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Why do children have to be so small?

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I have the night shift. It's cold and dark and feels like it's gonna start raining soon. I probably should have picked a thicker fabric for my hero outfit. My grey scarf is wrapped around my neck and shoulders. It's rather heavy and actually kinda warm.

Nothing really happens at three am, apart from some drunks falling over. It's mainly pacing and patrolling. Nothing in need of a hero.

Hizashi is probably dead asleep at home, next to the cats. Sleep. That'd be nice. Just to... sleep for a while...
I blink a few times to keep my eyes open. I could really use some coffee right now, but nothing is open, and I don't have a thermos. I start running to keep my energy up. I have to keep up until eight, when the daytime pro heroes start working. I'm used to staying up late, but not working at night and sleeping during the day. It... sucks, really. I jog along the streets. Slowly but surely I get warmer and warmer. The street lamps light up the streets in small sections. Between the lamps, I'm almost completely submerged in darkness. I've never been afraid of the dark. In fact, I prefer dimly lit places over rooms with extremely bright lights. Hizashi, however, has to sleep with a night light on, or with someone next to him. He's basically a twenty-year-old baby with a mustache.

I slow down after a few minutes, so that I don't miss anything because my footsteps are too loud. I rub my hands against each other, trying to keep them warm. I probably should have gotten gloves with my hero costume as well. When, or if, I get more money, I'm probably gonna get myself another version of my hero costume, so I have something warmer to wear during the winter.

I pull my scarf tighter around me, since it can provide some heat. Wouldn't it be nice if there could be clothes with sewn in heat packets? That you could charge with a battery and turn on when you were cold. They would make a lot of money off of that. Just being able to turn on and off the heat. That would be nice...
I blink again and slap myself lightly in the face. I need to get sugar or caffeine, quickly. I look around if there are any vending machines or 24/7 stores nearby. As far I can see, nothing. I keep walking, hoping to stumble across something that can provide me with quick energy. I take my phone out of my pocket. I should be able to listen to the latest broadcast of Put Your Hands Up Radio, Hizashi's weekly radio show where he plays music and basically just talks. It airs during the day, when I'm asleep, so I can only listen to it when I work. I take out my bright yellow headphones as well and put in one earbud. I can not keep all noises out, in case something happens. The intro starts playing and his loud voice fills my body with an odd feeling. It's both relaxing and makes me nervous. Of course I prefer Hizashi's, I guess, "normal voice", when he doesn't have his hero persona on, when he's not Present Mic, but this will do. I start humming to the music he plays, while walking down the road. It's a mix of requests sent in by fans, the current top 100 list and his own taste in music.

Something soft streaks against my leg. I pause the broadcast and look down. It's a very small, malnourished cat, with dirty, tabby fur. I sit down and start petting it. It really is skinny, I can feel the poor creature's bones. Would Hizashi really get mad if I brought home a third cat? Would he really? The cat meows weakly and starts walking towards an alley. Does it want to show me something? Does it think I have food I can give to it and it's kittens? I follow the cat. I hear low groaning from the corner of the alley. I pull out the earbud and walk closer. It's coming from a lump, inside a box. There's words written on the box with large, black letters.
I look inside the box. It's a tiny human being, with a lot less clothes than what you need to stay warm. I can see the bones under the persons skin. I open the box further. That's not a tiny human. That's a child. I put a hand over my mouth. Someone left a child out to freeze and starve to death? I carefully nudge the child's shoulder.
"H-hey, are you okay?"
I've gone through rescue training, and how to act when coming across a victim, but I was never taught how to act if I found an abandoned child. A tiny head lifts from the ground. It's a boy, no older than five years. His light purple hair is messy and dirty, and is standing out in every single direction. I activate my quirk, in case the boy decides to use his "manipulative quirk" against me. He can barely even speak, or stand up.
"I'm the pro hero, Eraserhead. You can trust me."
Another nod. I don't know if he's even listening.
"I'm gonna lift you up, okay?"
He nods weakly. He needs food and warm clothes, quickly. I reach down in the box and pick him. He really is unable to stand on his own, he falls down to his knees as soon as I put him down. What do I do?
My scarf. It's meant to be a capture weapon, but I guess it can double as clothes. At least for now. I partially remove it from my shoulders.
"I'm going to wrap this around you, so I can hold you and you can stay warm." A third nod. I carefully start wrapping the scarf around his weak body. I wrap it around his arms and legs, until he basically becomes a caterpillar. Then I wrap it around my chest, so I can carry him on my back while I walk. I pick up my phone again and call Hizashi.
"Come on, pick up..." I mutter. It takes about 40 seconds for him to answer.
"Shota...? What's going on...?" He sounds like he just woke up, which he probably did.
"'Zashi. I found a kid."