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A Dream In Red

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The sun was creeping down the horizon, painting the dorms in a warm red light. Kirishima and Kaminari insisted on walking you to your room, despite your protests against having one of them stay to keep watch. You couldn’t rely on their protection forever. You had with Inasa, and look how that had turned out.


“Alright Honey Buns, here’s your door.” Kaminari shot you a wink as you rolled your eyes.


“Honey Buns? That’s the best you got?” Kirishima snickered from your side as you pushed Kaminari’s shoulder, a slight blush dusting your cheeks. You weren’t used to such blatant flirting-teasing or not.


“I got more! Angel Eyes, Sugar Cube, Boo Bear, Love Bug, Peach… I could go on.” He waggled his eyebrows at you, “Take your pick.” You hid your face in Kirishima’s arm, seeing the way Kaminari reacted to your reddening face made you want to hide it away.


“Come on Sparky, none of those really fit Y/N, do they?” You nodded roughly against Kirishima’s arm, grateful he was putting a stop to the teasing. You picked your head up to smile at the redhead, who fixed you with a mischievous stare. “I think she’s more suited to the classics. Lil Mama, Pumpkin, Buttercup… Darling?” Your blush was back with a vengeance, hearing the words spill from Kirishima’s lips lit an unfamiliar fire in your belly. It was almost unbearable.


“W-well thanks, guys, I’m really tired all of a sudden, see you tomorrow!” You quickly unlocked your door, slamming it behind you. Their snickers carried through the door.


“Sleep tight, Lil Mama!” You heard Kirishima’s voice through the door, reigniting your face. You waited until their laughs could no longer be heard before moving from your door. The impromptu blanket fort still littered your living room floor, so you scooped up your blankets and pillows before venturing to your bed. Forgoing making your bed, you launched yourself onto the mattress and buried your face into your pillow. Spectral butterflies fluttered around your head, mirroring the stirring feelings in your stomach.


Sleep took you quickly that night. All worried of Inasa were erased from your thoughts in favor of sweet dreams. A sweet, familiar voice echoed in your dreams. You felt the warm spring sun on your face and heard the voice calling out to you.






You woke in the morning to a veritable garden of your imagination. Irises, camellias, and cherry blossom blooms littered your bed. Ethereal butterflies filled the air, landing softly on the delicate petals surrounding you. You took a few minutes to bask in the beauty around you, dispelling it soon after with a deep sigh.


After a quick shower, you quickly dressed and locked up your dorm. You were eager to meet your friends for breakfast. As you neared the common area, you could smell a delicious aroma wafting out of the kitchen. Your heart warmed as you walked to the dining area, the boys were huddled around the table. Tetustetsu was ruffling Kaminari’s hair, the blonde seemingly still half asleep. Kirishima sat across from them, teasing the blonde. His eyes meet you as you walked in, and you nearly froze. He had skipped gelling his hair today, and it hung straight down to his shoulders. A simple bandanna wrapped around his head, keeping the stray strands from falling into his face.  


“G’morning Lil Mama,” He struck you with a blinding smile, and you forced yourself out of your daze.


“Morning Red! If you three troublemakers are out here, who is making that scrumptious breakfast I smell?”


“Funny story, Bakubro showed up early to make us some food. You sure you didn’t brainwash him or something?” You rolled your eyes at Kirishima before sitting next to him. The scrape of the chair on the floor seemed to rouse Kaminari.


“Hey Pumpkin Face! I mean, wait, shit-” he grumbled before laying his head back down on the table.


“Looks like someone forgot to pop himself on the charger last night,” Tetsutetsu snickered, earning him a feeble swat from Kaminari. The teasing was interrupted by Bakugou storming to the dining area, carrying a few plates. He roughly set one in front of you before plopping down in the seat next to you with his own plate.


“Wow! This looks delicious Bakugou. Thank you so much.” Your face was alight with delight. Piled high on the plate were fluffy waffled, strawberry compote sandwiched between each layer. Bakugou merely grunted, turning his face away from you. You weren’t sure if it was the morning sun drifting through the windows, but you thought you saw his face dusted with a delicate pink.


“Where’s our plates Blasty?” Kaminari whined.


“Get your own damn plates, I’m not your fucking mother.” Although his words were harsh, the bite was lacking this morning. You took a bite out of your waffles and couldn’t help but squeal out in happiness.


“’Sho good.” Your hand covered your mouth as you chewed happily. Bakugou smirked at your antics. Spurred on by your reaction, the boys quickly made their way to make their own plates. You happily munched on your breakfast, not caring to wait for the group when the food was this good.


“Bakubro, there’s barely any strawberries left!” Kirishima yelled from the kitchen.


“If you wanted strawberries, you should have bought them yourself.” You turned to Bakugou, smiling.


“Thanks for giving me some, I love strawberries.” You plopped one in your mouth with a grin.


“Don’t get used to it, Princess. I just felt like making a big batch this morning.” Kirishima quickly returned with his breakfast, a meager topping of strawberry drizzled over top. Kaminari and Tetsutetsu followed soon after, their waffles barren of any topping.


“It’s not nice to play favorites Blasty.” Kaminari’s whine seemed more attentive now, and you chuckled as he picked up a waffle whole, preferring to eat it with his hands. You felt Bakugou tense up beside you before he shot up, rushing to place his plate in the sink.


“That’s the last time I do something nice for you Pikachu,” he glowered, gathering his things before leaving the dorm. The boys shrugged it off, used to his behavior. Kirishima used Bakugou’s exit as a distraction to scoop some of the compote off of your plate with a finger.


“No, you don’t. Sorry, Red, this stuff is too good to share.” You grabbed onto his arm, preventing him from pulling away.


“Oh? And how do you propose getting it back?” His eyes were sparkling with mirth as he stared at you. This was a challenge, and you didn’t want to lose. You locked your eyes to his and swiftly pulled his finger to your mouth, sucking the topping off of his finger. You pulled off with a pop.


The silence in the room was deafening. All conversation and eating had stopped. Kirishima’s eyes glazed over, his face quickly darkening in color.


“That was… so hot.” Kaminari choked out, dropping his half-eaten waffle onto his plate. Realization flashed across your face and you quickly covered your face in embarrassment. Had you really- While they were watching? Kirishima cleared his throat, turning his focus back to his food.


“Well, that’s one way.” He laughed softly. You quickly finished your breakfast and excused yourself. Eager to put some distance between yourself and the awkward breakfast, you nearly sprinted to the campus. You slowed as you neared the buildings, looking in the quad for your pink friend. Surely she would love to hear your complaints about breakfast. As you scanned the yard, you caught a glance of Inasa. A dull sadness filled you as he quickly shot you a soft wave. You ducked your head, walking away from your… friend? You weren’t sure what he was to you anymore. Once you caught sight of Mina, you banished that line of thought in favor of throwing yourself in her arms.


“Mina! I’ve been so dumb!”




“You what!? Okay, now you can’t lie to me, you definitely have a thing for Kirishima!” She squealed, leaning into Sero as the three of you sat under a blooming tree.


“No! I don’t know! I just wanted some friends and we just started this semester. Inasa may have been acting like an ass, but he was right on one thing. We’ve only known each other for a few days. He seems like such a good guy, I don’t want to mess it up cause I might have some sort of feelings for him.” You sighed deeply, stretching out and looking up at the blossoms.


“It’s no rush. Just relax and get to know everyone. If something happens, it does. Either way, I know Kirishima is a good guy to have as a friend.” Sero had been watching you and Mina fondly. He now rubbed his hand down Mina’s arm, urging her to tone down her enthusiasm. You nodded at the two of them.


“You’re right. I guess I just over think things a little too much.” You forced yourself to relax, the bark of the tree gently pressing into your back. The three of you started making your way to class, meeting up with Kirishima and Kaminari on the way. You smiled widely at the boys, hoping they wouldn’t bring up breakfast any time soon.


You had trouble focusing on class. Your eyes kept drifting to Kirishima beside you.


“Nice butterfly.” You jumped at the voice. Kaminari pointed at the shimmering insect floating around your head. You shushed him and rolled your eyes, trying to refocus on Thirteen’s lecture. A quick glance to the blonde, and you saw him trying to poke your butterfly. It deftly avoided his finger and landed on his nose. His eyes crossed as he tried to watched the wisp and you couldn’t help but chuckle. A bitter taste flooded your mouth, and the butterfly instantly vanished. With a quick peek to your other side, you were met with crimson eyes. His face was marred with a somber frown. Was he jealous about Kaminari and the stupid butterfly? With a soft smile and a roll of your eyes, you urged another butterfly into existence. It floated softly to Kirishima’s hand, its proboscis flicking out to taste the sweat from his skin. Sweetness overcame your senses, and you slumped into your chair with a pleased exhale. These boys were a lot of work.



Class ended without much fuss. Mina seemed absorbed into something Sero was talking about, so you grabbed Kaminari’s collar as he attempted to walk over to them. You quickly put your finger to your mouth and motioned to the door. He nodded and quickly picked up his things. When you went to do the same, your things were missing from your table. Kirishima bundled your things in his arm, holding his free hand out to you. You gladly slid your hand in his, grabbing Kaminari’s as well. You quickly pulled the two out of the class, leaving Mina and Sero in the empty classroom.


The imprints of your group were still somewhat visible in the clearing, and you quickly placed yourself back in the outline. The boys had held back, whispering to each other. Nerves tingled on your skin, you hoped they weren’t saying anything about you.


“Hey Sweet Cheeks, I don’t want to be late to class again, so I’m heading out.” Kaminari gave you a swift salute and started to walk off.


“Okay! Have fun?” You called after him. You expected Kirishima to fill his spot next to you, but instead, he plopped down right in front of you.


“Listen, I know things got a little out of hand this morning. I’m sure you didn’t mean anything by it, but I just wanted you to know…” His eyes drifted to the grass below you, ripping out a few strands as he spoke, “I don’t want you to feel weird or nervous around me. I like being around you and talking with you. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, you don’t have to worry about it.” You heart lifted at his words and you nodded.


“Thanks, Kiri, I needed that.” You smiled softly, grabbing his hand.


“Now, since it’s just the two of us, let’s practice your quirk!” His grin looked so wide, you were nervous it would split his lip.


It only took a few seconds for you to slip into Kirishima’s mind. You wanted to focus on pulling things other than fears from someone’s mind. You coaxed the memories from his mind, gently and taking your time. It was so different than it would have been in a battle, his mind was so open and pliant to your work. As you sat there, he showed you memories of his time in UA. You saw part of the infamous sports festival, his first fights, memories of a brief infatuation with a plant lady from the other class. You saw how the squad grew together over time and felt blessed at how easily they accepted you into something that was years in the making.


“You’re making me feel a little fuzzy there, Darling.” You could feel his humor seep into his mind. He wasn’t going to give up the nicknames anytime soon.


“I was just thinking about how happy I was to be friends with all of you. Must have bled through a bit.” You laid yourself against his side, taking in how his mind felt like summer on a lake. Warm, crisp, and clean. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and propping his chin up on your head.


“Oi, Shitty Hair. Where’s Raccoon Eyes and Tape Arms?” Bakugou’s voice boomed, interrupting your moment.


“Dude, my hair isn’t even up today…” Kirishima’s weight slumped against you, and you giggled as you tried to push him back up. For some reason, this just seemed to irritate Bakugou more.


“Whatever. Either way, we’ve got class soon. Don’t make me drag you there Hair for Brains.” He swiftly turned away and started stomping away. You cocked an eyebrow at Kirishima, who just shrugged. He quickly wrapped you up in his arms, lifting you up effortlessly.


“Put me down!!! Kirishima! My class is the other way.” You whined and feebly pounded your fist against his chest. He knew it was just for show though, as your grin never faltered.


“Alright Lil Mama, if you insist. I guess I’ll just have to walk you to class then.



You were not ready to spar after how relaxing your break had been. You wondered if it was good for you to not be ready though, it’s not like villains wait until you’ve got a bunch of pent up energy to attack after all. It took you a while to get into the groove, but a few good hits and future bruises quickly captured your attention.


After the brutal ass-kicking that you had suffered when you spaced out, a long, hot shower was the only thing you could think of. The steam billowed around you, obscuring your sight as you melted into the water. Just one more class today, and you could chill out for the rest of the night.


Thankfully that went quickly. You were reviewing basic first aid, and your professor had even given you the recipe for a salve to help some of your nastier bruises. Once you were done with the class, you walked out into the afternoon air, salve shining from a darkening bruise on your cheek. If it worked as well as the professor stated, it would be gone by tomorrow.


As you walked towards the dorms, the group seemed to assemble around you. First Mina, flinging her arms around your shoulders. Then Sero, quietly bumping into your arm with a grin. Kaminari and Tetsutetsu showed up together, following behind you and loudly complaining about their days. Bakugou showed up next to you, silent as a ghost. Then, finally, Kirishima. With a flourish and a twirl, he picked you up quickly, setting you back down between him and Bakugou. His hand nestled into yours, already a habit for the two of you. On instinct, you quickly slipped your free hand into Bakugou’s. The group seemed to freeze, their breath held in apprehension. You felt the explosive blond tense up next to you…


And then continue walking. A collective sigh spilled from the squad, and they continued their trek. Happiness bubbled up from within you. You had even gotten through to Bakugou. It was something you would treasure, you were sure of it.


Once you neared the dorms, Bakugou announced that everyone’s blatant disregard for their homework was ending today. You and Kirishima had the decency to look sheepish at this, but the rest of the group just whined. Bakugou’s forced study groups were about to begin anew, much to their dismay and your infinite pleasure.


That was until you actually experienced his boot camp style of tutoring. He was determined to be number one, and you had no place being associated with him if you didn’t try. You were exhausted, but you had no doubt you would remember everything you went over. His booming voice ingrained the information in your head. Now all you wanted was a blissfully empty sleep.


After shuffling off to your room, you fell into bed. Your eyes fell shut and you were asleep before the blanket even settled on you.