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Coffee Break

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The office was colder than normal today. Yashiki pulled his coat closer around his slightly shaking body with a gentle sigh. Normally, the cream coloured room would already be cold but the strong wind blowing outside made it worse. A definite sign that winter is coming. Even though it was cold, something like this couldn’t justify staying home.

Not that Yashiki would have wanted to. The mansion might as well be colder than the office with how large and empty it was. Besides Mashita would have dragged his partner to work if he tried to ditch. With a small stretch, Yashiki stands up and makes his way to the files piling up the walls.

The duo was working on a murder case for a client that gave up on the police. It was surprisingly rare for the two of them to be working on a single case. Since he agreed to work together, Yashiki had basically been handed all the spiritual cases Mashita had. Overall, he had been working by himself more often than he thought. Still, that didn’t mean he liked it. If anything he would have preferred working with Mashita more. He always felt the two of them worked like a well-oiled machine together.

“Eh? It’s not here,” Yashiki mumbles. Despite looking under the right box, the files for the T murders wasn’t there. “Hey, Mashi-” his voice dies out as he slightly gapes at the grumpy detective.

For once, the man had forgone his trench coat and is just wearing a simple suit. However, that isn’t what made Yashiki stare. He was working as if nothing was out of the ordinary. It was freezing in the office but his expression was as if it was another spring day. Then again his face rarely leaves his neutral stance and even then it’s usually when he’s grimacing.

“What?” Mashita huffs out as his eyes twitch to Yashiki before moving back to his files.

“Uh, the case file…” he replies with a vague answer. The man was still stunned by how unaffected his partner looked despite his own shivering body.

“You mean the ones for the T murders right? Don’t bother. I already checked them over and they have nothing to do with our case.”

Yashiki absentmindedly nodded in response but doesn’t move to find another file.

“... What now?” Mashita said with a tone that screamed don’t waste my time.

“Sorry but… aren’t you cold?”

“Cold? Heh, never thought of you as such a wimp,” he teased with a small smirk.

“Mashita,” Yashiki sighs.

“Tch,” he ruffles his short hair before grunting, “if you’re that worried then go make some coffee.”

“Coffee?... Oh, coffee!” the messy haired man exclaims.

“Yes, coffee dumbass. You know that brown liquid gold. If you’re that cold then just drink something hot. A heater is too expensive so suck it up.” Deciding that the conversation was over, Mashita goes back to the files in front of him.

With practised ease, Yashiki ignores the half-hearted insult as he looks for the coffee maker. He wished he realized sooner he could have just drank something hot. Neither men normally brought any drinks inside and Mashita refused to allow food in. He’s just too worried about rats eating into all the documents spread around the room.

“I found it!” he happily cheers as he pulls out a barely used coffee machine from a box.

“Congratulations you found it in a box labelled coffee,” the other man says without looking up.

“This is a good thing you know,” Yashiki puts the machine aside before rummaging the box in search of the beans. “Oh, these coffee beans are a nice brand. Why don’t we take a break? We’ve been working hard so don’t you think we deserve a little reward?”

“The reward is the money we’re going to get for finishing the job,” Mashita retorted despite dropping his files and turning towards Yashiki.

“Then this can be a treat for us.”

In no time, Yashiki has the machine churning out freshly made hand-brewed coffee. The calming smell of the coffee wafts into the air and for a moment Yashiki forgets about the cold. He pours the drink into two cups before handing the blue one to Mashita and keeping the purple one. They were surprisingly girly what with being covered in white bows and polka dots but they had their own charm.

Yashiki laughs a little in his head as he stares at the stoic man take a sip from the cute porcelain. He will have to buy some sweets for Moe in thanks for letting him witness this sight. Mashita’s expression when Moe gave the cups for his birthday was definitely funny as well.

Taking a seat, he pulls his cup closer to his lips for a sip. The second the warm drink hits Yashiki’s tongue, he felt his entire body relax as the heat fills his body. This feeling of utter relief almost made him grateful for the weather. It’s been getting harder and harder for him to feel at peace now that he was taking cases alongside researching Mary.

A soft sigh draws Yashiki’s attention to his right. His partner was in a state similar to his own. The creases in his forehead were gone as Mashita slightly sank into his swivel chair.

“It’s good,” Mashita compliments with a small relaxed smile.

His eyes widen slightly at what he heard from the other man. “...T-thanks,” Yashiki stammers with his cheeks slightly tinted.

He hurriedly goes back to drinking his own cup but as he stares at his partner with soft eyes he thinks, ‘it might not be so bad to work on a cold day.”