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Why do children have to be so small?

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Crutches suck. I'm holding on for dear life to not fall. Hizashi is walking next to me, ready to catch me if needed. I'm not allowed to put any weight on my left leg. I'm a bit unstable and wobbly, but I'm getting the hang of it, slowly but surely.
"Hey, slow down or you're gonna fall."
"I can take it however fast I want to."
"Look, I know you wanna heal and get back to school, but you have to take it slow. Recovery Girl isn't here, you have to heal the slow way."
"Well I don't want to heal the slow way, I want to get back to work now."
"But you can't. So take it slow."
"You're annoying."
"But you aren't?"
"I'm hurt, I'm allowed to be annoying."

A nurse comes to check on me twice a day. Check the stitches, change tubes and get me food, all that stuff. My stitches are slowly dissolving and healing up. At least I no longer need life support, and I'm allowed to get out of bed for a couple of hours every day. Hizashi still needs to help me shower and walk, though. Eri gave me a card yesterday that she had made all by herself, covered in rainbow glitter, saying "GETT BETER SON" in big letters. Her spelling isn't the best, but at least she cares. I have it placed on the nightstand next to my bed.

"Get up. We're taking a walk."
"Take a walk… what time is it?"
I rub my eyes and look around. The room is still dark.
"About 6.30 am. Come on, get up."
"I can't reach my crutches…"
"I'll get them for you, don't worry."
Hizashi places a light kiss on my forehead and hands me my crutches.
"Why are we going out so early?"
"I want you to see the sunrise."
"Can't you just open the window?"
"No you need to see it from the outside."
"Am I even allowed to go outside?"
"No not like that- I'll show you, just get up."
I move the cover and slowly get out of bed. All my tubes have been removed except for the IV. They told me they'd remove it by the end of the week, so just two more days. I put a slipper on my right foot.
"Where are we going?"
"Why are you here so early anyway? I thought you and the kids went back to the dorms?"
"We did but… Hitoshi can take care of himself, and I left Eri with Nemuri, just for today. I don't want you to be all alone here."
"I'm fine, 'Zashi. I have people who feed me and take care of me. And I get to leave in like, three days."
"Just let me do this for you, pretty please?"
He smiles at me and gives me the puppy eyes. It's always hard to say no to those.
"Fine, but after this you need to head back to work."
"I promise. Okay, let's go."

We take the elevator down to the first floor and head to the cafeteria.
"A breakfast date? Is that what you have planned?"
"A breakfast date while watching the sunrise. Outdoors. What do you want?"
"Not allowed."
"Fine, juice? And an omelette?"
"Sure. You go sit down outside and I get the food."
He kisses me again and points to a glass door. It leads to a small garden with benches and tables. The flowers are in full bloom, or maybe they're plastic. It doesn't matter, they're still pretty. It's a bit cold, but I'll manage. I sit down at one of the tables and look around. Just a couple more days and I'm out of here. Right, the sunrise. That's why we're outside. The sky is painted red and orange and pink and yellow. Kinda reminds me of Hizashi's hair. I lean back and look up. It's nice to just have a calm moment in the middle of all this hospital chaos.
"I got the food- aren't you cold?"
"A bit, but it's fine."
"No, wait…"
He removes his jacket and puts it over my shoulders. It's still warm from being heated up by his body. I smile and lean my head on his shoulder.
I reach for the glass of juice. My ribs are still sore, but I can move. I don't need as much painkillers as before.
"Can you help me shower before you leave? I don't like it when I need help from the nurses."
"Sure, if we make it quick. I need to be back at UA at 8."
I look up at him. The sunrise reflects in his glasses, I can barely see his eyes. I reach up and remove them from his face.
"Hey, what are you doing? I can't see."
"You're just… so pretty…"
"Are you high? Did they give you a too big of a dose?"
"No, I'm not high… I just want to see your eyes."
"Well I need to use my glasses to see your eyes, so I need you to give them back."
"Not yet."
I put a hand on his cheek and touch every single one of his freckles. They usually become more visible in the summer, but he hasn't been outside in the sub for a while, so they're rather pale.
"You're so pretty."
"You told me that already."
"Well it's important that you know about it."