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Dancing in your light

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Alec never had a good life after he presented as an Omega because Omegas were considered to be the lowest rank of the community. With him being the son of Robert and Maryse Lightwood who had reputations to hold being an Alpha power couple, it didn’t end well for him. Then again Alec was never seen as their son truly, due to him being the eldest he was the one who took care of his siblings.

Thinking about it now, Alec realized that he was an Omega long before he presented with his nurturing nature to always protect his young. They even considered him more of a parental figure than their own parents and that’s because Alec did raise them.

At age eighteen, however, their little family was shattered forever whenever Maryse and Robert demanded that Alec leave their home. He wasn’t a Lightwood and they would be damned if they had an Omega in their household of Alphas.

“Get out of this house. You are a disgrace to the Lightwood name!” Maryse barks, flashing her eyes at Alec to force him into submission.

“If anyone is a disgrace it’s you! You’ve never been a mother to any of the kids you gave birth to! You are a terrible Alpha!” Alec snaps back, only to be slapped hard across the face by his father.

“Don’t you disrespect your mother like that! You have been nothing but a burden on this family! It’s time you go out on the street where you belong!” Robert snarls as Alec glared back.

“Fine, I’ll leave. And when those kids find out why their big brother isn’t here anymore… You’ll realize how much they need me.” He spat.

As much as Alec didn’t want to leave his siblings in this house, he had no choice. So while the others were at school Alec packed his things and left the home in Idris to find a new place in New York. He knew his siblings would be devasted but he prayed that Robert and Maryse actually took care of them.

“Great.” Alec sighed from exhaustion when he lifted up his hand and knocked on the door. He really hoped she was home right now because he could use a friend. “Come on… Please.”

His prayers were answered when the door opened to reveal a young woman with long brown hair that was up in a bun. Her hazel eyes widened at the sight of the poor soaked Omega, standing at her doorstep in the rain.

“Alec? What the hell are you doing?” She demanded as Alec offers her a tired smile.

“Hey Athena, sorry I didn’t call… Um… Is it cool if I crash here for a few days?” He asked pleading softly as her eyes softened.

“Of-Of course, Alec… What happened?” She asked, helping him gather his things inside when he let out a small hollow laugh.

“Kicked me out. Tossed me like I was nothing.” He whispered as she froze.

“All because you’re an Omega?” She asked, seething at the thought of Alec’s so-called parents as he nods. “I’m so sorry, Alec. You are more than welcome to crash here for as long as you need.” She assured, placing a hand on his shoulder when a sob escaped his lips.

“My… My cubs… They won’t let me see or contact them.” He sobbed as she felt her chest tighten. Omegas were protective when it came to their cubs, so having them taken away was like having his insides scooped out with a rusty spoon.

“Don’t worry. We’ll get them back.”

“How? Maryse and Robert made sure that I would never see them again.” His voice quivered as Athena offers a smile.

“You just let me worry about that. Come on. Why don’t you go get a shower and some fresh clothes?” She nudged him toward the guest bedroom as he went to protest.

Alec slumped in defeat because he was so exhausted right now and emotionally unstable that he probably did have a sour smell to him from nerves. Without a second thought, Alec got into the shower and started to clean himself up. The Omega in him was whining out for his young and it made his brave facade crumble. He stayed in the shower for a good hour or more despite the water running cold a while ago.

Athena had something for him to eat when he stepped into the bedroom as he snorted. Athena was another Omega who he has known since he was about five. Most of the family thought they were going to be together but Alec was gay and Athena didn’t really care to be in a relationship.

“Hey, thanks for letting me stay but I could have gone down to the store to get something to eat--” He was cut off by three people sitting on the couch with Athena smiling over to him.

“Hey, big bro.” Izzy was the first to pipe up as Alec blinked in shock, unable to understand that his cubs were here right in front of them.

“H-How?” He asked as the three laughed.

“Well, when we came home from school… We weren’t greeted by you like we always were. We asked Robert and Maryse where you were and they said you weren’t coming back and to get used to it. So, Isabelle and I tracked you down in New York and then we left to find you.” Jace supplies as Alec looked to him in shock.

“What about school?” Alec asked as they all grinned.

“We’ll still go, or maybe transfer to a new school here in New York. But they broke the last straw by kicking you out.” Isabelle’s eyes flashed a blood red.

“Guys, you shouldn’t have done that. I’m just an Omega. You all had bright futures.” He frowns as Jace looks up to his brother with a grim expression.

“If my future doesn’t include my Parabatai… then I don’t want that future.” His voice held confidence as Isabelle and Max nod in agreement.

“You have always taken care of us. You helped us through our darkest moments. Alec, we need you as much as you need us.” Isabelle stood up before offering him a warm smile. “So we left without a second thought. We love you so much, Omega or not. You’re our family.” She finished.

After that Alec hugged them all tightly as he laughed in tears. All three of his little Alphas snuggled him tightly and refused to let go. Athena made a comment about how she’d be in the kitchen if they needed her but honestly, Alec had never felt so complete before. That night all of them were curled up together in a small bundle of happiness with nothing to hold them back…


It had been a few months since that night and Alec was taking over with making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with laundry and other house chores that he was used to doing back at their old home. However, Alec felt like he needed to help out the struggling Omega who helped him in their time of need. At this point, they were making it paycheck to paycheck.

“I need to get a job.” He comments to Athena who was sipping her morning brew of tea as she looked to him. “I can’t keep depending on you to house all of us. I want to help out. We’ve been here for almost six months now. Jace, Izzy, and Max are all in school and I think it’s time that I help.” He stated firmly.

“Oh-kay.” She said, setting down the cup. “What would you be interested in doing?” She asked softly, looking down to the dark brewed tea.

“I’m not sure… I never… I wasn’t allowed to do anything after I presented as an Omega. I was pulled from school and forced into labor of cleaning and doing chores.” He explained with a sigh before thumping his head against the table.

“Hmm... Let me call a friend. He might be able to help you.” She comments softly as he looks to her. “His name is Magnus Bane. He helped me get my job so maybe he could have something for you.” She grins and pulls out her phone before walking off to call this Magnus Bane...