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A Dream In Red

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You awoke to the sound of rain, slightly tapping a rhythm on your windowsill. Rainy mornings comforted you, as you were less susceptible to the pull of your quirk. You took a minute to reflect on your first interaction with your quirk as you lay in your bed. You were four years old, and you had opened your eyes to shadows. These shadows were flimsy and oozing, some falling apart and others straining to not melt into the background of your room. You didn’t remember screaming, but your parents burst into your room, so you must have.

You were gifted with a combination of your parent’s powers. Your father had the power of creation. With merely a thought and raw materials, he could create anything he could think of. He used to joke that if he hadn’t met your mother, he would have created you on his own. Your mother had the ability to dive into other people’s mind. She could ‘see’ their thoughts, their memories, their hopes, and their fears. She made use of this power frequently as a psychologist and mother to a recently hyperactive teen. Your quirk was a tempest born of them both. You could create in a sense. You needed no raw material, but without concentration, your creations were intangible and more of a suggestion of the item you wished to make. You could also meddle with people’s mind, but not to the extent of your mother’s. If you focused, you could get the suggestion of someone else’s thoughts. You couldn’t see their memories or hear their thoughts word-for-word, but you could decipher the emotion and intent behind it if you were looking. Your quirk reacted strongly to fear, detecting the fears around you much quicker than any other emotion or thought. This coalesced into the tempest of power on the morning of your quirk’s activation: A nightmare made real by your overactive imagination.

Your grip over your power had grown exponentially over your high school years, and you rarely awoke to any shadows these days, but the white noise of rain always helped. You were grateful for this, as this was your first morning of college in the UA system. You were dreading making a fool of yourself on your first day, considering most of the students here had gone to high school together and you had traveled across the country to enroll. You had graduated from Shiketsu High and had entered a private mentorship until the opening day of UA High.

After the near constant events UA class 1A dealt with during their high school years, hero society started to change. The whole country had witnessed the plight and hardships of this group of young adults and started to question whether or not they were too young for this kind of danger and responsibility. To combat this worry, colleges for pro heroes were established. Like most high-profile careers, heroes would now need a degree to continue to work in the public sector. The pro-heroes that were licensed before this announcement were grandfathered into a degree, and those who would graduate before the colleges opened would be accepted into mentorships across the country until they were ready. Most mentorships were similar to those that were accepted during high school, as a lesser semi-pro hero. Yours was somewhat different as your quirk needed more refining before a public debut.

You shook yourself out of your deep thoughts, halfway through eating breakfast before you noticed your body functioning on autopilot. Nerves were starting to settle in as you finished eating and prepared to leave for the opening ceremony. Today was finally the beginning.

You opened the door to your dorm room and stepped out, locking the door behind you. The bustle of students around you filled your stomach with butterflies. You scanned their faces with hope, maybe you’ll recognize one of your former classmates? There wasn’t much time to favor this thought, as the ceremonies would be starting soon, and you didn’t want to be late.

Slipping into a chair, you found yourself slipping back into your thoughts as you awaited the Dean’s speech. After this speech, you got to start your first class. A rush of nervous excitement washed through you, and a fuzzy butterfly messily glided in front of your eyes.

“Y/N! I AM VERY GRATEFUL TO SEE YOU HERE.” A booming voice broke you from your thoughts before a large hand swatted the butterfly, scattering pigment to the wind. “I THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE YOU, BUT I WASN’T SURE UNTIL YOU STARTED SPOUTING LITTLE FUZZIES.” The voice, although loud, was very cheerful.

A large smile plastered over the face of the newcomer, one of your friends from your former school.

“Inasa!” you cheered. Your hope was rekindled after the meeting his grin with one of your own.

“Y/N” he cheered back, not caring for the puzzled looks he was starting to get from the students around him. You invited him to sit next to you by patting the seat.

“You nervous?” he finally lowered his voice. The years had slowly taught him that you could still be passionate without bursting people’s eardrums, but he tended to forget this when his emotions ran high. “You only make the little butterflies when you’re nervous.” You had known Inasa since your second year at Shiketsu and formed a tenuous friendship when your class and his sparred. While you had become close by graduation, your mentorships were far from each other and contact was sparse.

“Well, you seem nervous too, Mr. Shoutypants.” You pouted to Inasa, who was trying to squeeze his large body into the relatively small seat. The years of training had only made him more muscly, it seemed.

The two of you fell comfortably into friendly banter until the voice of the dean sounded over the sound system, and you both sat in silence for the beginning of your college days at UA.

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Your heart beats fast and anticipation runs through the air like electricity. It was hard to decipher whether the energy was coming from you or Inasa, as the sharp emotion of his mind drifted to your senses. His excitement felt like the taste of citrus, sweet and tangy on your tongue. A breath entered you, deep and refreshing. Strong arms curled around your waist, lifting you off of your chair as the sea of students around you stood hastily. You felt the cool breeze of being above the crowd as Inasa boosted you above their head, and you cheered. A thrill ran through you as you joined the chorus of your enthusiastic peers, “Plus Ultra!”

Tears collected at the edge of your sight, you felt so full of… something. It was hard for you to place. For the first time in a few years, you felt the tingly feeling of acceptance as you looked to your peers. Inasa brought you back down to his chest, eyes wild and a smile threatening to split his face. Your lips felt tight as your smile grew in response. Like lightning, his face grew tight and flushed as he realized how close he had brought you. You were swiftly planted on your feet, with a soft chuckle from the broad man.

“I guess I got a little caught up, Y/N.” he spoke with a ghost of his usual voice. You brushed it off, clenching your fists in front of your face.

“Plus ultra! Plus ultra!” You punched the air, still swept up in the camaraderie. “You kept talking in high school about how much you wanted to join UA just to say these words. I think I understand now.” A giggle slipped through your lips. Inasa replied in kind, chanting “Plus ultra!” with you as students began to filter out of the area.

The two of you were some of the last people to walk out as you chatted. You were happy for Inasa’s presence. You knew that having your friend by your side only made this new experience sweeter. And now you get to start so many new things, and you’ll have your friend by your side! You jolt at that last thought as you think of all the new things you’d do, including classes. That you had today. Starting 20 minutes after the opening ceremony.

“OhshitInasaI’malreadylate!” you squeaked as you raced in front of Inasa, face flushed and eyes tearing. “I’ll see you later, I have to get to class!” A rumbling laugh could be heard from behind you as Inasa watched you run away, a stray butterfly appearing and dissipating in your wake.


With two minutes to spare, you arrived in front of your first class! A quick wipe over your face rid it of any stray hairs and sweat, and you hurriedly straightened your outfit. With a smile plastered on your nervous face, you opened the door to your first class of the semester. Most of the other students were gathered in small groups. Your eyes scanned the gatherings, wondering if they had all gone to UA together before this. One group gathered in the back had caught your eye as you observed. They were exceedingly more colorful and loud than their peers. Your feet moved without much thought, and you slipped into a desk near the interesting group.

“The Bakusquad reunites!” squealed the bubblegum pink woman, jumping on a blonde next to her. “It’s been a few years since we were able to be all together like this!” The blonde seemed to glow red as her chest pressed against his arm. You couldn’t help but snicker at his predicament. His eyes caught yours in response, and he shot you a cheesy grin.

“Whatever extras, I just need this class to graduate, stay out of my way.” This voice you recognized. Ash blonde hair and steeled red eyes refreshed your memory. Bakugou Katsuki, Ground Zero, never was good at staying out of the limelight. He seemed to have calmed in recent years though, as you had never seen a press conference where he was able to speak so calmly. Maybe it was a trick of your eyes, but you could swear he also has a hint of a smile on his face. Bakugou can’t smile, right? He only smirks. Or scowls. You got caught up in your thoughts and missed a bit of the conversation. It seemed the black haired friend was teasing the blonde, but there was one person you couldn’t seem to see as they stood around each other.

As your curiosity about your new classmates grew, you questioned how long they had put up with Bakugou before he had become less… explosive around them.

The door opened with a bang, and excited chatter drew you from your thoughts.

“I AM HERE!” Your eyes grew wide, your first class at UA, taught by All Might? A slight pinch to your arm confirmed that you were here, and not in a dream. His muscular framed angled through the doorway, his smile almost mask-like as he greeted your class. Once at the front of the class, he reverted to what you affectionately referred to as ‘Small Might.’

“Welcome to Hero Relations! Young heroes, let us work together to make you into the future symbols of peace!” You smirked at the thought of Bakugou taking Hero Relations, as it was basically a PR class. How long until the angry hedgehog had enough of his class and stormed out?

With All Might’s declaration, the students milling about searched for an open seat. Bakugou had already flopped himself down on the seat they were standing near, and the pink girl and black haired man quickly followed suit. You could hear two voices complaining about the seat choice, but your eyes were glued to the former pro at the front of the class. That was until a hand smacked on the table in front of you.

A red-headed boy that been masked by the rest of the group while they talked was sitting on the floor next to you, with his arm bracing himself against your table. “Come on Kaminari, that was not manly!” he whined, his bottom lip sticking out slightly. Your shock faded fairly fast and you couldn’t help but chuckle at his expression.

“Sorry bro, I called the seat next to the cute girl!” The blonde, Kaminari you presumed, grinned.

“How was I supposed to know who you were talking about? You say all girls are cute.” The red head’s eyes lifted to meet yours and he suddenly stood up, bowing before you. “I am so sorry! I didn’t notice I had run into you!”

You flushed as the attention turned to you. You put up your hands in front of you, waving them slightly. “No, no, it’s really okay! Um, if you’re still looking for a seat, there’s an open one on the other end of this table!” You quickly sputtered, trying to resolve the issue before more people turned to look at the three of you.

“Young Kaminari, Young Kirishima, are you already causing trouble?” All Might’s deep voice boomed. He had transformed back to his strength form to chastise the two boys on either side of you. They both smiled and tried to look ashamed. As soon as Kirishima slid into the seat next to you, he apologized again and stuck out his hand.

“Sorry, Kaminari usually isn’t that ridiculous.” An indignant ‘hey!’ could be heard from the blonde, “My name is Kirishima Eijirou!” You quickly shook his hand

“L/N F/N.” you smiled in response. Kaminari slid his seat over to say something, but All Might had decided it was past time to start the class.


The class passed without much further interruption. As it was the first day, most of the class time was spent on introductions and going over the syllabus for this semester.

“Alright, young heroes! I look forward to working with you all this year! Plus Ultra!” All Might left the room as everyone gathered their things.

“So, Y/N, are you new to UA?” Kaminari was at your desk before All Might was even out the door. You nodded your head with a nervous smile. “Well, we have been around here for ages! Let us show you the ropes.” He grinned mischievously. “I could even show you around town and maybe in exchange, you could show me around your room?” His eyebrow quirked comically. You burst into laughter, which made his face fall slightly before he recovered, “So is that a yes?”

The pink girl walked over to Kaminari, grabbing the back of his shirt and pulling him away. “Oh no, you do not get to chase this one away. Do you know how annoying being the only girl in this group is? I am going to go crazy if I don’t get a girl friend this semester.” She huffed at him, and he flinched away, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “Hi! Mina Ashido! Please don’t let Sparky scare you away.” she pleaded with a grin.

“Y/N, and honestly? I’m not sure he could if he tried.” You smirked at Kaminari, who was bust groveling on the floor. Mina ushered you over to the group with a wave of her hand.

You were quickly introduced to Sero and Bakugou before joining into the conversation. “So you guys have had All Might as a teacher since your first year of high school? I’m so jealous!” it came out whinier than you had liked. Bakugou scoffed at you and turned away from the group.

“I’m out of here, extras. I don’t want to hang around pathetic wannabe heroes.” Bakugou scoffed. Before he could walk away, Kirishima threw an arm around him.

“Oh come on Bakubro! Like you wouldn’t have been jealous in her shoes.” You were amazed at how close the two of them seemed.

“GET OFF ME, SHITTY HAIR.” And there was the classic Ground Zero persona you remembered. Bakugou stomped out of the room, leaving you with an embarrassed Bakusquad.

“H-He’s really not that bad.” Mina placed her hand on your arm, trying to convince you.

“Wow, is that like a record?” you looked at her, confusion written on her face. “Well I’ve seen him on TV before, and usually he can only stand someone for 30 seconds before he turns into an angry hedgehog. That was like a whole two minutes.” You giggled at her. With an audible exhale, Mina relaxed next to you.

“Oh my gosh, I knew I liked you,” she cheered as her arms wrapped around your shoulders. Kirishima smiled at the two of you before looking up at the clock.

“I’d like to stay guys, but my next class starts soon.” He said nonchalantly. You stiffened in Mina’s hold You really needed to stop losing track of time today. Mina seemed to already understand as she let you go and pushed you toward the door.

“Go, go, I’ll find you later Y/N!” she cheered.


You still had enough time to walk to class, but not enough time to stop for anything. You pouted as you read the name of your next class. Stamina Training. A sigh escaped your lips, you really would have liked to pick up some food before this class.

It seemed like your footsteps really echoed in this hallway. You could almost swear you heard them twice, but no time to check! You were determined to not be late. Like your first class, you stopped in front of the door to the gym, which was already open.

Something hard was pressed up against your back suddenly, and you found yourself laying on the ground. You flipped over on your back to see a cherry red Kirishima hovering over you, supporting himself on his arms on either side of your head.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N! Why’d you stop so suddenly?” You wondered if his face could get redder than his hair and giggled.
“Why were you so close behind me?” you answered with your own question, quirking an eyebrow at the flustered boy.

“I was just walking to my class! And you were walking in front of me! I didn’t know where you were going so I didn’t want to say anything!” Maybe his face really could get redder than his face. Is that healthy though?

You gasped in an over-exaggerated manner, “Stalker!” you giggled. Kirishima shook his head no and stumbled over any words he tried to get out.

“T-that’s- n-no- th-that’s not manly!” he yelps. A deep laugh shakes you two out of your conversation. You looked up to see an orange-covered circle leaning against the wall of the gym.

“Sorry kiddos, that’s not the kind of stamina we’re working on in this class.” The laugh rumbled through his body, seeming to amplify in the large gym. Oh no, it’s your professor. Fatgum, the BMI hero!

Suddenly you realized how intimate this position looked and pushed a frozen Kirishima off of you by the shoulder. “Fatgum-sensei! I’m so sorry for that!” You stood quickly and bowed at your new teacher, his cheshire grin still plastered on his face.

“’Sokay. I was here the whole time. Heard everything.” his laugh boomed once again through the gym. Kirishima was still frozen in the doorway, his face slowly cooling to a mild pink. With a sigh and grin, you grabbed his arm and pulled him from the doorway.

What a first impression.

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Kirishima’s arm felt tense under your hand. The two of you joined the remainder of the students in the middle of the gym and you reluctantly released his arm. Wait, reluctantly? You chided yourself, you had just met him and even though his toned arm felt nice under your fingers, you really- wait. You were doing it again. A swift shake of your head banished your current thoughts. Luckily, Kirishima stood quietly beside you, still seemingly frozen of embarrassment

Fatgum had followed momentarily, greeting the class with a below.

“Welcome to Stamina Training! As most of you already know, I’m Fatgum, the BMI Hero! MY quirk depends on me conserving my stamina and converting any energy stored into attacks. If I use too much energy, my body will revert to my smaller form, and my quirk becomes near useless. That’s why I have been chosen to help all of you figure out how to use your quirks efficiently! Today is going to be more of a laid back day, at least for me! I want all of you to pair off in teams of two and spar using your quirks. I will walk around and speak to you one on one about your quirks as the class goes on. And break!” Fatgum shooed the class away.

“So Y/N! Wanna wo-” Kirishima had turned to talk to you before a sharp man interjected himself between the two of you.

“Kirishima, you didn’t tell me you met such a cutie! What’s your name? I’m Testutestu Tetsutetsu! Why don’t we spar together? I’d spar with Kirishima, but our quirks are too similar.” The silver-haired man started to guide you away from Kirishima as he talked. You peered over your shoulder to catch Kirishima’s eye. He shrugged abashedly and mouthed ‘sorry’ at your retreating form. You shook your head with a chuckle before focusing on the blabbering man beside you.

“I’m F/N L/N!” You interrupted Tetsutetsu with a smile. “So what’s your quirk then? I didn’t quite get to ask Kirishima.” His eyes lit up as a metallic sheen overtook his skin. “I can quite literally steel my skin!” He cheered. As he tried to show off his quirk, your eyes roamed again to the redhead across the gym. He had paired up with a taller boy, and by the way they were interacting, it looked like they had known each other before. The sight made you miss Inasa, but Tetsutetsu interrupted your nostalgic thoughts.

“So what’s your quirk?” he excitedly peered at you, his face a little to close for your liking.

“Oh, I can make things with my mind and, um, I can kinda sense emotions and some thoughts if I try.” You were a bit nervous about disclosing this part of your quirk, as some people in your past had considered it intrusive.

“THAT’S SO RAD!” he cheered. His metal skin overtook his body and he slid seamlessly into a fighting pose. “Let’s do this!” With little preparation, the silver boy rushed towards you.

You knew you couldn’t let him get close, and you felt a fuzzy length against your hand. In your mentorship, you had worked tirelessly on calling specific weapons to you without much thought. One of your favorites, the lance, had begun to materialize for you. With a sharp thought, the lance became heavy in your hands, and the blade narrowed to a razor’s edge.

Tetsutetsu seemed to pause for a moment in surprise as he watched. Then with a sharp grin, he continued forward, determined. His skin met your lance with a shower of sparks. Despite your tireless training with the weapon, it soon became clear that your lance alone would not be enough to pierce his skin. After your last parry, you focused your energy behind Tetsutetsu, forming a war hammer to materialize behind him. The hammer’s head fell in an arc behind him, as if the handle was held by an invisible hand. It struck his back with a thundering clang, forcing Tetsutetsu to his knees in front of you. You charged in with your lance, but his arm still deflected your blow. Frustrated, you focused your will to all the heavy weapons you had learned to call, forming them one by one in an arc around Tetsutetsu. With a rapid succession of hits, Tetsutetsu’s metal started to chip. You cheered internally at the sight, maybe you would win this?

Then Tetsutetsu had started grabbing at the weapons, and with your cheerfulness distracting your focus, the weapons started to dissipate one by one. With a heavy thump, you were thrown to the ground on your side, Tetsutetsu had you pinned quickly, with a knee between your shoulder blades.

“That was something else Y/N! Way cool!” He cheered above you. You wheezed out your thanks, and Tetsutetsu quickly removed his weight from your torso, helping you up. As you stood and regained your breath, you felt a welcome breeze flow through your hair, and you turned to see Kirishima hardened and taking blows from the tall boy. At least you assumed that’s who the blur around him was. The boy was moving so quickly that your eyes struggled to keep up with the flurry of hits landing on Kirishima. You wondered how Kirishima could keep the wide smile he had after so many hits in such a quick rhythm. Kirishima suddenly struck out, sending the quick boy skidding back, and your eyes widened in surprise.

“Y/N! Get on over here so we can see how to train ya.” Fatgum called to you from a table off to the side of the gym. He waved you over, and you tore your eyes away from the now head-to-head fight to speak with him.

“Alright, I’m ready!” You cheered, sitting across the table from the BMI hero. “Tell me what we need to do.” He returned your enthusiasm with a smile.

“Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, let’s discuss your quirk a little bit more.” You nodded and Fatgum proceeded to quiz you about the aspects of your quirk. As the two of you spoke, your eyes drifted back to Kirishima, who was still sparring. Kirishima looked sharper and more angular than you had seen before, and the boy sparring with him seemed to recoil from every hit he landed on your new friend.

Fatgum followed your eyes as you slowly stopped answering his questions. His own eyes lit up when he saw that you were ogling his very own mentee, or at least his sparring ability.

“He’s pretty cool, huh?” Fatgum smirked as your attention snapped back to the table. “Ya know, I trained him myself. I remember the first time he used Unbreakable in a fight.” He drew a finger up to his eye and sniffled dramatically. “They grow up so fast.” You chuckled and tried to fight the color from your face.

“Yeah, I just met him in my previous class, but he seems really cool!” You allowed yourself another peek at the redhead and managed to catch his eye. He immediately seemed to perk up and waved at you before receiving a supercharged kick to the face.

“Aw come on Iida, that was so unmanly!” You hear from across the gym. You snickered as you returned your attention to your teacher, who was shaking his head at his protege.

“Alright, back to business. You said you can tap into people’s thoughts to a lesser degree. That may help in reducing the strain on your creation abilities.” Fatgum’s face seemed to change as he spoke to you, now looking more like a pro-hero than the goofy teacher moments before. “Ya can use your mind tricks to an advantage instead of mass producing weaponry. Try tapping into their fears, maybe visions of things they care for. Ya might wanna look into trying to communicate through their thoughts too, maybe auditory hallucinations? Either way, it will take some of the strain of holding forms with mass, like the weapons, and ya should be able to focus on your defense so ya won’t get taken down so easily.” You sat, wide-eyed and nodding.

“Sort of like mental warfare?” You couldn’t keep the giddiness out of your voice. Your mother would love this.

Fatgum sent you away with homework- to start trying to apply these new techniques. You sat on the edge of the gym, stretching out your arms to try to relieve the tension between your shoulders. Tetsutetsu sat beside you, instantly chatting about himself and his various accomplishments from when he attended UA High. Your conversation turned towards the first-year Sports Festival when he first went up against Kirishima. He told you about how bitter he was about his introduction to the fight, and how it made him and Kirishima out to be doppelgangers by how similar their quirks and fighting style were. As he regaled you with the epic conclusion to their match, a double knock-out, Kirishima walked up to the two of you.

“Hey now, you better not be leaving out the part where I beat you in arm wrestling and won the match!” Kirishima smirked, sitting on the other side of you.

“Yeah, yeah, but now we’re bros!” Tetsutetsu leaned over you to fist bump Kirishima, sandwiching you between the two hard heroes-in-training.

“So, did you like watching me and Iida?” Kirishima’s eyes lit up as he looked to you, all embarrassment from earlier forgotten.

“Yeah, it was really cool until you took a shin to the face.” You giggled, poking at a still-forming bruise on his cheek. His face grew warm as he looked away.

“Yeah, well Iida’s really fast,” he whined.

“And you got distracted by a pretty girl.” Tetsutetsu peered over you with a smirk. “Come on bro, you know better than that.” His teasing hastened the redness spreading over Kirishima’s face. Once again, the familiarity of the two made you miss Inasa’s presence, and you hoped it wouldn’t be long before you felt closer to your classmates.

The three of you started discussing your meetings with Fatgum, and the boys seemed enthralled with the new techniques you would be practicing.

Tetsutetsu grabbed your hand and somberly looked at you. “I would be happy to be your guinea pig in this, Y/N.” Not to be outdone, Kirishima grabbed your free hand.

“Y/N, we’re friends. You should practice with your friends right?” You giggled at their dramatics and tried to pull your hands out from theirs, but their grips were tighter than you expected.

“Boys, don’t worry! I’ll make sure to mentally torture you both.” They seemed to flinch at this, suddenly remembering what that would entail. Before either could rescind their offer, the tall boy, Iida, walked over to your trio.

“Hello, my name is Iida Tenya. It’s nice to meet you.” He quickly introduced himself, “Sensei has told me to dismiss those he has already talked with, so we are free to go.” He spoke very politely, but without much emotion. He swiftly left after informing your group, walking up to the next congregation of people. With that interruption, you were able to slip out of the grasp of Tetsutetsu and Kirishima and hop up.

“Well, I’ll see you boys later.” You winked at the two of them and started jogging to the door. They quickly scrambled up from the floor and followed you out, playfully pushing each other out of the way. They fell in step beside you, and you started chatting with them about their schedules.

“Next I have Trauma Recovery and Emotional Wellness with Ms. Joke.” Kirishima read off of his schedule. You gasped and turned to look at him, smirking.

“Stalker!” You jokingly accused the redhead. Once again, he vehemently denied, as Tetsutetsu read your schedule and lamented that none of your other classes overlapped his. You laughed at the antics of the boy before a fierce gust of wind swept you above their heads. A booming laugh echoed across the common area you had wandered to, and a sweet smile stretched across your face. Kirishima seemed to be scurrying underneath you, assuring you he’d catch you, while Tetsutetsu gawked at you floating in a whirlwind above him.

The wind gently carried you away from the boys and into Inasa’s arms. You wrapped your arms around his neck as the wind subsided. “Inasa! How has your first day been?” You hair settled against your face and your cheeks had reddened from the wind blustering around you.

“Good!” His smile seemed to overtake his face as he looked down at you, and he set you down gingerly before looking behind you at the two flabbergasted boys.

“Oh! I made some friends!” You cheered. You quickly turned away from Inasa to grab the two boys by the hand and drag them over. Inasa seemed to frown momentarily as he watched you grab their hands so amicably. “Tetsutetsu, Kirishima, this is my friend from Shiketsu High, Inasa Yoarashi! This is Kirishima Eijirou and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu.” you smiled broadly at the three of them.

“Hey, I know you!” Kirishima pointed at Inasa, “You were at the licensing exam!” he smiled. “It’s nice to see you again! You sure scared me when Y/N when flying into the air.” Inasa’s face fell even further as he was reminded of his licensing failure.

“I am very sorry about my attitude that day, I hope you can forgive me.” Inasa’s voice grew louder as he spoke, and he began to bow towards the ground in classic Inasa fashion. Before his head could hit the ground, you placed your hand on his forehead.

“Now, Inasa, I’m sure Kirishima doesn’t mind. That was sooo long ago, right?” You looked over to Kirishima, who nodded quickly. “See Inasa, it’s not as big of a deal as you think.” Inasa stood up and dusted himself off before he nodded. He quickly reverted back to his cheerful self.

“Now, we can all become close classmates!” he declared before picking you up once again. “Let us get lunch in solidarity!” Kirishima looked away abashedly from his blatant affection, while Tetsutetsu tried glared at Inasa’s hands around your waist. Inasa set you down and you started to lead your group to the cafe. As you walked, you remembered your new homework and tried taking a glance in the heads around you. You looked at all three, and as you walked into the cafe, the sour taste of jealousy was thick on your tongue.

Chapter Text

Jealousy? Your mouth still stung from the sharp green apple bitterness that lingered in your mouth. Your mind was elsewhere as you followed Inasa through the line to order. Why would any of them be jealous? Maybe Kirishima and Tetsutetsu were jealous of each other, despite their similarities? You vaguely noticed a drink being shoved into your hand. Or maybe they were jealous of Inasa’s flashy quirk! But then why would Inasa be jealous? That was really the question, you had known Inasa for years- all of your adult life- and this boy rarely felt jealous.


As you were lost in your musings, one of the boys leads you to a seat. Kirishima sat to you right, and Tetsutetsu briefly mentioned he needed to meet up with some former classmates before rushing off. A rich aroma brought you out of your haze as a bowl was set in front of you. Your eyes glistened as you looked down at the food in front of you- sutadon. Your favorite. With extra toppings! Following the hand that set down your bowl, you were met with Inasa’s broad smile.


“And she returns to the world of the living!” Mina cheered from across the table. You looked over, a bit confused at the gathering of people across from you. You may have been deep in thought, but surely you didn’t miss four people sitting across from you. Bakugou, Sero, Mina, and Kaminari were chuckling among themselves. You quickly shushed them and apologized to poor Inasa, standing next to you this whole time. You quickly introduced Inasa to the remainder of the group and urged him to sit down. Your face lit up once more as you tucked into your sutadon.


“Inasa!! You’re too good to me,” you whined, leaning against your burly friend’s shoulder. He laughed deeply as he watched you.


“Well! I should know your favorites by now, Y/N! You’re lucky I was there to order for you, space cadet!” You could tell he was struggling to keep his volume appropriate. Weird, that usually only happened when he was emotional about something. With a mischievous smirk, you glanced into his thoughts, the refreshing splash of triumph spilled over your senses. Another bite of your food and you decided to look into the rest of the table, who were chatting amicably- for now.


You started with Kirishima, he was sitting next to you after all. The sudden rush of bitter lemon made your mouth pucker, and you quickly grabbed your drink, gulping deeply before sighing. Kirishima looked at you oddly, and you quickly smiled at him. You don’t think it was quite time to tell them what you had been doing. But as you smiled at him, the taste of faded to a sweet lemonade. This was an interesting turn of events. Determined to not lose yourself in your thoughts before finishing your experiment, you turned your probing to the other side of the table.


Kaminari was a bundle of emotions, not that you expected much else. His constant hyper excitement left your mind tingling, and his bright outlook made you want to physically look away. That was enough Kaminari for now, you decided.


Moving onto Mina. Her mind was steeped in sweet chili, mischievous, but well-meaning. She turned between Kaminari and Sero as they talked, and you noticed her emotions turned slightly sweeter as she spoke with Sero. You tucked that away for later with a smirk, before probing into Sero’s mind. Sweet vanilla filled your mind as you watched him stare at Mina. Those two definitely had a thing going on. And if they didn’t, you definitely had to change that. You caught Mina’s eye as Sero and Kaminari started to bicker back and forth. With the two boys sufficiently distracted, you dramatically looked back and forth between Mina and Sero, wagging your eyebrows at Mina impishly.


You weren’t sure if Mina could get any more pink, but you were proved quite wrong as she shook her head quickly. “No! You got it wrong, Y/N! We’re just friends!” Mina’s outburst quickly drew the attention of all the boys at the table, save Bakugou, who scoffed.


“Who is just friends?” Kaminari interrogated Mina, quickly gaining teammates. Sero and Kaminari fired question after question at the poor girl. Kirishima laughed at their examination, adding in a question here and there. Inasa was quickly drawn into their drama, watching the group as if they were a show. The only person that seemed to stay out of it was Bakugou. So now it was time to delve into the mind of an angry hedgehog.


A glance into Bakugou’s head was very telling. It felt like his mind was marinated in a dense, burning cinnamon, and you wondered if his anger ever truly left him. Under that strong cinnamon was something else though, something fleeting and ethereal. You unknowingly glared at him a bit as you tried to dig deeper, which he gladly returned before turning away from you haughtily.


Undeterred, you tried once again, digging a bit deeper. Like a dam, it broke over your mind suddenly. You food turned to ash in your mouth, choking you. This feeling sat on you heavily, making your already labored breathing sparse. What was this? You scoured your mind for any prior reference to this feeling, this almost hopelessness running alongside his rage. You felt the eyes of the group on you, the hands of Inasa rubbing your back and Kirishima shoving your drink into your hand futilely. You calmed yourself, trying to gulp in a lungful of air, and shut down the connection between you and Bakugou. You sipped on your drink, but your mouth seemed to stay dry. You had to put some distance between you and Bakugou, this was too much.


“’Scuse me,” you choked out, rushing to the doors of the cafe.



You quickly rushed outside, breathing in the crisp April air. You tried to flush Bakugou’s emotions from yourself. Distracting your mind, you wondered what your emotions felt like? Would they leave you tingling, burning? Would they taste sweet like blueberries and cream, or spicy, or even bland?


A hand on your shoulder shook you from your thoughts. You really needed to stop losing yourself to your musings. This wasn’t a good idea for a pro-hero. Good thing you always had Inasa looking out for you like this. You grabbed his hand from your shoulder, holding onto it as you turned. “Inasa, I just felt the weirdest thing from hedgehog bo- Oh.” You turned to face a blushing Kirishima. Although his face burned red, probably from the grip you still had on his hand, he looked quite sad.


“Oh- um, Inasa said he was late for a class. I figured- well- I mean, it’s not manly to just leave someone who looked like they needed hel- wait… did you just say you felt something from Bakugou?” Shit. Well, lesson learned, look before you speak. You bashfully nodded.


“Well, I was trying to get a head start on the homework I was telling you about! So I went around the table and-”


“You what?” Kirishima looked aghast. “Please tell me you didn’t get to all of us?” You nodded again, slightly ashamed of your deception.


“Oops? And um, I dunno why you’ve been feeling so jealous lately, but you can always talk to me if you want!” You tried turning the situation around to something positive, but Kirishima just looked more embarrassed.


“This is so not manly!!” he seemed to debate with himself before sighing, “I was jealous at how close you and Inasa are. I would like to be that close to you. No-not all at once! Just… it’d be nice to get to know you more.” You giggled at his explanation.


“Silly! I’m more than fine with that. I’ve been jealous at how close your whole group is.” You tried to bring your arms up, but you had failed to realize your hand was still grasping onto Kirishima’s firmly. You both let go quickly before you started laughing. Kirishima joined you quickly after.


“Come on, let’s get to our next class.” You let Kirishima drag you out of the open area, his hand lightly grasping yours before his resolve kicked in, grabbing firmly. The two of you walked hand in hand, smiling brightly, all the way to your new class. This time, you were able to enter the classroom without much fuss. Hopefully this class would just be a regular, calm class.


And then Ms. Joke entered the room. Uproarious laughter burst from the entire room as she cheered. “Come on! Time to put smiles on those faces!” You felt warm tears start to map their way down your face. Sneaking a look at Kirishima simply made you laugh harder. He was doubled over the table, his fist beating rhythmically against the surface. “I have finally moved closer to my one true love, and this is my first class as a UA teacher! Today is a wonderful day!” She released her hold on the class, and you gently wipe the tears from your eyes. Kirishima’s gasping breaths sent you once again into a laughing fit, this one of your own doing. At the sound of your laugh, Kirishima turned to look at you, once again crying, and he was unable to hold back his cackling.


It took a few more minutes for your class to settle down, as the infectious laughter being passed between you and Kirishima slowly spread to the remainder of the class. Ms. Joke took it all in stride, basking in the glow of natural laughter. After the last snickers spread through the class, she cleared her throat, ready to take back control of her class.


“As we all know, laughter is the best medicine! But! This is Trauma Recovery and Emotional Wellness, so we will not only learn how to treat the symptoms but also the cause!” Ms. Joke’s face turned uncharacteristically somber. “Laughter is the best medicine if you are looking for a quick fix. You can laugh with your friends and family and in those moments, you can forget why you weren’t laughing in the first place. This doesn’t work on a long-term basis, the core of the problem will still subsist. This is an epidemic in hero society. Heroes are meant to save civilians, but who saves the heroes? This course is designed to help you recognize the effects of trauma in the people you save- civilians and heroes alike- and help them start on the road to recovery.”


The Smile Hero’s face brightened once again, lifting the heavy mood of the classroom. “So make sure you pay attention! These skills will be just as important as your quirk training in the long run.” She clapped her hands before moving about the classroom to hand out the syllabus. “As you can see on the syllabus, I have included my email and my office hours. Please use these resources to the best of your abilities! I am also looking for a teacher’s aid, as this course can get pretty heavy for one person to tackle on their own.”


With that announcement, the end of the class was signaled. What an emotional whiplash today had been! You stood and gathered your things, wondering if you should start making use of the open training hours on the first day, or if you should ease yourself into the large workload you had set up for yourself.


Kirishima was quick to join you on your way out of the classroom. “So that was your last class of the day, yeah?” You nodded, smiling at the redhead. “Well, I think we should celebrate! Your first day at UA!” he cheered bumping his fist together energetically.


“What did you have in mind?” You kept your eyes on him as the two of you walked, Kirishima obviously deep in thought before pumping his fist in the air. “Let’s get crepes! There’s a really good shop a few minutes walk from campus. Our class used to meet up there all the time.” You nodded vigorously, eager to become closer to your new friends. Kirishima hesitantly moved to hold your hand, a flush covering his face lightly. He decided against it, grabbing your arm instead. He leads you confidently through the crowd of students, either leaving for the day or heading to late classes. The crowds became denser as you neared the gate, and you wondered how many students lived off campus. Kirishima’s hand fell once more into yours, “So we don’t get separated.” He explained bashfully. Yet when the crowds began to thin, his hand stayed planted around yours.


Students broke off down the streets around you the further you walked from the gate, and you spotted Inasa’s domineering figure among a crowd of students. It seemed that Inasa’s personality once again drew your classmates in. You even saw a few girls tugging at his sleeve and giggled at the sight. Inasa was oblivious to any attempts at flirting thrown his way, and you almost felt bad for the girls already clamoring for his attention. You waved at your large friend as you walked past, and he returned with a robust greeting, but his face fell as he saw you walking with Kirishima. The further away you got, the more crestfallen the boy looked, but you were much too excited to worry about your friend's confusing behavior.


Kirishima pulled you down an alleyway, and the two of you were truly alone now. “Don’t worry, the shop’s down this alley. Mina and I found it during our first year of high school after wandering around town.” He tried to assure you. He pointed up ahead at a pastel storefront peaking out of the alley wall ahead. “Right there!” He beamed at you, jogging ahead and pulling you along.


A gentle chime welcomed you into the homey shop. Instead of the stiff chairs and sterile looking tables of a big chain store, this crepe shop was speckled with plush armchairs and love seats. The tables were well-worn and scuffed in places, giving it a lived-in feel. Your mouth watered at the candied scents of the crepe fillings behind the counter, and it was your turn to drag Kirishima forward.


“Wow, you’re sure eager, huh?” he chuckled. You were too swept up in trying to pick a flavor to indulge him. After watching your focused face for a few seconds, Kirishima tapped your shoulder lightly. “Hey, um, if you can’t decide, pick two and we can split them!” Your eyes lit up and you immediately called over the cashier.


“Red bean and chocolate banana please!” You cheered. Your eyes sparkled as you watched the man behind the counter swiftly assemble your crepes. Kirishima dropped your hand- had you really been holding hands this whole time?- to dig around in his pocket. He pulled out a Crimson Riot wallet and rummaged through the various bills. “No way, uh-uh. I’m paying for this!” You dug into your bag and rummaged around before turning slightly pale. Kirishima was already passing the bills to the cashier and thanking them.


“Yeah, Inasa mentioned earlier that you always forget at least one thing on the first day of class. And that it’s almost always your wallet.” He grinned, obviously happy that he won this argument without a real fight. You sighed comically and shrugged, plopping yourself down on an overstuffed chair.


“Fine, I’m buying next time though!” Kirishima nodded, although you could tell he would put up a fuss about it later. Deciding to not push the issue, you instead shoved a spoonful of red bean filling into your mouth, practically melting onto the table at the taste. “Kirishima! You have to try this!” You scooped another spoonful up before shoving it in his direction. You watched him gulp nervously and debate on how to move forward. Before he made up his mind, another mouth swiped the red bean from your spoon and cooed.


“That is so yummy! Extra yummy off of your spoon Y/N!” Kaminari leaned on his elbows, stretched across your table. “What’s this Kirishima? Stealing the new girl for your own on the first day? Tsk tsk, that isn’t very manly of you!” The blonde smirked at his friend and stole a bite from the chocolate banana crepe as well. Oddly, Kirishima didn’t retaliate, choosing to glare at his friend instead. Kaminari pushed even farther, stealing his spoon to dish up some chocolate banana. “Say ah, Y/N!” he swooped the spoon near your face and you quickly snatched it from his hand. “Aww, you were gonna feed Kirishima but I can’t feed you?” the dejected air in his voice reminded you of a kicked puppy, and you felt a bit guilty denying him. He was right though, shouldn’t you be treating the boys equally at this point?


Instead of overthinking, as you had been all day, you simply stuck your tongue out at the blonde, earning a chuckle from Kirishima. The bell at the door chimed again, and the rest of the squad sauntered into the building. While you hadn’t forgotten the earlier events with Bakugou, you decided it was best to ignore it for now. Nothing good would come of isolating one of your new friends, would it? Mina cheered at the sight of you, throwing her arms around your shoulders aggressively.


“Oh my goodness! This must mean you’re here to stay if you’re hanging out in this ol’ dump.” She squealed, nuzzling her face against your hair. The group gathered chairs around your table, trickling in and out with crepes and drinks before settling in. Flavors were passed around the table, and you swear you felt like you were vibrating from all the sugar coursing through you.


“So, Y/N,” Mina had sat herself next to you, leaning in with a whisper, “What’s with you and the big guy?” The chatter at the table came to a near standstill, besides Sero’s chuckling and the sound of Bakugou devouring his crepe. Kaminari and Kirishima leaned in, eager to hear this gossip.


“Oh, Inasa’s my best friend.” You wrapped your arms around yourself, “As you can tell, he’s very easy to talk to. It almost seemed as if his goal at Shiketsu was to be friends with the entire hero course. I was pretty bad at making friends, but he was determined!” You chuckled awkwardly. “I don’t really talk to many other friends from high school still, but Inasa made sure to get a hold of me at least once a week.” Mina nodded as you went on about your friend.


“Yeah, but you two seem… close.” Sero waggled his eyebrows, earning himself nasty looks from Kaminari and Kirishima.


“Well, you and Mina also seem close.” You giggled as Sero scoffed, trying to wave away your insinuation.


“Yeah, but Sero and I aren’t all over each other. I heard he likes to pick you up and carry you around like a princess!” Mina’s shrill voice made you pull away from her slightly.


“I just don’t see why I should hide my affection for my friends. He probably just thinks of me as a little sister or something! I know he’s said before that he feels like he needs to protect me.” You were upset at how defensive you suddenly sounded. Would it be that bad if Inasa did have feelings for you? It was another thing you had to ponder when you had some time to yourself. “And besides, I’ve been holding Kirishima’s hand all over campus today and no one has said anything about that!” Mina’s eyes widened and her smile turned predatory.


“Say what now? You’ve been holding hands with our little Red?” Mina cooed, her smile never wavering. Kaminari wailed next to her, already lamenting your non-existent future relationship. You looked to Kirishima to back you up, who only shrugged abashedly.


Your interrogation was mercifully interrupted by the group’s residential firework. “Listen up extras, I’m already done and I’m heading home. Don’t be fucking stupid and stay out too late. I don’t want to spend my entire college existence making sure you idiots don’t fail.” With that, his royal hardass made his way out of the shop. Kaminari, in his current despair, followed him out shortly after.


Mina sighed and turned to Sero, “Do you think he’ll ever relax?” Sero chuckled and shook his head.  


“He’s right though,” A resigned sigh escaped Kirishima, “We should get back before it gets dark.” The remaining four of you walked out of the crepe shop, and you paused to acclimate to the brisk air outside.


“Well, Sero and I are this way.” Mina pointed the opposite way down the alley. “Kirishima, you’re at the dorms right?” The redhead nodded his affirmation. “What about Y/N?”


“Oh, I’m at the dorms too!” Mina nodded at Kirishima and turned on her heel, dragging Sero along with her.


“Make sure she gets home Red!” she called over her shoulder with a wave.



The walk back to the dorms was a bit more subdued. The orange and red sky made the streets look aflame, but the early spring chill chased away that fantasy. “Ya know, we’ve told you a bunch of stories about us in high school, do you have any?” Kirishima looked down at you, the warm rays making his crimson eyes glow.


For the remainder of the walk to the UA gates, you exchanged stories with Kirishima. Many of the stories from you included Inasa, and it seemed like he couldn’t get through a story without some sort of drama from Bakugou. After you passed through the gates, the two of you wandered to an open field behind the dorms. Your talks veered from high school to other topics. They started as simple get-to-know-you talk- your favorite color, season, etc.- to deeper topics. You splayed yourself across the cool grass as Kirishima sat next to you. As the last colorful rays were eclipsed by the horizon, Kirishima looked down at you.


“So what made you wanna be a hero? I grew up watching Crimson Riot and all those cool heroes, and I wanted to be just as manly as they are! But I don’t think you’ve mentioned why you’re here?” Your eyes searched the dark navy of the sky for the dull beginnings of stars.


“I guess it was my mom. I got the mind reading from her. She was always adamant that we help people with what we have. My mom’s a therapist, and she uses her quirk to help people through things that they have a hard time talking about. My dad’s in construction with his creation quirk. He can make things almost instantly if he has the materials, so he always volunteers after emergencies where homes and businesses need to be rebuilt. It just seemed like the next step, ya know?” You mused, a slight yawn escaping you. The brightening stars seemed to lull you into sleep.


“Well, I think that’s our cue.” Kirishima chuckled softly. “Let me walk you to your door, it wouldn’t be good for you to pass out in the hallway.” His teasing tone warmed you. Standing quickly, he brushed off his pants. With a quick pull, he helped you to your feet. Your hand stayed nestled warmly in his as you directed him to your dorm. Giving him your dorm number, he leads you to your door as promised. You slowly unlocked your door, shuffling inside before yawning your goodnight.


“Wait! Can I get your number? I know Mina would wanna add you to our group chat!” You nodded drowsily, pulling out your phone. Whoops, you had forgotten to turn the volume back on after class. Your eyes widened slightly as the notifications lit up on your screen. 27 missed calls. 5 text messages. All from Inasa. Well, you could deal with him in a minute. You quickly exchanged numbers with Kirishima, giving him permission to give your number to the rest of the Bakusquad.


After shutting and locking your door, you drug yourself over to your bed, collapsing without bothering to change. You drew your phone up to your tired eyes, glancing over the texts you missed.


Gale Face: Y/N! Sorry I was not there to walk you home after class! I will make up for this tomorrow with lunch!


Gale Face: Y/N! I saw you leaving UA with that shark boy! Where are you going?


Gale Face: Y/N! Please let me apologize with my disgraceful actions by making you dinner!


Gale Face: Y/N! Please let me know when you arrive back at the dorms!




With a sigh, you hit the dial icon next to Inasa’s nickname. It would be faster to call him than text. Anticipating his greeting, you held the phone as far from your ear as you could manage


“Y/N! YOU ARE OKAY! YOU ARE OKAY, RIGHT? WHERE ARE YOU RIGHT NOW?” You paused to listen to the dorm. Hm, he must be in a different building than you, because you couldn’t hear him through the floors here.


“Calm down, Inasa! I’m in my dorm room. And stop yelling before you get kicked out on your first night.” You pinched the bridge of your nose. Sometimes being Inasa’s best friend got you in trouble.


“I apologize, Y/N! But why did you leave campus with a stranger?” He strained his voice to keep it within an acceptable level.


“Inasaaa! He’s not a stranger, he’s a new friend! And he was in all of my classes today!” You were whining like a petulant child, but hey, you were tired. Inasa started in on a rant about how you just met him today and you felt your phone vibrate against your face. Inasa would be ranting for a bit still, so you quickly checked the notification.


Kirishima: Hey! Just letting you know I’m home and snug in my bed. Remember to get some rest!


You frowned at his lack of a nickname, you were going to have to change that in the coming days. You sent a quick message to let him know you would be going to sleep soon… as soon as Inasa would let you.


“Are you still there, Y/N?” Inasa’s voice sounded sad, and you immediately felt guilty. You know your friend was only trying to look out for you in the best way he knew how.


“Yeah, ‘Nasa. I’m just sleepy. I’m sorry I worried you, but I’m really excited to have new friends! Give them a little slack, for me?” Inasa grumbled something softly in response. “What was that?”


“I just don’t want you to replace me.” Your heart hurt for your friend.


“Oh, ‘Nasa. I could never replace you! You mean too much to me.”


“You mean that?” You hummed your affirmation. “Good. You mean everything to me, Y/N. You should get some sleep. Goodnight.”


“Night, ‘Nasa.”

Chapter Text

Walking into the gates of UA College filled Kirishima with a sense of nostalgia. It had been a number of years since he left UA High, but walking in made it feel like he never left. A pink blur latched onto his shoulder, the bright smile of Mina obscuring his view. Kaminari mimicked her action, hanging off Kirishima’s other shoulder, and Sero wrapped his arms around the group. Bakugou stood off to the side.


“Come on, extras. I don’t want to be late.” He scoffed, but Kirishima caught the ghost of a smile on his lips. The squad walked together to the opening ceremony, filling each other in on their lives in between graduation and now. The group gathered at the back of the ceremony. They were too involved with catching up to pay much attention to the ceremony, but they were able to rally for the cry of ‘Plus Ultra!’ out of pure habit. As the group cheered, Kirishima’s eye was drawn to a girl floating above the crowd. Her hair splayed out around her, shining in the light. It looked like she was laughing as the wind whipped her hair and clothes around her gently. He thought she looked like a doll, especially when the man in the chair next to hers plucked her from the air. She looked so small.


Kirishima lost sight of the girl in the flurry of bodies exiting the gym. Mina tugged him along, Bakugou was already paces ahead of the group. The Bakusquad was first in the room, claiming a group of tables near the back. Kaminari had gotten swept up in looking for cute new girls and walked in much later than the rest of the group. Mina had squealed her delight in the group getting back together, which Bakugou had to complain about. Kirishima could tell that his friend was actually happy to see everyone again, he was just stubbornly holding onto his slowly crumbling walls.


All Might burst into the room, calling the class to be seated and begin. Kirishima watched as his friends filled the closest seats, and then spotted a seat next to the girl. The one he had seen at the opening ceremony. Unfortunately, Kaminari had also seen the open seat and a cute girl. Shooting Kirishima a mischievous smirk, the blonde started to scurry to the seat. Kirishima reached out with the intention of pushing him away, but he had miscalculated his reach and fell.


He briefly scolded Kaminari and apologized to the girl, trying to not to make a fool of himself. Just breathe, he reminded himself, and introduce yourself.



 It seemed as if Kirishima wasn’t the only one drawn to Y/N. He watched happily as his whole crew gathered around her. She wasn’t scared of Bakugou, she didn’t hold Kaminari’s flirting against him- or worse, take it seriously. He didn’t want to leave… but he also couldn’t let himself be late for first-day classes. As soon as he mentioned class, Y/N ran from the room.


Kirishima hadn’t noticed he’d been following her a few steps behind until it was too awkward to mention it. He had lost himself in his thoughts, amazed at how quickly this girl slid into his friend group. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had gotten along with them so quickly. Not even any of his exes could sway the entire group.


Then he fell. Literally. On top of the girl. Y/N, he reminded himself. Not just ‘the girl,’ a person of her own, who fascinated him. He was so close and she was laughing all of this misunderstanding off, despite his babbling. Until Fatgum spoke up, of course with a joke. Kirishima saw the glint in his eye and was all too familiar. Kirishima desperately pleaded with Fatgum silently as he spoke with Y/N, but he didn’t relent. He was going to try to be Kirishima’s wingman. This never ended well, Kirishima thought, and the implications froze him in place. He would lose his new friend before they even became close!


And then Tetsutetsu! The traitor! Kirishima was happy to catch up with his other classmate, but he couldn’t say he wasn’t disappointed that he didn’t get to spar with her. In between clashes between Kirishima and Iida, he found himself looking for Y/N. He watched as Y/N pommeled Tetsutetsu with ethereal weapons, but before their conclusion, Iida came at him.


Kirishima felt bold. He had gotten a few good hits on Iida, and he should be down for a while. Y/N had seen him looking for her from Fatgum’s table. He hoped that Fatgum was keeping to himself, and offered a wave before Iida’s leg blocked his view.


The day continued as such, where Kirishima thought he took a step forward with Y/N, but something came in the way. They walked together- with Tetsutetsu- until her ‘friend’ showed up, showering her with affection. Jealousy burned in Kirishima’s stomach and it was an unfamiliar feeling to the redhead.


Then they ate lunch together, but Inasa kept pushing his knowledge of her in Kirishima’s face. She had focused on him though, not Inasa, and her eyes fell onto his friends, not Inasa. Until you rushed out of the room, struggling to breathe. He pleaded with the universe to let this day get easier. He just wanted to know her!


And then she admitted to reading their minds; feeling their feelings, and Kirishima’s blood ran cold in his veins. She had felt his jealousy, and he knew he didn’t have a valid reason for it. He just wanted to be close to her. So he was honest, and she was holding his hand. He was startled at this, pulling away and regretting it immediately.


He decided: Being honest had broken the weird mood today, so he would keep it going. Kirishima grabbed her by the hand and started walking with her. She didn’t pull away, so he held on.


He watched her laugh, and it warmed him. The joy coursing through his veins kept bubbling up and spilled from his mouth. He realized he wanted to see her laugh more, and he wanted to make her laugh.


He had a plan now. He was going to take her to the crepe shop. He was going to get to know her, he was going to be her best friend. That’s why he was feeling this way, right? He knew what crushes felt like, it was too soon for love, and this wasn’t just lust. So for some reason, the universe was calling out to him, telling him he had to be important to her because she would be important to him.


As they sat in the field, he watched her stargaze. With the stars reflecting in her eyes, he realized something that scared him.


He had never felt this way before.





Inasa was excited. Today, he would be reunited with Y/N. He had kept it a secret that he was attending the same college as his close friend, hoping the surprise would lift her spirits. Butterflies terrorized his stomach as he waited outside of the dorm area. Y/N’s nervous butterfly spurred on the butterflies inside him, he felt electrified. He hadn’t seen her in so long, it was overwhelming. In an effort to banish his own butterflies, he scattered hers to the wind.


The combination of being so close to her and being at UA made him feel like he was flying. He couldn’t resist lifting her up, trying to make her feel a fraction of how he felt. Then she was in his arm and he felt so right. He had the urge to pull her close, to feel her lips against his!


But could he? Or would he lose his closest friend? He pulled away, not wanting to spoil what he had until he could answer those questions. He satisfied himself with being this close, for now. And then she was off, barely able to say goodbye.



Only a few hours had passed, but the next time he saw her, she was flanked by guys he didn’t know. The adoration in their eyes bothered him, and he wasn’t sure why. Unable to resist, he once again pulled her into the sky, relishing the panic on the faces of the guys beside her. He pulled her to him, and his heart lit up when she effortlessly wrapped her arms around him, and he could see the dismay in the eyes of the other two.


After realizing that one of them already knew him from a time he was not proud of, he was once again in awe of his friend as she so simply calmed his fears. As she commonly does, she lost herself to her own mind, an interesting thing for a mind reader to do, so Inasa leads her along. He didn’t mind that she didn’t seem to realize the line was moving, or that she was up to order food. The redheaded boy leading her away made him a bit sad, but he had his hands full with her favorites.


She doled out her affection to him alone, and although he knew it was out of sheer familiarity. Although she was focused on the people around her, he convinced himself it was just because they were new. Once the novelty wore off, he would still be there.


Inasa wanted to chase after Y/N, but he knew she would be upset if he skipped his classes today. He left her in the care of the redhead. Despite his feelings toward the man, Inasa knew he wouldn’t let her get hurt.



He saw her after his classes ended. He was flattered at how many people wanted to know about him, some were even touching his arm as his best friend does. But The Redhead, he was holding her hand. He was holding her hand and she was walking off with him. Inasa knew she was allowed to have friends other than him, but why did it hurt so bad?



He would admit, he probably went a little overboard. He didn’t remember how many times he had called. Was she safe? Would she be mad that he called so many times?


Inasa wished she would just answer. He had sat in his dorm room for the past few hours, the dinner he had made for the both of them long gone cold. His head was in his hands, he had to try to resist calling just one more time.


Luckily for him, his phone rang first. He answered on the first ring. She wasn’t mad. She was safe, she was happy, and he was conflicted. She was proving she could be happy without him.


That was how he felt until she told him he wouldn’t be replaced. He knew then for sure, she was the most precious thing in his life.

Chapter Text

The early morning light shone in through the feeble blinds on your window. A side-eyed glance to your phone showed that your alarm was set to go off in 15 minutes. With a groan, you rolled out of bed, making a mental note to buy blackout curtains. You decided to make use of the extra time to spruce yourself up. One steamy shower later, and you felt almost human. You lazily swept through your clothes, putting on a cute ensemble and throwing your hair into two messy buns.

A strong knock at your door pulled you from pulling the last few baby hairs into your buns. You opened the door to see Inasa’s shining face. “Y/N! I have brought you breakfast!” You welcomed him into your room with a covered tray. Inasa’s face flushed as he regarded you. “You look very pretty today, Y/N.” He dished out some french toast onto a plate and held it out to you.

“Thank you, Inasa. I woke up a bit early since the sun comes straight in through my window, so I thought I’d look a little nicer today.” You gratefully accepted the plate and began munching on the sweet food. You ate in companionable silence with Inasa, allowing yourself to settle in this still unfamiliar place. You didn’t have any super early classes this morning, so it was nice to not be in such a rush.

As your thoughts drifted, you dipped into Inasa’s thoughts unintentionally. The big man chuckled as he stood, rinsing off his dishes in your sink. “You know, you could ask me what I’m thinking.” Your face seemed to glow bright red as you realized what you had done. “After knowing you for however long, I can tell when you’re in there. It feels a little fuzzy.”

“I’m so sorry Inasa! I really wasn’t meaning to this time!” You quickly stood, wrapping your hands around his large bicep.

“This time?” All the color that gathered in your face drained all at once.

“Whoops?” You offered meekly. Inasa simply laughed. “It’s just easy to read you. It’s like slipping into comfy clothes or something. It’s not like I can really get much out of it at this point… Which reminds me! Fatgum wants me to practice getting into people’s thoughts, I thought it’d be easier if I started with you, since I already kinda know your mind?” Inasa nodded happily, but his face fell a bit after.

“On one condition, Y/N. There are still some things I don’t want you to see. I’m just not ready.” You didn’t know if it was the orange glow of the morning sun, but you thought you saw a blush spreading across Inasa’s cheeks.

“Of course, ‘Nasa.” You briefly wondered what your friend would want to keep hidden from you, but you shook those thoughts away. “Well, shall we get going for the day? Thank you again for the yummy breakfast.” You cheered as you ran to put on your shoes and greet the next day at UA.

Inasa followed your lead, reminding you to lock up before you rushed off. You chatted with Inasa about everything that had happened yesterday, and he told you about all of the classes he had and how friendly everyone was. You took a few moments in the common room of your dorm to wrap up your conversation before heading separate ways for the day.


Kirishima stood in the common room of his dorm, pep-talking Kaminari into actually attending his morning classes. Without Jiro around, it was increasingly hard to keep the blonde’s head on straight. Kaminari whistled quickly, his eyes focused on the stairway across the room. Kirishima followed his eyes and found himself ogling his new found friend. Her hair was tied up into twin buns and Kirishima swore it was the most adorable thing he’d ever seen.

He had been so distracted, he barely registered the blustery man following you through the room until Kaminari pulled him back into reality.

“Ya know, I was thinking about trying to go after Y/N now that Kyouka and I aren’t exactly together… but I seriously doubt I would even have a chance.” Kirishima looked to his friend, shocked.

“What do you mean, bro? You aren’t exactly known to give up that easily.” He was relieved that Kaminari was giving up, but it seemed out of character for the bubbly blonde. Tetsutetsu wandered into their conversation, munching on a protein bar.

“I feel the same way bro,” Tetsutetsu clapped Kaminari on the shoulder, sharing a moment of silence between the two. Kirishima shot them both confused looks.

“Dude, she’s known that dude how long? At least since high school. Yeah, they’re all buddy-buddy, but he’s got the biggest thing for her. It’s super obvious. He bounces her everywhere on his super cool wind powers, knows all of her favorite foods and shit. Logically, he’s prime boyfriend material for Y/N.” Kirishima nodded sadly as Kaminari undressed the poor boy from across the room. “And she’s oblivious! She has no idea, guarantee. And if she doesn’t know after what, 5, 10 years? She’s a mind reader! At that point, you’d have to go out of your way to not know. What chance do we have? Once he grows the balls to ask her out, we’re minced meat in comparison to her longtime friend.” Tetsutetsu quickly nodded along to Kaminari’s explanation, but Kirishima simply laughed at the two of them.

“Well, it wouldn’t be manly if I just gave up, right? At the very least, she’s a cool friend. See ya later, Metalhead, Pikachu.” He threw them a quick wave and sauntered up to you and Inasa.

“Hey, Y/N! We’ve got today’s first class together, right? Ya wanna walk together?” Kirishima’s brightness almost blinded you this early in the morning. You hummed your acceptance and threw your arms around Inasa’s neck.

“I’ll see you later ‘Nasa. Thanks again for breakfast!” You couldn’t tell why, but you were hesitant to clasp onto Kirishima’s hand in front of your friend. It had to be because of your conversation last night. Instead, you slid your arm around Kirishima’s and stepped out of the building.

“So the big man brought you breakfast?” Kirishima questioned, his voice a bit tight. You hummed an affirmation as the two of you walked leisurely towards the lecture buildings.

“I think he was feeling a bit left out last night. It’s been a while since he had any competition for my attention.” You felt a bit bad for your friend as you spoke, “But we hashed it out last night, so I doubt breakfast is going to become a routine thing or anything.”

“So did you guys come from your room? Or his? I mean- I’m not trying to insinuate or anything, I just saw you come down the stairs?” Kirishima started to beat himself up mentally for putting his foot in his mouth. Luckily, you seemed to laugh it away.

“Oh, yeah, it was my dorm room. I’m sure he wasn’t to keen on waiting after my fiasco yesterday. I was almost late to the opening ceremony!” You laughed at yourself, and Kirishima seemed to brighten up even more.

“Cool, we’re in the same dorm! Maybe we could meet up in the common rooms for breakfast and stuff.” You smiled and nodded, reflecting Kirishima’s excited nature.

“Sounds good, that means I’m counting on you to make sure I’m up every morning.” You teased, leaning into the redhead more as he flushed.

“Y-yeah! I can do that!” The stuttering was endearing, but you couldn’t let him distract you any further. You had gotten to your first class for the day, and on time no less! The two of you slipped into a group of empty seats, followed shortly by Kaminari and Mina. You faintly hear Kaminari whispering to Kirishima about how something he did this morning was ‘so boss,’ but Mina quickly distracted you by luring you with stories of the group’s high school fiascoes.
Mina explained to you that half of the group took this class after dealing with Bakugou for so long. They had hoped that Controlling Volatile Quirks would be the answers to the prayers they all had since year one at UA.

Thirteen walked into the room, suit and all, and a hush blanketed the class. It was a simple day, no more than introductions and one-on-one time with Thirteen to discuss what you wanted out of the class.

Your turn with Thirteen was nerve-wracking. Unlike your friends, you were looking more for a way to help you with your quirk. “So, Y/N, tell me why you picked this class.” Your new group of friends were failing on being subtle as they listened in.

“Well, I originally found out my quirk by making my nightmares tangible. So, I guess I’m looking for a way to control my quirk when I get emotional, or when I’m waking up.” You wanted to squirm out of your seat. People either disliked your quirk right off of the bat, or they were nervous after learning it slipped out of your control at times. Thirteen on the other hand simply nodded.

“Well, it’s not an easy task, but we can see what we can come up with as far as support items for daily use.” Thirteen put a hand on your shoulder to assuage your nervousness as much as they could, before moving onto the next student.

“Woah, Y/N, your nightmares must be so scary!” Mina jumped in as soon as Thirteen was out of earshot. “I can’t imagine waking up and all the scary stuff still being there.” She shivered visibly.

“Yeah, it sucks.” You weren’t super happy that she was focused on that, but the group wasn’t shying away from you. That was a win in your book.

The class was dismissed for the day, and the group wandered out into an open area on campus. Most of the group, besides Kaminari, had quite a bit of time before your next class. Mina somersaulted onto the grass, Kirishima plopped himself spread-eagle a little bit away, and Kaminari slid in next to Mina before being yanked back by a piece of tape. “One class and you’re already taking my spot.” Sero grinned widely at his friend before dropping him off further from Mina. They all formed a pretty neat circle with a spot carved out for the still missing Bakugou. You anxiously stood beside them, unsure of how you would fit in. Luckily, those thoughts were swept away by Kirishima grabbing your arm and dragging your unsuspecting body between him and Mina.

“There ya go, your spot.” He explained. You grinned back at the redhead, wondering if he was the mind reader instead of you. You leaned back on your arms, enjoying the morning sun as it warmed the ground around you. The chatter of students milling around and your friends relaxed you, and you hoped that every morning would start out this nice.

Kaminari stood a few minutes later, lamenting that he couldn’t stay to enjoy the nice weather. That seemed to break the spell cast over the group, as Mina quickly got to questioning the boys about their classes so far.

“Y/N! Most of your classes are with Kirishima, right?” She cocked her eyebrow at you with a smile.

“Unfortunately, I have a few today without him.” You dramatically threw yourself onto Kirishima’s chest. “Oh how will I cope!” you wailed, soon laughing as Mina squealed at watching you. Kirishima’s face burned, but he didn’t want you to move.

“Oh yeah, Red said you got special work from Fatgum. As far as I know, we all have a few hours off if ya wanna use your mind power on us.” Sero flinched from beside Mina.

“Hey! You can’t just decide for all of us.” He whined, earning a light punch on the shoulder from Mina. Kirishima sat up, causing you to sit up next to him.

“Well, Mina and I are up to it, Y/N!” He pumped his fist and you nodded, scooching yourself in front of him. Mina watched from the side, enthralled. You stared down Kirishima, clearing your mind and allowing your thought to probe into his mind.

His nervousness and excitement snapped on your tongue like bubblegum. You giggled softly, sending a sweet spike through his head. “Okay Kirishima, I’m gonna try to hear your thoughts, so keep em PG!” You winked at the boy, who was suddenly scrambling to think about anything besides how much he liked your eyes.

The grass is really green. How did they get it so green? The sky is really clear today. The boy kept a cycle of thoughts on the weather circling in his head. You strained your powers, seeming to hit a bit of a wall. You focused behind your eyes, imagining a brick wall in his head. You poked and prodded for any openings, any weakness, and you found a hole. The relative silence of his mind fell away to loud iterations of the weather. You gripped at your ears. LOUD.

Kirishima gripped at his ears shortly after. “You didn’t have to yell!” He whined, causing Mina to look between the two of you slyly.

“She didn’t say anything!” Mina let out a big whoop. “Me next, me next! I wanna have secret chats with Y/N too!!” You laughed, turning to the pink girl.

As you probed into Mina’s mind, Kirishima sat, dazed and pondering what repercussions this new breakthrough would have.


Mina’s mind was a bit different defended than Kirishima’s. Kirishima’s was like a brick wall, strong and thick, but susceptible to fall apart if it was thrown together quickly. Mina’s was more like a chain link fence. It was tall but completely passable with time. The two of you would be having truly inside jokes in no time, you could tell.

Sero was even more guarded than the last two. He wasn’t keen on being brought into your experiments, and after some convincing, you assured Mina that it was alright for him to sit it out.

“Okay! Now that I kinda know how to do the whole thought thing, next step is to look into people’s fears… but I think I’ll save that for another time. Breaking into people’s thoughts is tiring work.” You complained, leaning into Kirishima’s side.

Now that you tapped into their thoughts, their emotions came to you easily, almost unbidden. Mina’s satisfaction and Kirishima’s timid happiness flowed into you, warming you much like the sun. The feeling made you sleepy, and you didn’t resist. You softly laid your head on Kirishima’s shoulder and let your eyes fall closed.

Mina looked pointedly at Kirishima, nodding toward your face and waggling her eyebrows. Kirishima put a finger up to her lips and rolled his eyes. As your breaths deepened, Kirishima gently moved your head from his shoulder to his lap, worried you would slip. He focused back on the conversation between Mina and Sero, his hand absentmindedly making circles on your arm.

Mina whispered something to Sero and grinned wildly, mouthing to Kirishima.


Chapter Text

Inasa had been looking for you after his class ended. He doubted you would have gone back to your dorm this early in the day, so he focused his search on the campus. He had thought that you would have stayed to yourself this early on in the semester, allowing him to settle back into your life and allowing him to become your sole confidant. He thought you would be all to himself, as you once had been. He knew it wasn’t very hero-like of him to be thinking this way, but you were the one thing he wanted to be selfish about. Why was he so hurt that you had made friends? He should be proud of you, breaking out of your stubborn shell that took him years to crack.

Maybe that was it, these new people had easily slipped through defenses that had taken him years to get through.

He finally saw you, angelic in his eyes. You were soundly asleep in the morning sun. The view would have warmed his heart if he hadn’t noticed who you had been laying on.

Kirishima smiled down at you, stroking your hair out of your eyes slowly. “Y/N, it’s time to get up. You’re going to sleep your whole break away.” Mina caught his eye as she made kissy faces at the redhead. He pinned her down with a stare, before turning back to your stirring form. “Come on, sleepyhead.” You stretched as you woke from a dreamless sleep. The chill wind helped you clear the sleep from your thoughts.

“G’morning Red.” you murmured, sitting up and rubbing at your eyes. You felt a pulse of joy from Kirishima, presumably from the affectionate nickname. You decided to pocket that information for later. Your eyes flitted over to Mina and Sero, the former with a mischievous glint in her eyes. She opened her mouth, no doubt to spill some sharp quip about your impromptu nap, but she was interrupted by a booming voice. Chill anger washed over your consciousness, causing a violent shiver to creep through your body.

“Y/N.” Inasa’s voice was rough and laden with emotion. You flinched slightly as you looked up at his imposing figure.

“H-hey ‘Nasa, what’s up?” you flashed him a nervous smile. You couldn’t remember the last time he was this angry.

“I was looking for you! Why weren’t you answering my messages?” A quick peek at your phone confirmed this, a slew of messages left unread.

“Sorry, ‘Nasa, I guess I was still tired. I kinda fell asleep.” You choked out a nervous giggle. This only seemed to stoke his anger.

“We talked about this! You can’t trust these people.” He seemed to spit these words like venom, causing your chest to ache.

“These people are my friends.” You struck back, your anger gathering from the pain.

“Friends? These aren’t friends! You haven’t even known them for 48 hours and you’re already letting your guard down enough to fall asleep on them?” His tone was scathing, and every word seemed to fall upon you like fire.

“Seems like we’re better friends than you.” Mina seemed to have had enough with his tirade, standing up to confront your longtime friend.

“You don’t get to make that decision, you don’t know her!” Inasa growled, causing Mina to flinch back. Sero stood behind her, backing her up. “And at least I’m not just friends with her to get in her pants.” Inasa leveled a glare at Kirishima, who flushed, but returned his own glare.

“Sounds like you need to get off Y/N’s dick.” A gravelly voice startled the group. Bakugou had finally found the squad and wasn’t too happy at the scene he walked in on. “Last time I checked, you weren’t her dad.” He scowled. This seemed to break Inasa out of his stride, allowing Mina to slip back into the squabble.

“Or her daddy. I don’t see her getting all wound up about all those girls you’ve been hanging out with.” Tears had begun to gather in your eyes. You didn’t want this. “It sounds like you just want to lock her up all for yourself, dude. You need to learn some boundaries.” You had hoped Inasa could be friends with them too. You felt so naive. Your tear seemed to scald your skin as it wound its way down your face. The pain in your chest started to radiate, and you felt your mind latch onto Inasa’s.

No, no, no, no, no, not now. Not here, not this. You felt your eyes glaze over as your mind latched onto Inasa’s anger, making it real.

There it was before you. You saw yourself, ethereal and wanton. You were pressed between a ghostly bastardization of Kirishima and Bakugou. You watched, unable to look away as your ghostly form kiss Kirishima passionately, messily winding your tongue around his. The ephemeral Bakugou had locked his teeth on your neck, drawing muted moans from your form. The scene seemed to waver and change, as an exaggerated form of Inasa materialized, ripping Bakugou from your neck, dissolving the ghostly Bakugou. You watched in horror as Inasa’s form tore Kirishima away from you, his hand gripped tightly around the redhead’s throat until his eyes rolled back into his head. You were then tucked into Inasa’s arm, and the scene vanished. As it fell away, your eyes locked onto Inasa, the trickle of tears now pouring down your face. Bakugou, although you were sure he wasn’t thrilled at your inclusion in his group, stood between the two of you.

It was all you could do to whimper to Inasa. “Why?”

“It looks like it’s about time for you to leave.” Bakugou’s anger simmered in the back of your head, indignant. Kirishima and Mina joined him, forming a wall between you and your friend. Was he still your friend? He seemed to think of himself as more of a bodyguard or a savior, didn’t he? Your own hero. The thought sat bitterly in your head.

You felt yourself being pulled away. It felt as if it was a dream. A nightmare. You would wake up and it would all be gone, right? You’d wake up on Kirishima’s lap, and you’d laugh, apologize. You’d accept Mina’s teasing and throw it right back to her and it would all be normal. After all, today was good. It was warm and good and not this.

A quiet voice drew you out from your own mind. Sero had sat you at a table, far enough that you couldn’t see the group anymore. His trademark grin was lost from his face, and he was gently wiping the wetness from your face.

“That’s it, Y/N, nice, deep breaths for me. You’re doing good. It’s all good. It’s not your fault.” Calming circles were being drawn on your shoulder as Sero tried to settle your breathing. This was real. A dread sat heavy in your stomach.

“I didn’t mean to do that.” Your voice seemed foreign to you, almost childlike. “I lost control of my quirk, I swear, I didn’t mean it.” You knew aside from Bakugou, Sero was the least trusting of you and your powers. This would only make it worse.

“It’s alright, calm down.” He didn’t stop or pull away, in fact, he pulled you into his shoulder. “They won’t think any differently of you. You didn’t do anything besides show his true intentions. If anything, we now know how he feels about us and now we can do something about that. If anything, I’m sure everyone’s worried about you.” Sero’s face was uncharacteristically serious. “I am too. You know that’s not healthy, how he thinks about you?”

“He just wants me to be safe.” Your objection was heavy with emotion, and you weren’t sure if you even believed what you said.

“He just wants to be the only one to keep you safe. From danger, from having friends, from life, from having a life at all.” It hurt to hear, but it was a dull hurt. You knew already. You made excuses for him.

But he was the one that had pushed you for a private internship, away from the public and away from your friends. He was the one who told you everyone was afraid of your quirk, and it would be better if you stayed away from them. He had been your only friend, the only one you kept in touch with, for a reason. You just didn’t think it was this bad.

“Now I know a thing or two about denial, so if you need to talk about it, let me know.” Sero’s smile slipped back on your face as he saw you relax.

“Why are you being so nice to me? I know you don’t like my quirk.” The words spilled from your mouth unbidden.

“Why? Cause Mina likes you. And Kaminari, Kirishima. I know Bakugou’s an acquired taste, but he’ll come around. And I like you. Not many people fit into our ragtag group, but you slipped in like a missing puzzle piece. You were meant to be here, and don’t let that meathead tell you any differently.” Sero tickled your sides, pulling a laugh out of you. “And as far as your quirk… I like Mina. A lot. And I’m sure you already knew this, I just… don’t want anyone to know. Yet. I want to do this right. I was just scared that if I let you into my head, it would all come out. It will eventually, I just want it to be my decision, ya know?” Sero looked abashed at his confession. You nodded roughly.

“I won’t tell a soul! Promise! Just please do it soon, you guys are too cute.” You held out your pinky to Sero, who chuckled and linked his pinky in yours.

“It’s a promise.” You smiled at Sero, now at ease with your strengthened friendship.

Mina had walked up during your promised, smiling warmly as she watched you. You were huddled into Sero’s side, under his arm. Your pinkies were locked together, and she could see the moist fabric Sero had used to dry your eyes. It warmed her to see Sero taking such good care of her friend. She wondered how Inasa could feel angry about your new friendships when all Mina felt was happiness. Even if this meant that Sero liked you and not her, she didn’t think she could bring herself to be mad at either of you.

Mina slid into the bench next to you, wrapping her arm around your waist and pulling you into a side hug. “Hey there, darling, I hope you two didn’t miss me too much. The boys should be here soon, so we should all get some lunch.” You leaned into Mina’s shoulder, grateful for her understanding and affection. You slipped your hand into her free one and grasped Sero’s in a similar manner. Sero seemed a bit uncomfortable with this, but after a quick look to Mina, he relaxed. Between the two of them, you felt safe. It was nice, to feel safe.

Bakugou and Kirishima wandered up later, unscathed. Bakugou still seemed quietly angry, while Kirishima looked relieved to see you. Seeing you snug between two of his best friends and accepting their support made butterflies erupt in his chest. He smiled at you, and you smiled back. Being close to them didn’t have to be complicated, you decided.


They walked around you, like a barrier. Mina led the charge, navigating your group to the cafe. Kirishima was to your right and Sero to your left. Bakugou seemed to fall behind the group, uncaring, but you could tell he was making sure no one could sneak up on you. You really were blessed.

Lunch was blessedly uneventful. Everyone was back to joking around, Bakugou was back to scathing remarks, that you belatedly realized had no real bite to it. The more you saw of him, the more interesting he became.

All too soon, it was time for the group to go their separate ways. Kirishima caught your attention, pulling you off to the side. “Hey listen, I know no one has really talked about what happened earlier. We’re all worried about you though. I hope you don’t take it the wrong way, but we’d all feel better if you let one of us walk you to your classes today, okay?” He looked embarrassed to even ask. “We don’t, like, feel that you can’t take care of yourself or anything, we just want to make sure you have someone in your corner if you need. I can even walk you if you want?”

“Isn’t your next class halfway across campus from mine?” He nodded, not seeing anything wrong with that.

“Shitty hair, my class is closer to hers. I’ll walk her. Pinky can pick her up from that class.” Bakugou shouted out, annoyed that it was taking this long to find a solution. You let out a soft giggle, causing Bakugou to scoff and look away. Kirishima sadly relented, giving you a sad smile.

“Well, I’d better get going then. Take good care of her Bakubro.” Bakugou rolled his eyes before walking off, making you jog to catch up to him.

“Hey thanks, Bakugou. For this and for earlier.” You still felt a bit awkward around him, especially alone.

“Listen up. You’re not so bad, for an extra.” Bakugou didn’t even look at you as he spoke, “But that guy isn’t even good enough to be a sidekick for some D-Lister hero with how he treats people he says are important to him.” His eyes slid to yours, “You’re 100 times better than him. Just remember that I’m thousands of times better than any of you.” He stopped abruptly in front of the door to your next class. You nodded at him briefly before walking in. As soon as you were through the threshold of your class, Bakugou walked off.


Hand-to-hand combat was exactly what you needed. You could focus all your emotion into beating on this dummy and strengthen your physical skills as well. Your muscles ached with how far you pushed yourself, but it felt better than letting your thoughts consume you. By the time your class was done, you were drenched in sweat, and sore. A trip to the showers was sorely needed. You stripped off your gym clothes and walked, towel in hand, to the near-empty shower area. You hung up your towel and turned on the shower, letting it build up heat before stepping beneath the relaxing stream. Your mind drifted to delicious nothingness as you soothed your aching muscles.

You thought you must have been daydreaming as lithe arms wrapped themselves around your waist, but panic set in soon after. A plush chest was pressed into your back with a giggle.

“Settle down sweetness! It’s just me.” Mina giggled as she stepped into your shower with you. “Wow, girl, you’ve been hiding a bodyyyy from us.” She gaped in mock surprise. You chuckled at her, settling your racing heart.

“Mina! You scared me half to death. What are you doing here?” you whined.

“My class time was spent experimenting with using my acid to melt different substances. But that means I got a bunch of different stuff on me, so I needed to wash off. I was walking out to meet you after class, but lucky me, I spotted you in here.” She shot you a wink. You grinned and stepped back into the shower’s warmth as Mina started to towel off her hair. You reluctantly turned off the shower, quickly patting down your hair before wrapping the towel around you.

You and Mina changed quickly, eager to chat in between your classes. This break was sadly short, but you and Mina took advantage of what little time you had. It was easy to fall into conversation with Mina. She was more than happy to talk about anything and everything. Right now, you were going back and forth with her on the best foods from each major type of cuisine.

“Come on, Mina, you know pasta is better than gelato, gelato is just heavy ice cream.”

“Okay, no, but also, other places made pasta besides Italy. And gelato is not ice cream. Fight me.” You rolled your eyes but continued on.

“Oh come on, you know Italian pasta is better than any other types of noodles. Carbonara, Spaghetti, I could go on.”

“Our friend Todoroki is going to hate you for saying that. I think you just haven’t had good gelato.”

The two of you fell into friendly laughter easily, and your class was much too close for your liking.

The last class of the day went by in a flash. It was a minor support class, meant to refine your abilities in emergency first aid, support items, and other skills for heroes that might not be fit for the front lines. A quick rundown of the syllabus and some reviewing of basic skills took up the entire class, and you were grateful for the end of the day.

Slinking out of your classroom, you were surprised to see Kaminari and Tetsutetsu waving you down.

“Heya, Y/N. The boys asked us to walk you back to the field by the dorms. They said you had a fight with that Inasa dude. Need me to zap him for ya?” Kaminari let a few stray sparks loose as he talked, grinning wildly. You shook your head softly.

“Honestly? I just kinda want to forget it ever happened.” You accepted an arm from each boy, and Tetsutetsu took your things. You let yourself be led through the campus, distracting yourself with the flirtatious remarks of the boys next to you.

“Aw, Y/N, you know I could get you buzzing with excitement.” Kaminari waggled his eyebrows.

“Sorry, I’m not into being electrocuted.” You giggled, watching his eyebrows wiggle like worms.

“Maybe she wants something a little more solid than your static.” Tetsutetsu huffed, flexing the bicep under your fingers. Your giggles turned into full-blown laughter as they went back and forth, comparing their pros and cons.

As you neared the dorms, you felt as if there was someone watching you. You tried to glance around without drawing the suspicions of your friends, but you couldn’t find anyone nearby. The feeling grew stronger the closer you got to your dorm, and you thought you saw Inasa, waiting outside the door to your dorm. Panic briefly coursed through you, you weren’t ready to talk to him yet. Luckily, you weren’t going to your dorm. You were worried that you’d have to walk past him thought.

Kirishima came into view then, coming from the field behind the dorms. He ran to you, a smile bright on his face. It was like he had blinders on, he raced right past Inasa without even a glance. You unlinked your arms from Kaminari and Tetsutetsu, hearing complaints from both boys as you allowed Kirishima to whip you up into his arms in a twirl. He quickly set you down.

“Hurry up and get on my back, Y/N. Let’s ditch these guys!” You giggled maniacally and acted without thought, wrapping your arms around his neck and letting him grab a hold of your thighs. Kirishima quickly ran off into the field, and you had forgotten about the boy standing at your dorm, watching it all unfold.

Chapter Text

A chorus of giggles followed your retreating forms through the field. Your arms gripped tightly around Kirishima’s neck as you kept watch behind you for your pursuers. Kaminari and Tetsutetsu seemed to have gotten turned around as Kirishima snuck the two of you into the tree line on the opposite side of the field.


“We should be safe here!” He grinned, crouching to let you off of his back. Despite sprinting with your full weight, he barely seemed winded. You, on the other hand, were breathless at his slightly disheveled state. “Things got a little out of hand today, huh?” You shook off the flush on your face to the best of your ability, giving Kirishima a swift nod. “I just wanted to check in with you before everyone else bombarded you. I figured a little breather might be nice? Sorry for the impromptu escape.”


“No, it’s okay! I had fun.” It felt like your smile could split your face at any moment. You couldn’t remember the last time someone actually cared for how you were feeling. Kirishima mirrored you with a smile of his own, although it was quickly replaced with a serious glare past you, into the field.


You felt his hands close around your shoulders, quickly guiding you up against a tree. His arms seemed to cage you in. You felt the blood rushing to your face as his body pressed up against yours. The contrast of the rough bark at your back and his warm body sent your head spinning. He didn’t spare you a look as he shushed you softly. You vaguely registered the rustling of the taller grass on the other side of the trees. A telltale whine drifted through the air, Kaminari. They must have followed you out here.


“Are you sure they went this way bro?” Kaminari’s signature whine making it easy to hear him, even from this distance. It was a bit harder to hear Tetsutetsu’s deeper reply, but it sounded like they had given up their chase. “Guess we’ll just meet up with them and the squad then. Damn Kirishima, stealing away the cutest girl in our group.”


“Aren’t there only two?” Tetsutetsu barked a laugh at his moping friend.


“Yeah, but..”


“I’m gonna tell Mina you said that.” A sharp cry sounded as you heard the two run off across the field once more. You dared a glance up at Kirishima. His face was surprisingly passive for how compromising the position he currently had you in. With a peek around the tree, he let out a soft sigh and looked down at you. He seemed surprised at how quickly he met your eyes, and how close your face had gotten. A sudden flush flooded his face, but he quickly let out a gasping laugh. You were quick to join in. The whole situation becoming absurd in hindsight.


You and Kirishima fell away from each other, wiping tears from the corners of your eyes. You slid down the trunk of the tree, sitting comfortably against the trunk. Kirishima quickly followed suit, sitting in front of you.


“Alright, will all of that business taken care of, how are you holding up?” A sigh escaped your lips and you shrugged a shoulder.


“I mean, all things considered, I guess I’m alright.” You looked to the ground beside you, winding the long grass around the trunk through your fingers.


“Y/N, you know it’s okay to not be okay in the situation? I’m not saying you should be throwing yourself all over me and sobbing, not that I would mind that either. But it sounded like Inasa was your friend for a long time and he did something that upset you. It’s okay to be upset about it.” You nodded, still focused on the feeling of the grass between your fingertips.


“Yeah, it kinda felt like he betrayed me in a way. He always went on and on about how he would be there for me and always protect me, but it just feels like he kept me away from so much. Who knows how many people he’s run off before this? I used to think that people just didn’t like me. I wonder which one is the truth.” You pouted, pulling strands of grass out of the crumbling dirt. You felt a warm hand against your face, gently coaxing you into looking up. Kirishima’s face met yours, a soft worry etched into his face. It was maddening how endearing you found the crease of his brow, the soft feeling conveyed in his eyes, the soft slope of his lips. How one person could look so handsome and heartbreaking at the same time, you would never know.


“I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m glad we met. Anyone who gave up having you in their life so easily is a fool. Just know that I’ll be there as long as you want me to be. So will the rest of the squad. We’re not an easy bunch to be around, but you make it seem like a cakewalk. That’s something special.” His hand fell away from your face, his fingertips ghosting against your cheek.


He stood abruptly, dusting himself off and clearing the air of the previous conversation. “Now let’s get you back to the rest of the group. It wouldn’t be very manly to keep you all to myself.” He offered his hand to you and pulled you up effortlessly. As the two of you made your way out of the treeline, you made sure to intertwine your fingers with his. This was definitely someone you weren’t letting go for quite a while.





A shrill cheer was all the warning you got before being bowled over by a pink blur. “My poor baby kidnapped and kept from her bestest bud.” Mina’s eyes seemed to glow with mischief as she glared at Kirishima. You chuckled softly as you disentangled yourself from the eager Pinky. You joined the circle of people waiting for you, falling in between Kirishima and Mina once again. The whole group was here now, including Tetsutetsu, who sat between Kaminari and Bakugou.


“Sorry I’m late, I hope we didn’t keep you waiting.” Your apology was met with a scoff from Bakugou.


“That’s alright, we’re just glad you’re still hanging out with us.” Mina grinned, leaning against your arm.


“Yeah, after everything I heard, I was worried you’d stop coming around before I got a chance with you.” Kaminari winked over to you, earning a thunk to the head from Sero.


“Way to be sensitive Zappy.” he frowned at the blond.


“Let’s just get to the point already. These losers are worried about that extra when you go home tonight. Since none of them want to say it themselves, I guess I’ll just have to. You should let one of us crash at your place tonight in case your lover boy decides to make an unwelcome stop.” Bakugou grumbled. Mina sighed, presumably at Bakugou’s lack of empathy for the situation, but you found it hard to be upset by his brash tone.


“I think that’d be a good idea, actually. Who is it going to be then?” Apparently, that was the wrong question to ask, since all the boys sans Sero and Bakugou launched into a heated debate. Bakugou simply rolled his eyes and allowed himself to fall back onto the grass.


Sero looked over to you, shrugging as the boys came up with competitions to decide who would get the honor of staying in your room tonight. It was amusing watching them go back and forth for a while, but the novelty wore off fast.


“Hey Mina, I think you’re the most obvious choice, right? I mean, we are the only two girls. We could even get some movies and popcorn and make a night of it.” Her eyes lit up, you already knew she would be up for some girl time.


“Deal!! Plus I won’t have to walk all the way home and back. I’ve got a few changes of clothes at the gym.” The debates of the boys fell to the background as you and Mina tried to decide on what movies should be on the agenda for tonight.


The boys were in the middle of an arm wrestling contest to decide the winner, and Bakugou joined in simply to beat the other three. The sun was starting to glow red behind the trees, and the cold spring wind bit at your hands. Mina caught your eye and gestured toward the dorms. Quietly, the two of you stood and waved goodbye to Sero. As you rounded the corner to the first building, you heard a shout from the field.


“Uh oh, looks like they figured it out. Let’s book it!” Mina grabbed your arm and sprinted into your building. The two of you booked it up the stairs, panting as you threw your door open and slammed it behind you, locking the deadbolt before bursting into laughter. Mina flung herself onto your couch. “Alright! Just you and me and a whole bunch of free time.” She waggled her eyebrows at you, drawing another laugh. She sat up, drawing her legs up to her chest to make room for you. You gladly sat beside her, turning on an inconsequential show as you were sure she’d want to gossip before movies.


“Soooo…” You were starting to wonder if the wild grin plastered on her face was just her default setting, “Tell me, our Kirishima didn’t defile my precious baby, did he?” Mina cooed at you and you swatted her away.


“Gods, Mina, no! He was just checking up on me. Besides, I’m a big girl, I don’t think there’s much left to defile.” You cringed at the high pitched gasp that was assaulting your ears.


“Whaaaaaat? I need details like yesterday. Don’t tell me it’s Mr. Big and Blustery?” You blanched visibly at that imagery.


“Oh gods, no. Honestly, it was just some guy from high school. It wasn’t even a real thing with him and me. Especially after Inasa found out. You would have thought that guy murdered my dog with the way he acted.”


“Laaame. But I mean, I guess it’s kinda the same for me. Being a hero in training doesn’t really give you much time to find a good relationship, huh? The only ones in our class to have a healthy relationship was Deku and Uraraka, but it took them three years to even confess to each other.” Mina sighed. “At least the hookup gossip was great. Anyways, that’s neither here nor there, we’re talking about you getting frisky with the local good boi. Yay or nay?” The full force of Mina’s gaze fell on you.


“I mean, I don’t know? It’s only been a few days. Plus it’s not like I don’t flirt with the rest of the guys. Why Kirishima?”


“You two just seem to wind up in the same place and the same time, that’s all I’m saying!” Mina prodded you with her foot, smirking knowingly at you.


“I just don’t think now is a good time to be worried about things like that. It’s our first semester of college, there’s a lot going on already.” You whined, pushing Mina’s leg away from you.


“Excuses! If not now, then when? During finals? When you get started as a sidekick? A pro-hero? When you retire? You need to take chances where chances are given, girl!” Mina hopped up from the couch and wandered to your kitchen, scavenging for snacks.


“Oh, like you and Sero?” Your quip brought more color to Mina’s face.


“Well he’s cute and all, but I’m just waiting for him to make a move, ya know? I’m traditional like that.” Mina flopped back on the couch with her findings. “Now, let’s get to watching some cheesy movies.”




The night seemed to pass uneventfully. You and Mina curled up on the floor in a nest of blankets and pillows as you relentlessly mocked every rom-com you could get your hands on. The first few yawns started to creep through you both when your phone chimed ominously.


Gale Face: Can we talk?


Gale Face: I’m outside your door.


You sighed, pulling yourself out of your cocoon. Mina raised an eyebrow at you, and you tossed your phone in her lap. She scanned the messages quickly.


“Want me to tell him to fuck off?” Her voice was rough and you knew she was as tired as you felt. You shook your head.


“Nah, I’ll see what he wants. I’ll leave the door cracked in case I need you.” She muttered an affirmative and settled back down into the warmth of the blanket, her eyes not leaving your form.


You slipped out of your door, leaving it open so that you could still see Mina if you needed to. Inasa stood across from you.


“Can we talk inside,” Inasa spoke softly as if he were speaking to a child.


“No. I’ve got someone over.” You left no room for debate in this. A brief surge of anger filtered through your thoughts and the sharp taste hurt your tongue. Inasa reeled his feelings back in.


“It’s none of my business. I’m sorry.” He at least had the decency to look ashamed this time. “And I’m sorry for earlier. I know I can’t and shouldn’t try to control you like that. I just can’t help how I feel sometimes.”


“That’s no excuse. You’ve been doing this for years. You drive away everyone I try to get close to.” You were determined to keep the emotion from your voice, but it was determined to break through. It was tough to swallow around the lump in your throat.


“They don’t care about you like I do! They could never know you like I do!” Inasa was trying to keep his voice level, but his feelings flowed over you, festering in their negativity.


“How would you know? You never give them a chance to know me!” You knew you were starting to reflect his feelings, his bitterness giving your words a sharpness you hadn’t intended. Inasa flinched away at your tone, yet he still reached out to you.


“Please, Y/N. I’ve seen how you act with them. If you want someone to be like that with, please let it be me. We’ve been through everything together, don’t throw it away like this. We could be something really special. Just say yes. Be with me, Y/N. You know just as well that you belong with me.” You started to deny him, but he pressed his finger to your lips and grabbed your hands.


“I get it, you want that kind of relationship. I can give it to you. Who better to date than your best friend? It makes sense, us together. You don’t have to explain anything. I already know what you love, what you hate. All that would change is that we would be closer.” Your stomach turned at his words. They made sense. There was no work, no strife, no miscommunication. He would always try his best to make you happy. You froze as his face neared yours. Did you want this? Were you just rebelling from this for rebellion’s sake?


Inasa’s lips captured yours violently. His passion fell over your mind like scathing fire. Tears fell from your eyes, and their cool rivers soothed your burning mind.


“Hey dude, it’s in bad form to kiss a girl without her consent you know.” Mina leaned against your door frame. Her eyes pierced through Inasa with a cold fury. “In fact, Babygirl was just telling me that she wasn’t looking for anything complicated right now, and you look like a whole bunch of complications from where I’m standing.” Mina pushed off the frame and pulled you from his grip. She tucked you under her arm.


“’Nasa. I don’t feel like that about you.” You felt sick. You thought maybe if you kissed, something would spark within you, and he would have been right. But you just feel tainted. “I think you need to take some time and think about what I really mean to you. You can continue to harbor these frankly unhealthy feelings for me, and we can go our separate ways, or you can reevaluate yourself and find a place in my life that works for both of us. As friends. You’ve always been like a brother to me.”


You felt the cold jolt of sorrow down your spine, no doubt from Inasa. You couldn’t bring yourself to look him in the eyes.


“I think you should leave.” Mina dismissed Inasa, guiding you back into your dorm. She bolted the door before sending out a quick text. Once she was satisfied, she took your hand and drug you to your bathroom. She placed you in front of the mirror and set out a bunch of things in front of you. “First, brush your teeth. He looks like he tastes gross. Probably mouthwash too, just to be sure.” You hiccoughed a weak laugh, following Mina’s orders. She took a soft washcloth from your cabinet and wet it with warm water. She rung it out and gently scrubbed the tears from your face. She finally deemed you better and hugged you close to her.


“I know it’s sucky now, but it will get better. He’ll either stop being an ass or he won’t, but that’s not on you.” She said softly, combing through your hair with her fingers. A knock at your door pulled you apart. Mina rushed to the door, opening it. You could hear a soft conversation as you walked out to the door.


Bakugou stood at your door, looking annoyed. “Sorry for not saying anything. I invited Bakugou over so he can keep watch tonight while we get some rest. He had a reaaally long nap earlier, so he’ll be fine.” Bakugou scoffed at Pinky but made himself comfortable on your couch. Mina took this as her signal to burrow into the nest on the floor.


You took some time to yourself, making tea for yourself and Bakugou. Mina seemed to fall asleep as soon as she settled in, but you doubt you would be getting much sleep tonight. You set a cup in front of Bakugou as you sat awkwardly. He didn’t seem to intent on conversing, but you weren’t keen on sitting in silence after tonight.


“So I hear you’re practicing your quirk on the others,” Bakugou stated, not bothering to look your way. You nodded.


“Practice on me. I’m going to be the strongest, so I need to beat you too.”

Chapter Text

Your eyes felt swollen and heavy, but you couldn’t help staring into the vermilion eyes glaring back at you. A heavy sigh rose unbidden from your chest.

“Think of this as stamina training. You’re going to witness and be a part of some rough things as a hero. If you really want to be a good pro, you’re gonna have to learn how to use your quirk even when your head doesn’t want to cooperate, Faucetface.” You quickly swiped your hand across your face, smearing the warm trail across your cheek. Bakugou was right, even though you would like nothing more than to tuck your feelings away for the night and lose yourself in your thoughts.

A swift huff and the squaring of your shoulders was all the warning Bakugou received before your eyes glossed over, fully focused on his head. The gritty taste of ash and ruin assaulted your mouth once again. It felt so real, so heavy on your tongue, you had to keep yourself from panicking. A few deep breaths carried the feeling from your mouth, but the taste remained. Without breaking your connection, you swiftly gulped down a gracious sip of your tea. It soothed the dryness, although you knew it was purely psychological.

Bakugou’s mind reminded you of the desolate landscape often shown in post-apocalyptic shows and games. It was devoid of all warmth, all sound, but fortified. His metaphorical wall shielding his mind was towering. The construction looked hurried initially but built upon over time. While it may be easier to scale the walls of his friends, his seemed perilous, both taxing to move through, but terrifyingly brittle. You felt as if you took the wrong step, you would harm yourself irreparably.

Bakugou lifted his eyebrow in your direction. He hadn’t noticed anything different, and that may have scared him more than an obvious intrusion. He didn’t yet know how to fight this. His brawn couldn’t touch his thoughts, not truly.

You were impressed that Bakugou allowed you to continue, staring blankly into his eyes for what seemed like hours. You probed carefully, trying to find a weakness or a way over, through, anything. It was a terribly slow process. What could he be hiding so deeply from everyone? You had finally found a chink in his armor and quickly took advantage before the ashy blonde could notice.

It was too much. You were worried you would never be able to pull yourself from Bakugou’s head after being bombarded by everything in his head. It was surprisingly close to the surface, but you doubted anyone had gotten past his walls. Insecurity hit you like a truck, weighing heavily on your chest. Anxiety wrapped itself around your neck, constricting your breathing. Desperation raged, hot in your veins. How did he live with this?

It started faint, but you heard something repeating through his head, like a mantra. It was a rough voice, but obviously feminine. Trying to ignore all the pain of his emotions, you focused on the voice. You saw a woman, Bakugou’s hair sitting softer on her head. She knelt in front of Bakugou, small and soft, only a child.

“Katsuki, listen to me.” She spoke to him, much too serious for a boy his age, four or five at most. “Do you know what your name means? Katsuki? It means winner. You are destined to win. My son is destined to win, and I will accept nothing more. You are my son, and my son is strong. Just like your momma.” You saw the woman cast a disdainful glance at a brunette close by, Bakugou’s father. He smiled sadly at his son, walking away from the blondes.

The words played over and over. Different settings, different memories. You are my son, and my son is strong. My son is a winner. Boastful, scornful. It was hard to differentiate. You watched again and again as she pushed him, and you watched the young boy’s anger grow and grow and at some point, burn out. He kept the ashes stoked to embers, keeping himself running on fumes. Everything at this point was out of habit.

Strong people don’t need help. Strong people don’t need friends. You are Mitsuki’s son and you are strong.

You couldn’t help yourself, you felt yourself replying to the words branded into his thoughts.

Strong people don’t need help. Strength is knowing when to ask for help.

Strong people don’t need friends. There is strength in numbers, there is strength in feeling secure around those close to you.

You are Mitsuki’s son and you are strong. You are your own, you get to decide what strength means to you.

You felt as if you were shackled to his mind, repeating your words as if possessed. You faintly felt your body sway, but you couldn’t pull away. You were compelled to fix this hurt. It was so deep, so ingrained. You wondered what would be left if it had disappeared. The swaying became more insistent, and a faint voice called you, not from Bakugou’s memories.

You awoke to yourself all at once, as if plunged into an ice bath. You felt chill, pins, and needles spread throughout your arms and legs. Bakugou sat across from you, clutching his head, but Mina sat in front of you. Her face seemed a paler pink than usual and her eyes bore into yours, worry spilling from the corners. You blinked the blurriness from your eyes as you looked around. Sun spilled through your window brightly. How long had you lost yourself to Bakugou’s head?

“Thought we lost ya for a minute.” Mina tried to laugh, but her worry seeped heavily into your thoughts. It was hard to close off the connections around you as you had delved so deeply. You turned your attention back to Bakugou, skimming the surface of his thoughts. Sharp panic swept across your tongue, sour cherry flooding your system.

“Bakugou, are you okay?” You spoke softly.

“Fuck off Faucetface.” He growled, glaring at you, but his mind spoke differently.

I’m scared, the whisper slid through your head.

“It’s okay, that was a lot.” You hummed softly. Fatigue hit you all at once, making you slouch in your chair. Mina quickly pushed a steaming cup of coffee into your hands, and you thanked whatever gods present for gifting you with such an angel. A delicate blush spread over her cheeks as your thoughts echoed in her mind.

“Sorry, hard to control right now.” You were much too tired to act sheepish about your actions. Bakugou quickly stood, knocking over his chair. You heard him stomp quickly out of your room, slamming the door behind him. Mina watched, stunned, as you didn’t react one bit to the tantrum. “He’ll get over it soon,” You assured your rose-colored friend. “Let’s go get breakfast, yeah?” Mina nodded, gathering her clothes into her arms.

A few minutes later, the two of you left your dorm. Your clothes were practical and comfortable today, the two of you agreeing that makeup wasn’t worth the effort today. Your arm intertwined with Mina’s as you quickly filled her in with what happened after she passed out. You kept Bakugou’s mind to yourself. It wasn’t your story to share, and Mina, although curious, understood.

You fell comfortably into communicating with her with just your thoughts. Sleep still weighed heavily on her mind, allowing you to calm down from your night’s adventures. The salty tang of worry washed over you as you reached the common area. Kirishima was quick to jog over to you and Mina, practically shouting in your head.

“Calm down, he’s fine.” You winced, clutching your head. A flash of guilt and relief, and you could hear yourself think again. “He wanted me to practice his quirk on him last night. I think I may have gotten into something he didn’t necessarily want me to see.” You sighed.

Mina elbowed you roughly, sending you flailing into Kirishima’s chest. A quick sorry popped into your thoughts, but Mina outwardly soldiered on with her rant. “Don’t forget the fact that when I woke up, you were so deep into his head I almost couldn’t get you to come back to us.” Mina crossed her arms, pouting at you as Kirishima helped to right yourself. His worry flashed again, cloying.

“What does she mean? Y/N, what does she mean she couldn’t get you back?” His arms on your shoulders turned you to face him. His eyes bored into yours, a true crimson and deep with concern.

“I wasn’t really prepared for Bakugou, I suppose. I know what it’s like now, so it shouldn’t happen again.” You felt Kirishima’s dislike of you getting lost in Bakugou’s head, “I also am having some trouble closing off my quirk, sorry.” You didn’t like this lack of control. It made you feel nauseous. Kirishima sighed, running his hand over your hair.

The rest of the morning dragged on quietly. As time passed, you were able to close your quirk off, the true silence in your head like a balm. By the time you had finished breakfast, the rest of the Bakusquad had shown up at your building.

You were able to take it a little bit easier today. Your Wednesday schedule mirrored your Monday schedule, and Kirishima would be with you for each class, which was a comfort for your tired brain. As you walked out of the dorm building, you noticed how easily the Bakusquad fell in around you. Mina and Kirishima stayed close to you, on each side, your hands warm in their own. Sero lagged a bit behind, claiming the hallways weren’t wide enough to walk next to Mina. Kaminari walked backwards in front of you, trying out any new pick up lines he thought up, finger guns accompanying each quip. As you approached the buildings, Bakugou slid up to the group, settling next to Sero. Your lips lifted in a soft smile, but you decided against saying anything. Kaminari opened the door, holding it open and bowing dramatically.

“After you, Princess.” With a soft giggle and a curtsy, you slipped through the door. The rest of the squad followed suit, Bakugou scowling as he stalked to his seat. You sat snugly between Kirishima and Kaminari.

With a yawn, Mina stretched and quickly got down to spreading the morning gossip. Kirishima turned in his chair to face the rest of the group, his knee brushing up against yours. Your nerves lit up at the contact, spreading a pleasant buzz where you touched.

“So there I am, lounging dutifully in Y/N’s room, right? Ready to pass out, hard. Then homegirl is getting up. Mina no likey, I wanted to use her perfect lil self as a body pillow. She throws her phone over to me and Mr. Duster Bluster says he’s outside. Now, I wanted to tell him to go, right? But darling angel over here is all like, ‘No, I’ll talk to him, blah blah blah, I’ll leave the door open,’ right?” You feel flush at your naivety, and a soft brush grazes your knee under the table. Kirishima’s hand laid open on your knee, and you gladly set your smaller hand in his. The comfort of his affection soothed you. “So here I am, listening on the other side of the door because of course I am. Guy is skeevy. And he’s all like, ‘We belong together, I’m the only one for you, I’m a big douche.’” Mina mimics Inasa, earning her a stray chuckle or two, “and I open the door. He has her up against the wall and is practically devouring her. Poor darling is crying up a storm.” Kirishima’s hand tightens around yours, and the unfamiliar spice of his anger floods your senses. Your eyes tear up at the sensation and the bitter recollection. “I chew his ass out, bring the poor thing inside and clean her up. Then I get Blasty over to her place for night watch and what does he do? Damn near breaks her head by trying to mind fight her or something. Ugh, I’m going to sleep so well tonight.” Bakugou scoffs and rolls his eyes, not bothering to correct Mina. Kirishima takes a few deep breaths, letting the spice of his anger dissolve to a more acceptable level. His hand releases yours to pull you into his chest.

I got you, his mind spoke to you, and your tears dried quickly.

All Might entered shortly after, delaying your discussion. The topic of discussion today was just some pointers on how to initially deal with the media once you debut. Your group was eerily silent during the lecture, even Kaminari taking notes.

The class past quickly, and you were reluctant to leave the comforting wall of your new friends. Kirishima stood soon after the class was dismissed, and he waited until you had gathered your things before reaching out his hand to you. You gladly took it, noticing the zing of sassiness from Mina as she watched the two of you. The two of you said your goodbyes to the squad before walking to the gym.

The walk to the gym was quiet today, but Kirishima’s soft worry and happiness invaded your head, a calming lavender. It felt nice to have someone’s attention like this. You gently let him know you tapped into his head. It was easier to convey feelings without the words muddling your meaning. His worry and happiness warred on your tongue, tart and sweet. You pushed your feelings of appreciation to him, feeling the happiness overtake the worry. You left it at that, words unsaid.

The two of you were so caught up in your heads that you didn’t seem to notice your teacher lean against the door frame, grinning wildly at your joined hands. Tetsu ran up, joining you and Kirishima for a quick chat before class. The metal boy’s energy was infectious, and you felt yourself perking up at the upcoming training.

“Alright, heroes and heroesses.” Fatgum bellowed, catching everyone’s attention with a grin. “I’m going to split you all up into pairs today. Our last class, we all came up with some things I would like you to work on, so please focus on those instructions. I’ll be goin’ round and lookin’ at all of you to make sure you’re not slacking.” He quickly started shouting out pairs, and you felt Tetsutetsu’s hand grabbing at your free hand. He obviously thought the two of you would be paired together. You belatedly realized that Kirishima’s hand still sat in yours, like an extension of your own.

“Kirishima and L/N.” Fatgum called out, earning a whine and huff from Tetsutetsu. He pouted before claiming dibs on the next free training and ran off to find his partner. You felt slightly elated at the fact you wouldn’t have to leave Kirishima’s side yet but then realized what this training would entail. Kirishima brought you over to a clear area of the gym, releasing your hand and claiming the area as yours with a simple cone.

“Go on and change, Y/N. I’ll meet you back out here.” His smile was infectious, and you smiled quickly back at him. You changed in record time, jogging back to your area and dumping the jacket on the ground nearby. You didn’t need more grappling areas when it came to Kirishima. Kirishima joined you shortly, rolling his shoulders with a grin. You took your stance opposite of him, and he fell easily into a relaxed fighting stance.

You quickly breached his head, searching purely for fears, but he expected your probing and redirected his thoughts. He focused his mind on a simple repeating melody, something he could focus his mind on while still keeping his head in the fight. With that path blocked, you felt the familiar heaviness appear behind you, your lance perfectly weighted in your hand. You rushed the redhead, trying not to give him time to activate his quirk, but he was fast. The show wasn’t as flashy as Tetsutetsu, as you didn’t spark of Kirishima nearly as much. As your distracted him by attacking from the front, you summoned your war hammer behind him. You weren’t sure how much of your fight with Tetsu he had seen, but you weren’t surprised when he rolled to the side as the hammer missed its mark, dissolving instantly upon its failure.

While the hammer may not have hit, it did give you an opening in Kirishima’s head. Without thinking, you pulled the first fear quickly. As Kirishima pulled himself back up into a stand, big arms encircled him, lifting him from the ground.

It was big, whatever it was, and it wore a mask like a bird. The mask slipped into Kirishima’s line of sight and his eyes went wide. It seemed as if his quirk went into overhaul, sharpening each corner of his body until everything seemed to crack. You were unsure where to go from here, was this considered a win for you? You watched him, your lance aimed and ready to strike if he broke free. Kirishima struggled against the beast, his arms cutting into the ghastly apparition. It didn’t even flinch as he tore through the wispy material it was made of. Kirishima finally tore through its arms, falling to the floor with a bang. Although you were worried about your friend, you quickly readied your lance, pinning him to the ground by his jacket.

A sharp whistle broke you from the fight. Fatgum clapped as he nodded towards your arm-less apparition. “Rappa? That’s an interesting thing to create. And on such short notice.” You looked at him, a bit confused as you removed your lance. You held a hand out to help Kirishima up, but he was slapped your hand away. His skin, still Unbreakable, stung against yours almost as much as the hurt that flooded your heart.

Fatgum frowned at his protege. “Red Riot, I’m not sure how manly that was. Your opponent- and friend- won fair and square. Calm down. It’s not even a real villain." Fatgum pushed his hand through the center of the illusion Rappa, and with a gentle shake, the apparition faded into nothingness.

You watched as Kirishima’s skin softened, his head bowed. Fatgum paid him no mind, instead coming to congratulate you. “It looks like you’ve been busy! That’s quite the upgrade from the last time huh?” You smiled at your teacher but found that you couldn’t quite feel happy about your win. Would it feel like this every time you used your quirk like this? Fatgum dismissed you to observe the other students train while he took Kirishima off to the side for more coaching. You sat at the edge of the gym, sadly staring off to the other students. You watched Iida for a while, his speed ever increasing.

Tetsutetsu joined you shortly. “Hey lil miss, what are you doing over here all by yourself?” He playfully pushed your shoulder. You quickly filled him in on your match and he nodded softly. “Yeah, Kirishima’s fight with Rappa was always a bit of a sore spot for him. I’m sure he’ll be fine in a few minutes.” Tetsu’s reassurance calmed you.

“Looks like he got one on ya though.” You looked over at him, confused. All hits had been blocked by your lance, and although your arms ached you weren’t sure where he could have gotten a hit in. Tetsutetsu lifted your hand, and sure enough, the back of your hand was bleeding angrily. Another wave of hurt coursed through you. It was from when you tried to help him up. Tetsutetsu helped you up and led you to the first aid station. It only took a little sanitizing and a little wrap to stop the bleeding, but your heart still ached.

It took some time before Kirishima joined you and Tetsutetsu. He slunk up to you, looking ashamed. He wouldn’t look you in the eye, but you felt the brush of his hand against yours. You softly took his hand and tapped into his head. You sent a small pulse of hurt to him, and his face fell further.

‘Sorry… let me explain over lunch. My treat.’ You gave him a subtle nod, and his face warmed until it fell upon the bandage on your hand. He frowned, his brow furrowing. A delicate thumb ran over the edge.

Tetsutetsu talked you through the remainder of the class period, pointing out people he knew the quirks of and trying to guess the fears of your classmates. It was a relief for you when the class dismissed. The sooner this awkward air was cleared between you and Kirishima, the sooner you’d be able to breathe again.

The two of you walked out, hand in hand. Kirishima had pulled aside Tetsutetsu before you left, and he had surprisingly left without a fuss, saying he had some other things to take care of. Kirishima shot off a quick text before smiling at you. You walked quietly for a few minutes until Sero rounded the corner, carrying a plastic bag.

“You owe me Kirishima. Kaminari is going to give me hell when he hears I let you steal her away for lunch.” Sero grinned widely, shoving the bag into his hand. “I gotta get back before he notices I left.” With a quick wave, Sero jogged back the way he came. You laughed softly, making Kirishima smile down at you. He quickly guided you away from the bulk of the campus so you could have some privacy. He sat under a tree at the edge of campus, spreading out all of the food Sero had brought him.

“First of all, I’m sorry. That was a jerk move, slapping away your hand. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.” You found yourself hating the taste of Kirishima’s guilt more than any other.

“It really doesn’t hurt, Kiri.” His face alighted at his nickname. “I didn’t even notice until Tetsutetsu pointed it out.” He nodded softly, chewing on a meat bun.

The remainder of your lunchtime was spent in awe as you listened to Kirishima recount his first big mission. He worked with his senpai and Fatgum, along with many other Pro-heroes and their apprentices, to take down the Eight Precepts of Death. You remembered hearing in the news about the circumstances surrounding the death of a famous Pro, but you never would have guessed that Kirishima was involved with the operation.

“I’m sorry.” You apologized softly. “I wish I had known.” Kirishima covered your hand with his, shaking his head.

“Don’t be sorry. I need to learn to deal with encounters like that. You’re helping me become stronger.” His smile could have blinded you at that point, but you would have accepted it with open arms.

The remainder of the school day passed without much event. You found yourself laid out on the grass with Kirishima, waiting for the remainder of the Bakusquad to join you. The field behind the dorms was becoming your favorite spot on campus.

Kaminari showed up first, crawling up next to you pathetically. “Today was so hard! I didn’t even get to see your pretty face as a pick me up!” You gave into his whines, pulling his head onto your shoulder. Kaminari sighed happily, wrapping his arm around your waist. “Finally! My turn to get some love!” You carded your fingers through his hair, amused by the small tingle of static. Sero and Mina joined shortly after, sitting across from you. Mina leaned tiredly against Sero, eyeing Kaminari and not-so-subtly trying to gauge Kirishima’s reaction.

The lemony burst of jealousy on your tongue was an obvious answer to you. With a sigh, you reached up, grabbing a chunk of hair at the nape of Kirishima’s head. You gently pulled him down onto your other shoulder. You enjoyed the warm afternoon sun with the boys lounging on your shoulders. The heavy breathing clued you into Mina’s spontaneous nap on Sero’s lap.

With a groan, you pushed the boys off of you. “I’m getting pins and needles! Why are your heads so heavy?” Kirishima chuckled and ruffled your hair. “Yeah, yeah, wish I could do that to you Mr. Spikes-a-lot.” You patted the tip of his spiked hair with your palm, watching as the barely moved. You glanced over to Sero, his face cherry red. Mina was soundly asleep in his lap, and his hand was ghosting over her hair. You quickly took out your phone, pulling up the camera. A shutter sound clicked loudly and Sero’s face shot up. You stared back, mischievousness oozing from your face as you showed him the picture of him and Mina.

Before he could throw a fit, Bakugou finally showed up. “Outta my spot, pipsqueak.” He toed Kaminari, who reluctantly moved, pouting the whole time. The ashy blonde plopped down next to you. You hadn’t spoken a word to each other all day or even looked each other in the eye.

Then you felt it. The gentle touch of his pinky on yours. He refused to look at you, or even in your direction, but you went with it. You tapped into his head-gently. A soft buzz and he knew you were there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mina woke shortly, sleepily arching a brow as she spotted Bakugou’s hand so close to yours. Thankfully she kept her mouth closed on that tidbit. The group chatted well into the afternoon. You kept your connection with Bakugou, getting glimpses of his actual meaning behind the angry words he spoke.

No one will think badly of you if you said what you meant. A spark of worry arced through your connection, and you decided to drop the conversation for today.

“Hey, we should have a party on Friday! There’s been so much going on this week, we deserve to cut loose!” Mina cheered. Sero nodded, adding in that his apartment off campus would be big enough for everyone. You were slightly nervous, you hadn’t been to too many parties. But you wanted to go to this one, everyone that was going was already a friend. You nodded your agreement and sealed the deal for the remaining boys.

All that was left was to survive until Friday.

Chapter Text

The sun was creeping down the horizon, painting the dorms in a warm red light. Kirishima and Kaminari insisted on walking you to your room, despite your protests against having one of them stay to keep watch. You couldn’t rely on their protection forever. You had with Inasa, and look how that had turned out.


“Alright Honey Buns, here’s your door.” Kaminari shot you a wink as you rolled your eyes.


“Honey Buns? That’s the best you got?” Kirishima snickered from your side as you pushed Kaminari’s shoulder, a slight blush dusting your cheeks. You weren’t used to such blatant flirting-teasing or not.


“I got more! Angel Eyes, Sugar Cube, Boo Bear, Love Bug, Peach… I could go on.” He waggled his eyebrows at you, “Take your pick.” You hid your face in Kirishima’s arm, seeing the way Kaminari reacted to your reddening face made you want to hide it away.


“Come on Sparky, none of those really fit Y/N, do they?” You nodded roughly against Kirishima’s arm, grateful he was putting a stop to the teasing. You picked your head up to smile at the redhead, who fixed you with a mischievous stare. “I think she’s more suited to the classics. Lil Mama, Pumpkin, Buttercup… Darling?” Your blush was back with a vengeance, hearing the words spill from Kirishima’s lips lit an unfamiliar fire in your belly. It was almost unbearable.


“W-well thanks, guys, I’m really tired all of a sudden, see you tomorrow!” You quickly unlocked your door, slamming it behind you. Their snickers carried through the door.


“Sleep tight, Lil Mama!” You heard Kirishima’s voice through the door, reigniting your face. You waited until their laughs could no longer be heard before moving from your door. The impromptu blanket fort still littered your living room floor, so you scooped up your blankets and pillows before venturing to your bed. Forgoing making your bed, you launched yourself onto the mattress and buried your face into your pillow. Spectral butterflies fluttered around your head, mirroring the stirring feelings in your stomach.


Sleep took you quickly that night. All worried of Inasa were erased from your thoughts in favor of sweet dreams. A sweet, familiar voice echoed in your dreams. You felt the warm spring sun on your face and heard the voice calling out to you.






You woke in the morning to a veritable garden of your imagination. Irises, camellias, and cherry blossom blooms littered your bed. Ethereal butterflies filled the air, landing softly on the delicate petals surrounding you. You took a few minutes to bask in the beauty around you, dispelling it soon after with a deep sigh.


After a quick shower, you quickly dressed and locked up your dorm. You were eager to meet your friends for breakfast. As you neared the common area, you could smell a delicious aroma wafting out of the kitchen. Your heart warmed as you walked to the dining area, the boys were huddled around the table. Tetustetsu was ruffling Kaminari’s hair, the blonde seemingly still half asleep. Kirishima sat across from them, teasing the blonde. His eyes meet you as you walked in, and you nearly froze. He had skipped gelling his hair today, and it hung straight down to his shoulders. A simple bandanna wrapped around his head, keeping the stray strands from falling into his face.  


“G’morning Lil Mama,” He struck you with a blinding smile, and you forced yourself out of your daze.


“Morning Red! If you three troublemakers are out here, who is making that scrumptious breakfast I smell?”


“Funny story, Bakubro showed up early to make us some food. You sure you didn’t brainwash him or something?” You rolled your eyes at Kirishima before sitting next to him. The scrape of the chair on the floor seemed to rouse Kaminari.


“Hey Pumpkin Face! I mean, wait, shit-” he grumbled before laying his head back down on the table.


“Looks like someone forgot to pop himself on the charger last night,” Tetsutetsu snickered, earning him a feeble swat from Kaminari. The teasing was interrupted by Bakugou storming to the dining area, carrying a few plates. He roughly set one in front of you before plopping down in the seat next to you with his own plate.


“Wow! This looks delicious Bakugou. Thank you so much.” Your face was alight with delight. Piled high on the plate were fluffy waffled, strawberry compote sandwiched between each layer. Bakugou merely grunted, turning his face away from you. You weren’t sure if it was the morning sun drifting through the windows, but you thought you saw his face dusted with a delicate pink.


“Where’s our plates Blasty?” Kaminari whined.


“Get your own damn plates, I’m not your fucking mother.” Although his words were harsh, the bite was lacking this morning. You took a bite out of your waffles and couldn’t help but squeal out in happiness.


“’Sho good.” Your hand covered your mouth as you chewed happily. Bakugou smirked at your antics. Spurred on by your reaction, the boys quickly made their way to make their own plates. You happily munched on your breakfast, not caring to wait for the group when the food was this good.


“Bakubro, there’s barely any strawberries left!” Kirishima yelled from the kitchen.


“If you wanted strawberries, you should have bought them yourself.” You turned to Bakugou, smiling.


“Thanks for giving me some, I love strawberries.” You plopped one in your mouth with a grin.


“Don’t get used to it, Princess. I just felt like making a big batch this morning.” Kirishima quickly returned with his breakfast, a meager topping of strawberry drizzled over top. Kaminari and Tetsutetsu followed soon after, their waffles barren of any topping.


“It’s not nice to play favorites Blasty.” Kaminari’s whine seemed more attentive now, and you chuckled as he picked up a waffle whole, preferring to eat it with his hands. You felt Bakugou tense up beside you before he shot up, rushing to place his plate in the sink.


“That’s the last time I do something nice for you Pikachu,” he glowered, gathering his things before leaving the dorm. The boys shrugged it off, used to his behavior. Kirishima used Bakugou’s exit as a distraction to scoop some of the compote off of your plate with a finger.


“No, you don’t. Sorry, Red, this stuff is too good to share.” You grabbed onto his arm, preventing him from pulling away.


“Oh? And how do you propose getting it back?” His eyes were sparkling with mirth as he stared at you. This was a challenge, and you didn’t want to lose. You locked your eyes to his and swiftly pulled his finger to your mouth, sucking the topping off of his finger. You pulled off with a pop.


The silence in the room was deafening. All conversation and eating had stopped. Kirishima’s eyes glazed over, his face quickly darkening in color.


“That was… so hot.” Kaminari choked out, dropping his half-eaten waffle onto his plate. Realization flashed across your face and you quickly covered your face in embarrassment. Had you really- While they were watching? Kirishima cleared his throat, turning his focus back to his food.


“Well, that’s one way.” He laughed softly. You quickly finished your breakfast and excused yourself. Eager to put some distance between yourself and the awkward breakfast, you nearly sprinted to the campus. You slowed as you neared the buildings, looking in the quad for your pink friend. Surely she would love to hear your complaints about breakfast. As you scanned the yard, you caught a glance of Inasa. A dull sadness filled you as he quickly shot you a soft wave. You ducked your head, walking away from your… friend? You weren’t sure what he was to you anymore. Once you caught sight of Mina, you banished that line of thought in favor of throwing yourself in her arms.


“Mina! I’ve been so dumb!”




“You what!? Okay, now you can’t lie to me, you definitely have a thing for Kirishima!” She squealed, leaning into Sero as the three of you sat under a blooming tree.


“No! I don’t know! I just wanted some friends and we just started this semester. Inasa may have been acting like an ass, but he was right on one thing. We’ve only known each other for a few days. He seems like such a good guy, I don’t want to mess it up cause I might have some sort of feelings for him.” You sighed deeply, stretching out and looking up at the blossoms.


“It’s no rush. Just relax and get to know everyone. If something happens, it does. Either way, I know Kirishima is a good guy to have as a friend.” Sero had been watching you and Mina fondly. He now rubbed his hand down Mina’s arm, urging her to tone down her enthusiasm. You nodded at the two of them.


“You’re right. I guess I just over think things a little too much.” You forced yourself to relax, the bark of the tree gently pressing into your back. The three of you started making your way to class, meeting up with Kirishima and Kaminari on the way. You smiled widely at the boys, hoping they wouldn’t bring up breakfast any time soon.


You had trouble focusing on class. Your eyes kept drifting to Kirishima beside you.


“Nice butterfly.” You jumped at the voice. Kaminari pointed at the shimmering insect floating around your head. You shushed him and rolled your eyes, trying to refocus on Thirteen’s lecture. A quick glance to the blonde, and you saw him trying to poke your butterfly. It deftly avoided his finger and landed on his nose. His eyes crossed as he tried to watched the wisp and you couldn’t help but chuckle. A bitter taste flooded your mouth, and the butterfly instantly vanished. With a quick peek to your other side, you were met with crimson eyes. His face was marred with a somber frown. Was he jealous about Kaminari and the stupid butterfly? With a soft smile and a roll of your eyes, you urged another butterfly into existence. It floated softly to Kirishima’s hand, its proboscis flicking out to taste the sweat from his skin. Sweetness overcame your senses, and you slumped into your chair with a pleased exhale. These boys were a lot of work.



Class ended without much fuss. Mina seemed absorbed into something Sero was talking about, so you grabbed Kaminari’s collar as he attempted to walk over to them. You quickly put your finger to your mouth and motioned to the door. He nodded and quickly picked up his things. When you went to do the same, your things were missing from your table. Kirishima bundled your things in his arm, holding his free hand out to you. You gladly slid your hand in his, grabbing Kaminari’s as well. You quickly pulled the two out of the class, leaving Mina and Sero in the empty classroom.


The imprints of your group were still somewhat visible in the clearing, and you quickly placed yourself back in the outline. The boys had held back, whispering to each other. Nerves tingled on your skin, you hoped they weren’t saying anything about you.


“Hey Sweet Cheeks, I don’t want to be late to class again, so I’m heading out.” Kaminari gave you a swift salute and started to walk off.


“Okay! Have fun?” You called after him. You expected Kirishima to fill his spot next to you, but instead, he plopped down right in front of you.


“Listen, I know things got a little out of hand this morning. I’m sure you didn’t mean anything by it, but I just wanted you to know…” His eyes drifted to the grass below you, ripping out a few strands as he spoke, “I don’t want you to feel weird or nervous around me. I like being around you and talking with you. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, you don’t have to worry about it.” You heart lifted at his words and you nodded.


“Thanks, Kiri, I needed that.” You smiled softly, grabbing his hand.


“Now, since it’s just the two of us, let’s practice your quirk!” His grin looked so wide, you were nervous it would split his lip.


It only took a few seconds for you to slip into Kirishima’s mind. You wanted to focus on pulling things other than fears from someone’s mind. You coaxed the memories from his mind, gently and taking your time. It was so different than it would have been in a battle, his mind was so open and pliant to your work. As you sat there, he showed you memories of his time in UA. You saw part of the infamous sports festival, his first fights, memories of a brief infatuation with a plant lady from the other class. You saw how the squad grew together over time and felt blessed at how easily they accepted you into something that was years in the making.


“You’re making me feel a little fuzzy there, Darling.” You could feel his humor seep into his mind. He wasn’t going to give up the nicknames anytime soon.


“I was just thinking about how happy I was to be friends with all of you. Must have bled through a bit.” You laid yourself against his side, taking in how his mind felt like summer on a lake. Warm, crisp, and clean. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and propping his chin up on your head.


“Oi, Shitty Hair. Where’s Raccoon Eyes and Tape Arms?” Bakugou’s voice boomed, interrupting your moment.


“Dude, my hair isn’t even up today…” Kirishima’s weight slumped against you, and you giggled as you tried to push him back up. For some reason, this just seemed to irritate Bakugou more.


“Whatever. Either way, we’ve got class soon. Don’t make me drag you there Hair for Brains.” He swiftly turned away and started stomping away. You cocked an eyebrow at Kirishima, who just shrugged. He quickly wrapped you up in his arms, lifting you up effortlessly.


“Put me down!!! Kirishima! My class is the other way.” You whined and feebly pounded your fist against his chest. He knew it was just for show though, as your grin never faltered.


“Alright Lil Mama, if you insist. I guess I’ll just have to walk you to class then.



You were not ready to spar after how relaxing your break had been. You wondered if it was good for you to not be ready though, it’s not like villains wait until you’ve got a bunch of pent up energy to attack after all. It took you a while to get into the groove, but a few good hits and future bruises quickly captured your attention.


After the brutal ass-kicking that you had suffered when you spaced out, a long, hot shower was the only thing you could think of. The steam billowed around you, obscuring your sight as you melted into the water. Just one more class today, and you could chill out for the rest of the night.


Thankfully that went quickly. You were reviewing basic first aid, and your professor had even given you the recipe for a salve to help some of your nastier bruises. Once you were done with the class, you walked out into the afternoon air, salve shining from a darkening bruise on your cheek. If it worked as well as the professor stated, it would be gone by tomorrow.


As you walked towards the dorms, the group seemed to assemble around you. First Mina, flinging her arms around your shoulders. Then Sero, quietly bumping into your arm with a grin. Kaminari and Tetsutetsu showed up together, following behind you and loudly complaining about their days. Bakugou showed up next to you, silent as a ghost. Then, finally, Kirishima. With a flourish and a twirl, he picked you up quickly, setting you back down between him and Bakugou. His hand nestled into yours, already a habit for the two of you. On instinct, you quickly slipped your free hand into Bakugou’s. The group seemed to freeze, their breath held in apprehension. You felt the explosive blond tense up next to you…


And then continue walking. A collective sigh spilled from the squad, and they continued their trek. Happiness bubbled up from within you. You had even gotten through to Bakugou. It was something you would treasure, you were sure of it.


Once you neared the dorms, Bakugou announced that everyone’s blatant disregard for their homework was ending today. You and Kirishima had the decency to look sheepish at this, but the rest of the group just whined. Bakugou’s forced study groups were about to begin anew, much to their dismay and your infinite pleasure.


That was until you actually experienced his boot camp style of tutoring. He was determined to be number one, and you had no place being associated with him if you didn’t try. You were exhausted, but you had no doubt you would remember everything you went over. His booming voice ingrained the information in your head. Now all you wanted was a blissfully empty sleep.


After shuffling off to your room, you fell into bed. Your eyes fell shut and you were asleep before the blanket even settled on you.

Chapter Text

After the few longs nights this week, you awoke Friday morning well rested. Nervous energy bubbled through you, tonight you would attend your first party with your new friends. Before that though, you had a few classes. You were glad you had the foresight to make sure you had fewer classes on Fridays, effectively giving you half-days.

You rushed through your morning routine, throwing your hair up quick before locking up. You felt too impatient to wait for the elevator and pranced down the stairs, two at a time. You skipped into the commons area, greeting a sleepy Tetsutetsu as you passed into the kitchen. You nearly froze in the doorway. Kirishima stood in front of you, hair down and tied back, with an apron barely covering his front. He graced you with a big smile as he tried to balance all the ingredients he pulled from the fridge.

“Want some help, Red?” you giggled as the eggs nearly fell out from the bottom of his pile. You quickly took them from him and grabbed a few things precariously perched on top.

“Thanks, Lil Mama.” He started laying out his ingredients haphazardly across the counters.

“Whatcha makin’?” You peered over his shoulder at his disarray.

“Omelets. I may not be as good of a cook as Bakugou, but I can cook up a few things.” You rolled up your sleeves and grabbed a cutting board. He cocked an eyebrow at you as you set up station next to him.

“I wanna help! I have way too much energy to just wait for you to be done.” You quickly grabbed some veggies from him and rinsed them off in the sink. “Don’t mind me, just do what you do.”

The two of you quickly set to work, you dicing up veggies while Kirishima readied all the meat and the eggs. You watched him out of the corner of your eyes as he whipped the eggs into a frothy mess. He was definitely passionate in whatever he did, whether he was good at it or not. You giggled as the egg splashed on his apron.

It was a rare quiet moment between you two, as you moved around each other lazily. All of Kirishima’s whisking paid off as you plated your breakfast, your omelet was large and fluffy on your plate. You watched Kirishima as he drenched his omelet in cheese and salsa.

“We spent so long making these taste good and you drown yours? You’re crazy Red.” You giggled as he stuck his tongue out at you, balancing three plates on his arms. You walked out with him to the common room, claiming a spot at a bigger table. Kirishima set a plate next to you and placed the other two across from you. The lingering aroma quickly brought Tetsutetsu over, sitting down with a grunt of thanks. Kaminari shuffled into the room and made a beeline for your table, sitting messily and nearly planting his face into his breakfast. The four of you ate in near silence, the boys across from you barely conscious. Kaminari was even eating with his face laid on the table, earning him a glare from Tetsutetsu. You and Kirishima ate slowly, every once in a while discussing the classes you have today.


Mina bounced in as you were gathering the dishes, following you as you rinsed everything off. “Excited for tonight?” She asked in a sing-song manner. You nodded quickly. “Good, ‘cause when I’m done with my classes, we’re going to get ready together!” she grabbed your arm, nearly making you drop the dishes. You giggled at her exuberance, her excitement feeding your own.

After getting scolded by the awaiting boys, you and Mina scurried out of the dorm building and fell into step with the group walking to the campus. “Hey guys, where’s Sero?” You counted the group as you walked, holding your fingers up in front of you.

“Oh! He planned his schedule so he wouldn’t have classes on Fridays, lucky bastard.” Mina quipped, sighing. “But that means he has more time to get his place ready for tonight!” You and Mina cheered quietly at that. “Speaking of people that aren’t supposed to be here, you’re early Bakugou.” Mina leered at her explosive friend who scoffed.

“Whatever Pinky. Maybe I’m just concentrating on studying today.” He bit back, turning his face away from the group.

“Okay Blast Boy, whatever you say.” The group split soon after that, walking casually to their first classes. Tetsutetsu and Kirishima flanked you as your group approached the gym.

“Man, I really don’t feel like getting all banged up today.” You whined softly. “I’m gonna come out of here with another bruise, and I just got rid of the one I got yesterday.”

“Such is the life of a hero.” Tetsutetsu still yawned from next to you.

“At least bruises look manly! It’s a testament that you stood up to something.” Kirishima clutched his fist in front of him, and you wondered if he ever hurt his eyes with how often he seemed to be staring up into the bright morning sky. Damn morning people.

“Well, most of my bruises just mean I stood up to a chair or table. A door frame if I’m lucky.” You giggled. You should probably work on your spatial awareness. The three of you walked into Fatgum’s gym and split off into the locker rooms. You made quick work of your change and ran back out to the gym. At least you had the energy for this today. Kirishima and Tetsutetsu joined you as you were beginning your stretches.

“Alright. Today’s to nice of a day to be cooped up in the gym, so we’re taking it outside!” Fatgum announced cheerily to the class. He walked around a bit, a bento uncovered in his hands. “We’re gonna do some team battles! Once a week, we’ll split into teams and fight some of the other teams. This way we get to see some weaknesses we never would have gotten to with normal training. Today we’re starting with teams of two, your choice. Now let’s go!” He shoved some food from the bento into his mouth as he turned to leave the gym.

“Hey, Y/N, let’s team up!” Tetsutetsu had asked, but Kirishima had already grabbed your hand and helped you up off the floor. The two of you were already walking away.

“Sorry Tetsu, maybe next time?” You felt a little bad at leaving him behind, but you were happy Kirishima had picked you over Tetsutetsu or even some of his previous classmates.

“Alright Lil Mama, time to plan quick.” Kirishima looked over at you mischievously. “First of all, no talking out loud. Just get all up in my head.” He shot you a wink at that, and you felt yourself reddening, but you nodded. “I’ll be your shield, so you get to be my badass spear, got it? You get an opening and you take it, I’ll cover you.” His belief in you was invigorating. Before the two of you could elaborate further, Fatgum announced the battles. You and Kirishima would be up first.

You wandered out to the field, Kirishima placing himself further in front of you. On the other side, a sullen Tetsutetsu settled in front of a rather unique looking individual. His skin was a pallid green with blade-like protrusions on each side of his face.

Fatgum signaled the start of the match and you all fell into your stances. You quickly connected with Kirishima’s mind, and he flooded you with information about your combatants. You knew most of the information he had about Tetsutetsu, so you focused on the newcomer. Togaru Kamakiri, hero name Jack Mantis, quirk: Razor Blades. Highly offensive, sharp enough to cut through steel. With this information you readied yourself.


Tetsutetsu set himself on Kirishima, both of their quirks enveloping their bodies. Steel met rock in a grating clash. You felt your lance materialize heavily in your hands and you rushed into the fray. Jack Mantis had his blades formed on his arms as well, meeting your attack with a quick parry. The fight would be drawn out and taxing if you kept this matchup. With a quick flash of information to Kiri, he separated himself from Tetsu long enough for you to roll over his shoulders. A loud clang let you know that he just barely blocked the hit that Jack Mantis aimed at you. Tetsutetsu stood in front of you, staring at you quizzically. You took this opening to probe into his mind. It was unexpected to him, and he had little defense for your unusual intrusion. As he was distracted, you rushed in to get a few good hits with your lance. You knew it wouldn’t do much to the steel-skinned man, but it drew his attention away from the intrusion in his mind. You quickly delved into his fears, trying to find the easiest to summon. Your eyes had grew hazy at this, you hadn’t had any practice in keeping up your summoned illusions, and a mental connection with not one, but two people.

This momentary lapse allowed Tetsu to move in close, landing a staggering blow to your stomach. You felt alarm through your connection with both boys, but you eased Kirishima’s worries quickly. For Tetsu, you quickly mocked a flash of pain, and you saw his face droop in concern. Then you unleashed your new information on him. Giant serpents burst from the ground at his feet, wrapping around his legs. You felt his shock and fear more than you saw it, and you materialized your war hammer behind him. With a resounding crash, the hammer broke through his steel. The snakes wrapping around him quickly took advantage of his soft skin, plunging curved fangs into his pliant flesh. Tetsutetsu fell, a frightened howl escaping from his mouth.

Your moment of victory was cut short as a quick flash of panic coursed through your head. You turned quickly, barely parrying the hit of a blade. Jack Mantis had managed to maneuver around Kirishima and was fully focused on you. He was quicker than you were. You would not last much longer without getting the upper hand. A deep, grounding breath stilled you as you delved into Jack Mantis’s mind. You felt yourself growing a bit hazy, there was so much going on in your head. You barely unleashed his fears in your head, it was cacophonous. So many thoughts, you couldn’t decipher whose belonged to who. You saw Jack Mantis hold onto his head. Kirishima was flinching as he made his way to the two of you. Kirishima’s fist hit Jack Mantis with a resounding crack, and Jack Mantis fell like a puppet cut from its strings.

But the cacophony remained. You couldn’t control it. You bounced fears and thoughts through your head, into Kirishima and Tetsu and Jack. It was deafening, and you couldn’t shut it down. Your panic amplified the sensations coursing through your head. You should have dropped Tetsu’s mind once he was down, you should have focused offensively. Regret washed through you, you were getting lost in your own mind.

Warm hands enveloped your face, they traveled down to your waist. Those strong hands gathered you into a strong but pliant body. A hand wrapped around yours, tightly gripping yours. Waves of calming energy filtered through your head slowly. A familiar sense of summer days overtook you. Your eyes cleared, crimson red filled your vision, and then darkness.


You awoke on what seemed to be the softest bed you had ever encountered. You opened your eyes and were greeted by the large grin of Fatgum. You were carefully perched on his plush torso.

“Good job out there. Want a candy?” He held out a hand, and a small sweet sat in the center. You accepted gratefully, popping it into your mouth. The sweetness helped wake you up a little bit more. You felt pretty good for having been unconscious moments before. Kirishima quickly made his way over, helping you off of his mentor and settled you down on the grass next to Fatgum.

“And that, students, is why we have classes like this. While Kirishima did an excellent job deescalating the situation and talking down his partner, we are here to push the boundaries of our quirks. When doing that, it can have unintended consequences like what happened during this match. Now we can move forward in a more controlled environment and work on these issues in depth. Now that everyone is up and moving, let’s get onto the next match!” You felt a little embarrassed at Fatgum’s words.

Kirishima frowned a bit as he looked at you. Even without the two of you being connected, he could tell you were beating yourself up over the end of the match. He sat next to you, gently holding your hand.

A large hand settled on the top of your head, and you angled up to look at Fatgum. “You did good kid. It didn’t end how you wanted it to, but you two won! And earlier this week, you could barely connect to people’s thoughts. Kirishima here tells me you had three going at a time! That’s a lot of work in a little time, missy! Just give it a little more time and you’ll have all of the class eating out of your palm with just a glance.” He ruffled your hair with a smile and handed you a big bento. “That probably took a lot out of you two, why don’t you split this?” You nodded and took the food from him.

Kirishima thanked Fatgum, and he responded with a mischievous grin and a wink. You stared, confused, as the redhead blushed in front of you. For the remainder of the class, the two of you picked over the food and discussed the fights between your classmates.


One more slow class and you were finished for the day. The sun still sat high in the sky as you neared the dorms, keeping an eye out for Mina. A pink blur in your peripherals warned you and you quickly turned to intercept her lunge towards you.

“No fair! Come on, we gotta get ready!” She cheered as she untangled herself from you and grabbed your wrist, dragging you into the dorms.

Chapter Text

You watched in awe as Mina emptied her seemingly never-ending bag on your living room floor. Extension cords littered the ground as she meticulously began plugging in a number of hair styling tools.


“Mina, why do we need a flat iron and a curler?” She looked over at you and rolled her eyes. “Is that a crimper? Is this like a 90’s themed party?” She shushed you with a giggle as she set up the remainder of her tools, making sure all the hot tools were set up away from the questionably flammable carpet.


Once she deemed everything ready, she nodded and jumped up. “Time to go through your clothes.” The look in her eyes caused a shiver to run down your back, and you reluctantly moved to follow her to your room. You surrendered yourself to being her project at this point. You swear she had you try on at least half of your wardrobe and you were starting to worry more about being able to clean up the mess rather than your nerves about the party.


It seemed like ages before Mina finally decided on an outfit. It included some of your favorite pieces, but you still felt a bit more exposed than you would usually go for. Your cleavage was on display and you felt the nip of air skating across your upper thigh. As you worried the fringe of your hem, Mina tossed a pair of thigh highs. As you slipped them on, the illusion of being more covered calmed you down.


“Okay, now we’re going to do the pickup test. Turn around and act like you’re picking up something from the ground.” Mina ordered. You complied quickly, bending over in front of her. “Good, nothing ripped and nothing slipped. Come on, we gotta get your face looking as banging as your body!” You constantly wondered where Mina got her boundless energy. You sat yourself down on the carpet of your living room. “Get started on your foundation and stuff, I’ll be right back.” You nodded toward your pink friend as she rushed to the bathroom. As you waited for your foundation to finish drying, Mina bounded out of the bathroom in a skin-tight, blood red body con dress. She threw a towel over your chest before seating herself in front of you. “In case of fallout.” She explained. Your hair was thrown back in a headband as Mina descended upon you, bright eyeshadow palettes clutched in her hands.


A half hour of prodding and painting, straightening and curling and damn near losing an eye to a mascara wand and she deemed you ready. You were contoured and highlighted, smokey eyes and wine colored lips. Paired with Mina’s outfit, you barely recognized yourself in the mirror. A burst of confidence you hadn’t experienced before thrummed in your veins. “Mina, I love it.” You threw your arms around her, nearly causing her to drag mascara over her cheek. Mina grinned at you, capping her mascara and placing a peck on the crown of your expertly done hair.


“It’s no problem baby girl, I just want you to feel like the queen you are tonight.” The clock caught her eye and she winced. “Speaking of, I should be heading over there to help set up.” She quickly turned off all of her tools and unplugged them before skittering off towards the door. “I’ll pick everything up tomorrow, and I’ll text you the direction’s to Sero’s place. Thanks, girl!” She flung your door open, nearly running into the burly chest placed outside of it, hand raised to knock on the door.


Mina maneuvered around Bakugou, catching you with a questioning look before running off. “Oh hey, what’s up Bakugou?” A subtle dusting of pink littered his cheeks as he stared at you. He quickly cleared his throat and you could taste the bitter chocolate of his nervousness cover your tongue. You found yourself approaching him, placing a soft hand on his shoulder.


“You look good.” He grumbled, not taking his eyes off of you. Even in his nervousness, he was determined. It was the last thing you had expected him to say.


“T-thank you. Mina did a really good job, huh?” You felt your flush climbing your face. He shook his head.


“No, dumbass. It’s just you.” He finally tore his eyes from you and grabbed your hand from his shoulder. “I came to make sure you get some good food before the stupid party. Those dumbasses never have good food and too much to drink.” A soft smile graced your face as you followed him from the dorm.


The two of you walked off of campus, the dying sun of the late afternoon setting the streets on fire. Trailing behind him, you got a chance to really look at him. Black jeans and clean converse, a partially tucked in button-down with the sleeves rolled up. Even his hair looked purposeful. You were sure he didn’t put in this much effort for one of Mina’s parties regularly. He glanced over his shoulder and you sped up to match his stride. Side by side, you walked in silence. It wasn’t intimidating, like how you imagined when you first met him. It was almost comfortable, but the remnants of his nerves sat stale on your tongue.


“So what are we getting?” He was leading you to a part of town you had yet to explore, all side streets and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. The rational part of your brain told you that you shouldn’t be this far out with someone you’ve only known for a week, but you couldn’t help but feel at ease with your new friends- even Bakugou. He merely replied with a grunt. “Are you okay? I can’t really help but notice you’re a little nervous.” You felt a bit embarrassed admitting that. Bakugou stopped and tugged on your arm, making you face him.


“You. You make me nervous. Not like I couldn’t beat your ass if I wanted to. This is different, but I’m not just going to ignore it. I’m gonna get over it.” The determination in his carmine eyes almost seemed to burn through you. The color spread over his cheeks as he waited for you to say something. The words stuck in your throat, so you simply nodded. With that, he continued forward, pulling you along by the arm.


The two of you ducked into a small restaurant, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the usual Friday hot spots around town. You slid into a booth away from the cool breeze of the door, and Bakugou continued on to the counter.


As you waited, you pulled out your phone, desperate for something to fiddle with. All of your friends were getting ready for the party, so you mindlessly scrolled through social media. It was a bit melancholy, looking at the pieces of life that your former friends posted. You hadn’t seen or heard from anyone other than Inasa in so long. Maybe you should reach out now that you know he probably intimidated so many of them out of your life.


Before you could get too invested in your moping, Bakugou returned to the table and set a plate of barbecued skewers in front of you. Thankfully Mina had put a lip stain on you, so you weren’t worried about eating your lipstick along with the food in front of you.


“Thank you Bakugou!” The scent of spice hit you like a truck, and you were nervous to try the food.


“Don’t worry, princess. Yours are sweet. I don’t think I’ve seen you eat any spice.” You let out a quick sigh and shot him a big smile before picking up a skewer and taking a bite. You saw Bakugou smirk at you as you realized how hungry you were.


The two of you finished your food quickly. Bakugou made you eat an extra helping of rice, saying you would need something to help soak up anything you drank tonight. Then the two of you set out once again. Bakugou grabbed your hand forcefully, trying to act like it was a normal occurrence. You felt the jolt of adrenaline from Bakugou and couldn’t help the smile from spreading across your face.


After a few minutes of walking, you looked around, recognizing some of the landmarks around you. “Hey Bakugou, I don’t think we’re going the right way.” You took out your phone with your free hand, looking over the directions Mina gave you.


“We’re not going there yet. I thought you might like to see a park around here.” He spoke softly, or as soft as Bakugou could get. Sure enough, a spacious park came into view moments later. He slowed down considerably once the two of you entered the park, but kept a hold of your hand.





Kirishima was hyped. Mina’s parties were by no means rare, but tonight would be the first one that you would be at. The thought of you caused feelings to bubble up from him, spreading across his chest warmly. He remembered the feeling of your hands in his hair and decided against gelling it up. A Simple bun would work for him tonight. He frowned at his ever-growing roots but continued on. He wanted to make an impression tonight. Ripped, dark jeans hung on his hips as he browsed his shirts, settling on a weathered Crimson Riot shirt and one of his favorite soft flannels. He could almost see the way you would cuddle up against the material. He rolled his sleeves to his elbows before considering himself in the mirror. It was the best he could do short of inviting Mina over to dress him, but he didn’t have that kind of time. The sun was inching towards the horizon and everything would be starting soon.


He rushed to Sero’s apartment in record time, barely stilling his rushing thoughts and nervous heart before rapping on the door and walking in. He put on his most dashing smile- he practiced in the mirror- and he greeted the house.


And you weren’t there. Mina and Sero greeted him warmly, sat on Sero’s couch. Kaminari called out from the kitchen, but you weren’t there.


“I thought Y/N was coming with you, Mina?” She quickly shook her head, curls bouncing.


“Nah, I had to come put the finishing touches on the party! It was weird though, I went to leave and Bakugou was there. He never just shows up.” Curiosity danced in Mina’s dark eyes. At least Kirishima wouldn’t be worried, nothing would happen with Bakugou around. He probably just stopped for some food or something.


Kirishima sat down next to Sero, mindlessly munching on the snacks laid out on the coffee table in front of him.


“So… Y/N.” Mina said, not to anyone in particular.


“Yeah, how weird right? Cute girl swoops in, day one of college. By day two, we’re all wrapped around her pretty little finger.” Kaminari finally emerged, an awful concoction of alcohol nestled in his hands. He sat across from Kirishima, smirking at him.


“Even Kirishima. Ya know, we were starting to think you had the hots for Bakugou or something. I don’t remember the last time you got this riled up over someone.” Sero nudged Kirishima with his elbow, a friendly grin on his face. Kirishima felt a bit bashful at this, but he knew his friends were just bantering.


“You two would look so cute together though!” Mina whined, pouting like a toddler, making Kirishima chuckle. A knock at the door stopped the conversation, and he watched it excitedly. Purple curls popped through the door, and Kirishima’s smile drooped.


“Don’t look so happy to see me. Hope it’s no problem I crashed the party. Kaminari invited me.” Shinsou walked into the apartment lazily, followed by Tetsutetsu. Mina and Sero smiled at Shinsou, and Mina directed him around the apartment quickly.


After Shinsou had transferred into their class, most of the Bakusquad had grown close to him. The only one that he never got along with was Bakugou himself, but they finally got to the point where it wasn’t an all-out brawl whenever they all hung out. Shinsou had decided against going to UA again, picking a place that was closer to his apprenticeship.


“Why so blue, Rocky?” They had all settled themselves into seats, intent on catching up. Shinsou couldn’t help but notice the eternally optimistic Kirishima wasn’t focused on much more than the door.


“He’s probably just waiting for Y/N!” Kaminari cheered, already a bit tipsy from his experiment. Shinsou quirked his eyebrow. Looking for an answer, he turned to the group’s gossip.


“Mina, I’m a bit wounded that someone new was around and I didn’t get the memo.” Shinsou quipped.


“Oh! It completely slipped my mind!” Mina cheered before catching Shinsou up on the last few days you had spent with the group. Sero interjected a few times, keeping her stories from becoming too embellished, and Kaminari kept talking about how cute she was.


“Even Bakugou?” Shinsou questioned, at the end. Mina nodded excitedly. “And no one has swept her up yet?” His eyes glanced over to Kaminari and then to Tetsutetsu.


“No!” Mina was whining again and made puppy dog eyes at Shinsou.


“I really like her,” Kirishima said, softly. The hyper back and forth quieted down as they looked toward Kirishima. “I mean it. I feel different with her, in a good way.” His face was unusually serious and he couldn’t bring himself to look up from the table.


“Okay, so she’s off limits.” Kirishima looked up at that point, staring at Kaminari. “You don’t get interested in people that easily. If you really like her, who would I be if I tried to get with her?” Tetsutetsu nodded enthusiastically next to him.


“It just wouldn’t be manly!” Kirishima grinned up at his friends.


And then the door opened. You stood in the doorway, Bakugou’s arm draped casually over your shoulder.


“Well, that’s unexpected.” Shinsou spoke softly.






You were definitely late for the party. Stars were already sprinkled throughout the night sky as you approached Sero’s neighborhood. A violent shiver ran through you with the night’s wind. Bakugou slowed and threw an arm around you, tucking you into his heat. You had barely spoken to him since you were in the park. All of it was oddly intimate. He led you into a building silently, ushering you into the elevator. He walked briskly through the halls and stopped in front of a door. You were hoping to ready yourself, but he threw the door open.


You waved to your friends from the door and walked in.


“Sorry I’m late! Bakugou took me out to eat and I-” It hit you violently. A swirling cocktail of emotion, tasting sour like bile on your tongue. “I’m sorry we’re late?” Your eyes flittered over to Mina, desperate. You didn’t know what was wrong.


Mina quickly broke the silence in the room. “Girl! We were just wondering where you were. Lemme show you around.” She jumped from her spot on the couch, earning a bit of a pout from Sero. You saw a guy with lavender hair move toward Kirishima and whisper something in his ear. Before you could question it, Mina led you to the kitchen.


“Alright girl, what are we drinking?” Kaminari slid into the kitchen.


“May I suggest the Kaminari special?” He waggled his eyebrows before shoving his cup into your hands.


“No way dude, we’re not trying to kill her.” Mina quickly removed the cup, placing it on the counter. Kaminari pouted and retrieved his cup, moving around to refill it.


“Well, I don’t really know what to get.” You looked over all the bottles, “Usually I only go out with ‘Nasa and he orders my drinks…” Mina pouted at you but quickly recovered. She opened the fridge and pulled out a small bottle, quickly mixing up a drink for you.


“Here ya go, Malibu and OJ. Sweet and smooth, just like you.” She winked at you and urged you to take a sip. You shot her a thumbs up, you would have to be careful with this drink. It barely tasted like liquor.


Once you returned to the living room, everything seemed to have calmed down. Bakugou had seated himself in an armchair in the corner, a beer already in his hand. You scanned the room, looking for a place to sit. Kirishima nudged Sero over, making a space next to him. “Here ya go Princess, your spot.” He grinned, calling back to the first day you spent with him. You smiled and nestled into the spot.


“Oh no, my spot is taken! Whatever shall I do? Oh no, I guess I have to sit on Sero.” Mina called out in a mocking tone. She slid into the narrow gap between Sero and the arm of the couch, sprawling her legs over his lap so they were both comfortable. A small blush lingered on both of their faces.


“So is anyone going to introduce me?” Shinsou smirked as his eyes caught yours.


“I’m sorry! I should have introduced myself earlier! I’m Y/N.” You greeted him cheerfully, sticking out your hand over the coffee table. He shook it quickly.


“I’m Shinsou Hitoshi. So ‘Princess,’” His eyes met Kirishima’s in a teasing fashion, “What’s your quirk?”


“Well, it’s kind of a two in one-”


“Figures. Continue.” He scowled a bit at that but schooled his expression back into a blank face as you explained. You urged a quick butterfly to your hand.


“Yeah, you should have seen her yesterday. Since she can tap into people’s fears, she created Rappa to take me on. Almost gave me a heart attack.” Kirishima’s optimism seemed to return with you as he grinned. Shinsou quirked an eyebrow at you.


“We’ll have to spar sometime. It sounds interesting.” You nodded eagerly. “Would you like to know my quirk?”


“Sure, I would-” You body felt like static as his eyes locked onto yours. Oh… It was a weird experience not being in control of your body. It felt almost calming, you couldn’t remember the last time you didn’t have to be on guard to make sure your daydreams didn’t become reality. He released you and your limb felt a bit heavier than they used to.


“Wow… that felt amazing!” You watched as Shinsou flushed slightly. It wasn’t a reaction he was used to. He could kind of see it now, how they were all drawn to you. He watched as you got caught up in the conversations of his friends around you, tangling your hand in Kirishima. He had heard of how easily you gave out your affection, but it was different seeing it. It seemed like you were drawn to them too.


“Now that everyone is here, it’s time for some games!” Mina cheered. A deck of cards was brought out and everyone moved to the dining room table. You found yourself nestled in between Kirishima and Shinsou. Going around the table, It was you and Kirishima on one side, Sero and Mina next to you, Bakugou and Tetsutetsu across from you, and Kaminari and Shinsou on the side next to you.


The card games passed by quick, an excuse for all of you to get fairly tipsy quickly. You had seen the mischief in Mina’s eyes though, and you doubted it would last long.


You had been right. Two rounds of Asshole, one round of Circle of Death, and Mina wanted to move on.


“Spin. The. Bottle.” She hissed out, grabbing Bakugou’s empty beer bottle. Everyone had just grabbed fresh drinks, you were on your third Rum and OJ. You felt a pleasant buzz in your system but were skeptical of this game.


“It’s alright,” Mina caught your eye, “We play this all the time. Seriously, I think everyone at this table has kissed at one point or another. Expect Shinsou and Bakugou.” She laughed. “With that said, let’s begin! Usual rules everyone. We’re gonna go clockwise around the table, and you spin the bottle. Then you kiss who it lands on, or take a big ol’ drink. I shall start.” She quickly spun the bottle around, and you found yourself watching anxiously as it spun.


It landed on Tetsutetsu, who quickly leaned over the table, placing a chaste peck on Mina’s lips. Bakugou quickly spun once Tetsu was out of the way. The bottle slowed and stopped at Sero, and the blonde took a large swig from his beer. You felt like Bakugou was the most adverse to this game. Shinsou spun next, and your nerves lit up as it slowed near you and stopped… on Kirishima. He laughed quickly before leaning over you and getting a quick peck on the cheek from Shinsou.


It was your turn now. You felt a little light headed from all the drinks since you partook so rarely. You would probably be kissing one of your friends. With shaking hands, you spun the bottle. You must have misjudged your force though because the bottle rocketed into Kaminari’s chest rather than spinning on the table.


“Ooh!! Does that mean I get a kissss?” Kaminari slurred happily, and the table looked to Mina. SHe shrugged.


“I’ll allow it.” Unfortunately, you were too short to lean over the table as the boys had, so you stood and walked over to Kaminari, who had pulled out his chair. He pulled you into his lap, and you could feel the heat on your face.


“Come on pretty girl, gimme some sugar!” He cheered, hands hot on your hips. You sucked in a breath and pecked him softly on the lips. You felt his grin as you quickly removed yourself from his lap, running to your seat to shove your face into Kirishima’s shoulder. His shirt was so soft against your hot face.


Kirishima reluctantly pulled you off of his arm to spin the bottle. He landed on Sero and they dramatically threw themselves together for a quick smooch and a boisterous laugh from the rest of the table. The game continued on as so, Bakugou drinking for every turn and everyone else giving quick pecks on the cheek or chaste kisses. You even got a nice kiss from Mina, and you felt your lips tingle softly as she pulled away.


Then Sero’s turn came, and he landed on Mina. Despite sitting next to him, he pulled her onto his lap. You watched in awe as he grabbed the back of her neck and drug her down for a searing kiss. You squealed as Kaminari hollered. They pulled back slowly, and Mina didn’t move as she reached for the bottle, batting it into Sero’s chest.


“Whoops.” She said lazily and returned to Sero’s lips. They broke apart, both lips red and faces flushed. She slipped back into her chair smiling lazily. The game continued on until Kaminari, who spun and landed on Shinsou. The boy launched himself at Shinsou, and you swore you saw his tongue slip between Shinsou’s lips. You almost felt as if you should look away, but it was over before you could. Shinsou spun then, landing on you.


“Hey, Princess.” You opened your mouth to respond and froze. Carried by the passion from his previous kiss, his hand tilted your chin to him, and he kissed you roughly. You felt his tongue prod against your lips.


Before you lost yourself to the kiss, you felt the shock of Bakugou’s explosion. The blonde launched himself onto the table, aiming for Shinsou.


“What’s the matter Blasty? Mad you aren’t getting any?” Shinsou smirked. As Bakugou went to respond, his body going rigid. “Why don’t you go sit in the living room and cool off.” Shinsou spoke plainly.


Mina clapped then. “Alright, no more Spin the Bottle. Let’s all go out to the living room and calm down, huh?” Her eyes met Sero’s and she swiped the bottle from the table. You all wandered to the living room, some stumbling more than others.


You sat next to Kirishima, nestled into his side. His arm sat around you like a blanket. You almost felt like you could fall asleep right there. Mina watched as you got more drowsy and shook her head. “None of that! No sleeping yet. I’ll make you stay up. Seven Minutes in Heaven then!!” She squealed happily. The snacks were cleared from the coffee table and the bottle was set upon it. Before anyone could offer to go first, Bakugou spun the bottle and got up, not waiting to see where it landed.


He grabbed your arm and lifted you from the couch, dragging you to Sero’s bedroom down the hall. You looked to Kirishima, who just stared back, dazed.


The door slammed shut behind you and you found yourself caged in between Bakugou’s arms. He stared down at you hungrily. His lips found yours ferociously. His hands slid down the door, one cradling your head and the other pressing your waist to his body. You felt like your body was on fire. His tongue slipped between your lips, dominating your own. Your arms slid up to his chest, feeling the taut muscle underneath his shirt. His lips trailed up your jaw and you felt his teeth scrape against your skin.


The combination of the heavenly buzz and his passion made you dizzy. You could barely make heads or tails of your own feelings, never mind his. But the current of apprehension raging through your head wasn’t yours.


You pushed him back softly. “Bakugou…” He looked to you, reluctant to stop.


“I don’t think you actually like me.”



The two of you sat on Sero’s bed. Now that your head had cleared a bit, you felt his emotions more. It was definitely there. “I think you think that you should like me.” He nodded softly, confusion written on his face. “See, I don’t think you like me like this. You like that I know you… you like that I can know what you’re going through. That we’re getting close. That doesn’t mean that you have to… love me? Like me as more than a friend anyways. We can just be close and be friends…” You felt Bakugou relax. You knew it was going to take a bit for him to process what you had said.


In the meantime, he nodded. “You’re probably right…” It was barely a whisper. A knock at the door stopped your conversation short.


“Your seven minutes are up, ya cheater.” You heard Mina call from outside the door. You got up and opened the door. Mina grabbed your hand and looked you up and down, making sure you were alright. “Alright, get out here Blasty. Before the other boys try to fight you.” She led you out of the room and you saw Kirishima standing in the corner, Tetsu’s arm wrapped tightly around him. Kaminari sat on the edge of his seat, relaxing into the chair as you came out unscathed.


“What a child.” Shinsou scowled and rolled his eyes. Once they saw you, Kirishima rushed to you. His hand grabbed your face softly. “You okay, Darling?” he said softly. You nodded softly, lost in the emotion rolling off of him. You felt him exhale against your hair as he wrapped his arms around you. The two of you curled up onto the couch.


Bakugou came out shortly after. He seemed more lucid.


“I’m gonna head out. This party sucks.” He didn’t even look at you as he stalked out of Sero’s apartment. You heard Sero sigh and Mina shrugged.


“Well, the night goes on.” The game continued and you watched your friends disappear into Sero’s room two at a time. Kaminari seemed to perk up once he finally paired with Shinsou, and you saw the hint of a smile on the lavenderette as they rushed down the hall. They came out seven minutes later, disheveled and grinning. A few more rounds passed uneventfully, one with you and Tetsu. The two of you sat on Sero’s bed and talked about who would hook up by the end of the night. A few rounds later, and you and Mina paired up. Unexpectedly, she did take up the spirit of Seven Minutes in Heaven, and the two of you had a friendly make out session if that could be qualified as friendly.


You knew it must be early in the morning at this point, but Mina was insistent on continuing the game. Then Kirishima spun and landed on you. Butterflies fluttered in your stomach, and you willed yourself to not make them materialize around you.


He stood and helped you up from the couch, leading you to Sero’s room. The door shut softly behind the two of you. He led you to the bed and laid down. “Lay with me?” he asked softly. You quickly fit yourself into his side. It always felt nice next to him, but you were a bit disappointed. His hand drifted across your cheek, sliding under your chin.


Next thing you knew, he tilted your lips up to meet his. It was soft and sweet, no demands behind it. After you didn’t pull away, he deepened it, moving his head awkwardly to slot his lips to yours. Your body moved as if you were possessed, breaking the kiss to climb on him. Your hands moved to his chest and you dipped your head down to kiss him again. His hands moved up to your thighs, massaging them softly. You moaned softly into the kiss, and you felt his tongue softly slide against your lips and you welcomed it eagerly. His hands drifted up to your waist, gripping it softly before sliding down to your ass. You replied with eager, slipping your hand behind his head. You quickly removed the tie from his hair and tangled your fingers in his soft locks.


The knock on the door came as a shock to both of you. Of course, this was a party game. You quickly slid off of him, straightening your outfit before opening the door bashfully to a grinning Mina. Kirishima slid up behind you.


“Have fun kiddos?” Mina asked, the grin on her face never breaking. You just blushed, looking at the ground. Kirishima laughed, grabbing your hand and slipping past Mina. You didn’t notice until the two of you curled back up on the couch, but translucent butterflies littered the air around you. Your blush intensified as you urged them to dispel, earning a laugh from Shinsou.


“I guess you two really… let your hair down?” Shinsou said dryly. You noticed too late that Kirishima had never put his hair back up, and he bashfully shrugged.


“I guess.” His sharp grin seemed permanently etched into his face.


Mina giggled at the two of you before giving a swift spin to the bottle. It had finally landed on Sero, and the two of them ran hand-in-hand to his room. You locked eyes with Tetsutetsu, it was your number one bet that they would hook up. Tetsu had bet on Shinsou and Kaminari.


You fell into easy conversation, asking a lot of questions about the group’s high school memories. You could get lost in their stories. Tetsutetsu noticed it was a few minutes past Sero and Mina’s seven minutes and offered to go get them. He came back quickly, his face pale.


“Um, I think the party might be over.” He said, traumatized. You laughed loudly at his statement.


“I won the bet?”


“You won the bet.” Kirishima watched as you laughed at Tetsu’s misery. The remainder of the group got ready to leave. Tetsutetsu was going to crash at his parent’s nearby. Shinsou had a hotel in the area, that he was taking a passed out Kaminari to. That just left you and Kirishima.


“Let me take you home, Princess.” He said softly. The two of you left, you tucked into his arm to beat the spring chill. The stars shone brightly in the dark sky. It wasn’t a long walk, but you two took it slowly, allowing yourselves to sober up slightly. You didn’t speak, you were too busy wondering what tonight meant for you and Kirishima.


He walked you up the stairs to your room and turned with a bit of a stumble. “Kiri?” He turned back to you, a smile on his face. “Why don’t you stay here tonight?” He paused for a second before nodding. The two of you shucked your shoes by the door before stumbling into the living room. He sat back on your couch, and you grabbed water bottles for both of you from the kitchen.


Once you were sure he was comfortable, you excused yourself to the bathroom. You shook out your hair and washed your face. Once you felt clean, you wandered to your room, dressing in comfortable pajamas. You took a pair of sleep pants out to Kirishima, tossing them at his drowsy form.


“Here ya go. And before you ask, those are mine. Guys pajamas are more comfy than girls.” He laughed before wandering to the bathroom. Once you both were changed, he wandered out to the living room. You watched as he sprawled out on the couch.


“Um… Kiri, you look too big for my couch… Do you want my bed?” He shook his head softly.


“Nah, it wouldn’t be manly to let a lady sleep on the couch.”


“Well… We could both fit?”


“In that case…” He sprung up from the couch and lifted you up effortlessly. “What are we waiting for?”


He carried you into your room, setting you on your bed softly. He peeled the blankets back and settled in. He watched as you wormed your way into the sheets, pressing up against him.


“Y/N.” His voice was barely a whisper. You looked up to him and he pressed his lips to yours. “You’re beautiful.” He stared down at you for a moment. Before laying his head against the pillow. “Turn around, I like being the big spoon.” You giggled and obliged, enjoying the feeling of his chest against your back and the weight of his arm wrapped around your waist.


His soft breathing against your neck was making you drift to sleep. What did this night mean for you and him? You thought through the night. The two of you didn’t really do anything that you didn’t do with anyone else. He was just the one who walked you home. This probably wasn’t special to him, and hell, you almost got lost making out with Bakugou. You shouldn’t read to much into this. It was just a fun night. You were friends.


Just friends.


Chapter Text

You awoke in a tangle of limbs. Your legs intertwined with Kirishima’s and your arms were thrown haphazardly across his torso. You felt the warm strength of his arms cradling you to his chest. Soft circles were drawn on your back with delicate fingers. You looked up to his face, finding his eyes open. He was drowsily watching your spectral butterflies flutter to and fro across your room.

His eyes drifted to yours as you shifted. “G’morning darling.” He chuckled at your sleepy face, turning his attention back to the fluttering around him. “Is this how you wake up every morning?” He said in a breathy wonder. You shook your head softly.

“This is a good morning. They’re not all this nice.” You spoke softly, not wanting to interrupt the calm quiet of the morning. He pulled you a bit closer, trailing a hand over your hair.

After a few moments, you moved to get up. Firm hands pressed you closer. “Please… just a little bit longer?” Kirishima’s voice was barely a whisper but you couldn’t bring yourself to leave. You settled further into his arms, moving your hands to run across his scars. You traced each with a finger, dragging soft breaths from Kirishima. “So… about last night?” He said softly. You tensed in his arms, breath catching in your throat.

What could you want him to say about last night? It was a mistake, we were both drunk? You didn’t want it to be a mistake? Or confess his undying love after a week? That didn’t seem like a good answer either. You weren’t ready for this.

He let out a sigh above you, fanning across your hair. “Everyone kinda got out of hand, huh? Don’t worry about it though, I’m sure everyone will be acting just like normal after they’ve sobered up.” You slumped in your reaction. Of course, he was talking just in general, not about like ‘you-and-him.’

An undercurrent of sadness ran through you, and you were unable to tell if it was yours or his. Either way, you were determined to not let it taint the honey sweet happiness that had fallen over you two this morning. You leaned up on your arms, staring down at the redhead still lounging across your pillows.

“Let’s go get some food, huh?” He smiled at you, and your heart ached at how happy he seemed. You lifted yourself from the bed, dispelling all of the shimmering butterflies. You quickly threw your hair up before sifting through the mountains of clothes Mina left on your floor. After finding a comfortable outfit to lounge in for the day, you looked toward Kirishima. He was still splayed across your sheets, stretching languidly. You turned back to your clothes, digging through to find some of your many acclimated pieces of comfy guy clothes. You tossed him a baggy pair of basketball shorts and a roomy tank.

“Do you wanna shower first, or should I?” Your cheeks darkened as you turned away. Your mind was stuck on the thought of your friend, stripped and dripping. You quickly shook those thoughts from your mind. Today would be the death of you if you kept that line of thinking. He shooed you off to the shower first, stating he was a late riser.

You scurried to your bathroom, quickly stripping the grimy sleep clothes from your body. The water of your shower felt heavenly against your body, washing away the faint smell of liquor lingering on your skin. In an effort to save some of the hot water for your guest, you quickly washed and got out, reveling in the way the chill air sharpened your dull senses. After drying off, you threw your clothes on and deftly pulled your hair into a messy braid.

Kirishima was waiting for you in the living room. With a stretch, he clambered off of the couch and passed you to the bathroom. A blush overtook you once more, your earlier thoughts consuming your mind. While he showered, you took the chance to start straightening some of the things Mina left strewn across your apartment the night before. All of your clothes were put away and your living room was approaching livable once again. You were distracted by the bathroom door opening.

You felt yourself clam up as Kirishima walked out, flushed and shirtless. Your mouth felt so dry as your eyes raked over his toned chest. He was still in the middle of toweling off his hair, the tank you had lent him thrown over his shoulder. You were at a loss for words.

“Hey, babe! Your door’s unlocked!” It looks as if you were saved from one awkward encounter, only to be thrown into another. Mina pranced through the door, only looking slightly worse for wear from last night. She froze in her step as she spotted Kirishima. Her eyes lit with delight. “Looks like I’m not the only one who had a good night.” She grinned wildly.

“Yeah Mina, last night was great. I’m lucky I have such good friends. Kirishima even walked me home and I insisted he stay the night.” You emphasized ‘friends’ as much as you could to her, pleading her to drop the subject. She did, with a roll of her eyes. Kirishima gave her a wave before pulling the tank over his head, hiding his toned torso from your view.

Mina quickly shoved her things into a bag as the three of you chatted about the party. Even Mina was a bit surprised that Shinsou and Kaminari left together. You doubt the two of them were having as good of a morning as you were.

“Alright party peeps, let’s get our munch on, yeah?” Mina slung her heavy tote over her shoulder, ushering you and Kirishima out of the dorm. “Sero thought you guys probably hadn’t eaten, so he’s downstairs making all the good hangover food. Bacon, hashbrowns, all that greasy stuff.” You let yourself be led to the common areas and gladly flopped into the nearest chair. You watched as Mina set down her things and skipped over to Sero, slipping her hand into his.

“Ooooh!” You teased your friends, nudging Kirishima. “They’re holding hands!” Mina caught your eye, flushed horribly.

“Oh, so you can hold hands with half of the campus, but I can’t hold my friend’s hand without it being a thing? I don’t know what you are insinuating! In fact, I am appalled, I-”

“We’re dating now.” Sero interrupted her, his smile seeming more genuine this morning. You smiled back at him sweetly.

“’Bout time. I think it’s cute.” You grinned at Mina, letting the two of them resume their breakfast making. The subtle throbbing of your hangover made you lethargic, and you couldn’t stop yourself from laying your head on Kirishima’s shoulder as he sat next to you.

“Want some water, Princess?” You nodded on his shoulder. He went to move, but you grabbed his arm.

“No move.” A gruff chuckle escaped him.

“I have to move if you want water.”

“Yes water, no move.” His chuckles grew to laughter, and you felt cold hit your chest. Your eyes flew open, barely catching the water bottle that was thrown to you.

“There ya go, Princess~” Mina called to you, obviously trying to get back at you for your earlier teasing. She winked at you, letting you know it was all in good fun.


Sero’s breakfast was amazing. It wasn’t as good as Bakugou’s cooking, but it was just what you needed. You finally felt like a person again. You watched happily as Sero and Kirishima bickered over the remaining bacon scraps. “So, any plans this weekend?” Mina asked.

“Mina, I need my roots done,” Kirishima whined, chewing on his won bacon.

“Yeah ya do. We could probably do that today.” She eyed Kirishima’s hair as she spoke.

“I’m probably going to visit my parents, but I don’t know if I’ll go today or tomorrow.” You shrugged.

“You should stay and help me and Kirishima! It will go so much faster if I have another pair of hands.”

“Anything for you, Mina.” You laughed.


Sero left after breakfast, claiming he still needed to pick up after last night. You offered to come help, but he insisted you stay with Mina and Kirishima.

The three of you walked off of campus, already early afternoon by the time you were able to convince each other to move. There were some supplies you needed before Kirishima’s hair could get done. You wandered through the shop, eyeing the bright swatches of hair dye. Kirishima went straight for the brilliant red he had claimed as his own since his first year at UA. Mina was busy digging through their bleach, trying to find the correct levels for Kirishima’s hair.

Kirishima came up to you as you ran your fingers across the different colored swatches. “Thinking about going for a different color? I mean, I like your hair the way it is.” You shrugged.

“I don’t know. I’m kind of adverse to any big changes right now,” You giggled to yourself, truly feeling how many areas of your life that could be true for. Mina called for you from the front of the store, already waiting to check out. Kirishima’s hand slid into yours as you walked away.

The three of you walked hand-in-hand home. This was becoming a regular occurrence, but you always felt a blessed happiness wash over you each time. You wondered if you would ever tire of it.

Mina set to work quickly once you got into Kirishima’s dorm room. It smelled of lavender and musk and something that was uniquely him. You found yourself wanting to spend more time here. Mina busied herself in the living room, clearing the coffee table and setting up mixing bowls and brushes.

“Y/N, can you do me a favor and get his hair ready?” You gladly complied, sitting sideways on his couch as he sat in front of you. You carefully brushed through his hair, committing to memory how his hair felt as it slipped through your fingers like silk. You had a bit of previous experience with hair dying, so you quickly got to work, sectioning off his hair to access his roots easily. Your fingers lingered on the nape of his neck, sending a visible shiver down his spine.

You wanted to do it again, see how many times you could pull that reaction from his body… Mina had other ideas though. She tossed you a pair of gloves, putting a bowl of acrid smelling bleach in front of you. “You get one side, I’ll get the other. Only the roots.” She said, making Kirishima sit forward on the couch.

The two of you worked in tandem, quickly apply the bleach to his hair. It was oddly intimate, and Mina had to reprimand Kirishima more than once for fidgeting. You sat back once you finished, quickly looking for any dark spots you may have missed. Mina’s shrill gasp grabbed your attention. She rushed to you, grabbing a piece of your hair that had been tucked behind your ear. A large glob of bleach sat on its surface. You stared at it with a frown as Mina tried to wipe it off. It had already begun lifting.

“So… wanna do a peekaboo streak?” Mina sounded uncomfortable with her suggestion, but you quickly agreed. You had been looking earlier, but you weren’t sure if you were ready for a full-fledged color change. A peekaboo would be a great start. Mina set to work quickly, separating you bleached chunk from your remaining hair. She quickly sent Kirishima to his kitchen to fetch foil and applied the bleach quickly to the strand, bundling it up. Once she finished, she collapsed back into the couch with a sigh.

The bleach set quickly, and you and Kirishima both took a turn getting your hair rinsed and washed in his kitchen sink. Mina was a magician with her hair dryer, quickly getting you and Kirishima ready for dye.

The dye Kirishima picked smelled almost sweet. “It’s basically conditioner,” Mina explained, dragging the color from Kirishima’s roots through the ends of his hair, refreshing the dulled color. “We can pretty much leave it on overnight if we want, but an hour or two should be fine.” You mimicked her actions on the other side, quickly staining your hands red. Once she finished, she turned to you. “No offense, but this bleach blonde is not doing you any favors.” She quickly drenched your streak in red, once again wrapping it up to separate it from your untouched hair.

Once you finished, Kirishima carefully slipped a cap over his hair. All the dye was contained, and the three of you could finally sink into the couch. You leaned into Kirishima’s shoulder, not batting an eye on the weight of Mina’s head settling on your lap.

The three of you watched bad daytime TV while you waited, dozing off now and again from the warmth shared between you. It felt more comfortable than you had been in years, even with Mina cutting off the circulation to your leg. It was a comfort deep inside you, a soothing balm for your soul.

With a yawn, Mina finally deemed you ready to rinse. You relished the feeling of her fingers against your scalp and pulling conditioner through your ends. You could very easily get used to this. Unfortunately, it was quickly over and Kirishima got to take your spot. His hair was definitely more of an involved process, taking much longer than yours.

You wandered back to the couch, falling against it lazily. You hair spread out in front of your face, still damp and fragrant. You inhaled deeply, breathing in the scent you were growing to associate with Kirishima. An odd feeling sat heavy in your stomach, but you couldn’t resist. It smelled so good and so much like him.

You snapped yourself out of it, luckily before Mina and Kirishima made their way into the living room. Mina once again worked quickly to dry your hair. “There ya go, red roots, and a cute as fuck red streak. Pretty good if I do say so myself.” Mina smiled, but a large yawn interrupted her words. “I think it’s time for me to head out kiddos. I’m beat.” She stretched out before grabbing her tote. “Have a good night you two.” You and Kirishima echoed her goodbyes but remained on the couch. You didn’t want to leave… but wouldn’t it be weird? It’s not like you were his girlfriend or anything… this wasn’t your space.

“One more bad movie?” Kirishima questioned, and for a moment you wondered if he could read your mind. You nodded sleepily, curling into his side.

The movie passed to quickly for your likes, but the two of you could barely keep your eyes open at the end. The sun was no longer streaming through the windows, and the inky blackness outside seemed to swallow the whole world outside of his room. You stood up slowly, waiting for him to join you. He walked you to the door, hand in yours.

“See you on Monday?” He asked softly as if he would ruin the peace between you if he spoke any louder.

“Yeah… Monday.” You responded just as quietly, and he wrapped his arms around you snugly. You felt the warmth of his lips against your forehead, and you pulled back.

“Be safe. Call me if you need anything.” And with that, you left. The walk back to your room was silent as if the night swallowed up all noise. Your room felt cold and empty, and you realized you weren’t as comfortable there without the brightness of your friends. But that was an issue for another day. For now, your bed called you.

You snuggled close to your sheets, breathing in the remnants of Kirishima in your pillows and your hair. It was a welcome solace to your unexpected loneliness. With this small comfort, you drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

Chapter Text

He awoke that morning with a deep warmness in his chest. The softly sleeping girl pressed up against his chest contributed to the warmth, but he felt it more from her presence in his arms than from her slumbering form. He slipped his arms around her slowly, not yet willing to wake her up. Once he was able to tear his eyes from her face- calmer than he had ever seen when she was awake- he took in the splendor surrounding them.


She must be sleeping well. Blooms and butterflies bordered them in an ephemeral fairy ring. She seemed so apprehensive of her quirk, but who could be afraid of something so beautiful? Every time he witnessed a new side to her quirk, a new side to her, he felt himself drifting deeper. She burrowed into his thoughts day and night.


She stirred in his arms. He knew this moment would end. Life inevitably went on. But his mouth worked faster than his mind, and he asked her to stay a bit longer. To his surprise, she did. She nestled into his chest, tracing scars and sending a sweet tingle through his skin. They had shared so much of themselves last night, not with words but actions. Now would be the time for words. Maybe if he said the right things, he could make this work.


Instead, he felt her stiffen in his arms. Of course, she wouldn’t want a confession from him, not now. Whatever happened last night, they were both drunk. It didn’t have to mean anything, but it already meant so much to him. He swallowed his feelings, he didn’t want to do anything that might jeopardize what they already had.


He watched her move across the room, not wanting to move from her bed. He didn’t want to leave, everything carried her scent, her warmth. She left to shower, and he let himself get lost in this moment. If this was all he would have from her, he wanted to commit it to memory. He’ll take this moment for himself and then dedicate himself to being the best friend he could be for her.


It was even harder once he stepped into the bathroom. The scent of her shampoo drifting through the air almost made him dizzy. He forced himself through the motions, his mind drifting. He had seen so many things this morning that may have been a clue, that maybe he had a chance. Even if he did, after all of the drama with Inasa, he knew he couldn’t rush it. Just let the pieces fall where they may.


The whole day was littered with small interactions that fueled his hope. He was her favorite support throughout the day, leaning and laying over him with no hesitation. If she was bothered by what had happened last night, she didn’t show it. If anything, her affections came easier the more time they shared.


He couldn’t help but feel a bit victorious. He watched her fawn over the new splash of color in her hair, matching his own. It made him feel a bit possessive as if he had laid a claim on her that everyone could see. Although he couldn’t take credit for it, he thought that Mina may have staged a bit more than she let on.


She stayed later than she should have. He should have made her leave sooner. The darkness outside felt oppressive to him at that moment. He had always liked the night, but what good was it when it meant she had to leave? There was so much more he wanted to experience with her, so much more he wanted to know. How could he when he only got the daytime? So much time remained untouched.


Their goodbye was soft and quiet. His door shut and his dorm room felt so much quieter than he remembered. He was so tired before she had left, but now he laid awake in his bed. He wished he hadn’t washed the scent of her shampoo from his hair.


Maybe he was reading into this too much. She really didn’t do anything more with him than any of their other friends. Sure, he was the one who got her attention most often, but he also had the privilege of having the most time with her. Who knew how that would work out in the future?


If she did choose someone from their group to fall for, why would it be him? He knew he was nice, but what else? If she wanted possessiveness or brashness, or someone to protect her, surely Bakugou was a better choice. He knew she had a good sense of humor, and she could flirt all day if she was in the mood, and he already saw how well she got along with Kaminari. Not to mention he could think of plenty of good Hero Duo names for them. Shockwaves, Blackout, Shock Therapy… And Shinsou. The looks she gave Shinsou at the party. He would kill for her to look at him that way. Once she met the rest of his friends, he stood no chance.


He wasn’t flashy, or funny, or all that strong. The familiar threads of insecurity filled him. He knew he had grown as a hero throughout the years, mostly due to Fatgum and Suneater’s constant support, but that didn’t mean he grew to be a good person or a good boyfriend. None of his previous relationships went very far.


His fears sat heavily on his chest. He felt himself sinking slowly into his fears, but it wasn’t anything he hadn’t felt before.






You awoke to your alarm in the early hours of the morning. You had gotten too little sleep, but the train ride to your parent’s home would be decently long. If it wasn’t too busy, maybe you would be able to get a few minutes of precious sleep.


You walked the barely lit streets. Dew clung to the grass and clung to your ankles as you passed. The chill of April air seemed to pass through you, causing you to shiver every now and then. The sun peaked above the horizon as you neared the station. It would be a two-hour train ride and another long walk before you arrived.


The sun was warming the streets. It seemed like the train was running late, and the new warmth pulled a yawn from you. You fought your drowsiness, urging the train to come faster. You wished you were back in your dorm, snug in your blankets and pressed up against the warm chest of your friend. That thought brought you a surge of energy, coloring your face with embarrassment. You really needed to learn how to control yourself.


As you reprimanded yourself, the train pulled noisily into the station. Luckily for you, not many people seemed eager to take the early train, and you quickly found a secluded seat. Once you situated yourself, you pulled on your headphones and let the scenery flashing by lull you into a light sleep.


You awoke a few stations from your stop. The train had filled more while you had slept, but everyone seemed to have the decency to keep clear of your space. With a stretch, you stood to depart. A solemn melancholy filled you as you realized that you would have taken this trip with Inasa. He would have let you sleep, watching over you. He would have walked you to your parent’s home, stopping by to greet your family like they were his own. The two of you may have even had dinner at his parent’s house, and they would have gushed over how much you had grown.


Your feet carried you through the familiar streets as your mind drifted. Inasa would often chastise you for walking through the streets with your head in the clouds, but he wasn’t here to ground you now. Why did he have to do this to you? Both of you? The two of you were supposed to be best friends, basically siblings. It wasn’t fair to you. You pushed through the gate of your parent’s home absentmindedly, only pulling out from your thoughts as a gentle hand smoothed the crease between your brows.


“I can hear you thinking from inside.” You mother smiled warmly at you, pulling you into a soft hug. Every time you saw her, you felt like a child again. She had that effect on you, grabbing your hand like a toddler and leading you into the house. She had snacks waiting for you, guessing correctly that you’d forget to eat before you left.


She sat across from you as you nibbled at the offered food, grabbing your free hand. Your mother had always taught you to be open with your feelings and to freely give your affection. Words can be misconstrued, but actions showed intent. Not to mention she could very easily just pry into your thoughts if you didn’t.


“So what’s got your attention this time?” She smoothed a thumb over your knuckles. You sighed, not wanting to have a full blown therapy session with your mother, but this was in her blood. She didn’t know how to leave it alone.


You sat with your mother into the early afternoon. Once you started talking about Inasa, she pulled you to the living room. You leaned into her loving embrace as you told her all you had experienced in the last week. You left out the party on Friday, still wanting to keep something of a private life from your mother. Even without the party, she still sensed your confusion and budding feelings for your friend.


“Would it be so bad to take a chance?” Your mother said simply, smoothing down your hair. “It seems like you and this Kirishima may be extraordinarily compatible. You are able to communicate openly and candidly, and when faced with adverse situations, you have been able to work through it quickly and completely.” She spoke almost clinically as if human emotion was nothing more than an academic issue to her.


“I just told Inasa I wasn’t ready for a relationship. Wouldn’t that make me a hypocrite?” You sighed another problem that seemed to have roots in Inasa. “And besides, as my mom, I thought you might want me to get to know this guy a little bit more?” Your mom shrugged with a laugh.


“I’m not saying go elope. A date or two wouldn’t hurt you. And as far as Inasa goes, tell him the truth. Just because you aren’t interested in him does not mean that you are unable to have feelings for others.” Her face fell as she spoke, “I do wish the two of you would make up, though. Inasa was your only friend for so long. While time may not excuse everything, it is worth something that he’s been around so long.” You nodded against her shoulder.


Your father walked in later that day, tired from a long day at work. Although you could see the exhaustion weighing on him, his face still lit up when he saw you. “Hey kitten, how’s my college girl?” He wrapped you up in his sweaty arms and placed a kiss on your forehead. You had talked with your mother about the early days of their relationship, and you couldn’t comprehend that this man was the same ‘emotionally stunted man-child’ your mom told you about.


Your mom had set up a hot pot for the three of you. They knew it would be harder for you to visit the further you got into the semester, so they made the most of the time you had today. You sat cozily between your parents after dinner, barely paying attention to the news on TV. Your dad talked about all the new projects he was working on, even a new Hero Agency on the other side of town.


The sun had begun to set much too early for your liking. You all knew that you had to leave soon, but you couldn’t help but wish for a few more hours. There was nothing as comforting as being in your childhood home.


Your dad walked you back to the station, arm in arm. “I’m proud of you, kitten. Your mother is too. Don’t ever forget that. I may be able to make skyscrapers with the blink of an eye, but you will always be my greatest work.” You teared up a bit at that, you would never get used to your dad’s praise. With a final hug, you boarded the train. You watched as your father grew smaller, and the setting sun swallowed his silhouette.


You rode the train for an hour or so, watching the colors of the sky bleed out onto the landscape. “Y/N?” A welcoming voice called out to you, causing you to turn with a grin. Kaminari stood next to you, a big smile stretched across his face.


You pulled him into your seat and into a hug. “What are you doing here ‘Minari?” You were so happy to have company on this long ride.


“Well..” A flush overtook his face, “Shinsou had to go back yesterday… so I went with for a while. We just noticed how late it was so I caught this train back. What are you doing here?” He seemed eager to switch the subject, and you wondered if Mina and Sero weren’t the only ones to cement a relationship this weekend.


“I was just visiting my folks. I haven’t been this far from my home for a while.” You felt a bit bashful about how close you were to your parents. A lot of your classmates didn’t have the same privilege as you did or didn’t understand why you would want to be close to your family.


You and Kaminari spent the remainder of the ride chatting and playing games on your phones together. It was nice to have a companion, and you wondered if any of your friends would join you the next time you went.


Kaminari insisted on walking you back to the dorms. “Kirishima would kill me if he knew I let you walk home after dark. ‘It’s not manly!’” You laughed at his impression but shot him a confused look.


“You wound me! So it’s only Kirishima that wants to make sure I’m safe?” You nudged his shoulder, laughing at the way he scrambled to take back what he said. It sat in your head still, out of all the people, why did he say Kirishima?


Kaminari left you at the doors to the dorm with a quick hug. He was eager to make his own way home after his long weekend. The dorms were eerily quiet as you snuck in, which wasn’t much of a surprise for this time on a Sunday. You felt fatigue set in as you clambered to your room, unlocking the door with a little difficulty.


You collapsed into your pillows, catching a faint scent of Kirishima’s shampoo on the pillowcase. You brought the pillow to your face, allowing yourself a moment of weakness. This weekend had brought a lot of things for you to think about. Those would have to wait for another time though, you had classes in the morning that would need your undivided attention.

Chapter Text

Monday morning came upon you softly, the sun lazily streaming through your windows. You laid awake in your bed, enjoying the clarity sleep had brought you. Your mind was truly empty this morning- something that was welcome compared to the tempest of feelings you had been battling with.


With a stretch, you urged yourself from your bed. You quickly freshened up in your bathroom, deciding Mondays were going to be your lazy days in terms of getting ready. An oversized hoodie and some shorts were good enough.


You double checked your belongings before locking your door. You wouldn’t be caught unaware two weeks in a row and forget your wallet or keys. You stifled a yawn as you stumbled into the common area. The smell of breakfast was already wafting from the kitchen, so you decided to take a page from Kaminari’s book.


Speaking of the blond seemed to will him into existence. You watched as he shuffled to a chair and slid himself in. His head hit the table shortly after. You slipped into the seat next to him, crossing your arms across his back and laying your head in them.


“Morning, ‘Minari,” you mumbled into your arm. He grumbled a response and the two of you laid there contentedly. The clattering of plates in front of you compelled you to open your heavy eyes. Kirishima stood in front of you, placing a simple breakfast in front of you and Kaminari. The usually bubbly feeling he gave off was missing. A stormy look crossed his face instead. He looked at Kaminari intensely, his face growing more somber as you watched. You tried to tap into his head, just to get an idea of why. You didn’t remember anything going wrong between the boys, and you were sure you were the last person to see Kaminari last night.


The salt of Kirishima’s sadness sat on your tongue. You pushed a bit deeper, trying to get a glimpse of his thoughts.


Of course, his thoughts floated to you softly, he’s everything that I’m not. He’s funny and flashy, he’s forward. He’s not afraid to take a chance.


The hurt in your friend’s thoughts seemed to cut you, and you wanted to push all those thoughts from his head.


“He’s also not afraid to make a fool of himself.” Kirishima’s face flushed as you answered his thoughts. “He may have a bunch of good traits, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have them too. I think you’re quite funny. I also think you’re kind and thoughtful. You think of how things will affect people besides yourself. It’s a noble trait to have.” You slipped your arm out from under your head and reached across the table to take Kirishima’s hand. He nodded softly but wouldn’t meet your eyes.


Before you could feel hurt about that slight, Kaminari spoke from underneath you. You felt his gravely morning voice rumble through his back.


“If we’re sharing what we like about each other, do me next.” He didn’t even lift his head. A smirk crossed your face.


“I like how you’re the butt of endless jokes, ‘Minari.” You giggled as he tried to shake you off of his back. Sitting up in your chair, you thanked Kirishima for the food and slowly ate. It seemed like it was just the three of you this morning.


“So how was your trip, princess?” Kirishima asked, a shadow of his usual smile on his face. You were going to have to figure out what was up with him once the two of you had some time alone. For now, you smiled at him.


“It was great. I miss my parents. That’s kind of a lame thing to say at our age, huh?” You felt a bit meek at this confession. Kirishima shook his head.

“I think it’s nice. It shows that you’re family oriented. A lot of people forget about their parents once they start a life of their own.”


“Well… thanks. I even talked with my mom about Inasa. I’m not ready yet, but I think we could be friends again someday. And guess who I found on the train back home? Our little ‘Minari, on his walk of shame home.” You nudged Kaminari with your elbow, who groaned in response. “They grow up so fast.” You wiped a fake tear from your face, drawing a more genuine laugh from Kirishima.


You quickly cleaned up the mess from breakfast. Kaminari had left ahead of you and Kirishima, which you thanked. With Kaminari gone, you could finally talk to Kirishima. You grabbed his arm as he turned to walk out of the dorms.


“Kiri… what’s wrong?” You felt a flash apprehension from the redhead. You dipped into his thoughts, trying to send him reassuring thoughts. Unbeknownst to you, he was trying to find a way to explain without scaring you off.


“I just… everyone just seems so much better than me. I know I can be a good hero, but… I hesitate. I don’t have anything that stands out. I’m not the top student or the class clown, I’m just middle-of-the-road, that guy everyone kinda knows. Average.” You wrapped your arms around him softly.


“I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. You’re so much more than you think. I don’t know what I would have done this past week without you. I don’t know what I’d do without you now. You hesitate? Good. We have enough people who rush in. Who cares if you’re on the honor roll or if you goof off? You’re not compromising yourself to fit into a role that’s already laid out for you. You are unabashedly yourself, and you help me do the same.” You untangled your arms from around him and took his hand. “Wanna play hooky?”


To your surprise, he nodded. The two of you abandoned your homework on a table and headed out of the dorm, hand in hand.



Two figures huddled in the shadow of the dorm doors, pressed together from their sudden need of a hiding place.


“Is that what we were like?” The first eavesdropper whispered to the second. The second took advantage of their position to suck a deep purple into the first’s neck.


“I don’t know, but it’s painful to watch. We should do something about it.” The second’s voice was laden with mischief. “But first, we should do something about you.” The second’s hand dipped in between them, causing the first’s breath to catch in their throat.




The two of you walked hand in hand through the early morning streets. The town seemed almost barren, both business and school hours drawing the bulk of the city away from the streets. The good weather that had graced your first week was waning, clouds blew in quickly, bringing the famous spring showers. The parched asphalt swallowed the first drops from the sky and those that hit you brought a bracing cold. Kirishima quickly pulled you closer, ducking under awnings as you searched for a place that you could spend some time hiding from the sudden rain.


You ducked into a door, pulling Kirishima behind you. The arcade you had found was nearly empty, a few other patrons near the door waiting out the spring rains. Unlike them, you were happy to gravitate to the many multicolored machines.


“Seems like we found a place to waste some time?” You cocked your eyebrow at Kirishima. He met your gaze with a stunning smile. It was one of the many mysteries you wanted to solve about this boy- how he could both make you freeze up yet feel so warm inside.


The two of you spent hours going head to head on the games you found. From old school action games to ski ball, to crane machines. A friendly rivalry coursed between the two of you. One of the few games you had yet to play was the basketball hoop. You weren’t very sports inclined, and you could already picture the gloating face once Kirishima decimated you on one of the last games.


He went first, scoring nearly every time. You watched apprehensively as his score racked up. Too soon, it was your turn. You stepped up to the game and threw the first ball… which seemed like it was possessed. It bounced off the walls, nearly hitting you in the face as it ricocheted. Kirishima’s hand shot in front of your face, snatching the ball out of the air.


Instead of the gloating and mockery you expected, you were once again reminded of Kirishima’s soft personality. He softly moved you into a better position, telling you how to stand and how to bend your knees. His breath fluttered softly against your neck as he instructed you on how to hold your arms and let go of the ball. The words seemed to slip through your consciousness, your body was only concerned with his proximity and how right it felt with his hands on your hips.


You felt the ball fall from your hands as you drug Kirishima to the photo booth in the corner. You quickly slipped money in the slot and pushed him inside. He laughed at you then.


“Trying to get out of the game?” You shushed him and crawled into the booth, placing yourself closer than needed. The prompts started to countdown on the screen. You couldn’t help yourself, you felt like a woman possessed. You clambered into his lap, throwing your arms around his neck as the first flash went off.


He met your eyes with confusion. So many emotions seemed to swirl in his eyes, and you wondered if his eyes were just reflecting your own. Another flash. You felt your body move without your command. Your head was angling closer to his. His lips were just a few moments away.


But you couldn’t. There was no excuse this time, no drinking or games or peer pressure. Just you and your feelings. You weren’t ready to confront your feelings. You quickly detoured, planting your lips delicately on Kirishima’s cheek, just in time for the last flash.


The two of you took a beat to calm down, and you busied yourself with looking through the decorating options. These pictures were embarrassing, but you wanted them so badly. Looking at the way Kirishima stared at you in the pictures, maybe one day you could convince yourself that he might like you too.


Kirishima watched as you bypassed all of the hearts and ‘I love you’s on the decorating options, more confused than he’d ever been. It was becoming harder for him to differentiate your usual affections for more. He watched as you settled on a simple border with the date. This morning, he could barely look you in the eye for fear that he’d see your feelings for another person. Now, he couldn’t tear his eyes away.


He wasn’t sure how he’d ever survive if you didn’t like him too.




You and Kirishima walked slowly from the arcade. The street seemed flooded with puddles, and you went out of your way to splash in each one that seemed clean enough. Soon enough Kirishima joined you, splashing back and forth. You would have to change before going to your afternoon classes. Tucked inside the pocket of your hoodie was half of the pictures taken earlier. Nestled safely in his wallet, Kirishima carried his own.

Chapter Text

You awoke to the now-familiar walls of your dorm room. The past two months at UA had sped by after your eventful first week. You fell easily into your place in the Bakusquad, and you had never felt more at home. There were times where you ached for your old friend, Inasa, but you hadn’t gathered the nerve to speak to him since the incident.


In the meantime, you kept yourself busy. At Kirishima’s insistence, you applied to become Ms. Joke’s student aide. She quickly approved you, and it felt almost natural to help her tap into the feelings of your peers. It was a nice reassurance to you, if the hero thing didn’t work out, you could always follow in your mother’s footsteps as a therapist. You assisted her in some of your off time with counseling other students, with their permission. It was a taxing effort, but you always came out feeling like you were doing some good.


The only downside was it limited your time with your new friends. Outside of classes and Bakugou’s study sessions, you felt a bit distant from your friends. As you stretched out some kinks from last night’s rest, you looked around your room. The walls were now littered with mementos of your time with each of them. The photo booth pictures from your hookey day with Kirishima were pinned in the middle of a corkboard, surrounded by other pictures. After Mina spotted the damning picture, she insisted on buying a Polaroid camera. Slowly, your board had filled with pictures of you and the rest of the group, mostly from the nights they were able to meet up at Sero’s house for a night.


Seeing the pictures filled you with determination. If you didn’t feel like you were spending enough time with your friends, it was easy to see what to do. Make more time for them. With a burst of energy, you slipped from your covers to get ready for the day.


Water dripped from your hair as you heard a knock at the door. You didn’t move to answer. The knock was merely a courtesy at this point, as you knew it was either Kirishima or Mina at the door. After forgetting your key one too many times, they both held onto a spare for you. That quickly turned into them letting themselves in as they please. Mina made it a point to never settle on a schedule, and you had found her fast asleep on your couch more than once.


Kirishima was more predictable. If you weren’t downstairs by a certain time, he would usually come to make sure you were actually awake. He moved easily through your dorm room as he would his own. There wasn’t much of a difference at this point, he easily spent as much time here as you did there. At least you knew that your relationship with Kirishima was solid.


Friendship- you knew your friendship was solid. Even with how much time had passed, you still didn’t let yourself linger on how you felt for what could be your closest friend. You toweled your hair off, wishing that you had Mina’s magical hair powers.


“G’morning princess. You better dry your hair off before we leave, I don’t want you catching a cold.” Kirishima set a plate of bacon and toast on your coffee table before plopping down, watching whatever was on this early.


“A cold? Kiri, it’s the end of June. If anything, the heat will help my hair dry faster.” You stuck your tongue out at him, quickly devouring the bacon laid out for you. You quickly jumped onto the couch next to him, splaying your cold hair over his shoulder. He recoiled from the chill, trying to move further back on the couch to avoid your hair. You followed him closely and he quickly ran out of the room. Seeing that he was trapped, you quickly pounced, letting your hair fall onto his face. You laughed as he struggled weakly, joining you in laughing. You smiled down at him, your cheeks heating as you noticed your position. You held yourself over his body, your leg tucked in between his own. Your faces were ridiculously close. If he noticed your compromising position, he didn’t let you know. You quickly collapsed yourself onto his chest, a place you were far more familiar with.


You were both dressed for the heat and humidity, shorts and shirts with little to no sleeve. You weren’t used to how much skin was touching between the two of you. The thought made your breath hitch. You felt his hands clasp around your waist, resting on the small of your back. In your earlier struggle, your shirt had risen slightly, and you could feel the heat of his hands on your skin.


“Hey Lil Mama, I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but it is Monday. We do have classes in a little bit.” His breath fanned over the top of your head. You cursed your Monday classes, not the first time this semester. Kirishima chuckled as you pulled yourself from his embrace. You quickly pulled together your things and Kirishima took them without thought. You quickly ran a brush and your fingers through your hair, deeming yourself presentable.


Your fingers entwined with Kirishima as he pulled you out the door, locking it quickly behind him. The usual group was waiting downstairs, Kaminari and Tetsu chatting about some game on their phone, and Mina and Sero curled into each other while still in the cool building. They peeked up at you once you entered the room.


“Took your time this morning, Sweet Cheeks,” Kaminari threw a wink your way, “Not that you need it with that rockin bod.” You blew a kiss his way and he mimed catching it and holding it close to his chest.


“It’s a lil early to be going so hard, Sparky.” You laughed at his motions, surprised with how much energy he had so early in the morning. It was unlike him.


“He’s just all riled up since he heard our class was getting together for summer break. I think he just wants to get back with his girlfriend.” Mina cackled at him, “Or maybe his not-boyfriend.” She laughed harder as Kaminari flushed and tried to stutter out a response.


“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Everyone RSVP’d, didn’t they?” Kirishima asked Mina as the group wandered towards the door. She nodded quickly.


“Yeah, we’re all going of course. Midoriya, Ochako, and Todoroki are coming from the states for a week, and the rest are confirmed for the whole three weeks.” You paled a bit, you hadn’t thought much about Summer Break, but you had assumed the Bakusquad would be around. You were getting nervous. Was this going to be three weeks like you used to spend, all by yourself? You would probably give in at that point and talk to Inasa. Hell, you’d probably stay with your parents the whole time.


Kirishima drew you out of your thoughts with a thumb rubbing across yours. “What about you, Princess? Got any plans?” He has a gleam in his eyes as he asks. You quickly shake your head, you had nothing. The feeling sat heavy in your stomach.


“Good! We got an empty bed in our cabin, you should come with.” Your head shot up quickly, and he smiled down at you. “What, you thought I’d leave my favorite girl all alone all Summer? Don’t worry about paying for it or anything, Yaoyorozu said she was covering it.” You quickly nodded, not trusting your words. Mina laughed at your excitement, throwing her arm over your shoulder.


Bakugou joined the group shortly, and the group quickly dissolved into chatting about their various plans for their vacation. He had opened up to you considerably but still held himself back from being too close to you. The two of you had decided to act like the night at Sero’s hadn’t happened, but you could tell he pulled away from you because of it. The anger and desperation you had seen in him had burned out a bit more, but the bitterness remained. It was a bit of a tightrope act you were pulling, balancing your relationship with him and also trying to help heal the wounds in his head. You tried to talk him into counseling, but he refused in typical Bakugou fashion.



You had a soft spot for Small Might, but even this couldn’t keep you focused. With less than a month left in the semester, this class had devolved into Common Sense 101- don’t get into fistfights with reporters, try not to get photographed while intoxicated- all things that should be obvious.


You took notes here and there, but your notebook was filled with small messages from Kaminari and Kirishima and small games like tic-tac-toe. Your head rested in your hand, urging yourself to not get drowsy. You knew from experience that wandering into Fatgum’s class sleepy would end with some pretty bruises by the end of the day if you were lucky. The class was dismissed and you quickly said your goodbyes as Kirishima ushered you out the door.


Today was another team exercise, and to your surprise, you were teamed up with Iida. Fatgum seemed to push you and Kirishima together at any point that he could. You and Iida had only spoken a few times, mostly due to Kirishima’s friendliness with the man. You greeted him with a quick wave and he responded with a nod.


Iida was all business. As soon as the two of you walked to the training yard, he was already trying to form a plan of attack.


“Iida, we don’t even know who we’re up against.” His high-strung personality was making you a bit unnerved.


“That is precisely why we must be prepared.” He swung his arm in front of you, almost robotically. Someone needed to teach this boy how to calm down. The two of you spent the warm-up time prepping your game plan and establishing a mental connection.


After a few matches, you and Iida were called to the field. Your nerves sat heavily in your stomach as you squared off with the people across from you, the people you would be least effective against in this class: Kirishima and Tetsutetsu. You had worked with both of them throughout the semester to strengthen your quirk, and they had become pretty good at blocking you out in return. Iida sensed your apprehension to square up against Kirishima, and thankfully placed himself between the two of you.


Fatgum signaled for the match to start, and you immediately summoned your war hammer to your hands. The lance was nice to keep the distance, but its heft was nowhere near what you needed to break the steel and Unbreakable forms of the two you were up against. Iida sent you updates on how he was faring with Kirishima, so you were able to focus on the shimmering man in front of you.


Tetsutetsu didn’t seem hesitant to approach you, but he was moving cautiously. You readied your war hammer, but he didn’t stray towards its range. Seeing the momentary lapse of movement, you made your way quickly into his head. He was ready for you, a simple melody he had stuck in his head was repeated quickly, seemingly blocking any thought you could discern. You had no choice but to push deeper, eyes glazing over slowly as you focused more on penetrating the looping firewall he had put up. He used this to his advantage, and you barely felt the push of adrenaline from him to warn yourself.


You blocked his fist, barely, with a swing from your hammer. The heft helped against his armor, but what you gained in damage was more than taken in speed. You had to think quickly. He had grown to expect the hammer from behind, so you altered direction. Your manifested weapons were now approaching from his sides. The element of surprise was ruined by his impressive peripheral vision, and instead of moving backwards, he dropped. Your hammer swung through the empty air at the loss of the opposing force, causing you to stumble forward. He tucked his head down and led with his iron shoulder, hitting you hard in the stomach and forcing you to the ground. You felt a pop, and your next intake of breath felt sharp against your ribs. You could already feel his remorse rolling through your head and used that to slip further in.


As soon as you were in his head, you thought of your nightmares. The fear and terror. You thought of your screams and echoed their sound into his head. You watched as he grabbed at his temple, swaying above you. You maneuvered yourself out from under him, not yet able to get a full breath in your lungs. As you stood, a blur of silver and blue buzzed past you, and a Recipro Burst knocked into Tetsutetsu’s face full force. You watched the silvery boy go lax on the ground and confirmed the inky darkness in his mind. He would be down for a while.


You released your connection on Tetsu and turned to see a full Unbreakable Kirishima close behind you. It seemed like Iida wasn’t fast enough to take Tetsu out and still keep the redhead off of you, not that you blamed him. You didn’t let off that you could barely breathe, you just stood as straight as you could, urging another hammer into existence. If you could just stall long enough, Iida could get the upper hand, and the match would be over. Two against one, with Iida’s speed, should be an easy win.


You tried desperately to get in his head, but he was the one you practiced with the most. He didn’t even rely on the melody method Tetsu put into effect earlier, he simply kept you busy in his head. A never-ending deluge of questions battered you, ones you knew he already knew the answer to. You had to think of something to break his concentration, but nothing was coming.


It was getting harder for you to stand on your own, your head was getting dizzy. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling. Your mind was drifting a little too, like to the night Kirishima stayed in your room. You pictured it clearly in your head, the way he looked curled up next to you. You blushed a bit as you realized you were still connected to Kirishima, sending him glimpses of abstract memory. You could only think of one question.


Why did you kiss me then?


Kirishima’s body was rigid, not only due to his quirk. He was frozen trying to think of an answer on the spot. This was your blessing, you thought a little too loudly, as Iida’s foot appeared behind your friend.



You had a collapsed lung. The force of Tetsu’s impact and your subsequent impact between the ground and the man snapped the end of your rib, poking it into your lung. It hurt, yes, and it was a major inconvenience, but the medical staff on call patched you up fairly quickly. They were no Recovery Girl, but they easily slipped your bones back together and mended the hole in your lung with ease. Unfortunately, the pain lingered and your skin was dappled with green and black bruising along your side. Fatgum seemed happy that you were able to take the hit at least, and you liked to think you tasted a bit of sweet, tangy pride as your mind skimmed over his.


The downside was that you were bed-bound, or at least dorm-bound, until the bruising let up. The boys got off easy, with some black eyes and a concussion, easily fixed and sent on their way. It made you wish you had some better form of defense.


They were waiting for you as you left the medical office, one on each side of the door. You were still a bit out of it from the lack and sudden rush of oxygen your injury provided, and you quirk roamed free among their minds. Tetsu’s guilt washed over you in heavy waves, pulling at you like the riptide. On the other side, Kirishima’s bright worry and sharp anger cut through your mind. The combination almost made your head swim. You grabbed for their hands, and they gave in easily as you made your way to the dorms. Neither spoke, much less to each other.


You cleared your throat, uncomfortable with the silence between the boys. “So, Tetsu. Nice tackle, I was really in a bind there.” He looked away, ashamed.


“I’m sorry…” Kirishima’s hand tightened around yours, his anger flaring. You shot him a glance and squeezed his hand firmly.


“It was training, that’s what you’re supposed to do. I doubt Fatgum wants us to hold back. Besides, I’m training to be a full-fledged hero just like the two of you. I can’t afford to be treated like a doll.” They both knew you were right, but it didn’t seem to make them feel any better. The door of your dorm house was in sight, and Tetsu stopped.


“I… I think I’m gonna head back. See you guys later.” You sighed as he walked away. Maybe you could get Ms. Joke to talk to him if he kept being so mopey. Kirishima didn’t even acknowledge his leaving, instead ushering you into the dorms and up to his room. He dropped your hand once the door shut behind you. You watched in silence as he busied himself around the room, grabbing cushions and blankets. He gathered them up around his couch before leading you over. He motioned for you to lay on the couch, propping up pillows and laying blankets over you until he deemed you were sufficiently comfortable before sitting in front of the couch with a huff.


You obliged him for a while, the two of you absentmindedly watching the awful hero soap on his TV. You could see the bruise forming on the side of his face, darkening as time passed. It bothered you almost as much as the unfamiliar pout marring his face. This wouldn’t do.


You opened up your mind to his, catching his attention. He glanced up at you from the side of his eyes. You grabbed for him, scooting back into the couch. It seemed like he was going to ignore your request, but he slowly scooted in beside you, trapping you between himself and the cushions. His arms tangled around your waist gingerly. You could feel his breath on your neck and it sent shivers coursing through you.


“You shouldn’t be angry at him.” It came out as a whisper, pressed up against his forehead.


“I know.” You weren’t able to run your hands through his hair like you wanted to, so you settled for rubbing his nape.


“I’m alright.”


“I know.”


“You’re sweaty.” This time you earned a laugh.


“I know.” He finally looked up at you, searching your face. You weren’t lying, he shouldn’t be mad, you were OK, and you were both tacky with sweat. His face didn’t move as he studied you, and then he remembered. He quickly untangled from your hold, standing straight up in front of you.


“Why don’t we both get a quick shower, yeah?” You nodded, easing yourself up. He helped you get up and followed behind you as you hobbled your way into the bathroom. He rummaged through his linen closet, tossing you a towel, and ran to his room to try to find something for you to wear. He returned with an oversized Crimson Riot shirt and a pair of baggy shorts, laying them on the counter.


“Hey, lemme see?” His voice was soft as he looked at your side. You lifted your shirt as much as your muscles allowed, giving way to the black and green bruises enveloping your side from your ribs to your hip. He winced as he traced the edge, but the heat of his skin on yours felt wonderful to you. He stepped closer and pulled your hand away from your shirt. His arms enveloped you lightly and you felt a warm kiss pressed to your forehead. “I know I shouldn’t be mad. I just don’t like seeing you hurt.” You felt warm in his arms. You met his eyes, chin resting against his chest.


“Lucky for you, I usually have a pretty badass shield.” He grinned.


“And I would have won that round if I had my amazing spear. I’ll let you get in the shower. If you need me, just yell. I won’t be far.”


“You never are.” You teased. It felt right, though. You were never really that far from each other.   

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As Kirishima’s hands carded through your hair, untangling the unruly locks, you wondered how much touch was too much between friends. He quickly ran his brush through your hair. He took his time, gently untangling and drying your hair. You thought you might have felt babied if it was any other of your friends, but you were oddly okay with Kirishima doing as much as he could for you. You tried to rationalize it, it made him feel better. You felt the occasional cold drop from his still-damp hair as he worked through yours, quickly securing it away from your face.

By the time you had settled back into your makeshift nest, it was around the time that classes left off for the day. Your phone was pinging, your friends checking in on your absence. You could tell by Kirishima’s quick typing that he was getting similar messages. Your phone was placed back on the table next to you, you figured Kirishima could fill in your friends for now.

He settled back into the couch shortly after, letting you lay your head in his lap. This was the calm you grew to expect from your time together, just the two of you in comfortable silence as you watched whatever B movies you could find or playing two-player games together. The silence wouldn’t last, you knew. Your suspicions were correct as you heard a frantic knocking at the door.

Kirishima maneuvered you out of his lap with a sigh, moving to open the door. Unlike your room, Mina didn’t have a spare key for Kirishima. She all but pushed the redhead out of the way as she made her way to you.

“My poor little love bug, what did those big, mean boys do to you?” She curled her arms around your head, pushing your face into the crook of her neck. Kirishima scoffed at Mina’s implication, his tempered anger still slightly spicy on your tongue. Mina wasted no time thoroughly checking you out. Her hand splayed over your face, turning it from side to side. Her hands ran down to the ends of your arms and continued down to your hips. Without concern for the other person in the room, she quickly lifted the hem of your shirt, once again displaying your ripening bruise to Kirishima, who turned swiftly, a soft blush peppering his face.

“Damn, that looks nasty.” Mina pouted as she poked the darkening center. You flinched away with a whine, pushing your shirt back down. Mina had the grace to at least look a bit guilty.

“Like I told Kiri, I’ll be fine in a few days. It’s not like it’s unexpected for our line of work.” Mina nodded, turning back to Kirishima. He had finally turned back to the two of you, the blush still fading. Mina sat against the couch, letting Kirishima reclaim his previous spot. That’s how the three of you spent the evening, ordering take-out and watching movies. Mina’s running dialogue made you curl into yourself with laughter, your ribs aching. It felt nice though, to laugh with them.

It was getting dark out and Mina was getting ready to leave. You stretched out, wincing as your tender skin rebelled against the movement. With a hug and a quick kiss to her cheek, you sent Mina on her way. Kirishima looked at you oddly as you didn’t lay back down, instead moving to grab your things. He caught your hand, drawing your attention.

“What are you doing?” He spoke softly.

“I’m getting ready to go back to my room, silly.” The two of you hadn’t spent a night together since the fateful party. He rubbed his hand against his neck.

“Oh… yeah. I suppose it is getting late, huh? You… you could stay here tonight?” He didn’t meet your eyes he spoke. You mulled it over before answering. He felt bad for what happened during training, but you didn’t want him to feel like he needed to wait on you hand and foot. Especially since he still had class in the morning.

“It’s alright Kiri. It’s just some bruising. I’m pretty sure I can handle it by myself.” His hand fell from his neck, moving to yours instead. He tilted your head up to meet his eyes. Heat bloomed in your chest like it had earlier that morning. His face was nearing yours, flushed not unlike yours. You couldn’t stand it anymore and your eyes fell closed. You heard your heartbeat in your ears, but his lips didn’t meet yours. Instead, you felt the warm softness of his lips on your crown.

“Yeah, okay. Just… call if you need anything.” You nodded swiftly, keeping your eyes down. You quickly gathered your things into your arms.


You closed your door behind you, flipping the deadbolt and tossing your belongings on the couch. Your bed called, and you flopped face-first into the sheets, instantly regretting your harsh landing. Why did you think he was going to kiss you? You were friends. That was it, wasn’t it? You shouldn’t even be wasting any thought on it. The only time you had done anything, you had also made out with Shinsou and Bakugou. It was easy to get caught up in Shinsou’s passion, you hadn’t had too many kisses like the ones you shared with him. Not to mention the way Bakugou’s arms caged you in later. A familiar heat started to spread through your body. You shouldn’t be thinking of your friends this way. Then Kirishima. His kisses didn’t make you dizzy with passion like Shinsou, he didn’t come at you with all the stubborn fervor that Bakugou had. Even Mina’s kisses left you laughing and your lips tingling, although that may have been partly her quirk’s fault.

Kirishima’s kisses were soft, fragile. Like if you had exhaled too hard, they would fall apart. Surely that meant he didn’t hold those feelings for you? Your head begged you to push these thoughts back down, but your body refused. Even if he didn’t return those kinds of feelings, you couldn’t help but remember how his body felt against yours, or the way his hair splayed over your pillows as you woke up in his arms the next morning.

You refused to indulge these thoughts any further, despite how tightly your legs pressed against each other.


The dreams you had that night were far from your usual. You were pressed up against a wall, your leg hitched up over the hip of your friend as he nipped at your neck. Your hands tangled in lavender hair.

No, not lavender, blonde. The hands that traveled your thighs sparked against you softly, only driving you further into their touch.

No, not sparks, his hands were slick with sweat. Burnt sugar filled your senses and carmine eyes filled your sight. His body was flush with yours, and you couldn’t help but run your hands over the firm planes of his stomach. His kisses consumed you, burning you up from the inside. Brash, heated, just like him.

You didn’t remember how you got to your bed, but he was above you. His eyes boring down into like a predator. His hair brushed against your chin as he sucked a deep purple into your neck.

That wasn’t right either. He didn’t attack your neck so savagely. He moved slowly, almost like he was worried he would scare you away. His hair didn’t brush against your chin, it fell to your clavicle. You could feel his eyelashes against your skin if you focused. Nothing was separating the two of you and his skin felt like fire against yours. You moaned as he moved against you, within you, all around you. Hands tangled in his hair, you brought his face to yours. Kisses deposited all over his face, on his scar. His lips lingered on yours, slow but heady. How could you miss this, his passion was potent but restrained. It wasn’t that he didn’t feel enough for you, but too much.

You fell apart against him, hands tangled in hair and legs wrapped around hips.


In his room, Kirishima awoke with a start. His heart was hammering against his chest. He was flushed and hot, too hot. But most of all the hardness between his legs consumed his attention. He would never tell you about this dream, or why he couldn’t meet your eyes the next morning.

You were already tired of your restrictions, and it wasn’t even midday. You lounged around in the dorm’s common room, messing around on your phone. You weren’t to keen on messaging your friends during their classes, and not many people hung around during the day. You knew Kaminari would ignore the rest of his classes all day if you were to text, but was the one most at risk to fail without your interruptions. Mina was a close second, Sero and Bakugou were too studious to even look at their phones in class. Kirishima… he would drop everything and come back if you messaged him. You already had to convince him you’d be fine before he left this morning. You supposed you could message Tetsu or Shinsou, but you weren’t sure what you’d accomplish that way.

You let your head fall off the edge of the couch with a huff. Maybe messaging Kaminari wasn’t such a terrible idea. Before you could second guess, your fingers flew over the keys and the message was sent. Twenty minutes later, and no response. Maybe he was taking his classes seriously today? You resigned yourself to watching the TV upside down in an effort to entertain yourself. You were just beginning to enjoy the head rush as someone blocked your sight. Tilting your head up, and getting sufficiently light-headed, you met the Cheshire grin of the man in question.

“My poor Pookie is bored?” He cooed down at you. “I knew you couldn’t handle a whole day away from me Cuppycake.” You gingerly lifted yourself to make room on the couch. Kaminari quickly took the offered space, pulling you back into him. He smushed his face into yours excitedly. “A whole day alone with my Peachy-Poo.” Finding the most ridiculous sugary nicknames had become a favorite past time for Kaminari.

“Peachy-Poo? That one isn’t even bad good, ‘Minari.” You chuckled. “At least I know you won’t coddle me all day.” He tried to look offended at your remarks, but his crooked smile broke through easily,

“Well, since you’re not in the mood for coddling, why don’t we sneak ourselves outta here, Pumpkin.” He rose from the couch with you still in his grasp. You laughed as you rushed to find footing as you were drug along. Kaminari took the sneaking seriously. As soon as the two of you cleared the dorm doors, exaggerating his movements as he ducked behind buildings and bushes, peeking around before rushing to the next hiding spot. You walked casually behind him, laughter bubbling up every time you watched him duck and roll between each spot.

He led you out into town, stopping briefly to grab some food from a street vendor. The streets outside of campus were still pretty unfamiliar to you, and your free hand was set firmly in Kaminari’s. It wasn’t unusual for you and your friends at this point, but you were now aware of how differently Kaminari’s hand felt compared to Kirishima. You shook the thought from your head, focusing instead on the peppy blonde next to you.

He weaved you though the streets, stopping to window shop at a few places, but he never stayed too long in one place. You quickly found yourself in a busier part of town. The buildings towered over the simple strip malls and office buildings closer to campus. You gripped Kaminari’s hand a little tighter, more nervous about getting separated. It seemed as though you hit the late lunch rush, as the streets were packed with people moving around, oblivious to the people around them. Large clothing shops and department stores lined the streets, cafes and small restaurants snugly wedged in between. On one of the corners, Kaminari stopped to listen to a street performer, plucking guitar strings while he sang a ballad. People stopped around you for a few moments, sparing any change they could and moving on. Except for Kaminari, you knew by now that the spark in his eyes meant he had some crazy idea.

You weren’t expecting him to pull you so suddenly. All but falling into his chest, you looked up at him in confusion. He grinned down to you, quickly spinning you around and pulling you back to his chest. You couldn’t help the bubbly laughs that escaped you both as you allowed him to lead you in his impromptu dance. You were so lost in your own bubble with him that you failed to notice the people stopping to watch you along with the musician.

You came to your senses as the song ended. You were a bit out of breath from twirling and laughing. Now you noticed all the people around you, younger girls staring up at their boyfriends expectantly, older ladies reveling in your youth, and some just enjoying a nice show during their lunch break. You felt the flush of embarrassment creep up your neck as Kaminari dropped a handful of change in the musician’s case. Once the coins fell from his hand, you grabbed his arm, fleeing the crowd.

You dipped into a mall nearby to escape your embarrassment. Kaminari’s hand once again clutched in your own, although the crowds inside were not nearly as tightly packed as the sidewalks outside. Kaminari guided you through some of your favorite stores.

The two of you had fallen into the lure of the mall, emerging a few hours later with a few bags each. Kaminari had even warned you that Mina would probably drag the whole group here to shop for Spring Break in the upcoming weeks and the poor boy was already lamenting the drain on his wallet.

You were determined to escape the mall before you spent the rest of your money, but you couldn’t help but slip into a hero merch store. Maybe one day you’d be resting on the shelves next to Hawks and All Might. That was the dream, wasn’t it? Kaminari wandered through the store, stopping every once in a while, examining a graphic tee before continuing onto the next. You were quite the same, nothing catching your eye too much. Venturing into the back, you found some merch of older heroes. You walked along, brushing your hand along the clothing racks as you walked past.

This merch must have been sitting for a while, faded tees and heavy jacket that didn’t suit the summer weather littered the back. You browsed through the jackets, coming across one that caught your eye. It was a simple bomber jacket embroidered with the silhouette of Crimson Riot and his name down the arms.

“Hey now, I thought this was my lovey-time, Boo Bear,” Kaminari whined behind you, setting his head on your shoulder. “You shouldn’t be looking for stuff for your other boys.” He gave you an exaggerated pout, drawing another chuckle from you. It was way too warm to wear this now… but it would make a nice present when it started getting colder.

You left the store one bag heavier, and your stomach empty. You had to pass by the food court on your way out, so it wouldn’t hurt to look. Kaminari listed off the various chains, counting on his fingers as he walked. You nodded now and again but stopped Kaminari with a hand to his chest.

He looked a little nervous walking in with you. No guy he knew every went into a themed cafe without being on a date. At least this one was game themed. They had little piles of accessories for patrons to use while in the cafe, and you dug through them enthusiastically. Kaminari suddenly found himself wearing a pair of horns, thick bracelets, and various villainous accoutrements. Meanwhile, you decked yourself up with flashy baubles and a petite tiara, playing the part of the hapless princess.

You were in heaven. The plates were coins, the dishes were pipes. Your desserts even came in flower pots! It was the only time you could remember taking pictures of your food, as well as the many pictures you took with Kaminari.

It was getting late into the evening, and Kaminari’s phone had been buzzing for the last thirty minutes. He was doing his best to ignore it, so you tried the same. You felt guilty knowing Kirishima was probably wondering where you had snuck off to...

“Hey, Sugar Cake, c’mere for a minute.” Kaminari waved you over, finally surrendering to his phone. You scooted over to his seat, where he pulled you in close for a picture. The way he angled the picture and posed, you could almost believe he was the big baddy ready to eat you up. After he was satisfied with the picture, he saved it to his phone. You watched curiously as he opened up a text from none other than Kirishima. It seems that he had been looking for you, and then Kaminari. You felt bad for not letting him know sooner, but Kaminari didn’t seem to share your feelings. You watched your friend send the newest picture, complete with a caption.

“Sorry, bro. Looks like your princess is in another castle ;)”