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Why do children have to be so small?

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I'm sitting in the studio while Hizashi does his weekly broadcast of Put Your Hands Up Radio. I'm in the booth next to him, but I don't have a microphone. My broken leg is propped up on a second chair. He introduced me as his "lovely husband Sho" when the show started. He announced our marriage in his first broadcast after the wedding. His listeners dropped by a few hundreds after that, but it doesn't matter. He's currently taking phone calls from listeners about Hitoshi and Eri. Someone called in to say they had seen a very tired boy with lavender step out of a car. I wrote down the address and now Hizashi is playing a soft jazz song in english. I'm glad he took my advice I gave him on our honeymoon to start playing songs he like himself rather than just the top 100. I take a sip of my coffee to stay awake. Tsukauchi is here as well, ready to take any information we get to the police. I lean my head against Hizashi's shoulder. It's almost 4 am, meaning that it's just another hour left of the programme. I close my eyes, ready to fall asleep in any moment. The song stops and Hizashi starts speaking again, about to take another call from a listener.
"Gooood morning dear listener! You are now live on Put Your Hands Up Radio! How can I help you, or you help me?"
"I know where your children are."
A chill goes down my spine. I would recognize that voice anywhere. Tomura Shigaraki. I can see the panic spread across Hizashi's face.
"Y-you do?"
"Of course I do. Do you wanna say hi?"
"Cut the feed."
I stand up and gesture to the audio technicians to do as I say. The "on air" sign is turned off.
"Track the call."
I can hear a child crying in the background. It must be Eri. She's sobbing loudly and yelling. I hope she's okay.
"Why don't you say hello to your dads, Hitoshi?"
The only answer he gets is heavy breathing.
Water splashes against something and Hitoshi screams, most likely out of pain.
"H-hey pops…"
"That's better."
I grab Hizashi's Mic.
"Why are you doing this to them?"
"To get into UA, of course. What else would hit hard at the heart of UA than kidnapping and torturing two of the teachers' children? And we all know little Eri is so loved, of course it would hurt everyone. Why don't you say hi too, sweetheart?"
The sobs become louder as he moves the phone to her.
"Leave him alone!"
"Oh I already told you we can't do that, dear."
Tears well up in my eyes. They're hurting them and there's nothing I can do to stop them.
"Let's see here… oh, I know!"
There's a short pause and then Hitoshi screams again. Something made out of metal hits the ground.
"I've never understood the point of piercings. Why would you make a hole in your skin and then fill it with metal? So unnecessary."
Another splash of water. I want to cover my ears to escape the sound of my children being tortured that fills the booth.
"Anyways, they probably have about two weeks left to live, unless you find them before that. We're not feeding them, we're not their parents."
A click and the call ends. I drop the microphone and fall back in the chair.
"I don't know if I can take it much longer, 'Zashi."
He wraps his arms around me.
"Just let me finish the programme early and we'll go home, okay? Let's go to sleep."
I nod weakly and close my eyes.
"We're tracking the call, Aizawa, don't worry. We'll know where they are by tomorrow."
"Thank you, Tsukauchi…"
"They're gonna be fine, Sho. We'll find them and get them back."
He kisses my forehead and lets go of me, getting ready to go on air again.

"We've found the location of the phone that made the call."
"Great, then let's go."
"No, we can't just walk in there. We need to plan out how to do this. We have a little less than two weeks. And by then, your leg should be fine."
"We can't just sit here and wait while my kids starve to death or bleed out! They're being hurt!"
"I know, Aizawa, but if we just storm inside we're all gonna get killed. We need to plan this through."
"Then so be it! I want my children back!"
I slam my fist in the table, maybe slightly too hard. I want to stand up but Hizashi stops me.
"Hey, calm down. Tsukauchi is right, we have to plan this. We have no idea what they're actually doing, we just know where they are."
Yuka jumps up in my lap. It's the kitten that Hitoshi brought to the dorms a while ago that Eri got to name. She meows at me and butts her head against my chest. She seems to be missing Eri. I scratch her behind her ears and close my eyes as she sits down in my lap. I lean down to kiss her forehead.
"I know, I miss her too."
Hizashi strokes my arm.
"Sho will have his cast removed in a week. After that, he'll have a week to get strong again before we have to go."
"That's two weeks too much."
"We can't go before then, you know that."
"Then I'll remove my cast earlier."
"Sho, stop! You have to take care of yourself! I know you're hurting, I am too, but you have to let yourself heal before we can do anything!"
His voice was broken yet powerful. His bright green eyes were filled with tears behind his red framed glasses. I want to cry, but my eyes remain dry. I put Yuka down on the floor, grab my crutches and stand up, putting my arms around Hizashi.
"I know, I'm sorry."
I lean my chin against his shoulder and close my eyes.
"I'm just so frustrated. I don't want to be the reason it takes to long."
"I know, but there isn't much we can do about it."
He kisses my cheek.
"Just promise we'll get them out alive?"
"I promise."