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No Light

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It was a strikingly elegant house - if a trifle austere. A well-kept brownstone shaded by the row of elm trees that lined the street. The understated wealth of the place made Rey acutely conscious of her drab uniform and the fraying seams of her coat - it was an unflattering outfit at the best of times, but here it could hardly have felt more out of place. She found herself wishing the boss had picked someone else to take on Mrs. Ramirez's shifts while the older woman recovered from her operation, then inwardly scolded herself - money was tight enough these days that every penny counted, and the chance to earn a few more was something to celebrate. Shivering against the late November chill, Rey hurried up the steps of number 37, took a steadying breath, and rang the doorbell.

Far away in the depths of the house, she heard the chime echo faintly down unseen hallways. A descending triad in a minor key - it struck her as unusual, vaguely foreboding even. The pause that followed stretched uncomfortably long, and Rey was gathering her courage to ring the bell a second time - had hesitated, in fact, with one hand half-outstretched - when the door swung open revealing the owner of number 37. She'd been unsure of what to expect - had had only had her supervisor's curt shorthand, "A. Hux, 2 storeys, single occupant, no pets" on which to base her preconceptions - but whatever she /had/ expected, it wasn't the man now regarding her with an air of mild surprise. A. Hux was, in point of fact, arrestingly attractive, with high cheekbones and a creamy complexion that contrasted strikingly with coppery red hair, and with the simple white button-down he'd rolled part-way up well-muscled forearms. His eyes, though. Their shade of gunmetal grey should have been beautiful, but somehow Rey found herself instinctively shying away from that penetrating gaze.

"I'm filling in for-"

She faltered, having started speaking just as the man before her offered an enquiring "Yes?"

"Sorry sir, I- I was sent to fill in for Mrs. Ramirez this week. She's in the hospital. Hip replacement. I'm uh- I'm from Apex Cleaning Solutions?" She faded into nervous silence under what was now a distinctly amused stare, feeling a deep blush creeping up her cheeks.

"I see." He looked her up and down with a shameless lack of subtlety, taking his time before glancing up once more to look her straight in the eye with an amused hint of a smirk playing about that finely-chiseled mouth. "Well you'd better come in then."

Hux stepped aside a little but remained in the doorway, so that Rey had to edge past him, the smell of him momentarily filling her nostrils. Cigarettes and expensive aftershave and a heady edge of something a lot like scotch. She moved away from him and into the house as quickly as she decently could, feeling her blush intensifying. Focus on the task in front of you, get it done, get paid - you know the routine. Mustering what confidence she could, she set her bag down in a corner of the entrance hall and slipped out of her coat, turning questioningly to the owner of the house before hanging it on a nearby hook. He had closed the door and now stood leaning against it with his hands in his pockets, watching her with that same slight smirk; it occurred to Rey that she had rarely seen a man more perfectly at ease - it was disquieting.

"You can start in the dining room." A nonchalant gesture of the head, his eyes never leaving her. "That's what your predecessor generally did at least. Cleaning supplies are in the cupboard on the left."

"Yes sir." Eager to break eye contact with the man, Rey set to work. Bucket. Sponge. Half a cup of Hux's fancy organic disinfectant solution. Find the sink. Yes, you can do this - you're competent and efficient and you've performed these tasks dozens of times before. 'But not,' said the treacherous voice at the back of her mind, 'with attractive, hungry-eyed men practically breathing down my neck.'

Keeping her eyes on the polished hardwood floor of Hux's dining room, she knelt down and began methodically swabbing the darkly gleaming surface. After a few minutes, she heard him enter the room, but she determinedly ignored him til he addressed her.

"What's your name?" She didn't mean to look up, it was an instinct. He was leaning nonchalantly in the doorway, lazily swilling two fingers of amber liquid in a thick-bottomed tumbler.


"And has anyone ever told you, Rey, how good you look on your knees?" He spoke casually, almost conversationally, but Rey felt her throat constrict. It was shock beyond anything else - she'd gotten her fair share of leering comments before, even sometimes while working this job, but the sheer temerity of the man stunned her, and it took her a moment to respond.

"I- uh- no, sir." She snapped her eyes back to the floor, scrubbing at the boards with renewed energy. He's trying to get to me - perhaps if I don't rise to it, he'll lose interest. No such luck, as it turned out.

"No? What a shame. It's true you know." A pause as he took a sip before continuing in the same pleasant, conversational tone. "How much would I have to pay you, Rey, to crawl over here on those pretty knees of yours and suck my cock?"

Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK. Rey's heart was racing now, her hands were suddenly clammy, and she felt like she'd forgotten how to breathe. Dipping her sponge into the bucket with hands that shook more visibly than she would have liked, she took a steadying breath and spoke as calmly as she could.

"I- I'm just here to clean, sir."

"Oh please." The man's tone was indulgent, dripping with amused contempt, and she barely suppressed a shudder. "I've seen your coat for Christ's sake. You can't be making more than, what? £8.50 an hour? £9? Don't tell me that's enough to scrape by on in London these days. Hell, you look as though you haven't eaten a decent meal in months."

Rey kept her eyes fixed on the floor, but she no longer saw the gleaming wood. She was staring through it, picturing her studio flat in Stepney, where the hot water hadn't worked in nearly a week, and mice - at least she fervently hoped they were mice - skittered across the floor at night. She made exactly £8.25 an hour at Apex, and £5 an hour for watching the Philips children upstairs when Mrs. Philips worked the late shift, and sometimes Mr. Singh from the corner shop gave her free pakoras when she came in to buy milk, but it wasn't enough - nowhere near enough. She'd been more than a week late with the rent last month, and unless Mrs. Ramirez stayed bedridden for a lot longer than she'd planned to, Rey could scarcely imagine how she'd get enough together this time around. But servicing a stranger like this... Hux was attractive, certainly, but the way he looked at her made her skin crawl. The idea of letting him use her...

She looked up once again at a snort of amusement from the man in the doorway. There was a smug gleam in his eye now, and with a rush of humiliation, Rey realized that he knew exactly what desperate calculations had been flashing through her mind. She was seriously considering his proposal, and he knew it. He had already won. Rey swallowed thickly and, with what felt like a herculean effort of will, met his eyes.

"One thousand pounds."

A slow, predatory smile, and something tightened in the man's jaw.

"Come here and earn it then, little girl." Knocking back the last of his drink, Hux set down the tumbler on a glossy side table. The sound of glass on polished wood sounded to Rey like the click of a safety catch unlocking. Turning back to her, he reached down and, with slow, deliberate movements, holding her gaze all the while, unbuttoned his fly. This was it, this was really happening. Taking a shaky breath, Rey wiped her hands clumsily on the cheap fabric of her skirt, and began to move, crawling forward unsteadily on all fours until she knelt at Hux's feet. Looking up at him, she felt extraordinarily helpless - a feeling he compounded by reaching down to grasp her jaw, turning it this way and that almost thoughtfully as he gazed down at her. As though mesmerized by those cold eyes, Rey found herself unable to look away as she felt the pad of his thumb run inexorably over her left cheek, caressing her lower lip with leisurely slowness before sliding into her mouth. Vaguely nauseated, she opened her mouth obediently, laving the intruding digit with her tongue as he pushed deeper. He let her suck at him for a few moments more, watching her intently, before pulling back his thumb and smearing spit across her cheek.

"Good girl." He spoke with satisfaction, as one might to a skittish dog that had been persuaded to heel. "Now let's see how those sweet lips look wrapped around my cock."

The trick was, she thought as she reached up with trembling hands to free the appendage in question, to send your mind somewhere else. Wasn't that what people said? Dissociate. Don't let yourself focus on the fact that you're about to suck off a smirking stranger for rent money. She pushed aside linen trousers and briefs made of some sort of sleekly-woven lycra, and gingerly wrapped her hand around the firm length inches from her face. Even now, maybe half-hard, Hux was longer than most men Rey could remember having encountered - though in fairness, her experience could hardly be called extensive - and thick, too. Suppressing a sigh of resignation, she took him into her mouth, sucking at the head and tightening her hand somewhat half-heartedly around the base of his shaft in a slow, pumping rhythm. She heard him give a sharp intake of breath, and suddenly his hand was buried in her hair, gripping a handful of dark locks and jerking her head down. At the same time, he slammed his hips forward, so that Rey was left spluttering and blinking back tears, his rapidly-hardening cock halfway down her throat. Panicking, fighting the urge to retch and struggling to breathe, she tried to pull away, but the vice-grip on her hair only tightened, and between desperate whimpers, she heard him hiss,

"Come on girl, suck it like you mean it."

Rey lost track of time after that, as her world narrowed to Hux's cock in her mouth, and his hand in her hair, and the punishing rhythm of his hips as he fucked her throat mercilessly. Tears spilled down her cheeks, mixing with the spit dripping from her lips to soak through her blouse, so that it clung wetly against her. After one particularly deep thrust, she lost control altogether, and found herself choking around him, her mouth filled with bile. Hux held her there until dark spots danced across her vision, before yanking her roughly off him. Still gripping her hair tightly, he gazed down at the gasping, tear-stained girl at his feet. A strand of saliva hung trembling between her bruised lips and the head of his cock; as he watched, it snapped. With a grunt of scornful amusement, he considered her for a moment, then spat with expert precision on her face. Rey barely blinked. She felt beyond shock, beyond humiliation, merely sucking in laboured breaths as stars danced at the edges of her vision and she waited to see how this man would hurt her next. She didn't have to wait long.

"Since you can't manage to suck me off properly, we'll have to find some other way for you to earn your keep. Undress." With that, he released her hair, half pushing her away so that she fell to the ground at his feet.

"Quickly, little girl." Still gasping, Rey fumbled ineffectually at spit-slick buttons, while Hux stood over her, stroking himself slowly. At length, he tired of her efforts, and before she had time to realize what was happening, had reached down and ripped her blouse open in a single motion. He tossed the tattered garment unceremoniously to the floor before pulling her skirt away, swiftly followed by the rest of her clothes. Stunned and shaking, Rey found herself huddled naked on the floor.

"Now. Kneel with your legs spread and show me your tits. Offer them to me with both hands, that's right." Dazedly, she obeyed. Hux was breathing hard now, and there was a dark flush high in his cheeks. A shock of red hair had fallen across his brow, and the expression in his eyes chilled her. There was something like hatred there, she realized, feeling cold and small to her very core. He wants me, and he hates me for making him want me, and so he wants to hurt me. But how far will he go?

Her train of thought was abruptly cut short by a ringing slap that sent a shock of pain through her jaw. Rey managed to stay upright and in position, but only just, as her head snapped to the side and tears sprang into her eyes again.

"You have a lot to learn before serving me properly little girl. What do you say when I punish you?" Her mind reeling, cheek still smarting from the pain, Rey cast her mind about frantically for an answer that would appease this man. Fingers were gripping her jaw now, twisting her face up to meet eyes as cold and deadly and implacable as the depths of a storm-ridden sea.

"I /asked you/..." and he spat again, the viscous liquid landing wetly on her cheek, "what do you say when I punish you?" Surely he wouldn't expect her to- but yes, of course he would. Forcing the words out was a struggle - and not only because he still held her jaw gripped tightly in one hand - but she managed it.

"Thank. You." A grim upward twist of that elegant mouth.

"Thank you /what/?" She felt ill.

"Thank you. Sir."

"Good girl." He released his hold on her jaw and stood back a little to take her in, catching his breath and touching himself almost absently. Rey felt her body stiffening from the awkward position in which still held herself. Hands full of her own ample breasts, and pussy on full display for this revolting man, she had never felt quite so naked. Indeed, after raking his gaze at leisure over the rest of her body, Hux focused his piercing stare between her legs. As she watched, he very slightly increased the speed with which he stroked his cock.

"Fuck..." He spoke softly, as though to himself, eyes still fixed hungrily on her slit. "I am going to fuck you so hard little girl. Stretch you on my cock til you're ruined for anyone else. Fuck you raw til you can barely walk out of here, til my cum is dripping down those pretty legs." Rey felt her stomach drop away.

"But...but sir, you never said-"

"Shut up, slut." And just like that, the tone of barely-suppressed hatred was back, and his hand was gripping her throat like a vice. Rey froze, gasped uselessly for air, felt the helpless panic threaten to overwhelm her again.

"You dare to talk back to me, you worthless gutter-rat? You're nothing." He spat the word at her with venom. "I could squeeze the life out of you right now, and no one could stop me. I don't suppose many people would even mourn." Tears were spilling down Rey's cheeks now, both from asphyxiation and from the sheer brutality of the words. She tried to form the word 'please', and managed only a strangled gasp.

"So I will fuck you if I choose, little girl, but don't worry - it won't be just yet." She was scrabbling in terror, now, at the arm gripping her throat, but Hux may as well have been made of steel. "First, I want to see you swallow my cum. If you're very good, and ask nicely, I'll even spare your throat for now. I suppose it must be rather sore." He punctuated this remark by tightening his grip for emphasis. Rey saw stars.

"But if you /don't/ start cooperating, I'll /really/ have to hurt you." He brought his face close to hers, and spoke the last words directly into her ear, in tones smooth as honey. "Understand, little girl?" Seconds from blacking out, Rey just managed a jerk of her head. It seemed to be enough. Hux released her throat, stepping back and massaging his hands as she collapsed to the floor, dragging air into her lungs while the world swam and spun around her. He waited while her wheezing gasps subsided into something approaching normal - if laboured - breathing, then prodded her impatiently with a foot. Shakily, but with a renewed energy conferred by sheer, unreasoning terror, she dragged her body back into position - knees spread wide, back arched so as to accentuate the curves of her spine and her ass, and breasts pushed up in overflowing handfuls. When she met his gaze, eyes wide and still stained with tears, she was rewarded with a wide smirk.

"That's better. Now, shall I fuck your mouth or your tits?" Rey felt herself utterly defeated. Drawing a shuddering breath, she answered in a voice that she scarcely recognized as her own.

"Please fuck my tits sir." He grinned, and in an instant, Rey found herself knocked backwards onto chill wood, Hux straddling her chest. The head of his cock bobbed wetly against her cheek, and she felt precum smear over the aching place where he'd slapped her. It felt almost soothing against the angry heat of her bruised skin. She wiped the thought away.

"It seems a shame not to use your mouth again, but since you asked so politely..." He shuffled back a little and aimed a large gob of spit at her chest, smearing it around liberally with his cock.

"There. Now be a good girl and squeeze those obscenely perfect tits together for me." Numbly, Rey obliged, and he began a punishing rhythm, steadying himself with a hand on her thigh as he fucked the slick channel between her breasts.

"Fuck...that's it...that's right bitch, squeeze hard..." Hux was breathing raggedly now, hair now thoroughly unkempt and hanging damply over his eyes. Almost mechanically, he reached out with his free hand to grasp her face again, slipping two long fingers into her mouth. It hurt when they grazed against the back of her poor abused throat, but Rey was grateful he hadn't made her take his cock again, and without thinking, she found herself sucking hard at him, swirling her tongue around the digits.

"Oh fuck that's really are a little slut, aren't you. Are you ready for my cum?" With a swift movement that once again caught her off-guard, he pulled away from her chest and began stroking himself with fingers wet from her spit.

"Open wide little girl," he gasped, and Rey barely had time to do as she was told before he let out a guttural moan, and warm semen flooded her tongue, trickling down her throat in a salty stream. Hux pumped the last of it onto her face, smearing the viscous fluid over her cheeks and around her mouth. He watched, breathing hard, as she swallowed, then made a show of running her tongue over her white-splattered lips, then swallowed once more, and finally lay staring dazedly up at him, traces of his cum drying on her flushed cheeks. Then, abruptly, he rose and tucked away his softening cock.

"Bathroom's the second door on the right. There ought to be towels. Clean yourself up and come back here. Don't get dressed." And with that he was gone. She heard his footsteps receding upstairs. Somewhere, a door slammed, and a moment later she heard the sound of running water.

For several long moments, Rey lay where Hux had left her, staring dully into space. He had raped her. He had raped her, and she had let him do it, and in a few minutes he would come back and do it again, and once again she would let him. And that treacherous little voice said, 'let him - Christ, you practically participated by the end. You liked it. He hurt you and humiliated you and used you, and you swallowed his cum like an obedient whore.' She rebelled - screamed inwardly that this wasn't true, that he had forced her, that she'd been frightened of him, that this kind of bullshit was just Hux in her head. But as she clambered unsteadily to her feet and tiptoed off to find the downstairs bathroom, Rey couldn't quite ignore the slick wetness between her thighs.