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A Dream In Red

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Kirishima’s arm felt tense under your hand. The two of you joined the remainder of the students in the middle of the gym and you reluctantly released his arm. Wait, reluctantly? You chided yourself, you had just met him and even though his toned arm felt nice under your fingers, you really- wait. You were doing it again. A swift shake of your head banished your current thoughts. Luckily, Kirishima stood quietly beside you, still seemingly frozen of embarrassment

Fatgum had followed momentarily, greeting the class with a below.

“Welcome to Stamina Training! As most of you already know, I’m Fatgum, the BMI Hero! MY quirk depends on me conserving my stamina and converting any energy stored into attacks. If I use too much energy, my body will revert to my smaller form, and my quirk becomes near useless. That’s why I have been chosen to help all of you figure out how to use your quirks efficiently! Today is going to be more of a laid back day, at least for me! I want all of you to pair off in teams of two and spar using your quirks. I will walk around and speak to you one on one about your quirks as the class goes on. And break!” Fatgum shooed the class away.

“So Y/N! Wanna wo-” Kirishima had turned to talk to you before a sharp man interjected himself between the two of you.

“Kirishima, you didn’t tell me you met such a cutie! What’s your name? I’m Testutestu Tetsutetsu! Why don’t we spar together? I’d spar with Kirishima, but our quirks are too similar.” The silver-haired man started to guide you away from Kirishima as he talked. You peered over your shoulder to catch Kirishima’s eye. He shrugged abashedly and mouthed ‘sorry’ at your retreating form. You shook your head with a chuckle before focusing on the blabbering man beside you.

“I’m F/N L/N!” You interrupted Tetsutetsu with a smile. “So what’s your quirk then? I didn’t quite get to ask Kirishima.” His eyes lit up as a metallic sheen overtook his skin. “I can quite literally steel my skin!” He cheered. As he tried to show off his quirk, your eyes roamed again to the redhead across the gym. He had paired up with a taller boy, and by the way they were interacting, it looked like they had known each other before. The sight made you miss Inasa, but Tetsutetsu interrupted your nostalgic thoughts.

“So what’s your quirk?” he excitedly peered at you, his face a little to close for your liking.

“Oh, I can make things with my mind and, um, I can kinda sense emotions and some thoughts if I try.” You were a bit nervous about disclosing this part of your quirk, as some people in your past had considered it intrusive.

“THAT’S SO RAD!” he cheered. His metal skin overtook his body and he slid seamlessly into a fighting pose. “Let’s do this!” With little preparation, the silver boy rushed towards you.

You knew you couldn’t let him get close, and you felt a fuzzy length against your hand. In your mentorship, you had worked tirelessly on calling specific weapons to you without much thought. One of your favorites, the lance, had begun to materialize for you. With a sharp thought, the lance became heavy in your hands, and the blade narrowed to a razor’s edge.

Tetsutetsu seemed to pause for a moment in surprise as he watched. Then with a sharp grin, he continued forward, determined. His skin met your lance with a shower of sparks. Despite your tireless training with the weapon, it soon became clear that your lance alone would not be enough to pierce his skin. After your last parry, you focused your energy behind Tetsutetsu, forming a war hammer to materialize behind him. The hammer’s head fell in an arc behind him, as if the handle was held by an invisible hand. It struck his back with a thundering clang, forcing Tetsutetsu to his knees in front of you. You charged in with your lance, but his arm still deflected your blow. Frustrated, you focused your will to all the heavy weapons you had learned to call, forming them one by one in an arc around Tetsutetsu. With a rapid succession of hits, Tetsutetsu’s metal started to chip. You cheered internally at the sight, maybe you would win this?

Then Tetsutetsu had started grabbing at the weapons, and with your cheerfulness distracting your focus, the weapons started to dissipate one by one. With a heavy thump, you were thrown to the ground on your side, Tetsutetsu had you pinned quickly, with a knee between your shoulder blades.

“That was something else Y/N! Way cool!” He cheered above you. You wheezed out your thanks, and Tetsutetsu quickly removed his weight from your torso, helping you up. As you stood and regained your breath, you felt a welcome breeze flow through your hair, and you turned to see Kirishima hardened and taking blows from the tall boy. At least you assumed that’s who the blur around him was. The boy was moving so quickly that your eyes struggled to keep up with the flurry of hits landing on Kirishima. You wondered how Kirishima could keep the wide smile he had after so many hits in such a quick rhythm. Kirishima suddenly struck out, sending the quick boy skidding back, and your eyes widened in surprise.

“Y/N! Get on over here so we can see how to train ya.” Fatgum called to you from a table off to the side of the gym. He waved you over, and you tore your eyes away from the now head-to-head fight to speak with him.

“Alright, I’m ready!” You cheered, sitting across the table from the BMI hero. “Tell me what we need to do.” He returned your enthusiasm with a smile.

“Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, let’s discuss your quirk a little bit more.” You nodded and Fatgum proceeded to quiz you about the aspects of your quirk. As the two of you spoke, your eyes drifted back to Kirishima, who was still sparring. Kirishima looked sharper and more angular than you had seen before, and the boy sparring with him seemed to recoil from every hit he landed on your new friend.

Fatgum followed your eyes as you slowly stopped answering his questions. His own eyes lit up when he saw that you were ogling his very own mentee, or at least his sparring ability.

“He’s pretty cool, huh?” Fatgum smirked as your attention snapped back to the table. “Ya know, I trained him myself. I remember the first time he used Unbreakable in a fight.” He drew a finger up to his eye and sniffled dramatically. “They grow up so fast.” You chuckled and tried to fight the color from your face.

“Yeah, I just met him in my previous class, but he seems really cool!” You allowed yourself another peek at the redhead and managed to catch his eye. He immediately seemed to perk up and waved at you before receiving a supercharged kick to the face.

“Aw come on Iida, that was so unmanly!” You hear from across the gym. You snickered as you returned your attention to your teacher, who was shaking his head at his protege.

“Alright, back to business. You said you can tap into people’s thoughts to a lesser degree. That may help in reducing the strain on your creation abilities.” Fatgum’s face seemed to change as he spoke to you, now looking more like a pro-hero than the goofy teacher moments before. “Ya can use your mind tricks to an advantage instead of mass producing weaponry. Try tapping into their fears, maybe visions of things they care for. Ya might wanna look into trying to communicate through their thoughts too, maybe auditory hallucinations? Either way, it will take some of the strain of holding forms with mass, like the weapons, and ya should be able to focus on your defense so ya won’t get taken down so easily.” You sat, wide-eyed and nodding.

“Sort of like mental warfare?” You couldn’t keep the giddiness out of your voice. Your mother would love this.

Fatgum sent you away with homework- to start trying to apply these new techniques. You sat on the edge of the gym, stretching out your arms to try to relieve the tension between your shoulders. Tetsutetsu sat beside you, instantly chatting about himself and his various accomplishments from when he attended UA High. Your conversation turned towards the first-year Sports Festival when he first went up against Kirishima. He told you about how bitter he was about his introduction to the fight, and how it made him and Kirishima out to be doppelgangers by how similar their quirks and fighting style were. As he regaled you with the epic conclusion to their match, a double knock-out, Kirishima walked up to the two of you.

“Hey now, you better not be leaving out the part where I beat you in arm wrestling and won the match!” Kirishima smirked, sitting on the other side of you.

“Yeah, yeah, but now we’re bros!” Tetsutetsu leaned over you to fist bump Kirishima, sandwiching you between the two hard heroes-in-training.

“So, did you like watching me and Iida?” Kirishima’s eyes lit up as he looked to you, all embarrassment from earlier forgotten.

“Yeah, it was really cool until you took a shin to the face.” You giggled, poking at a still-forming bruise on his cheek. His face grew warm as he looked away.

“Yeah, well Iida’s really fast,” he whined.

“And you got distracted by a pretty girl.” Tetsutetsu peered over you with a smirk. “Come on bro, you know better than that.” His teasing hastened the redness spreading over Kirishima’s face. Once again, the familiarity of the two made you miss Inasa’s presence, and you hoped it wouldn’t be long before you felt closer to your classmates.

The three of you started discussing your meetings with Fatgum, and the boys seemed enthralled with the new techniques you would be practicing.

Tetsutetsu grabbed your hand and somberly looked at you. “I would be happy to be your guinea pig in this, Y/N.” Not to be outdone, Kirishima grabbed your free hand.

“Y/N, we’re friends. You should practice with your friends right?” You giggled at their dramatics and tried to pull your hands out from theirs, but their grips were tighter than you expected.

“Boys, don’t worry! I’ll make sure to mentally torture you both.” They seemed to flinch at this, suddenly remembering what that would entail. Before either could rescind their offer, the tall boy, Iida, walked over to your trio.

“Hello, my name is Iida Tenya. It’s nice to meet you.” He quickly introduced himself, “Sensei has told me to dismiss those he has already talked with, so we are free to go.” He spoke very politely, but without much emotion. He swiftly left after informing your group, walking up to the next congregation of people. With that interruption, you were able to slip out of the grasp of Tetsutetsu and Kirishima and hop up.

“Well, I’ll see you boys later.” You winked at the two of them and started jogging to the door. They quickly scrambled up from the floor and followed you out, playfully pushing each other out of the way. They fell in step beside you, and you started chatting with them about their schedules.

“Next I have Trauma Recovery and Emotional Wellness with Ms. Joke.” Kirishima read off of his schedule. You gasped and turned to look at him, smirking.

“Stalker!” You jokingly accused the redhead. Once again, he vehemently denied, as Tetsutetsu read your schedule and lamented that none of your other classes overlapped his. You laughed at the antics of the boy before a fierce gust of wind swept you above their heads. A booming laugh echoed across the common area you had wandered to, and a sweet smile stretched across your face. Kirishima seemed to be scurrying underneath you, assuring you he’d catch you, while Tetsutetsu gawked at you floating in a whirlwind above him.

The wind gently carried you away from the boys and into Inasa’s arms. You wrapped your arms around his neck as the wind subsided. “Inasa! How has your first day been?” You hair settled against your face and your cheeks had reddened from the wind blustering around you.

“Good!” His smile seemed to overtake his face as he looked down at you, and he set you down gingerly before looking behind you at the two flabbergasted boys.

“Oh! I made some friends!” You cheered. You quickly turned away from Inasa to grab the two boys by the hand and drag them over. Inasa seemed to frown momentarily as he watched you grab their hands so amicably. “Tetsutetsu, Kirishima, this is my friend from Shiketsu High, Inasa Yoarashi! This is Kirishima Eijirou and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu.” you smiled broadly at the three of them.

“Hey, I know you!” Kirishima pointed at Inasa, “You were at the licensing exam!” he smiled. “It’s nice to see you again! You sure scared me when Y/N when flying into the air.” Inasa’s face fell even further as he was reminded of his licensing failure.

“I am very sorry about my attitude that day, I hope you can forgive me.” Inasa’s voice grew louder as he spoke, and he began to bow towards the ground in classic Inasa fashion. Before his head could hit the ground, you placed your hand on his forehead.

“Now, Inasa, I’m sure Kirishima doesn’t mind. That was sooo long ago, right?” You looked over to Kirishima, who nodded quickly. “See Inasa, it’s not as big of a deal as you think.” Inasa stood up and dusted himself off before he nodded. He quickly reverted back to his cheerful self.

“Now, we can all become close classmates!” he declared before picking you up once again. “Let us get lunch in solidarity!” Kirishima looked away abashedly from his blatant affection, while Tetsutetsu tried glared at Inasa’s hands around your waist. Inasa set you down and you started to lead your group to the cafe. As you walked, you remembered your new homework and tried taking a glance in the heads around you. You looked at all three, and as you walked into the cafe, the sour taste of jealousy was thick on your tongue.