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Accessible TLC stuck

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[Panel description: The purple skyline of Derse.]

[Panel description: The courtyard droll walks down a purple hallway toward a jail cell door.]

[Panel description: Gamzee sits slumped against the wall with his legs stretched out in front of him. Hash marks on the wall spell out HONL. His codpiece droops sadly.]

[Panel description: The Courtyard Droll reaches through the bars. He is holding a golden ring in one hand.]

[Panel description: The ring falls in and spins around the tip of Gamzee's horn. He looks up at it.]

[Panel description: Gamzee, now transparent, walks through the wall of his cell. He looks nervously over at the courtyard droll, who is still dangling from the windowsill.]

[Panel description: Gamzee's transparent figure walks along in outdoor walkway.]

terminally Capricious [TC] began pestering carcino Geneticist [CG].

TC: hey best bro.
bet you won’t even read this.
can’t blame you.
at least we had some good times.
And some shit wicked bad ones.

[Panel description: He looks into the arch agent’s office. Spades Slick and WV are arguing over a map drawn on the back of a fenestrated plane. On WV's side, he has drawn curving roads and cylindrical houses. On Slick's side, he has drawn more conventional boxy shapes.]

TC: but it’s time for me to go.
gotta become my own god.
And spread the bad motherfucking news.
do you believe me yet?
if you don’t,
You will.

[Panel description: Karkat stands between them and shooshes them, papping Slick on the chest and patting WV on the head. Gamzee watches from the doorway.]

TC: nothing personal.
it’s the only way the whole thing works brother.
a bunch of little pieces fitting together in the most beautiful patterns.
all coming together in a little miracle of its own.
and I’m the last piece.
The most important piece.

[Panel description: Gamzee walks away. His face is slightly regretful.]

TC: I’m hurting you to help you best friend.
it’s the only way to win.
You gotta lose first.
what matters is who laughs last.
and I already know who that’s gonna be.
because it is written.
maybe sometime I’ll be able to share this whole glorious gospel with you.
walk you through the chapter and verse of exactly how we all got here.
some day.
fair warning though.
the next time we’re face to face,
You’re not gonna like it.
but no hard feelings am I right?
that’s just how it has to be.
someone has to be the bad guy.
see you on the other side best friend. (smiling face).