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Accessible TLC stuck

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[Panel description: Spades Slick rockets toward the session propelled by a gout of fire. He is holding a copy of Lord English's staff and smiling. The word Pchoo is written next to his exhaust trail.]

[Panel description: A burst of fire representing Slick's progress passes between the D and E of Derse's label on its way to the planet.]

[Panel description: Slick stands in sprite mode on the purple Derse plaza. Biscuits' orange oven sits next to him, shaking. Dave sprite and Jane are visible in the lower corners of the image.]

You are now Spades Slick.
Most everyone else has given up this narrative device, but you're a traditional fellow with traditional values, like giving a nice firm stabbing to everyone you meet.

[Panel description: Karkat has both of his hands raised above his head and is frowning. Dave sprite and Jane face away from the viewer, still placed in the corners of the image.]

To your surprise, the crabby kid you used to work with is here. He looks different - stretched, sort of - but you've seen worse.
Carapacians do not have a concept of adolescence. You were grown in a test tube, and you were grateful.

[Panel description: Karkat wraps his hand around Slick's wrist. Slick is holding a small black knife. The word greet is partially written but interrupted.]

He's a lot more resilient than usual to stabbings. Says you should work together again, like old times. You point out that last time his gang exiled you. Yeah, yeah, he says, but this time it's different.
When he tells you, you can't believe your luck. These kids are going after English. It's the stupidest thing you've ever heard.
You're in.
But they have to give you a crack at him, you say. You've got dibs.

[Panel description: Diamonds Droog approaches Slick. John looks at him warily. Karkat leans in to continue to monitor Slick.]

You meet your old accomplice Droog, dressed in an equally dashing manner. You guess he's still the Dignitary now. All these universe changes give you a headache.
Where's this version of you, you ask. Went over to English's side, he says. Some kind of possession racket.
Unacceptable. You never let things like that happen when you were in charge. He says he thinks part of being possessed is that you're not in charge. You tell him that's not an excuse.
What happened to your arm, he wants to know. Universe exploded, you say. But it'll all be worth it if you can finally take English out.
So you're really going to work with these kids? he asks.
For now, you tell him. More warm bodies to throw at the rival gang leader aren't a gift horse you'll look in the mouth, if that expression existed in your language and if horses were known for anything in your culture except bad luck and deceit.
Ok, he says. He wasn't looking forward to treachery anyway. These kids are surprisingly hard to kill, and there are a lot of them.
You'll probably end up exiled again, you grumble. How many times does a guy have to rebuild civilization?
Plenty of burgeoning civilizations could use some fashion pointers, he points out, especially if the one doing the pointing is holding something with a point.
You agree. The wandering in filthy rags look is all played out, and you've always looked good in a hat. That's why you keep Droog around. He's always the one with a plan.

[Panel description: John watches the Dignitary and Slick talk.]

[Panel description: John taps Jane on the shoulder.]

[Panel description: John whispers in Jane's ear. Her eyes widen.]

[Panel description: John and Jane walk through a purple hallway down a curving stairway. A jail door can be seen near the top.]

[Panel description: John points with a neutral, slightly negative expression. Jane presses both hands to her mouth. Tears start in her eyes.]

[Panel description: John watches as Jane and Dad Crocker hug.]