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Why do children have to be so small?

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I’m laying in a hammock in the shade by the beach. I refuse to go out in the sun without ten layers of sunscreen. I tried giving Hitoshi sunscreen but he refused. He can’t blame me when he comes back home looking like a burnt tomato. I did manage to put some sunscreen on Eri. Hizashi refused until I threw the bottle at him. Hizashi is swimming with the kids. I’m not much of a swimmer, or an outdoors person. I’d rather nap in the shade. I’d rather wear a shirt too, but Hizashi forced me to go out without it.
“Daddy daddy!”
Wet hair hits my face. I open my eyes and turn to the side.
“Yes, princess?”
“We’re gonna go eat lunch! Are you coming?”
“Yeah, I’m coming, give me a second.”
I make my way out of the hammock and stand up in the soft, warm sand. I put on my flip-flops and a shirt.
“Wait, let’s get those floaties off of you…”
I crouch down to her height and help her pull them off.
“Where’s papa and ‘Toshi?”
“At the restaurant. Papa was gonna order some drinks!”
I grab Eris hand and walk with her to the hotel restaurant. Hizashi is drinking something yellow out of a straw and Hitoshi is drinking cola.
“What’s that?”
I point to Hizashi’s drink.
“It’s Piña Colada! I can order one for you too if you want to.”
“What does it taste like?”
“Pineapple and coconut! You should try.”
He holds the glass up to me. I grab it and taste the drink. I shrug.
“Yeah, you can order one for me.”
I sit down between Eri and Hitoshi.
“What do you want, princess? You can have soda if you want.”
Her eyes light up. Since she’s still very small, we don’t let her drink soda that often, but I guess we can make exceptions when on vacation.
I nod and grab one of the menus on the table. Everything is in english.
“Uhh… will you translate for me?”
I look at Hizashi. He’s just smiling.
“Let me decide. I know what you like.”
“I don’t trust you, you’re gonna order something really weird.”
“Come on, I’ve known you for almost twenty years. I know what you like.”
“Fine. But nothing too spicy or weird.”
He calls the waiter and orders food and drinks for all of us.
“Why didn’t I pay more attention in english class?”
“Or when i tried to tutor you.”
“Yeah that too… I feel so stupid.”
I point to Eri and Hitoshi.
“You better pay attention in english class, or you’ll end up like me.”
The waiter arrives with our food. Eri got some pasta. Hitoshi got pizza. It was a while since we ate pizza, it’s too unhealthy if you need to gain muscle. I get… some kind of soup.
“What is it?”
“Shellfish soup! It was supposed to have shrimp and mussels.”
I stir around the soup with my spoon and taste some of it. It’s surprisingly good. Really good.
“I really like it, thank you.”
Hizashi smiles at me across the table. Oh god he’s so cute. I push my hair behind my ears and keep eating my soup.
“Will you let me cut your hair?”
I look up at Hizashi
“Not a lot, just the tips. It’s really uneven and damaged.”
“Well, I guess, as long as you don’t f- mess it up. Like in high school.”
“Did you cut dad’s hair in high school?”
Hitoshi looks at Hizashi.
“I did, but it was after an accident in our third year. Dad was captured by a villain who cut off part of his hair, so I got to even it out. I let him cut my hair too. It was fun!”
“No, ‘Zashi, it sucked.”
“Come on, it was fun to see you with short hair for once.”
I stand up and smack him in the head with my spoon.
“Hey! That hurts!”
“That’s what you get for bringing back my hairstyle in high school!”
I sit back down and keep eating my soup. Hizashi takes out his phone and shows something to Eri. She laughs.
“What’s that?”
No one answers. He shows his phone to Hitoshi too.
“What are you showing them?”
“Oh nothing, just the picture I took right after we cut our hair.”
“You’re lucky I don’t have my hero costume, or you’d be all tied up right now.”
I smack him in the head again. They all laugh at me.
“Look he’s doing the exact same face as in the picture!”
I sigh and cover my face with my hands.
“Why do I keep up with you three?”
“Because you love us, daddy!”
“You’re damn right!”
I grab Eri from her seat and start kissing her face. She giggles against my cheek.
“Daddy! It tickles!”

“Daddy, will you please join us at the beach? Pretty please?”
How could I possibly say no to those eyes?
“Okay, princess. I’ll come with you.”
I grab Eri’s hand and she pulls me out of the hotel room. She drags me along all the way to the beach. Hitoshi is already in the water.
“Where’s papa?”
“Oh he went to the bar! He said he wanted another pincolad.”
If he gets drunk at the bar I swear I’ll murder him. I remove my sandals and walk into the water, still holding Eri’s hand. It’s cool compared to the hot air. It’s rather nice actually.
“Daddy daddy! ‘Toshi is teaching me how to swim!”
“Really? Can you show me what you’ve learned?”
I sit down in the sand, letting the waves roll over my body. She goes out a bit further in the water, where it’s a bit deeper, and lies on her back. She’s floating, all on her own. She’s never done that before. I smile widely.
“You’re doing great, princess. I’m so proud of you.”
She stands back up in the water and smiles at me. She really is adorable. I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world. I’ve been so lucky when it comes to my family. I have the kindest daughter, the strongest son and the most loving husband. Hitoshi walks over to Eri and keeps showing her what to do in the water. I lean back and close my eyes. Maybe the sun isn’t that bad.

Someone trips over me and falls. I open my eyes.
Of course it’s Hizashi. I’m not surprised.
“Sho I’ve tripped and I can’t get up!”
“I can’t help you if you’re on top of me, dumbass!”
He smells like alcohol. He’s drunk.
“You have to get off of me and I’ll help you, okay?”
He slowly rolls off my body and stops on his back in the sand. I stand up and help him get up.
“Let’s go to the hotel room…”
I wrap his arm around my shoulder to keep him from falling over. Eri and Hitoshi are still playing in the water.
“I’m taking papa to our room, I’ll be right back!”
“You’re so pretty…”
“Oh really?”
I open the door to our room and dump him on the bed. He ragdolls and falls over. I sigh.
“How many drinks did you have, ‘Zashi?”
“I-I don’t know!”
He’s suddenly crying.
“I l-love you so m-much, Sho! Don’t l-leave me!”
He’s sobbing violently with his face in the pillows.
“Sho! P-please! I need attention!”
“Calm down, calm down…”
I walk over to the bathroom to get him a glass of water.
“Calm down, I’m coming! I’m just in the bathroom!”
I walk back outside and give him the glass.
“Drink this and then get some rest, okay?”
“What is it?”
“It’s another one of those Piña Coladas you really liked.”
“O-okay then… but only one more…”
He takes the glass and drinks the water in one big gulp.
“Go to sleep now, okay?”
He rests his head in my lap and wraps both his arms around my legs. Well then. Hopefully he falls asleep fast so I can go back to the beach to the kids. I don’t trust Hitoshi that much to check on Eri to not drown.