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Why do children have to be so small?

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Sports festival day. The first event for the second year students was a "the floor is lava" kind of game. They had to climb on platforms between two and ten meters up in the air. The last 42 standing get to advance. Hitoshi passed easily. He just brainwashed people and told them to jump off. It was quite fun to watch, but I have to be neutral.
The second event was a teamwork game. Hitoshi teamed up with Midoriya, Kaminari and Jiro. Three people in each team get a paintball gun each, and the fourth would be the target. You get points for each target you hit. Hitoshi's team passed with the second most points.

And now it's just the one-on-one event left. Hitoshi is fighting Iida in the first round. Iida came in a shared third place last year, so he's strong for sure. But then, Iida is a bad match up to Hitoshi. He never stops talking. I believe Tensei and the rest of the Iida family is in the audience. They must be proud of him. Hizashi announces the start of the match and they're off. We can hear every word the students say, but the audience can't. They have small microphones on their shirts, so the teachers can hear them.

Iida charges at Hitoshi at full speed, but he knows what to do. Iida may be fast, but so is Hitoshi. Well, not as fast, but you get my point. He steps to the side and starts running in the opposite direction.
"Up for a game of tag, are we? You're it!"
"No, I know how your quirk works! If I answer you, you'll brainwash m-"
I have to turn off my microphone to not reveal my laughter to the audience. It's so ironic. Iida slows down and stops in front of Hitoshi, who is smiling widely.
"Step off the stage."
Iida turns around and starts walking away, towards the edge of the stage. Iida is smart, he really is, but he needs to think twice sometimes. He steps outside the line on the edge of the stage and Nemuri declares Hitoshi's first win. Hitoshi bows to Iida and steps off. He didn't even break a sweat. Iida looks ashamed as he walks back to the students' part of the audience. I look up at the scoreboard. His next match is… Kaminari. His boyfriend. Kaminari isn't the smartest, but he's becoming strong, and he knows Hitoshi. I honestly don't know how it's going to end. Are they going to dare to go all out on their partner?

Yaoyorozu passed the first round of the one-on-one event. So did Shoji, Asui and Jiro. Which is nice, because they didn't pass last year. Of course Midoriya, Uraraka, Bakugo and Todoroki all passed as well. I'm hoping to get a new top four than last year.

It's time for Hitoshi's and Kaminari's match. Electricity doesn't travel in sand, and Hitoshi has to make Kaminari talk to win. They're similar in strength, so I don't know who would win if they just went hand to hand. The match starts. Kaminari would have to touch Hitoshi to electrify him. They both start running towards each other. Hitoshi says something that I can't quite hear because Hizashi is screaming right next to me. Kaminari bites his lip to not answer. I plug in my headphones so I can hear their conversation and block out Hizashi's yelling.
"You're not gonna answer me?"
Kaminari runs towards him, trying to touch him just for a moment, but Hitoshi dodges.
"Has your small brain finally understood that you can't answer me to win?"
He's pushing his weak spots, trying to trigger him. Making him reply out of anger. He seems determined not to answer.
"Your tiny tiny brain finally understood what to do to win against me?"
Kaminari runs again, trying to touch him, but he dodges once more. Even from up here I can see Kaminari's frustration. Hitoshi just looks smug. But I know it's an act. I know that his heart hurts with every insult he yells at him.
"No one could ever love your stupid ass! I'm just with you because I feel bad for you!"
This hurts to watch, it really does. I'm just gonna let Hizashi do his thing and watch.
"I hope you know that. I don't love you. Your friends don't either. Everyone is just with you because they feel sorry!"
Kaminari finally answered. He has tears in his eyes.
"Stop stop st-"
His eyes go blank. Hitoshi has taken control and can finally stop acting. He slowly walks up to his boyfriend and puts his hands on his cheeks, carefully to not lose control.
"I'm sorry. I don't mean it, you know that. But… I have to win."
He kisses his forehead and steps back.
"Walk off the stage."
Kaminari turns his back on Hitoshi and starts walking towards Nemuri. He's not strong enough to break free like Midoriya did last year. He walks past the red line and Hitoshi claims his second win of the day.

Yaoyorozu won. Midoriya came in second place. Hitoshi and Asui shared the third place. Hitoshi lost to Yaoyorozu and Asui lost to Midoriya, and then Midoriya lost to Yaoyorozu. I'm really proud of all of them. Yaoyorozu has gained her confidence back and is stronger than ever. As expected from a student who got in on recommendations. Midoriya didn't even break a bone. Toshinori walks on stage and give the students their medals. His entrance was a lot less epic than last year, but he's retired as a hero. The audience still cheers as loud as ever. He speaks to each one of them and then it's all over. I'm done for another year. I remove my headphones and leave the room. I have to find Eri and Hitoshi.

Kaminari is sobbing against Hitoshi's shirt. I guess what he said really hurt him.
"H-hey, Denki. Calm down. You know I only said it to wi-"
"Does winning matter more than my feelings?"
I've never heard him not know what to say. It feels wrong. I stay behind a wall so they won't hear me.
"I-I just… I wanted to make my dad proud, you know? He told me it's okay if I don't win but… I still feel like he wants his only son to win."
Don't tell me…
He did that because of me?
A sudden pain in my chest hits me. Guilt. I've been training him to become strong, I've been harsh so he can catch up with his classmates. Does he feel like… I'm not proud of him? Kaminari doesn't answer for a while. I think he's trying to calm himself down.
"Do you think… Aizawa approves of me? Do you think he thinks I'm too… stupid for you?"
I can't stand listening to this anymore. I have to say something.
"That' not true."
Both of them look up at me.
"That is not true at all. Don't you dare say that."
They let go of each other. They look ashamed. I turn to Hitoshi first.
"I am proud of you. I tell you that all the time. I'm proud of you whether you win or come in last place."
I turn to Kaminari.
"And you… why would I not approve of you? I don't care about how smart or strong or tall my son's boyfriend is. I care about if he's kind. I care about if he loves him. Nothing else matters to me."

I found Eri with Recovery Girl. She had made lots of healthy snacks for her to eat while they watched the festival. I appreciate that. We're walking back to our dorm after having dinner outside of campus. Kaminari and Hitoshi are walking behind the rest of us, holding each other's hand. Eri is sleeping with her head against my shoulder. Someone grabs my free arm and I stop. It's Hitoshi.
"Dad you owe me a piercing."
Oh. Right. I promised that he'd get a piercing if he was the ring bearer at the wedding.
"In the weekend. Just no noses or lips."
"Eyebrow is fine. But just one."
He runs back to Kaminari. I guess he's telling him about his plans for the weekend. My son is becoming more and more emo for every day that passes. Just like his dad.