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Why do children have to be so small?

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Hizashi thinks I’m out running errands. Technically I am, but not what he thinks I’m doing. I’m actually going to Best Jeanist’s hero agency to book a consultation with him. I do not understand fashion, and Hizashi can’t know. So, I’ll seek the biggest fashion icon in all of Japan: Tsunagu Hakamata. He designs clothes on the side of his hero work. If we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it properly. I open the large, glass doors to his agency and sit down in one of the couches in the waiting area. I have a bag with Hizashi’s tightest clothes, or at least that I could find. I can’t take Hizashi’s measurements without seeming suspicious, so this is the best I can do for now.

He comes up to me after about ten minutes of waiting.
“Aizawa. The last person I thought would be interested in fashion.”
I sigh and stand up.
“Let’s just get it over with…”
He leads me to a room on the top floor. It’s very open with windows in every direction. He sits down behind his desk and I sit down in front of him.
“So, tell me. Why does Aizawa need fashion advice?”
“I’d like you to make me two suits. Or actually, one suit for me and one for Hizashi.”
“Suits, huh. Have any idea of what you want them to look like?”
“Uh… I want them to have a matching theme, but not identical. And I want to wear something dark. Otherwise you’re free to do whatever you like.”
He grabs a pen and paper and starts sketching. I have no idea what he’s doing. We sit in silence for a couple of minutes before he turns the paper around to me. It’s a drawing of what a suit would look like.
He sighs.
“You really don’t understand… I’m thinking like this. You wanted to wear something dark. Your hair is dark. Dark dark dark bla bla bla. Hizashi is blond. He likes color, right?”
I nod.
“So, how about the sun and the stars? Your suit would be a dark blue and his would be a light yellow or orange. Both suits would have rhinestones sewn into them.”
It does sound nice. It’s extra, but not too extra. And I get my dark suit. I decide that it’s best to let him do his thing. I nod once more.
“It sounds… good. I like it.”
“So. The price-”
“I don’t care. I have money. I’ll pay whatever.”
“Good. Then it’s only measurements left.”
“I can’t really… measure Hizashi without seeming suspicious. And I don’t want him to know. But I brought the tightest of his clothes, hopefully that will help.”
“We can always try. Lay them out for me.”
I do as he says and put his clothes down. It’s a pair of vinyl pants and a tight, yellow polo shirt, much like the one I’m wearing. But mine is black.
“How tall is he?”
“185 cm. But I can imagine he’d want to wear heels-”
“Heels doesn’t matter. The pants will end by the ankles. He won’t trip over them.”
I nod a little. I really don’t understand fashion. Why would one want to wear heels? They just hurt your feet. And Hizashi is already very tall, he doesn’t need to get taller. I can’t reach him if he does. Hakamata uses a measuring tape and writes down all measurements he takes. The legs, waist, chest, arms, hips, everything. Then it’s my turn.
“Hold your arms out.”
I do as he says. He places the tape against my side, measuring from my hip to my ankles, around my hips, chest and arms. It feels odd. People rarely touch me.
“What is the occasion, by the way?”
“When are you wearing the suits?”
“Oh… it’s for a wedding.”