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Why do children have to be so small?

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Wedding day. Nemuri drove Hizashi to the location with a blindfold so he wouldn’t figure out where we are, and now she’s helping me get ready. She’s putting my hair up in a bun.
“Hey, not too tight! I’m gonna get a headache!”
“It’s not gonna stay up if I make it any looser!”
She’s wearing a dark blue dress and her signature red glasses. She helped me get into my suit ten minutes ago. Toshinori is helping Eri with her dress. I’m just hoping Hitoshi can fox his bowtie himself.
“Okay, there, is that good?”
I look myself in the mirror. My hair is slicked back and put up in a low bun in my neck.
“It looks nice. Thanks.”
“Now makeup!”
“I didn’t say anything about makeup!”
“But I am! Come on, you even shaved for this, let me do something!”
“Are you going to try to cover my scar? Because I am 100% sure it won’t work.”
“No, I’m not talking about covering anything up. Just trust me, pretty please?”
I sigh deeply and sit down in the chair in the corner of the room.
“Sure, but not too much, and make it quick.”
“Okay close your eyes.”
I do as she says. She pulls something cold and a bit sharp against the lash line of my eyelid.
“What is that?”
“Golden eyeliner.”
“You’ve gotta be kidding me…”
“It’ll look great with the tie and Hizashi and his hair and suit…”
“You’re mad, have you ever seen me in makeup? I’ll look like a clown!”
“No you won’t. Come on, I’m sure Hizashi is wearing makeup too.”
“But he wears makeup on a daily basis, Nemuri!”
“You could do that too!”
“I am not gonna wear makeup on a daily basis.”
I push her away and stand back up, looking in the mirror again. I sigh once more.
“I guess it’ll do. What time is it?”
“Ten thirty-two.”
“I can’t believe I’m getting married in half an hour…”
“Didn’t you get married like ten years ago?”
“Yes, but we never had a wedding, you know? And Hizashi was really sad that we couldn’t have one, since we didn’t have money…”
“Aw, you’re so kind, Shota.”
She wraps her arms around me and kisses my cheek.
“Hey, not so close! I’m a married man!”
“Not yet!”
She kisses me again and again, not letting me go.
“Hey hey hey, too close!”
“This is my only chance, I will never let go!”
I give in after a while and just let her go on. I might as well, I’m not going to be able to stop her anyways.

I have never been this nervous in my entire life. I’m standing at the altar, at the very front, while the others get seated. Tensei, Tenya, Nemuri, Toshinori, and the rest of the staff are sitting at the very front row. Mirio, Tamaki and Nejire, as well as Midoriya, Uraraka, Todoroki, Kirishima and Bakugo are sitting behind him. There’s a space between Mirio and Midoriya. I can imagine that Eri would want to sit there. I feel so extremely watched, all alone in front of all of these people. It’s my students and co-workers, my friends, who I’ve stood in front of before, but this is something else. This is the first time we’re actually revealing our relationship to everyone. Except for Kaminari, I guess. Suddenly a piano starts playing and everyone stands up. This is it. The doors open, and Eri comes out first, with her little basket of flower petals. Her hair is braided down her back, and she’s wearing the purple dress I bought for her. She has the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on her face. She practically runs down the aisle, throwing petals everywhere. Then Hizashi comes through the door. His hair is put in a braid as well, and he’s wearing the pale yellow suit I got. I have never seen a man so beautiful. My eyes tear up as he walks towards me. I can’t help it, I’m just so happy. I quickly wipe my eyes, trying to not show anyone my weakness, before I turn back to Hizashi. I grab his hands once he’s reached the altar.
“I know you always wanted a wedding. I couldn’t give it to you then, but I can now.”
Hizashi looks like he’s about to cry too. Before he can say anything, someone walks through the door again. This time it’s Hitoshi. He’s holding a little box in his hand. The rings. he hands me the box and sits down next to Kaminari. My hands are shaking as I open it and take out the golden ring meant for Hizashi. it has small holes in the shapes of lines forming a voice message. I carefully place the ring on his left ring finger. It fits perfectly.
“Ever noticed that your gloves suddenly disappeared for a day?”
I don’t answer, I just hand him the box, still containing the other ring. My ring. He takes it out and grabs my hand. He puts the ring on my still shaking finger. No one has time to say anything before he cups my face between his hands and kisses me. It feels so odd to kiss in front of all of these people, who we made sure didn’t know about our relationship for ten years. But I think I like it.

We’re all sitting by the big table with lots of food. Hizashi is trying to convince me too feed him sweets, like “all romantic couples do”. He’s constantly clinging to my arm, not wanting to let go.
“Are you wearing eyeliner?”
“Nemuri forced me. She wanted me to match with you.”
“You even shaved.”
“If there’s gonna be picture taking, I don’t want to have a stubble.”
“Hey open your mouth.”
“Are you gonna try to feed m-”
He shoves a fork inside my mouth as I speak. I get whipped cream all over my cheek.
“Hey, calm down!”
He kisses my cheek, licking up the cream from my cheek.
“Wow, you taste delicious.”
I push him away.
“Disgusting man. I can’t believe I went through all of this only for you to try to eat my face.”
“I can’t believe you went through all of this at all. Where did you get the suits?”
“I happened to go to a certain pro hero with a love for double denim.”
“You went to Best Jeanist for fashion advice?”
“Yes, I did. It turned out good, right?”
“I’m surprised he convinced you to wear actual glitter, and not black.”
“It’s rhinestones, not glitter.”
“Close enough!”
“Disgusting man.”
“Hey, stop calling me that!”
“Or what, you’ll divorce me?”
He gasps dramatically.
“You know I wouldn’t!”
I grab his left hand and pull it towards my mouth, kissing it.
“You beautiful, loud man, you wouldn’t dare to leave me for even a moment.”
“It’s almost like you could read my mind.”
He wipes the rest of the cream from my cheek and licks it off his finger.
“That’s gross.”
I look around the table. Mirio is helping Eri take the food she can’t reach. I could probably pay him to babysit her if neither me, Hizashi nor Hitoshi has the time. Hell, he’d do it without getting paid. I look to the other side of the table. Hitoshi is blushing. He’s gotten whipped cream on his nose. It seems like Kaminari tried feeding him cake as well. Tensei is having an intense conversation with his brother. Midoriya is having a just as intense conversation with Toshinori. It’s weird to see everyone wearing formal clothes. All the boys are wearing suits in varying colors, and all the girls have dresses or skirts. I rarely see them outside their school uniforms or hero suits. Even Bakugo is wearing a tie. Someone must have helped Midoriya with his tie, since it isn’t short like it usually is. He doesn’t even wear a tie with his school uniform. I stand up from my seat and all eyes turn to me.
“Ahum… me, Hizashi, Hitoshi and Eri will be taking two weeks off, starting next friday, since we’ll be going on a vacation t-”
Hizashi stands up as well.
“We are not going to America. Did you forget that I do not speak english at all?”
“Aw, come on…”
“We’ll be going to Fiji for two weeks.”
Hitoshi looks surprised. We’ve never really been on vacation, so this will be his first. Same goes for Eri.
“And, we’ll officially change our last name to Aizawa-Yamada.”
I sit back down. Hizashi is staring at me with big, round eyes.
“Yes, really.”
I turn to Hizashi. He has tears in his eyes again.
“We’ll finally be a real family.”
A real family. All I ever wanted. And I finally got it.