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An omega worth fighting for

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His alarm went off just as Izuku had finished up writing down his notes on the roles and responsibilities of an omega. He quickly pulled his long curly green hair into a messy bun and grabbed his notebook before he made his way down to the kitchen to help his mother with breakfast.

When Izuku made it downstairs his mother was nowhere to be found, instead his stepfather could be seen trying to put together his own breakfast in the Midoriya’s kitchen.

“Papa, let me.” he said, when he stepped into the kitchen.

His stepfather jumped at the sound of his voice. “Ah Izuku, my boy, don’t sneak up on an old man like that.” He chuckled and then added, “what are you still doing here, weren’t you supposed to be in town with your mother by now?”

Izuku stopped what he was doing to proudly hold up his notebook for his stepfather. “I had to finish writing my notes.”

Izuku’s stepfather sighed and nodded his head. “I know you feel like there is a lot of pressure on you to find a mate, but there is always next year or the year after.” He smiled and reached out to tuck a loose curl behind Izuku’s ear. “Your mother and I don’t mind having you here with us you know.”

“I know, I know,” Izuku started, “You and mother shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of a male omega forever though.”

Toshinori frowned.

”Besides,” Izuku continued, “If I manage to woo an important alpha, you and mother will finally get to have an easy life.” 

Toshinori sighed again and turned to his son. “Just remember to be yourself.” He placed a kiss on the top of his son’s pulled back curls before ushering him out of the house.

Toshinori was again alone in the kitchen, his breakfast long forgotten.

”Look after him Nana.”


Izuku raced into town calmed by his stepfather’s words. However, his mood quickly changed when he saw the anxious face of his mother standing outside of the grooming shop.

“Where have you been?” His mother asked. She started to pull down her son’s hair and looked down to his clothes. “And what are you wearing?”

Izuku looked down at himself and saw that he had managed to run into town in only a shirt and shorts. Not exactly something an omega should be wearing. An omega was expected to look pretty at all times, Izuku saw himself as anything but pretty.

His mother sighed. “Let’s not dwell on this now, Ms. Midnight is waiting for you inside.”

Izuku let himself be lead into the grooming shop behind his mother. When they arrived in the main room he saw that it was filled with makeup, gowns, and other grooming tools. Izuku couldn’t help but groan.

”Hush now,” his mother said quietly “it’s only for the matchmaker.”

Izuku nodded and made his way over the Ms. Midnight so that she could bathe him and fix his frizzing hair.

After he was clean he was fitted for a silky full length gown. His mother and Ms. Midnight made sure the dress was as tight as it possibly could be to show off his small waist. Izuku’s face was covered in makeup and before he knew it he was being lead to a full length mirror.

Izuku’s mother was crying and Ms. Midnight was looking incredibly smug over the work she had just completed. Despite this Izuku didn’t dare glance at his own face and the body that had been contorted to match that of a desired female omega. He caught his mother’s eyes in the mirror and gave her his best smile.

Izuku made his way to the courtyard after the final touches were added to his omegan look. He could feel every stare as he and the other omegas finally made it to the entrance of the matchmaker’s shop.

A big Alpha appeared as the doors opened and Izuku couldn’t help but squeak as he lowered his head for the alpha.

”Midoriya Izuku.” The alpha called.

”Present.” Izuku replied, lifting his head.

”Head down omega and follow me.” The alpha ordered in return.

Izuku has no choice but to follow, sneaking one last glance at his mother and Ms. Midnight in the back of the crowd before the doors to the shop close.

”I said come omega.” The alpha says from somewhere further in the room.

Izuku quickly realizes his mistake and hurried to catch up with the matchmaker.

”Lacks obedience and brains.” The alpha notes harshly.

Izuku cringes at this and tries to clear his head, attempting to fall back into his omegan role.

”My apologies alpha, what can I do for you?” Izuku tries.

The alpha narrows his eyes and takes a few steps towards the omega. Izuku cowered in fear as the alpha walked closer.

”I shouldn’t have to waste my time telling you what you should know.” The alpha spits. “Are you all useless?”

Izuku can’t help but stutter in response. “I- no alpha.” He squeaked. “Sit, I will make us some tea.”

Izuku is able to breathe a sigh a relief as the hostile alpha takes his place on the sofa and he is able to busy himself in the kitchen making tea.

Izuku returns minutes later with a tray of tea which he carefully places on the table. ‘Omegas should be seen and not heard’ he remembers reading ‘and not even seen if their alpha does not wish it.’

The expression on the alpha in front of him is different as he reaches for the tea to pour himself and the alpha a cup. He then sits down slowly on the couch opposite of the alpha, trying to find a position in which he can breathe comfortably. Izuku can almost feel the alpha’s eyes travel down his body and then back up to his face.

”Strip omega” The alpha commands.

Izuku almost chokes on his tea at the alpha’s instructions. “E-excuse me?”

“I didn’t stutter omega,” The alpha growled. “Be a good omega for me.”

Izuku was stunned, none of his books and notes had prepared him for this. He knew that to some of society, omegas were just pretty objects that anyone should be able to anything to, but he didn’t think he would be expected to strip for his village’s matchmaker. His father had told him to be himself and he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he exposed himself to the alpha in front of him. He didn’t want to be an omega, he didn’t want to be an object. He wanted to live.

”N-no.” Izuku stuttered.

The alpha stands, glaring down at the small male omega. “No?”

”No.” Izuku says, more confidently now. Izuku goes to stand, but before he can the alpha’s hand has struck him across the face and sent him falling back down to the couch.

”Get out.” The alpha snarled.

Izuku, too stunned to reply, gathers himself and walks to the door holding back tears. He manages to open the door and stagger into his mother’s outstretched arms.

The alpha, who had followed him out the door, goes to address the crowd. “Let this useless omega be an example to you all.” 

Izuku peaks out from his mother’s embrace to meet the eyes of the aggressive alpha.

”You will never be worthy of a mate.” The alpha spits. 

Izuku hides his face back into his mother’s chest and finally lets tear fall down his face. Izuku hears the matchmaker call the next omega as him and his mother make their way back to their home.


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By the time Izuku and his mother had made it to their family’s gate, he had stopped crying and his mother had straightened up the makeup that was still on his face.

Toshinori, who had been sitting in the garden, looked up at his son and smiled when he saw that his family had returned. However, as soon as he caught his son’s eyes Izuku bowed his head and looked away, parting from his mother to walk further onto the family’s property.

His wife stopped him before he was able to go after his son. He looked down and saw that her eyes were wet and they held a look that pleaded him not to go.

Toshinori gave her a reassuring smile, but shook his head. His son needed him.

Izuku had made his way to his favorite spot on his family’s property, a small pond with lotuses surrounding it.

He sat at the end of edge of the pond in the grass, not caring if he was ruining the dress he was currently wearing. Izuku looked down at the pond, finally catching sight of his reflection, recoiling at what he saw.

His long green hair was once again frizzy and falling from the elegant style Ms. Midnight had created. The makeup that was caked on his face had hidden away his freckles and the dress he was wearing was hanging awkwardly to the top of his body due to him loosening the tie and it not fitting correctly to begin with.

Tears once again threatened to fall from his eyes, but before they could he used the arm of his fancy dress to wipe them away.

Looking back at his reflection Izuku saw that he had smeared the eye makeup that had been on his face. Before he could fully grasp what he was doing Izuku was using both of the sleeves of his dress to wipe all the makeup off.

Sparing one more glance at his reflection Izuku was finally satisfied. 

“I agree, I think you look better without all of that on.” Toshinori says, finally speaking up and startling his son.

“Papa I-,” Izuku starts, but he doesn’t know what to say. He had let his parents down, he had failed as an omega. He could feel his thoughts spiraling as he continued to think of his failed meeting with the matchmaker.

”You know, I always thought this little pond reminded me of you.” His stepfather’s voice immediately calms him and pulls him from his destructive thoughts. 

“Beautiful to all those who take the time to appreciate its charm.” Toshinori sat down beside his son and began to untangle his hair until it was laying flat against his back again.

Izuku smiled and started to lean into his father until the two of them were interrupted by the sound of drums coming from beyond their gate. They both stood up and made their way outside where they found Izuku’s mother with a worried expression on her face.

”Stay back, Izuku.” His father warned, pushing Izuku behind him and his wife.

A tired looking man accompanied by many soldiers on horses was pulling out what looked to be an official order from the pack that was hanging from the side of his own horse.

”People of Aldera, I come with news from the king of UA.” The man said, and for someone who looked so tired, Izuku thought he had a very commanding voice.

”The rogue Shigaraki has invaded UA with his league of villains.” The man revealed. “The king has requested that one alpha or beta from each household above the age of eighteen come and fight for their kingdom. Everyone from this village will be divided among the training camps we have scattered along our border.”

Izuku had barely grasped what the man had said before he started pulling conscription notices out of his pack.

“The Rin family.” As his family name was called an alpha in his mid-thirties walked up to the tired looking man to grab his notice.

”The Shinso family.” Izuku recognized the older beta that had started to walk towards the man, before he was stopped by one of Izuku’s childhood friends.

Hitoshi Shinso spoke calmly as he always did. “I will go to fight in my father’s place.” The younger beta stated.

The village’s visitor nodded and handed the notice to Hitoshi instead of his father.

”The Midoriya family.” The man called.

’No’ Izuku thought. ‘Papa has already fought in a war.’

Izuku could barely remember that war, the war that had taken his biological father’s life and had brought Toshinori Yagi into him and his mother’s lives. His stepfather had been one of the heroes of that war, but it had unfortunately left his body frail, too weak to fight another battle.

Despite that Toshinori had his head held high as he made his way to grab his conscription notice. Toshinori had accepted his fate, Izuku hadn’t.

Izuku rushed out from behind his mother to the only father he had ever known. “Please Papa,” he started, reaching for his father’s hand. “You’ve already fought.” 

Izuku turned to the foreigner to their village “He shouldn’t have to go.” Izuku stated defiantly.

”My boy-“ Toshinori did not look at his son, instead opting to stare into the eyes of the stranger that had disrupted everything.

The man looked at Izuku as if he was looking through him. “This doesn’t concern you omega.” 

With that the stranger handed Toshinori his notice and moved along from the father and son. Toshinori took and breathe and made his way back towards his home. He saw his wife’s eyes shining with tears as he walked with as much strength as he could muster past her, his son trailing someways behind him.



The Midoriyas had settled for dinner at their small dining room table. The room was silent except for the small noises made by their chopsticks picking up food and Izuku pouring each family member a cup of tea.

Izuku paused after finishing his task, holding his own tea in his hands, staring down into the liquid while his parents continued to eat quietly.

The Midoriya’s dinner was interrupted by the youngest member slamming his cup of tea down onto the table.

”You shouldn’t have to go!” Izuku cried.

”Izuku-“ His mother tried.

”There are plenty of young alphas and betas to fight for UA.” Izuku continued.

Toshinori sighed. “It is an honor to fight for our king.” He stated.

Izuku’s patience was running thin. “Oh, so you’ll die for honor?” He accused.

Toshinori could not handle his son’s harsh words, rising from his seat so that he now towered over his young omegan son.

”I know my place,” Toshinori bellowed

”But-“ Izuku started.

”It’s time you learned yours.” Toshinori finished. Izuku’s eyes filled with tears and he quickly fled from the room, leaving behind his mother scolding his father for being too cruel to their son.


Izuku didn’t hear much of their conversation, instead choosing to observe his dimly lit house from one of benches in his family’s garden. He watched his parents discussing the day’s events through a window. His mother eventually gave up on whatever she was arguing for, leaving his father to blow out the lone candle left in the house.

Izuku’s eyes narrowed at the thought of war and did not leave his spot until he finally understood what it was he had to do.

After he was sure that his parents were asleep Izuku snuck first into their bathroom where Izuku knew his omegan mother kept all of her scent blockers. 

After grabbing an amount he knew would last him well over a year, Izuku went into his father’s study where Toshinori kept his old suit of armor and his long sword.

Izuku unsheathed the long sword and steadied his hand as he brought the blade up to his long green locks. Shutting his eyes, Izuku moved the blade cutting his hair up to the edge of his chin.

Izuku left his dicarded hair on the floor to put his father’s old training clothing on. It was loose and probably from his early teenage years, but it would do. Izuku then moved to the armor, going through each piece until he finally had a full set.

He placed the armor aside while he slipped into his parent’s bedroom, using his skills of being unseen and unheard for maybe the last time.

Izuku quickly grabbed the conscription notice from his father’s bedside table and made his way back to the study to apply the scent blockers, pack a bag, and get into the armor.

Bag in hand Izuku opened his family’s gate, sneaking one final glance at his home before starting down the path that would take him to his designated training camp.

Toshinori woke up to his wife having a fit in her sleep. He gently moved to wake his wife from what he thought was just a bad dream.

As soon as his hand touched his wife’s shoulder she shot up in their bed. “W-where is my baby?” She cried suddenly.

Toshinori did not know what she was talking about, but the cries soon continued. “Where is my Izuku!?” She wailed louder.

Toshinori reached for his conscription notice and when it wasn’t on his bedside table where he had left it, made his way to his son’s room. When the room was found to be abandoned the older alpha then moved to his study. 

“Izuku?!” Toshinori called before he opened the door, only to be greeted by the sight of his study in disarray.

Toshinori was joined by his distressed omegan mate a few minutes later. He was on his knees in the middle of his study, holding a long lock of his son’s hair between his fingers, not being able to remember how he got there.

”You have to go after him,” Inko started, “He could be killed.” Toshinori could feel the pain coming off of his omega.

Toshinori shook his head. “If I reveal him, he will be.”

Inko, finally understanding that there was little chance she would ever see her son again, curled into her husband and started to sob. Toshinori held his wife close as the same words played through his head.

“Nana, please bring Izuku home alive.”

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Izuku was pacing under a tree near the entrance of the training camp. The thoughts in his head were racing a mile a minute and he couldn’t stop mumbling to himself.

”You’re a beta now, I mean that can’t be too tough. You just walk in there and show them what you got. “Izuku mumbled.

”Just walk in there with your incredibly soft face and feminine walk, and oh gods what am I thinking?!” Izuku’s hands found their way into his now short and frizzed out hair.

A few moments later Izuku is able to unravel himself from his consuming thoughts with one image.

”Papa,” he states, “I am doing this for Papa.” Izuku nods to himself and makes his way away from the tree and towards the training camp.

Those inside the camp seem to be mostly preoccupied with the rice being served by the camp’s chef. However, there is a group of three alphas that seem to be more concerned with proving their strength to one another.

”I bet you I could take all the fuckers in this camp.” The tall redheaded alpha boasts. 

“No way, Kirishima,” The blond alpha starts, “There are way too many alphas here and besides that means you think you can take down Yaoyorozu and I.”

The tall dark haired alpha Izuku understood to be named ‘Yaoyorozu’ sighed. “Kaminari, I think you and Kirishima are overestimating your strength.

The blonde named Kaminari seemed to sink into himself while the redhead named Kirishima stood up taller.

”I’m serious guys!” He starts, “Kaminari, pick anyone in the camp, I’ll show them who the king of this camp is.”

Kaminari looked around the camp, his eyes finally landing on Izuku as a smirk spread across his face.

”Bet you won’t hit a delicate looking beta like that.” He says gesturing towards Izuku. “That kid could pass as an omega.”

Izuku’s face heats up as he starts to shake his head and flail his arms around in front of him. “O-oh n-no, you-you’ve got it a-all wrong,” He starts, “I’m r-really not l-looking to fight, ha j-just looking to learn so a-ah i’ll see you g-guys later.” 

Izuku manages to finish his sentence and starts walking away from the three, but the redhead follows him. 

“Hey wait a minute, buddy,” Kirishima starts, “We were just messing around, no hard feelings.”

Kirishima extends his arm out to Izuku’s shoulder only for Izuku to jerk away at the last moment, causing Kirishima to stumble into the guy in front of Izuku. Which caused that guy to stumble into the next guy, and then the next, and the next, until the only three left standing in the camp were Izuku and two alphas who had been with Kirishima.


“I will take my platoon towards the mountains where we expect to find and fight the majority of Shigaraki’s army” Mitsuki Bakugou explained. “When you have finished training your soldiers, you will join us there, so don’t go letting me down ya hear?” 

The young blonde male in front of Mitsuki nodded while still deep in thought.

”Is that clear Captain?” Mitsuki asked, knowing she had finally gotten the young soldier’s attention with the mention of his new rank. Mitsuki rose from her seat in their tent and the young captain followed suit.

”Yes General,” The blonde stated, “I won’t let you down.”

The older blonde smiled and nodded. “Good.” She uttered simply. “I’ll be waiting for your aid, best of luck to you Captain.”

The General had walked out of the tent before the young blonde had a chance to reply.

“Good luck, Mother.” Katsuki Bakugou straightened himself before also leaving the tent to meet his new troops.


His mother left quickly after they had both gotten their first look of what the camp had become during their absence.

Soldiers were fighting left and right and for some reason there was rice everywhere. After years of being a soldier Katsuki had learned to control his alpha temper, but that didn’t mean his patience wasn’t wearing dangerously thin at the sight of his ‘soldiers’ acting like a bunch of children.

He let the madness go on for a few more second before stepping a few steps closer to the brawl. “Soldiers!” He shouted.

All the betas and alphas that had been fighting moments ago were new standing in a straight line, except for the small bundle that was still huddled on the ground, where the middle of the chaos had been.

”Your general just walked out of this camp, a fucking brawl on the first day doesn’t leave you all with a very good first impression,” The blonde alpha states. “Plus it pisses me off, who started it?”

A redhead alpha pops up with a bright look on his face. “Bro- Sir- Captain it was wild, I was just itching for a fight and that scrawny green dude dodged me no problem, sent me crashing all over the rest of the camp!” 

Katsuki’s eyes shift to the small green lump on the ground and makes his way to him. Katsuki pulls the boy up by his collar until he is standing straight up like the rest of his soldiers.

Katsuki stares into the big green eyes that are now exposed to the alpha. “You like making messes soldier?” Katsuki asks.

”N-no Captain.” The boy squeaks back.

Katsuki scoffs at the small boy standing in front of him. “Name?” He asks.

”A-ah Midoriya Izuku.” The boy squeaks again.

”Age and status?” Katsuki inquires.

”Um eighteen a-and um beta.” The boy stutters.

“Papers.” Katsuki order, extending his hand towards Izuku.

Izuku quickly reaches for his father’s conscription notice that is resting in the band of his clothing. Katsuki snatches the paper out of his hand and starts reading over it.

Katsuki looks into Izuku’s eyes again, this time with a questioning glance being thrown his way. “Toshinori Yagi is your father?”

”Stepfather.” Izuku corrects.

Katsuki keeps his gaze on Izuku while he continues. “I didn’t know General Yagi had a son.” He states.

”H-he doesn’t talk about me much.” Izuku stutters again.

Katsuki shrugs, finally looking away. “I can see why.” He mutters, making Izuku’s heart sink.

Katsuki turns his attention back to the rest of the camp. “Okay soldiers thanks to your pal Midoriya here, you will spend the rest of the day picking up every single grain of rice.” Katsuki hears several groans. “Tomorrow the real training will begin.” He finishes.

Katsuki spares one more glance at the small green beta as he kneels to the ground to start his task, before he looks away shaking his head.

’What an odd beta.’ He thinks before pushing the green haired boy out of his mind for the time being.

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Izuku made sure to wake up extra early the next morning. His status as an omega had to stay a secret and for that to happen there were several things he had to do before his fellow soldiers awoke.

After Izuku had finished covering himself in scent blockers he moved to bind the little fat that was on his chest. 

His father’s training uniform finally went on as Izuku saw the sun begin to rise. After making sure everything fit as much as it would, Izuku went to make his way out of his tent. Izuku felt ready for whatever Captain Bakugou was going to throw at them.

Izuku was quickly cut off while taking his first steps out of the tent, and would have fallen back if it hadn’t been for the hand that reached out and grasped his own.

Red eyes and a bright smile greeted Izuku when the omega looked up. “Oh my bad,” Kirishima apologized, fully pulling Izuku up onto his own two feet, “Midoriya right?” He continued.

Izuku nodded while pulling his hand from the friendly alpha.

”I think we got off on the wrong foot yesterday.” The alpha confessed, rubbing his neck awkwardly. “I didn’t mean to get you singled out by the captain, I just can’t resist a manly fight!”

Izuku couldn’t help but smile at the redhead’s candidness. “No the fault is all mine Kirishima,” Izuku admits, “I kind of have a knack for unfortunate situations.”

”Hey you remembered my name!” Kirishima beams.

”It isn’t polite to forget an alpha’s name.” The omega mumbled

”Huh?” Kirishima inquires, not having heard the green haired boy.

Izuku’s eyes widen as he realizes his mistake in stating an omegan expectation. He immediately tries to recover. “A-ah never mind, come on we don’t want to be late.” Izuku urges.

Kirishima looks at Izuku for a moment before chuckling and following the boy. “Lead the way Midoriya.”

Izuku takes his place beside Kirishima and his friends a few minutes before their captain emerged from his own tent.

The alpha captain is shirtless, bow in hand, with a quiver full of arrow slung over his shoulder. After catching sight of the alpha Izuku can’t help but turn away, hoping no one had seen the redness in his cheeks.

”Soldiers, what makes a good warrior?” The captain asked, turning to the group before him.

Kirishima is quick to step forward, raising his hand high. Katsuki nods in his direction, a sign that the redhead has been granted permission to speak.

”Strength is what a warrior needs to be victorious in battle Captain.” Kirishima eagerly exclaimed.

”Strength?” Katsuki questions.

”Yes!” Kirishima declares, “Strength is super manly!”

A few other soldiers join in on Kirishima’s enthusiasm. Izuku turns his attention to Katsuki and sees that the captain is shaking his head. He reaches for an arrow out of his quiver and promptly shoots an arrow towards the tall pole several feet away from the gathered group of soldiers. 

The sudden noise of the arrow hitting its target snaps the soldiers attention back to Katsuki.

”Kirishima is it?” Katsuki steps closer to the alpha after having picked up a medium sized box that had been on the grass near the captain’s feet.

”Yes sir.” Kirishima responds.

Katsuki takes another step, his attempts to intimidate the smaller alpha seeming to be successful. “Just strength?” He finally speaks.

”Captain?” Kirishima and the rest of the soldiers stand confused as their captain opens the box in his hands. He takes out two large weights. Each weight has a hole through the middle and a tie attached.

Katsuki goes to place the first weight on Kirishima’s right wrist. “This represents strength.” The captain explains. Katsuki removes his hand, leaving Kirishima to compensate for the new found weight around his wrist.

Katsuki moves on to the other side of Kirishima, bringing another weight with him. “This represents discipline.” Katsuki says simply while he repeats his same actions on Kirishima’s left.

With both weights on his wrists, Izuku can see that Kirishima is straining a bit, but overall has little difficulty maintaining his current stance. 

Kirishima smirks, “Piece of cake.”

Katsuki’s expression stays serious as he gives his next order. “Retrieve the arrow.” He instructs.

Kirishima goes to set down the weights but is stopped by Katsuki. “A warrior wouldn’t be able to reach that arrow if he left behind his strength and discipline, would he?” Katsuki questioned.

Kirishima, understanding his task makes his way to the pole and attempts to fetch the arrow for his captain. 

He doesn’t make it even a fraction of the way up before he is sliding back down the pole, hitting the ground with a loud thud.

Kirishima is dismissed and the rest of the soldiers are given the same assignment, retrieve the arrow from the top of the pole with weights on both wrists. 

Alphas and betas fail this task left and right. Kaminari and Yaoyorozu fail to make it even as far as Kirishima and the rest of the group is even worse.

When it is Izuku’s turn he can barely lift his arms with the weights are attached. His feet haven’t been off the ground for more than two seconds when his turn comes to an end as well.

Katsuki sighs at the results of the exercise, his had coming up to scratch the back of his head.

”We have a long way to go.”


Chapter Text

The next ten months were absolute hell. Katsuki pushed his soldiers to their limits and then a little more.

By the fifth month the group had gotten accustomed to each day’s training.

Each morning they were expected to be up at the crack of dawn. They did laps around the entire training camp with sandbags slung over their shoulders until it felt like their knees were going to buckle and their feet would fall off.

Every afternoon the group trained in hand to hand combat or practiced fighting with a sword. Izuku forgot what it was like to not have one of his eyes swollen shut. He became quite proficient in treating all the wounds that ended up all over his body.

When the evening came the alphas and betas were expected to make an attempt to retrieve the arrow at the top of the pole. If their attempt didn’t impress the captain they had to spar with Katsuki until one of them was pinned. Needless to say, Izuku became very familiar with the young alpha.

“Pinned again Midoriya.” Sneered Katsuki. Izuku stayed on the ground after Katsuki had gotten to his feet.

”Look alive beta.” Katsuki snaps, extending his hand to help the worn omega up.

Izuku continues to lay there, bringing his arm up to cover his eyes when he feels tears starting to form. 

“Oi!” Katsuki barks, “Get your ass up, you lost get over it. I don’t have room for crybabies in my regiment.”

Izuku finally looks up and takes Katsuki’s hand and gets up. The alphas hands are warm and his scent is inviting, which completely contradicted the scowl on his face. 

“Get some sleep beta, gonna need it for when I beat you again tomorrow.” The alpha smirks.

Izuku’s eyes linger on Katsuki as the captain makes his way to his tent.


About eight months in during the soldiers laps around the camp Izuku collapsed, his omegan body crumbling under all that it had been put through. 

“Midoriya!” Yaoyorozu cried as soon as she had the spotted the fallen omega.

The alpha female rushed to his side with Kirishima and Kaminari not far behind.

”Are you hurt?” She questioned. All three alphas looked at him, concern written all over their faces. Izuku tried to get up to avoid all the attention, but his body refused to move.

”Enough,” Katsuki says, coming up behind the group after noticing all the commotion. 

Katsuki looked to Izuku and frowned. He immediately grabbed the omega’s sandbags and took off to catch up with the rest of the group. He called for the other three alphas to follow him when he left.

Izuku was left alone on the ground until he finally managed to wiggle his way to his tent to rest.


When he emerged later that evening everyone had already retired to their tents except for one. Katsuki was standing outside of the omega’s tent, seemingly waiting for him. 

“All rested beta?” Katsuki asked. Izuku could clearly see that the alpha was trying to keep his anger from boiling over.

”Yes Captain.” Izuku replied, trying to keep his voice even.

“Pack your things, you’re done.” Katsuki declared, glaring down at the omega, daring Izuku to challenge him.

Izuku’s jaw dropped. “C-captain?” 

“Did I stutter Midoriya?” Katsuki questioned, “I have no interest in continuing your training if your body can’t take it.”

Izuku stood, stunned by the words by his captain. He couldn’t be done, how could he face his parents again after putting them through so much and then have nothing to show for it? How could he live with himself knowing he hadn’t even made it through basic training? 

Izuku was so lost in his own thoughts that he hadn’t even noticed that Katsuki had long since left him alone.

Izuku sighed, moving back to his tent. He had intended to start getting his belongings together when he caught sight of the captain’s arrow. 

Izuku made his way to the pole, picking up the weights and securing them around his wrists. The omega had never gotten very far up the pole so his evenings had been mostly spent losing sparing matches to the captain.

Something about this exercise had always confused the omega though. Katsuki was a tough captain, he was confident and brash at time. He pushed his soldiers to their limits, but he was fair. He didn’t do anything without purpose and didn’t say anything he didn’t mean. 

Which means this task wasn’t impossible despite the best attempt only being a third of the way up the pole.

Katsuki had dismissed Izuku because of his lack of physical prowess. He would just have to change the captain’s mind with his wit.

Izuku looked down to the weights around his wrists. His arms no longer shook because of the heaviness added to them, but that didn’t mean lifting the weights had become as easy task.

Katsuki had said the weights represented strength and discipline, he wouldn’t just say that, there had to be something else behind his words. 

“Strength and discipline.” Izuku muttered. The words repeated in the omega’s mind over and over again, hoping something would click.

Izuku looked down again, this time focusing on the ties on the weights. The ties were quite long and had a tendency to get tangled together if you tried to put the weights on without assistance. Izuku imagined there must be a more practical design for the wrist weights.


Izuku’s eyes widened at his sudden realization, moving closer to the pole and swinging the weights around until the ties of each weight were tangled on the side opposite to the omega.

Izuku tested out his work by pulling each wrist. Once determining the weights were secure, the omega began to climb.

The climb was excruciating, his finger felt numb from gripping the ties so tightly and his shoulders burned.

He made steady progress throughout the night, slipping a few times, but catching himself before he lost too much ground.

As the sun started to rise Izuku was nearing the top of the pole. Several of his fellow soldiers had exited their tents and had started to cheer him on.

’Just a bit more,’ Izuku thought over and over, ‘Show them you aren’t useless.’

Katsuki awoke to his soldiers making a racket outside of his tent.

’What could it be now?’ The alpha thought.

Katsuki walked out of his tent as an arrow was thrown to his feet. He could see his soldiers gathered around the pole in the middle of the camping cheering. 

He looked up further and saw that Izuku was perched on the top of the pole, weights tied together and resting over one his shoulders. 

Izuku caught Katsuki’s eyes, smiling down at him and Katsuki could help but smile back.

“Good luck getting down beta!” Katsuki hollered. He saw Izuku’s eyes widen, making it clear to the captain that the green haired boy had not thought that far ahead.

Katsuki laughed. “A strange beta indeed.” The captain muttered to himself before going to join the group.

Chapter Text

Izuku knew it was a bad idea, knew that doing this could very well reveal the secret he had fought so hard to protect. If he did this, it would wash away his scent blockers and he would have to sneak back to his tent, not only without being seen, but he also had to make sure none of the alphas and betas in camp picked up his scent.

The young omega checked one more time to make sure the coast was clear before finally stepping into the lake. He had barely been fully submerged for a few minutes when he heard voices.

”Trust me Captain, you won’t regret this.”  Izuku heard Kirishima approach and quickly went to hide behind a bigger rock in the water. “A nice dip in the lake before we start our journey north, just what a hothead like you needs.”

Izuku could practically feel Katsuki seething from his hiding place at that comment. “Careful Kirishima,” Katsuki spat, “I would hate to make our journey one soldier down.”

Izuku heard more footsteps. “Oh come off it Captain,” Kaminari’s voice, “You wouldn’t be able to stand life without us at this point.”

”I think I’d manage.” Katsuki sneered.

“You heard him boys, the Captain only needs the best and brightest.” Izuku recognized the new voice as a particularly aggressive alpha in their group, and that was saying something because their group included Katsuki himself. 

“Best and brightest huh?” Kaminari asked, “Guess he doesn’t need you then Monoma.” 

Izuku was glad that his friends were giving Monoma a hard time. The alpha was in no way pleasant to be around and his scent was downright unbearble to Izuku. Monoma never missed a chance to be around and pick on Izuku though, belittling and tripping the omega up at every turn.

Izuku went back to listening when he heard Monoma gasp. “Is that our favorite beta over there?” Drat he had been spotted.

”Izuku darling we’re over here!” Monoma called. Izuku hated when the alpha addressed him by his first name. His name felt wrong in the alpha’s mouth, forced and impure.

Izuku peeked his head out from his hiding place to see the surprised looks of Kirishima, Kaminari, and Katsuki, as well as the smug look on Monoma’s face.

”Midoriya!” Kirishima smiled wide, “Why don’t you come join us man?”

“Oh hi, sorry I didn’t realize that you were all here,” Izuku started, averting his eyes from the four alphas, “I was just looking for a quick bath and now that I’ve had it I should probably get going, big day tomorrow and all.” Izuku cut off his ramblings and chanced a glance towards his fellow soldiers.

”Too bad Midoriya, we finally convinced Captain hothead to join us.” Kaminari explained. 

“Ya too bad Izuku.” Monoma cooed. “I never get to spend enough time with my favorite beta.” Izuku felt sick listening to Monoma’s voice.

The omega turned his eyes to Katsuki, wondering what the captain’s take would be on him leaving. He found that Katsuki’s eyes were already on him when he moved his own gaze. The alpha’s eyes were bright and focused.

”U-um Captain.” Izuku tried.

Katsuki finally seemed to break out of his trance at the sound of Izuku’s voice addressing him.

”You wanted to leave, what are you still doing here beta?” Katsuki’s eyes looked dangerous as he responded, like he was searching for something, or someone.

Izuku thought he saw the alpha’s nose twitch as he moved, but he didn’t stick around to find out as he hightailed it out of the water. 

Only after Izuku had gotten back to his tent and reapplied his scent blockers, was he actually able to analyze the interactions he had just had with the four alphas. 

Kirishima and Kaminari hadn’t treated him any different, and Monoma was as annoying as ever. 

Katsuki was different.

The alpha seemed more alert than he had ever been. Katsuki even seemed a bit excited, an emotion rarely worn by the alpha.

The night’s events kept Izuku up for hours until finally there was only one question left.

Could Katsuki have smelled him from that far away?

The group’s journey started the next day. Izuku kept an eye on Katsuki the whole first day, waiting to see if he would see more of the behavior the alpha exhibited the day prior. The omega had no such luck however, Katsuki was back to acting like his normal self.

The omega thought he would try talking to the captain in the days and weeks following, but something always got in the way. Some days Katsuki was busy making sure they were staying on course, Sometimes the alpha was being annoyed by Kirishima and Kaminari, and there were also days where Izuku could shake Monoma from his own side.

Three weeks into their trip Izuku had given up on getting an answer out of Katsuki. 

Kirishima and Kaminari were talking the  captain’s ear off as per usual, with Yaoyorozu and Izuku trailing behind. 

Suddenly Kaminari asked a question that caught Izuku’s attention. “So are you guys going to try to score some omegas when we go back home heroes?” He questioned.

Izuku could see Kirishima smile, his eyes shining as he looked away almost sheepishly. “I already have the most beautiful beta waiting for me back home.” He hummed. “Omegas always seemed too fragile, I like a girl with spirit.”

Izuku tried to keep his emotions at bay with the comment.

”Most alphas like an omega to just be pretty.” Yaoyorozu added. “A strong omega isn’t really seen as desirable.”

Izuku was wishing he could disappear when he felt an arm curl around his shoulder. The alpha’s scent was recognizable in seconds and it took everything Izuku had not to move away.

”The more submissive an omega is the better,” Monoma started. “Why put up with a creature like that if it isn’t going to follow orders.” 

Monoma’s words hit a little too close to home and the omega couldn’t help his gaze traveling to the ground, his eyes burning with the tears he was holding back.

”I’m sure no omega would follow an order from you Monoma,” Katsuki all but growled, “They shouldn’t have to, omegas are people too.”

Izuku lifted his head to meet Katsuki’s eyes. The alpha’s eyes were filled with emotion and the omega couldn’t figure out why. 

“They are barely people if you ask me.” Monoma said, the hand resting on Izuku’s shoulder seemed to tighten.

”I didn’t ask you.” Katsuki replied. His calm voice didn’t match the passion Izuku had seen in the alpha’s eyes.

The alphas continued to glare at each other until Kirishima placed himself in between them.

”We all have our own tastes.” Kirishima started. “Let’s not fight over it.”

Katsuki turned his head and instead of continuing to look at the captain, Monoma instead turned his attention to the boy still in his grip.

”What about you Izuku?” Monoma’s voice dripped with condescension.

“N-never gave it much thought.” It wasn’t a total lie, Izuku had never really given much thought to what his future mate might be like. It was seen as shameful for an omega to desire something particular in a mate when they should be grateful for any mate at all.

Izuku was trying to come up with a convincing answer when the arm around him was pulled from his shoulder roughly. Izuku looked up to see Katsuki with Monoma’s wrist in his large hand.

”Leave the kid alone,” Katsuki grumbled, “And keep your hands to yourself, he clearly doesn’t like being touched by you.”

Izuku moved closer to Katsuki, relieved he was finally free from Monoma’s grasp. 

“Doesn’t seem to mind being close to you though.” The alpha observed.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Watch yourself soldier.” With that Katsuki moved away from the group, most likely to check they were still on the path they should be.

Izuku couldn’t take his eyes off the captain for the rest of the day.


Chapter Text

During the final days of their journey, Izuku found himself at the front of the group and next to Katsuki more and more. After the whole incident with Monoma the omega had wanted to stick close to the captain He felt that needed to be somewhere Monoma couldn’t reach him.

The first few days were mostly silent with a few surface level conversations here and there, but everything changed on the last day of their trip.

“Hold on since when is the king a beta?” The omega was shocked, alphas were always seen as the strongest in their society. It didn’t make much sense for them to be lead by a beta.

”Since the death of the last king.” Katsuki said simply.

”I thought the king has four children, two alphas, a beta, and an omega.” Izuku continued to ponder the reason for this change in the royal family.

Katsuki turned to Izuku. “I suppose the news hasn’t been spread very far yet. The royal council isn’t sure how citizens will respond so they are keeping it a bit under wraps for now.”

”S-so do you know what happened?” Izuku started hesitantly.

Katsuki nodded. “My family has been close with the royals for some time. The new king and I were actually playmates as children and my mother grew up in the same village as the queen.”

Izuku thought he saw a hint of a smile on the captain’s face before it disappeared and he explained further. ”The Todoroki’s eldest son, Prince Toya hasn’t been seen in over three years, their best guess is the pressure was too much for the alpha so he ran away. I think there was always something off with him when we were kids.”

Katsuki waited for Izuku to take the information in and then continued. “Prince Natsuo succumbed to injuries sustained during battle not long before his father’s death. Enji Todoroki’s second son had wanted nothing more than to serve in his father’s army.”

Katsuki went on. “Princess Fuyumi is the third born, but as I am sure you are aware, she is an omega just like the queen.”

“So that means Prince- er- King Shoto is not only a beta, but also one of the youngest rulers the kingdom has ever seen.” Izuku almost couldn’t believe the revelations that had just been brought to his attention. A beta king, what would this mean for the hierarchy of genders?

Katsuki smirked. “Shoto is more than capable to rule, the half and half bastard may be young, but he isn’t stupid.”

Izuku could tell there was a great deal of respect between Katsuki and their king, the alpha didn’t usually hand out praise willingly.

The omega suddenly felt longing for similar companionship, but lowered his gaze when he realized a relationship like that wasn’t possible for someone like him. He was a prize, an object.

Izuku stopped his thoughts from spiraling. No, things were different now, he was different, and maybe with this sudden change in the monarchy, he would be seen differently too. Katsuki seemed to accept King Shoto. He thought the beta could rule and could rule well. Katsuki was an alpha, but he would willingly fight for a kingdom with a king that was inferior to him.

Izuku wondered if that meant Katsuki would accept him for what he was too.

The omega lifted his head with newfound confidence, but quickly paled as he saw what had become of their desired destination.

The small town Katsuki’s mother had directed him too was nothing more than ash. No building had been left untouched by the apparent fire and there wasn’t a single sign of life.

Katsuki’s rough voice rattled Izuku out of his daze. “Search for survivors.” He directed.

Izuku saw something new in Katsuki’s deep red eyes. Only when he thought back to his own eyes looking back at himself the night he had left home, did he understand the almost hidden emotion coming from the captain.

There had been fear in Katsuki’s eyes.

Izuku had been searching for a few minutes when he heard Kirishima’s voice. “Captain!” The alpha hollered, pain evident in his voice.

Katsuki quickly made his way up a hill and over to the redhead, Izuku was not far behind him. 

Katsuki froze in his tracks at the sight beyond the hill and when Izuku finally joined him at the top he understood why.

Hundreds of UA soldiers had been brutally slaughtered in the clearing in front of them. It was obvious that this had been a surprise attack and that Shigaraki’s men hadn’t shown mercy. Many bodies had become unrecognizable in the sea of red.

The omega couldn’t take much more, opting instead to turn to Katsuki for their next move.

Katsuki’s eyes were fixated on a particular spot on the battlefield. Izuku’s stomach dropped when he realized why. 

Mitsuki Bakugou’s body was lying lifeless in the middle of the battlefield, scowl still present on her face.

Izuku’s attention was once again torn away from the sight before him as the man next to him collapsed onto his knees and emptied him stomach.

”Oh my gods, Katsuki!” Izuku cried as he went to join the alpha on the ground.

The alpha started to tremble slightly as he took a few shaky breaths. Katsuki seemed unfazed by the omega’s use of his first name, completely stunned by the sudden loss of his mother.

Izuku placed his hand on the alpha’s back. “Katsuki,” Izuku spoke softly and carefully. “Breathe for me Katsuki.”

The alpha’s breathing started to even out. “W-were there any survivors.” Katsuki croaked.

Izuku looked to Kirishima who shook his head with tears in his eyes.

”No.” Izuku responded.

Katsuki’s fists clenched and he shut his eyes. “If I had gotten here quicker-“ he started.

Izuku cut him off. “There is no way you could have known.”

”They needed me!” Katsuki shouted.

The alpha opened his eyes and faced Izuku. The omega could not stop the tears that ran down his face as he saw the anguish present on Katsuki’s face.

”She needed me.” He whispered.

Katsuki’s scent was almost unbearable, despair taking over his usually calming and confident scent. 

“They need you now,” Izuku declared, rubbing soothing circles into Katsuki’s back. “You are the only hope for our king, you and the alphas and betas you taught to fight bravely.”

Kirishima piped in at that. “We need to fight for our kingdom, for our fallen comrades!”

The rest of the group joined them as Izuku helped Katsuki to his feet.

”For our fallen comrades!” Katsuki yelled, thrusting his fist into the air.

”For UA!” His soldiers yelled back.

Sometime later the group had made camp not far from the small town.

The group had paid their respects to the soldiers on the battlefield and Katsuki had buried his mother.

With the group mostly settled and nearing sleep to prepare for the next day, Izuku found Katsuki sitting by the fire by himself.

”Mind if I join you?” The omega asked meekly.

The alpha didn’t say a word, just jestered to the empty seat at his side.

”I’m sorry about your mother.” Izuku kept his voice quiet.

Katsuki nodded and the omega went on.

”She seemed like an amazing woman” Izuku said next.

Katsuki nodded again, eyes still cast downward.

”You two were close.” Izuku stated. It wasn’t a question, the omega could tell a great bond had been lost with the death of the female alpha.

”She taught me everything I know.” Katsuki finally spoke.

”Well that explains why you’re so great.” Izuku tested his luck by placing his hand on the alpha’s shoulder as he spoke.

Katsuki sighed, smiling slightly at the compliment. “Ya I guess it does.”

The two men stayed silent for a moment, Izuku keeping his hand on Katsuki’s shoulder.

”So who said you could call me Katsuki?” The alpha teased, bringing them out of the moment.

Izuku panicked, taking his hand from the alpha’s shoulder and shaking his head over and over. “I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry!” He cried, “It just slipped out, I won’t do it again I swear.”

The alpha laughed at the omega’s response. “Don’t be sorry moron, I’m not mad.” 

The omega was shocked. “You don’t let anyone else call you Katsuki.”

”Guess that makes you special Izuku.” The alpha smirked as he spoke the green haired boy’s name.

”Izuku?” The omega questioned.

”Well I figured we might as well be even now,” Katsuki explained, “Can’t have you passing me up.”

Izuku opened his mouth to tell the alpha that there was no way the omega would ever get anywhere near where Katsuki was. Izuku decided that argument was for another day.

”Sounds fair to me Katsuki.” The omega extended his hand as if to shake on their new found trust.

Katsuki quickly took the boy’s hand. ”Glad you to hear it Izuku.” 

Chapter Text

That night Izuku was awoken by the presence of many unknown alpha and beta scents. He knew he would be the first one alerted to the danger due to his omegan nose and instincts.

Izuku grabbed his sword and holster and bolted from his tent. The tent had been pitched a small distance away from his fellow soldiers so he wouldn’t be discovered when his scent blockers enviably wore off during the night. He threw caution to the wind and quickly entered the captain’s tent, not knowing how long they had.

Katsuki stirred immediately, his eyes squinting at the omega as he tried to make sense as to why the green haired boy was in his tent.

”Izuku?” Katsuki questioned, his voice thick with sleep.

Izuku moved closer to the captain as Katsuki sat up to better meet his gaze. The omega knew he was safe from an attack now since the alpha trusted him.

”Katsuki, there is-“ Izuku’s words were cut off as a flaming arrow sliced through the tent and flew between the two men.

Katsuki got to his feet and pushed Izuku to get the two of them away from the fire. However, when they took in the sight before them, they realized things weren’t too much better out in the open.

Almost every tent in the soldier’s small camp was burning. Izuku looked around to see many of his friends carrying or dragging other injured soldiers to safety. Most of them started to move towards Katsuki and Izuku when they caught sight of them.

Knowing he had failed, Izuku was unable to keep thoughts of his uselessness out of his head. His gaze stayed fixed on the on the camp as the flames continued to grow in front of him.

”Oi Izuku come on!” Katsuki called from behind him. The alpha tried to reach for the omega’s hand to pull him away from the danger, but was interrupted by an unfamiliar voice.

”Running away so soon Captain?” A man Izuku didn’t recognize started to make his way from the shadows and towards the small group that Katsuki had managed to band together during the chaos. A large group followed behind the unknown man a few feet back.

“Oh wait I slaughtered a good chunk of your army a few days ago,” The man teased, “Perhaps you want to take over your mother’s rank eh Katsuki Bakugou?”

Katsuki growled and made a move towards the man, but Izuku’s arm was already blocking his path. 

“Please Katsuki.” Green eyes found red ones as the omega begged the alpha to stay put.

”Oh come now I want to see that famous Bakugou temper!” The man continued, “Mitsuki didn’t live long enough for me to enjoy it.”

”You keep her name out of your filthy fucking mouth Shigaraki!” Katsuki shouted.

“There he is!” Shigaraki clapped like a child at the alpha’s outburst.

By this time there was a good number of alphas and betas gathered behind Shigaraki, but the amount of villains was no where near the amount Katsuki had been told about. The confusion must have shown on the alpha’s face because before long Shigaraki was speaking again.

”I know it’s a bit unconventional, but they are just so easy to control.” The villain explained.

Izuku squinted to get a better look and sure enough there was a massive group making there way to join their leader. The scent they were giving off was distressed and most certainly omegan.

Izuku gasped at the revelation.

”They may not be able to match an alpha or beta in strength and size, but they can be positively vicious if they have a singular goal.” Shigaraki continued.

Izuku was struggling to understand what the alpha meant, but his thoughts were cut off as Shigaraki started speaking again.

”Let’s have a new command for a new fight shall we?” The villain hollered.

The treacherous alpha took a deep breath before his voice changed completely.

Omegas, kill the remaining members of the UA army!

Izuku felt a strange sensation wash over him as his vision was slowly blurred and he blacked out.

When Izuku opened his eyes again, he was on his knees, the world around him was hazy and the colors were dulled.

’What am I doing here?’ The omega thought. 

Izuku felt a strong sense of urgency, but couldn’t piece together what he needed to do. However that all changed when a blonde alpha made his way into his line of vision. 


Kill UA soldiers.

Alpha commanded it.

Must kill.

Izuku’s thoughts were jumbled and disjointed, but he now understood what was required of him.

The omega rose to his feet and unsheathed his sword from his holster. He briefly wondered why he had a sword, but quickly dismissed the thought, instead opting to take a few steps forward and take his first swing at the alpha.

The blonde’s reflexes were too quick as he turned around and blocked the omega’s sword with his own. The alpha’s mouth was moving like was trying to communicate with Izuku. 

The voice sounded far away and much too difficult for Izuku to understand. He had to finish his task for the alpha, there wasn’t time to listen.

Izuku took a few more swings at the alpha, The blonde dodging or blocking each one. The alpha’s mouth was still moving, but his red eyes held a deep understanding of the situation at hand.

”Izuku!” The sound of his own name cut through the static for a moment, before he was swiftly pulled back in. His instant of clarity was enough though.

”Katsuki!” He sobbed, even coming back to himself for a second wasn’t enough to stop his own attack against his friend.

Izuku had heard about commands from his mother. They had stopped being used in UA long before his birth, alphas choosing to use fear instead if they wished to control an omega. His mother had told him of her own experiences with her alpha father. She had said he had gotten her to complete most tasks with a command after she had presented. Therefore, most of her days as a young omega were filled with static and detachment.

Izuku tried to stop his arm, but continued to swing at the alpha he had become so close to.

”Katsuki!” He cried, “Katsuki I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” Izuku could faintly feel tears running down his face as he repeated his words over and over again. He didn’t even know if he was speaking clearly, or if Katsuki could hear him.

He needed to find a way to break the command. He had heard from his mother that disobeying a command was very difficult, that a strong command could only be broken with extremes and could be very painful. She had said most times it was just easier to complete the task, although she was sometimes able to twist the words of her father.

Izuku tried to think back to Shigaraki’s command, his mind was becoming more hazy by the minute. His moment of partial clarity was almost up, he had to make a move, it was now or never.

’Kill the remaining members of the UA army’ Shigaraki had said.

After a moment the loophole in the villains words became clear.

Izuku was able to stop his attack and take a few steps back from Katsuki. He was still obeying his command, so he didn’t feel any pain, at least not yet.

Izuku’s eyes bore into Katsuki’s as he turned his sword so that the hilt was facing upwards.

”Katsuki.” The omega spoke his last word before he raised his arms and plunged his sword into his own stomach.

Izuku felt the static that had been weighing heavily on his mind and body lift as blood started gushing from the wound he had inflicted on himself. The clarity didn’t last long as a new kind of darkness threatened to pull him into unconsciousness because of the intense pain in his abdomen.

Izuku sunk to his knees, looking around to see the omegas fighting for Shigaraki suddenly stop. His actions had given them their clarity, and in the next moment they were all running away, eager to be free of Shigaraki’s grasp.

Shigaraki saw this and opened his mouth, most likely to try to command the large group before they could get away. However the villain was cut off as a certain red haired alpha tackled him to the ground and covered his mouth.

“Keep running, get to the king!” Kirishima called to the fleeing omegas.

Without the help of the commanded omegas, the battle between Shigaraki’s league and Katsuki’s soldiers began to change.

Izuku turned back to Katsuki, who was still standing shocked in front of him. Izuku coughed weakly, feeling the blood in the back of his throat. The omega tried to give the alpha his best smile as his body continued to tremble and grow weak.

Katsuki’s horrified expression was the last thing he saw as he gave into the warmth of the new darkness and closed his eyes. A screaming voice could be heard as his body fell to the ground.


Chapter Text

The next time Izuku opened his eyes he was in a large tent, laying on a cot. He turned his head to see Katsuki Bakugou sitting in a chair facing the entrance of the tent.

”Ka-“ Izuku was cut off as pain returned to his abdomen when he tried to get the alpha’s attention and sit up.

Katsuki quickly spun around at the noise and placed a hand on Izuku’s shoulder.

”Stay down idiot, you’ll open your stitches.” The alpha growled.

”Katsuki,” Izuku tried again, “What happened?”

Katsuki’s eyes narrowed at the question. 

“You got caught up in an omegan command, beta.” Katsuki spat, moving back and starting to pace.

Izuku lowered his eyes. His secret was out which meant death most likely. Although if that was his fate, he didn’t know why they had troubled themselves with the stitches. He knew he was going to be deceiving others by taking his father’s place, but he never expected to have such a close relationship with the alpha in front of him.

”I realize you must be angry-“ Izuku spoke gently.

”Angry?” The alpha cried, “Oh we’re well past that, furious is more like it.”

Izuku cringed, but went to continue, “Just know I never meant to hurt you-“

“How could you not know that would fucking hurt me?” Katsuki questioned, stopping to look the omega in the eyes.

Izuku felt a tear hit his cheek. “No alpha should be forced to be around a useless omega.”

Katsuki’s eyes widened, “What?”

Izuku went on, managing to rest himself on his elbows. “O-omegas should know their place and should never think of themselves as equal to an alpha. They should be seen not heard, and not even seen if an alpha does not wish it.”

Katsuki approached Izuku again as the omega continued. “T-tricking or cheating an alpha should be seen as one of the highest offenses an omega can commit. The punishment should be cruel and drawn out just like their crime.”

Tears were now flowing down Izuku’s cheeks. He choked on the sobs he was trying not to let escape his throat.

Katsuki went to kneel in front of Izuku’s cot making it so the omega was now looking down at the alpha.

A sob managed to free it self from omega’s throat as more tears fell from his eyes.

”What are you waiting for?” Izuku whispered.

“You moron,” Katsuki shook his head, “You really think this is about you being an omega?”

Izuku was stunned. “Isn’t it?”

Katsuki chuckled. “I’ve known about you being an omega for months, why would it start to bother me now?”

Izuku’s jaw dropped. “I-you-what-how?” He sputtered.

”I’ll admit it was difficult with the scent blockers and male omegas do give off a slightly different omegan scent than normal, but I’d have to be kind of used to it by now seeing as my father is an omega.” The alpha explained.

Izuku couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “-But the law says-“

”I know the king personally, and I doubt your little stunt is going to matter seeing as you got rid of two thirds of Shigaraki’s army.” Katsuki said confidently.

“You know not everyone will agree with that,” Izuku started, “There are probably quite a few soldiers outside of this tent that would like to see me dead or worse.”

Katsuki sighed and stood.

”If they want you dead they know who they have to get through.” The alpha replied softly.

The omega’s eyes widened at the alpha’s statement. However, his response would have to wait as it would seem a particular alpha had just gotten his cue.

“Move aside, I have business with the captain.” Monoma barked.


Katsuki made his way back to his post guarding the entrance of the tent. Izuku, having been instructed to stay in his cot, was forced to listen to the conversation happening outside of the tent from there.

“No can do.” Kaminari replied.

“Captain Bakubro gave us strict orders not to let anyone in this tent,” Kirishima continued, “Especially you.”

Izuku couldn’t help the smile that made its way to his lips when he learned his other friends didn’t care that he was an omega either.

“Listen you imbeciles, I know that filthy omega is in there,” Monoma started to raise his voice, “That thing shouldn’t have been saved in the first place.”

Izuku didn’t have to see to know the look on Katsuki’s face was probably murderous if the scent he was giving off was any indication.

“To think that disgusting creature has been with us from the beginning.” The alpha growled. “Doesn’t it make you sick?”

Izuku’s two friends stayed silent as Monoma continued.

“At least it could have been useful if we had used it to relieve a little stress.” The alpha spat.

“You might want to watch what you are saying Monoma.” Kirishima warned, anger evident in his voice.

“Oh I am well aware that the captain can hear me, I’m relying on that Bakugou temper,” The alpha sneered, “It does always seem to get them into trouble.”

With that the blonde alpha was out of the tent in a flash, leaving Izuku to struggle out of his cot. 

He had to get to Katsuki before he did something far too reckless.

Chapter Text

After finally making it to the tent’s entrance Izuku took a peak at what was happening outside, not yet ready to face his fellow soldiers now that his secret had been revealed.

Outside Katsuki and Monoma were standing dangerously close. Monoma’s eyes seemed to be trying to further egg the captain on. Again Izuku wasn’t able to see Katsuki’s expression.

“Forgive me captain, I’ll admit bringing your mother into this was a cheap shot,” Monoma admitted, “All I want is that omega brought to justice.”

“That omega saved your life.” Katsuki growled.

“He attacked his captain,” Monoma added, “That’s reason enough to see him suffer.”

Izuku couldn’t help, but let out a small whimper as he remembered his actions while being under Shigaraki command.

Maybe Monoma was right.

“Don’t listen to him Midoriya.” Kirishima whispered. 

The omega flinched, he had forgotten that the alphas guarding his tent could probably smell him now.

“You know that captain doesn’t blame you for something you couldn’t control.” Kaminari added.

“R-Right.” Izuku agreed as he turned his attention back to the captain.

“You might be the captain, but you and that thing are in no way above the law,” the smaller alpha was almost shouting now, “It is our duty to our king to make sure that useless omega suffers.”

“You so much as look at him wrong and I’ll show you who is going to be the one to suffer.” Katsuki snarled.

“I’m not afraid of you.” Monoma spat.

“You should be.” Katsuki replied.

Izuku couldn’t wait any longer. The omega walked out of the tent and began to make his way to his alpha.

“Katsuki-” He started.

The blonde captain turned to look at him, fear in his eyes.

“Kirishima, Kaminari!” He called.

Within second the two alphas were on either side of Izuku, guarding him from the rest of the soldiers.

“I told you to stay put.” Katsuki barked.

“I can’t just stand by, I can fight my own battles.” Izuku protested.

Monoma snorted which led to the captain’s attention being brought back to him.

“Izuku, go back inside,” Katuski tried, “You aren’t safe out here.”

Izuku looked around at the faces of his fellow comrades. Some of their gazes held pity, others held anger, and a few confusion.

“This isn’t worth anymore bloodshed.” Izuku cried.

“I agree.” Katsuki said calmly.

“Then stand down!” Izuku cried.

“Can’t do that.” Katsuki replied.

“Katsuki, listen to me.” Izuku plead

Monoma snicked. “Yes Katsuki, listen to your little omega.”

Katsuki’s hand shot to Monoma’s throat.

“Katsuki!” Izuku ran from his place between Kaminari and Kirishima to the captain’s side. Monoma was struggling under Katsuki’s strength, his face turning red quickly.

Izuku grabbed at Katsuki’s arm, desperately trying to pull it away from Monoma’s throat.

“Katsuki stop,” Izuku cried, “Katsuki please, the king won’t be able to help you if you do this.”

Katsuki sighed and let Monoma go. The other alpha fell to the ground in a coughing fit, gasping for breath.

Izuku steadied himself as Katsuki’s eyes met his. The alpha’s red eyes held a bit of uncertainty in them, but nodded at Izuku nonetheless.

“I will stand trial in front of our king.” Izuku declared, moving to address all of the soldiers who had made it through the battle.

“I came here to save my father, any crime that came after is a result of that,” The omega continued, “I do not intend to deceive you any further.”

Izuku sighed, shrinking back into himself after being brave for so long. He allowed Katsuki to start to lead him back to his tent.

“Excuse me sir.” Yaoyorozu’s voice rang out from the crowd.

Katsuki turned back, keeping a protective hand at the middle of Izuku’s back.

“I agree that Midoriya should stand trial in front of the king,” She started, “However after seeing your behavior regarding him, I don’t think it would be wise for the two of you to stay so close together.”

Katsuki’s eyes narrowed at the female alpha.

“Oh?” Katsuki asked, “And why is that?”

However uncomfortable Yaoyorozu was with standing up to her captain, it didn’t show. Yaoyorozu was tough, but fair, usually opting to do something that would appease everyone rather than go along with her selfish wants. 

“We have no way of knowing if you share in his desire to be put on trial,” The female alpha stated confidently, “For all we know you simply want the omega for yourself, no matter what it does to your family name.”

“I don’t like where you are going with this soldier.” Katsuki snapped.

“And I don’t like your hostile stance captain.” Yaoyorozu replied quickly.

Katsuki, seemingly unaware that he had moved, straightened back up at the female alpha’s words.

“To move forward without anymore in-fighting I think it would be for the best if Midoriya stayed with me.” Yaoyorozu said simply.

“Like hell-” Katsuki started.

“Katsuki, she’s right.” Izuku interrupted.

“Until we arrive in the capital, Midoriya will stay with me. Your soldiers need to know that they can trust their captain.” Yaoyorozu added quietly.

Katuski exhaled and nodded.

“Make sure you keep him safe.” Katuski whispered before turning to return to his tent.


Chapter Text

Katsuki’s regiment had been on their way to the capital for the last three weeks. During that time Izuku had seen Katuski twice and hadn’t spoken to him once. Yaoyorozu had made sure that the omega never left her side and that the angry blonde alpha never got too close.

The group had just stopped to make camp. Instead of leaving the tent him and Yaoyorozu shared and trying to mingle with the other soldiers like he always did, Izuku decided to stay inside. He always got turned away anyway.

After fiddling with his father’s helmet for a few minutes he noticed that Yaoyorozu had appeared at his side.

“Midoriya, are you alright?” She asked.

Izuku moved his eyes to meet the female alpha’s gaze. “I’m fine Yaoyorozu, just a little tired is all.” He replied.

“Well I don’t believe that for a minute.” She sighed.

Izuku wouldn’t help but breathe out a small laugh. Nothing got past Yaoyorozu.

“I’m tired of this,” He confessed, “I guess I had gotten used to being treated liked a normal beta. Now everyone just avoids me unless it’s to sneak a glance when they think I won’t notice”

“I know it’s hard-” She started.

“No you don’t know,” Izuku huffed, “You don’t know what it’s like to see people’s respect for you vanish in an instant just because of your status. To be kept behind closed doors because people wish not to see you, because you make them uncomfortable.”

Yaoyorozu’s eyes were wide with shock. She was speechless at the omega’s sudden outburst. Izuku was usually so soft spoken, not wanting to cause a fuss.

By the look on the omega’s face, he had surprised himself as well.

“A-Ah! Forgive me for interrupting you Yaoyorozu! Please forget my words, they aren’t worth remembering!” Izuku corrected himself.

The omega’s scent clearly read as distressed. The alpha tried her best to calm her friend down.

“You don’t say what’s really on your mind often, it was kind of refreshing.” She admitted.

“Y-You aren’t upset?” Izuku questioned.

“Of course I’m not upset,” Yaoyorozu said. “Izuku, I want you to know that I think of you as more than just an omega, you’re my friend.”

“I appreciate that Yao-” The omega started.

“And how many times do I have to tell you that you can call me Momo?” The alpha interrupted.

“Oh I could never-” Izuku tried.

“Why?” The alpha pressed, “You seem to have no problem calling the captain, Katsuki.”

Izuku could feel the heat rising in his face.

“T-That’s d-different!” The omega sputtered.

“Because of the way you feel about him?” The alpha continued to push further, wondering how much she could get her friend to confess.

If Izuku’s face could have gotten redder it would have.

“That is totally ridiculous, the captain doesn’t have time to be thinking about that sort of thing!” Izuku spoke quickly, frantically waving his hands in front of his face.

Momo smiled. “I didn’t say anything about his feelings, although those are quite obvious as well.”

Izuku’s hands stopped. “What do you mean?” He asked.

“Izuku, I want you to know that since I have come to know you I have realized that there isn’t only one way for a gender to be. You don’t have to be ashamed of your desire to be respected and wanted.” Momo reached out to place her hand on Izuku’s shoulder. “It’s not only about what Katsuki wants, you are a part of that relationship to.”

Izuku stared at the alpha for a moment more, stunned by her words. 

He was just about to respond when Kirishima burst into their tent.

“Hey Yaomomo, we need your help” The red haired alpha sounded out of breath.

Momo got up to stand. “What is it Kiri?” She asked.

“Denki and I found one of Shigaraki’s omega’s hiding on the outskirts of our camp while doing our rounds.” Kirishima explained.

“Should I-” Izuku started.

“No, it would be too dangerous to take you with us Midoriya,” Momo explained, “But the other omega might be more willing to come to me since I have quite a bit of your scent on me.”

Izuku saw Kirishima nod.

“Alright Midoriya, you stay here while I help Kirishima and Kaminari.” Momo instructed.

Izuku couldn’t help, but feel a bit distressed at the thought of Momo leaving. They had spent so much time together in the last few weeks that it would seem that he had become a bit reliant on the female alpha in his exposed state.

“A-Ah Momo-” Izuku said as the two alphas were moving out of the tent.

Momo turned back to look at Izuku. “Yes?”

Izuku couldn’t think of anything to say except, “Ah, you can call me Izuku.” 

Momo smiled down at the omega, understanding what he needed.

“Don’t worry we won’t be gone long.” The alpha assured.

Kirishima and Momo stepped out, leaving Izuku alone in his tent.


Izuku has been alone for a few minutes when he heard a bit of rustling outside of his tent.

The omega’s heart sped up, the others couldn’t possibly be back yet, they had just left. Izuku’s mind traveled back to his conversation with Momo about Katsuki. That made his heart sped up for a whole other reason.

“Did my favorite beta miss me?” 

Izuku’s heart dropped.


Chapter Text

Izuku scrambled to the back of the tent as fast as he could.

The alpha made his way into the tent and closer to Izuku with a very calm demeanor. His attitude did not match that of a man that was currently in direct violation of his captain’s orders.

Izuku hadn’t seen very much of Monoma since his fight with Katsuki. It would appear that Momo had tried to keep him separated from both of the alphas.

“I see you aren’t very good at being obedient,” Monoma growled, “I asked you if you missed me useless omega.”

“Y-You s-shouldn’t be here.” Izuku stuttered.

Monoma crouched down, now eye level with Izuku.

“I can be wherever I want,” The alpha spat, “Not all of us have to be kept in cages.”

Izuku switched tactics, moving to stand on his knees. “What do you want?” He asked.

Monoma’s hand had flown and backhanded Izuku across the cheek before the omega had even registered the alpha’s movement.

“Did I say you could speak, omega? Monoma snarled.

Izuku held his cheek, now sticky with blood. It would seem that Monoma wore a sharp ring on his right hand.

“One year shouldn’t be enough time to forget the rules, Izuku,” Monoma spat, “You need to be reminded of your place.”

Monoma stood, giving time for Izuku to remove his hand and look up. The only thing he got to see was the alpha’s boot colliding with his face.

Izuku managed not the scream as he heard his nose crunch. The omega fell onto his hands, spitting out blood onto the floor.

“Oh no you are going to look at me omega.” Monoma barked while grabbing the omega by the hair on the top of his head.

Izuku’s gaze was forced back to Monoma as blood continued to flow out of his nose.

“Oh such a pretty omega.” Monoma cooed as he delivered another kick, this time to Izuku’s stomach.

The omega gasped as the wind was knocked out of him.

“I’m only doing this for your own good baby,” Monoma breathed, “There are so many other ways it could be.”

Izuku felt tears building as the pet name fell from Monoma’s mouth. There wasn’t many things people wanted omegas for, but he remembered that tone.

“Stand up.” Monoma instructed.

“Monoma-” Izuku tried.

”I said stand up!” The alpha ordered.

The order was sloppy, but Izuku found himself struggling to stand anyway.

“Good, good,” Monoma praised, “Now strip for me.”

“Please-” Izuku tried again.

”Take your clothes off, you damn omega!” The alpha ordered again.

Tears fell down the omega’s cheeks as his mind started to become fuzzy and his body began to follow the alpha’s latest order.

Izuku’s mind quickly tried to find a loophole in Monoma’s order, but before he knew it he had already removed his shirt.

Izuku continued to struggle until he heard another familiar voice inside the tent.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” Katsuki growled.

Izuku collapsed onto the floor as the command was broken. He quickly snatched his shirt, desperately wanting to hide his exposed torso.

“Ah Captain, as you can see we are in the middle of some-” 

Katsuki didn’t allow the smaller alpha finish, instead making a quick move to place himself in between Izuku and Monoma.

“We wouldn’t want to give your soldiers another reason to talk, would we Katsuki?” Monoma teased.

“I wish I could, but I’m sure he will get my point across just fine.” Katsuki said.


Kirishima had Monoma pinned to the ground before he could get another word out. The red haired alpha didn’t waste any time tying up the smaller alpha’s arms and legs, before swinging him over his shoulder.

“Guess you were right, Bakubro.” Kirishima breathed.

“Take him to Yaoyorozu and Kaminari, she will know what to do with him. Gods know her judgement will be better than mine at a time like this.” The captain instructed.

“But captain-” Kirishima started.

“Is it time for your alone time with the omega, captain?” Monoma asked in a mocking tone.

Katsuki grabbed the tape that had been sitting at the entrance of the tent and ripped off a large piece. He promptly used it to cover Monoma’s mouth.

“We’ll be fine.” Katsuki assured Kirishima.

Kirishima nodded and left the tent.

Izuku stayed in a bowing position for a while after the order had been broken.

He was vaguely aware that Katsuki was present and he thought the third voice that had appeared in the tent had sounded a lot like Kirishima.

With two of his friends present Izuku thought that he should be strong enough to stand, but he couldn’t will himself from his position.

“Izuku.” Katsuki spoke, suddenly very close.

Izuku’s body moved so fast that he fell back in the opposite direction onto his butt.

“Hey,” Katsuki said in a hushed tone, “Calm down, it’s okay it’s just me”

“Katsuki?” Izuku questioned.

“What do you need?” Katsuki asked.

Izuku burst into tears at his words, flinging himself into the alpha chest.

“Katsuki!” The omega sobbed, clinging to the alpha.

Warm arms came to rest around Izuku. “Katsuki, I-I’m sorry!” The omega cried.

“No need for that.” The alpha responded.

“I-I’m n-not strong.” Izuku whimpered.

“Strongest person I know.” Katsuki soothed.

“But you know you.” Izuku argued, calming down some.

Katsuki chuckled. “True, but being an alpha is easy.” He admitted.

“Huh, what do you mean?” Izuku asked, still sniffling.

“Here come on.” Katsuki said ignoring Izuku and ushering him to sit up so that the alpha could look at his wounds.

Katsuki got very close to inspect Izuku’s nose and cheek. Izuku couldn’t help but blush even though he had practically just been in the alpha’s lap.

“I need to reset you nose.” Katsuki said, taking an opportunity to gently wipe away a stray tear.

“Will it hurt?” Izuku asked.

“Definitely.” The alpha replied honestly.

Izuku closed his eyes and scrunched up his face. “Okay go ahead, I trust you.” The omega squeaked.

Katsuki chuckled again. “I need you to relax, Izu.” 

Izuku could feel himself blushing harder at the nickname, but willed his face and body to relax. “Okay, I’m ready.” He tried again.

The sudden pain of Katsuki resetting his nose brought tears to his eyes, but much like when Monoma broke it, Izuku did not cry out.

“There good as new,” Katsuki declared, handing Izuku several tissues, “Yaoyorozu can take a look at it soon and bandage it all up.”

“Where is Momo now?” Izuku asked, his voice quite nasally as he tried to stop his nose from bleeding more.

“She is with our new guest,” Katsuki replied, “Would you like to go meet her?”

Izuku nodded and Katsuki led them out of the tent.


Chapter Text

Kyouka Jirou was the name of the omega Kirishima and Kaminari had found.

It turned out that the short purple haired omega had been accidentally pushed down by another omega while the group was fleeing from the battle between Katsuki’s men and Shigaraki’s. 

It had become difficult for the poor girl to keep up with the fleeing group as she had sustained a twisted ankle and a few broken ribs from being trampled.

Momo and Katsuki had made the mutual decision that the small omega would continue traveling with their group until they reached the capital. The omega had been hesitant with their decision, but Katsuki had assured her that the king would grant her citizenship and freedom after meeting with him.

After that it didn’t take long for Jirou to become comfortable within the camp.

Some alphas and betas were put off by her indifferent and sometimes cold demeanor. It was clear she didn’t give two fucks about what they thought and Izuku couldn’t help but look at her in awe because of it.

After Jirou has joined their party, her and Izuku started sharing a tent. Momo still set up her tent close, but both parties agreed that this was probably the more appropriate option.

Jirou’s addition to the group as well as Monoma’s actions had made it so Izuku was finally able to move out of his tent freely and without Momo’s constant supervision.

Maybe it had been his bloodied face that made the rest of the group feel bad for him, or maybe it was that they no longer saw him as a threat. Either way Izuku was thankful for the new freedom and the fact that some of the soldiers had started to come around.

While no one else had come to sit with their little group during meals, and many still tried to avoid getting too close to Izuku, there weren’t anymore glares, and the omega saw that as a step in the right direction.

Their group of six was big enough as it was anyway. 


Katsuki’s group was one night away from the capital.

Izuku has just woken up and was currently packing his things with Jirou. They were scheduled to depart soon for their last full day of travel.

Izuku was eager to arrive in the capital, he had never been to the extravagant city.

“You’re quiet.” Jirou observed.

Izuku smiled at his new friend. “Most would say I am always quiet.” He responded.

“You’re usually only this quiet around Bakugou.” Jirou smirked.

Izuku’s face lit up a bright shade of red.

“We’ve talked about this Kyo, Katsuki is just my friend,” He tried, “Just like you and I.”

“Weird, I don’t remember you and I giving each other bedroom eyes.” Jirou joked.

“Kyouka!” Izuku gasped.

“Oh please Izuku, that alpha looks at you like he wants to devour you alive,” Jirou went on, “And you have been making it clear that you would obviously let him.”

“It’s not like that!” Izuku squeaked.

“No?” She asked.

“He is my captain,” Izuku replied, “I hold a great deal of respect for him.”

“You love him.” She stated.

“That too.” Izuku said.

The omega’s green eyes got as big as saucers when he realized what he had just said. 

“I-I mean-” he started.

“Hey slowpokes!” The alpha in question yelled from the outside of the tent.

Katsuki poked his head into the tent. “We’re about to head out, what is taking you two so long?” The alpha asked.

“A-Ah sorry Katsuki.” Izuku managed to squeak out.

“Just grab all your stuff Izu, Yaomomo saved some breakfast for you and Jirou,” Katsuki urged. “I can break down your guy’s tent.”

“T-Thank you Katsuki.” Izuku stuttered.

Katsuki winked at him as the two omegas were walking away. “Get a move on, you dork.” Katsuki chuckled.

“Right!” Izuku chirped, turning fully to catch up with Jirou.

Izuku felt the urge to stay close to Katsuki throughout the whole day’s trip. Which had become somewhat of a rare occurrence lately.

It wasn’t as if he was trying avoid the alpha during the two weeks since Monoma’s assault. He was grateful that Katsuki had gotten to him in time and had been willing to comfort him in the aftermath. He just didn’t know where him and the alpha were supposed to go from here.

Izuku loved Katsuki, the alpha had become his dearest friend. While the omega longed to know Katsuki’s true feelings as well, he couldn’t bear the thought of dragging his friend down with him.

Who else would carry on the Bakugou name with honor if Katsuki tainted it by doing something foolish with Izuku?

Izuku’s trial with King Shouto would take place in a number of days after Katsuki and his soldiers make it to the capital. 

Maybe, just maybe if the verdict of Izuku’s trial wasn’t dishonor, banishment, or death he would tell Katsuki about his true feelings. However until then just being able to be near Katsuki was enough.  


The group made camp for the night knowing that they would make it to the capital before noon hit the next day. 

Kirishima had somehow convinced the whole camp that since it was most likely their last night together as a regiment, that they should celebrate. After that was decided alphas and betas started to pull bottles of alcohol out from the most unlikely of places. Even Momo had some stashed within her belongings.

‘You always need to be prepared.’ She had said to Izuku, before she too joined the party. 

Izuku sat on the outskirts of the group, watching his friends enjoy themselves. 

Momo seemed a bit more at ease talking and dancing with the others, finally not so concerned with how she would be perceived, but instead enjoying herself and giving her brain a rest.

Kirishima apparently could not hold his alcohol well, as he was currently drunk off his ass, flailing his body is every direction, getting some pretty weird looks from those around him.

Kaminari and Jirou were sweetly dancing with each other. Izuku couldn’t help, but notice the faint pink blush dusting Jirou’s cheeks.

Momo had admitted to Izuku that she had been wrong about omegas being only one way, that she had been wrong about them always being weak. It would seem that Kaminari had also found that he was wrong. By the way the sparky alpha was looking at Jirou it would seem that he couldn’t get enough of the new omega he had met only weeks before.

Izuku smiled sadly. He would miss them all.

“Need some company?” Katsuki spoke from beside the omega.

Izuku jumped, startled by the suddenness of the alpha’s words and presence.

“You would think after all your training, you would be able to hear me coming by now.” Katsuki chuckled.

“Maybe the training wasn’t all that good.” Izuku replied automatically. 

“You little punk.” Katsuki smirked.

“A-Ah sorry Katsuki, I didn’t mean it.” Izuku said, standing up.

“It’s fine Izuku. What has had you so jumpy lately?” The alpha asked.

“I-I um-“ Izuku started.

“You know that blonde haired fuck is being watched every hour,” Katsuki assured, “I won’t ever let him touch you again.”

Izuku could see the alpha’s temper starting to rise to the surface. The omega took a step forward, placing a hand on Katsuki’s chest, urging him to calm down.

“I’m just anxious to get into the capital.” Izuku admitted.

“You’re nervous about your trial.” Katsuki realized.

”Well-” Izuku tried.

“I told you, Shouto’s different.” Katuski said.

“He can’t very well go against the basic laws of our world Katsuki.” Izuku sighed.

“Why not?” Katsuki pressed.

“Katsuki, I committed a treasonous act, I’m an enemy of the state,” Izuku’s voice rose slightly, “If King Shouto let me walk free there would be riots all across UA.”

“Which could lead to a revolution for the entire country!” The alpha argued.

“Katsuki.” Izuku warned.

The tall alpha sighed. “I know you’re scared, I am too,” Katsuki confessed. “Just promise me you won’t give up yet.”

“Katsuki.” Izuku whispered now.

The alpha took the omega’s hand in his own two. Katsuki was softly stroking circles on the top of Izuku’s hand with the pads of his thumbs.

“Izu, I’ve been thinking-” Katsuki’s words got cut off.

“Lights out everyone!” Momo called, “We have an early departure tomorrow, anyone not in their tent in five minutes will answer to me!”

Izuku glanced back to Katsuki, only to see the alpha still staring back at him.

“Katsuki?” He asked.

“We can talk tomorrow,” Katsuki decided, patting Izuku’s hand and dropping it back at the omega’s side.

“A-Are you sure?” Izuku was back to stuttering.

“Yes, I’ll show you around the capital after we get there and get settled,” The alpha nodded while he started to walk away, “You’ll love the city.”

Izuku didn’t reply until Katsuki was well out of earshot.

“I’m sure I will.” He whispered.


The group departed early the next morning, just like Momo planned. However the state of each soldier varied drastically across the board.

Some soldiers were excited and were chatting about their future plans in the capital, while others were puking their guts out as the group continued making their way to the city.

Kirishima looked like he had been ran over by at least seven horses. Izuku made the guess that his party hadn’t stopped at Momo’s call for lights out.

Kaminari however, looked like the cat that had just caught the canary. Izuku really l didn’t need to make a guess about that though seeing as he was fully aware that Jirou had not stayed in their own tent last night. 

Izuku himself felt a little hot and uncomfortable, but came to the conclusion that the weather and his nerves were to blame.

After a few hours they were finally at the outskirts of the city.

As he set one foot into the city Izuku suddenly felt as if he was on fire. Not only was the omega sweating profusely, but his head had started pounding, and his legs felt like they might not be able to hold up his body for much longer.

”A-Ah Kyouka.” Izuku said weakly, turning to his friend walking beside him.

“Captain!” Jirou called upon seeing Izuku’s state

Katsuki turned back to see what was the matter, feeling a wave of panic wash over him when he caught sight of Izuku.

“Shit.” Katsuki muttered.

Chapter Text

Before Izuku knew what was happening Katsuki had pushed him over. The alpha stood over him, challenging any other alphas to come near them. 

“Bakugou.” Momo warned, taking a step closer to the pair.

“Yaoyorozu, please don’t come any closer.” Katsuki said calmly.

Jirou quickly joined Izuku’s side, keeping a comforting hand on the male omega’s shoulder.

“Captain, we have to think about this logically?” Momo tried.

“What is there to think about?” Katsuki asked, “I know I won’t hurt him. Are you so sure that you won’t?”

Another alpha took a step forward. Katsuki turned to them and growled.

“Izuku is very dear to you,” Momo replied, “Being around an omega during heat can change a lot of things.”

“You don’t know shit about what an omega’s heat can do.” Katsuki spat.

“I have read a great deal-” The female alpha started.

“My fucking father is an omega!” Katsuki interrupted, “And our home isn’t too far from here!”

Momo’s eyes widened at Katsuki’s confession.

“Please,” Katsuki begged, “Let me get him to safety.”

“Bakugou, I don’t know.” Momo said conflicted. 

More alphas were closing in on the group of three now.

Jirou stood from her spot next to Izuku. “I trust Bakugou.” She spoke.

“Kyouka.” Kaminari breathed.

“Denki, you will need to hold off the others with Kirishima and Yaomomo while I go with Izuku and the captain.” The small omega stated.

Kaminari was stunned for a moment, but eventually nodded. The alpha took a few steps forward and spun around, helping to shield Izuku from the rest of their party.

“Kaminari?” Momo questioned.

“We have to trust the captain.” Kirishima decided, mirroring Kaminari’s movement.

Momo looked at Katsuki one last time. The alpha had a pleading look in his eyes, desperate to move his omega.

“Fine,” Momo conceded, joining the two male alphas guarding Izuku.

Katsuki spun around, finally able to let his guard down a bit with the help of his friends. The alpha crouched in front of Izuku, slowly reaching over to place his hand on the omega’s.

Izuku looked up into Katsuki’s eyes, his mind becoming more clouded with heat by the minute.

"Izu,” Katsuki spoke softly, “I’m going to take you to a safe place now, is that okay?”

“Katsuki?” Izuku whimpered.

“Yes, it’s me Izuku, can I lift you?” Katsuki asked.

The omega nodded, gasping when the motion only made his headache worsen.

Katsuki gently picked up the green haired omega from his place on the ground, cradling him close to his chest.

“Bakugou,” Kaminari called from in front of them, “Go now.”

Katsuki, Izuku, and Jirou moves away from the group quickly, making sure to stay off of the main roads when making their way to the Bakugou household.

“Katsuki.” Izuku whimpered again, the omega’s body was on fire and his stomach has started to cramp painfully.

“It’ll be okay, Izu,” Katsuki soothed, “Hang in there for me.”

Izuku noticed in his haze that Katsuki’s breathing had turned into something closer to panting since he had picked up the omega.

The alpha was clearly being affected by the omega’s heat and the thought sent a shiver down Izuku’s entire body.

“Alpha.” Izuku purred, snuggling closer into Katsuki’s chest.

“Fuck.” Katsuki growled.

“Bakugou, are we close?” Jirou asked.

“Yes,” Katsuki replied, happy for the direction from the other omega, “My house is the red house on the next corner.”

Alpha, Katsuki,” Izuku purred again, “I need-”

“Shit Izuku.” Katsuki placed a kiss on the top of Izuku’s curls, breathing in more of his scent in the process.

“Bakugou, we’re here.” Jirou informed the alpha.

Izuku sent out a small growl in Jirou direction.

“Oh I’m definitely teasing you about that when you come out of this.” Jirou said.

Katsuki stepped forward to knock on the door.

A taller, brown haired male omega opened the door. By the look on his face, he didn’t expect to see his son outside, much less with an omega in his arms and another one at his side.

“Hey old man, we need some help.” Katsuki stated simply.

The elder Bakugou had given Izuku some suppressants he had on hand. He instructed his son to place the omega into the alpha’s old bedroom and lock the door. 

Bakugou’s father explained that if suppressants were taken early enough, the heat might be able to be starved off, but they wouldn’t know until that evening.

Izuku hadn’t take too kindly to being separated from Katsuki and was currently crying for the alpha from inside the locked bedroom. 

Since an omega occupied the house, all the bedroom doors had been designed to lock from the outside just in case there was an emergency.

“So, are you going to explain to me how you got here?” The elder Bakugou asked, “I thought you were training new recruits in the east.”

“I was.” Katsuki replied simply

“Well?” The older omega prompted.

“Mr. Bakugou-” Jirou started.

“Katsuki!” Izuku wailed from inside the bedroom, the door handle jiggled violently as the omega tried to get to his alpha.

Masaru Bakugou could see the pain in his son’s eyes as he was forced to ignore the omega’s cries.

Masaru turned to Jirou. “You can call me Masaru dear.” The omega said smiling.

The alpha’s father turned back to his son. “Katsuki, what happened?” He asked.

“Dad.” Katsuki didn’t know what to say.

“Katsuki, where’s your mother?” Masaru asked this time.

A panicked expression flashed across Katsuki’s face. Before the elder Bakugou could ask what happened, the alpha had moved in front of his father and fallen to his knees, bowing his head.

“Mom is-” Katsuki tried, his voice cracking slightly.

Masaru placed a hand on his son’s shoulder, somehow already knowing what his son was trying to say. Tears fell from his eyes upon learning of his wife’s death, but he had no doubt that she had fought bravely, dying to protect her country like she had always wished to do.

”Katsuki.” Masaru spoke softly.

The young alpha bowed his head further. “I didn’t get to her in time,” Katsuki admitted, tears welling up in his eyes, “I’m sorry.”

“Son-” The older omega tried again.

“I am so, so sorry.” Katsuki continued.

As if sensing the alpha’s distress Izuku’s wailing started up again. “Katsuki please!” He cried.

“Katsuki,” Masaru went on, “You know your mother wouldn’t want to see you like this.”

The alpha took a breath. “I know.” He sighed.

“And that omega sounds like he needs you.” Masaru added.

Katsuki raised his head at his father’s last comment. “I can’t.” He said.

“If you were going to hurt him, you would have done so long before you got here.” The older omega explained.

“He doesn’t want me.” Katsuki responded, disappointment evident in his tone.

“Katsuki!” Izuku’s well timed cry rang out from the bedroom.

“Sure sounds like he wants you.” Masaru argued.

Katsuki snorted, standing and wiping tears from his eyes. “You of all people should know that’s not how a heat ailed brain works.” The alpha replied.

“I do know if he was just desperate, he wouldn’t be calling for you by name,” The older omega pointed out. “Just stand by the door and talk to him.”

“Dad-” Katsuki tried.

“What?” Masaru questioned, “You can handle that, he needs comfort.”

“Yes, but Dad,” Katsuki started, “Are you, I mean about mom, are you okay?”

Masaru looked up into his son’s eyes. “Your mother was an incredible woman, I will miss her with all of my heart,” The omega couldn’t help his voice cracking at the end of his statement. “But she made her wishes clear to me before you two departed.”

The alpha’s father brought his hand to his son’s cheek. 

“Don’t go losing yourself if something happens to me,” Masaru said, quoting his wife, “That’s not how I want to be remembered, and it’s not like wasting your life will bring me back.”

Katsuki smiled. His mother was always such a straightforward and blunt woman.

“Now,” Masaru said, leading his son to his bedroom door, “Comfort your omega.”

“He isn’t my omega!” Katsuki insisted, his face flushing red slightly.

“Mhm,” Masaru replied, walking back to Jirou who had continued to sit patiently while the omega had spoken with his son. 

“Jirou, would you like to join me in the kitchen for some tea?” The older omega asked.

“Yes please, Mr. Bakugou” Jirou replied.

Katsuki heard his father correct the purple haired omega before he was left alone in front of the door that separated him and Izuku.

“Katsuki?” Izuku whimpered from inside.

"Izu, are you alright?” Katsuki asked.

The bedroom door handle jiggled again. “Katsuki,” The omega wailed, “Why can’t I get to you?”

Katsuki heard sniffling from the other side of the door. 

“It hurts Katsuki.” Izuku sobbed.

Fuck it.

The alpha couldn’t stop himself as he unlocked the door and stepped into the room.


Chapter Text

The heat in Izuku’s body has started to dissipate slowly since the trio had arrived at the Bakugou residence. The injection Katsuki’s father had given the young omega was doing its best to fend off the most troublesome symptoms of a normal heat.

By the time Katsuki had set Izuku on the alpha’s old bed, the omega no longer felt the intense need to claim the alpha. Izuku instead found himself being quite content being close to Katsuki.

The alpha leaving his old room and locking Izuku inside however, seem to set off a whole other side of the omega’s heat. One he had never experienced before.

Izuku had always been an isolated child. His small size as a boy had made him a target for ridicule and bullying. Izuku had lost count of how many times he had ran home crying. His mother would always catch him at the door, whispering apologizes in his hair for hours until he wore himself out. When the omega presented the taunts continued, only this time he hid the vulgar things that others had said to him from his mother. 

Izuku also wasn’t oblivious to how his gender affected his parents. Having a male omega as a son had lead to others avoiding his parents. No one in their small town had wanted their alpha or beta child being mated with the male omega. 

Izuku had become used to being alone, he had become used to only having his parents. While he knew it worried his parents, he had also given up on finding a mate.

Enrolling in the UA army had changed a lot of things. For the first time in his life, people looked at him like an equal. By hiding his gender he had been able to form real friendships, people had finally looked at him for him. They had seen past all of his shortcomings, had maybe even liked him better because of them.

Then there was Katsuki. Katsuki, who had always known, but never revealed him. Katsuki, who had stayed by his side, saving the omega in more ways than one. Izuku had always been taught not to want anything and he had been perfectly content with that rule. However, the real truth was that he had never truly wanted anything.

He wanted Katsuki. He wanted to be with Katsuki, to be near him, to be loved by him. 

Izuku couldn’t stop the onslaught of overwhelming pain and loneliness that came along with Katsuki leaving him alone in his heat-ridden state. The omega’s mind would not stop supplying thoughts that alpha had left for good, that he had taken the omega here only to leave him behind. 

Tears continued to fall and stain the omega’s face as he wailed and sobbed for his alpha over and over again.

What had he done?

Why would he leave him like this?

Izuku tried to escape from the bedroom, hoping maybe he could catch up to the alpha. No matter what the omega tried the door wouldn’t budge, leaving Izuku to weep on the floor, his nails still gently clawing at the door pathetically.

After what felt like hours of crying for Katsuki, Izuku finally heard voices close to the door.

“Katsuki?” Izuku tried wishfully.

"Izu, are you alright?” A familiar voice asked.

Izuku’s entire body vibrated with need for the alpha. The omega pulled himself up, trying harder to free himself from his prison.

A fresh sob bubbled in the back of Izuku’s throat when the door still wouldn’t move. He was so close to Katsuki, but the alpha was still out of his reach.

“Katsuki,” He wailed, “Why can’t I get to you?”

‘Do you not want me?’ He thought.

The omega sniffled as his mind continued to spiral. Katsuki was probably just pitying him, the alpha would never want Izuku like the omega desperately wanted him. The thought alone caused the omega physical pain in his heat-stricken state.

“It hurts Katsuki.” The omega had no idea he had spoken aloud. 

The door lock clicked suddenly, the omega scrambled back towards the bed at the noise. 

Izuku looked up, quickly being greeted by the intense gaze of his desired alpha.

“Katsuki.” The omega couldn’t help his voice catching at the end of the alpha’s name. “Why does it hurt so much?” He asked.

“Izuku, I cant.” The alpha’s voice was tense and Izuku could miss how Katsuki’s hand continued to hold the doorknob even after the door was closed. 

“I need you.” Izuku spoke.

“No, you don’t.” Katsuki decided.

“I want you.” Izuku declared.

“It’s your heat, Izu.” Katsuki said, turning his face away from the omega.

“No,” Izuku replied, “I think I’ve wanted you for a while.”

“Izuku-” Katsuki tried.

“Katsuki, I love you.”

The alpha faced Izuku once more. A pained expression now graced his features.

“Fuck don’t do that,” Katsuki growled, “Just because you are in heat, does not mean you get to be cruel.”

The alpha’s reply startled Izuku. Katsuki didn’t seem repulsed by the omega’s confession at all. The alpha had tried to act mad at Izuku’s words, but the omega didn’t miss the sadness that weighed heavily behind Katsuki’s eyes.

“Kat-” Izuku started, making a move to stand. A sharp pain in his gut caused the omega to gasp and hunch over.

“Izuku!” Katsuki took a step forward, his hands hovering over the struggling omega.

“Katsuki, I don’t-” The pain Izuku felt was intense, radiating from his stomach and throughout his entire body. Usually the pain from an omega’s heat could be taken care of easily enough, but whatever Katsuki’s father had given him seemed to change that. The omega’s body was still calling out for his alpha, but his feelings of lust were gone. Instead Izuku felt hollow and achey, and unlike with his normal heat, the omega had no idea how to end it.

“Katsuki, I don’t know what this is.” Izuku finished.

“You’ve never had a heat before?!” Katsuki almost shouted.

“What?!” Izuku yelped, “O-Of course I have.”

Katsuki’s confused and slightly angers expression did not change.

“T-This is different.” The omega stuttered.

“I still can’t take advantage of you,” Katsuki made clear, “I won’t take advantage of you.”

Izuku sighed. “I’m not asking you to Katsuki.”

“Then what is this?” Katsuki’s eyes narrowed, “What’s different?”

“Katsuki-” Izuku started.

“Spit it out Izuku.” Katsuki said louder.

“It’s just-” Izuku tried.

“What?!” Katsuki shouted.

“I don’t want you to fuck me!” Izuku cried back, his eyes widening when he realized what he had said.

Their eyes stayed locked on each other for a heartbeat.

“Then what the hell was all that shit about wanting me?” Katsuki pushed.

“I do want you.” Izuku stated simply.

“Bullshit.” Katsuki barked.

“I do want you,” Izuku insisted softer, “Just not in that way, not tonight, not yet.”

Katsuki opened his mouth to respond, only to close it again a moment later.

The alpha went to speak again. “You mean that?” Katsuki asked in a hushed tone.

“Katsuki,” Izuku said, pushing himself to stand, “All I’ve ever wanted was to be near you.”

Izuku say a new expression grace the alpha’s features. It was somewhat surprising to the omega that the alpha would ever experience uncertainty.

“How can I be sure I won’t do something I will regret?” Katsuki asked. The omega’s heat might be slowly melting away, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t still present now. It wasn’t like it couldn’t still effect the pair.

“You won’t.” Izuku assured.

“I could never.” The alpha breathed, stepping closer to his omega.

“I know.” Izuku whispered, his body starting to tremble from Katsuki’s close proximity.

“I love you, Katsuki.” Izuku reiterated.

The alpha was on Izuku in an instant. He didn’t wait for permission, instead he effortlessly scooped the omega up in his arms and buried his face in Izuku’s neck.

“Are you sure, Izuku?” Katsuki’s voice was soft.

The omega immediately relaxed, the tension from being away from his alpha in such a state seemed to wash away in an instant. Izuku wrapped his arms around Katsuki and started softy petting his blonde hair.

“Izuku?” The alpha spoke again.

“Stay with me?” Izuku asked, pulling away slightly to meet the alpha’s eyes.

“Stupid question.” Katsuki smirked. The alpha placed a chaste kiss on Izuku’s lips before going back to hide his face in the omega’s curls.

Katsuki moved the pair to the alpha’s old bed when Izuku attempted to get closer to the alpha still. 

“Fuck, you’re perfect.” Katsuki muttered over and over, leaving small kisses behind the omega’s ears while breathing in the omega’s scent deeply.

Izuku thought he heard the alpha return his confession, but instead of pressing it, the omega relaxed further into Katsuki’s chest.

The pain Izuku felt now was no more than a dull ache. He seemed to have finally found a solution for this strange and unexpected heat.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up feeling cold despite the sun hitting he face from the bedroom window. The omega rolled over in the hopes of stealing some of Katsuki’s warmth, only to find the other side of the bed empty and cold as well.

“Katsuki?” Izuku called softly. 

Izuku pulled himself from the bed slowly and made his way to the door. He tried the handle and was relieved when he found the room to finally be unlocked.

The omega stepped out of the room and tried to call to his alpha again. “Katsuki?”

All the sudden a tall dark haired beta made his way out from the Bakugou’s living room.

“Izuku Midoriya!” The beta started rather loudly, “My name is Tenya Iida and I am one of the king’s closest advisors. I have been given the task of retrieving you from the Bakugou residence and taking you to stand before King Shoto.”

“Where are my friends?” Izuku asked, ignoring the beta’s introduction and moving past him into the living room to seek out Katsuki and Kyouka.

The omega found himself face to face with the elder Bakugou when he entered the next room.

“O-oh Mr. Bakugou!” Izuku sighed in relief.

“Midoriya-” Masaru started.

“Izuku Midoriya!” The Iida spoke again as he hesitantly reached for the omega’s arm.

Izuku rounded on the beta shooting him a glare and ripping his arm out of reach.

“Don’t touch me.” He growled.

The look of surprise on the beta’s face quickly changed to one of understanding before he spoke once more.

“Midoriya,” The beta tried again, “I do believe I told you I had orders from the king, there isn’t a second to wait. Your friends will be waiting for us at the castle.”

Izuku turned back to Masaru for confirmation.

The older omega nodded, “Calm down Izuku, Katsuki will explain everything when you arrive.”

Izuku nodded and turned back to Iida. “Fine but keep your hands to yourself, Beta.”

As Izuku walked away Iida leaned closer to the elder Bakugou. “Is he alright? He seems quite agitated.”

Masaru chuckled, “It would seem that some of my son has rubbed off on that boy.”

“Well I hope he knows that not every beta of alpha will be as tolerant of his behavior.” Iida stated, “My mate will tell you it isn’t easy being an omega with a mind of her own.”

The beta smiled at his last statement.

“I’m sure your mate keeps you on your toes then.” Masaru assumed.

The beta pushed up his glasses in an attempt to hide the blush on his cheeks. “In every way.”

“And you would do anything for her?” Masaru asked.

“I would protect her with my life.” Iida confirmed.

“Good then you know what’s in store for you if anything happens to that omega.” Masaru said, suddenly serious.

“Sir,” Iida questioned?

“I trust you know the Bakugous are known for their temper.” Masaru stated.

The beta swallowed, all of sudden very intimated by the once very welcoming omega. “Yes sir.”

“And my son is just as, if not more, ferocious as his mother was.” Masaru continued.

“Yes sir. I hope you’ll believe me when I say I have looked up to your family for years and have no intention of disobeying my King. Iida said.

“Good,” Masaru said with a smile back on his face, “you better get a move on then, that loyal omega isn’t going to be patient forever.”


“So, you and Captain are close,” Iida asked.

Izuku sighed. “You could say that.”

“You realize that may hinder you going forward with this trial?” Iida continued.

Izuku answered with a silent nod.

“And that it could jeopardize Bakugou’s career?” The beta questioned further.

The omega stopped at that question, obviously more concerned with the alpha’s fate than his own.

“H-he shouldn’t be held responsible for my actions.” Izuku stuttered.

“He doesn’t have to be.” Iida went on, “You may have been the one who snuck into the UA army, but it’s very hard to believe an alpha of Bakugou’s background and talents was in the dark for close to a year.”

Izuku’s eyes widened at the beta’s statement.

“Katsuki is not a traitor.” He spat.

“I never said he was, I just want you to be aware of the prejudice you will both face.” Iida clarified.

Izuku couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“How dare you,” he said angrily, “Are you really going to lecture a male omega about prejudice in our society?”

“Of course not, your trouble with the court is obvious going forward,” Iida explained. “I just think you underestimate how many enemies the Bakugous actually have.”

“Enemies?” Izuku asked, but the Bakugous have been loyal to the crown for generations.”

“Exactly.” Iida continued, “The Bakugous are loyal almost to a fault, and while that loyalty has left them in good standing with the crown, it has left quite the impression on those who have wanted the Todorokis dethroned for years.”

“Years?” Izuku squeaked, “But King Shoto has only had the crown for a little over a year.”

“Noble vultures have always waited in the shadows,” Iida explained further, “A beta king has just made their cause more justified. Or so they think.”

“Then where do you stand,” Izuku tried.

“With you of course!” Iida declared.

“Me?!” Izuku sputtered.

“I have had to watch my mate’s struggles as an omega for years.” Iida revealed, “I believe that with these circumstances the kingdom can finally move away from the ways of the past and towards a more equal society.”

“What does that have to do with me?” Izuku asked. 

The beta turned to him and smiled. “You may have joined the army illegally, but you proved a fact that my mate has been trying to for years.”

“All I proved was that omegas can’t be trusted!” Izuku cried.

“No!” Iida bellowed. “You proved that they are strong!” 

“But I’m not-” Izuku started.

“I’ve always known that Ochako was stronger than me” Iida said, “She has had to endure so much in her life just because of what she presented as. With your story along with the king’s gender and the Bakugou’s support, our country might finally be ready for change.”

Izuku was stunned by the beta’s words.

“For that to happen, you have to believe it too,” Iida continued, “You have to be willing to fight for a better life for you and for all omegas.”

“I broke the law,” Izuku said, “How does the king hope to gain support if he lets a traitorous omega go free?”

“You and I both know that omegas and betas easily outnumber alphas, and that not all alphas believe in our country’s archaic customs.” Iida went on.

“But I-“ Izuku was cut off.

“Stand with us Midoriya,” Iida offered, “Stand with the Bakugous, the Iidas, the Urarakas, the Tsuyus, and so many others. Stand with our rightful King in the name of a better world.”

Izuku took a moment to take in the advisor’s words. He couldn’t believe that so many were against the current way of life for omegas. Katuski was different, but it turned out he was not alone in his thinking. Maybe they could win, maybe taking his father’s place had meant more than he had originally thought.

“I’ll do my best.” Izuku declared.

Chapter Text

After learning Iida was on their side, Izuku became much more comfortable with the straightforward beta.

And that was good because now that the omega had warmed up to him, the beta could tell Izuku nonstop stories about his mate.

“I think the two of you could really get along,” Iida continued, “It can take some time for people to warm up to Ochako, but she eventually finds a way to become friends with everyone.”

Izuku nodded.

“She even managed to become pretty good friends with Baku,” Iida rambled, “I owe us being together to him.”

Izuku’s ears perked up at that. “What do you mean?” He asked.

“Baku and I grew up as King Shoto’s playmates in the palace,” Iida explained, “With the Bakugou’s military standing, and my family’s political relations, it only made sense to push us all closer together.”

“I see.” Izuku said simply, urging the beta to go on.

“Ochako’s mother was apart of the castle staff when she met one of the stable boys,” Iida went on, “And Queen Rei very kindly convinced the King to let the family stay after Ochako was born, so Ochako grew up with us as well.”

“How was Katsuki as a child?” Izuku asked.

Iida chuckled at the question. “Bossy and hotheaded, but also impossibly brilliant.”

Izuku beamed at the beta’s words.

“Even though Shoto was royalty, Baku always took the lead, he was a natural born leader,” Iida remembered, “Why would Ochako look at anyone else when he was in the room?”

“Iida?” Izuku spoke softly, worried he may have upset the beta.

“Not to worry Midoriya, Baku was always too focused for a mate and knocked some sense into me when I confronted him about him and Ochako.” Iida confessed.

“Of course he did.” Izuku said, shaking his head.

“He made sure to go easy on me, and Ochako made her feelings known not too long after so it all worked out,” Iida continued, “Bakugou is a good man.”

“I know.” Izuku said quietly.

“And you know, some things do change.” The beta spoke.

“What do you mean?” Izuku asked.

“Well, I know for sure I have never seen Baku look at someone like that.” Iida said gesturing towards the palace steps.

Izuku lifted his gaze to see Katsuki standing tall at the bottom of the palace steps with his arms crossed, a soft smile gracing his features. Izuku felt heat rise in his chest as he stared at the alpha. 

Izuku gave Iida an apologetic look before he bolted towards his alpha.

“Katsuki!” He cried as he flung himself into the alpha’s arms. 

Katsuki breathed a low chuckle into the omega’s curls.

“Missed you too Izuku.” He confessed. 

Izuku was so content in Katsuki’s arms that he didn’t notice another figure make their way down the stairs.

“Really Kat?” A monotone voice asked, “What did I just tell you to do?”

“I was just making a quick detour.” Katuski spoke, agitation evident in his voice.

Izuku looked up from Katsuki’s shoulder to see the king standing above the alpha and omega.

“Your highness!” Izuku squeaked, throwing himself from Katsuki’s arms and onto the steps to bow, “Please forgive us for our rudeness!”

Katsuki’s laugh caused Izuku to look back up at the two.

“Hope you know you aren’t getting one of those from me, Shoto.” He continued to laugh.

“Katsuki!” Izuku whispered sharply, “You shouldn’t speak to the king that way!”

Shoto took another step, moving closer to the pair. Izuku shut his mouth at once again.

“Izuku Midoriya was it?” The king asked.

“Yes your highness!” Izuku squeaked again, getting back to his feet.

“Your trial will be held this evening,” the king explained, “I suppose since he is here, Katuski can show you to your room so you can freshen up.”

“This evening?!” Izuku sputtered.

“Yes,” Shoto confirmed, “It would appear my advisors don’t want to wait after you delayed arrival.”

Izuku looked down, remembering the embarrassing details of his unexpected heat.

“Of course your highness!” Izuku said, bowing again.

“Kat, you are to show him to his room and then meet me in my father’s old study,” Shoto spoke quickly.

“I don’t know if being a king suits you half and half.” Katsuki joked.

“Katsuki!” Izuku cried.

“We really don’t have time for this right now Kat,” Shoto said, ignoring Izuku, “We don’t have as many friends here in the castle as when you left.”

And with that the king turned, leaving the two alone. 


When Katsuki and Izuku got to his room, Katsuki stood in the doorway, but not leaving immediately like the king had told him to.

“Katsuki?” Izuku said, step towards his alpha.

“Sorry I wasn’t with you this morning,” Katsuki said, still not turning around, “Shoto thought it would be better if I got to the castle a bit earlier.”

“Why?” The omega asked.

Katsuki turned finally, revealing his dangerous expression and the fire that was threatening to burst from within his red eyes. 

“Izu whatever happens at this trial, I’m with you,” Katsuki said, “If that means running, then we’ll run. If that means fighting we’ll fight.”

“Katsuki, we can’t,” Izuku sighed, “I said I would stand trial and you can’t just leave your father behind.”


“Iida told me about all the other families that are willing to support the king.” Izuku continued.

“Izuku it-”

“And Iida thinks we have a chance to change things with this trial!” Izuku cried 

“Izuku wait!” Katsuki ordered.

Izuku felt his body go rigid at the alpha’s sudden order.

“Shit! Izuku, I didn’t mean to do that,” Katsuki tried, taking a step forward.

The order fell away, allowing the omega to relax once more

“Do you not want things to be different?” Izuku whispered, still recovering.

“What?! No of course I do but-”

“But what Katsuki?” The omega questioned.

“I just need to be able to protect you.” Katsuki said, his voice trembling.

“I thought you said I was strong?” Izuku replied with tears in his eyes.

“Izuku, what is going on here is bigger than both of us,” The alpha explained, “The Todorokis might not even be in power after today.”


“Listen,” Katsuki started, “It doesn’t have to be with me, but if things start going south tonight, promise me you’ll get out.”

“Katsuki I-“ Izuku tried.

“Please.” The alpha added, taking the omega’s hands into his own.

“I promise.” The omega replied.

Chapter Text

“State your name and status.” Aizawa directed.

“Izuku Midoriya,” Izuku answered, “and ah, Omega.”

The tired man nodded and scribbled something down onto his notes. Izuku didn’t understand why the man had to ask, he was the one who had come to his village and handed his father his conscription notice.

“Why did you take Toshinori’s place in the UA army?” The dark haired alpha asked.

“My father had already served his country,” Izuku answered, bowing his head, “I feared if he left to fight again, he wouldn’t come back.”

“But isn’t that his duty,” a slim beta a few chairs down from Aizawa asked.

Izuku shuddered slightly. The dark haired beta’s eyes had been on him since he has walked into the room. Now that she had spoken, Izuku couldn’t shake the feeling that her words didn’t match the look in her eye. 

“Kayama, lets stick to the facts please.” Aizawa said, interrupting the omega’s thoughts.

“Did you share your plan with Toshinori or any other alpha?” A small green haired beta asked.

“Ah no,” Izuku answered softly, recalling the night he had left his parents without a word.

“Did you reveal your status to any soldier during your time with the UA army?” Aizawa continued.

“I didn’t, but-” Izuku started.

“But?” Kayama asked excitedly.

“I had reason to believe Neito Monoma knew of my status before the battle, and-” Izuku tried.

“And?” Kayama leaned closer to Izuku.

“Kayama,” Aizawa warned, “Go on Omega.”

Izuku took a breath before continuing. “Katuski Bakugou admitted he has known my status for months before Shigaraki’s attack.”

Aizawa’s eyes shifted to the blonde seated a few chairs down from the omega.

“Is that true Captain Bakugou?” The alpha asked.

“It is.” Katsuki replied simply.

“You didn’t think to inform your superiors of this fact?” Aizawa pressed.

“Seeing as I didn’t see a threat, I didn’t think it was necessary.” Katsuki answered.

“And what is your relationship with the omega?” Kayama added.

The blonde alpha scowled.

“I highly doubt that is relevant.” Katsuki growled.

“Were you already mates before Midoriya joined the army?” The green haired beta asked.

“Mates?!” Katsuki sputtered, his cheeks flushing red, “We aren’t mates!”

“But you knew each other?” Kayama pressed.

“Where the hell would I have met a poor male omega?” Katsuki spat.

Izuku couldn’t help but cringe at Katsuki’s choice of words, but the alpha did have a point.

“He is Toshinori’s stepson,” Aizawa reasoned, “It isn’t impossible to think your mother would introduce you to the family of an old mentor.”

“The old hag only had more to do with Toshinori gone,” Katsuki said, “Plus she knew the Bakugous weren’t well liked. The castle was really the safest place for me when I was a kid.”

“Did she keep you close to the crown for a reason?” Kayama asked, “Did she think you could one day overthrow the Todorokis?”

“Kayama.” Aizawa warned.

“I’m no more fit to rule than my mother was,” Katsuki chucked, “I knew what our future king looked like from an early age. He’s sitting right over there, why don’t you take a long look at him.”

“Bakugou.” Aizawa’s eyes turned back to the blonde alpha.

“Are you admitting you had a hand in Prince Toya’s disappearance?” Kayama continued, “Did you think it better suited your advances with a friend of yours in power?”

“Kayama.” Aizawa tried again.

“Oh do we have a purest on the court?” Katsuki spat, “If a beta in power bothers you, I bet an omega saving this country makes your fucking skin crawl!”

“Enough!” Aizawa roared, “Kayama, you usually know when to hold your tongue so I will overlook this lapse in judgement today.”

“Aizawa-” the beta starts.

“Katsuki,” Aizawa continued, cutting the beta off, “How did you know the omega’s true status?”

“He obviously doesn’t smell like a beta.” Katsuki said simply.

“He doesn’t exactly smell like a typical omega either,” the small beta added, “With scent blockers, he would be almost impossible to pick out in a crowd.”

“Unless he was used to the type of scent.” The king added, his corner having kept quiet up until this point.

“Aizawa forgive me for interrupting, but I do not believe we are looking at two guilty men here,” Shoto spoke. “And in one seat we have the one remaining member of a very powerful bloodline, a bloodline I don’t think the kingdom can afford to lose.” 

“His family has been rumored to be traitors for years.” Kayama seethed.

“You know I was never sure where those rumors came from, but if I had to guess I would say they came from somewhere in the castle.” Shoto said, giving the beta a very knowing glance.

“How dare you-” 

“Aizawa I think this has gone on long enough, you knew that wasn’t Kayama the moment she walked into the room.” Shoto said, turning to his lead advisor.

In an instant the advisor had the imposter pushed to the floor, her arms twisted behind her back.

“Kayama definitely would have seen that coming.” The alpha smirked.

The king nodded and looked to Katuski. 

“How long do we have?” Shoto asked.

“She seemed desperate at the end,” Katsuki replied, “My guess was she was trying to get one or both of us into cuffs before the rest showed up.”

“You bastard traitors,” The beta screeched, “The Kayamas will hear about this and-”

“They certainly will,” Aizawa spoke, “I’m sure Nemuri’s family will have plenty to say to the scum that dared to lay a finger on her.”

The beta continued to struggle in the dark haired alpha’s grasp. Izuku noted that her entire body seemed to be melting.

“I don’t know how you managed this,” Aizawa seethed, motioning to his capture’s body, “But you have taken two of my dearest friends with this disgusting trick. It would be in your best interest to return them to me.”

The rest of the beta’s disguise fell away revealing a small blonde girl with very sharp teeth.

“Himiko Toga.” The king’s eyes narrowed.

“Sho Sho!” The girl squealed looking up at the king, “I missed you!”

Katsuki stepped forward and grabbed the beta girl by her hair.

“That’s King Shoto to you bitch.” Katsuki said angrily.

“Katsuki!” Izuku went to pull the alpha back.

“Izuku Midoriya!” The beta shrieked, “Tomura is coming for you!”

Katsuki started to lunge forward again.

“You little-” The alpha started.

“Katsuki are you going to tell me what the hell is going on?” Izuku cried, this time managing to turn the blonde alpha towards him.

“No time for that little omega,” a new voice said from the entrance of the room, “Your alpha is about to get very busy.”

“Toya.” Katsuki growled, pushing Izuku behind him.

“Toya,” Shoto breathed, his voice catching slightly, “So it’s true.”

“Trying your hand at being king little Shoto?” Toya asked, “Don’t worry your reign won’t last long.”

Toya stepped further into the room and several others followed him in. It would appear that simply knowing the villains plans hadn’t given Katsuki and the others an advantage of any kind.

“I didn’t think you would come back,” Aizawa stated, still pining Toga to the floor, “Usually cowards don’t show their faces again.”

“I am your rightful king!” The alpha roared, a dangerous look in his eyes.

“Our kingdom would surely parish if it had a gutless weasel at its helm.” The small green haired beta piped up.

“Emi Fukukado?” Toya questioned, “Can anymore get a counsil position under a beta king?”

“Purest scum.” Katsuki seethed.

“Brother,” Shoto spoke up, “Shigaraki’s army isn’t welcome here. If you wish to fight for a place on the throne, you know the procedure.”

“Shoto.” Katsuki warned.

“As a beta you aren’t even a worthy opponent.” The alpha sneered.

“That may be true.” The king replied.

“Your highness!” Izuku objected.

“But that has nothing to do with my status,” Shoto continued, “And everything to do with my lack of training.”

“Either way you will lose.” Toya declared.

“Dabi!” A quiet voice objected, a voice that had the hairs on the back of Izuku’s next standing up.

“Relax boss,” the alpha responded confidently, “This will make our lives a lot easier.”

Toya took a few steps forward.

“Get ready little brother.” The alpha taunted.

“Oh you won’t be fighting me.” The king responded coolly.

“What-” Toya sputtered.

“You didn’t really expect a beta to engage in a battle of alphas did you?” Shoto explained, “Besides I believe it’s in the king’s power to select a challenger to fight in his place.”

Katsuki stepped forward before the king even addressed him. Izuku didn’t miss the flash of uneasiness in Toya’s eyes as he turned towards his new opponent.

“Katsuki Bakugou will fight in my place,” the king declared, “Kill him and the crown is yours.”