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This Is Not About Us

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There's a bunch of other things Jeongguk would rather be doing right now—

Like, perhaps enjoying his ice cold beverage he had ordered, in peace, by himself—like he had initially planned—but nooo, Jimin had to come stumbling over, drunk and sad, and just everything Jeongguk was in no mood to deal with.

"A-and," Jimin hiccups pathetically, stealing Jeongguk's drink, downing it all in one go. Jeongguk would’ve been impressed if he wasn’t so irritated. "He only told me he needed a break. A break. We all know what that means!" he yells, raising his hands in the air as if he was making a point, but instead, causing a scene.

"You just drank my drink," Jeongguk deadpans, not even caring that Jimin is still loudly sobbing over him, blabbering about his stupid ex Jeongguk doesn't even know the fucking name of. 

"Jeongguk. He broke up with me," Jimin repeats yet again, sniffling. His eyes were glossy, dilated and unfocused. Jeongguk isn’t here to babysit some guy he’s seen maybe once or twice, hell no, no way.

"And you drank my fucking six dollar drink," Jeongguk scoffs in annoyance, disregarding the way Jimin pouts his lips out even further. He digs in his pocket and takes out his phone, clicking on his and Taehyung's old message thread.

Come collect ur best friend.
He's wasted at the club

Thankfully, the reply was instant—but after reading the response, Jeongguk curls his lips in frustration, his thumbs flying across the keypads.

So? Can’t he have a good time? But sorry cant come ‘collect him’ I'm not home rn

                                    Where tf can u possibly be

worry about it

Jeongguk mentally pats himself on the back for not flipping the fuck out—for maintaining his composure in a public place. And for not ditching Jimin while he still has the chance.

What he does do, though, is call Taehyung.

He steps off the stool to rush to the bathroom, pretending he doesn’t hear Jimin's pleas on where he’s going.

Taehyung answers right on the last ring and Jeongguk would've sighed in relief at him actually picking up if he wasn't so agitated to begin with. "Taehyung."


Jeongguk scrunches his face and pulls his phone away from his ear. He stares at it for a good few seconds before placing it back. "Don't yo me?"

"Look, if this is about Jimin, you know who he is. It'll be fine. Just get him an Uber."

"Okay, well, here's the thing. He's not my responsibility. I don't even communicate with Jimin like that for us to be considered friends. I came here to get drunk off my ass on a work night, not babysit."

Why would you willingly want to get drunk on a work night? Do you really hate yourself that much?

“Whatever choices I decide to make doesn’t concern you,” Jeongguk snaps, pacing the bathroom with hurried steps. “Your drunk upset best friend, however, is your concern.”

Taehyung sighs over the line, like this conversation was taking up too much of his oh so precious time. "What's he upset about?"

"I don't know? Everything’s all jumbled together, but something about his boyfriend saying they need space, so they broke up—"


Jeongguk pulls the phone away from his ear once again, lips set into a thin line. "Was that fucking necessary?" he growls, placing the phone back against his ear when he deems it safe to do so.

"Dude, you don't understand. Jimin and Yoongi are like—like the ultimate soulmates of the universe. They've been together since their pre-teen days."

"That's, uh, great? I guess? I don't really care."

"Why would Yoongi even break up with Jimin? That dude is so whipped for him. And really, Jimin can do no wrong! He's loyal, he's sweet, he's funny, he's considerate, he loves dogs—I mean, come on, instant husband material for that one. He's also really handsome-"

"Really, that's awesome. Fantastic. Great,” Jeongguk cuts him off sternly, glancing at himself in the dirty bathroom mirror when he passes by it for the nth time. “Look, how about get your ass down here and you and Jimin can talk about it at home? Again, I really don't care."

"Fine,” Taehyung grumbles. Jeongguk sags his shoulders in relief. “Just text me the address."



Taehyung does show up—albeit a whole fucking hour late with the most absurd excuse Jeongguk has ever heard.

"Sorry, the Uber took forever. I kind of did a two way stop to get something to eat because talks with Jimin can last up to hours and I'm no good when running on an empty stomach. I even offered him some McDonald’s, but he declined. Whatever, his lost," Taehyung had said with a small nonchalant shrug—like Jimin slouching over Jeongguk's shoulder, half asleep and still drunk, was something completely fucking normal.

Jeongguk was too bothered, too upset his damn night was ruined to even give Taehyung a proper response. He had ordered himself a different Uber home, watching with a scowl on his face how Jimin clung onto Taehyung while they rushed into the same car.




It took about thirty minutes to get home, no thanks to the Uber being so far away from him to begin with, but when he does get home, what he doesn't want—or, what he didn't expect—was to see Taehyung standing outside of his apartment door, tapping his feet impatiently.


Jeongguk is so, so fucking done. "When the fuck did you get here? I thought you gave the driver Jimin's address?" 

"Just open your damn door, Jeongguk. I've been standing here for a good ten minutes now."

"Not my fucking fault," Jeongguk grumbles, searching for his keys in his pocket. He raises a brow at Taehyung when the latter makes no moves on leaving. "Again, why are you here? I'm not in the mood."

"We need to talk."

"If this is about Jimin-"

"Yes, this is about Jimin and you're gonna hear every second of it."

"Dude, listen. I don't know what impression you got of me when we slept together, but I didn't sign up for whatever the fuck this is-"

"You called me first-"

"Because I knew Jimin was your best friend and wanted nothing to do with his damn problems."

"Jeongguk, just open the fucking door so we can discuss this the proper way. Like adults."

Jeongguk has half a mind to yell about how he's very much an adult. A mature, civilized one that wants nothing more than to climb into bed and fucking sleep because his day has been ruined and he still needs to go to work in a few hours (fuck his life, really), but that'll just make him sound too whiny.  

So he exhales out deeply through his nose and reluctantly lets Taehyung into his apartment.

"I see much hasn't changed since the last time I visited," Taehyung nods, scrutinizing everything in sight—like he was some last minute hired house inspector. It made Jeongguk grimace and quickly lead them to the kitchen, sitting at the table.


"Alright. Let's discuss. I have work in a few and I'm sure you do, too."

"My best friends health and happiness is more important than work, I'll have you know."

"It surely won't help you pay the bills."

Taehyung closes his eyes, refraining himself from lashing out and hopping over the dining table. "Anyways. I have a plan."

"Which is?"

"It's called Operation Get Jimin and Yoongi Back Together.”

"Okay, and where do I fall into all of this?" Jeongguk yawns tired, resting his cheek on his hand. He clearly wasn’t taking this as serious as the elder, so Taehyung glares affronted, slamming his palms flat on the mahogany wood. It happened so abrupt, Jeongguk flinches.

"Don't question it, okay? You're gonna do as I say and we're gonna get my best friend back together with his one true love.”

"One true love? What are they, Shrek and Fiona?” Jeongguk snorts.

"Yes, they are—but that's not the point," Taehyung raises a hand, waving it dismissively because they were far more essential things to discuss.

"Look, as fun as this sounds," Jeongguk drawls out the word purposely, showing Taehyung that this impromptu proposition was indeed, anything but fun. "I have an actual life to live. So, if you can just see your way out, that'd be nice."

"Listen buddy, you didn't have my number still saved in your phone all this time for nothing."

"You're right. I had it saved in hopes of getting some ass again in the near future, not get your best friend and his ex boyfriend back together."

"Jimin liked you," Taehyung stands up, pointing his index finger across the table at Jeongguk accusingly. Jeongguk blinks. "When he had found out we went to breakfast the first time after we had sex, he clapped me on the back and told me to keep you around because: no other fuck would treat me to breakfast."

"Going for breakfast in the morning was your idea. You treated me."

"Okay, but did I put a gun to your head and forced you to come? You came willingly, and Jimin knew you were different for that.”

"I was hungry," Jeongguk rolls his eyes at being called out for a past free breakfast. He pushes his chair back to stand up as well—too exhausted to drag this out any longer. "If I agree to this stupid thing will you just please, please, leave me alone?"

"For now, I will. But this operation is gonna take a shit ton of planning. And time,” Jeongguk holds back a much needed groan. “So, to honestly answer your question, no, I can't leave you alone—that is, of course, until we complete our mission."

Jeongguk knew that him thumping his forehead against the wall wasn't worth the headache, but if he has to endure Taehyung's ass for how long? That one head bang won’t be enough.


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Jeongguk has this routine in the morning that he religiously follows every single weekday.

He sets his alarm for five-forty am, sometimes—more often than not—he'd snooze it until six if he's feeling lazy. He'd proceed to do his usual business in the bathroom, take a shower, and then get dressed.

For breakfast, he’ll eat a bowl of cereal and turn the TV on as background noise, not necessarily watching it. If he’s running late, however, he’ll munch on a granola bar on his way out.

Once the clock hits seven, he's grabbing his blazer, throwing it over his shoulders, and he heads off the work.

It was a simple, familiar, easy-to-follow routine.

So when Jeongguk opens his door at seven on the dot and he spots Taehyung right outside his apartment looking frantic, he stills. “Um?"

"It's bad. It's really, really bad."

"You standing outside my apartment at seven am? Yeah, I agree," Jeongguk tries to maneuver his way around the blonde haired male. It’s too damn bad the elder notices and presses a hand against Jeongguk's chest.

"This is serious."

"Me being late to work, is serious."

"It'll take five minutes."

"I just seen you not even six hours ago. I'm sure it can wait till I get back."

"No, this is urgent."

Jeongguk has an inner debate with himself. Either A) he rams into Taehyung, so the elder can move the fuck out his way, or B) he can be a civilized adult and actually listen to what Taehyung has to whine about this time.

It should be touching for Jeongguk to know Taehyung is so devoted to his own best friends happiness, about how unselfish he is—but Jeongguk here is an adult, and adults are selfish, and adults need to be at work on time, or else.

"Fine," Jeongguk breathes through his nose, exasperated. He lifts his arm, glancing at the watch ticking on his wrist. "You have two minutes. Go."

"Two? I know I said at least five, but you know I was exaggerating. I would need at least a half hour-"

"One minute and fifty-two seconds."

"Okay! Okay," Taehyung must've sensed how serious Jeongguk was because he takes a deep breath and gets straight to the point—or, at least to Taehyung, and how he explains things, it's pretty much direct for someone like him. "Jimin is absolutely losing it."

"Him and Yoongi broke up not even a day ago."

"Yeah, I know. But guess what? Jimin didn't even wake up at six today, at all."

"So he's.....dead?"

"No, you dumbass. It means he's still asleep."

"Well, isn't he lucky."

"You're not understanding!!!" Taehyung yells in obvious frustration, smacking Jeongguk’s arm a few times.

Jeongguk glares, swatting Taehyung’s hands away. He thinks about cutting thirty seconds off Taehyung's time for that one. He doesn't need his neighbors to file a noise complaint, he really doesn't. He's lived in this building for a good two years now and he's been on good terms with just about everyone—the landlord included. 

"So then make me understand. You have one minute and ten seconds, by the way."

"Jimin always wakes up at six. Always. I mean like, seriously, I’ll hear movement in the kitchen at the ass crack of dawn whenever he slept over. He's the definition of a morning person. Even when he's sick he's up, alive and well. But today? No. He is laying in bed, all mopey, all upset and it's just not him."

"It's normal, Taehyung. It's called heartbreak,” Jeongguk rolls his eyes and tries to leave once again. “Well, this was certainly a waste of time."

"Wait!" Taehyung blocks the threshold with his arms, hoping it'd get Jeongguk to stop trying to advance forward. "I still have like, a few seconds left. Jimin also, always, always eats breakfast. Every single day. Him missing breakfast and not waking up at six is like earth not rotating for a day."

"Well, guess what?” Jeongguk gasps dramatic, rubbing his chin in mock thought. “The world is still spinning, Jimin didn't have his damn breakfast, he didn't wake up at six and here we still are. You blocking my exit."

"My best friend is in the most deepest pain he's ever experienced. Excuse me for caring for him."

"Exactly, you said it yourself. He’s your best friend. I don't even know the dude except his name and he lost an ex boyfriend named Yoongi. I'm already involved enough as it is. Now move, your time is up."

"I have like twenty seconds left!"

"No, you don’t," Jeongguk pulls Taehyung's arms down from blocking his way. Taehyung remains stubborn though, still deciding he’s not finished being a pain in the ass and doesn’t move from his spot.

Jeongguk really needs to get to work, he's beyond done with whatever fucking game the elder is trying to pull. Closing the door behind him, he’s now chest to chest with Taehyung from the little to none space.

The younger raises a brow, silently warning him this was his last chance to move. Taehyung just shrugs solemnly in response and Jeongguk has had it, honestly. He bends down and wraps his arms around Taehyung's waist, easily lifting him up.

The little squeal of surprise that left the elders mouth was not cute, no, not even close. And the hint of pink dusting Jeongguk's cheeks? That was not him blushing, yeah right.

He sets Taehyung down far away from his door and then walks down the hallway steps, not bothering to look back. "Aren't you going to lock your door?" Taehyung shouts.


Jeongguk wasn't expecting that to be Taehyung's last words—maybe some threats and curse words, but not about the safety of his own house. 

Brushing it off, he continues down the steps like he hasn't heard a thing and silently prays his house will still be in one piece when he gets back.



When Jeongguk gets home nine agonizing hours later, fortunately, his place is left untouched and everything is still where it should be.

He would grin in triumph, but his happiness is runned short when his eyes skim across his living room and he spots a familiar blonde leisurely sprawled all over his couch like he owned the damn place.

"Taehyung?" Jeongguk asks, incredulous. He marches over, walks around the couch, and voila, there was Taehyung, resting his feet on the coffee table while his right hand digs for a handful of popcorn.

"Oh, hey. You're back, good. We can continue this morning's conversation," Taehyung kicks his feet off the table, stretches, and shuts the TV off with the same hand that's filled with buttery grease.

Jeongguk wants him gone. Now.

"What the hell are you doing in my apartment?"

"You're the one that left it unlocked."

"That doesn't mean you can come inside, what the fuck?”


Taehyung holds out the half eaten bowl of popcorn as some sort of peace offering. Jeongguk simply glares at the offer and Taehyung shrugs, devouring another handful for himself. "I just seen Jimin an hour ago. He still hasn't left his bed. It's terrible."

“I know. You told me last night, and then this morning, and now, you're telling me again."

"This is how you know I'm legit! We gotta start the plan on getting them back together asap."

Jeongguk throws his head back in sheer frustration. He wonders where in the world did he go wrong to have life hate him this much. “Didn’t you have a job to be at?”

“You really think I can work under these conditions?”

“You’re really ridiculous, Kim.”

“Thank you,” Taehyung beams, like that was supposed to be a compliment.

Jeongguk groans loudly once more and heads for his room, slamming and locking his bedroom door right in Taehyung’s face.




Being in the same coffee shop for the third time this week isn’t unusual for Jeongguk—but being here with Taehyungtalking about Jimin and Yoongi, is.


Jeongguk supposes he should just get used to it by now, but it’s hard to get used to things you want to be done with.


“So. I was thinking yesterday,” Taehyung starts off, breaking his blueberry muffin in half. He offers the other half to Jeongguk and the younger shakes his head no. “Your loss.”


“What were you thinking about yesterday, Taehyung,” he impatiently asks, sighing at how much the elder loves dragging these kind of things out. To add more of a dramatic effect? Possibly.


“Oh,” Taehyung dusts off his hands. “You need to call Jimin here.”


“Why…” Jeongguk cautiously answers. “You told me not even a few days ago that he wouldn’t even leave his bed.”


“Yeah, he won’t,” Taehyung frowns at that. “But he likes you, as stated before. If you called and told him to come here for a coffee, he’d listen to you.”


“Okay,” Jeongguk says, not getting the whole point of this. “That’s great, but what is it for? I’m not gonna sit here and chat with him.”


“Can you relax?” Taehyung rolls his eyes, taking a bite of his muffin. “I was getting to that,” he speaks with his mouth full and Jeongguk hates him.


“Sure you were.”


Taehyung swallows and holds up a hand. “What I’m going to do is call Yoongi here, too, so we’re all here at the same time.”


Jeongguk is momentarily confused. “Why in the hell would you do that?”


“Hello, isn’t it obvious? I’m setting them up. We can hide, they come here and see each other and maybe it’ll lead to them talking!”


“Yeah, ‘cause seeing each other at a coffee shop would totally get them to talk about their breakup,” Jeongguk sarcastically responds, gasping like that was the best idea Taehyung could come up with.


“Exactly,” Taehyung grins, proud. He’s either acting oblivious to Jeongguk’s sarcasm, or he doesn’t pick up on it. “So, go ahead. Call Jimin.”


“Taehyung, I was joking. This is a terrible idea and it makes no sense. What if they do show up at the same time and we’re both ‘hiding?’”


“Yeah, so? That’s exactly my plan?”


“If Jimin doesn’t see me and Yoongi doesn’t see youthey’re gonna know we set them up. And it’ll lead to them getting mad at you, storming out the shop and not talk to each other?”


Taehyung purses his lips, looking down at his muffin in thought. “Well,” he huffs out, locking eyes with Jeongguk when he looks up. “It’s a chance I’m willing to take. They haven’t seen each other since the breakup. Maybe it’ll get them to at least say hi and catch up. Whether I’m here or ‘not.’”


“That’s highly unlikely.”


“Just text Jimin. I know what I’m doing.”


“I don’t think you do.”


“Thanks. Now text.”


Jeongguk takes out his phone and mentally rolls his eyes when he remembers. “I don’t have his number.”


“Wow. You really are something else,” Taehyung mumbles as he reaches over to snatch his phone, typing in a new message with Jimin’s number. “He has your number saved.”


“I never gave Jimin my number?”


“Yeah, ‘cause I did. And he still kept it. Anyways,” Taehyung hands Jeongguk his phone back. “Text him to meet you here. I’m going to text Yoongi.”


“And where are we gonna go, smart ass? You want to ‘hide’, but there’s no way to hide in a coffee shop.”


“Good call,” Taehyung snaps, rubbing his chin as he thinks hard. “We’ll just have to get some menus and hide our faces.”


“Menus. To hide our faces.”




“Why can’t we just, oh, I don’t know, walk out the shop and then later, let Jimin explain to you that he saw Yoongi here ‘cause I’m sure he will tell you.”


No, I want to listen in on everything Jimin and Yoongi are going to say. In person.”


“I never expected my life to be some badly written romcom. So thanks for that,” Jeongguk murmurs in disbelief, finally texting Jimin to meet him here. He can’t believe he’s actually agreeing to all this.


“Shut up. We’re doing this for love.


Taehyung texts Yoongi next and they wait for them to show up when they respond. Jimin had almost said no, but Jeongguk convinced him. Yoongi flat out said no, but Taehyung’s promise of getting him an extra large coffee, along with a donut, made him cave—although reluctantly.


It takes about ten minutes, but Jimin shows up first.


The first thing Jeongguk notices is, he’s a mess. He looks like he hasn’t slept in days, bags prominent, hair disheveled and clothes mismatched.


“My god, I’ve never seen someone let themselves go this bad.”


The menus are blocking their face, and yeah, it’s pretty obvious to have a whole ass menu standing up on the table, but Jimin hasn’t noticed it yet, so they’re safe. For now.


“My heart hurts just looking at him,” Taehyung says pitifully, frown deep and eyes sad.


“My eyes hurt looking at him. He’s a mess.”


Taehyung kicks him hard from under the table. He glares when Jeongguk loudly hisses in pain. “Don't even go there, Jeongguk. That’s my best friend.”


“Kick me again and see if I don’t blow our fuckin’ spot,” Jeongguk lowly threatens, tone menacing.


Taehyung remains quiet, thankfully.


They watch as Jimin looks around, confused, before taking a seat at one of the tables in the far left, taking out his phone.


Jeongguk’s phone vibrates on the table and he picks it up in a haste. “It’s Jimin,” he says, as if the elder didn’t know.


“What did he say?”


“He asked where am I.”


“Fuck, we need to stall him until Yoongi gets here. Tell him you’re in the bathroom.”


“Okay, and what if Yoongi doesn’t come within those few minutes, what’s going to be my excuse then?


“Tell him you ate a cream cheese bagel and it slid right through you.”


“Disgusting. I’ll never shit in public bathrooms. Just who do you take me for, Kim?”


“Jeongguk, just do it.


“My god, you’re a pain,” Jeongguk sneers, unlocking his phone to quickly text Jimin back. “Fine. I told him. There, you happy?”




It takes six minutes and Yoongi comes walking in next. Unlike Jimin, he heads straight to the counter and looks around, curious. Taehyung ducks his head further down, peeking out from the corner of his eye.


The ex couple doesn’t seem to notice each other until—


“Yoongi?” Jimin asks the second he looks up from his phone after texting Jeongguk back to hurry up.


Yoongi looks his way at his name being called and his eyes widen in surprise at seeing the younger.


Just like Jimin, he doesn’t look any better.


Hell, they both look tragic to Jeongguk.


Jimin?” Yoongi questions, blinking some more as if he’s seeing things. His expression softens when he sees that it’s indeed his Jimin sitting there. “What are you doing here?”


It’s a coffee shop, what do you think he’s doing here,” Jeongguk mumbles to himself with an eye roll at Yoongi’s dumb question.


And you said they wouldn’t say hi,” Taehyung boasts, like their conversation doesn’t feel tense and a teensy bit of awkward.


“Getting coffee,” Jimin says, fiddling with his fingers nervously. He looks so small and his face is getting pink from the rapt attention Yoongi is giving him. “My uh, friend Jeongguk asked me to come here.”


Look at the way Yoongi keeps looking at Jimin. With an expression filled with that much love, it makes you wonder why he had broken up with Jimin in the first place,” Taehyung whispers, shaking his head in disappointment.


People have their reasons and us setting them up to spy on them isn’t going to give us the answer,” Jeongguk says, but Taehyung’s already ignoring him to focus on the ex couple again.


It takes a few seconds. “Really?” Yoongi narrows his eyes as he thinks about it. “Does this Jeongguk dude happen to know Taehyung?”


Jimin doesn’t know where he’s going with this. “Yeah, he does. Why?”


“That’s funny then. Taehyung just told me to meet him here, too. At this specific time.”


Jimin doesn’t get it at first until it dawns on him and his mouth falls open. “You don’t think they set this up, do you?”


“Seems like something Taehyung would do.”


Fuck,” Taehyung’s eyes are wide and he looks at Jeongguk, panicked. “Abort mission! Abort mission!”


Before they could escape unnoticed, Yoongi walks over, like he knew they were there all along, and grabs the menus, exposing them. “Hello, Taehyung and Jeongguk, I’m assuming? Lovely to see you hiding behind some menus.”


“Uh,” Taehyung nervously scratches his neck. “Hi, Yoongs. I didn’t know you were here yet! I was um, hiding behind this menu because I wanted to scare you, you know? But like wow, I am shocked you arrived without me noticing! You didn’t text to let me know!”


“I actually did, and if you weren’t so busy doing whatever the hell it is you’re doing, you would’ve seen that.”


Taehyung looks like he doesn’t know what to say. “Still, I am shocked. Damn, my plan to scare you failed.”


“But are you really shocked, Taehyung?”


“I for sure am, and oh my god,” Taehyung gasps, eyes falling on Jimin, who’s still sitting on the other side of the shop. “Jimin’s here, too? Wow, well, what do you know!”




“I mean! What a crazy coincidence! All of us in the same shop, at the same timeNobody could have planned that!


Taehyung,” Yoongi says through gritted teeth.


Taehyung slumps his shoulders and frowns. “I’m sorry,” he says, caving in. “But, hey! At least you two seen each other and talked. Kind of. Sort of. Not really?”


Yoongi shakes his head and doesn’t say anything more as he puts the menus back on the table and walks out the shop.


Jimin sighs and stands up, walking over to the two. “Tae.”




“As much as I love you and thank you for trying to help,” he bites his lip and smiles sadly. “Don’t try and force it. He obviously doesn’t want to talk. I’ll uh, see you later back at the house,” he waves at them both and walks out the shop next—looking more devastated than before.


“Oh my god. I just made it worse, didn’t I?”


“Hate to say I told you so—actually, no, I’d love to say I told you so,” Jeongguk says, taking a deep breath. “So, Taehyung. Here it is. I told you so.”


Taehyung thumps his head on the table a few times, whining loudly. A few people look over from the commotion, curious. “Just know, this Operation isn’t over yet. Far from it.”


“Did you, or did you not say you just made it worse by meddling?”


Taehyung lifts his head. “Okay, but did you see how relieved they looked to see each other post breakup?”


Jeongguk’s about to say no, but—it’s kind of true.


Even though their conversation felt tense and awkward, Jeongguk didn’t miss the way Yoongi wouldn’t stop gazing at Jimin softly and the way Jimin wouldn’t stop blushing when he felt Yoongi’s eyes on him.


“I guess you’re right about that.”


“Exactly. With more time and dedication spent on this Operation, we’ll get them back together in no time. This is just the beginning, so continue staying ready.”


Jeongguk sighs tiredly. He so isn’t ready.


Chapter Text


Taehyung hums to himself as his eyes skim over his beaten up notebook—the same notebook that’s filled with The Future Plans. “Since Yoongi seen you and now knows who you are, befriending him is out of the question,” he sighs out. He looks over at Jeongguk, who’s sprawled all over the couch, eating takeout buffalo wings. “We need a new game plan.”

"That Yoongi one was terrible from the start. Same with the whole Let’s Set Them Up At The Coffee Shop."


“It was worth a shot,” Taehyung argues back in an instant, his tone offended and frustrated. “I don’t see you putting in any ideas.”


“Because if I do put in an idea, it won’t be something as pointless as the coffee shop one. Like really, what was the whole point of that?”


Taehyung ignores the last part of Jeongguk’s question. “So then put in ideas, mister: I’m Better At This Than You.”


“Never said that.”


Ugh,” Taehyung scowls. At himself, or Jeongguk? The younger doesn't know. “I had it all figured out, too.”


Jeongguk doesn’t bother lifting himself up from the couch to see what Taehyung was pointing at when he gestures to something written in the notebook. “Really, how so?”


“The plan was to ask you questions and see if you and Yoongi had anything in common. You know, so you both would have something to bond over.”


“You sure that wasn’t your way on trying to get to know me better subtly?” Jeongguk teases, licking the buffalo sauce off his thumbs.


Taehyung sets down his notebook on the table with an exasperated huff, quirking an unimpressed brow at Jeongguk. “I don’t have to do that to,” he does air quotes. “‘Get to know you better.’ I already do know you.”


Jeongguk snorts at that. Taehyung doesn’t know him. “Ohdo you now?”


“Yeah,” Taehyung smiles sarcastic, listing off what he allegedly ‘knows’ about Jeongguk from the top of his head. “You’re frustrating and you’re unhelpful as fuck.”


I’m frustrating?” Jeongguk echoes, pointing to himself out of disbelief, the chicken wing bones still in his hands. Taehyung doesn’t even think twice when he nods. “Okaysays the one that is forcing me into his best friends love life.”


“So you’re telling me you would look True Love right in the face and not want to help?”


“...Yes?” Jeongguk answers immediately, but he sounds uncertain. He forces himself to sit up and reach over to place the chicken bones down on a napkin.


“Well, jokes on you anyways because you are helping True Love—aka, Jimin and Yoongi, whether you like it or not.”




"Anyways," Taehyung starts off with the clear of his throat, leaning over to grab a Buffalo wing. He waves it around Jeongguk’s face before taking a bite. “It’s going to be harder now that I’m lacking in plans and it’s already been like, two weeks.”


“Sounds tough.”


“That’s where you jump in and be my savior and say: oh, no, Taehyung. I totally got you with my own set of plans.


Jeongguk looks at him, long and amused. “Nope, try again.”


“See? Unhelpful. But I gotta get going. It's late as hell and we made no progress, once again.”


Jeongguk checks the time on his phone and feels himself frowning involuntarily.

1:42 AM.

"Hey, do you just wanna stay the night? Like you said, it’s late as hell and I’m kinda too lazy to go out and drive.”


“I’ll just Uber,” Taehyung gives a small smile and shrug. “It’s no biggie.”


Jeongguk doesn’t know what comes over him when he rushes out: “Just stay, really. It’s not a problem. You stayed a few times before.”

"Are you sure, sure?" Jeongguk doesn't miss the subtle happiness—the relief in Taehyung's eyes at the generous offer.

"Yeah. I'll go get a pillow from my room and I think I have a spare blanket in my closet somewhere.”

“Aw,” Taehyung pouts, remains of buffalo sauce on his bottom lip. Jeongguk doesn’t know how he does it, but he stops himself from leaning over to wipe it off with his thumb. Instead, he hands the elder a napkin. “I can’t sleep with you?”

Jeongguk watches how Taehyung wipes his lips before setting his eaten chicken back into the container. “No. The last time you did, I had you dead asleep all over me. My blankets were kicked off my bed, so no thanks to you, I could’ve woken up to hypothermia—“


“And you were sprawled all over me in the morning.”

“Please,” Taehyung scoffs, throwing his balled up napkin on the coffee table. “I was not.”

“Yes, you were,” Jeongguk argues back, closing the container to put the leftover wings away in the fridge. “Especially in the morning when I wake up, I’m feeling fatigue as fuck. The last thing I need is you smothering me.”

“It’s called cuddling.”

“It’s called invading my space.”

“You know what, fineI’ll sleep on the damn couch. I almost thought those blowjobs I gave you a few nights ago would’ve made you soften up justttt a little,” Taehyung pinches his index and thumb together. Then he crosses his arms, nose raised high in the air. “But I was so wrong.”

Jeongguk completely ignores that and goes to get the items from his bedroom without another word.

(He does end up caving in an hour later and allows Taehyung to sleep in his bed. He swears it’s because the elder wouldn’t stop being annoying and groaning loudly about how uncomfortable the couch was—and definitely not because Jeongguk felt a little bit bad.)




“You so like him,” Yoohyeon snorts, sitting in the tiny break room with Jeongguk. She stabs her fork into her unhealthy salad that had way too much Italian dressing and bacon in it. She crunches on the lettuce with a sly grin.


“I don’t. He’s annoying,” Jeongguk retorts, spreading cream cheese on his bagel as he leans against the counter.


“You say annoying and I say adorable.”


“You’ve never even met him,” Jeongguk points out with a scoff, pointing his plastic knife at her. “If you hadyou wouldn’t be calling him that.”


“I don’t know, Jeongguk,” she fake sighs, shaking her head mockingly. “You’re the mostimpatient person I know. If Taehyung was as ‘annoying’ as you say, you would’ve dropped him already.”


“I already told you, he’s persistent. Even if I was to ignore, or drop him, he’d just show up.”


“And you like it,” Yoohyeon continues teasing in a sing-song tone, taking another bite of her salad. Jeongguk wants to roll his eyes so hard—so he does it internally.


“I don’t, but okay, go off.”


“Seriously, just know, I can read you like a book.


Jeongguk actually does roll his eyes this time, pushing himself off the counter to sit down across from Yoohyeon. “Sure you can.”


“I can,” she stresses. “That’s why I’m telling you, you like Taehyung—or at least enjoy his company. Nobody deals with anyone’s shit unless they either A, care for them, or B, like them.”


Jeongguk takes a bite of his bagel, making a noise in the back of his throat. “No, that’s just you trying to be a psychologist.”


“Guk, you know how much easier your life can get if you just admit there’s like something there, whether it’s fondness, or?”


“So you’re telling me I need to lie to make my life easier?”


Yoohyeon groans, pushing her salad around in her plastic bowl. “You’re fuckin’ impossible. I hate you.”


“Feelings mutual,” Jeongguk winks cheekily and takes another bite of his crunchy bagel. Yoohyeon fake retches in response.




“So, I’ve come up with the perfect plan.”


“Wow, really,” Jeongguk tries his hardest to sound enthusiastic, but it falls flat. Taehyung picks up on it, too, because he scoffs and turns around to smack at his chest.


“Yes,” he emphasizes, turning the key in his lock. He walks in first and Jeongguk follows, closing the door behind him. “Come in my room when you get the door locked.”


Jeongguk, confused, does as he’s told and then follows Taehyung in his room. When he walks in, he sees Taehyung bending over, his ass sticking out while he digs in his bedside drawer. “If this is apart of your plan on trying to seduce me, it’s failing. Try harder.”


Taehyung gets on his knees now, looking over his shoulder. “I’m not, and that's offensive because I see you staring at my ass all the time.”


Jeongguk totally does. “What can I say, you got a great ass.”


And I’m sure I even seen you pop a boner just looking at it.”


“Yeah, ‘cause I get that easily aroused,” Jeongguk dryly retorts, expression blank. Yeah, Taehyung has a nice ass—definitely one of Jeongguk’s favorites, but now he’s offended because he doesn’t pop a boner just looking at it.


“I know you do,” Taehyung answers back like the pain in the ass he is. When he finally finds what he’s looking for, he turns around to show Jeongguk a gold ring. His grin is proud and wide. “So, what do you think?”


Jeongguk lifts his hands up in a hold on manner. “Don’t you think we’re moving a little too fast?”


Taehyung tilts his head. “What?” then it dawns on him and he belatedly realizes he’s on his knees, showing Jeongguk a gold ring. He sucks a tooth. “Can you please just be serious for once? It isn’t for you. Obviously.”


Jeongguk chuckles and grabs it, shrugging at the gold ring when he examines it closely. “I guess it’s nice. Why are you showing me?


“Because Yoongi got it for Jimin,” then Taehyung backtracks when he says it, standing up finally. “Well, you know, ‘Yoongi,” he does air quotes.


“Oh,” Jeongguk gets it now, but. “Why a ring? They broke up, if you forgot. Jimin wouldn’t actually believe Yoongi got him a ring.”


“But here’s the—”


Plus, they were together for a while now, yeah? I’m pretty sure they both already got each other plenty of rings.”


But here’s the difference, imma write a note and then make it sentimental as hell. I kind of got Yoongi’s handwriting packed down, so it’ll be easy.”


“You’re….gonna write a note,” Jeongguk repeats. He looks and sounds like he wants to comment more on it, but he doesn’t.


“Yeah, I’ll just write like: ‘hey babe, this was supposed to be for our sixth anniversary, but since we aren’t together anymore, I didn’t know what to do with the ring….,” Taehyung stops himself as he picks up on Jeongguk’s expression. “Listen, it’s a work in progress. I still gotta think on how to end the rest.”


Jeongguk continues looking at Taehyung like he’s lost his mind. And maybe he has. “You think that's sentimental? Might as well rip out Jimin’s intestines and wrap them around his neck.”


“I’ll figure something out, like always do,” Taehyung snaps, snatching the gold ring back from Jeongguk. “Either way, this is going to work out perfectly.”


“Sure, until Jimin texts Yoongi about the ring and then Yoongi replies with what ring? and then, your plan is fucked.”


“That’s why I’m going to be monitoring Jimin. Plus, I know Jimin, he’s going to be too nervous to text Yoongi immediately after.”


Jeongguk breathes out through his nose heavily. He doesn’t have it in him to tell Taehyung this plan makes just as much sense as the Coffee Shop one did. Which means, it doesn’t make sense—at all.


“Well, looks like you got it all figured out. Why did I waste my time coming here?”


“You had to see the ring up close, of course. You should know by now pictures don’t do anything justice.”


“I guess.”


“I mean,” Taehyung slides the ring on and wiggles his fingers, showing his hand to Jeongguk. “Isn’t she a real beauty? Jimin’s going to fall in love with it.”


“It’s just a plain ass gold band, Taehyung.”


“It’s not my fault you’re so fuckin’ boujee. Would you rather I added some diamonds on it, too?”


Jeongguk curls his lips in his mouth. “Just take it off and put it back before you do some dumb shit, like lose it.”


“Can’t argue with that,” Taehyung mutters as he goes to take the ring off, but it wouldn’t budge. He furrows his eyebrows and tries again, harder.


Jeongguk watches with the quirk of his brows. “Is there something wrong?”


“It won’t come off?” Taehyung sounds confused. In which, he is. It was the perfect fit earlier. How in the hell could it get stuck now? “Why won’t it come off?”


“Are you joking?”


“Does it look like I’m joking?” Taehyung hisses, his face borderline panicked. “Fuck, it hurts,” he winces when he tries to pull it off some more, but he’s just making his finger red and irritated.


“You’re just gonna swell up and make it harder to pull off—oh my god, that’s what she said.”


“Jeongguk, now’s not the time for that.”


“But come on, you gotta admit. That was pretty good.”


“.....okay, fine, you’re right. Now please, help me try and get this ring off.”


“How about some butter? Or oil?” Jeongguk suggests and Taehyung easily nods, rushing out his room with Jeongguk hot on his heels.


“Life hates me. It took one look at me and laughed and said bitch, you’re going to suffer. Why did I try this stupid ring on? Why did this stupid ring have to get stuck?” Taehyung cries as he grabs a stick of butter from his fridge. He doesn’t bother cutting some off, he opens the whole wrapper and messily smushes the butter on his finger.


“You know what I noticed? Jimin’s fingers are a bit thicker than yours. If they got stuck on yours, how in the hell would they have fit Jimin’s?”


“You seen how easily it slid on,” Taehyung defends, watching how half of the butter breaks off and falls into the sink. “I told you. Life is doing this to me.”


“Maybe it’s Life telling you this was never a good idea to begin with. No wait. That’s not Life. That’s me.”


“Jeongguk,” Taehyung nearly sobs in desperation. “The stick of butter is a fail. What’s next? Oil? Cut off my finger? Sell my soul?”


“What is selling your soul gonna solve?”


“I don’t know!” Taehyung’s hands are filled with butter, all slimy and disgustingand he doesn’t even think twice before he’s grabbing ahold of Jeongguk’s shoulders, shaking him. “But I need to get this ring off before Jimin gets back since he’s temporarily living here now!”


“I should leave your ass like this, touching me with those kind of hands.”


“Jeongguk, please. I will give you my life if you help me take this off.”


Sighing, Jeongguk guides him back over to the sink, making sure his greasy, buttery hands were nowhere near him. “Where’s your oil? Let’s try that next.”


“In the top cabinet, above the stove.”


Jeongguk comes back and opens the cap. He pours a bit onto Taehyung’s hand, watching how the elder still struggles and panics to pull it off. “Wow. So that ring is stuck stuck.


“I don’t get it,” Taehyung’s sink is filled with oil and butter. It’s going to be a bitch to clean up, but he doesn’t care in the moment. “Did my knuckle like somehow grow within the last few seconds?”


“How much did you pay for that ring?”


“Does it really matter how much I paid for it, Jeongguk? It’s stuck on me, and now Jimin’s going to see it on me, so he’s going to know Yoongi didn’t buy it for him because he’s going to assume it’s mine and there goes my well thought out plan.”


“Okay, first of all, thanks for that unneeded monologue, and second of all, I was asking because it’s already tarnishing.”


Taehyung looks down and sees Jeongguk’s right. The gold is starting to peel, turning the ring black in certain spots. “Fuck my life, just fuck it.”


“Wow, giving Jimin a fake ass ring? Way to almost make Yoongilook like an absolute cheapskate.”


“I paid a decent amount for this ring, actually.”


“Yeah, like what? One dollar?” Jeongguk taunts.


It’s at that same moment, his door opens and in walks Jimin. He seems shocked to see Jeongguk there, but he still smiles politely. “Hey, guys.”


Jeongguk nods in greeting and Taehyung waves his hand—the one that’s filled with oil and butter. The one that still has the damn ring on it. “Hey, Jiminie.”


“What’s going on?” he walks closer and gestures to the sink. His eyes widen when he takes in the mess.


“My, uh, my ring is stuck. So. Yeah.”


“Have you tried using dishwashing soap?”


Jeongguk and Taehyung look at each other.


“I swear to god,” Taehyung mumbles as he turns on the faucet. He reaches over to squirt some soap onto his finger, spreading it so it turns into suds—and boom, the ring slides right off.


Jeongguk laughs loud in disbelief and Taehyung is so, so done. Nothing makes sense.


“There you go buddy,” Jimin smiles. It’s small, but it’s there, and he pats Taehyung’s back as he disappears out the kitchen.


It takes a few more quiet, tense seconds and then—


“Don’t start,” Taehyung warns with thinned out lips when Jeongguk opens his mouth to speak—which is just most likely to tease him. “Don’t even start.”


….Jeongguk still does.


Chapter Text

“You know,” Jeongguk says, dipping his fry in the ketchup. “You would think you’d give up by now since your last two attempts failed. And that’s not including the one where I was supposed to be Yoongi’s friend,” he takes a bite of his fry, not letting up on the knowing look.


“I would never give up on True Love with a capital T and L.”


Jeongguk hates him. “Dude, three strikes and you’re out.”


“This isn’t baseball, Jeongguk, so shut up.”


Jeongguk sighs. He waves the waitress over when he meets her eyes across the restaurant. “Can I get a refill please?” He kindly asks when the waitress comes rushing over.


“Sure thing,” the waitress smiles and leaves to do just that.


“Refills aren’t cheap, so let’s not overdo it with the soda,” Taehyung glares, still on his first drink.


Taehyung had offered for them to go out and eat and discuss more about Operation Yoonmin since it was going nowhere. Jeongguk only came for the promise of a free dinner, obviously.


“Wow, if you listen closely, you just might hear all the sugar daddies becoming jobless.”


Taehyung glares. “Anyways, I can’t come up with anything else. Flowers seems too cheesy and Yoongi is so irresponsible. He’d let them die if I was to surprise him with them.”


“Funny how flowers seem too cheesy, yet you got Jimin a gold ring. Something isn’t adding up.”


“I hate you,” Taehyung groans and hides his face in his hands, laying his head flat on the table.


The waitress comes back with the drink and looks at Taehyung worriedly, wanting to see if he’s okay. “He’s fine, he just ate too much,” Jeongguk answers her unspoken concern. It would make sense if Taehyung did, but the elder barely even touched his food.


Still, the waitress seems to believe it because she nods and turns on her heel, leaving.


“What am I gonna do?” Taehyung whines, still hiding his face in his arms.


“How about stop whining and butt out of their love lives? It’s the biggest sign.”


“If I had a dollar for every time you told me to give up, I would no longer need to work. Next.”


“Fine, here’s a suggestion,” Jeongguk must’ve sounded really serious because Taehyung whips his head up, awaiting with hopeful eyes. “Eat.”




“Yeah,” Jeongguk gestures to his full plate of food. “You haven’t even touched your meal.”


“Eh, I’m not really hungry. I just knew me inviting you out to eat would have made you agree to come so we can talk about Jimin and Yoongi.”


Jeongguk can’t feel the frown on his face—but it’s there. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed your weight loss.”


Taehyung genuinely seems shocked by that. “I really didn’t think you would notice? It’s not even that much of a difference,” he waves it off like it’s nothing.


But somehow to Jeongguk, it’s not nothing.


“Is this because you’re so involved with Jimin that you’re neglecting your own health?”


“What? No,” Taehyung shakes his head, shutting down that question quickly. “It’s mostly about, uh, my boss. He’s been on my ass lately because I’ve been slacking badly, so I’ve been forced to work overtime.”


“And why are you slacking?” Jeongguk asks. He knows the answer to that, but he still wants to hear it from Taehyung. An affirmation, if you will.


“Maybe it’s because I spend half my time thinking about Jimin, but,” Taehyung continues in a louder tone, picking up on Jeongguk trying to cut him off. “It’s totally fine because I’m officially learning how to multitask.”


“Multitask,” Jeongguk bluntly repeats.


“Yeah, I can work and think of how to get Yoonmin back together. I’m totally crushing it, actually.”


That doesn’t sit well with Jeongguk. He knows he never suggested an idea ever since they started this whole Operation since it’s certainly a waste of time, but if him finally putting in a suggestion gets Taehyung to stop neglecting his own personal needs, then he’ll oblige for once.


And it’s totally so this plan can come to an end quicker. Not because he’s that concerned about Taehyung and his health. No way.


Jeongguk looks around in thought and purses his lips. “How about you get a meal here and pretend Jimin cooked it? Drop it off to Yoongi.”


Taehyung turns his attention to him so quick once again, Jeongguk’s afraid he’s going to get whiplash one of these days. “Oh my god. You’re a genius, Jeongguk. I want you to marry me.


“Oh my god!” someone gasps, looking at the two with bright eyes as she turns around in her booth. “Is there a proposal going on?”


Jeongguk’s about to say no, stop eavesdropping, but Taehyung is widening his eyes and secretly mouthing ‘omg, they’ll give us free dessert’, and that sounds like a win, so he quickly plasters on a fake smile and reaches over to hold hands with Taehyung. “Why, yes, there is.”


That caused the attention of almost everyone in the restaurant now, and Jeongguk is mortified.


“Well,” some old man gestures, smile so wide and genuine, you’d think he’s about to get proposed to. “Get on with it, young man!”


Jeongguk blinks, waiting for Taehyung to get on his knees since he suggested to go along with it, but Taehyung continues giving him that look instead.


“Go ahead, honey,” the elder chirps, tightening his hold on Jeongguk’s hands. “Everyone’s waiting.”


Jeongguk really can’t believe he’s about to do this for a free dessert, dammit. The things he does for food.


Clearing his throat, he steps out the booth and gets on one knee in front of a sitting Taehyung, still holding onto his hands. “Baby, we’ve spent the last four years together, and within that time, I’ve grown to love you more and more.”


He doesn’t know where he’s going with this since it’s all coming from his ass last minute, but everyone seems to be buying it with their aww’s and coos.


“Jeongguk…” Taehyung whispers, eyes purposely getting glossy and red. And wow. Okay. Actor alert.


Jeongguk is in awe at his skills.


“You’re the most beautiful, selfless, sweet, kind hearted person I know. You inspire me everyday to be a better person. I sadly don’t have a ring on me because I didn’t plan on doing this here, but love knows no time and I just want to spend my forever with you already, if you’d allow me. So,” Jeongguk sees the way everyone leans closer—as if to hear better. “Kim Taehyung, will you marry me?”


Taehyung let’s a few fake tears slip, totally sealing the deal and shouts out a “yes!”


Everyone claps for them, congratulating them and they both stand up to hug each other tightly. They pull away—and because fuck it, they already got this far—Jeongguk pecks his lips.


He doesn’t miss the way Taehyung’s cheeks flush.


And Jeongguk can admit, it was a bit funny, and plus, that free meal, dessert and wine was totally worth the fake engagement.




Taehyung had done what Jeongguk said and got one of Yoongi's favorite meals before they left the restaurant.


Taehyung knows Yoongi knows Jimin can cook, so it would be easy to pull it off and explain on why the food taste so good—if Taehyung had cooked it, well. Let’s just say the plan would be over before it could actually start.


He knows Yoongi likes to spend his free days cooped up in his room, writing song lyrics because it makes him happy and it’s one of his passions.


Taehyung remembers from all the past stories Jimin had told him, on how Yoongi likes to shut himself out when he’s writing, on how he forgets to eat and sleep—or he just simply won't till he gets his song perfect. This would be the perfect opportunity to give Yoongi the food because he’s sure the elder didn’t even eat yet.


Ringing the front bell, Taehyung waits.


Yoongi doesn’t buzz him in.


Sucking his tooth, Taehyung rings it again. Much longer this time.




“Oh, for fucks sake,” Taehyung huffs out, holding onto the button without letting go this time.


Finally, the speaker crackles and Yoongi’s irritated voice blasts through. “Whoever the fuck is ringing my bell like a bill collector, just know I’m going to fuckin’ castrate you.”


“It’s me, Taehyung. Open.”


“......Taehyung, I’m going to fuckin’ castrate you.


“Just open the damn door!”


He hears Yoongi grunt in disapproval, but he press the button to buzz him in anyways. Taehyung smiles wide at getting his way and skips up the first flight of stairs all happily.


“What the hell do you want?” Yoongi says as a greeting, standing outside his threshold when he sees Taehyung walking up to him.


“To hang? We never spend time anymore.”


“Thank god.


Taehyung slaps him on the arm. “Rude,” he follows Yoongi in and closes the door with his foot. “You’ll be happy to know I brought food.”


“Wow, have I ever told you how much I loved hanging with you, Tae?”


“Yeah, yeah,” he sets the container on the counter when they get to the kitchen. He had went home to put the takeout food in a tupperware to make it more believable. He’s a bit proud of himself for that small accomplishment.


“So, what is it?”


“Your favorite. Rice and beans,” Taehyung watches how Yoongi’s eyes light up and he smiles. “Fresh and homemade,” it’s funny how quick the light in the elders eyes dies out.


“I don’t want any.”


Wha—why not?”


“If it’s homemadethat means you cooked it, and as much as I bitch about my life, I don’t wanna die from your cooking. That’s such a lame way to go out.”


Taehyung guffaws. “Okay, first of all, my cooking isn’t that bad, fuck off. And second of all, I didn’t make it. Jimin did. Especially for you.”


Yoongi perks up at that, but he tries to be subtle with it. Taehyung notices it, though. “He did?”


“Yep,” Taehyung purposely pops the p. “He knew you’d be cooped up in your own house, not even bothering to eat,” then he crinkles his nose and eyes Yoongi. “Or shower.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes. “I did shower this morning, dumbass. Anyways,” he looks at the food like it’s the most holiest thing, biting his lip. “I’m just—shocked he cooked something for me.”


“Of course. You knew how he reacted when it came to you neglecting your own needs to write songs. He didn’t like that.”




Taehyung knows that was true, so Yoongi easily bought the lie with a shrug, looking at the food with such a soft look still, Taehyung feels like this is the biggest win yet.


If this plan goes through successfully, he owes Jeongguk his damn life.


“Well, then,” Yoongi smirks teasingly. “Jimin’s cooking I can trust.”


“Seriously, fuck off, Yoongi.”




Taehyung thought too positive too soon.


It was going well. Taehyung and Yoongi sat on his couch, watching tv while the elder ate, sighing in happiness after almost every bite. When Yoongi had asked why he wasn’t eating, Taehyung had lied and said he already ate at the house and that was dropped.


Where it all goes bad is when Yoongi stops chewing to start coughing loudly. He sets down his fork and plate on the coffee table in a rush, pounding on his chest.


Taehyung sits up, startled. “Are you okay?”


“What’s in that?” Yoongi gestures to the half eaten plate of food, his words coming out with difficulty.


“Uhh, I don’t know? Ingredients?




Taehyung panics. He doesn’t know, but he tries to remember the ingredients he read on the menu when he ordered it. “Umm, you know, you’re basic seasonings like chili powder, pepper, basil, uhhh, there’s a bunch more I can’t think of!”


“Think harder.”


“Oh!” Taehyung snaps his fingers when it comes to him. “There was bacon bits and I remember being amazed when I read that because I never heard of anyone putting bacon in their beans—uh, I mean, I seen Jimin sprinkle bacon bits in it. I was like, that’s totally cool.”


“Bacon!?” Yoongi screams. His cheeks are a bit flush and his tongue looks swollen. “I’m allergic to bacon!”


Taehyung momentarily forgets his friend is having an allergic reaction because he blinks and—“What!? Who the fuck is allergic to bacon? Are you playing a joke on me right now? What do you eat for breakfast then? Like, what? Being allergic to bacon? That’s, like, like being allergic to eggs!”


“Taehyung,” Yoongi is glaring so hard at him right now, Taehyung is terrified of him for the first time in his life. “Shut the hell up and help me find my pen before it gets worse.”


“What is a pen going to do in this situation? We need to get you to the hospital!”


“My Epipen,” Yoongi says frustrated, but with how thick his tongue is getting, his words sound all jumbled together. He stands up and rushes into his kitchen with Taehyung right behind him. “Look in all those cabinets,” he orders, pointing to them.


“Right, right,” Taehyung rummages through all the drawers, opening and closing them. It was ruckus, and Taehyung felt so guilty. How was he supposed to know Yoongi was allergic to bacon of all things?


Of. All. Things.


Six years and you think you know someone.


“Found it,” Yoongi sits down on his chair in a rush. He’s about to stab the pen onto the outside of his thigh, but Taehyung stops him with a screech.


“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”


“Taehyung, I’ve been doing this since I was fifteen. I know what I’m doing.”


“Oh my god, doesn’t it hurt?”


Taehyung, for fucks sake.”


“Okay, okay! Just know me watching you do this is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you.”


Yoongi gives him an unimpressed look and stabs it into the side of his thigh without a flinch. Taehyung cringes, but he couldn’t look away. Similar to a car crash.


“This will only hold off for so long. Call Seokjin for me, I want to see if he can bring me to the hospital.”


Taehyung nods, his eyes swimming with guilt. “Of course. Um, uh, I’m really, really sorry.”


Yoongi scoffs at the apology. “Why are you sorry? Jimin was the one trying to kill me. I know I broke up with him, but damn. I didn’t think he’d actually try to kill me out of revenge.”


“Maybe it’s because Jimin didn’t actually cook it?”




“I may have ordered it from this restaurant and saw the bacon bits option and thought, hey, maybe Yoongi will like this!


“Oh, yeah, I totally loved it. It cost me a near death experience, and now, a trip to the hospital. What did I say? Nothing good can come out of you and food, Taehyung.”


“I’m really, really sorry,” Taehyung repeats. He truly is and he regrets even coming over. Almost killing Yoongi isn’t apart of the plan. Fuck his life. “I’ll call Seokjin right now for you.”


“Thanks. It’s the least you can do after almost killing me and making Jimin take the blame for it,” Yoongi mumbles, still sitting at the kitchen table. “In which, I don’t understand why you’d bring up Jimin to begin with if he never cooked it.”


Taehyung frowns, not calling Seokjin like he was just asked. Instead, he argues back to try and back up his mistake.


Yoongi throws his head back in frustration.


Look,” Taehyung raises his hands to his defense. “It’s just, it’s a one in million chance! Bacon? Like really, Yoongi? Bacon?” he questions, as if the elder has a choice on what he’s allergic to.


And Taehyung supposes he should’ve known him being shoved out Yoongi’s house and getting the door slammed in his face was bound to happen.




“Okay, I feel like I have to take partial blame for this,” Jeongguk says, playing his video game on his PS4. Taehyung sits besides him, complaining and groaning every few seconds. “I was the one that told you getting the meal was a good idea.”


“But, like. Come on. He’s allergic to bacon. Who in the fuck?”


Jeongguk pauses his game so he can look over at Taehyung and nod in agreement, his eyes wide. “I know, that is crazy, huh?”


“I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not, but ugh,” Taehyung throws himself back on the couch, pressing a palm flat against his forehead. “I have a headache. Why is it that everything I’m doing is backfiring on me? I’m carrying this broken relationship on my damn back, and this is what I get in return.”


“You know what this means?”


“If you say I Told You So…”


“It means give up,” Jeongguk continues to play his game again—like Taehyung’s problems aren’t his concern any longer.


Taehyung is so, so offended.


“Who do you take me for? Kim Taehyung never gives up.”


“You got a cheap ass ring stuck on your finger and almost killed your friend. Taehyung, it’s time to give up.”


“Ugh,” Taehyung repeats, staring up at the ceiling like it’ll give him all the answers he’s searching for. “I will not give up until my OTP is back together.”


“Your life isn’t a damn fic.”


“It feels like it. Only shit like this would happen to me. God. It’s getting ridiculous.”


“Yeah, because you were the one in the hospital due to an allergic reaction,” Jeongguk sarcastically replies, his thumbs smashing against the buttons on his remote. “Oh, poor you.”


“You’re not helping. Which is you know, the usual.


“Because I’m not babying you with lies?”


“Here’s the thing, maybe I want to be babied with lies.”


Jeongguk sighs and pauses his game again. He sets his remote down and turns on his side, using one of his hands to cup the elders cheek softly. “I think this Operation Yoonmin is a total win, and you should continue ruining you and your friends life for it.”


Taehyung smiles, like he’s in a daze. “I don’t care what you just said. Your soft voice and hand on my cheek feels nice after a long, stressful day.”


Jeongguk drops his hand. “You really are something else, huh.”


“Wait,” Taehyung grabs his hand again, pouting cutely. “Cuddle with me? Cuddles always helps me feel better, and it helps me think better.”


Jeongguk snorts. He faces the tv again, but he doesn’t unpause his game this time. “Sure, it does.”


“Please,” Taehyung juts his bottom lip out and tugs on Jeongguk’s arm, blinking a few times to make his eyes watery. “Come on, you give the best cuddles.”


“Those fake tears don’t work on me, I seen them at the restaurant,” Taehyung sobers up at that. “And I only cuddled you like, twice.”


“And what about it? It was enough to show me you give the best cuddles. Now, turn off your damn game already and give me some.”


“That’s what she said.”




“Fine,” he caves in, picking up his remote to turn off his console. “Needy.”


“It’s bossy.”




“Yeah, sure, that,” Taehyung pulls Jeongguk close to him when the younger gets the TV off next. “Anyways, it’s cuddle time.”


Jeongguk listens without anymore arguments—for once—and it makes Taehyung smile in triumph.


Taehyung loves cuddling, and he doesn’t want to wax cliché poetry type shit, but Jeongguk’s body felt perfect against his. Especially the way the younger holds him so close and so tight, or the way Jeongguk’s hands feel like they belong being wrapped around his waist, or the way Jeongguk kisses the top of his head when he’s close to falling asleep, or—wait, no, he’s totally getting off topic.


Point is, he just really, really likes Jeongguk’s cuddles.


That’s all.


Chapter Text

“Are you and Jeongguk dating?”


Taehyung is so happy he didn’t take a sip from his drink yet, or else he would’ve ended up choking on it. “Am I and who dating?”


“Are you and Jeongguk dating?” Jimin repeats. He sounds more suspicious and less curious now.


What? No, no. What gave you that impression?”


“I don’t know,” Jimin shrugs, glancing at the tv that’s playing a rerun of Friends. “You both have been spending a lot of time together.”


“Yeah, and what's so bad about that?”


“Nothing,” Jimin answers easily, but he won’t stop giving Taehyung this damn Look. It’s making the younger feel uneasy—like he’s about to be interrogated. “It's just, a month ago y’all were strangers.”


“Actually, we were strangers with benefits.”


“Okay,” Jimin blinks. “My point exactly. I mean, if y’all are a thing and you’re keeping quiet about it because it’s still new, that’s cute. Just didn’t know Jeongguk was going to be the one you settled down with.”


“I’m not settling down with Jeongguk—”


“It’s actually really cute,” Jimin says, slanting his head as he looks up at the ceiling, thinking about it all. “I like Jeongguk. He seems good.”


Taehyung doesn’t know why his cheeks are burning up at the thought of Jimin thinking him and Jeongguk are a couple.


“Jimin, I can promise you, we’re not a thing.”


“Your face is really red though,” and as much as Taehyung wants to whine and beg Jimin to shut up because no, it’s not—he actually wants to smile because his best friend is teasing him, and he’s forgotten what it’s like to sit down and just chat with Jimin lately.


Jimin’s been cooped up in Taehyung’s room, only ever leaving when it’s time for work, or to eat and shower. Sure, the elder has improved since his first day of breaking up with Yoongi, but Taehyung isn’t oblivious to how much weight Jimin has lost and how forced and tired his conversations are. So to see his best friend in a playful mood, it makes Taehyung happy.


“You’re exaggerating,” Taehyung presses his hands to his cheeks and wants to die at how hot they feel. Yeah, he’s pretty sure his face is red—just like Jimin said.


“Fine, you both may not be a couplebut you are definitely crushing on him.”


“Okay, Mr. Know-It-All apparent Love Doctor.”


“Um, what? How are you going to blush over the idea of you and Jeongguk dating and then deny having a crush?”


“It’s not me blushing, it’s me getting angry at you for assuming such a thing. We’re….friends with benefits now. That’s all that’s to it.”


Jimin quirks a brow, not believing him one bit. “So, if he was to drop you as his FWB and call up someone else right now, you wouldn’t care?”


Taehyung pretends it doesn’t make him want to scowl. Pretends it doesn’t make him feel sick at the thought of Jeongguk sleeping with someone else that isn’t him—but he shakes his head. This isn’t about him or Jeongguk. Their relationship is only there to help get Jimin and Yoongi back together. That’s it. Nothing more.


And somehow, that thought makes him sick, too.


“I wouldn’t,” Taehyung lies through his teeth, answering a few seconds too late.


“You can’t fool me, you bitch,” Jimin glares, reaching over to whack Taehyung with one of the throw pillows. “How long have you been crushing on him?”


“I didn’t even say that I had a crush on him!”


“I can see it all over your face,” Jimin reasons. Taehyung bites the insides of his cheeks. “Look, it was bound to happen. How do you have sex with someone all this time and not catch feelings?”


“Easy. It’s called no strings attached.”


“But was it so easy if you ended up getting attached anyways?”


Taehyung feels attacked. “I—” he stops himself. What is he even supposed to say to that? Argue and deny it again?


“I can see you struggling to come to terms with it, so I’ll stop the teasing for now,” Jimin smiles and pats his knee. “But all jokes aside, why did you guys get so close all of a sudden?”


Taehyung momentarily stutters, thinking of what he can say that sounds believable enough. He can’t flat out tell Jimin: because me and him are doing all these ridiculous plans on getting you and Yoongi back together.


Hell no.


“I don’t know? He’s, uh, real cool. Guess it took me a while to see that? But once I did, I just, um, wanted to have excuses to hang with him. Even if it meant only sex.”


“You know, it can be more than sex if you let it.”


Taehyung snorts. Sure, he’s definitely not going to let that get in his head. “Okay, Jimin.”




“Alright, remember how I said flowers were way too cheesy and I wasn’t going to use that plan?”


“Yeah,” Jeongguk distractedly answers, hand towel wrapped around his neck while he continues swinging at the punching bag.


It was officially the weekend which meant free time for Jeongguk, and on these days, he likes to work out and spend it at the gym—in which, Taehyung can’t understand why.


Still, Taehyung had shown up today and sat at one of the bench pressing machines, talking about Operation Yoonmin at nine in the morning.


A few of the regulars that come here weren’t too pleased to see Taehyung not using the equipment, just sitting on them. Jeongguk pretended not to know him for doing that, but when the elder gave him a look that screamed: I will embarrass you if you don’t pay attention to me, Jeongguk caved in.


“Well, turns out, I am gonna do the whole flower thingymajiggy.”


“And how is that going to work?”


“Easy,” Taehyung stands up from the bench press to poke at Jeongguk’s sweaty shirt that's sticking to his chest. The punching bag almost hits him, but he remains next to Jeongguk. “You, my friend, are going to take Jimin out and distract him.”




Taehyung exhales out through his nose heavily, rolling his eyes at Jeongguk not catching on. “Do I have to explain everything by detail? I need him out the house so I can order the flowers and get them delivered there without him seeing.”


Jeongguk hugs the punching bag briefly to stop it from swinging and accidentally whacking him or Taehyung in the face. “Where do we even go? Or do? I don’t know what he likes.”


“He loves ice cream,  and it always cheers him up, too, so, that’s a bonus,” Taehyung does a little mini victory dance. “But just go to that ice cream shop that’s like ten minutes from my house.”


Jeongguk sighs, wiping the sweat dripping down his temple. “Fine. When am I hanging with him?”


“The earlier the better, so,” Taehyung gestures all around the gym, cringing like it’s physically painful to talk about. “Whenever you finish torturing your body, we can go.”


“Torturing my body,” Jeongguk mocks, but there’s an amused smile threatening to spread across his face. “Okay, Kim.”




“You’ll have to take…..a rain check?”


“Yes,” Jimin rushes out as he slips on his over hoodie. He paces around the living room, smiling apologetically at Jeongguk. “Something came up with my brother, and I really need to go.”


“Oh, it’s no biggie,” and it’s not. At all. Jeongguk’s relieved he doesn’t have to take Jimin out for ice creamIt was honestly starting to feel like he was babysitting a seven year old.


“Cool,” Jimin pats his shoulder in thanks. “We can discuss the next time we’ll hang out. Okay?” He looks up at Jeongguk’s eyes and the younger can see how lifeless Jimin’s looked.


Swallowing, Jeongguk nods. “Of course.”


Jimin smiles one last time and Jeongguk doesn’t understand how he finally realizes it doesn’t quite reach Jimin’s eyes. How in the world did he know that? Is he somehow getting closer to Jimin?


When the doors close, Jeongguk turns around and faces Taehyung with a smile—but it’s one in a ha-ha manner. “Well, then. Guess I’ll be on my way as well.”


“Hey, hey!” Taehyung runs over to the door, shielding it with his whole body. “Since Jimin is out of the picture either way now, you can join me.


“Way to make it sound ominous.”


“What? How?”


“Now that ‘Jimin is out of the picture?’” Jeongguk repeats, giving him a duh kind of look.


“Yeah, and I had strawberries for breakfast.”


“How the fuck does that relate to our current conversation?”


“Exactly. What is your point, Jeongguk? I know what I said.”


Jeongguk wants to spear him through the front door. Looks like Taehyung isn’t the only one that has to explain everything in detail. “It sounds like something you’d hear in a crime movie right after they killed their target.”


“Oh,” Taehyung purses his lips. “Okay, yeah, I can definitely hear it now.”




Anyways,” Taehyung leans off the door. “We need to go now and order some flowers. We don’t know how long Jimin will be gone and I don’t want to risk him coming back. Serious damage will be done if he does.”


“Do you seriously not hear yourself? Why does everything you say about Jimin sound so fucking threatening?”


“Yeah, because the word flowers in that sentence was totally threatening.”


“Ugh, you know what? Let’s just go.”




Listen,” Taehyung says through gritted teeth, slamming his hands down on the counter for a more dramatic effect. A few customers look over startled, subtly being nosey as they listen in. “I want all the flowers you can possibly bring to my house. This is an emergency.


“Sir, I understand that, but our delivery guy isn’t in today and—”


“You think I want to listen in on this and hear an excuse?” Taehyung laughs loud, but it’s filled with sarcasm. “I don’t care, just get it done.


“That won’t be possible without the delivery—”


“How hard is it to give me what I want!?”


“Okay,” Jeongguk decides to step in now. “I’m really sorry about him, he’s just…..well, you see,” he glares at Taehyung when he hisses, “Insane.”


“How is it insane that I want my friends happy and in love again?” Taehyung hisses back, but then he puts his attention back on the confused, frustrated worker. “No, actually, how hard is it to bring me those flowers?”


“It’s okay,” some girl steps in now, gently pushing the other worker away from the counter. Her name tag reads Siyeon. “I’ll do it,” she kindly offers. “What kind of flowers were you looking for?”


“All the kinds that read: I’m Sorry For Dumping You, I Was A Total Jackass For That And I Regret It Now. Please Take Me Back.”


Jeongguk expects the girl to blink at him like he’s from another world and said some foreign shit, but she smiles and clicks her teeth. “I have just the perfect flowers for you.”




“You know, you really outdone yourself this time.”


“I know,” Taehyung sets down the last potted plant on the crowded kitchen counter, sighing happily. “I’m the best.”


“No, I didn’t mean it as a compliment,” Jeongguk looks around the kitchen that’s filled with flowers. On the table, on the counter, even some rose petals scattered on the floor.


It was ridiculous.


“What? It’s a nice gesture. If this doesn’t make Jimin love Yoongi even more, I don’t know what will.”


“Well, if it does make him love Yoongi more—although, I can’t see why it would,” he mutters the last part to himself. “This isn’t from Yoongi. What if he thanks Yoongi for the flowers through text?”


“Like I said last time, Jimin would be too nervous for that. And plus, he’ll be too busy admiring all these gorgeous flowers, duh.”


“Okay, sure, yeah. But what if he does text Yoongi?”


“Then we’ll just have to stop by and steal Yoongi’s phone so he won’t see the text, now won’t we?”


“You know, all these plans are starting to make less and less sense the longer it goes on.”


“You know why these plans seem to make no sense to you? Because you have zero faith and not even one romantic bone in your body” Taehyung sternly retaliates, smoothing out a petal.


Jeongguk scoffs, offended. “I do have romance. Plenty of my bones are filled with it.”


“You have a funny way of showing it. What’s the sweetest, greatest gift you ever given someone? And it doesn’t even have to be materialistic.”


“You know,” Jeongguk chuckles smugly and gestures to his lower region. “My greatest gift of all.”


“Really? Your dick doesn’t count.”


“But you can admit, it’s pretty damn great.”


Taehyung huffs out. “It is, but that’s not the point. Romance is…” he bites his lip as he thinks of the right words to say. “I don’t know. You can’t really explain it to understand. You have to show it.”


“Yes, and by showing it, you mean being extra and buying a shops worth of flowers equals out to that, huh.”


Taehyung snaps his fingers, smiling. “Yes! See, now you’re getting it.”


“I don’t have to get it or your plans,” Jeongguk crinkles his nose. “For the last time, I am romantic.”


Taehyung laughs, shaking his head. “The day hell freezes over, I’ll believe it.”




“I mean, me! Not a romantic!”


Is it that hard to believe?”


“Yes?” Jeongguk snaps through his phone. He had called up Yoohyeon because he was frustrated and a bit offended Taehyung thinks he doesn’t have one romantic bone in his body.


He does, thank you very much. He just hasn’t found any reason—no, sorry, anyone to be romantic with.


Dude, when’s the last time you even settled down?


“What does settling down have to do with me not being romantic? I can still do nice things for my, uh...hookups? You know, cook dinner and all that.”


I’m pretty sure that’s not how hookups work.”


“Ugh,” Jeongguk paces his bedroom. “Then what do I do to make him realize I am romantic? I will not let him hang this over my head.”


You know, this seems to be bothering you a lot more than it should. It’s so….out of character.”


“Because! It’s a big deal!”


“Or because you want to show Taehyung you’re boyfriend material,” Yoohyeon teases over the phone. Jeongguk may not see it, but he can hear her smirk.


And that’s when it hits him.


He can just show Taehyung he’s romantic.


“You’re right! I do. If I show him I’m boyfriend material, he’ll then realize I am romantic and he can shut up about me being….. not romantic.”


Okay, are you sure that’s the only reason you want to show him you’re quote, boyfriend material and an oh-so romantic person? Nothing else?


“Yeah, why else would I want to?” Jeongguk questions.


Okay, Jeongguk,” Yoohyeon answers, but it sounds like she knows something he doesn’t. “Whatever you say.”




When Taehyung steps back into his apartment after an hour or so of spending time at the local cafe shop, he’s expecting to see Jimin smelling the flowers, a loving smile on his face and teary-eyed.


What he doesn’t expect is to see potted plants tilted over with dirt all over the floor, petals crushed and ripped.


“What the…”


“You will not defeat me,” Jimin screams, a loud whack! echoes throughout the apartment.


“Jimin?” Taehyung cautiously calls out, warily walking to his closed bedroom door. He leans his ear close to the door, holding his breath.


“You bastard! Stop moving! I was so close to having you by your fucking head!


Oh, god. Is Taehyung about to witness a murder scene?


Taehyung barges in the room and sees Jimin with a can of bug spray in one hand and a fly swatter in the other. “Jimin?


“Taehyung! Close the door before it gets out! It’s the last one and I will not let it beat me in my—well, your own house!”


Taehyung does as he’s told, although confused. Just what the hell is going on here? “Explain?”


“There it is!” Jimin yells, rushing over to swat at the wasp safely landing on the wall. “Die fucker,” he jeers, spraying the bug repellent all over it’s now dead, crushed body. The spray was pretty much useless.


“How the hell did that get in here?”


Jimin sighs heavily, setting down the can and swatter on the dresser. “Oh, I don’t know,” he mockingly starts off. “Maybe it’s from me opening the window. Or maybe it’s from all those flowers.”


“That doesn’t make sense. It’s not like they were outside, I ordered them from inside the shop—”


“Wait, you did what?”


“I—I mean. Yoongi. Yoongi made me order them from the shop. For you.


“So, Yoongi had me get stung by not one, but two bees? And for what?”


“There was bees also?” Taehyung widens his eyes.


“Yes, they lived a happy death after stinging me,” Jimin gives a sarcastic smile. “I can’t believe he would get me flowers with bees and a wasp in it. Jesus Christ, hasn’t he hurt me enough?”


Taehyung feels himself cracking. He really can’t do anything right with these two. Why does it always seem when everything is going right, he takes two steps back?


“Yoongi didn’t order them.”


“But you just said—”


“I know what I said,” Taehyung cuts him off. “What is it with everyone telling me what I said? Ugh, I ordered them, okay?”


“Why would you randomly buy me flowers?” Jimin looks upset now, his eyes sad. Taehyung knows it’s wrong to lie, but he can’t tell him the truth. “Wait….was it for you to pretend they’re from Yoongi?”


“No, no!” Taehyung rushes out. God. He feels horrible. “I, uh, I ordered them from me to you. I just, I know you’ve been upset and you’re trying to put on a brave face, but I can see through you.”


“If you got them, then why did you bring up Yoongi?”


“B-because he told me the one thing that always cheered you up was flowers. And ice cream. But I chose, uh, flowers because I felt it was more special.”


Taehyung bites his lip when he finishes telling him, hoping Jimin will believe that half-assed lie he just came up with on the spot. He feels horrible for lying, and the thing is, he really did mean it when he said he can see right through Jimin. He knows his best friend is hurting in silence, and he’d do anything to get him to smile genuine again.


Jimin looks quizzical, but he sighs and gives him a weak smile. “If you do mean what you said, then thank you. For at least trying. Even though I ended up with two bee stings.”


Taehyung winces. “Yeah, I’m really, really sorry about that. Are you okay?”


“I’ll be fine,” Jimin waves it off. He takes another second to look at Taehyung and pulls him in for a bone crushing hug. “Don’t worry about me, Tae. I’ll be fine. I promise.”


“I know when you’re hurting, Jimin,” Taehyung warns, pulling back to frown at him. “Please talk to me whenever you need someone. I hate seeing you like this.”


“I know you do. I’m sorry,” Jimin cups his cheeks, smiling again. It’s small. “You really are the bestest friend anyone could ask for. I love you.”


Taehyung feels like shit. “I love you more.”


Now, for payback on making me kill bees and wasps, you’re cleaning everything up. And that’s including that wasp still squished on the wall.”


“I suppose it’s what I deserve.”




Taehyung was a bit nervous. Jeongguk had texted him to: get dolled up and to be ready by seven.


He was anticipating what Jeongguk has up his sleeve, but he also feels like he could puke. It isn’t like Jeongguk to be so vague—especially when what he texted could be overlooked as them going on a date.


He spends the better half of his time waiting for Jeongguk to arrive, fixing his hair and making sure the outfit he was wearing wasn’t too out there.


What if he tries too hard and Jeongguk thinks that Taehyung thought it was a date, but turns out it wasn’t, and then they’d have to deal with that whole awkwardness?


He’d rather die.


Nearly throwing his phone and hiding under his covers due to his nerves getting the better of him, he finally reads Jeongguk’s text when the younger tells him he’s outside.


Taking a deep breath, he pockets his phone. “It’s okay, Taehyung. Stop being dramatic. It’s probably just you guys hanging out. Or to have sex—the usual. Either or will suffice,” he mumbles to himself.


He looks at himself in his mirror one last time and nods in determination. He’s got this totally under control.




Jeongguk had went all out.


He cooked dinner, set up the dining table with a white tablecloth, bought some tall white candles and stole some rose petals from Taehyung earlier today, scattering them all along the table.


“Jeongguk,” Taehyung breathes out in amazement. “This looks stunning?”


“I know,” Jeongguk grins proud. He helps Taehyung to his seat, pushing out the chair for him.


When Taehyung takes his seat with a soft thanks, he clears his throat. “So, who helped you with all this? One of your work friends?”


“What? No,” Jeongguk grabs two glasses, opening a bottle of red wine. He pours them a half filled glass, handing one over to Taehyung. “This was all done by me and only me.”


Taehyung looks surprised, but confused. “You really did this—all by yourself?”


“Yep,” Jeongguk sets down the wine on the middle of the table. He quickly lights the candles and goes to the kitchen, coming back with a pot of food. “I also cooked.”


Jeongguk can see the fond look in Taehyung’s eyes with the way the elder seems awestruck with the entire setup, gaping and wide-eyed at it all. It was kind of—no, okay, really fucking cute.


While doing all this, Jeongguk doesn’t know why his heart is thumping so hard, and he doesn’t know why he feels the need to impress Taehyung ten times harder than he usually does with his dates—but that’s the thing.


Taehyung isn’t even his date.


He’s so confused by his own feelings.


Jeongguk serves Taehyung first and then himself. He puts the pot back on the stove and comes back, taking a seat across from Taehyung, smiling.


“I am,” Taehyung takes another dramatic deep breath before continuing. “So shocked by this? It’s so random and unexpected? I?”


“Mhm, I can see it in your eyes.”


“You mean face, considering my mouths like wide open,” Taehyung corrects as he bites his lip, watching how the candle begins to melt between them. “But wow. I...I..don’t know what to say?” He looks absolutely touched.


“Well, I do know what you can say,” Jeongguk starts off, grinning sly.


Taehyung gives him a little smile. “And what’s that?”


“I don’t know,” Jeongguk pretends to think about it as he hums, lifting his wine glass. “Maybe about how romantic this all is. About how you were so wrong about me.”


Taehyung looks around again like he had forgotten what the place looked like and nods. “It is romantic, really, I’m—” then he cuts himself off. He looks at Jeongguk, tilting his head. “Wait, why did you do all this again?”


“Isn’t it obvious by now?” Jeongguk builds the drama by taking a sip of his wine with a pleased sigh. He doesn’t notice how nervous Taehyung becomes the longer he waits. “It’s to show you I am a romantic person. Haven’t I succeeded?”


And for some reason Jeongguk can’t explain, Taehyung’s soft smile changes completely. Funny enough, Jeongguk notices that, though.


Taehyung’s expression turns indecipherable. “So... that’s only why you did all this?”


“Why else would I do it?” Jeongguk questions, confused on how that’s almost the exact question Yoohyeon had asked him.


Taehyung swallows thickly. He gives a smile, but Jeongguk isn’t oblivious to how forced it is. “No, no, of course that’s why you did all this. Should’ve guessed. You’re the most competitive person I know. Always have to prove people wrong.”


“Tae…” Jeongguk furrows his eyebrows. “Are you okay? What happened?”


“It’s—it’s nothing. I’m just. Hungry, yeah, I’m really hungry. Shall we eat?” Taehyung picks up his spoon and eats the rice, deliberately humming loudly. “Wow. So good.”


“Um, okay?” Jeongguk begins eating as well, the silence, for once, awkward and heavy. Unusual for the both of them.


Jeongguk knows something's off with Taehyung and he knows the elder isn’t telling him. The vibe is all wrong and it shifted into something tense.


He doesn’t like seeing Taehyung broody, especially if he seems to be the reason for it. He wants to know what’s up with his sudden mood, but Jeongguk knows he won’t get an answer out of the elder if he tried to ask again—well, at least not tonight he won’t get one.


He’ll just have to wait until morning.


Chapter Text

“Okay, so. The setting them up failed, the ring failed, the food failed, and now, the flowers,” Taehyung lists off with a sorrowful tone, eyes downcast. “I’ve officially lost my touch at True Love.”


Jeongguk takes out a few pans, setting them down on the stove. “Or you never had any to begin with.”


“Excuse me, don’t you dare insult me,” Taehyung scolds, wagging a finger at his back. “I said I lost my touch, not never had it.”


Jeongguk rolls his eyes, but Taehyung can’t see. “I don’t know how many times I’ve said this already, but give up. That way, I can have my normal life back.”


“Yeah, and what’s that? Getting drunk on work nights again?”


“And what about it?” Jeongguk counters. “Anyways, I'm surprised you’re not trying to go for the whole ‘me becoming Yoongi’s friend’ now since you can’t come up with anymore plans.”


Taehyung lays his cheek on his palm, tapping his fingers on the marble countertop. “That plan is long gone. We need to come up with some big, you know? Something that’ll have them crying and realizing they need to be together.”


Jeongguk goes into his fridge, taking out eggs and bacon. “Sure, we can do that,” and the way he speaks, it sounds dull—like always. “But right now, I’m tryna eat, so.”


“Good. Me too. What are you making?”


“Eggs and bacon, if it wasn’t obvious enough.”


“Oh, look, bacon. The one thing Yoongi is allergic to,” Taehyung points out with a huff. “How are the eggs going to be cooked?”


“I don’t know, babe. How do you like them in the morning?” Jeongguk winks. Taehyung momentarily flushes, not knowing what to say, and Jeongguk laughs. “I’m making them scrambled.”


“Um, okay. Sounds perfect.”


Oh my god. Did he really just getting flustered over a stupid egg pick up line? Well, was it a pick up line? He doesn’t know—what he does know is, it wasn’t even worth getting red cheeks over.


Smacking his cheeks a bit, Taehyung shakes himself out of it. He’s just tired, is all. That’s why.


And that’s what he tells himself, sure, but he knows he’d be lying if he said wasn’t attracted to Jeongguk. I mean, he can only hang out and have sex with someone so many times before he starts to catch feelings. So, yeah.




Last night still runs through his mind like a loop. It’s hellish and humiliating on how he had thought that dinner meant something to Jeongguk. Really, silly of him. Jeongguk is unavailable emotionally, he shouldn’t of been surprised.


Today when they woke up, it wasn’t as awkward as last night, but he knows Jeongguk wanted to ask him what that was all about yesterday—he just didn’t know how to start it, so the younger never asked again.


Taehyung’s honestly glad he didn’t.


To further avoid bringing it up, Taehyung pretended like last night didn’t exist. He forced a smile and a bright attitude when they had left the bed, hoping it would be enough—and thankfully, it seemed to have worked.


Hoping to distract himself from his thoughts because he’s way too exhausted to get worked up over it again, he looks over and watches the younger get started on the eggs.


Jeongguk’s back is to him, and it’s not like Taehyung’s complaining—at all. The way Jeongguk’s back muscles flex and the way those sweatpants are riding so low on his hips, Taehyung wants to drool.


Waking up to this and getting cooked breakfast? Taehyung isn’t used to this—but he most certainly wants to get used to it.


“See something you like?” Jeongguk smirks, turning around with the spatula in his hand.


Taehyung tries to fight the blush creeping on his cheeks, but he fails. “Yeah, I do, actually. When are my eggs going to be done?”


Jeongguk laughs, but it’s one filled with amusement. “Sure, ‘cause that’s what you were staring at.”


“I was,” Taehyung emphasizes the last word. He obviously wasn’t, and they both know it. “Why are you being so,” he waves a hand. “So, I don’t know, flirty this morning? It’s not you.”


“Am I being flirty?” Jeongguk teases, turning back around to mix the eggs so they don’t burn.


“Yes. Is this also about you trying to prove to me that you’re romantic?” Taehyung tries his hardest not to sound too bitter and upset. “Because we already figured that one out.”


“Hmm, judging from how red your face is, I’ll take it as you like it. Funny thing is though, I’m not even trying to be flirty.”


Taehyung narrows his eyes, crossing his arms across his chest. “Liar. I’ve been with you for the past month and week. You were never this flirty.”


“It’s called being friendly.”


“Sure,” Taehyung agrees with him sarcastically. “That’s what you're being. Friendly.


“Mhm,” Jeongguk turns off the stove for the eggs and moves the pan so it’s not on the burner still. “Fine, looks like I’ll have to keep being a dick to you.”


“Yeah, please do. That seems more like you,” Taehyung jokes—but he also means it because he doesn’t think he can take Jeongguk being like this with him if the younger isn’t going to mean it. 


Jeongguk just shakes his head and gets started on the bacon.




“Okay, I’ll admit. I think I like Taehyung.”


Yoohyeon pauses on poking her straw through her can of Dr. Pepper. Her lunch consists of, quote, healthy one day, and then the next, she’s bringing in pizza and soda.


Jeongguk doesn’t understand her eating habits.


“I’m sorry,” Yoohyeon cups a hand around her ear, grinning at Jeongguk’s blunt expression. “Can you repeat that for me?”


“Hyeon, fuck off. I know you heard me.”


“Oops,” Yoohyeon shrugs and sticks the straw in her can, locking her eyes on Jeongguk. “Looks like I can’t help you if I didn’t hear what you said,” she gives him a pointed look, sipping from her soda slowly.


Jeongguk mentally curses her out. And verbally, too. “Fine, you pain in the ass,” he snaps. “I said I think I like Taehyung.”


“You think?” she rips a piece off her slice of pizza, chewing on it with a hum.


Jeongguk shrugs. “Yeah? I mean, I don’t really know anything about him, which is funny since we spent these last few weeks together attached at the hip.”


“So then why do you ’think’ you like him?”


“Maybe it’s because I enjoy his company like you said?” Jeongguk says instead. “Like, I don’t know. Last night setting up the dinner, I felt I had to impress him, and when he got upset out of nowhere, it made me upset. This morning, I woke up with him asleep in my arms and he just looked so gorgeous. Having him around makes my heart do these thingsand my chest feels these things, and ugh. Feelings are so complicated.”


Yoohyeon rolls her eyes, taking another sip from her soda. “Feelings aren’t, you’re just constipated with your damn emotions. Either way, you could definitely like him from the way you’re speaking about him. I called this from the start, too.”


“Now, what do I do about it?”


Yoohyeon looks at him funny. “Are you really asking me this?”




“You obviously tell him?” and the way she’s speaking, she sounds as if she’s talking to a six year old. It has Jeongguk giving her a dry look.


“But what if he turns me down? The only reason we’re hanging out is for these stupid Operations. He’ll probably laugh in my face if I told him I liked him.”


Yoohyeon shakes her head, looking up at him from her spot on the table, wiping her greasy fingers with her napkin. “Taehyung seems like the hopeless romantic type. He’ll probably be thrilled to know you like him.”


“That’s only if he likes me back, though.”


“Wait a minute, that’s right,” Yoohyeon crinkles her nose and eyes him head to toe, jokingly sizing him up him. “‘Cause who could like you?”


Jeongguk isn’t sorry for rushing out of the break room, stealing the rest of her soda and pizza.




When Jeongguk gets home from work, Taehyung is already on his couch, pouting adorably, tapping his pen on his bottom lip in thought.


Jeongguk doesn’t know when he started trusting the elder in his house, unattended, but he supposes he can’t be too worried if it means coming back from an exhausting day at work and seeing Taehyung.


“So, I’ve been thinking,” Taehyung starts off when he notices Jeongguk coming in. “You know, as I always do since I carry Operation Yoonmin on my back.”




“And I’ve come up with loads of good options. But they all include Yoongi and Jimin in the same room, and I don’t know if it’ll all work out in my favor.”


“Which won’t since your life is a mess and everything backfires on you.”


“Exactly,” Taehyung says in all seriousness. “That’s why I need help deciding on the best.”


“....the best?”


“Yes,” Taehyung gently pats the spot next to him, notebook set on his lap. “Come here. I want you to see what I have so far.”


Jeongguk listens and sits down next to him. He thinks it’s pretty insane on how hyperaware he is to everything now that he’s talked about Feelings with Yoohyeon earlier this morning—like the familiar smell of Taehyung’s vanilla scented lotion, or the way he has a habit of biting his nails when he’s lost in thought, or the way he shuffles closer to Jeongguk when he thinks Jeongguk doesn’t notice.


Fuck. He needs to get a grip and focus.


“—and I think that one is a pretty good idea since Jimin loves carnivals, but it seems too hard to make happen since Yoongi won’t go willingly if I try and ask him. He’s been ignoring my calls. Like ugh, you almost accidentally kill your friend once, and suddenly, they want nothing to do with you. I apologized, he needs to get over it!”


“Uh huh.”


Taehyung takes a deep breath, tone knowing. “You weren’t listening at all.”


“I wasn’t.”


“Jeongguk!” Taehyung yells, shaking him by his shoulders. His pen drops somewhere on the floor, rolling away, but he pays no attention to it. “You need to not ignore me. This is like, like, the grand finale of Operation Yoonmin.”


“Grand finale?”


“Yes! You know, going out with a bang? This is the best one yet. I can feel it in my bones.”


“Just like you felt the other four failed plans deep in your bones.”


“Now’s not the time for mockery,” Taehyung warns, letting go of Jeongguk’s shoulders. “I need you to help me decide which plan is the best.”


“How many you got?” Jeongguk tilts his head to read the list Taehyung wrote down. There’s a good few things written down. Maybe around six.


“Enough for us to cancel out the worst one and pick the best.”


“Really?” Jeongguk points to the fourth one. “Hire a group to serenade Jimin?”




“Cancel it out.”


Taehyung huffs and looks around for his pen on the couch. Jeongguk points to it, showing him it rolled by the TV. “Okay, so we’ll just mentally cross it off in our heads.”




“Then why don’t you go and get the pen for me?”




“Moving on. How about number three?” Taehyung suggests next.


Jeongguk purses his lips as he reads it. “Get Yoongi a bear and chocolates,” he shakes his head. “Too simple and similar to the flower one if it’s supposed to be,” he does air quotations, “‘the grand finale.’”


“Ugh, you’re right,” Taehyung mentally crosses off the third one as well. “Do any on here seem good enough? I spent hours thinking.”


“Didn’t you have work today?”


“Yeah, so? My brain never sleeps. I told you, I can multitask.”


“Right, okay,” Jeongguk grabs the notebook to read the rest carefully. They all seem pretty basic, and Jeongguk really can’t believe he’s getting this invested, but if it’s The Grand Finale, that means he won’t have to spend anymore of his time worrying about another couple.


“It’s so hard,” Taehyung complains, frustrated. He stands up to start pacing the living room, biting on his nails. “Like nothing seems good enough, and the things that do, I know it won’t be worth it.”


“Getting them in the same room to communicate seems hard. Especially since Yoongi kinda dodged Jimin that day in the coffee shop.”


“Yeah,” Taehyung stops pacing to put his hands on his hips. “What was up with that?”


“Well, he did know what you were doing, so maybe he was just mad? People like to talk on their own time, ya know.”


“But he broke up with Jimin for nothing. I know he still loves Jimin. I can see the love in his damn eyes when I bring Jimin up and how he not so subtly tries to ask what he’s up to and how he’s been.”


“So why don’t you do the normal thing and sit him down to talk about it? Not do all this,” Jeongguk says, waving the notebook around.


“I am Kim Taehyung, okay. I live for dramatics.”


Jeongguk gives him a blank look. “It’s gonna take some convincing, but just invite them out for like, a day of fun and hire someone to do fireworks that shoot out some cheesy shit.”


“Oh my god,” Taehyung has a gleam in his eye. “That’s it! That’s the grand finale. And we’re literally going out with a bang. ‘Cause you know, it’s fireworks.”


“Yeah, I got that.”


“I could kiss you and your sexy brain right now.”


“Gross. Why would you wanna kiss my brain?”


“Ugh,” Taehyung looks too excited to be annoyed over Jeongguk teasing him. “Shut up. We need to call people and get this plan started.”




The plan is to invite them for a romantic dinner on a cliff, somewhere where you can see all the city lights at night and blah, blah, all this other romantic crap Jeongguk had blocked out when Taehyung went into unnecessary detail.


Surprisingly enough, Yoongi agreed to come and Jimin did, too—until Jeongguk realizes why.


(“I’m shocked they said yeah. I mean, they broke up and you’re doing all this for them. Must of took a lot of begging.”

“Maybe, just maybe, it’s because I didn’t tell them it was for something romantic.”



The fireworks situation was all set, too, since apparently Taehyung knew someone.’


Jeongguk didn’t ask about it any further.


Right now, Taehyung was rushing around his house, ordering him to get dressed because they had to pick up Jimin and Yoongi. Jeongguk didn’t understand why he had to go as well, but he decided to stop questioning everything Taehyung says by now.


“Really? That’s what you’re going to wear?”


Jeongguk looks down at his outfit. It’s his everyday go-to look. Ripped jeans, combat boots and a plain tee. “Yeah, so?”


“Jeongguk. I will not allow you to look this basic when my OTP is about to get back together.”


“But you don’t know if they are.”


“Just wear a suit and tie. It’s more appropriate for today’s dress code.”


“I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware I was attending a wedding.


Taehyung looks like he’s ready to strangle him. “Can you please not argue back with some sarcastic shit and put on a suit and tie already?”


“Bold of you to assume I even own a suit and tie.”


“You do,” Taehyung says back. “Hurry and put it on, time is ticking, dammit.”


“Wow, rushing me to put on clothes? That’s a first, Taehyung,” Jeongguk says with the quirk of his brows, lips lifting up into a smirk.


Taehyung flushes at the implication. “Shut up.”


When Jeongguk does put on the suit after more bitching from Taehyung, he feels incredibly stupid. He walks out his house with Taehyung and goes to pick up Jimin first.


It takes ten minutes to get there and Jeongguk really wants to die when he sees not even Jimin is wearing a suit, but simple jeans and a shirt.


“Nice outfit,” Jeongguk smiles at him through the rearview mirror. “Really, really nice outfit. I’m almost jealous of it.”


“Oh,” Jimin looks down at himself like he forgot what he was wearing. “It’s just plain jeans and a shirt? But thanks.”


“If only I could wear the same,” Jeongguk bitterly mumbles. Taehyung stretches his hand over to subtly pinch his thigh, and the younger smacks his hand out of reflex, glaring. “But I love this suit I’m wearing now. Obviously.”


“Yeah, it makes you look handsome,” Taehyung responds on autopilot. He pats Jeongguk’s thigh all softly, like he didn’t just bruise it. “Now go and pick up Yoongi. He’s waiting.”


“Yep, I’m sure he’s sitting on the edge of his seat waiting to be picked up,” Jeongguk says under his breath, pulling out of the parking space to go and drive to Yoongi’s next.


The drive to Yoongi’s was a bit longer. When they pull up in front of his house, Jeongguk sees Jimin sit more up in his seat, fixing his hair and looking at himself from the screen of his phone.


Unlike Jimin, Yoongi takes his sweet ass time coming out and Jeongguk has half a mind to drive away while Yoongi’s midway in the car to teach his ass a lesson.


What lesson would that be? Jeongguk doesn’t really know. He just hates when people do shit slow on purpose.


“So, where is this secret place we’re going to?” Yoongi asks from the backseat. He tries to seem nonchalant about it all, but everyone picks up on the curiosity in his voice.


“It’s a secret,” Taehyung sing-songs.


“I know. That’s why I’m asking what is it.”


“Yoongi, I’m not telling you.”




The drive was a bit further out, so it takes too long for Yoongi, who asks yet again where the hell they were going after fifteen minutes of driving.


Taehyung reprimanded him for being as annoying as a child. Yoongi leaned up in his seat from behind and flicked his ear. That almost caused a fight, and Jeongguk had to pull over to scold them both next.


When they do get there, Jeongguk is as shocked as Jimin and Yoongi when he sees a blanket already set up. There’s a bunch of pillows around, a food basket in the middle and some fairy lights wrapped around the trees with the city view right behind it all.


“Who the fuck—”


“I told you,” Taehyung grins proud. “I know people, Jeongguk.”


“Who’s this for?” Yoongi asks. He seems like he has a pretty good idea, but doesn’t want to believe it. He then looks at Jeongguk and finally notices his attire. “Is this for you and Taehyung?”


“No,” Taehyung answers instead, turning around in his seat to smile at Jimin and Yoongi. “It’s for you two, duh.”


Jimin looks hesitant and Yoongi looks confused.


“What?” Yoongi says, for a lack of a better response.


“Go ahead,” Taehyung encourages. “Enjoy your little dinner and talk under the stars,” he lets out a dreamy sigh. “It’ll be so romantic.”


“Taehyung,” Jimin warns.


“It’s not that simple,” Yoongi furrows his eyebrows.


“But isn’t it?” Taehyung questions—this is probably the most serious he’s ever been since they started this operation.


“You can’t expect us to sit down and have dinner under some stars to fix everything,” Yoongi argues.


“But it’s a start,” Taehyung isn’t giving up. “I know it’s none of my business to begin with, but I can see there’s still something there. And Yoongi,” he glares when he says the elders name. “You left without any reason, don’t you think now is as a perfect time as any to explain why?


“Yoongi, you don’t have to do this,” Jimin bites his lip, eyes darting back and forth between his ex and best friend. “It’s fine. We can just turn back around and go home—”


“No!” Taehyung snatches the keys out of the ignition and opens the window, throwing the keys far away into some bush. “Nobody is going anywhere until you two talk it out.”


“What the fuck,” Jeongguk gapes. “Those are my damn keys, you dumbass.”


“Jeongguk, please. Let’s not be selfish right now. We have more important things to worry about.”


“What were you trying to accomplish today, Taehyung?” Yoongi asks, rubbing his eyes tiredly.


“You two to work it out. Fine, if today ends with you two as friends, then okay, I’ll leave you both alone, I promise. But I know you both have things you want to ask,” he purposely looks at Jimin. “And things you want to explain,” he looks at Yoongi next. “So I have one question for you both, what the hell is stopping you?”


Yoongi takes a deep breath and looks outside, to where the blankets and pillows still lay. He nods to himself and then looks at Jimin. “I guess Tae has a point. You deserve an explanation, and well, I can eat some food. I’m starving.”


Jimin smiles, shy. “Yeah, I guess I can eat some food, too.”


Yoongi smiles back, all fond and soft. The smile that’s reserved only for Jimin.


Taehyung wants to squeal.


They both leave the car and walk over to the blankets, keeping a safe distance, and Taehyung presses a hand to his chest. “Oh, my god. I’m such a fucking genius. I didn’t think that speech would actually work.”


“Yeah, that’s fabulous. Now get out and help me find my keys, genius.”


“Wha—how am I supposed to watch my OTP flourish now?”


“Whose idea was it to throw my car keys in some bushes?”


Taehyung fiddles with his fingers as he answers. “Mine…but listen, we can—”




Taehyung grumbles under his breath and gets out the car, still talking under his breath as he follows Jeongguk in the direction of where he had stupidly thrown the keys on a whim.


He hates himself. And Jeongguk for making him get out. But mostly hates himself.

Chapter Text

“There’s a reason I hated camping with my parents as a child. And this is why,” Taehyung complains, waving at the air and smacking at his arm with his free hand. “I feel like there’s bugs all over me.”


“You actually went camping with your parents? I thought that shit only happened in movies.”


“No, it’s also in real life, and I hated every minute of it,” Taehyung groans and follows Jeongguk, still holding onto his hand. Since his phone battery had died, he couldn’t use his flashlight to see and he didn’t want to trip on twigs.


If he’s going down, Jeongguk’s going down with him.


They’ve been searching for over ten minutes now and the keys weren’t by the bush Taehyung had thrown them in. It didn’t make sense, and Taehyung had started his usual This Only Happens To Him monologue.


(“You threw my keys in. My keys. How is this happening to you when it’s my keys that are lost and you were the cause of it all?”

Jeongguk, this isn’t a competition on who has the worst life!”

That’s not what I’m tryna get at—ugh, whatever. Just help me find them.

What do you think I’m doing?”)


“I don’t get it. They should be at least right here,” Jeongguk complains, flashing his light down at the floor that’s filled with leaves, grass and twigs.


“What can I say? My power to throw is pretttty amazing.”


Jeongguk flashes his phone light on him, blinding Taehyung. “Now's not the time to brag about your damn throwing, Taehyung.”


Taehyung squints his eyes, holding his hand out in front of him. “Take that light away from me before I leave here blind.”


“That’s even if we leave here at all.


“We can always Hotwire your car.”


“You can’t Hotwire modern cars. We’re not in the nineteen-hundreds.”


“It was worth a shot.”


Jeongguk sighs and continues searching around. He knows the keys couldn’t have gotten that far, so either they’re close to it, or they walked past the keys—and he truly believes it’s the latter.


“I wonder what Jimin and Yoongi are doing,” Taehyung says to himself with a hum. “Hopefully they made up. I don’t think my heart can take it if they leave this place as friends.”


“And if they do?” Jeongguk asks. He’s not saying it to be an ass, but genuinely asking—for once.


Taehyung pouts. “I’ll be sad. It sounds cliché and a bit corny, but seeing their love made me want to fall in love with my future boyfriend already.”


“That’s actually sweet.”


“Their relationship is sweet. They’re literally the perfect match. I hope they figure out what went wrong and try to fix it,” he sighs like he’s mentally exhausted and squeezes Jeongguk’s hand out of gratitude. “Thank you, by the way.”


“What for?”


“I mean, like, thank you for everything. For doing all this with me and encouraging my behavior this past month—”


“Uh, I didn’t encourage anything.


“Either way, I. I don’t know. Thank you.”


Jeongguk stops them, and though it was a bit too dark to see, the light still shining on the floor gives them enough light to see each other. “What’s up with you getting all soft suddenly?”


“Hey,” Taehyung pokes at his chest with his free hand. “You were flirty with me just last week out of the blue. I think I’m allowed to get randomly soft.”


“That’s what he said.”


Taehyung bites the insides of his cheeks. He holds back the urge to laugh. “You’re so annoying,” he’s about to say something else when he squints his eyes and grabs Jeongguk’s phone from his hands, shining the light on the floor.


“What?” Jeongguk asks, curious.


“Aren’t those your keys?”


Jeongguk follows the light. He blinks.


Of course they’re his keys.


“Great. The whole This Only Happens To Me is actually starting to happen to me now,” Jeongguk sarcastically says as he bends down to pick up his keys.


“When you become my friend it rubs off on you.”


“Oh, yay, how great,” Jeongguk dryly says, stepping out the woods with Taehyung, still holding onto his hand.


When they walk back, Jimin and Yoongi seem happy as hell. They’re cuddling on the blanket, pointing at the sky and watching the stars.


It has Taehyung screaming, letting go of Jeongguk’s hand to run over the rest of the way, his eyes bright. “Oh my god, is this what I think it means!?”


Jimin and Yoongi’s wide, in-love smiles are enough to confirm, but Yoongi still does it with words. “Yep. We’re back and better than ever.”


“Well!?” Taehyung gestures with his hands wildly. He looks like a little kid in a candy store. “Don’t leave me in the dark, why did the breakup happen in the first place!? I need the four-one-one.”


“Taehyung, do you not have any boundaries?” Jeongguk asks when he catches up to him, trying his hardest not to laugh.


“I continuously chose to go in your house without your permission,” Taehyung points out. “I think you should know the answer to that.”


“Okay, true.”


“Sooo,” Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows, putting all his attention back onto the couple, who are now sitting up. “Tell me everything.”


Jimin looks at Yoongi, as if to ask if he wants to tell Taehyung, and the elder nods, taking a deep breath. “My insecurities led me to breaking up with Jimin,” he admits, sounding ashamed and angry with himself.


“Your insecurities?” Taehyung questions, confused. He knows everyone has them, but Yoongi seemed so confident with himself, it’s a bit shocking to hear the elder say it out loud.


“Yeah,” Yoongi pauses from all the eyes on him. “I, uh, I heard Jimin’s mom talking about Hanbin.”


“Oh,” Taehyung gets it immediately. He looks at Jimin now. “Your mom still goes on about him?”


“Sadly,” Jimin frowns.


Jeongguk looks between the three, confused as hell. He’s never heard of this Hanbin dude.


“She was talking about him to Jimin, and I ended up overhearing about his fancy job, his fancy car, his fancy house—basically his fancy ass lifestyle,” Yoongi grimaces, bitter when he says it. “She told Jimin: why was he still settling for less. You know, less being me.


Jimin squeezes Yoongi’s hand at that, still frowning. He looks like he wants to disagree, but doesn’t want to interrupt Yoongi.


Taehyung, however, has no problem interrupting him. “You are not less because you don’t shit out money like Hanbin.”


“Yeah, well,” Yoongi chuckles, but it’s dry. “I didn’t see it that way. I tried not to let it get in my head ‘cause we’ve been dating for so long, but Jimin’s moms words had me thinking that yeah, Jimin does deserve better, and he’ll never get that with me. So I broke it off with him that same day.”


“Worst day of my life,” Jimin adds in, sighing.


“Yeah, speak for yourself,” Taehyung comments, shaking his head. The couple looks at him, blank. “Anyways,” he smiles sweetly. “Continue.”


“I guess that’s pretty much the reason? I let him go at first so he could finally find someone better,” Yoongi looks at Jimin when he speaks. “And I know how it feels to not have your parents speak to you ‘cause of choices you made. I didn’t want me to be the reason that happened with your mom.”


Taehyung is getting teary-eyed—and it’s real tears this time, not the fake ones he usually forces to get his way. “Yoongi, what the fuck. That’s the most selfless selfish thing you could’ve ever done.”


“I know my parents approval is important,” Jimin speaks up now. “But I’ve been dating Yoongi for years. If they still won’t accept him, then that’s their loss. I’m not throwing away my happiness, someone who makes me feel loved just for their happiness. Hanbin can’t do that for me like Yoongi can.”


Yoongi grins and leans in, brushing his nose against Jimin’s, giving him an Eskimo kiss. “I love you, sunshine. I’m so sorry for breaking it off without explaining why. It really was selfish.”


“It’s okay,” Jimin whispers. “Because I have you again and that’s all that matters. I love you, too.”


“Oh my god,” Taehyung screams with a squeal. He jumps over to Jeongguk, the younger catching him with an oof. “We did it! We helped True Love.”


“We sure did.”


“Ugh, I’m so proud of us.”


It was in that exact moment, the fireworks go off. It startles Taehyung a bit, but he’s still smiling, and his eyes are twinkling, and he looks so, so gorgeous and Jeongguk feels like he can’t breathe.


In the corner of his eye, he can see Jimin and Yoongi sharing a loving kiss. It has him nervous.


It was cliché, something you’d see in a romantic film, but Jeongguk wanted to confess and lean in and kiss Taehyung silly. It was the perfect moment to—


But he didn’t.


He chickens out last second and clears his throat. “Uh. Nice firework set up,” he lamley says. “Really sets the mood.”


Taehyung turns around and watches how the fireworks explode in the sky and spell out: Suck My Dick?


Really. Just Jeongguk’s luck. Can fireworks even explode out words? Especially such lewd ones?


Taehyung laughs and turns back around to face Jeongguk, wiggling his eyebrows. “I mean, we’re in public, Gguk. I didn’t take you for having this as a kink.”


“I can’t stand you,” Jeongguk says, letting Taehyung off him with a huff. “Why would you have the fireworks explode out those words?”


“Listen, I couldn’t change the words. It was either this or no fireworks at all.”


“Pretty sure if I knew the fireworks would have words like this, I would’ve said none.”


“Yeah, and what? Ruin Yoonmin’s happy night?”


“They already made up before the fireworks. They would’ve had a happy night either way.”


“And the fireworks completed it.”


Jeongguk sighs, long and hard. He feels the need to hold the bridge of his nose, but surprisingly doesn’t. “Sure, Taehyung. It completed the night.”




“So….you’re telling me,” Yoohyeon starts off, confused, and Jeongguk can relate. He’s still confused by last nights events himself. “Taehyung was in your arms, staring at you with a gleam in his eye, there was fireworks going off—”


“—That exploded words like Suck My Dick—”


“—right, right. Can’t forget that,” Yoohyeon says, but she flicks her wrist as in a ‘whatever’ gesture. “Anyways, you’re telling me you didn't kiss him in that fucking perfect romantic moment?”




“My god!” Yoohyeon screams, slamming her hands down on the table. Her burger is long forgotten since she’s too worried and invested in Jeongguk’s sad, failing, pathetic love life. “You are such a damn pussy.”




“You are, you fucking ding dong head.”


“Okay, really? What are you? Twelve?”


Yoohyeon looks like she’s ready to jump over the table and fight him, and Jeongguk wouldn’t be too appalled if she did. He kind of wants to fight himself, too. “How do you completely fuck it up? That would’ve been the perfect time to confess.”


“But you don’t get it,” Jeongguk complains. “If he felt the same, wouldn’t he have leaned in and kissed me first?”


“Maybe he was shy and waiting on you.”


Jeongguk laughs. He takes another look at Yoohyeon and laughs louder. “Oh, good one. Like Taehyung would be too shy to do anything.


“Okay, gross. I think that implies something sexual I do not want to know.”


“It doesn’t. I just really mean he’s not shy.”


“Come on. With the way you told me the story, I even felt the sparks.”


“Yeah, well,” Jeongguk gives a bitter smile. He doesn’t know what he’s more mad at. Himself, or the fact that things never work out in his favor. “I guess you felt wrong because if there was, he’d be mine right now.”


Yoohyeon pouts, looking like it was her life love that was canceled. Jeongguk is a bit touched she’s so involved. At least he can use the sympathy. “I don’t understand. You’re both idiots. It was supposed to work out.”


“Guess we’ll both continue being idiots. Solo.”




“Do something about it,” Jimin says as soon as Jeongguk opens his front door and sees Jimin on his couch, the TV on, but he doesn’t seem to be watching it.


“Um? How did you know I live here?”


“Do something about you and Taehyung,” he says in such a deadly manner, ignoring his question as he locks his eyes on Jeongguk’s.


“Okay, I know I have a bad habit of keeping my door unlocked now, but why do you and Taehyung feel the need to come in it uninvited? Do I have some sort of invisible sign that says: come inside anytime you please?


“That’s what she said—no ugh, stop getting me off topic here!” Jimin yells, like it’s Jeongguk’s fault he was the one being dirty minded.


Okay, maybe Jeongguk is a bit mad Jimin took his line, but still. None of that really matters right now because—“what are you doing here?”


“I’m glad you asked,” Jimin smiles. He pats the spot besides him. “Sit.”


“Ugh. No.”


“Jeongguk,” Jimin glares. “I said sit.


“Would you like me to roll over and bark as well?”


“Are you always this fuckin’ difficult?”


“Yes, actually.”


Jimin rubs the bridge of his nose. “A headache is coming just from speaking with you, I can feel it.”


“Let’s remember it’s you that’s in my house. You’re more than welcome to leave anytime you want.”


“I like you, Jeongguk—”


“I’m flattered, but you’re dating Yoongi, and you’re not really my type—”


Not in that way,” Jimin grimaces, throwing one of his throw pillows at him. “I meant as in I like you as a friend. And I know you like Taehyung.”


“And who said that?”


“I can see it written on your face. Whenever you two were in the same room, you thought I missed how you looked at him? Sure, I was deep in my own problems, but I seen it.”


“What’s the point, Jimin?” Jeongguk sighs, finally sitting down next to him. He lays his head back, looking up at the ceiling tiredly. “I already talked about Feelings with Hyeon. I’m exhausted.”


“My point is, after seeing all these douches that Taehyung had dated, I want him with a good guy, someone he likes a lotAnd that someone is you.”


“But we don’t even know each other.”


“Isn’t that one of the fun parts about it all? Learning new things about each other? No one goes into a relationship with someone knowing literally everything about them.”


“Yeah, but I don’t know know him.”


“Really?” Jimin challenges, his tone unconvinced. “Fine, tell me certain things you do know.”


“Holy shit, are you hardheaded? I just said—”


“The little things you do know,” Jimin continues. “Something someone else probably wouldn’t pick up on.”


“Well,” Jeongguk sighs and thinks hard, still staring up at the ceiling like it’ll give him the answers. “I noticed he has a habit of wiggling his ears.”


“Wiggling his ears?”


Jeongguk smiles a bit. “Yeah. Whenever we would sit on my couch and just think of ways to get you and Yoongi back together—”


Jimin’s eyes widen. “I’m sorry, you did what?


“I meant, just two bros hanging. On a couch. Five feet apart because they’re not—”




“Yes, moving on, point I was making was he’d get deep in thought and just...wiggle his ears subconsciously.”


Jimin drops his own questions for another time. Instead, he puts his energy into getting Jeongguk to stop being a dumbass. “And what else?”


“He also likes to chew on things when he’s focusing. Be it his bottom lip, his nails, or the back of his pen. It’s endearing, but also frustrating.”


“Why frustrating?”


“Because it’s fucking adorable.”

Jimin hums. “Anything else?”


Jeongguk wants to laugh at how this all sounds. On how Jimin is like his damn therapist, but he supposes he can’t be too mad. As corny as this all feels, it’s actually helping him realize just how much he paid attention to Taehyung without even noticing.


“Another is how Taehyung cracks his knuckles when he’s frustrated,” Jeongguk begins listing off—it was coming easier to him now. “Or how he plays with his hair when he’s upset, or how he likes to use every excuse in the book to cuddle, or how he—” Jeongguk stops himself, his cheeks a faint pink. “Uh, yeah.”


Jimin remains silent, but the look on his face says everything when Jeongguk tears his gaze away from the ceiling and over at the elder. “And you said you didn’t know anything about him.”


Jeongguk sighs. “What do I do?” this time, he’s asking Jimin the same question he had asked Yoohyeon.


“I got a plan. Don’t you worry your big nose off.”


Jeongguk gives him a dry look. “I already don’t trust your plan, and I haven’t even heard it yet.”


“Well, trust it, scaredy-cat, ‘cause I don’t see you doing anything to help with these Feelings of yours.”


“.... Fine,” Jeongguk glares. “You have a point. I just hope whatever you have planned, it works out.”


“Oh, trust me,” Jimin sounds and looks confident, so it helps Jeongguk feel a bit more reassured. “It definitely will.”


Chapter Text

“Okay, I don’t see why I need to get all ‘dressed up’ if we’re just going to take a second to pick up our food,” Taehyung complains as he lounges on his couch in three day old sweats and his old high school shirt that have seen much better days.


“Because,” Jimin stresses, tugging on Taehyung’s hand to pull him off the couch. “What if you see a cute guy there? Are you even aware of how many cute guys work at that pizza shop there?”


Someone clears their throat behind him and Jimin stops talking immediately, reluctantly looking over his shoulder with a sheepish smile.


Yoongi doesn’t look mad—he’s not that petty. He looks amused if anything, raising a brow. “What was that, babe?”


“Uhh, that they’re cute, but of course, none of them compare to you.”


“Damn right they don't,” Yoongi cockily says as he wraps his arms around Jimin from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder. He kisses the side of the youngers neck softly, his gummy smile appearing at the precious sound of Jimin’s giggle.


“Ugh, you two are so disgustingly cute,” Taehyung places a hand on his chest, purposely making his eyes water. “Really know how to make someone feel so fucking single.”


Jimin takes his attention off Yoongi to look at down at Taehyung, who’s still on the couch. “See? Get dressed up and maybe you’ll get a number.”


Fine,” Taehyung sighs and stands up. “Your love is what convinced me. Not your words.”


“Whatever gets your ass up and moving.”


“Also,” Taehyung raises his index finger pointedly. He huffs out, offended, “I can still get numbers looking like this, thank you very much.”


“Sure bet you can.”


“Glad you know.”




Jeongguk was waiting outside the restaurant. His tie felt too tight against his throat and his stomach was tied in knots.


Jimin had told Jeongguk that he’d trick Taehyung into getting dressed up tonight, but he won’t tell Taehyung where he’s bringing him to build up the suspense.


Jimin also said: just bring him somewhere over the top romantic, you should know this. That’s how you’ll be one step closer to winning Taehyung’s heart. And getting him puppies, of course. But you can’t bring puppies with you on dates. Well, you can, but ugh you get me. Just don’t fuck this up, Jeongguk.


It took a whole day of frustration and a bunch of empty ideas going nowhere when he tried to think of over the top romanticplaces—until he finally came up with a good enough idea and place.


He feels himself getting antsy, fiddling with his phone when it’s past the time Jimin said he would be dropping Taehyung off. Maybe Taehyung found out what Jimin had up his sleeve and decided not to come?


God. He would feel so, so embarrassed if that had happened.


It takes another five minutes of Jeongguk having an inner debate with himself, wondering if he should call Jimin to see what’s up, or just go home—and that’s when he hears his name being called.


He looks up and sees Taehyung walking up to him, confused. Jimin’s car drives away in the distance. “What's going on?”


“Um,” Jeongguk licks his lips, his nerves kicking in once again. It’s hard to explain and focus when Taehyung looks good—like really fucking good. “It’s a date. Surprise date, actually.”


“Surprise date?” Something flashes in Taehyung’s eyes when he takes it all in. “Jeongguk,” he starts off, his voice sad and eyes avoiding his. “If this is another one of your pointless ‘I’m romantic’ tests, then please, stop—”


“No, no,” Jeongguk panics, shaking his hands out in front of him. “I promise, none of that. This is an actual date. A real one.”


Taehyung glances up at him, warily. “Do you mean it? No jokes? Genuinely done?”


Jeongguk’s heart softens and breaks a little at how cautious Taehyung looks—almost like he didn’t want to let his guard down. “All genuinely done. Feelings involved. With a capital F.”


Taehyung breaks out into a small laugh at that. It feels like everything falls into place, and Jeongguk can breathe.


The elder bravely holds eye contact with him now. “Well, then,” he offers his hand, smiling that unique smile of his. “Let’s go enjoy our date.”


Jeongguk intertwines his hand with the elders and pulls them away from the restaurant and to his car that’s parked by the curb. “Let’s go.”


Taehyung furrows his eyebrows, confused, looking back at the restaurant. They reach Jeongguk’s car, but Taehyung doesn’t get in yet. “Um?”




“If the date isn’t here, then why did you have Jimin drop me off here?”


“I had to throw you off, of course,” Jeongguk grins, almost like he was proud of that little doing. He opens the passenger door, gesturing to it grandly. “Okay, come on. Get in. Please.”


“Someone’s impatient,” Taehyung sing-songs, but he listens and gets in. Jeongguk closes the door for him and rushes over to the driver side.


Jeongguk just hopes Taehyung won’t be left feeling disappointed.




“A beach dinner?” Taehyung asks, getting out the car to look over at the empty beach. The sun was set now, so the moon shines over the ocean and it set the mood perfectly, if Jeongguk’s being honest.


And if Taehyung didn’t look so awestruck, Jeongguk would’ve assumed he had fucked up.


“Yeah,” Jeongguk clears his throat, feeling a bit shy—but he’d never admit it. He knows Taehyung would just tease him about it. “I even brought food ‘cause, you know, I cooked.”


“Wow,” Taehyung tears his gaze away from the gentle waves and smiles at Jeongguk. “How’d you know a beach date was always a goal of mine?”


“‘Cause you’re a basic, budgeted romantic.”


“Oh? If we’re being realistic, I’d love dinner on a personal yacht, but,” Taehyung shrugs, tone sarcastic and light so Jeongguk knows he’s joking. “I guess this will have to suffice.”


“I was thinking of it,” Jeongguk suddenly says. “Called in to see how much it’d be to rent one for a day.”


Taehyung drops the act immediately, eyes widening in incredulity. “Wait, for real, for real?”


“Mhm,” Jeongguk opens his trunk to take out the blankets and pillows he had brought, watching from the corner of his eye when Taehyung stands next to him. “But then they told me the price. I got money, but I don’t have that much money.”


Taehyung laughs, hiding his smile with his hand. “Well, the fact that you tried means a lot. And you know what else it means?”


Jeongguk closes his trunk, quirking a brow. “I’m too nice and I deserve the world for doing this?”


“No, that I was this close to having you as my sugar daddy.”


Jeongguk laughs, using one of the pillows to lightly and playfully whack Taehyung in the face. “You’re terrible.”


“I learned it from you,” Taehyung sticks out his tongue in retaliation. He then looks at the blankets and pillows in Jeongguk’s hand and holds out his in offering. “Need help?”


“Uh, grab the basket in the backseat please?”


Taehyung does as he’s asked and they both walk over to the beach, setting up the blanket and food, and taking off their shoes.


“You know,” Taehyung gestures to Jeongguk’s suit. “Why would you wear that if you knew we were going to the beach for a date?”


You made me wear a suit for Operation Yoonmin ‘Grand Finale.’ I don’t think you have the right to be questioning my fashion choices.”


“Okay,” Taehyung holds up a hand. “But that was totally different. We weren’t on a beach.”


“It wasn’t my date to be wearing a suit to begin with at the end of the day—”


“Listen,” Taehyung emphasizes, stopping him. “Are we really on a date and still arguing?”


“But is it really us if we’re not?” Jeongguk asks instead, smirking once he says it.


Taehyung purses his lips, a small huff of laughter slipping past his lips. “I guess not,” he admits.


They soon get comfortable on the blanket, sitting side by side with their thighs pressed up against each other. They eat and talk, learning more about each other as the minutes go by—and Jeongguk can’t believe it’s taken him this long to do this.


Maybe Jeongguk was just living in denial about it this entire time, or maybe it took having a talk with Yoohyeon about Feelings, or maybe it was Jimin coming into his house uninvited, but he’s glad he did this.


The way the breeze brushes Taehyung’s bangs off his forehead, showing off his strong eyebrows and dark eyes makes Jeongguk feel Things. The way Taehyung smiles that cute smile of his, his eyes crinkling with pure happiness makes Jeongguk feel Things. The way Taehyung is so selfless, the most considerate and beautiful person Jeongguk has ever had the pleasure of meeting.


Taehyung really is everything, and sure, it may have taken Jeongguk a while to realize it, but he’s happy it’s better late than never.


Also, did Jeongguk mention how adorable it was to see Taehyung—confident, bold Taehyung—getting bashful over Jeongguk shamelessly staring?


Because it so was.


“The scenery is so beautiful,” Taehyung looks at the waves crashing in front of them, his head resting on Jeongguk’s shoulder with their hands intertwined between them. “I want to go in the water, but I don’t have any spare clothes.”


“Skinny dip,” Jeongguk suggests with the wiggle of his brows, even though Taehyung can’t see.


“Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”


“Maybe I would,” Jeongguk plays along.


Taehyung shakes his head and lifts his head up, looking at Jeongguk with a pout as he thinks about it. “Would it be worth it? Skinny dip and probably end up with hypothermia?”


“Pretty sure that’s not how it works if you go in for a few minutes.”


“You’d risk it?”


Jeongguk smirks and lets go of Taehyung’s hand to stand up. He keeps his eyes on Taehyung as he takes off his blazer, takes off his white button up and then unzips his slacks. “Just watch me.”


“You’re crazy.”


“Well, now it's down to you. Either you go in with clothes or without. So, what’s it going to be, Tae?”


Taehyung narrows his eyes, watching Jeongguk closely. “What’s that supposed to mean?”


“It means pick.


“I pick keeping my ass right on this blanket.”


“Wrong answer,” Jeongguk bends down and picks Taehyung up with a barely there grunt—like he weighed nothing. “Looks like clothes it is.”


“Jeongguk!” Taehyung scream-laughs at the same time, hanging over Jeongguk’s shoulder, trying to cling onto something—but all he’s doing is scratching the youngers bare back. “Put me down!”


“Or what?” Jeongguk challenges.


“No sex for a week! No, a month! I’ll blue ball you so, so bad if you throw me in.”


“Wow,” Jeongguk clicks his tongue in mock disappointment as he continues walking towards the shore. “We’re not even a couple yet and you’re already threatening me with blue balls?”


“We won’t be a couple at all if you throw me in!”


“Oh, come on. You know that’d be torture for both of us, not just me. And that goes for the no sex part, too.”


“.....I hate you. Put me down!”


“Oh, are you sure?” Jeongguk teasingly says, the water licking at his ankles as he walks in further. “You’d get wet, though.”


“You are so dead, Jeongguk.”


Jeongguk just laughs like it was an empty threat and counts to three to warn Taehyung. He throws the elder in when they get to a more deep end, laughing louder when he submerges and splashes Jeongguk for payback.


“Doesn’t the water feel great, babe?”


“Yeah,” Taehyung smiles sarcastic. “It feels even better with my clothes all heavy now, weighing me down.”


“I bet it does, huh?”


“You ass,” Taehyung swims over in a rush and tries to dunk a half dry Jeongguk underwater—but Jeongguk goes under himself and when he comes back up, his hands are on Taehyung’s hips, their faces mere inches apart.


“Come on, admit it. It’s not that bad.”


“Jeongguk, I’m in an ocean. In my clothes.”


“I gave you the option,” Jeongguk tsks—like it’s Taehyung’s fault this happened. “You should’ve answered the first time.”


“Whatever,” Taehyung jokingly rolls his eyes, but then he’s grinning and lightly bumping his nose with Jeongguk’s. “Thank you for this—and not for throwing me in the water, but for this date. It was so amazing. I don’t know what would make it more perfect—except maybe dry clothes.”


“Actually, I do know what will make it more perfect.”


“Mhm, what’s that?”


“You becoming my boyfriend,” Jeongguk winks, knocking his forehead against Taehyung’s, closing his eyes. His lips brush Taehyung’s as he speaks the next few words. “So, will you be my boyfriend?”


Taehyung smiles wide, answering Jeongguk with a loud, long kiss. “Of course,” he kisses him again. “I thought you’d never ask.”


Jeongguk chases his lips when Taehyung vaguely pulls away. “Well, you did say we weren’t gonna be a couple if I threw you in,” he mumbles against the elders mouth. “Now look at us.”


“Just—shut up and continue kissing me.”






When Jeongguk drops Taehyung back off at his place, his pants are damp from his briefs and Taehyung’s clothes weren’t any better—but Jeongguk ended up offering his dry shirt to the elder because he felt bad.


Taehyung invites him in to get a fresh pair of clean, warm clothes, nearly jumping out of his skin when he turns on his living room light and sees Jimin on his three-seater couch.


Shit. What are you doing here, Jimin?”


“What does it look like?” Jimin asks instead.


Taehyung furrows his eyebrows, puzzled by his question. He drops his hand that was on his chest from the earlier fright. “It looks like you’re in my house when you told me you’d be packing to move back in with Yoongi?”


“And how did you expect me to do such a task when I was sitting at the edge of my seat the whole time, waiting for you to tell me about this date?”


“So you….sat here….in the dark. Waiting.”


“How else would I have build the suspense?”


“More like build my fears and make me shit my heart out,” Taehyung retorts.


Details. Anyways, according to my timing here, the date was about two hours long. So, where did you guys go? Jeongguk already has his shirt off, I see. Did you guys come back to do The Sex?”


“‘The sex’,” Jeongguk repeats after Jimin, dull. “Wow, way to make it sound so unsexy.”


“Excuse you, after all this trouble I went through for you, I don’t think I deserve this kind of disrespect.”


Taehyung stops the two from talking. He’s too cold and he wants to shower—badly. “We were at the beach and came back ‘cause as you can see, our clothes are wet.”


“Aw,” Jimin clasps his hands in front of him, his eyes twinkling. “A beach date? How romantic—and incredibly cheesy.”


“It was amazing,” Taehyung gushes with a hint of pink cheeks, glancing at Jeongguk, who’s already gazing at him softly.


“Wow, you guys are already in that gross-cute stage,” Jimin fake wipes his tears. “I’m so proud. I’ll start planning the wedding soon.”


“And I wouldn't put it past me,” Taehyung whispers under his breath, knowingly.


But I know when I’m not needed,” Jimin stands up from the couch. “Me and Yoongi will be on our way so you two can have The sex.”


“You and Yoongi?” Taehyung echoes, baffled.


His room door opens and out walks Yoongi like he owned the place. “Hello, welcome back. I warmed up the bed for you both, by the way. No need to thank me, Tae.”


“Yoongi, that’s gross.”


“What? I meant my body heat did all that.”


“Just,” Taehyung pinches the bridge of his nose. “Stop. Talking. You’re making it worse.”


Jimin links his fingers with Yoongi, winking at the two as he makes his way to the front door with the elder following. “Make sure to use protection.”


“Oh god,” Taehyung whines, looking at Jimin. “Was I this insufferable when you and Yoongi weren’t a couple?”


“Yes,” all three of them answer at the same time.


Taehyung glares at them all. “Fuck off.”


“Okay,” Jeongguk decides to step in. “I’m cold, and I’m sure Taehyung is, too, so we’re gonna shower and we’ll see you guys tomorrow—or never.”


“Oh, best believe we’ll be back tomorrow.”


“We will?” Yoongi asks, sounding unsure.


“Of course, sweetums. I still need to pack and hear every single detail about how their date went down,” Jimin looks at Jeongguk, sizing him up. “I wanna see if Gguk got game.”


“I mean, I’m dating Taehyung now, so I guess that kinda proves I do.”


I’ll be the judge of that,” then Jimin is smiling like the sun is shining out of his ass. “Okay, bye guys! Love y’all!”




When the two shower and change into a new pair of warm, dry clothes, Taehyung offers Jeongguk to stay the night since it was late enough, and he agrees.


Jeongguk’s been over here a few times, but he’s never actually stood the night since it was always Taehyung crashing at his—but for some reason, it feels familiar. Like he’s done this a million times.


It might just be because he’s with Taehyung, and as cheesy as it sounds, he knows anywhere with the elder will feel comfortable and familiar.


“Baby, what are you doing?” Jeongguk warily asks, coming in the kitchen to see Taehyung climbing on the counter to reach for something on the highest shelf.


Taehyung’s back was to Jeongguk, so the younger couldn’t see his red cheeks from the pet name. “I want a snack. And I had to hide them in the far back because Jimin would steal all them to quote: ‘eat his feelings away.’”


“Couldn’t he have just climbed like you were doing and grabbed them anyways? But I mean, stay up there for as long as you want, the view is amazing from down here.”


Taehyung turns around, laughing. His cheeks are still red, and the younger thinks it’s so cute. “Why are you the way that you are, Jeongguk?”


“I learned it from you,” Jeonguk mocks, using the exact line Taehyung had used on him earlier today.


Taehyung climbs down from the counter, shaking the cookies in his hands before setting them down. “Anyways, I got cookies if you want some. I was thinking maybe we could watch a movie?”


Taehyung looks so damn small in his oversized t-shirt, the collar slipping down enough to show off his collar bones, and it’s making Jeongguk’s heart do somersaults in his chest.


Taehyung’s lips get all pouty at Jeongguk’s lack of answer. He blinks at him, patiently waiting for him to say something—and fuck, Jeongguk just wants to spoil him with all the kisses and cuddles in the world.


“Jeongguk?” Taehyung slowly asks, furrowing his eyebrows and snapping a few times in his face.


He seems to have finally notice Jeongguk looking at him like he holds the stars in the sky because it has him getting shy, fiddling with the hem of his shirt, clearing his throat.


Jeongguk can’t get over it. Where’s the bold, loud Taehyung he remembers just from a few days ago? This shy side of him is going to be the death of Jeongguk—he’s certain.


Cupping one side of Taehyung’s face, he smiles when the elder doesn’t hesitate to lean into his touch. “You’re so, so gorgeous, Tae,” he whispers.


Taehyung bites his lip to stop from smiling so big. “Look who’s talking.”


Jeongguk’s mouth brushes against Taehyung’s own, the corner of his lips lift into a smirk when the elder attempts to kiss him properly—but fails with a whine. “Mhm, needy for my kisses, are we?”


Taehyung pouts again. “So you don’t wanna kiss me without teasing me?” He pulls back, turning on his heel. “Fine.”


Jeongguk chuckles at his attitude and gently grabs his arm, turning him around. When the elder does, Jeongguk cups both his cheeks this time, pressing his lips firmly on his boyfriend’s without teasing.


Taehyung happily sighs into the awaited kiss. He tilts his head to deepen it, whimpering when Jeongguk’s hands trail down to his ass, squeezing.


The kiss was passionate from the start, and it was the kind of kiss that was slow. The kisses that Taehyung had quickly learned he absolutely loved—the kisses that make his knees weak and body quiver.


“Hmm,” Jeongguk pulls away only slightly, but continues kissing him on the lips repeatedly. “Now, what were you saying about a movie?”


Taehyung giggles, trying to speak, but Jeongguk attacking his face with kisses is making it harder. “How are you going to kiss me like that and expect me to focus on a movie now?”


Jeongguk stops kissing him to grin mischievously. “That’s why if you show me you can behave, I can finish what I started, yeah?”


Taehyung’s eyes light up at that suggestion, liking where Jeongguk was going with it. He nods. “I’ll do it. I’ll behave.”


(And Taehyung did, but a half hour into the movie, he got bored, and riling up Jeongguk just seemed like a more better, fun idea—and the pretty bruises on his neck and the inside of his thighs shows that it was definitely a better idea.)




“Guess who has two thumbs, finally grew some balls and asked Taehyung out on a date?” Jeongguk points to himself, smug. “This guy.”


“That is one of the worst ways you could’ve ever told me you and Taehyung went on a date,” Yoohyeon argues with a sour written expression, but the next she’s smiling and gesturing him over. “So. Tell me all about it. Was it fun? Cute? Romantic enough? Was there any crackhead tendencies involved? ‘Cause I know you.”


Jeongguk stops himself from rolling his eyes out of offense, taking a seat across from her. “No, well, we did fight—but playfully, of course.”


Yoohyeon sighs—half out of knowing and half out of disbelief. “The usual, I’m guessing. What happened? Come on, you can’t come in this break room telling me this and leaving me with thousand of questions.”


“What is there to say? He’s amazing. We had an amazing time, ate dinner on the beach, and yes, I cooked it—alright, okay, you don’t have to give me that look, Hyeon. I already know I’m the best.”


“Shut up,” she grumbles, the same time one of their coworkers walks in the break room. “I’m just surprised you did have a romantic bone in that constipated body of yours.”


Emotionally constipated,” Jeongguk corrects out of embarrassment, loud enough—as if that sounds any better. Their coworker blinks blankly and acts like he didn’t hear anything.


“Ugh, same difference.”


“It’s really not, Yoohyeon—”


“But, yeah,” Yoohyeon speaks over him purposely. She eventually gives him a genuine smile and pats his hands on the table. “I’m happy for you. Happy for you both. I want to meet this Taehyung dude soon, got it?”


“Okay, mom,” Jeongguk snorts, but one glare from Yoohyeon has him nodding in all seriousness.




And when the two finally meet, Jeongguk can’t find it in him to regret it. No matter how times they gain up on him to tease him and no matter how many times he has to correct them when they loudly gossip about how constipated he is—


“It’s emotionally, for sucks sake. There’s a difference,” Jeongguk groans, getting the third stare that morning from someone eavesdropping on their not-so-subtle conversation.


“Still constipated,” Yoohyeon shrugs.


Taehyung thinks it’s funny to join in, nodding in agreement while he laughs loudly.


Actually, that doesn’t even apply to me anymore because um, hello,” he waves his hand, the same one that’s linked with Taehyung’s. “I’m dating the guy I like, so really. Find something else to talk about and bond over because I’m not gonna sit here and—”


Well….at least he doesn’t regret it all the time.