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Ignorance Leads to Bliss

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The massive bonfire crackles with blues and oranges, reds and greens, brilliant colors induced by different salts and powders scattered amongst the burning coals and embers. The flickering flames cast a rainbow of light over the members of the Dragon Clan, illuminating their bare torsos and exposed tattoos, ink twisting in intricate and elaborate designs over their muscular forms as they dance around the fire.

Izuku watches in awe, his journal dropped open and forgotten on his lap with a half-drawn illustration growing over the vellum pages, while the clan dances. His leather bags are abandoned behind him, sword propped carefully atop them, safe with the knowledge that he is an esteemed guest here and no harm will come to himself or his belongings.

As magnificent as they all are, Izuku's eyes are locked on one person in particular.

The Dragon Prince.

Katsuki is devastatingly attractive.

Each sinuous twist of his lissome body sends his beaded necklaces clattering, the noise another melody rising and falling in perfect harmony with the other instruments filling the night air. His hair is a wild spray of pale blonde, two braids- tied off with leather cords and crimson beads- swinging wildly with the fierce stomp of his feet.

His ruby eyes cut through to Izuku's very soul with each glance sent burning in his direction, making the freckled Alpha feel as though he's being laid bare beneath the other's intense stare.

His tattoos are perhaps the most captivating, besides those ruby eyes, at least to Izuku's emerald gaze. The inks- a sunset of shades, reds and oranges and black- tense and shift with each flex of his powerful muscles, lending life to the sprawling portrait of a magnificent dragon that stretches from wrist to shoulder on both arms and claims the entire canvas of his back.

Izuku has spent the entirety of this celebratory bonfire with his eyes trained on that gloriously supple body.

He had accidentally stumbled upon the fight that led to this celebration: a massive wyrm had pinned a gleaming dragon to the ground, scattering scales in a kaleidoscope of burnt oranges and deep reds along the forest floor while the dragon spat fire and roared.

Izuku, being Izuku, had dropped his bags, drawn his sword and dashed into the fray with one palm sparking green lightning, not sparing a thought to his own safety. He'd suffered a score of burns to his arm for his effort but between himself and the dragon‒freed by Izuku's distraction‒they'd defeated the wyrm.

It had been a fearsome battle‒adrenaline pumping, gut-churning, thrilling enough to make Izuku roar with bloodlust‒and at the end, the beautiful dragon had scooped him up and swooped away with him.

At least Katsuki had been considerate enough to send for his belongings after absconding with him. He'd set Izuku down before the Dragon Queen and then shifted, standing naked before his mother. They'd exchanged heated words in that mysterious language, closer to the vocals of dragons than any human language, ending with Katsuki gesturing vehemently towards Izuku before shouting one last time.

At his shout, the majestic woman had observed Izuku for a long, silent moment. Izuku, anxious beneath her intense scrutiny, had smiled and given her a nervous wave. The woman glared back at her son, who responded with a single shrug, before giving a single decisive nod to the Prince.

Izuku still isn't sure of the context of that conversation but he's exceedingly grateful for the outcome. He'd traveled the world for years without spying a single dragon: now, he's surrounded by a whole clan of them. He spent hours writing and sketching in his journal before a pink-skinned dragon had dragged him to this wide stump before the bonfire, and here he's sat for the better part of the night. Completely entranced, watching Katsuki dance.

Occasionally, the Dragon Prince will saunter over to his side, bearing trays of meat skewers and drinks that he forces Izuku to consume. That intense red gaze stays locked on him until he finishes and Izuku gives him a beaming smile, which makes the Prince flush before he returns to his dance.

With the moon rising high overhead, festivities seem to be slowing down. The dragons are splitting off into pairs, vanishing into the shadowy mouth of the mountain they call home. Inside is a winding series of tunnels, massive caverns that the dragons have claimed as their individual dens.

Izuku is too caught up in the Dragon Prince‒in his all-consuming visage, awed by his alluring presence‒to realize that the crowd has narrowed to just the two of them. Even his parents have vanished into the night.

Finally, Katsuki's savagely graceful dance comes to an end. His bare feet bring him before Izuku and the Omegan Prince kneels, head bowed, a beaded necklace offered up in his cupped hands. Slowly, hesitantly, Izuku lets his fingers glide over the smooth surface of the beads, grazing the calloused palms beneath them until those eyes rise to meet his own.

Only then does he let his fingers curl around the necklace, lifting the beads to drop them around his neck. He's halted by Katsuki, who gestures brusquely for Izuku to lean forward. When he does, Katsuki reverently drops the beads around his neck and then, quick as a lightning strike, he grabs the necklace to yank Izuku into a deep, searing kiss.

He's assaulted by the Dragon Prince's heady aroma, the intoxicating scent of an omega on the cusp of heat. Not yet there, still able to think clearly, yet consumed with the urge to be claimed and mated. Katsuki growls into his lax mouth and Izuku's fingers drop to sink into the muscles of his shoulders, licking hesitantly at Katsuki's lower lip.

The Omega is responsive, mewling into the press of Izuku's mouth, dragging his tongue alongside Izuku's as he rises on his knees. Izuku thought the savage Prince would be arrogant and demanding here as he was in battle: instead, he yields to Izuku's lead. When Izuku squeezes his fingers to tug him upwards, Katsuki follows willingly, straddling the Alpha's thighs and relaxing into his chest with a pleased hum that vibrates over Izuku's lips.

“Alpha,” he croons into the kiss, slick soaking through the thin silk of his trousers, and Izuku has to pull back, has to drag his mouth away just to give his burning lungs a taste of air that isn't saturated with the Omega's burnt sugar scent. “Alpha,” his pleased noises take on a petulant tone, whining as the Omega noses along the jut of his jaw, desperate for the caress of his lips.

When he forces his heavy eyelids open, he's met with the hazy image of a waking dream.

Katsuki's skin is lit by the colorful flames of the bonfire, a rainbow that shifts over the strong lines of his body as he tilts his head, baring his neck. His beautiful eyes are eclipsed by the dark heat of his arousal, leaving only a thin ruby rim glowing around the black of his pupils.

“Alpha,” he whines, seemingly the only words of the Common tongue that he can speak as he squirms on Izuku's lap.

Those supple fingers clutch at the collar of his shirt, tugging until the buttons strain against the dark green fabric and threaten to pop free. Izuku's hands glide down to wrap around his trim waist: it's so small that his long fingers can nearly touch in the dip of his lower back. Izuku doesn’t care about their surroundings‒the open clearing and the crackling fire, the few stragglers still stumbling their way back to the caves, the stars bright and gleaming overhead. He just needs to be drenched in Katsuki’s scent, in his warmth.

Izuku spreads his thighs, forcing the Omega to slide closer, and then he rips Katsuki’s pretty silk trousers, baring his skin to the night air. He's ambushed by his Omega's scent, by the pungent smell of slick smeared between his legs.

What little control Izuku has left snaps.

“Fuck,” he growls, fingers dancing through the puddle of slick to press between his cheeks. Katsuki's hole flutters against the pads of his fingers, trembling much like the pretty Omega is quivering in his lap.

Katsuki blinks slowly, long lashes brushing his cheeks as he tilts his head back. The hormones of his pre-heat bend his will, make this feisty Omega more malleable to his own instincts. Izuku is swiftly following him into that pheromone fueled haze, encouraged by the stretch of neck bared to him and the slick slipping down his fingers.

Gaze locked on the dark eyes above him, Izuku dips a finger past the slick, quivering rim and lets smug pride curl his lips at the jerk of those hips, the ragged cry leaving his kiss-swollen mouth. Katsuki’s sharp nails finally rip through his shirt, scattering buttons all over the stump and sending them clattering to the ground as he clutches the tattered scraps in his fists. Izuku grins and wiggles his finger, letting the digit stretch Katsuki’s tight hole before adding another thick finger.

From the panting and whining, the squirming and rocking, Katsuki is enjoying every single second of Izuku's fingers scissoring him open but he quickly grows impatient.

He doesn't speak but he lets Izuku know he doesn't want to wait for the prep.

Katsuki’s hands abandon Izuku's shirt to fumble with the buckle guarding his pants until he resorts to frantic yanking, his magic crackling until the heat of his flames melt the leather enough that he can rip open the front of his pants. Izuku's cock bobs free in the small pocket of open air between their heated bodies.

“Alpha,” he demands‒voice parched by the heat of his desire‒hand searching beneath him for Izuku’s throbbing shaft. His fingers trace over the satin-coated steel, gliding through the white pearls dripping from the head to slick the way for his hand to tug insistently, guide that angry red head towards his hole even as he shoves at his ruined trousers.

Izuku’s hips jerk up, nudging at the tight furl of muscles, catching on the rim before forcing past the barrier. The omega exhales sharply as Izuku drags him down onto himself, thick cock pushing all the breath from his lungs as Katsuki wraps his arms around Izuku's shoulders and props his sweat-slicked forehead in the hollow of Izuku's throat.

His breath stutters and catches in his chest as his body attempts to adjust to the intrusion, dripping slick in copious waves to help ease the way. The Dragon Prince's claws dig wells in the alpha's shoulders, feeding little rivers that trickle down his back. His hips jerk in half-aborted thrusts, mouth wide open to gasp in shallow breaths of air. Izuku pants against his shoulder, fingers flexing around his waist.

“Katsuki,” he moans into the tattooed flesh beneath his mouth, lost in the bliss of the omega. “Omega, you feel so good, so good for me, it's as if you were made just for me-”

Katsuki rises high- knees scraping the wood of the stump beneath him as he shifts, one hand pressed to the quivering muscles of his abdomen- and sinks back down, wailing out at the harsh stretch. He repeats the motion- again and again, faster and harder.

Katsuki feels so good.

Izuku is being devoured by the omega's slick heat, silken walls flexing to hold him tightly within, and he can't find it in himself to care about anything else, too consumed by the pleasure as he meets the Prince thrust for frenetic thrust.

Not until he sees the tears trickling down those flushed cheeks, the sweaty blonde strands clinging to his neck, the frantic heaving of his chest. His beads sing with every thrust, smacking together and bouncing around his neck to tangle in his hair.

“Wait, wait, I'll hurt you, slow down,” Izuku grunts, massive hands struggling to still the frantic rolls of Katsuki's hips but Katsuki is like a wild beast intent on chasing that pleasurable sensation. He is a wild beast, Izuku tries to remind himself

“D-don't st-stop!” the Prince drags his eyelids open, dark gaze glaring at Izuku when he sinks back down on his cock. “My alpha,” he snarls, grinding down harder. “My mate.

Izuku shudders.

He needs- he needs Katsuki completely bare, needs him whining and writhing beneath him, needs his fangs buried in the crook of his neck.

He jerks upright, lurching to his feet and taking pleasure in the frantic clutch of Katsuki's arms around his shoulders, the way his legs tangle around his waist and yet the omega never stops rolling his hips, never stops bouncing on his cock. It's even more intense, Katsuki is so tight around him. Izuku rocks into him, a slow grind that teases instead of pleases and Katsuki whines, unable to take what he needs from his alpha while he's suspended in the air.

Izuku's alpha pride swells as the omega clings to him but he has a goal in mind.

He lifts Katsuki, pulls him up off of his cock and lets Katsuki slide down his front. Izuku turns in one smooth motion, dropping to his knees as he flips Katsuki onto his stomach and pins him to the stump. His omega knows his place: he spreads his legs as far as he's able, presenting his glistening hole for his alpha.

Izuku has no patience left: he grips those hips and slides home in one savage thrust.

Katsuki wails, shoving his hips back to take Izuku in deeper. His own cock smacks against his stomach with each thrust, the head flushed and swollen, dribbling precome that smears on his lower stomach. Izuku's thumbs press hard into the dips and divots of his lower back, rubbing soothingly over the impressive designs inked there in a manner completely opposite the near brutal pace of their coupling.

The blonde omega sinks his nails into the rough surface beneath him, face scraping over the wood with the force of Izuku's thrusts. Each time he attempts to rise up, to shift the angle of Izuku's thrusts, the alpha snarls and forces him back down. He's just barely missing Katsuki's prostate, grazing it but not enough to bring the omega the pleasure that he's seeking.

Izuku has no patience but he wants this omega to submit fully, wants him begging and drooling, pleading for him and he's willing to drag this out until he gets what he wants. It doesn't matter that Katsuki came to him, that Katsuki offered himself to Izuku- no, he wants everything Katsuki has. Mind, body, and soul.

Katsuki sobs beneath him, one hand reaching for his own aching cock but Izuku yanks his wrist away with a roar. His walls tighten around his shaft, a hint at how close he is. Izuku curls over his back, his beads dragging up Katsuki's spine, to nip and mouth at the nape of his neck.

Katsuki hesitates for only a heartbeat before once more baring the side of his throat.

Neither of them are prepared for the fire that burns through their veins when Izuku sinks his teeth into Katsuki's scent gland. Izuku's knot swells and catches at the omega's rim, his driving thrusts shoving it further until each jerk of his hips splits Katsuki open wider, stretches him until the knot pops in past the rim and locks them together.

Izuku is stuck so deeply within him that every lazy swivel scrapes that spot that drives the blonde crazy and the alpha keeps rocking into him until the omega comes untouched, splattering his seed onto the stump. His walls tighten on Izuku's cock like a silken vice, fluttering and convulsing until Izuku finds his own release, wave after wave of hot come filling him until the omega's stomach bulges with it.

Izuku slumps forward, carefully detaching his teeth from Katsuki's neck, and the omega grunts as the full weight of his alpha settles over his back like a warm cloak.

“Fucking heavy,” the omega grumbles, voice shattered, and Izuku rises, leaning back. One hand curls around his chest to tug him backward with the alpha and then Izuku gently pulls him to the ground, tucked safely against his chest in the cradle of his arms.

“M not fucking sleeping on the ground,” Katsuki grumbles in Common. Izuku hums sleepily, burying his nose in sweaty blonde hair. “I'm serious. I have a whole den full of furs. Your ass better not fall asleep cause you're going to carry me there when your knot goes down.”

“Mhmm,” Izuku nuzzles the swollen bite on his neck, layering kisses over the sensitive skin. Katsuki grunts, elbowing him in the stomach as he shifts. His knot is still heavy and thick, tugging at Katsuki's rim with each wiggle of the omega's hips and sending aftershocks rippling up Izuku’s spine. “Five more minutes.”

Katsuki hisses something in his draconic tongue that Izuku can't understand but the tone is definitely brimming with exasperation. Izuku just huffs a sleepy chuckle and snuggles closer.

By the time his knot deflates, Katsuki is the one soundly sleeping. Izuku takes a moment to watch him: to drink in the steady rise and fall of his generously-muscled chest, the way his beads clatter with the movements, how the flickering flames bathe his body in a halo of colors. His nose crinkles and his brow furrows when Izuku carefully extricates himself from the warm embrace of his body. The blonde shivers as the loss of heat, scooting closer to Izuku to curl around him.

“Katsuki,” he rumbles, gently shaking the blonde's shoulder. He's gifted with a soft attempt at a warning growl, though his omega doesn't come close to waking. “Katsuki, I don't know where your den is.”

One eyelid peels back to reveal a crimson eye and Izuku can feel the heat of that glare burning through him, almost as if flames had escaped from the bonfire to lick at his skin.

He grins, prompting another growl.

“Fucking told you-”

“You're the one who fell asleep,” Izuku cuts him off mid-rant, ruffling his hair fondly. Katsuki tilts his head into the firm touch, slitted eyes still crackling with the fury of being woken too soon. “We can cuddle some more after we get settled into your den full of furs,” he cajoles and Katsuki grunts.

Izuku gives him a few more minutes to leech the heat from Izuku's body‒to stretch the soreness from his rear‒before he scoops him up into his arms and rises to his feet.

The omega is by no means small but cradled safely in Izuku's arms? He looks almost fragile, delicate: especially when he curls his arms around Izuku's neck and tucks his face against Izuku's shoulder. Something warm spreads through the alpha's chest, something that threatens to completely devour him.

Katsuki slurs out directions to his den, brain heavily fogged with sleep, and Izuku stumbles his way through the dimly-lit caverns until he manages to find Katsuki's. True to his word, the cavern is overflowing with furs of all kinds, all soft to the touch when he slowly drops to his knees and lowers Katsuki onto the furs.

“Sleep, Deku,” his omega demands when Izuku's eyes dart over the sparsely decorated den. “Explore later.”

Izuku smiles, shifting until Katsuki is sprawled over his chest. Katsuki drifts off as soon as they're both settled and with a pleased hum, Izuku swiftly follows him.



“Oi, Deku. Going to sleep the day away?”

Izuku jerks awake to the harsh rumble of Katsuki's low voice and his nimble fingers tugging at green curls. He blinks up at the Prince, who's glaring at Izuku's hair as if it's personally offended him. His head is pillowed in the omega's lap, surrounded by his scent.

“It's not long enough,” the irritation leaks from his voice, makes his fingers pull painfully at the strands. His lips twist unpleasantly and Izuku's alpha roars to life, desperate to please but at a loss as to how.

“Long enough for what?” Izuku asks, hesitantly, battling his alpha back down. Katsuki pouts, yanking at his now-solitary braid. The other one has been shorn off, the short strands spiky and uneven.

“For my braid,” he says petulantly and tugs at Izuku's hair again. Izuku squints, trying to see what the omega is so sad about.

Katsuki's other braid has been tied into Izuku's hair, a shock of pale color that clashes against the dark verdant. Izuku's own hair is only long enough for a tiny plait, much shorter than Katsuki's impressive braid.

Izuku is now very confused.

“Why do you need my hair?”

Katsuki's pout turns savage, a snarl peeling his lips back. “For our vows, you idiot! To twine our lives together, to finish the ceremony!”

Izuku's face smashes into Katsuki's chest as he throws himself upright, their necklaces tangling together as he walks himself through the night before.

The bonfire, the dances, the presentation of food and then the beads. The haze of the Dragon Prince's heat sinking into his veins.

“The… ceremony?” he repeats faintly but he already knows.

Katsuki shoves him away as he lurches hurriedly to his feet, scent souring with his stress.

“The ceremony!” The omega's arms cross over his chest, crimson gaze torn between fury and despair. Izuku follows, stumbling to his feet and chasing after the pacing Prince. “You accepted my beads! You agreed!”

“Katsuki, I don't un-”

“You agreed to be my mate! In front of my whole clan! You're not taking it back and making me look a fool because you're a stupid Deku!”

He stomps his foot, arms still crossed, beads and braid swaying with the angry motion. His skin is flushed and his palms are crackling while his tattoo shifts beneath his skin like a living thing.

Izuku has never wanted anyone more in his life than he wants this bratty, impetuous, valiant dragon.

“I'm not taking it back! I just didn't understand, I've never met a dragon before- you're so amazing at hiding, at everything! Of course, we'll finish the ceremony, does the length of my braid really matter?”

From Katsuki's sneer, it does but instead of mocking him, he says, “It'll do, for now. You'd better grow me a decent braid, one I can wear with pride.”

Izuku smiles fondly, reaching out to drag his omega against his chest. The blonde inhales deeply, drinking in his scent, and Izuku mirrors him, burying his nose into the swollen skin of his bite. The heat rises from Katsuki's body in a near-visible wave, the true heat finally settling in. Izuku breathes his musk in like it's a drug: it might as well be one.

“I will grow a braid you'll be proud of, if you'll have me.”

“Of course I'll have you,” the blonde scoffs, squirming in his arms. Izuku slides his palms down Katsuki's warm skin, gripping his plump bottom through his silk trousers and squeezing. Katsuki continues with only a slight hitch in his voice, “You took on a fully grown Wyrm without even flinching, and you didn't die. You're mine forever.”

Izuku smirks, mouthing over his scent gland before biting down hard. Katsuki's eyes drift shut and when they do manage to slide open, they're hazy and dark and brimming with his desire.

Izuku finds himself excited at the prospect of finishing his life with this spitfire at his side, and he plans on thoroughly showing his new mate his enthusiastic devotion. He shoves his omega to the furs and proceeds to do just that.