed Izuku and All Might had a conversation on a roof, it never specified where they were. And from her current position on the ground, she wouldn't be able to tell and with her quirk she can't levitate herself quite yet. The explosion she heard however, she thought he would be along that route and if she made it in time she could get to him. Unfortunately, fate was not on her side. She managed to get to the shopping district without running into him. Instead of seeing her friend, she saw the villain that had attacked her and Izuku. 'Why aren't they doing anything?!' [Y/n] thought looking to the heroes who were keeping their distance from the villain and getting civilians out of harms way. "Hey, apparently the villain has a hostage." Whispered one of the people behind [Y/n] to their friend. As they said that, familiar blonde hair had came into view, he was the hostage. When she saw him, [Y/n] froze. Sure, almost anyone had blonde hair but she recognized the explosive hair style anywhere. That was Bakugou Katsuki! Yes, they've butted heads many times and got on each other's nerves but she'd never wish that kind of harm to anyone. The look in his red eyes was filled with the fear of death. 'Is that... Is that what my eyes looked like before I died?' she thought shaking. "Hey kid get back here!" She snapped out of it when one of the heroes tried to grab a green blur. 'Marshmallow!' she thought and darted after him after dropping her bag, with their attention on him they weren't able to stop [Y/n] either. "Stop! You'll get yourselves killed!"

        Izuku didn't look back as he ran, grabbing his back pack as his thoughts went to one of the notes he had taken: #25. Make the opponent flinch back then use that opening to restrain them. He used the bag and threw it at the villain successfully hitting their eye and getting them off Katsuki's head so he could breathe and while he could he frantically tried to claw the slime off of him. "You little brat!" The villain snarled and raised enough slime with the intent to slam him into the ground. "Oh no you don't!" [Y/n] focused her mother's quirk to pick up one of the fallen street signs and swung it like a bat, cutting it off. "What the hell?! Why are you here?!" Katsuki yelled at the two as he tried to get himself out. "I don't know! My legs, they just started moving!"  Izuku admitted as he tried to get the slime off his classmate. "I don't hate you enough for you to die Porcupine!" [Y/n] answered as she kept swinging the sign around to keep the villain from attacking even though she started feeling one of the drawbacks of her quirk. "Kacchan, I couldn't just stand there and watch you die!" "Just a little bit longer kid, and I'm done playing with you two!" the villain yelled as he smacked the sign away. "Save the kids! He'll kill them!" Yelled Death Arms as he and the other heroes raced to grab the two. As if by instinct, Izuku was the one who grabbed [Y/n] and moved in front of her to take the impact of the attack for them both and clenched his eyes shut waiting for it. "I really am pathetic."

        A deep voice spoke, a voice Izuku and [Y/n] recognized to be All Might's. The hero stood between them and the villain, using one arm to hold the attack back. "I told you the tricks to make a great champion," he grunted as he clenched the hand that was caught in the slime and pulled it free, "But I see now I wasn't living up to my own ideas!" He pulled his other arm back, readying up for an attack as the fire burned around them, "Pros are always risking our lives!" he grabbed Katsuki's arm to keep him from flying with the villain, "That's the true cost of a hero!" "Damn you All Might!" Snarled the slime villain and was going to risk attacking him even if he didn't make it, "Detroit Smash!" he pulled Katsuki free and sent the villain flying into the air with the wind, the sky changing from clear to rain amazing the crowd. He changed the weather with a single punch. That sight alone was enough for them to cheer for the number one hero.

        After that, the heroes collected the mounds of sludge and the villain had been taken into police custody. All Might was surrounded by the press and there were two separate groups of heroes. One group was praising Katsuki and [Y/n] while a few of the paparazzi took pictures, the other was scolding Izuku. 'Why the hell are they scolding him?' [Y/n] thought as she looked over at Izuku, 'Unlike them Marshmallow did something without a quirk while they held back because they didn't have a quirk to handle the situation.' She sighed and walked over to Izuku, ignoring the heroes who wanted her and Katsuki to join their agency. "Hey Marshmallow lets go." [Y/n] called to him, ignoring the heroes presence which had shocked them since they weren't used to that sort of treatment, "It's late. We should go home." she pulled him up and used her quirk to levitate their bags despite the small headache she had from her quirk. Izuku looked back to All Might, wanting to not only thank him but to apologize; however since the hero was surrounded by the press it would be rather difficult and he didn't want to interrupt. Since it was the weekend, [Y/n] was going to Izuku's place for a while.

        Their walk to his house was silent, she didn't pry into it but let him think to himself about what had happened during the day. "Deku! Soda girl!" called out an angry voice which they recognized. "Kacchan?" "Great..." [Y/n] sighed and got a can from her bag as she and Izuku turned to see Katsuki running to them. "Listen," he didn't let his red eyes meet green ones or [e/c] ones, "I would never ask weaklings like you to help me. Don't think you can look down on me! I was fine by myself! You're just a quirkless failure who won't even cut it as a rent-a-cop" he didn't forget about [Y/n] "And you wouldn't make the cut for a low rate psychic! Neither of you helped me! You did nothing don't forget it! I owe either of you anything!" He turned and walked back to his home. 'What was that?' Izuku thought and [Y/n] shook her head 'Weak insult Porcupine.' then sighing. 'Kacchan is right though, its not like I did anything to help today.' Izuku thought, 'But at least I tried. Guess now I should get back to giving up on my dreams.' "I am here!"

        That voice made Izuku scream and [Y/n] covered her ear with a flinch, she had a headache from her quirk usage and now Izuku's scream. "A-All Might, how did you get here?" Izuku stuttered, "How did you even get rid of all those reporters?" All Might laughed a mighty laugh, "I stand for justice! Not sound bites!" he reminded him and proceeded to flex in front of the two teens, "Because I, I am All Mi-!" that moment was interrupted by the blond hero changing back into his other form and coughing up blood. Which made Izuku scream and [Y/n] had to cover her ears again, "Ow! Marshmallow lower the volume a little!" Now that he had remembered her presence, Izuku tried to come up with an excuse but the [h/c] girl held up her hand. "Calm down, what he has to say is a lot more important and I'm not too shocked to be honest. I've been surprised by other things." her mind briefly thought back to Steven Universe and that plot twist about Rose had her screaming inside. 

        "I came to thank you," All Might began to explain himself, "And to discuss your question from earlier." he earned a bit of a glare from the [h/c] female since she knew he would be the reason why her friend would have looked so broken. With what he said to him before could've changed how he would've became or had in his life. He could've tried to off himself like Katsuki told him! Or become a villain! Then again the marshmallow as a  villain would've been so attractive. Given how much information he had on the heroes abilities he would've had the potential, even more so since he knew what All Might looked like in his shrunken form. But the marshmallow as a villain?

Nope, won't imagine that sweet boy turning dark; back to focusing on this apology the number one hero was giving to the green haired fan boy. "If you hadn't told me about your life, if you hadn't ran into that fight; I would've been just a worthless bystander in the crowds." "No, it was my fault he was there to begin with." Izuku protested, "I got in the way of your hard work and wasted your energy.... Not to mention your time..." the guilt was eating away at him. "I'm not done, you told me you didn't have a power. So when I saw this timid, quirkless boy try to save two lives," he was not just referring to Katsuki, he also meant [Y/n] since when he had finally moved he saw that Izuku had moved [Y/n] behind him so he could take the brunt of the attack. "it inspired me to act too. There are stories about every hero, how they became great. Most have one thing in common, their bodies moved before they had a chance to think almost on their own." Izuku's green orbs brightened in color as he listened to his idol's words before his body began to tremble. The familiar sensation of tears burning his eyes made him move his head down to hide them although [Y/n] had noticed and placed a hand on his shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. "And today, that's what happened to you," After years of being told by others that he couldn't ever become a hero he was going to receive the thing he wanted and needed to hear from the adult before him. His shaking body fell to the ground and he was on his knees as he cried "Young man, you too can become a hero."

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       After years of being told to give up his dream, that he couldn't be a hero by many people Izuku finally heard the words he needed to hear from someone other than [Y/n]. "You too can become a hero." He couldn't help but cry, instead of tears of sadness and helplessness they were of happiness. "I deem you worthy of my powers. My quirk is yours to inherit." "Huh?" "Skeleton man say what now?" That wasn't something you hear.

        All Might's eye twitched a little in annoyance at the skeleton comment before he cleared his throat to keep from yelling at the junior high school student. "What do you mean inherit?" Izuku asked before All Might could clarify what he meant. "Inherit what?" the look on his face however was enough to make All Might laugh that he overlooked that he was interrupted. "You should see your face right now. Don't worry I'm not going to force this thing on you." 'No. Bad [Y/n]. No gutter thoughts about the skeleton man.' the [h/c] girl thought to herself and looked at the blonde hero to explain himself. "Listen well young man, this is your choice. Do you want to accept my awesome power or not?" He asked him and coughed up blood. The amount he coughed up made [Y/n] wonder how he hadn't died from it yet. The look on Izuku's face was showing he still did not understand. Like everyone else he thought All Might's quirk was one he was born with not something he could just inherit. 

        "There are a couple things you should know about my abilities." the hero began to explain, "Journalists always guess my quirk is super strength or some kind of invulnerability. When people ask in interviews, I always make a joke to dodge the question. That's because the world needs to believe the symbol of peace is just a natural born hero like any of them. But I'm not." he sighed, "There's nothing natural about my ability. I wasn't born with this power, it was a sacred torch passed onto me from someone else." The wind picked up as Izuku's world was changed, the idea of inheriting a quirk wasn't something anyone had thought of. "And you're next, I can give you my abilities." He chose the quirkless timid boy over anyone else. "Wait a second, this is a lot to process! It's true there's been a lot of debate over what your quirk actually is; no one's actually been able to figure it out! It's one of the world's greatest mysteries! People are actually talking about it online." He would know since he is one of them. It didn't take long for Izuku to start muttering as [Y/n] and All Might watched him over think the whole inheriting idea. 

        To snap him out of it, [Y/n] slapped his back. Did it hurt? Yes. But was it worth snapping him out of it? God yes. "You're nerding out again Marshmallow. When we get to your house later I'll show you other superheroes from the old comic books." [Y/n] sighed as he sat up and rubbed his back. "You'll have to adjust to this reality and accept this new truth. I can transfer my quirk to someone else." he held his hand out and in his palm a bright light began to glow from it, "And that's just one facet of my secret abilities. The true name of my power is One For All." he revealed. "One person improves the power, then hands it off to another person. And it continues to grow as it's passed along." While he was the most recent, there was at least one more person that he knew of who had passed this power along until it reached him. "It is this cultivated power that allows me to save those who are in need of a hero." he clenched his fist as the light faded away, "It is the truth behind my strength." "But why would you choose to give me a quirk like that?" the green haired boy questioned him, not believing himself to be worthy of it. "What if I can't live up to it?"

        "I was on a long hunt for a worthy successor. And then I watched you and your friend jump into action as the rest of us stood idly by. You may just be a quirkless fanboy." He worded carefully to avoid offending him "But you tried to save that kid. You acted like a hero." [Y/n] nodded in agreement, remembering that Izuku had moved in front of her to take the brunt of the attack to protect her. His eyes started to water and All Might patted his head with his hand, "Honestly kid, you've gotta stop crying if you want to inherit my quirk." "Marshmallow's always been a crybaby." [Y/n] laughed softly as the green haired boy wiped away his tears and stood on his own two feet. "I'll do it!" Izuku answered him, seeing the proud look on [Y/n]'s face. "No hesitation," All Might was impressed, "That's exactly how I figured you'd respond." the hero turned his attention to [Y/n] "It goes without saying, but-" "I know, secret's safe with me." she made a zipping motion across her lips before locking it and throwing away the key, "I've got a few secrets of my own." She looked at the time "Because of how late it is, we need to get going but I'll let you two talk further before I go calm Aunt Inko." She picked up her bag with her quirk then quickly pecked Izuku's cheek causing his face to turn bright red and All Might snickered at the sight, "Thanks for saving me today too, Hero" she grinned and went to his house to wait for him. 

        After he and All Might talked, Izuku went home thinking over and over again that [Y/n] had kissed his cheek to thank him, not because of a crush. She couldn't have one on him right? He didn't talk about it and she didn't bring it up as she showed him old comic book super heroes who had inherited their power or wasn't born with it. Heroes like Captain America who had gotten it from a serum (the female may have swooned over his muscles for maybe half an hour), Hulk who was originally a scientist changed by radiation, Spiderman who was bitten by a radioactive spider, Flash had been struck by lightning when a particle accelerator had gone off and she gave one more example who was really an anti hero. The merc with the mouth, Dead Pool. With those heroes given as an example of those who had inherited or were given powers from other beings or circumstances it made it a little easier to accept the idea of heroes who weren't born with the power they had.


-----------Time skip-----------

        It was early morning at Dagoba Muncipal Beach Park, two days since the slime incident and aside from the trash there; Izuku was there to push them as training and All Might sat on top of the fridge in his larger form. [Y/n] was off to the side watching him do so, thinking of how to train herself so she could also get into UA. "It's pretty comfy up on this fridge, how are you doing down there?" All Might asked as he watched the scrawny male pull the fridge with rope tied to his body before h collapsed to the ground. "People move these things every day you know, and most of them don't have any super strength." Izuku pushed himself up with the upper half of his body before turning half way. "Yeah well, there's also an extra 600 lbs with you on top of it." They haven't been there long and already Izuku looked dead tired. "Nah, I lost weight so I'm down to 560 these days." All Might shrugged, "In this form at least." Izuku sighed and looked around at the environment they were in to train. "Why are you having me clean up the beach anyway?" he asked him, he thought he was inheriting his quirk. "Take a look at yourself," All Might laughed and took pictures with his phone, a mighty red to match the red on his super suit, "You're not ready for my power." "What?!" Izuku looked like he was going to cry, "I thought you said I was worthy!" he sobbed. "I'm talking about your weak body." All Might clarified and walked over as [Y/n] did as well. "My quirk One For All is a whole lot to handle. The combined physical abilities of everyone who ever used it creates a hurricane of pure force. An unprepared body can't fully inherit it." [Y/n] used an analogy to help get the point across, "You know how a balloon pops when there's too much air in it? Imagine all that power as that air and you're the balloon." "Seriously?!" He shivered and looked up to All Might, "So this whole trash thing is like some sort of hard core work out and you're my trainer." he got a thumbs up from the hero then looked to his childhood friend, "Then what will you be doing [Y/n]?" "I've been wondering that myself Young Yoshina." All Might admitted. "I came to see what your training plan was for Marshmallow since I won't be training with you. I'll be training with the ones who taught my parents." She informed them. Her teachers would be Matsuri and Elmore Tenjuin. Matsuri had strong telekinesis and was the one who taught her mother how to use her quirk Trance/Rise, she also taught her father how to control his Melzez quirk better while Elmore had used a program to help him refine it. When she asked her parents what their training was like, they started crying and had the expression like she was going to be sent off to her own funeral. Thinking about it now sent tears to her eyes, "Marshmallow if I die, I leave all my comic books to you." "What do you mean die?!"

        Since that day, the ten months of training began. When [Y/n] wasn't at Matsuri's to enhance her mother's Rise/Trance quirk or her father's Melzez quirk; she would be with Izuku at the beach joining in on the physical training. Depending on the trash they were carrying, they would be using different muscle groups to deal carry or push. And thanks to Izuku's notes about her quirks [Y/n] knew what she needed to improve and about the possibilities of her quirks, and she didn't want to rely solely on her quirks. She wanted to be able to handle herself in hand to hand combat if needed to. Sure, she could enhance her reflexes or the insanity scythe but she didn't want to over look the possibility that the quirk she might go up against as a hero might beat hers. The training they did even continued into the school days, at least they did for Izuku. He wanted to finish the beach clean up at least a week before the entrance exam for UA. [Y/n] along with the rest of the class stared at the green haired boy started muttering his plan to prepare himself for the exam that he completely forgot he still needed to focus on his studies. To snap him back into reality, the teacher used their quirk to karate chop the green haired boy on the head. "I know you had a run in with a villain kid, but you need to pull yourself together." They lectured as [Y/n] glared at the snickering class, "if you want to get into UA you might actually have to know something." "Don't over do it Marshmallow." [Y/n] whispered to him, he had the tendency to over think. She didn't want him to over work himself and get the reverse effects he wanted. The training increased for them both over time, pushing them to and above their limits. Izuku even went so far as to creating his own diet regimen that would help him in his training.  Over time as his strength increased, his appetite did as well; he even trained during class under his desk to increase the strength in his hand.

        One day, during one of the days [Y/n] would be training with Izuku they were both running and carrying a piece of trash as All Might followed behind them on a scooter. All seemed fine until Izuku collapsed. "Hey, hey kid you've got three months left. You gonna give up after all this work?" The hero asked as [Y/n] used her quirk to pick up the trash he dropped. "You wanna flush it all down the toilet and take it easy?" the shaking Izuku did as he tried to push himself to get up told him all he needed to know. "You're overworked."

        "The Aim to Pass American Dream plan was created with your body in mind. It was fine tuned to ensure that your progress was swift but manageable. Which means, you haven't been sticking to it." he sounded disappointed that he wasn't. "I told you not to overdo it Marshmallow." [Y/n] lightly scolded with concern laced in her voice, he worked so hard but if this was the result of him over doing it he wasn't going to get the result he wanted. "I have to work harder," Izuku panted as he kept trying to get up, "Or I won't stand a chance against the other applicants." his reason sparked something in All Might as he pushed himself up a little bit, "I don't just want to get into UA; I want to excel. I want to be like you!" he managed to push the upper half of his body up and raised his head high, "I want to be the greatest hero in the world. So I'll keep on trying!" tears burned his eyes as his body screamed while it ached from its overused sore muscles, "I won't stop until I've got what it takes to do that!" All Might's eyes sparked and changed once again to his larger form, picking up Izuku with one hand. "That's what I like about you fanboy, it serves you well! I do get your concerns. That said, now's not the time to rush progress." he placed him over his shoulder as [Y/n] used her quirk to carry both pieces of garbage, "But no need to fear! I can get you back on track!" he exclaimed with mighty determination, "Leave it to this old man to come up with the master plan!" "You're not an old man All Might."

        Before they knew it, February 26 arrived. [Y/n] had ran down to the beach and met with All Might in the Parking lot. The sight that greeted them was Izuku standing on a large pile of trash screaming as the sun rose to signal a new day. This scream was of victory. And he was shirtless and sweaty. He had cleaned up outside the area All Might had told him to as well. Not a speck of trash left on the beach with only a few minutes to spare. Izuku swayed on the top before he fell, All Might rushed over in his large form catching him in time. As the two chatted, [Y/n] walked over to the pile with a serene smile on her face and finally used her father's quirk on the large pile; the large black sphere that appeared was quick to 'eat' the trash before shrinking into nothing. As much as she would've liked to have used this quirk in the exam, she still believed it was too dangerous until she refined it like her father. Getting the sphere to consume only the trash took a lot of effort to do during the ten months despite the training. "Look at this." All Might showed [Y/n] and Izuku a picture of the green haired boy from ten months ago. Now that [Y/n] looked at him, he definitely looked different. 'Marshmallow went from skinny and cuddly to muscle and drool worthy abs...' she nearly drooled at the sight. NEARLY.

        "There's still a long road ahead to inherit my full power set but it's starting to looks like you can do it!" Izuku smiled and looked down at his hand, "All Might... Do I deserve this? Are you sure?" tears started to fall from his eyes, hard time to believe he was still that same kid from ten months ago. "How did I end up so lucky?" "It was your hard work that did this, not mine." All Might patted him on the back. "Now for your reward, Izuku Midoriya." He reached up and plucked a strand of hair from his head, "Someone told me this once, there's a difference between being lucky and deserving. One's the accident, the other a reward. Never get the two confused, take that to heart young man." He met Izuku's green eyes with his electric blue ones, "This gift, you've earned this with your valiant efforts." Izuku clenched his weak, quirkless hands and grabbed the future before him. "Now, eat this."


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        When All Might told Izuku to eat the strand of hair he held out to him with a straight face, [Y/n] was curled up laughing. Izuku's face was priceless as well when he had to seriously eat the blonde hair in order to inherit the quirk One For All. "Huh?" Izuku asked, trying to make sure that his idol was not pulling his leg. He wanted him to eat his hair? "To inherit my power you have to swallow some of my DNA, that's how it works" All Might sheepishly rubbing his neck, for those with dirty minds that could be taken in any way. "This isn't exactly how I imagined it!" Izuku groaned with exasperation. "Marshmallow there's no time! If we don't go now we'll be late for the exam!" [Y/n] reminded him once she stopped laughing. "Now eat! Eat! EAT!" All Might shouted as he shoved his strand of hair in his face. Rather hesitantly, Izuku ate the piece of hair and nearly chased [Y/n] when she took a picture with her phone. But when he had eaten the strand of hair, he didn't feel any different; however All Might told him that the effects won't appear until two hours later which would thankfully be enough time before the exam would start. It was not enough time for Izuku to figure out how to control his powers so if he wasn't careful he might end up breaking his body. Due to the time, [Y/n] agreed to meet her green haired friend at the gate of the school so they could go in together. 

        At 8:40 am the same day, Izuku had arrived a little after [Y/n] did; to calm her nerves she had been chewing a piece of gum. "Hey Marshmallow, you feeling any different?" she asked him once he was close enough. "Not really, and because of the amount of time I spent worrying about the exam I didn't have enough time to test out my new power." he admitted. "Stupid Deku, Stupid Soda girl..." Grunted a familiar voice behind them. [Y/n] sighed and looked at the person, not surprised to see that it belonged to Bakugou Katsuki "You should really give me a new nickname Porcupine." "Just get out of my way now before I set you on fire." Katsuki threatened, this caused Izuku to instinctively panic and move [Y/n] out of the way, "G-good morning! Let's do our best out there today good luck!" the green haired boy tried to be nice but it fell on deaf ears instead as the explosive boy walked right past him. Ever since the sludge incident, Bakugou had been taking it a bit easier on Izuku and the fighting with [Y/n] had also died down too. Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Izuku looked towards the UA entrance exam location then took his first few steps towards there with shaking legs before he tripped. He would've hit the ground if he hadn't started floating in the air. He looked to his friend to see if she was the one who had prevented him from doing so but she only pointed to the brown haired girl next to him. "You okay?"

        The girl only giggled as she helped him stand up again then clapped her hands together. "Thanks for stopping Marshmallow from hitting the ground, was that your quirk?" [Y/n] guessed as she looked her over while Izuku was still stuttering. She had short brown hair, rosy cheeks, a dark brown jacket, a pink scarf around her neck, knee length black skirt and matching stockings and on her back was a small black back pack. "It is," She admitted, "Sorry I didn't ask first. But I figured you both wouldn't have minded if I caught him." "It's fine, that's a really cool quirk by the way." [Y/n] complimented as the mystery girl's cheeks turned a little darker, "Thank you, I'll see you two inside!" she waved before going in. Izuku was silent for a moment as she walked away "I just talked to a girl!" "You didn't really talk Marsh- Hey! I'm a girl and you talk to me all the time! What the hell?" She pouted and turned her head as Izuku tried to frantically apologize. "Hmph!" she ran ahead as he chased after her to apologize, not seeing the smile on her face. 

        Inside the orientation for the entrance exam, the students were greeted by a hero with blonde hair, sun glasses and a black leather jacket. "What's up UA candidates? Thanks for tuning into me, your school DJ! Come on and let me hear ya!" He put a hand up to his ear waiting to hear students screaming but was instead greeted with silence. He was undeterred however, continuing on with speaking, "Keeping it mellow huh? That's fine, let's just skip straight to the main show." He once again tried to get the audience participation, "Let's talk about how this practical exam's gonna go down okay? Are you ready?!" Once again he was greeted with silence. "Oh my goodness it's the voice hero Present Mike," Izuku quietly fanboyed in his seat, "So cool! I listen to his radio show every day of the week" "Marshmallow shh..." [Y/n] hissed, trying to get him to calm down. Next to Izuku was Katsuki who was staring at the hero on the stage, "Geez shut up." he quietly threatened. 

        "Like your application said, today you rockin' boys and girls will be out there conducting ten minute mock battles in a suburban setting" Present Mike explained as she screen behind him changed from the school logo to show there would be different buildings they would be tested in from A-G. "After I drop the mike here, you'll head to your specified battle centers, sound good?" Katsuki, Izuku and [Y/n] looked at their exam tickets which would show which battle center they would be in. "So they're splitting us up so we're not paired with friends..." Katsuki muttered and glared at Izuku when he tried to look at his. "Get your eyes off my card." he sounded disappointed when he found out he and Izuku would be in different battle centers, "Damn I was looking forward to crushing you." The explosive blond was in battle center A, the green haired freckled boy was in battle center B and [Y/n] was in battle center C. "Okay, okay let's check out your targets." next on the screen were three robots around the icon of a building. They could be worth 1 points, 2 points, or 3 points. "There are three types of foes in every battle center, you'll earn points based on the level of difficulty so better choose wisely." the screen changed to an animation of the hero before them attacking a robot in the city. "Your goal in this trial is to use your quirk to raise your score by shredding these foe villains like a mid song guitar solo! But check it," he warned "Make sure to keep things heroic! Attacking other examinees is a UA no no ya dig?" "So much for crushing others Porcupine~" [Y/n] hummed to his annoyance.

        A few rows in front of the three, an examinee raised his hand "Excuse me but I have a question." the examinee being a male. "Hit me!" Present Mike allowed the examinee to speak as the light from above shined on him. "On the print out you listed four types of villains, not three." he began, "With all respect, if this is an error on official UA materials it is shameful. We are exemplary students; we expect the best from Japan's most notable school. Mistakes such as this won't do." He then turned and pointed in Izuku's direction, "Additionally you with the unkempt hair!" "Huh?" Izuku pointed to himself in confusion. "You've been muttering this entire time, stop that. If you can't bother to take this seriously, leave. You're distracting the rest of us." "Isn't that what you're doing now?" [Y/n] put the attention back on him, "You said you had a question. Not a complaint." her [e/c] eyes narrowed at him for embarrassing her friend, "So please stick to what you were saying than embarrassing someone else because you were distracted." The examinee's cheeks reddened in embarrassment as other examinees began to quietly laugh around him. "Alright, alright. Examinee # 7111, thanks for calling in with your request." Present Mike gave him a thumbsup and brought the attention back to him, "The fourth villain type is worth 0 points, that guy's just an obstacle we're throwing in your way. There's one in every battle center; think of it as a hurdle you should try to avoid. It's not that it can't be beaten but there's kinda no point." the animation on the screen running away from the said robot. "I recommend my listeners try to ignore it and focus on the ones on top of the chart!" The examinee bowed once he was satisfied with his answer, "Thank you very much, please continue." and sat back down in his seat. With the light off him the orientation for the battle entrance exam was finished. "That's all I got for today. So I'll sign off with a little present, a sample of our school motto: As general Bonne apart once laid down, a true hero is one who overcomes life's misfortunes. Ya ready to go beyond? Let's give it a plus ultra !" "Good luck Marshmallow." [Y/n] whispered to her freckled friend who shook nervously. If they wanted to get into this school, they really needed to go beyond their limits and do their best.

Chapter Text

        [Y/n] soon found herself outside the Battle Center C in clothes she used to train her powers, black sweat pants, sneakers and a hoodie like sleeveless shirt. All around her, candidates were chatting with either each other or looking towards the doors with anticipation. She didn't recognize anyone from her school so she found herself alone, with her thoughts. 'Just take a deep breath [Y/n]' she thought as she inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled to calm her nerves, 'You can do this, you trained ten months with Marshmallow to do this. And nearly died under your parents' teacher with their teaching methods.' she thought back to her time training. With Trance, [Y/n] worked her way up in increasing the weight she could carry with her telekinesis and the duration up to six minutes, she learned how to use her mother's mind jacks and its scythe form, how to cast illusions, her mother's quirk also increased her reflexes if she used Rise and learned to control her father's quirk better although it still placed a strain on her by causing a headache from its usage. 'So long as I don't use that one I should be alright,' she thought, clenching her fists and stretched so she was ready to go in. Looking around, she observed the other U.A. candidates who looked rather confident about their abilities. Some of them even had special gear to help them in the exam too. 'I can't forget that they're competition too so I shouldn't fall behind.'

        "Right, let's start!" [Y/n] heard from behind her and she took off into the city while the other students were shocked that they were already starting the exam. "Get moving! There are no count downs in real battles! Run run run listeners! Unlike that girl over there, you're wasting air time!" Present Mike urged now they started moving. 'Oh where, oh where are the robots at? Oh where or where can they be?' [Y/n] thought to herself in a humming tone until the building next to her was smashed by one of the targets 'Found one!' she thought with a grin 'Let's go!'

        The robot swung one of its arms at her while she activated Rise and jumped back to avoid the attack then switched to Trance, levitating some of the fallen debris and throwing it at her target. One of the larger pieces had slammed into its red eye, earning herself two points in the process. Then she took off again, running through the city to see if she could find another target; she managed to get a few ranging from one point to two points and only one 3 point robot. "Ugh..." a voice groaned under debris from one of the robots a few feet away from [Y/n], "Hm?" she slowed down and walked over, there she found one of the candidates. From the looks of them, they were pinned down under the weight of the rock. "Hold on okay?" [Y/n] took a few steps back and tried to move the debris off of them. It was heavier than what they were used to, they couldn't lift the thing and toss it aside; the best she could do was nudge it off of them carefully and help them stand. 'Shit... Now?' she thought to herself when she felt a bit of blood drip from her nose. "Hey, thanks for the he-" the person began but froze when they saw the blood from her nose. "It's not a problem." she wiped her blood away with her arm, "Be careful though okay!" she took off despite the concerned test taker trying to stop her since they were worried about their bloody nose. 'I should have enough points, maybe with the rescue that could help but they didn't mention it during the orientation.' She thought as she ran to find more robots, 'Then again if they did mention it, everyone would've been rescuing others just for the points and not because they truly wanted to help....' the more she thought about it the more it made sense. 'I feel like I'm forgetting something about the exam but I can't remember,' she frowned, 'I know I've probably seen it in my past life but I can't remember much past my death' briefly she remembered the cold feeling of dying before shaking her head. 'Focus [Y/n]! Just focus on the exam now and think about past lives later!' BOOM BOOM BOOM. 'Okay I know Porcupine isn't here!' she thought before looking over where the sound came from. They finally sent in the large zero point robot in. 'I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING!!!'

        As if making a point about its strength and threat level, the robot slammed a fist into the ground sending large waves of dust to fly in the air and cause a miniature earth quake in the area. Panicked screams filled the air along with the sound of buildings falling to the ground, probably onto those who weren't fast enough to move and were unlucky. When the dust cleared, many people ran past her before the announcement was made there were two minutes left. "H-hey! Someone!" called the one person unlucky enough to be pinned down by one of the fallen debris as the robot continued moving. "Shit..." [Y/n] thought as she used Rise to run to the person, 'Shit... Shit. Shit! I won't get there in time!' she thought, her eyes darting to the robot 'And that thing's too large for me to levitate!' she stood in front of the person to get between them and the robot. "Well this is gonna hurt..." she muttered and used her father's quirk, putting a hand out in front of her, "Melzez's door!" a black sphere appeared in front of the girl before it was hurled at the robot. It's hand reached out to stop it but because of its large fingers, it slipped between them and struck its head. 'Lucky me!' she thought as the headache came from the usage of the quirk, trying to keep her breathing steady despite how badly it hurt. The black sphere 'ate' its head, destroying it in front of those who saw before it shrunk into nothing ness. "Well, now for you." she muttered, turning her attention to the pinned candidate. "I'll need you to get up yourself, kay?" she used the last of her energy to use Trance again to move the debris, blood began dripping from her nose. 'Crap...' she thought as she blacked out, 'I hope... Marshmallow did well...'. "Times up!"

        "Very nice! Good work, all around!" Called an elderly feminine voice who was going through the suburban battle center, "You're heroes in my eyes, every single one of you." The elderly woman passed around gummies and went to go heal those who were injured in the exam. This woman was Recovery Girl, the school nurse and the reason why the school could even have those dangerous exams. When she had gotten to [Y/n] among the injured students, she healed the girl of her headache and nosebleed. 

-----------Time skip--------------

        A week passed since the exam had taken place. When she saw Izuku after the exam, she saw he had a broken look in his eyes. With the written exam, they probably barely passed it since they were more focused on their training. During that week, [Y/n] gave Izuku space and was anxiously waiting for her results with her parents. "I'm sure you did fine [Y/n]," her father said as he watched his daughter float objects around in the air using Trance. "I used your quirk dad..." [Y/n] told him, "I used it and wound up passing out after the exam once I got the other candidate out from under the debris." "You didn't use it on them did you?" He asked her worriedly, he knew how dangerous his quirk was more than anyone. While it could be used to 'eat' other debris or garbage, it was still dangerous to use on other people since they would die. It took his daughter ten months to control it and keep it on just swallowing a few objects. If it ate too much it wouldn't shrink like she wanted it to, it was swell and burst like a balloon, branches would wind up sprouting from it and impale those around it except the controller. "No dad, I used it on the robot. I used Trance to get the debris off them." she explained and floated a remote to her to watch tv. "How do you think Izuku did?" he asked her. [Y/n] paused for a moment, thinking back to the broken look her freckled friend had. "He looked... broken..." She had no idea what happened in the exam but from his facial expression he didn't do well. She hasn't heard from him since that day.

        "[Y/n] you have a letter!" Her mother called to her, coming into the house. [E/c] eyes looked over at her mother and saw she held a letter from U.A. Her test results had arrived. Jumping up, [Y/n] grabbed her letter and ran to her room to read it. "Hey! You better tell us what the results are!" Her mother reminded her, grabbing her husband by his collar to stop him from following after her. Once in her room, she used her quirk to open the envelope and falling out of it was a small disk projecting a hologram. "Booyah! I am here as a projection now!" greeted All Might on the screen, startling her and causing some of the things in her room to levitate off the ground and slamming down onto the floor. "Freddy fuck bear why?!" she screamed and clutched her chest, trying to prevent her heart from jumping out of her chest. "You're supposed to be reading your results, not playing video games [Y/n]!" yelled her father from down stairs. She may have played FNAF during the week and kept her parents up with her screams of fear from the jump scares. "I guess I forgot this part too." she sighed, remembering briefly that he was going to be teaching there from her past life but because this time she was the one getting a letter she wasn't sure how she did and was unaware he would be in the letter sent to her. "I know it's been a while but with great power comes a great amount of paper work." All Might sighed as if exhausted by the thought of it. "Actually with great power comes with great responsibility, but you're not uncle Ben." [Y/n] muttered and watched the projection. "My apologies young lady." the hero bowed in the projection screen before continuing on. "Truth is, I didn't come to this city just to fight villains. You're looking at U.A.'s new faculty member!" he explained excitedly. "Now, moving on!" he cleared his throat, "You passed the written test and on the practical exam you have 25 combat points. Normally, 25 combat points would not be enough to pass but there were other factors to the exam as well!" he showed a video off to the side showing [Y/n] helping the two combatants, "The practical exam isn't based on just combat alone! How can a hero course reject someone committed to saving others? That is what makes a hero after all. That is what my Alma Mater is all about, training those who would risk their lives for the greater good. So we have rescue points! A panel of judges watches and the reward points based on the heroic acts; [Y/n] Yoshina 52 rescue points!

Chapter Text

        The night after they had opened their U.A. acceptance letters, All Might had gotten in touch with the two heroes to be. They met him at the beach where Izuku had trained. "Hi All Might!" Izuku greeted making the skeleton like man cough up blood in shock, "Chill out kid!" he scolded. "All Might's here?!" "No way!" two bystanders a ways off at a board walk heard the green haired boy sending shivers up his spine. "Sorry, my friend was just kidding!" [Y/n] yelled to the two, "Lame!" "I wanted an autograph." the two complained as the hero sighed in relief that his cover was still safe.

        "Congrats on getting in you two." All Might raised his hands to give them both a high five. "I couldn't have done it without your help." Izuku humbly said and he was right, without his help he wouldn't have gotten a quirk or gotten in. "Thanks though." [Y/n] shrugged and obliged in returning the high five. "Speaking of which, I didn't tell anyone at U.A. I was training you or anything." All Might said aiming that at Izuku since he had not trained [Y/n] for ten months, she just joined in when she wasn't being taught by her teachers. "I wasn't one of the judges and I didn't pull any strings for you. You earned those spots on your own." "Thanks for telling us," Izuku bowed respectfully, "Glad to hear that." [Y/n] nodded in agreement. "Surprising to find out you were going to be a teacher at U.A." [Y/n] continued as Izuku looked to his idol excited that he would spend more time with him as a student. "I wondered what brought you here all of a sudden." her green haired friend admitted, "After all your agency is in Minato Tokyo and every one knows-" he was interrupted by his teacher and his friend saying at the same time "You're getting creepy."

        "The school didn't want me telling anyone about the job until they made an official announcement." All Might turned and walked towards the ocean, staring at its waves that it sent towards the shore. "It seemed like good timing, like some easy way to find someone to inherit One For All." He originally planned to give it to a U.A. student. "Your power completely wrecked my body, and all I did was jump and throw one punch." Izuku admitted and was shaken by [Y/n] "Marshmallow why didn't you tell me?!" she whined, "I thought I told you to be careful!" "I can't control it yet though," Izuku tried to stay standing and not fall over from her shaking. "He'll learn to manage it in time" All Might said reassuringly, "Hoping to master it right away is like asking a baby to run a marathon. You still have to go through the process of learning how to walk." [Y/n] pouted a little before letting go of Izuku "You knew he'd get hurt that badly?!" "Well," All Might sounded sheepish, "We were under a time crunch, but it turned out alright." he gave them a thumbs up, "Plus now you know what you're dealing with." She hated it but he had a point. "Right now, Izuku's quirk is either all or nothing, one day he'll learn how to control his output. Then he'll be able to adjust exactly how much power he's using." "So I just need control?" Izuku sounded hopeful that he wouldn't be in a broken state like that again. "You're overflowing with energy at the moment" he used a wine glass as an example, "with training your body will hold it better." his form went from skeleton to big and muscles and crushed two gas cans with one hand. "Then it's yours to command!" "You really shouldn't have done that here." [Y/n] pointed behind him to the two people still there at the board walk. "Right! Now we run!" the three of them took off before the two bystanders could come to ask him for an autograph.

        The torch All Might passed on to Izuku is a small flame right now. In time it will be gentle until he wields a raging inferno; the more powerful he becomes the more he'll outshine All Might. Eventually he will retire, his job complete.

        In April, the time came for the two to attend U.A. and begin their high school career. The acceptance rate was as small as it always had been in the past, one in 300. Four people had gotten into the school because of recommendations and 37 because of the regular exams. Because of the amount, they had been split into two classes but one had an extra student. Izuku and [Y/n] found themselves in front of their classroom with a large door. When Izuku thought to who else could be there, them being Katsuki and the examinee who called him out during the orientation and again during the practical exam, he felt shivers down his spine. "Think everyone in here is nice Marshmallow?" [Y/n] asked him, receiving a shaky nod as she opened the door. "Take your feet off of that desk now!" "Hah?"

        In the room were two people Izuku had been afraid of seeing. "It's the first day and already you're disrespecting the academy by scuffing school property you cretin!" That one [Y/n] recognized to be the examinee who called out Izuku during orientation. "You're kidding me right?" 'Yep that's Porcupine.' [Y/n] thought with a sigh, "Your old school put a stick up your ass or were you born with it?" Katsuki asked sarcastically as he scanned his new classmate like he could take him down easily. The student was appalled at his foul language before he sighed and placed a hand over his chest, introducing himself, "Let's start over, I'm Tenya Iida from Somei Private Academy." "Somei huh? So you must think you're better than me. I'm gonna have fun tearing you a new one!" Katsuki threatened, looking down on him even though he was the one sitting down. "You would threaten me? Your classmate? Are you sure you're in the right place?" Iida staggered as he tried to comprehend that such a person even existed. Their attention was brought to the door where Izuku and [Y/n] stood "It's him." it wasn't just their attention but also the rest of the classes too. "H-hi!" Izuku stuttered in greeting, avoiding meeting their gaze "Sup." [Y/n] greeted calmly, staring back at them. "Greetings," Iida approached the two of them, "My name is Tenya Iida from-" "Y-yeah I know." Izuku stuttered and his back was lightly hit by [Y/n], "Could've let him finish Marshmallow." "I'm Izuku Midoriya, this is my friend [Y/n] Yoshina. It's nice to meet you." Izuku introduced himself and the girl next to him. "Midoriya, you realized there was something more to the practical exam didn't you?" Iida nodded slightly, "You must be very perceptive and I completely misjudged you. I admit that as a student you are far superior to me." That Izuku found hard to believe, especially with Iida's eye twitching as he said it. "Hey, I recognize that messed up hair!" Called a familiar voice behind the two students, when they turned [Y/n] recognized the girl to be the one who helped Izuku before the exam. "Falling boy!" she pointed to Izuku, grinning that she recognized him. 'It's that girl who talked to me!' Izuku thought as a blush went over his cheeks. "How did Marshmalllow do during the exam?" [Y/n] asked her since she figured Izuku would be stuttering like crazy. "He was amazing! He was like bam!" she punched the air, "And bam!" In the back row, Katsuki's bangs covered his eyes as he thought back to when he was still in junior high when he got the news. He was surprised to have found out that it wasn't just him who had gotten into U.A. but so did Deku and [Y/n]. 


~Flash back~

      "I'm can't believe that we're having not one but three students from our school heading off to U.A. And to think you're one of them Midoriya." A teacher congratulated the 'quirkless' boy, "It's a miracle." And afterwards once [Y/n] had been called off for something else, he had Izuku cornered and pinned to the wall. "What did you do to pass the exam?! You must've cheated some how right?!" Katsuki threatened the boy, "I'm supposed to be the first and only student from this crappy school to get into U.A! But you and [Y/n] had to screw that all up! I warned you not to apply!" but stopped when he felt Izuku grabbed his wrist, for once standing up to him. "Kacchan, someone I looked up to told me I can become a hero. That's why I applied. That's why I'm going! Like it or not you can't stop me!"

~Flash back over~


        'I'll ruin that little bastard. Right after I figure out how he got in.' Katsuki thought angrily. "What do you think we're doing today aside from orientation?" The girl asked excitedly, "What do you think our teachers are like? I can't wait to meet everybody!" "If you're just here to make friends then you can pack up your stuff now." Behind them there was a man in a yellow sleeping bag and the sight made everyone fall silent. "Welcome to U.A.'s hero course." he unzipped his sleeping bag and drank from a juice box he was holding. 'What is that thing?!' Iida, Izuku and the brunette thought. 'Caterpillar?' [Y/n] thought as the man stood. "It took eight seconds for you all to shut up, that's not good." he stepped out of his yellow sleeping bag revealing his dark clothing. "Time is precious, rational students would understand that." He looked rather tired and as if he didn't want to be here. "Hello I'm Shota Aizawa, your homeroom teacher." Even his voice matched how he looked and was their homeroom teacher! "Right, let's get to it." he reached into the bag and showed the school gym uniform, "Put these on and head outside." he instructed the confused students. U.A's course doesn't follow the normal academic path. Get the wrong homeroom teacher and life is hell.

        "What? A quirk assessment test?!" The students were shocked they would be going through that than the orientation like the rest of the students. "But orientation, we're gonna miss it!" "If you wanna make the big leagues you can't waste time on pointless ceremonies," their teacher pointed out, stunning them, "Here at U.A. we're not tethered to traditions. That means I get to run my class however I see fit." This created most of them to be rather nervous. "You've been taking standardized tests for most of your lives," he held up a black phone showing different tests he would be using to assess their quirks. "You've never gotten to use your quirks for physical exams before. The country is still trying to pretend we're all created equal by not letting those with the most powers excel. It's not rational. One day the ministry of education will learn." then he turned his attention to Katsuki. "Bakugou, you managed to get the most points on the entrance exam. What was your farthest distance with the soft ball throw in junior high?" he asked. Katsuki thought back to the throw he's done, "67 meters I think." and that was without his quirk which was rather impressive. "Try doing it with your quirk." he had the blonde step into a circle, "Anything goes, just stay in the circle."

        Katsuki stretched his arms before taking a step back with one foot and then throwing it into the air with his quirk when he put all his weight onto his other foot "DIE!!!!!" the ball soared through the air with the help of the quirk going rather far. 'Is he serious? 'Die'?' [Y/n] thought with a sigh. "All of you need to know your maximum capabilities." Aizawa watched as the ball began to fall and hit the ground, looking down to his phone and holding it up so everyone else could see the results, 705.2m. "It's the most rational way of figuring out your potential as a pro hero." the result awed the other students who watched. "Woah, 705 meters are you kidding me?" A blonde haired boy with a black lightning bolt in his hair laughed a little nervously, thinking he wouldn't be able to make it as far. "Wow, I wanna go! It looks like fun!" A pink skinned girl was eager to show what she could do. 'Why do I have a feeling she shouldn't have said that?' [Y/n] thought and watched as the aura their teacher had changed while her new classmates talked about how fun this activity would be. "So this looks fun huh?" he turned and looked at them, "You have three years to become a hero. You really think it's gonna be all games and play time?" A sly smile formed on his face from the tired one he had, "Idiots. Today you'll compete in eight physical tests to gauge your potential. Whoever comes in last has none and will be expelled immediately." His sly smile went to creepy afterwards, "I decide how I run my classroom, understand? If that's a problem you can head home right now." 'Oh yeah, that's why.'

        "You can't send one of us home!" the brunette protested, "I mean we just got here! Even if it wasn't the first day that isn't fair!" [Y/n] thought to herself as he talked about the things that happened. 'This kind of reminds me of Naruto after his graduation exam to become a ninja. Just because we passed the exam doesn't mean we make the cut. It does make sense to gauge our potential without using points to do it.' it was one way to compare it so she could understand it better. "Now then, we're wasting time just talking. Let the games begin."

        The first test was the 50-meter dash. Because of the uneven amount of students, [Y/n] had to run on her own. When her name was called she breathed in slowly and exhaled just as slowly, "Rise..." she murmured under her breath, focusing on enhancing her reflexes and speed. "Go!" she ran towards the other end as fast as she could. And to keep herself motivated, she told herself that if she did well enough she would treat herself to bacon cheese fries, two orders of them! Her time: 5.04 seconds. Maybe with a bit more training with her teacher and her quirk she could learn how to use Rise to get to the other side in just seconds.

        The second test was grip strength. Just because she could increase her reflexes and her speed didn't mean she could increase her strength. Her strength: 50 kg. "Wow! You hit 540 kg! You're such a beast! Like an octopus!" that comment made [Y/n] a little depressed since she couldn't imagine getting anywhere that high. "Octopus' are sexy." 'Mental note: Stay the hell away from him'

        Third test: Standing long jump. She used the mind jack wires to slingshot herself across the dirt.

        Fourth test: Repeated side steps. Rise helped her reflexes to jump back and fourth unlike the grape haired kid.

        Fifth test: Ball throw. Using Trance she used her telekinesis to throw the ball up into the air. It wasn't as high as Ochako's since it was infinity due to her zero gravity quirk. "Good luck Marshmallow." [Y/n] told Izuku as he nodded shakily and held the ball so he could throw it. He hasn't been doing well on these tests and was nervous. "If Midoriya doesn't shape up soon, he's the one going home." Iida commented worriedly. "Huh? Of course he is, he's a quirkless loser!" Katsuki pointed at Izuku while staring at Iida. "He has a quirk." Iida persisted, "Did you not hear about what he did in the entrance exam?" 'I forgot Katsuki doesn't know yet... Oh boy...' [Y/n] thought nervously. When he threw the ball, it only made it to 36 meters which surprised him. He knew he was trying to use his quirk. "I erased your quirk." Aizawa revealed, his eyes glowing red and his hair standing in the air. When Izuku looked at his goggles, he knew who he was. He could look at someone and erase their powers; Eraser Head, an underground hero. So it was not much of a surprise when the other students wondered who he was. He was one of the men who didn't like the media because he thought they interfered with their work. He talked quietly with Izuku, not letting the other students hear their conversation. He would allow Izuku one final throw. Once he was back in the side lines, he used eye drops to wet his eyes. What he said to Izuku sparked something in him and he managed to control his quirk! He focused the power into one finger, sending the bal flying but braking his finger in the process. His score was 705.3. "Mr. Aizawa," Izuku got the teacher's attention, "You see? I'm still standing." Aizawa grinned, impressed the student managed to adjust his power usage to minimize the damage he would receive and [Y/n] gave Izuku a thumbs up in the background. Of course, the most shocked student of all was Katsuki and he was definitely not happy.

Chapter Text

        Seeing Izuku's score of 705.3 put the rest of his classmates in awe. Those who weren't at the battle center with him had not seen his power or knew how much had happened during it. But to see it in person was amazing and in a way reminded them of the number one hero All Might. Katsuki was staring at Izuku slack jawed, having believed that the green haired boy was quirkless and weak. He knew that if Izuku had a quirk the whole time he would've had one since they were kids, getting one so late is unheard of. Angrily, his hands crackled with sparks of an explosion and ran towards the unsuspecting boy making him his target. "Hey! Deku you bastard tell me how you did that or you're dead!" he threatened making the boy scream in fear. "Damn it Porcupine!" [Y/n] was about to dart after him to stop him but found that unnecessary when the blonde boy was held back. "Why the hell is your damn scarf so strong?"

        Aizawa's eyes were red once again and his hair stood up as if it defied gravity, he was using his scarf to hold the boy back because from what he could observe the boy was as explosive as his quirk. "It's a capture weapon made out of carbon fiber and a special metal alloy." The eraser hero explained, with enough carbon it would be difficult to break like an impenetrable shield; "Stand down, it would be wise making me use my quirk so much. It gives me serious dry eye." Which was rather too bad given how amazing that power is. 

        When he allowed his scarf to return to him, he closed his eyes ending the effect of his quirk, "You're wasting my time now. Whoever's next can step up." Izuku cautiously stepped around Katsuki who was still trembling with rage before he ran behind him back to the other students. "Damn Marshmallow, I didn't know the damage would've been that bad." [Y/n] frowned as she looked at his finger, the discoloration was obvious and it would not be a pleasant process if it was to heal on its own. "It's nothing [Y/n], it's fine." Izuku covered his broken finger with his hand, trying to keep it from view despite the worry she and Ochako had. The blonde turned his head slightly, glaring with his red eyes at the boy with obvious hatred, 'Until the exam, he was nothing.' he clenched his fist as his hatred grew, 'A little bug I could crush if I wanted to.' he remembered how Izuku followed him around when they were children 'Just an annoying bug I could smash into the ground!' for a moment his gaze faltered when his eyes met [Y/n]'s. She looked at him as if she was disappointed before looking away from him.

        After that, they continued on with the quirk assessment tests. They were sit ups (which [Y/n]'s quirk couldn't help her with), seated toe touch (no need for her quirk there), and long distance run (her quirk was useful here too along with the thought of food to motivate her). When those were over, it was time for the results to be given. Aizawa had ranked them all from best to worst to give them a good idea of where they all stood in the rankings. He showed the rankings of the students at once since he didn't want to go through the hassle of it being individually. Next to [Y/n], Izuku shook in fear since the only test he was good on was the soft ball throw. Even with [Y/n] placing a comforting hand on his shoulder to ease his nerves he was still scared he would be sent home. [Y/n] found her name at 8th place and Izuku found his to be in last place. Izuku felt tears burn at his eyes as he stared at his hand with the broken finger, he failed. "And I was lying, no one's going home." 'That is a bullshit lie if I heard one' [Y/n] thought while the rest of her classmates were silently stunned, "That was just a rational deception to make sure you gave it your all in the test." "I'm surprised the rest of you didn't figure that out," Momo spoke out, "I'm sorry I guess I should've said something." Or he could've been dead serious but nothing they could do now that they've passed. "That was pretty nerve wracking, huh?" Sero sounded relieved as he talked with Eijiro. "Nah I'm always down for a challenge." the spiky red head sounded rather confident. "That's it, we're done for today." Aizawa started leaving, dismissing the class "Pick up a syllabus in the classroom. Read it over before tomorrow morning." On his way out he handed Izuku a nurses note, "Take this and go have the old lady fix you up. Things are gonna be a lot tougher tomorrow when your actual training begins. Make sure you're prepared." If Izuku wanted to become a hero and make his way up from the bottom he definitely had a lot to learn if he wanted to achieve his dream.

        "Hey Marshmallow, I gotta do something really quick so I'll see you later." [Y/n] told her friend before running off going in the same direction as their teacher. "Aizawa that was a rotten move." Spoke a familiar voice she heard around the corner. "All Might, so you were watching. No talk shows today?" the dark clothed teacher asked him sounding disinterested. "A 'rational deception'. That's cute, but you're not exceptionally known to be light hearted." All Might pointed out as he ignored his question, "I read your file. Last year you expelled an entire class of freshmen students, you have no problem kicking students out; anyone you deem unworthy. You were planning to send last place home." "Actually he planned to send Marshmallow home." [Y/n] spoke up revealing her presence, startling the large hero but not so much the eraser hero. "....How long were you here Young Yoshina?" All Might asked once he realized it was just her. "Long enough," she shrugged, "You weren't exactly hiding either when you were watching." she then turned her attention to her teacher once again, "And how you were watching Izuku gave that idea too until afterwards." "But he didn't so he sees the same kind of potential in Young Midoriya like I do!" All Might concluded, staring at his former classmate. "Well then, it seems [Y/n] was right about you watching but you were here the whole time." Aizawa then continued on his way, "It seems a little early for you to be playing favorites. He has a little potential I'll admit but if he showed zero I would've sent him home with no hesitation. It's cruel to let a child dream of something that will never happen." In his own strange way, he showed that he cared even if it did seem to be cruel. "Well I gotta go meet with Marshmallow at the gate, so bye!" [Y/n] waved before running off to go change out of her gym clothes. 

        When [Y/n] started heading to the gate, she slowed down when she saw Izuku was not alone. 'He seems like he's having fun...' she thought as she watched him interact. Since they were four, [Y/n] had been used to it being just her and Izuku. Seeing him looking happier and lively, she didn't want to interrupt. Momentarily, his green eyes met hers when he had looked away from Uraraka's and waved her over as he smiled, "[Y/n] over here!" She stared for a moment, her cheeks turning a little red before she ran over to join the trio turning it into a quartet. "Hi Marshmallow, Iida and... Infinity girl right?" she wasn't very good with names. "My name is Ochako Uraraka, nice to meet you!" she greeted cheerfully. "You're friends with Deku right?" she had noticed from the nickname. "Yeah but... why are you calling Marshmallow Deku?" [Y/n] asked a little confused. "Well isn't that what Bakugou called him?" the brunette tilted her head slightly, she did hear the blonde say 'Deku you bastard!' during the fitness test. "Well my name is actually Izuku; Deku is what Kacchan calls me to make fun of me." Izuku explained to her. "That sounds rather unsportsman like." Iida commented his thoughts on the matter. "I didn't realize that I'm sorry," Uraraka apologized, "I liked Deku, it could make a great hero name! Plus I think it sounds kinda cute." "Deku it is!" he gave in so easily, even his face turned red. "Weren't you saying it was an insult?!" "Have a spine please Marshmallow." "Oh, [Y/n] why do you call him Marshmallow?" Uraraka asked the [h/c] girl, "Oh because Marshmallow is soft, adorable, and cuddly." she smiled innocently, 'Of course I might start calling him Midobear because of his muscles.... Those would be great for hugs!' "If you want I could come up with a nickname for you too Uraraka and Iida." she offered, earning a nod from the brunette and one from Iida after he considered it.

Nicknames :

Uraraka- Rara
Iida- Legman to be determined

Chapter Text

      U.A's hero course curriculum had normal core classes such as English which was taught to the class by Present Mike, those classes were usually taught in the mornings. 'I think... I might accidentally call Sensei a cockatoo...' [Y/n] thought during the class as he taught. She didn't have many problems with this class due to the amount of fanfiction she had been reading [Fanfics she will never show to Izuku] and most of her music. "Now,  which of these four sentences contains a mistake?" The hero asked as he tried to get the students to participate, from their expressions they seemed to be rather bored and the teacher could tell easily. "Hey, everybody look alive!" he tried to get them pumped up, "Grammar rules!" There were some who knew the answer and some who had difficulty with understanding the subject.

        They could have lunch in the cafeteria, which were thankfully cheap and didn't appear like the food was going to either break their teeth, break the utensil they were using, poison them or come alive to eat the students instead. Their meals were prepared by the Cook Hero: Lunch Rush. Izuku looked in awe as his fanboy instincts kicked in and [Y/n] looked like she was going to cry tears of joy that was much better than what she had to consume in her past life. 

        And in the afternoon, it was finally time for Hero Basic Training or HBT. "I am here!" exclaimed a voice that Izuku recognized and had the look of an excited puppy on his face. "Coming through the door like a hero!" The one coming in to teach their class was All Might and so many of the classmates looked excited to be taught by the number one hero. "I can't believe it's really All Might!" Denki looked like he was about to give off sparks from how excited he was. "So he is a teacher! This school year is gonna be totally awesome!" Eijiro did a small fist pump in his seat just raring to go. All Might marched to the front of the class, wearing his Silver Age costume before them. "Welcome to the most important class of UA high, think of it as heroing 101." he began, "Here, you will learn the basics of being a pro. And what it means to fight in the name of good!" he flexed before them showing off his muscles. 'Kind of overdoing it All Might...' [Y/n] thought the flexing was unnecessary. "Let's get into it! Today's lesson is pulling off punches!" the mighty hero held up a card with the word Battle on it and [Y/n] didn't have to look over at Katsuki to know he was excited to fight and Izuku was nervous like a rabbit to be hunted. "One of the keys of being a hero is looking good!" All Might gestured to the wall was cases were shown there. In each of those cases were their hero outfits based on their quirk registration forms and the requests they had sent in before the school had started. "Get yourselves suited up and meet me at Battle Ground Beta!"

        Clothing Allowance: Before enrolling into UA High, the students submitted their quirk registration forms. They included physical measurements, then desired costume designs to an exclusive clothing company designated by the school. With all that information, they created the state of the art costumes for each student.


--------Time skip------

        When [Y/n] stood with the others, looking at their costumes she was also looking for Izuku. Given his fanboy tendencies, [Y/n] expected to spot him easily. When he finally came out in his green costume she, and their hero teacher who was shaking with suppressed laughter, could tell that the shy boy had based his off of the number one hero which was so very obvious. "Nice outfit Marshmallow." [Y/n] complimented her friend as she walked over to him, looking him over. "Yours looks cool too but... yours looks a bit more suited to the cold if the sleeves were longer." he observed which she laughed in response despite the mask covering her mouth. "Yeah well, like usual I was basing my outfit off of a character from a videogame I was playing since their magic power is a bit like mine." she admitted which didn't surprise him too much. "Hey Deku, [Y/n]!" Uraraka called out to the two and got their attention when she approached them. "Uraraka?" "Love your costumes!" When the two saw hers, they got lucky that they had masks to cover their reddening faces, "I should've been more specific about what I wanted." she felt rather bashful since theirs wasn't flashy but hers was skin tight which wasn't her style. "I think you look good in it though Rara." [Y/n] complimented while Izuku was internally freaking out about how she looked in her costume. "I love this school." when the three looked down they saw the purple haired grape boy. 

        "Now that you're ready, it's time for combat training." All Might was ready to teach the class once he had regained his heroic composure. "Sir, this is the fake city from our entrance exam." Iida observed, startling Izuku that he looked like a robotic knight in his costume, "Does that mean we'll be conducting urban battles again?" "Not quite, I'm going to move you two steps ahead." he held up two fingers as if he was making his point, "Most of the villain fights you see on the news take place outside. However, statistically speaking most of the dastardly evil doers take place in doors. Think about it: Backroom deals, home invasions, secret underground lairs. Truly intelligent criminals stay hidden in the shadows. For this exercise, you'll be split into two teams of good guys and bad guys. You'll be fighting two on two indoor battles. However, because of the uneven amount of your class, one of you will go last and three of you will be battling again if you have the strength to do so." "Isn't this a bit advanced?" Tsuyu asked, tilting her head in a questioning manner. "The best training is what you get on the battle field! But remember, you're not going to just be punching robots; this time you're dealing with actual people." He warned. With the questions the students began asking All Might felt a mighty annoyance grow in him since he hadn't finished talking. 

        Once they have settled down, All Might removed a book from his pocket and read it out loud as if it was a script, "The situation is this: The villains have hidden a nuclear missile somewhere in their hideout. The heroes must try to foil their plans. To do that, the heroes must either catch the villains or recover the weapon. Likewise, the villains will win if they protect their pay load or capture the heroes." In away it sounded like a classic movie set up or a video game. To divide them into teams, All Might had the students draw lots and to [Y/n]'s luck she was the one who had to wait til the end which gave her an advantage to observe her classmates quirks and plan ahead if she was to be the hero or the villain. But even so, she was worried about Izuku. She wasn't worried that he was partnered with Uraraka, she was worried that he would be fighting against Katsuki. Izuku's team was designated to be heroes and Katsuki's team was the villains. "You can do it Marshmallow, be careful." [Y/n] tried to encourage her childhood friend before turning her attention to Katsuki. "I know you're not going to be holding back on Marshmallow, but you better not kill him." she warned before joining the rest in the monitoring room. The villains were given five minutes to prepare for the battle. If things were to go too far, All Might would step in.

Chapter Text

        "Pay attention kids, think about what you would do." All Might said as he placed an earpiece into his ear so he could listen. 'Young Midoriya, in this class you're just another student. I'll grade you as I would anyone else, without playing favorites.' All Might thought as he prepared a clipboard, he and the rest of the students watching as Izuku and Uraraka entered the building through a window. With the notes Izuku had taken on battles in tight spaces, he had a slight advantage. But even so, Katsuki almost got him by surprise.

        "A sneak attack Bakugou? What kind of man pulls cheap crap like that?" Eijiro scowled, punching his palm as he watched the battle on the screen. "It's a viable strategy, he's playing the part. Acting like a true villain would." All Might said, allowing the move to be done. "It would've worked if he hadn't given away his position and done something Marshmallow would've expected." [Y/n] added her thoughts on the matter. "It's true, Midoriya dodged most of it." Mina pointed out, excited to see what comes next in the fight. "There he goes!" Denki brought their attention back to Katsuki when the blonde was about to make his attack on the boy again on the screen. But instead of making a hit, he was stopped when Izuku grabbed his left gauntlet and changed his position to throw him over his shoulder onto the ground. "Go Marshmallow!" [Y/n] cheered for her friend, impressed by his ability to fight without using his quirk as much as the others were. 'Now if Rara were to get moving while he's distracted...' she thought. "Marshmallow?" Momo asked since she stood next to the girl. "He's soft, adorable and cuddly." [Y/n] reasoned, smiling under her mask. 'That's kind of adorable...' thought some of those who were listening.

        "Aren't you worried about him?" Momo questioned since the girl didn't seem to be too worried. "I'm just trying to focus on cheering for him than the worry I'm keeping suppressed deep, deep down." [Y/n]'s eyes looked rather unfocused at the feeling of worry she felt in her chest, "Besides, these two need this fight." she didn't want Izuku to get hurt but even so there was a lot between those two boys that they needed to get off their chests. Normal talking wouldn't work given Katsuki's personality and how Izuku was near the explosive blonde, so this fight would be their way of doing just that. 

        Katsuki and Izuku had grown up together in the same neighborhoods, so they've known each other since they were little kids. All the neighborhood kids followed Katsuki around, Izuku was no exception to that. To him it seemed like he could do anything. No matter what he decided to do, Katsuki had always seemed so confident. That he was the coolest person Izuku's ever met. However when his quirk manifested, that's when the blonde started to change. 

        "Whos' Bakugou talking to?" Eijiro asked, noticing that the one he had been observing had something in his ear and looked to be talking. "I'm not hearing anything, can we get some sound with this video?" "He's got a radio in his ear so he can talk with his partner, I gave it to him before the match started and the map of the building." All Might informed the spiky red head. "Also this, a roll of capture tape." he held up one roll of it to show to the students. "Wrapping this around your opponent means that they've been captured and they're out for the rest of the game." "So there's a fifteen minute time limit and the heroes have no idea what floor it's hidden on right?" Mina clarified. "That's correct." "Then the heroes are on a disadvantage, a big one." Mina frowned. "Real pros have to outwit different villains on a daily basis. That's life, even when the odds aren't in our favor, we fight!" All Might said confidently, recalling his and other pro heroes experiences to out think other villains whether they're rookies or brilliant villains.  "Monsieur, he's on the move." Yuga pointed out as the class watched the fight progress. From what they could see, he was holding well enough on his own.

        As it continued to progress, [Y/n]'s worry grew as well. But she tried to remind herself that they needed this fight. However the large explosive blast that Katsuki had used to attack caused the buildings to shake. All Might knew that as a teacher he should stop the fight, but [Y/n] lightly poked the number one hero. "Just give warnings. They need this fight." She said softly. All Might nodded as he and the students watched the fight go on. Behind the two, the students begged for All Might to stop the fight, thinking that they were going to kill each other. However, he didn't have to. The match was won after Izuku had punched through the floors and Uraraka had managed to touch the weapon. But even though the hero team won, there were still some casualties such as the destroyed building, Uraraka trying not to throw up from using her quirk and Izuku's broken arm from the drawback use of his quirk. As Izuku was taken to the nurse's office there was one other injured thing. That being Katsuki's pride. When he and the other two students went into the monitoring room for review, he didn't seem to have that explosive look in his eyes.

        "Despite the results of this test, the MVP of this fight is Young Iida." All Might declared, shocking most of the students. "Shouldn't it be one of the heroes instead since they're the winners?" Tsuyu asked what most of the class was thinking. "Valid question, why didn't I choose one of those two? Who has a guess?" All Might asked the rest. Momo was first to raise her hand and didn't hold back in what she had observed, "Iida embraced this challenge, he was the only one who adapted to his assigned role. Bakugou's judgement was clouded by a personal grudge against Midoriya; as pointed out earlier launching a full scale attack indoors was a foolish move. It could've been disastrous. Similarly, Midoriya's plan was also poorly thought out considering the amount of damage he received; he rendered himself helpless, not smart. As for Uraraka, she let her guard down midbattle, and her final attack was far too reckless given the hypothetical stakes. If she treated the weapon as if it was real, she would have never used that move. Iida was fully prepared for his opponents arrival, he never lost sight of his mission even to protect the dummy weapon. Even if he was foiled in the end." Iida had a proud blushing look on his face as he was praised. "Technically, the hero team won yes, they took advantage of the fact that this was training. They didn't respect the spirit of the trial." "Good eye..." [Y/n] mumbled for her to hear. "But congrats Legman." [Y/n] aimed at Iida and laughed despite his response "I told you that nickname is not allowed!"

        As the battles continued on, [Y/n] watched her classmates. In her head she was calculating how they could either work to her advantage and how to get around them. Once it was time for her turn, she knew what she planned on doing if she was to play a villain and a hero. And from watching the other fights that gave her some advantage on knowing what wasn't allowed and what was. "Young Yoshina," All Might said, catching her attention, "For this match you'll be facing Young Iida and Young Todoroki." Iida had enough time to recover his energy since he had battled first and Todoroki had shown his control over his quirk but wanted to see just how much potential he had even though he was one of the four students to get in on recommendation. "As for your partner... Young Tokoyami. Do you mind if you battled again?" He asked the bird headed male student for permission since it was his choice to go again. He thought about it before nodding, watching as All Might decided which were the teams to be. "Young Yoshina's team, you'll be villains and Young Todoroki's team shall be heroes." her eyes brightened slightly at the idea, having the plan in mind to set into motion. "This should be fun." [Y/n] grinned under her mask, "Just to be sure, how villainous are we allowed to act?" she asked, the tone in her voice startling her classmates and the teacher. "So long as you don't end up trying to kill each other." All Might answered as she nodded, having an idea of which villain she was going to use as influence for her role. "Great, thank you!" she hummed and walked with Tokoyami, "Oh and Iida, Todoroki." She paused in the door way and turned her head slightly, her hood covering her eyes as she pulled down her mask to be heard clearly, "I really hope you two will do something interesting. Same tricks won't work twice~" she hummed and had an excited grin on her face before she covered it again and walked out of the building. Oh what fun she'll have playing a villain.

Chapter Text

        "Hero team, begin!" All Might called out from the speakers to let the hero team know to enter. Todoroki and Iida stared up at the building, having been planning what they were to do. What [Y/n] said about 'same tricks won't work twice', she had aimed that at the bicolored haired male. He wasn't sure how but he knew she might have thought of a plan to avoid having her and Tokoyami stuck to the floor with his ice. So when it came to team work, he didn't have much of a choice in the matter. When he and Iida entered the building, they had been walking a little longer than expected before they came across Tokoyami. Like a few of the other groups, they appeared to not have both of them defending the missile and with his dark shadow quirk, he had an advantage in that building. "Go on ahead." Todoroki instructed Iida who nodded and ran to get around the bird headed male who used his shadow to block the two from continuing on in front of him. Todoroki's eyes narrowed as he used his ice to attack him and with quick reflexes had shards of ice block him from keeping Iida from getting passed him. While Tokoyami looked visibly annoyed, it seemed to all be going according to plan.

Been traveling in packs that I can't carry anymore
Been waiting for somebody else to carry me

        Iida walked along the hallways of the buildings, searching carefully for the 'weapon' he was supposed to get from the 'villains' group. As he walked, he didn't quite understand why [Y/n] wasn't the one to be their first opponent. Tokoyami is strong yes, and he does have an advantage in that building since it was quite dark but with [Y/n]'s quirk as he understood it, she could've used it to levitate objects as weapons to stop them both. With all that time she had to plan, she must've had something up her sleeve-. He stopped, seeing the weapon levitated into a room but he did not see [Y/n] there carrying it. He frowned under his mask. Should he risk it despite it being a trap likely? Now that he thought about it, heroes did risk their lives even if the trap was obvious; but still he should be cautious. Carefully he creeped towards the room, trying to avoid making noise with his foot steps and peered into the room. From what he could see, the weapon was just sitting there with [Y/n] not in sight. 'Strange... I thought one would've been guarding the device?' he entered and was going to tell Todoroki of what he sees and inform him of what floor. When he blinked he found himself against the wall, his hands tied up with the capture tape and with [Y/n] standing above him. "Sorry Legman but I can't let ya near the missile." [Y/n] hummed with what sounded like a Brooklyn accent and under her mask it sounded like she was grinning.

There's nothing else there for me at my door
All the people I know aren't who they used to be

        Before Iida had came to the floor, [Y/n] had been moving the missile around to different rooms every fifteen seconds with her quirk. And to avoid being noticed, she'd look around every corner before she moved out to be seen. It was just her luck that Iida had been the one to see her move the missile which was thankfully part of her plan. If Todoroki had been the one to find it then she would've had to adjust her plan a lot to avoid getting stuck to the floor like the others were who had battled him. Or rather had to have him as their opponent unfortunately. She had waited until he had entered the room before she used her Mind Jack to plant an image in his mind to contradict what he saw. With him distracted by it, she used his capture tape on himself and leaned him against the wall hearing All Might announce that he had been captured before snapping him out of it. "Sorry Legman but I can't let ya near the missile." She stretched and went back to the missile, moving it further back to be hidden behind a pillar than in view through a window or in the door way. 'I'd like to avoid fighting Iida as much as possible but with Todoroki, I'm curious if I can get that other side of him out of him.'

And if I try to change my life one more day
There would be nobody else to save

        Back with Todoroki and Tokoyami, their fight had progressed since Iida had gone ahead to search for the weapon and possibly fight [Y/n] if he had to. Between the two boys it was a battle between ice and shadows. Sure, Todoroki had been trained mercilessly by his father to overcome the number one hero but in the darkness, that's where Tokoyami thrived than the rest of his classmates whether they got in through recommendation or not. But even he knew his limits when it came to his quirk and this was the second time he's used it in the same day. In the day time Dark shadow could be controlled easier but if he allowed his emotions to get the best of him now that would be another story. In the middle of his thoughts he had finally noticed that instead of his feet being frozen to the floor his surroundings were instead. Ice had been pointing at him in different directions from the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Todoroki was slightly out of breath but he did have him cornered and it made it easier to use the capture tape on him. 

        "My puddin!" [Y/n] exclaimed when the announcement went off with wide eyes, ignoring the weird look she got from Iida and the confusion on Tokoyami's end. Todoroki chose to ignore the look of confusion, his main focus was to complete the 'mission' as soon as possible. With no other opponents around him, the bicolored haired male went on his way. 

And I can't change into a person I don't wanna be, so
Oh, it's Saturday night, yeah

        When he had reached the top floor, it didn't take him long to find the room. He saw Iida leaned up against the wall with the capture tape. Before Iida could warn him, the first thing to greet him was a blunt weapon missing his hair by a few inches. "Aw, ya just had to move didn't you Elsa?" [Y/n] pouted that she had missed, jumping back to avoid his ice trying to impale her or pin her to the wall. Now that he had gotten a good look at her weapon, it was a bat in her hands. Following his gaze she hummed and answered, "Mind Jack: Insanity scythe. Well the bat version of it anyway, be a little harder to swing around a hammer. Of course if I do use this it wouldn't be any fun...." she pouted a little before getting an idea, "Let's make this interesting then, just hand to hand combat. No quirks." he frowned for a moment before reaching his right hand out sending ice out in her direction. "Well it was worth a shot." she shrugged before jumping out of the way and running around the room, he was forced to stop when she got close to Iida.

I pray for the wicked on the weekend

        [Y/n] took that moment to swing at him with her weapon horizontally, her eyes focused on getting him to fight her. Todoroki bent backwards avoiding the first swing with ease, moving carefully to not allow himself to get hit by her weapon. Swiping his feet under her, she jumped and swung again towards the male. 'Maybe using a hammer would've been a bit more effective but the risk of not being able to carry it around wouldn't be easy.'

Mama, can I get another amen?

        Next he shot icicles at her, forcing her to jump back away from her bat but still scratched her hero outfit, cutting both the mask and the hood. "If you wanted to see my face Elsa all you had to do was just ask." she said dodging his other attacks. Instead of focusing, he kept his attention on her than her words. Which was actually annoying her. She knew he was holding back and damn it she wanted a fight to be fun with nothing held back. Then again, she didn't want to use her other quirk either but for different reasons than he did.

Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, it's Saturday night, yeah
Swear to God, I ain't ever gonna repent
Mama, can I get another amen?

        The others in the control room watched the battle between the two high schoolers go on. They watched as attacks came from both sides, trying to either hit the other or pin them down. "How come she doesn't do what she had done to Iida? What did she do to Iida?" Denki frowned as he tried to remember what he and the others saw. On the screen, they saw what looked to be a cord come from [Y/n] attach itself to the male and make him go still and stare into space. "She had something planned, given she had been watching all of your battles until now. When she had seen that Young Iida had gone in without telling Young Todoroki, she took advantage of the situation like any other villain would have." All Might explained as he and the rest watched the visual feed they were receiving, "And with the element of surprise on her side, she took the first chance she could to attack him like a villain would." 

Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, it's Saturday night, yeah

        Todoroki and [Y/n] were slightly out of breath as they faced off against each other, both on different sides. He was looking at the missile and [Y/n] was keeping it behind her and not letting him get close. If possible, she'd keep trying to delay his advances so her team could win. Her eyes darted around for something she could use her telekinesis on and had different ideas forming. When he was about to advance with his ice, she used her quirk on Iida's restraints to lift him up as a warning. "Another step and the one you'd be freezing is him." "Don't use me as a shield!" Iida protested under his helmet. "Uh villain! I have that option of doing so after Elsa captured my puddin!"

And every morning when I wake up
I wanna be who I couldn't say I'd ever been
But it's so much more than I ever was

        "Using Iida as a human shield and as blackmail is a little low isn't it?" Kirishima questioned, not liking the idea of it. "There are times villains use hostages as a way to restrict heroes from taking drastic measures; reminding them of their morals." All Might explained as he let the stand off continue. 'Is this what she meant when she asked how villainous one was allowed to go in this battle? What were you aiming for young Yoshina?' he thought to himself, not quite sure what she was getting at.

If every night I go to sleep knowing
That I gave everything that I had to give
Then it's all I could've asked for
I've been standing up beside everything I've ever said, but
Oh, it's Saturday night, yeah

        "And I wouldn't let him turn ya into an popsicle leg man, all I want is for him to stop holding back." the [h/c] girl admitted with a shrug, eyeing him carefully and ignoring Iida's protests about her nickname for him. "Ya really shouldn't carry your daddy issues with ya into a fight, that sort of thing can increase the chances of ya gettin' yourself and others killed." She warned, putting Iida down again to avoid straining herself. 

I pray for the wicked on the weekend
Mama, can I get another amen?
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, it's Saturday night, yeah

        "I swore I'd never use his quirk..." the cold boy finally spoke during their battle. "I'll use my own power to surpass him and All Might." His eyes narrowed when she rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. Boo hoo." She used her telekinesis to pick up the fallen ice to throw it at him, "that other side of you is yours, not his." She watched as he blocked it with a wall of ice and she readied the next attack, "I'm warning you if you keep holding back you're gonna get yourself and others hurt or killed." She continued the attack, using rise to run towards him and was about to do an axe kick but was blocked by his arms in an x formation. Pushing his arms up, he forced the teen to fall back, off balance and teetering towards the ground. He took the opportunity to freeze her foot to the ground, stopping at her ankle.

Swear to God, I ain't ever gonna repent
Mama, can I get another amen?
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, it's Saturday night, yeah

        "Looks like it's over...." Tsuyu observed the fight, looking at how much time was left. "It might not be! She did say the same tricks wouldn't work twice so she might have a plan!" Toru pointed out, although Todoroki had done the same to her and Ojiro during their match against him. They watched as the bicolored boy turned his back on the girl and started walking towards the weapon, watching her kneel down and reach for her boots. Did she have a secret weapon in there?

If I had one more day to wish
If I had one more day
To be better than I could have ever been
If I had one more day to wish
If I had one more day
I could be better, but, baby

        [Y/n] reached down to her boots and undid the zipper as far as she could silently, watching him focus on the weapon than to make sure she was truly incapacitated and stepped out of them, feeling chills go up her spine at the contact of the floor against her feet. With a small smirk she ran towards him and when he turned his head, hearing the pit-patting of her feet against the floor, his eyes widened when she had tackled him and pinned him to the floor; her sitting on top of his waist and pinning his hands down with both of her hands. "Honestly, weren't you taught to never turn your back on the enemy?" she hummed, looking down at him despite the position they were in. In the surveillance room, some of the students began to cheer since the fight was not over yet between them.

Oh, it's Saturday night, yeah
I pray for the wicked on the weekend

Mama, can I get another amen?
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, it's Saturday night, yeah

        Todoroki pushed up with his hips, using the momentum to flip them both over and pin her down with one hand. She took the brief moment to feint kneeing him in a 'sensitive' place. Instinctively, he moved the other hand to block and she swiftly headbutted him; "That's for holding back on me!" the two separated and moved to opposite sides, [Y/n] moved the weapon again with the telekinesis out of the way. "Since I am too, I guess I should stop." she held her hand out, showing the black orb, "you're not the only one with two quirks but unlike you, I'm not letting daddy issues hold me back." she kept her eye on him as the orb slowly started to grow. "If you want the weapon so bad quit holding back!"

Swear to God, I ain't ever gonna repent
Mama, can I get another amen?
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, it's Saturday night, yeah
It's Saturday, Saturday, Saturday
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, it's Saturday night, yeah

        The students and their teacher watched as the [h/c] girl used both of her quirks on the bi-colored boy. At least it appeared that way to them as they saw her mostly using Rise and having Melzez door for show. She seemed to have been avoiding firing it or letting it touch anything. At least until Todoroki shot ice towards it, thinking it would explode upon impact and affect her; his eyes widening slightly when it had absorbed it. "Told ya, if you want the weapon so badly, quit holdin' back on me." She ran towards him with the orb at her side and the bat in her hands once again. The two alternated in blows again, him using ice consistently for offense and defense and she used the bat and orb in turn. Time ran faster and faster and the bicolored haired male began feeling desperate, to not lose. He began feeling the other half that he didn't want to use begin to kick in. Finally the other half he planned to avoid using ignited and he used the fire to attack. "About time!" she grinned. There was only a few seconds left for one last attack.

Swear to God, swear to God, swear to God
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, it's Saturday night, yeah

        "Times up! Villains win!" the two paused right after they finished their last attack, Todoroki had used his flames and [Y/n] used Melzez door to absorb the blast. 

Chapter Text


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        When the two attacks met, one absorbed the other and swelled. A pair of [e/c] eyes watched the orb carefully and didn't take her eyes off of it.

"Todoroki, as fast as you can get to Iida behind me." She warned, focusing on the orb. With the battle going on between them she didn't focus on how much it was absorbing his attacks nor did she notice how big it got.

        His eyes narrowed on the hooded female but noticed she stopped using the nicknames she had given to both of the males in the room. He also took note of how serious she looked as she focused on the orb as if she was waiting for something to happen. Silently, he went over to Iida and the second he got close to him, the black ball had burst into different directions. Or started to.

        [Y/n]'s eyes slightly widened as she had expected it and quickly shot her hand out, stopping it from going to far. Sharp edges that stuck out like spikes drove themselves into the floor and walls, nearly having gone towards the two males if she hadn't stopped it in time. She felt the strain of restraining the black orb's reach as it tried to expel all the power it had taken in, a headache growing larger and larger the longer she held it. Her hands slowly moved together to shrink it, shaking as it took all of her concentration to turn small. By the time it had finally vanished, [Y/n] was sporting a large headache and had blood dripping from her nose onto the floor. "Okay... Safe now....."
She gave them a thumbs up before collapsing on the ground to her knees, holding her head. 'I really shouldn't have used that quirk....' "So small favor, if you guys could speak at a whisper for a while; that'd be really great...'

Back in the monitoring room, Bakugo stared on having been silent ever since his battle against Izuku. As far as he had known, [Y/n] only had the Rise/Trance quirk. He didn't know about the Melzez door quirk that she had. His bright red eyes stared at the monitors as he took in all that just happened. The blonde was frustrated with himself, biting his bottom lip as he watched the matches and may have broken the skin when he had watched Todoroki's; his hands clenched into fists as well when he watched the same male battle [Y/n]. A small part of him wanted to fight the girl he grew up with who constantly defended Izuku when he picked on him. He thought he could've had an advantage had he gone against her with his quirk but with the reveal of her other quirk, he had second thoughts. He kept his head down and stayed silent until the end of class.

        "That's a wrap! Super work, you really stepped up to the plate." All Might complimented the class, [Y/n] flinched a little at the loud noise, feeling her head throb as the headache didn't quite fade yet. "And we didn't have any major injuries, except for Midoriya. You should be proud, excellent first day of training all around" the number one hero gave the class a thumbs up.

        "It's nice to hear such encouraging words after our homeroom class." Tsuyu spoke, raising her hand indicating that she was speaking. "Mr. Aizawa was kind of a buzz kill." all the students nodded in agreement, remembering the near heart attack they had at the idea that they would've been dropped from the course that turned out to be false. Oh if only they had known the truth....

         "I'm happy to bring such staggering positivity to my alma mater. That's all for now folks!" he waved before running off to the clinic to 1. check on Izuku and 2. Hide that his transformation was almost up. "I should go check up on Young Midoriya's progress. Now watch how a pro exits; like he's got somewhere to be!" all that was left behind him was a trail of dust. Left behind were students in awe of how fast he was. [Y/n] stayed quiet and went to the locker room to change so she could grab some meds to treat her throbbing headache.

        With her memory of the books in her past life, she knew Izuku would show up to class as the fight between him and Katsuki happened exactly. But there were still things she forgot and throw in the fact that her presence was in the world of quirks she wasn't sure of how things would go. There wasn't a guarantee that it would go as the books and anime had shown it would but she still had to do what she could to become a hero.

        When she had gotten back to the classroom before their afternoon classes she was surrounded by her classmates. "What was that quirk of yours?!" "What was that thing you did to Iida?" "Hi my name is-" those were things that had bombarded [Y/n] when she walked in. "Sorry guys, one at a time!" [Y/n] held her hands up trying to get them all to quiet down despite the excited and curious looks they had on their faces. "Okay, first one; you." She pointed to the pink girl who had the acid quirk. "Mmm.... I'mma call you Pinky" She received a thumbs up to show that she was used to that nickname. "What was your question?"

        "My name is Ashido, Mina." She introduced herself, "Were you planning that whole thing the whole time while you were waiting?" She asked excitedly, bouncing in place as her caramel colored eyes watched her.

        "Kind of? I wasn't sure who I was going to be fighting against so I thought of possible scenarios." [Y/n] answered, scratching her cheek, "If things didn't go according to plan I'd have to improvise. Also being able to delay the time a bit longer was just lucky." She turned her gaze to answer another question, "Yes?"

       This time it was Iida who had his hand up, "Yes, what did you do to me? I didn't notice you behind me during the training exercise."

        "I used a mind jack, I inherited this aspect of my mom's quirk to alter what a person sees or use telepathy." [Y/n] gave a sheepish smile, "Sorry Legman but I saw an opportunity and took it." Receiving an "Don't call me Legman." as she look to another classmate. The one she looked at had red hair and was spiky, "Yes?"

        "Were you imitating a villain during the exercise?" Eijiro asked her, being curious about her statement about asking how villainous one was allowed to act. "I tried to mimic her but I'm not as crazy; I was mimicking Harlequin. She was a villain/anti-hero in the DC comic books." [Y/n] explained, thinking about a nickname to give him that she would have to work on. Definitely not Edgy or Edgelord. Needs to be something creative. Another student got her attention this time and t his one had blonde hair and a lightning bolt in his hair, "Yes?"

        "Name's Denki, tell me beautiful; do you feel sparks between us?" Denki gave her a wink and gave her a slight shock when he gave her double pistols and a wink, using a pickup line. Now that activated something in [Y/n]; her love of puns. If Bakugo hadn't been silent still he would've came over and clamped a hand over her mouth cause he'd be damned if he had to hear her make puns.

        "Calm down there Jolteon, while I'm sure you have an electrifying personality I don't know you well enough to tell if the air is electrifying or if it's just you." Oh the groans around them filled the air but the grin on his face to hear puns and get a nickname from her was really worth it. She felt a tug on her skirt and looked down to see the grape headed boy with a strange look on his face.

"What's your cup size?" A disgusted look from her was the answer he received. And thankfully, their teacher came in so they could begin their afternoon classes.

*Time Skip*

        It was late after all the afternoon classes and finally Izuku had came to the class after being in the school clinic for the rest of the day. "Hey it's Midoriya, good to see you back super!" Wasn't something he expected to hear when he came in, he expected to be choked by Aizawa's scarf for missing the afternoon classes. The one to greet him was Eijiro, announcing his presence and alerting the rest of the 1-A students who were in the room; the ones not in the room were Denki, Ochako and [Y/n]. "I don't know what you were saying during that match but you were all fired up huh?"

        "It's pretty unbelievable you held your own up against Bakugo, he's super strong!" Sero commented.

        "You did a great job dodging!" came from Mina.

One by one the small group of students that had surrounded him gave him compliments and introduced themselves.

        "So noisy..." Tokoyami sighed as he sat on top of a desk, much to the irritation of Iida who marched over to him robotically. "Tokoyami, stop using that desk as a chair! Get off of it this instant!" he demanded. "Dude you need to chill." Jiro pointed out to Iida calmly as she stood next to Tokoyami and Mashirao who said, "You're carrying a lot of tension." Iida mumbled something about no one understanding him and how disrespectful it was to the things that had been used by their upperclassmen.

        "So do you want to grab a bite sometime?" Denki asked as he, Ochako and [Y/n] entered the room carrying books, "What kind of stuff do you like?"

        "Mmm... Anything sweet." Ochako answered before she ran off towards Izuku noticing him. "What about you [Y/n]?" the blonde turned his attention to the other girl. "Hm... I'm not very picky but I do like [favorite type of food]." She answered him, "So do you want to get a bite sometime?" he asked again, tilting his head slightly. "Know what Jolteon? Sure, why not." She shrugged then went to check on Izuku who had gotten pale when he saw the stern look in her eyes. "You already know what I'm going to talk to you about right?" the [h/c] girl said calmly as he silently nodded his head. "And that I'm not going to have any mercy later." the energy she gave off was that of a mother about to sternly reprimand their child. Like that feeling you get when your mom tells you to clean up your room, you say you would but it's been maybe a week? And she finds out and scolds you for it too? It's like that.

        He sighed a little, mentally preparing himself to be scolded before noticing Katsuki's desk being empty. She followed his gaze and said, "He left, I think you can probably catch him by the gate if you run." He didn't have to be told twice. "Aren't you going to go after them?" Ochako asked her surprised. "No need Rara, they need this talk." [Y/n] set the books where they needed to be before looking at Denki. "Hey Jolteon, did you want to get something to eat after school today or some other time?" She asked him as he too set down the books he had been carrying. "Yeah! I know a place nearby!" he gave off small shocks of electricity and grabbed his stuff. "Rara can you let Marshmallow know I went up ahead? I'll scold him later." [Y/n] requested of her, receiving a nod before she left with Denki to get something to eat. During the time the two kept going back and forth on puns involving his quirk and explaining why the nickname Jolteon instead of Pikachu. The nickname one she said was one of her favorite pokemon.

Mina - Pinky
Denki - Jolteon

Chapter Text

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        As a normal route to UA, [Y/n] would walk from her home to the school. Along the way, she would also meet with Izuku and walk with him there. It was during that time she had begun to lecture him about being reckless with how he had been using his quirk and how badly he had gotten hurt. He made a few comments here and there but he let her get what she had been feeling off her chest. He knew she was only worried about him and because she was the only person who knew about the secret he and All Might shared. They both thought their morning would be an uneventful one. 

It was not.

There were reporters at their school entrance. And as soon as they were spotted they were surrounded.

        "Hey you kids!" Called out a reporter to them with a microphone in hand, pointing it in their direction. "Can you tell us what it's like to work so closely with All Might?" they asked as all with a camera pointed it at them. Izuku became nervous and started to stutter about needing to get to the nurse's office while [Y/n] just looked uncomfortable with the cameras.

        "Do you mind? We're trying to just get to class and you're blocking the entrance." [Y/n] said, looking at the gate that was just a bit out of reach. She never thought she would want to be in a school as badly as she did now. Soon as she got the chance, she bolted inside with Izuku following quickly. If she had looked back she would have seen a hooded figure in that crowd watching the chaos around them as the reporters continued on trying to get information from the students.

        "Geez that was annoying..." [Y/n] sighed as she went to her seat in the classroom, Izuku had gone to the nurse's office as he said he would and a few minutes later he came in just as class was about to begin. 'I remember this scene in particular... Ah hell I really don't want to be a part of this!' she shouted in her mind.

        When Aizawa had entered the room he looked tired as usual and stood at the podium to talk to the students. "Decent work on yesterday's combat training you guys." he complimented them, "I saw all of the video feeds and went over each of your teams results." First person he focused on sat off to the back. "Bakugo."

Said blonde haired male 'tched' as he looked at the teacher.

        "You're talented" Aizawa acknowledged, "So don't sulk like a child about your loss okay?" "Yeah, whatever..." he mumbled under his breath, still not happy that he lost to Izuku.

        "Midoria." the green haired male slouched a little and placed his hands on his lap, "I see the only way you won your match was by messing up your arm again. Work harder and don't give me the excuse that you don't have any control over your quirk. That line's getting old." He just looked down at his lap, frustrated with himself in silent agreement. "You can't keep breaking your body while training here, but your quirk would be really useful if you could get a handle on it. So show a little urgency, huh?" that perked Izuku up with a happy smile on his face. "Right!"

        "And [Y/n]" she sat up a little, having a feeling she knew what was coming, "You're clever to plan out how you were going to attack and take advantage of being able to watch everyone else use their quirks to find a way around them. However, you used a quirk of yours that you knew was unstable in the first place, keep in mind that when you're using it there's still the lives of your team mates and civilians to consider the next time you decide to use it. Get better control so that it doesn't burst like that again." the [h/c] girl nodded quietly as she knew what he meant. If she had the time she planned to see her instructors on how to better use Burst and Rise.

        "Let's get down to business. [to defeat the HUNS!] " Aizawa was now really going to start the class. "Your first task will decide your future." this caused many to look in anticipation thinking that it was another quirk test as [Y/n] sunk a little lower in her seat. "You all need to pick a class representative." That changed the atmosphere to relieved that it was something normal.

        One by one students started volunteering themselves to be the class representative, at least those interested in the position. [Y/n] just stayed low in her seat thinking 'nope, nope, nope, nope.' In a normal classroom, a representative's responsibility would be extra work. But in the hero course, there's more to it as with that sort of position it can catch the attention of agencies and prove that they can lead a team like a real pro.

        As a way to get them all to decide, they decided to put up a vote with everyone's names, well it was Iida's idea but he had at least suggested something. When [Y/n] had the chance, she erased her name from the board saying 'nope, don't want that.' In the end Izuku and Momo had gotten voted to be class representative and deputy. The green hand male was shocked wondering how he even gotten that many votes and Bakugo was shouting trying to find out who had voted for the timid boy instead of him. Ururaka whistled innocently and avoided eye contact and [Y/n] just hummed to herself. And Iida? He was sulking that he wasn't voted for.

~Time Skip~

        It was around lunch time and [Y/n] was happily eating her food. 'If only they had this sort of food in all school's I'd be so happy!' she thought as she ate. "Hey guys, I'm kind of worried about the class rep thing, I don't think I'm really qualified." Izuku admitted timidly as he stared down at his food. "Sure you are. " "You'll be great" "We'll have to wait and see." [Y/n] shrugged. "Your courage and quick thinking under stress will make you a great leader, not to mention the strength you've demonstrated." Iida added. "Those are the reasons why I voted for you at least."

        "You were one of the three?!" Izuku was shocked, he knew that Iida had not voted for himself but he didn't expect it to be him. "Didn't you want to be rep really badly? I mean you already look the part. Cause of the glasses." Uraraka stated as she stared at him, really not how the representative should be chosen. "To be honest I would've voted for [L/n] but she had erased her name from the board." Iida clarified, "Yeah, no. I don't want the position." [Y/n] shrugged. "There's other ways to get the attention of agencies but that's not how I want to be noticed. Plus that means extra work... And RaRA has a point kind of, you really wanted to be the representative Legman."

        "Wanting a job and being suited for it are two very different things. Serving the Iida family's hero agency has taught me that much." "Agency? Hold on what exactly does your family do?" Izuku asked, thinking the name sounded familiar. "I'm surprised the name didn't ring a bell in you Marshmallow," [Y/n] said as she took another bite of food, "his mannerisms and last name should've given it away." "Admit it Iida, you're filthy rich!" Uraraka exclaimed with an excited look in her eyes. "I was afraid people would treat me differently if they knew about my family," he sighed but continued when [Y/n] gestured for him to go on accompanied with the staring he was getting from the other two. She wasn't going to reveal anything yet. "You see, the Iida's have been pro-heroes for generations; it runs in our blood. Are you three familiar with the turbo hero Ingenium?" He asked. "Oh Marshmallow is very knowledgeable of him." [Y/n] hummed, "It's true, I know all about him!" Izuku was really proud of his hero knowledge, "He's a super popular pro with 65 side kicks working along side him at his Tokyo agency. Don't tell me..." Iida stood proudly with a just as proud smile on his face, "He's my elder brother!"

        According to Iida, Ingenium is an unmatched commander who honors the hero code. And as the second eldest Iida son, he strives to be just like him. "Why be just like him?" [Y/n] asked, momentarily stunning him, "Your brother sounds great, really but wouldn't your elder brother not want you to be like him? Wouldn't you rather be better than him as best as you can?" his cheeks started to turn a little red from the look in her eyes, "It's admirable that you want to be just like him but you should really strive to be at a higher level as best as you can." "Thank you [L/n], but I think it's too soon for me to assume a leadership role. You two however, Midoriya you discovered what the judges were looking for in the practice exam and [Y/n] you adapted to the situation and tried to do whatever it took to win which was quite clever on your part. Representatives need those sorts of insights." [Y/n] really didn't have it in her to break it to him that Izuku really hadn't discovered it, he just tried to save people without really thinking about it.

        "You know Iida, I think that was the first time I've seen you smile." said Uraraka "You should do it more." "What are you talking about? I smile all the time." Iida was confused.

Before Izuku could tell him himself about the practical exam an alarm began to ring, startling the students in the cafeteria.

"Warning: Level 3 security breach. All students evacuate the building in an orderly fashion." 

        According to one of the students there, a level 3 means that someone had gotten past the school barriers. And despite being told orderly, students began pushing each other in order to get out. The group of four tried to get out but instead the sea of people pushed them away from each other. [Y/n] got separated from them all and ended up bumping into a indigo haired student she didn't recognize in her class. He merely glanced down at her as she apologized for bumping into him despite the pushing of the students. Suddenly the pushing stopped. "Listen up everything is okay!"

        Each student stopped pushing and walking as they looked up at what looked to be Iida in a pose that a person on an emergency exit would be in. "It's just the media outside," his legs were shaking under him and he held onto a pipe above him for support. "There's absolutely nothing to worry about. "Everything is fine! We're UA students, we need to remain calm and prove that we're the best of the best!" It sent a wash of calm around the students who had heard and it quickly got around to the rest of the students far up ahead who had not heard.

        "That's my classmate," [Y/n] smiled slightly and looked to the indigo student she had bumped into, "Sorry for bumping into you during the chaos, I kind of got pushed around." She laughed sheepishly and offered him a hand, "I'm [Y/n] [L/n], nice to meet you." he stared at her and responded, "What class are you in?" before she could answer, everything went black. Next thing she knew, she was in class with no memory of how she got there or when. While Izuku passed on the role of representative to Iida, [Y/n] was lost in thought, supporting her head with her hand under her chin. She tried to remember what she was doing before she had gotten there but all she remembered before blacking out was an indigo haired student with dark bags under his eyes. She did tune in long enough however to get a new nickname for Iida even though she hadn't came up with it herself: Emergency Exit.

Unknown to the students, the gate outside had been crumbled to pieces and there were some teachers there who were staring at the mess. The media should not have gotten past their security so if it was a villain they were unsure if it was a show of power or a declaration of war.


I had a hard time trying to write this last night, raining pretty hard where I am so it was difficult to hear my laptop and a congested nose is rather distracting when trying to breathe. Anyways as stated above please recommend some anime for me to download to watch on my flight. Love ya all! - KtCD

Chapter Text

        It was the day after the media had trespassed on the school grounds. As much as possible the students and teachers tried to go along like it never happened. Currently it was the afternoon and class 1A had hero training this time. Aizawa stood in front of the class after checking attendance. "Today's training is going to be a little different." He began as students stared at him from their seats. "You will be having three instructors: me, All Might and another faculty member will be keeping tabs on you." 'Ah... So we're at this point... Hopefully my memories aren't too affected of this...' [Y/n] thought to herself silently as Hanta raised his hand to speak, "Sir, what kind of training is this?" he asked, curious like the rest of the students since they had done battle training already. In response, Aizawa held up a card in his hand with the word RESCUE written in blue, "Rescue," he confirmed, "You'll be dealing with natural disasters, ship wrecks and stuff like that. " he couldn't get into too much detail since there were a lot of disasters heroes would confront and try to help with.

 "Disasters huh? Sounds like we're in for a big work out."

"Real hero stuff! This is what separates the men from the boys."

"I'm shaking with excitement."

"Finally, I'll get to show how good I am under water, ribbit."

        "Guys I'm not finished yet." Aizawa stared them all down making the students quiet down. "What you wear in this exercise is up to you. I know you're excited about costumes." he sighed and pressed a button on a remote, showing the students where their hero suits were, "But keep in mind you haven't gotten used to them yet and they might limit your abilities. This special training is going to take place at an off campus facility so we will be taking a bus there. That's all now start getting ready." the eraser hero then left the room to meet them outside at the bus to give them time to prepare.

        [Y/n] went to get her hero costume from the case like most of the students. She did send hers out for repair but because it was only the mask part that had been cut it was a simple fix and they returned it. As she changed she kept thinking to herself, 'Okay... It happens today so hopefully I'm prepared... Geeze this is going to be way different than just reading about it....' she internally sighed, she didn't get to see all the students fight against all the villains at the same time and this time she's actually going to be there in the fight. There was no guarantee she'd be with her classmates or by herself or at the entrance still. Pulling on her mask she went out to meet the others at the bus.

        When she had gone outside, she saw most of her classmates not in full costume. Katsuki had only one gauntlet on his right arm, Izuku was wearing his P.E. uniform since his hero costume had been mostly destroyed during their battle training, Uraraka wasn't wearing her helmet and Iida wasn't wearing his helmet either. Iida she noticed quite quickly since he was blowing a whistle and trying to organize people onto the bus by using their student numbers to load the vehicle efficiently. But unfortunately for him, the layout on the bus was open so it ruined his seating strategy.

        [Y/n] Yoshina ended up sitting with Tokoyami, both didn't really say anything to each other. It wasn't an awkward silence, it was comfortable enough. [Y/n] sat by the window, watching the scenery go by until a conversation caught her ear.

        "If there's any of our classmates who have pro-quirks, it's Todoroki, Yoshina and Bakugo." two of the mentioned three looked over while the bicolored haired one leaned back in his seat to sleep. "Sure but Bakugo is always angry so he'll never be that popular." Tsuyu said causing Izuku to have a scared look as he looked at the angry expression on Bakugo's. "What did you say? I'll kick your ass!" the explosive blond yelled and stood from his seat as [Y/n] laughed. "You're just proving her point sparky sparky boom man!" the [h/c] teen may have been watching the Avatar again. The good one, not the mistake.

        "You know we basically just met you, so it's kind of telling that we all know your personality is flaming crap mixed with garbage." Kaminari teased him, irking him further. "You're gonna regret the day you applied to this school, you loser!" Katsuki threatened and turned his attention to [Y/n], "And quit laughing damn you!"

        In his seat, Izuku was curled up a little bit and holding his head. For the first time in his life, instead of being the one teased he is witnessing Katsuki being the one teased. The arguing continued on until Aizawa announced that they had arrived at the training facility.


        "Hello everyone, I've been waiting for you. I can't wait to show you what's inside" greeted the hero who was going to be one of the three with them, Space Hero: Thirteen. "Thirteen the chivalrous pro who rescued a ton of people from disasters around the world!" Izuku fanboyed as he stared at the hero in the space suit before him and his classmates. "Thirteen is one of my favorite heroes!" Uraraka cheered excitedly. [Y/n] smiled as she knew some aspects of theirs were similar to space aside from their costumes. Thirteen's quirk was that of a black hole while Uraraka's quirk was gravity or making things float.

        From where the students could see, there were different areas where they could be trained in. One was where buildings were falling apart due to an earthquake, another had a mountain area where rockslides could occur or a person could've fallen due to loose soil and be trapped in a cave, there was a dome where they could run through different fire simulations, another area to practice rescue during a windstorm and there was a lake where they could practice saving people who were drowning and other places as well. If one didn't know better, they would assume this place as an amusement park. The one who created this training facility was Thirteen and they looked proud of their work, with this area they can train future heroes for disasters. They named it the Unforseen Simulation Joint or USJ for short.

        Looking around the area, Aizawa took notice that they were short one faculty member. "Shouldn't All Might be here already?" he asked Thirteen, "Let me guess, he booked an interview instead." from his tone it wouldn't have been the first time this has happened. "Actually it's something else." Thirteen responded quietly, "Apparently he did too much hero work on the way to school this morning and used up all his power." Thirteen held up three fingers to his coworker, "He's currently resting at the teachers lounge." the eraser hero sighed and shook his head, "That man is the height of irresponsibility." 'We should be fine with just the two of us.' he thought before deciding to begin their training, "Clock's ticking, let's get started."


        "Excellent, before we begin let me say just one thing. Well maybe two things." Thirteen started before counting the number higher than just that now on their hands. 'We get it.' the students thought.

        "Listen carefully, I'm sure you're aware I have a powerful quirk." Thirteen began, "It's called Black Hole, I can use it to suck up anything and turn it into dust." "Yeah, you've used Black Hole to save all kinds of people from disasters before haven't you?" Izuku asked as Uraraka nodded enthusiastically. "But that's not why you bring it up is it?" [Y/n] asked them. "That's right. My quirk can very easily be used to kill." they revealed, stunning the other students to that reveal. "Some of you also have powers that can be dangerous." [Y/n]'s hand held onto her own arm and squeezed it, knowing that her Melzsez Door quirk fell under that category, that action didn't go unnoticed by a few who noticed a change in her posture and movement. "In our super human society, all quirks are certified and stringently regulated. So we often overlook how unsafe it can actually be. Please don't forget that if you lose focus or make the wrong move, your powers can be deadly. Even if you're trying to do something virtuous like rescue someone." They had a point as not all citizens had quirks or had ones that could protect themselves from harm.

        "Thanks to Aizawa's fitness test, you have a solid idea of your quirk's potential. And because of All Might's combat training, you likely experienced how dangerous your powers can be when used against other people. Carry those lessons over to this class, today you're going to learn how to use those quirks to save people's lives. You won't be using your quirks to attack enemies or each other, only to help. After all, that's what being a hero is all about, ensuring the safety of others." That was something [Y/n] planned to do the most. She knew that feeling of wanting to be saved yet wasn't. She didn't want someone to have that experience or feeling if she could help it. "That's all I have to say, thank you for listening." Thirteen bowed as if finishing a performance. At that moment, the lights around the facility began to go out.

        'It's starting now.' [Y/n] thought and tensed up as she looked at the fountain where a black portal had opened up. And she wasn't the only one who noticed, Aizawa did too. "All of you don't move and stay together," Aizawa moved ahead of them to confront those coming out of the portal. "Thirteen,  protect the students."

"What is that thing?"

"Has the training started already?"

"I thought we were rescuing people."

        "If we were then the lights would've stayed on. This isn't training." [Y/n] said seriously and pulled up their mask more. "Stay back!" Aizawa warned the students again as he put his goggles over his eyes instead of letting them hang around his neck, "This is real, those are villains."

The students thought that all they were going to do that day was save the ones in danger. Instead of being the heroes doing the saving, they were the ones in need of rescuing.