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"I like you."


Reigen froze at those words, back still turned to you. He felt his chest tighten and glanced back.


"I like you too." Was what he said but he could tell by the expression you made that it wasn't in a platonic sense.


"No, no...I like you. Romantically. Romantically, I like you, Reigen."




He could feel his heart hammering against his chest and for a split second he wondered if you could hear it.


Truthfully, he had daydreams about this--about you and him being together. Holding hands, falling asleep together, kissing, and everything else that came along with that kind of relationship.




In the end Reigen knew he would mess it up. He couldn't have a relationship where he didn't make his partner regret it. That's why he never made a move.


You worked for him, then became a good friend, then something more to him. He cared about you, he cared about your relationship with him.


He shoved his hands into his pocket's to hide the shaking and looked you in the eye. There was a warmness to them and a glint of hope.


"I understand if you need some time to think about this.." You gazed down.


In his heart he knew what he wanted to say.


However, with this kind of stuff, he wasn't a brave man nor an optimistic one.


"I'm...sorry. I don't feel the same way..." He said it with such conviction that maybe he'd fool himself too. "I only see you as a friend."


The expression on your face would be something that would keep him up at night. Replaying it in his head.


"Oh..." You inhaled deeply and gave a small nod."Okay, okay..."Reigen could tell you were trying your best to hold it together, to not make a scene."Okay....I...a-are we still friends?"


He forced a empathetic smile onto his face. "Of course."


You just nodded and took a step back. "Okay, okay, good, um...I t-think I need sometime by" Your voice was wavering. He wanted nothing more to hold you tightly and apologize for being so spineless.


"I understand. Take your time." Was his only response.


With a sad smile that made his heart twist you were gone.


He allowed his shoulder's to slump and his head to hang.


"Coward."  Was his only thought as he made his way to the bar.


You deserved better than a liar like him.