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Accessible TLC stuck

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[Panel description: Roxy's tiny silhouette stands in front of an enormous figure shrouded in draped purple cloth.]

tipsy Gnostalgic began pestering tentacle Therapist.

TG: hi.
messaging you for some serious mom/daughter bonding time.
we really got off on the wrong foot with that lol.

[Panel description: She stands on the surface of LOPAN, pink streams of neon lighting up the sky. Red orange pyramids rise from the black sand. Roxy faces one that is capped with a flare of blue light.

TG: which was all my fault.
even after that though you’re the first person I thought of to talk to about this.
are you there?
actually maybe it’s better if you see this after it’s all over.
anyway here goes.

[Panel description: Roxy walks across a narrow beam, her arms held out for balance and the ties of her mask streaming out behind her. More beams cross the deep emptiness below her. Wind swirls all through the hollow inside of the pyramid.]

[Panel description: Roxy looks at a group of closed panels set into the wall. A shape like the void symbol combined with the breath symbol is sculpted next to them. The wind continues to swirl trapped in the closed space.]

TG: I didn’t tell john about this because I wasn’t sure what it meant.
when I met with nix she mentioned this part of my planet quest.
how I’d have to hide people.
so when everyone started talking about the mission it made sense that that’s what she meant.
except there’s a catch.

[Panel description: Roxy walks along the inner side of the pyramid, pushing open the panels to vent out the wind.]

TG: I think there’s always a catch with denizens.
because sburb doesn’t want you to be happy you have to SUFFER.
like climbing a mountain and when you get to the top instead of a wise oracle or a ski resort there’s another mountain made out of SWORDS or something.
congrats you made it up this one now keep going.

[Panel description: Wind swirls out from newly opened vents in the pyramid.]

TG: nix was riddley and mysterious as usual,
but she made it sound like.

[Panel description: A cone of blowing black sand forms around the pyramid, screening it from view.]

TG: if I did this,
they might forget about me.

[Panel description: Roxy forges her way across the desert, holding one hand above her eyes as she squints through the blowing sand.]

TG: forget or not be able to see me.
something about the one doing the deed vanishing "for all of time".
that had to mean me right?
I’m the one doing the thing I’ve got this shit on rolal lockdown.
bam lights out.
the biggest f u for being a rogue of void yet.
got to steal myself away from people.

[Panel description: She faces another pyramid, this one capped with a flare of red light.]

TG: I’m not telling you this for sympathy or because I want you to talk me out of it.
she told me when it was time I’d know what to do,
and I do.

[Panel description: Roxy lies on her back in a hallway inside the pyramid, grimacing. Two swinging blades narrowly miss her. Further back in the hallway, metal spikes jut out of the floor.]

TG: guess that’s how I prove I’m a TRUE HERO.
don’t get to beat a monster or play pretty rainbow music.
to be the best rogue I have to be the ultimate sneak.
and maybe that means disappearing?
or maybe I’m completely wrong about all of this and overreacting like a TOTAL DRAMA QUEEN.
shits super inscrutable you know and there were a few different ways you could read it.
some are even worse.
another way you could interpret it would be,
actually let’s not even go there.
happy thoughts right.
it doesn’t mean anything and it’ll all work out.
fingers crossed???
if this is being a hero though it’s a p crummy gig.
forcing you to make all these dumb ass decisions when all you wanted to do was help people.
it’s like john said.
I have to be strong in me without anyone else,
even if it’s lonely.
kinda sucks.
hope there’s a silver lining somewhere.

[Panel description: In sprite mode, Roxy performs a series of acrobatic maneuvers through a red hallway filled with swinging blades and spikes. The time symbol ringed with the void symbol marks the beginning of the hallway, and the wall is engraved with musical notation. The implication is that Roxy is following musical cues to anticipate the timing of the traps.]

[Panel description: Roxy leans against the wall, pressing a hand to her chest and catching her breath. Beyond her, a red glow washes the stairs in light.]

[Panel description: Roxy begins climbing the illuminated stairs.]

TG: I’m about to finish up now.
I’ll stop talking your ear off and let you get back to doing important hero things.

[Panel description: She approaches a red lantern set on a pedestal shaped like a gear.]

TG: like coming up with master plans with giggly scarf troll like damn.
you two could prob take over the world faster than the witch did.
moral of that story is seers rule.
rogues not so much.
anyway what I was gonna say was.

[Panel description: Roxy picks up the lantern and lifts the lid.

TG: if for some bogus game reasons people do forget me or we can’t talk anymore,
tell them I said hi.
(heart emoticon).

[Panel description: Roxy sits down on the edge of the pedestal, holding the lantern on her knee. Then she blows it out, and the panel goes dark.

[Panel description: Green curtains close over the black screen, signifying the end of the act.]