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kiss kiss (fall in love)

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“I dare Tokoyami to kiss Shouji!”


Tokoyami looks up from his nails that he’s currently painting dark purple with little white skulls on them. It was a dare, and he has absolutely zero regrets going through with it. He looks at his nails appreciatively as he makes a conclusion, dark purple isn't a bad color on him. He doesn't look up at the sound of his name, “What was that?"


Ashido's smile is far too smug for her own good. She repeats, unafraid, "I dare you to kiss Shouji."


Tokoyami's brush shakes, and now there's a white smudge where there shouldn't be. Damn it, Ashido, "What.”


Ashido grins, encouraging, “You heard me, Tokoyami. And not one of those elementary school kisses on the cheek. You’ve gotta go for a full minute.”


Shouji looks at Ashido with a blank face, “I must have misheard you.”


Midoriya seems a little flustered. He's flailing his hands around, a nervous habit it seems, “You guys don’t have to do it if you’re uncomfortable or anything. We completely understand. There's no pressure at all! You guys don't even have to take a shot. Don't push yourselves beyond your comfort zone-”


Bakugou is glaring. But then again, when isn't he glaring, “Stop rambling, Deku. Just fucking kiss already! It’s not the end of the world, losers. Just get your head of out your ass and get it over with so we can move on, good fucking lord.”


Iida is attempting to restore some semblance of order. Unfortunately, he’s a little bit too drunk for anyone to take it seriously.


It was supposed to be take a shot if you don’t do a dare. Iida had deemed almost every dare thrown his way to be “unfit for a class representative.” After a certain point of time, they’d given up on trying to get him to actually do a dare. As a group, they decided that a drunk Iida wasn’t necessarily a bad Iida.


Iida is swinging his arm at an alarming rate, one might think he has an arm enhancement quirk instead of a leg one, muttering some gibberish that sounds like “Take a shot.”


(Honestly, no one knows how they even got Iida to agree to play the game. Something about class bonding floats around Tokoyami's brain. Class bonding, yeah. Why couldn't they just play human knot - like normal high schoolers - instead of dealing with this?


Shouji has six hands, his rational side whispers. Tokoyami ignores his rational side.)


Hagakure is giggling, and a floating phone can be seen. Jirou is looking over her shoulder, grin wide. The rest of the girls are hovering over them, excited.


In midst of the chaos, Todoroki is napping on the couch in the corner. Tokoyami stares at him, longing in his eyes. What he wouldn’t give to be asleep right now.


Shouji and Tokoyami share a glance. Tokoyami sighs, frustrated.


Yaoyorozu looks more amused than she should be, “Let them speak.”


Ashido’s grin is blinding. She’s smug, thinking she’s got them caught, “Are you a chicken, or you gonna do it?”


Shouji chooses this moment to make a contribution to the conversation, “How?”


Confusion crosses Ashido’s face as she turns to Shouji, “What do you mean how?”


Tokoyami stares at her, and he’s never felt more dead inside, “I have a beak, Ashido.”


Ashido stares at him, waiting for him to continue.


“Mezou wears a mask.”


Bakugou joins the conversation, “No shit, bird head. What’s your point?”


Bird head. Tokoyami looks at Bakugou in disdain. How… creative. If that’s the best insult the other can come up with, Tokoyami is seriously considering getting the other boy a book on insults. That was just pathetic .


Shouji clears his throat, “What I think he means is it’s not anatomically possible for us to kiss.”


Ashido sputters, and then looks back and forth between the two of them at an alarming rate, “I-“


Sero pipes in, “ Can’t Shouji turn his hands into mouths or something? Or remove his mask.”


“I still have a beak, Sero.”


Everyone sits there in this state of shock, and then Tokoyami hears a badly masked laugh from the corner.


Tokoyami’s eyes follow the sound to the bed where Kirishima is lurking with Sero, Kaminari, and a couple other people.


Then someone else starts laughing. Tokoyami thinks it’s Hagakure. All at once, the whole room is laughing hysterically, and Tokoyami is just soaking in the embarrassment, letting it settle beneath his skin.


What a mad banquet of darkness.


He looks at Shouji, and Tokoyami swears he sees the fabric twitch. He’s smiling under the mask, isn’t he?


Somehow Tokoyami can’t bring himself to be mad about it. He bets his feathers are all fluffed up in embarrassment, but he smiles back.


Suddenly, Todoroki is upright on the couch - what a traitor - voice heard throughout the room, “You called him Mezou.”


Tokoyami flushes darker, if possible, “What?”


“Mezou. You called him Mezou.” Todoroki seems amused. Or as amused as a guy like him ever is.


Shouji turns to Tokoyami, “Fumi, I think we-“


All of Tokoyami’s blood rushing to his face too fast. He thinks he might pass out.


Tokoyami gets up way too fast, his nail polish bottle tipping over the other way. It’s probably spilling all over the floor, but Tokoyami could care less.


He grabs Shouji’s arm, and Tokoyami swears he hears Shouji chuckle. He speaks again, “We’re, uh, we’re leaving now. Goodbye.”


Someone wolf whistles, and Tokoyami kind of wants to die. Just a little bit.


They’re storming into the hallway, and Tokoyami can hear Dark Shadow cackling.


Tokoyami sighs, burying his face in his hands. Shouji gently places a hand on his back, and puts another on his feathers, smoothing them out. Then, he places a gentle kiss there, “It’s not the worst way they could have found out.”


“I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life.”


Shouji lets out a short laugh, and Tokoyami finds himself loving the sound of it. It sounds beautiful. Shouji is beautiful.


Tokoyami looks down, “I’m sorry.”


Shouji is confused, Tokoyami can tell just from the way his eyes flicker with concern, and how his eyebrows raise ever so slightly upwards.


“I know we agreed on not telling anyone. I’m sorry.”


Shouji lifts Tokoyami’s head up so that they’re making eye contact. Tokoyami can feel his neck being slightly strained because damn , Shouji is tall, “Don’t apologize. It’s not like we had anything to hide. Both of us are rather private people, so I thought it would be more comfortable for us to keep it to ourselves. This isn’t a bad thing, Fumi. We’ll be okay.”


It’s the most Tokoyami’s heard Shouji say in a while. Shouji isn’t a man of many words. However, with whenever he does speak, he gets his point across perfectly.


Tokoyami tugs Shouji in for a hug. More like a leaning hug. Tokoyami is just buried in Shouji’s chest, and he feels Shouji’s arms wrap around him. He loves being able to touch Shouji, being able to feel his soft, gentle touches, “I love you. You know that, right?”


Shouji wraps Tokoyami tighter in his arms, pulling him impossibly closer, “I know, Fumi. I know.”