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Made Of Iron

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This first chapter is not so much a chapter but a glossary. Here you will find terms that are not commonly heard by those outside of the first responder world. If you have any questions throughout the story please don’t hesitate to ask. I've had this story idea for a very long time. 


Made of Iron

The meaning behind the title. In fire fighting there is a tool we call, ‘Set of Irons’. This tool is comprised of two tools. A striking tool, usually an ax and a prying tool, a halligan. When put together or 'married', they’re referred to as a set of irons. These tools are paired together on most fire apparatus. Cops also use the halligan to pry open doors. Alone these tools are strong but together they can break through most any obstacle.

- One unit covering a another means that they are providing back up.

Cruiser - Police car

District - Large  cities are broken down in smaller areas often referred to as districts or sectors. For this story the last number in the unit’s designator is their district. Example, Sierra nine six. 

Dispatch Center or Communications Center - This is the base of operations for the dispatchers. It is here that the calls come in for 911 and non emergency lines and are then sent out to the responders.  

Dispatcher - Dispatcher is the person taking the calls and sending them out, checking on the responders and getting the information needed.

Foot pursuit / Vehicle pursuit - when a suspect runs either on foot or by vehicle and the officer pursues them.

Medical Clearance - Any time any kind of altercation is had with either the Police Department or other parties the offender is checked before being taken into custody for processing.

Show Up - When officers have a possible suspect in custody another officer will drive by with the victim in the car to confirm the person in custody is the correct one.

Units designators - The ‘S (Sierra)’ because they’re in Star City